Grandpa's Psycho (2015) - full transcript

A dark and gritty psychological thriller that explores one small town man's need to purify the world of sin, one sinner at a time. His medieval and brutal cleansing process directly ...


(foreboding atmospheric music)


(door closing)

- I don't know what you want.



I'll change.I swear, I'll change.



- John 1:9.

"If we confess our sins...

"for he is faithful...

"and just to forgive us our sins...

"and to cleanse us

"from all unrighteousness."

(woman sobbing)

- I just wanna go.


I'll change. I promise.



Please, I promise.

- The time for change

has passed.


(dark organ music)

- Grandpa Murry!

- Hey, chipmunk!

- Are we going fishing?

- You wanna go fishing?

- Yeah.

- Then fishing we shall go.

Just gotta run to the shop first though

so why don't you go run in the car?

- Hey, Daddy.- [Murry] Hey.

- I shouldn't be too long.

- Oh, take as long as you like.

- How are you doing?

- I'm good! Don't worryabout this old goat.

- You're not lonely here all by yourself?

- It's not nearly aslonely as one might think.

Stop worrying!

- You should get out and meetsome people.

- You know, the good Lordintroduces me

to the people I need to meet.

- Daddy, the church is wonderful

but you need more inyour life than just God.

- The church gives mea path and a purpose.

Now, go. You're gonna be late!

Go on now!

(tense atmospheric music)

- Hi, Megan.

- Hi.

- What you up to?

- Just waiting for GrandpaMurry, we're going fishing.

- Oh, wow!

You are so lucky, huh?

- I know.

- [Clerk] Where is he?

- Don't know.

- Hey!

That's not a toy, chipmunk.

You can cut yourself very badlywith that.

- I'm not a baby.

- No, you're not.

But you are my baby.

When you get a little olderI'll get you one of your own.

- Really?

(tense rhythmic music)

(Murry sighs)

(Murry sighs)

Heavenly Father,

we come to you with heavyhearts.

You are our mighty creator, God.

Holy and full of grace and love.

Death engulfs us, Lord.

And fear...

is waiting to take us down.

Thank you Father that

because of Jesus...

you know of our pain

and our sorrow intimately.

Thank you,

that Jesus...

knows the way through this dark shadow.

Take the hand of this dear girl

and make yourself known.

Guard our hearts and our minds

in Christ, Jesus.

And take that which is yours

and take it into eternity

to be with you.

(solemn organ music)

"On the plains of Jericho

"and all his army was gatheredfrom him.

"Then they took the king andcarried him

"up unto the king of Babylon to Riblah

"then all the land ofHamath lead him forth

"out of the city by night

"by the way of the gatebetween the two walls

"which was the king's guard."

- Morning, boss.

I finished up that tranny yesterday.

(Murry whispering to himself)

- Anything you want me to getstarted on?

(Murry whispering to himself)



- And the king of Babylonslew the sons of Zedekiah

before his eyes all his masters gathered.

- Good talk!

- I'm sorry. What?

- Just wondering what you wanted me

to get started on today is all.

- I trust you to handle it, kid.

- You all right?

- I am.

- Okay.

Well if I can do anythingfor you, let me know.

- Thanks, kid.

I'm fine.

The king of Babylon slewthe sons of Zedekiah

before his eyes.

(tense foreboding music)

(woman groaning)

- Fuck you.

You're a fucking freak!

You are a fucking


- The gag stays in until you earn

the right to speak.

- Fuck you.

- You will repent.

(woman spits)

- Do it.

Go ahead!

If you want me to fuckingbeg, it's not gonna happen.

- The gag stays in!

(woman screams)


- Hey, Murry.

How are you, hon?

- [Murry] I'm good.

- Haven't seen you around in a few days.

- Been pretty busy.

- Idle hands are the devil's workshop.

- [Murry] I'll drink to that.

- Whenever you're ready,I'm gonna show you

what a real man can do.

- Oh yeah?

And what's that?

- When you're ready, I'm gonnashow you.

- What do you think?

Come on, Mark.

Don't be stupid.

What about Ted here?

Do you think he has what it takes

to be a real man?

- I guess you're gonnahave to let him show you.

- Oh, Mark it feels like you

may be able to give Teddy here agood run!

- You know what, little girl?

You couldn't handle thetwo of us at the same time.

- Who said I wanted to?

- Fucking cock tease.

- You gotta have a cock forit to be teased there, Teddy.

Go run home to your wife now.

You got a smoke?

- You know, you should becareful screwing

with those boys like that.

- (titters) Why?

- 'Cause one day you're gonnascrew with the wrong one.

- God, I hope so.

Thanks for the smoke...

and the advice.

You see something you like, old man?

Yeah, you couldn't affordthis sweet pussy anyway.

Just keep drinkin' your beer,dickhead!

- [Waitress] 'Night, Murry.

- Goodnight, Tina.

(tense atmospheric music)

- [Mother] Okay, bun. Here you go.

(pills rattling)

- Is Grandpa Murry sad?

- [Mother] Why do you ask that,honey?

- 'Cause he's all alone.

- Grandpa Murry's not all alone.

- He's not?

- No, he has his girls.

And if Grandpa Murry has hisgirls then he's not sad, right?

- Right.

- So don't worry aboutGrandpa Murry, okay?

- Mm-hm!

Mommy?- [Mother] Yes?

- Can you leave it open a little?

- [Mother] Okay, good to sleep.

- Grandpa Murry!

- Hey, chipmunk!

Eddy, you know my granddaughterMegan here, don't you?

- Only the prettiest girl in town.

Hello, young lady.

- Hi.

- Let's look at people whenwe speak to them, please.

- Yes, sir.

- [Mother] Hi, Daddy.

- Hey, Lisa. You're looking well.

- Well thank you, Eddy.

It's nice for someone to notice.

- Careful, Eddy. That's my daughter you're talking to there.

- Yes, sir.

- [Murry] Come on, let's go find a seat.

- He's a good man, your father.

- He is.

- I always liked him.

- Seems to be the theme around here.

As far as I can remember.

- How's he been since Joanne passed?

- He's okay.

Ever since Mom died heseems to isolate himself.

Stays out at that cabin now.

- Give him time.

- I know, I just hatehim out there all alone.

- Well maybe I could stop up

and check in on him from time to time.

- Mm, thank you but youdon't have to do that.

- No, I don't mind at all.

- You know, it's so far from everything.

- I love it out there by the lake.

It's really not a problem.

- Please, don't trouble yourself.

- Look, really it's not a problem.

- It's fine! Thank you, Eddy.

- Okay.

- Well, I'm gonna head in there.

- You know, it's a stupid manthat lets

such a beautiful woman go.

- (chuckles) Thank you.

Jake didn't let me go. I madethat decision all on my own.

- That's not what I meant.

- (chuckles) No?

- No, all I meant was that...

oh, forget it, doesn't matter anyway.

- No, I suppose it doesn't.

(somber atmospheric music)

- A puppy!

- Megan!


Megan, come here!

- Hello.

- Hi.

- Oh, it's fine. I don't mind.

- I'm sure you don't.


you can't just run offto people like that.

- But it was so cute.

- I know.

But, what if he were to take you?

You know how sad itwould make me if someone

were to take you?

- Real sad.

- That's right, I'd feel real sad.

So please,

don't ever do that again, okay?

- Okay.

- Thank you.

"And the man that committed adultery

"with another man's wife,

"even he that committed adulterywith his neighbor's wife

"both of them shall be put to death

"and their blood shall be upon them.

"And their blood shall be upon them.

"For his mercy endureth forever.

"For his mercy endureth forever."

How long have you been there?

- Just a minute.

- You need somethin'?

- Just wanna check in on you.

- On me?

- Yes, I worry about you, Daddy.

- Well don't.

- Megan worries about you too.

- Don't do that.

- Do what?

- Use the girl.

- She asked if you were sad,Daddy.

- No, nonsense.

- It's not nonsense.

- It is.

- We both worry aboutyou up there all alone.

- Well, stop it.

You're gonna give yourselfcrow's feet.

- Eddy asked about you too.

- Well...

you tell that boy tomind his own business.

- He asked about comingup to see you at the lake.

- That wouldn't be a very good idea.

- I told him you're okay.

You should know, there'speople that care about you.

- Well, consider this me knowin'.

Now, drop it?

- Fine.

I won't mention it again.

- Ah, good.

Is there somethin' else?

- I love you, Daddy.

- Love you.

(tense atmospheric music)

(chains rattling)

- I could think of worstplaces to be stuck all alone.

(door knocking)


(woman mumbling)

(door knocking)

(chains rattling)(woman mumbling)



(woman panting and groaning)


- Eddy!

- Oh! Hey, Murry.

Just stopping by to say hello.

Hey, Megan.

- Hi. I'll go get the fishing poles.

- Yeah you do that, chipmunk.I'll be right with you.

- Yeah... (chuckles)

something startled me inside.

I didn't know if it wasyou in there or not.

- Yeah, chipmunks.

- Chipmunks?

- Yeah, they've been breaking in

and making a hell of a mess ofthe place.

- Oh, well just stopping by tosay hello.

That's all.

- Well, I appreciate that, son.

You stop by any time.

- You know, I'll hold you to that.

- You do that.

- Boy, it sure it quiet out here.

I can see why you likebeing out here so much.

- Yeah, Joanna and I, weloved being out here together.

- Well, I bet.

I'll let you get to it.

- Stop by any time.

- Okay.

(tense atmospheric music)

- Grandpa!

- You remember my granddaughter?

- [Voiceover] Will you calm down?

- Fuck you, Bobby!

- Come here.

- Don't you fucking touch me.

- You're causing a scene!

- Causing a scene?

I'm causing a fucking scene?

- Yes.

- You wanna see a scene?

- Where is he?

- I don't know.

- Hey, everybody! Look at me!

I'm a bitch!

'Cause I think it's complete bullshit

that my boyfriend didn't comepick me up

when my car broke downon the side of the road!

- Will you stop?

- [Girlfriend] Oh, no.

Am I embarrassing you withyour delicate sensibilities?

You asshole! I had to walklike 100 miles to get here.

- Really? 100 miles?

- Yes, 100.

And if it wasn't, itmight have well as been.

- [Bobby] Come here!- No, you're an asshole!

- Is there a problem out here,folks?

- [Girlfriend] Yeah.- [Bobby] No.

- He's an asshole.

- Ma'am, you see the littlegirl right over there?

- [Girlfriend] Yeah.

- Do you think maybe you should

adjust your language, then?

- I would but unfortunately

asshole is the only word

that describes him.

- Ma'am, I'm not gonna ask you again.

- Sir, we're sorry.

- You're sorry. You don't speak for me.

- Look, you're just a little angry.

We're sorry. It's all my fault.

- Damn right it is.

- She's pretty mad.

- [Clerk] You think?

- [Murry] Not from around here?

- No, she's not.

Look, I'm sorry about all this.

- Shame...

to see a child strayso far from the flock.

- Right.

We still need our car towed.

- [Murry] Talk to the boy.

- Boy?

- [Murry] At the counter.

- Grandpa, come on!

- Coming!

- Grandpa!

- Don't touch my stuff again.

- Come on, Grandpa!

- Oh, come on, come on, come on,come on!

You know, you make me happy.

- I do?

- You do.

Your mother tells me you've been worrying.

- She did?

- Are you worrying about me,chipmunk?

- Sometimes.

- Well, you don't need to wasteyour time worrying about me.

Not as long as I have my girls.

- I get sad sometimes.

- Well, that's okay.

Being sad sometimes is allowed.

- I don't like being sad.

- Well, I don't think anybodylike being sad, chipmunk.

But, we have to grateful

for the things that we have inour lives.

- Grateful?

- Yes, grateful.

We have to appreciate

the things we have in our life.

- Even when bad stuff happens?

- Especially when bad stuff happens.

Nothin' bad is gonnahappen to you, though.

- It's not?

- Not while I'm around.

- Say hi to me.

- [Megan] Hi.

- Did you catch anythingother than a cold?

- [Megan] I'm not cold.

- Go wash up for dinner.

- I'm not dirty.

- You are more than dirty, now go wash up.

- Mom!

- [Lisa] Move your feet.

Hi, Daddy.

- Hello.- [Lisa] How was she?

- Always great.

- Just finishing updinner, you should join us.

- Not tonight.- [Lisa] Daddy.

- I got things to do.

- It's all done and I'vealready set a place for you.

- It's just not a good night.

- Is Grandpa staying for dinner?

- You'll have to ask him.

- Are you, Grandpa Murry?

- [Lisa] We'll be quick. Come on.

- Come on, Grandpa. Please!

- [Murry] You better bequick. I don't have all night.

- I'm the fastest ever.

(tense atmospheric music)

- Come here. Sit up.

Sit up.

No, come here.

Just relax.

Just relax.

Come here.

Hold still.

Hold still!

You will be cleansed.

(chains rattling)

I will be the one to cleanse you.

(chains rattling)

In time you will see that I

am here to help you.

- Hello?

(bell repeatedly ringing)


(tense string music)

Is anybody here?




Just what I needed today.

More bullshit.

What the fuck?

- That mouth of yours,

it's gonna get you in troublesome day.

- This mouth of mine is noneof your concern, but thanks.

Nice Jesus.

Right, so I'm here to get my car.

It's that black one right over there.

- Absolutely.

- Perfect! They said it was ready.

- And it is.

Let me get the keys.

- Yep.

Just the fuck out of my way?

- Here we are.

Sorry for the wait.

Just might wanna take it easy on her.

She's not quite in thesame shape she used to be.

- She?

- The car.

All the cars are ladies.

That way the boys treat them right.

- Awkward.


- If there's anything else you need,

don't hesitate to give us a call.

- Yeah!

Probably not.

(tumultuous atmospheric music)(woman coughing)

(ominous music)

- Let us not grow wearyin doing the Lord's work.

(dark organ music)


It is God's will that all shallbe saved

when we come to theknowledge of the truth.

- There you go.

- Thanks, Roger.- [Roger] Anytime.

- Tell Murry I said hi.

You guys are the best.

- I'll let him know you said so.

- Okay, bye.


- Hey, can I help you?

- Uh, not sure, bro.

- I'll give it a shot.

- I don't know if you remember me.

I was in here last week with my girl?

- Dark sports car, angry girlfriend.

I remember.

- Yeah.

- She came by and picked it up already.

- She did?

- Yeah, a few days ago.

(Bobby chuckles)

(girlfriend sighs)

- Great. Just my fucking luck.

I guess she wasn't quite fixedafter all.

- Perhaps.

I'll take a look at it if you'd like.

- I'd like that very much,thanks.

- Lucky I was driving by.

- Yeah, lucky.

That's what I was thinkin'.

- So, where's your boyfriendtoday?

- Who, Bobby?

- Yeah, if that's his name.

- He's an asshole. Fuck him.

- You know, we tend tobe treated by people

as we ask to be treated by them.

- Whatever the fuck that means.

- You know it looks likeyour fan belt's all tore up.

- Can you fix it?

- [Murry] You can fixanything if you've got

the proper tools.

- Do you always talk in code?

- [Murry] In code?

- Never mind!


- So!

What do you for work, young lady?

- We're gonna be friends now?

- Just making small-talk.

Helps the time go by while I work.

- I do whatever it takes to paythe bills.

- Now who's talkin' in code?

- Look paps, I appreciatewhat you're doing here,

I really do but to be honest,

I'm not in the market for a new friend.

And to be completely honest,

it was your fucking shopthat was supposed to fix

this damn car in the first placeso,

excuse me if I don't reallywanna make small-talk.

What I do doesn't reallymatter now, does it?

- Did you fix it?

- [Murry] Nope.

- What, what? Where are you going?

- [Murry] Home.

- [Girlfriend] What about my car?

- Doesn't really matter now,does it?

- Wait.

Just, wait.

Look, I'm sorry.

- You have a good night.

- Just, wait.

I can make it worth itif you'd help me out.

There's nobody around, acar hasn't come for hours.

- Stop.

- You know...

you're kinda handsome for an older guy.

Did anybody ever tell you that?

- Lord, keep me fromsinning during this trial

and help me keep my eyes upon you.

- Keeps your eyes on --

- Get your filthy hand off of me!

- Whatever, freak!

- Do not fear what youare about to suffer.


- She didn't mention whereshe was going, did she?

- Matthew 15:25.

"Because she came


"she began to bow down beforehim and said

"Lord, help me."


You will ask for help before weare done.

(whipping)(girlfriend groans)

You will recognize him as your savior.

(whipping)(girlfriend groans)

You will praise him!

(whipping)(girlfriend groans)

You will thank him for this.

That suffering, that haspurified you.

(whipping)(girlfriend groans)

Do you wish to speak?


Praise him.

Give him praise.

Tell him

your confession so that he canhear you.

- Uh...


- It's all right, she does that.

- Does what?

- Takes off.(Roger chuckles)

She's supposed to be back by now though.

She didn't mention...

anything to you?

(Roger sighs)

- Nah, nothin'.

She'll come back, man.

(Bobby chuckles)

- Thanks.

- And he will free you ofall your internal suffering.

(girlfriend giggling)

- Fuck you and your lord.

(Murry groans)

- And she said...

"Lord help me!"

(whipping)And she said "Lord help me!"

(whipping)And she said "Lord help me!"

(whipping)And she said "Lord help me!"

(whipping)And she said "Lord help me!"

(whipping)And she said "Lord help me!"

(whipping)And she said "Lord help me!"

(whipping)And she said "Lord help me!"

(whipping)And she said "Lord help me!"

(whipping)And she said "Lord help me!"

(whipping)And she said "Lord help me!"

(repeated whipping)(shouting)

Who will save this girl?(solemn organ music)

I will do what is needed.

And I will deliver her to you pure.

I just need more time.

- Did you get donuts?

- On the table.

- Hey, Daddy.

- Hey.

- Are you going soon?

- Yep.

- Sorry I can't go.

- It's fine.

- I couldn't find anyone else to work.

And you know I can'tafford to lose my job.

- It's fine.

- I would go if I could.

- Yep.

- Okay.

- You're gonna be late.

- I'll pick her up after my shift.

(girlfriend mumbling)(tense string music)

- [Murry] All right,chipmunk. Let's hit the road.

- Okay.

- I see you found the donuts.

- [Eddy] Hey, you.

- Jesus, Eddy.

Don't sneak up on people like that.

- Sorry about that, Ididn't mean to scare you.

How you been?

- I'm good. How are you?

- Good.

- Yeah well I gotta go getMegan. She's at my father's.

- Right well, I just saw you

and thought I'd say hello, so...


- Hello.

Goodbye, Eddy.

- You think maybe we'd goout for dinner sometime?

- Oh, that'd be really nice,but...

- Forget it. Never mind.

Forget I asked.

- I'm sorry, it's just withwork and my father and Megan.

- No need for an explanation,I totally get it.

- I'm sorry.

- It's okay.

So how's your dad?

- He's good, I think.

Today's the anniversary of my mother

so he's taking Megan up to see her.

- Two years.

- Three.

- I'm sorry.- [Lisa] Thank you.

- Well, I'll let you get goin'.

- You know, dinner would be nice.

- Yes it would.

- My place, Saturday.

- Seven?

- Six.

- Do you miss Grandma?

- Very much.

- Me too.

Is she in heaven?

- She is.

- How do you know that?

- Well, where else would she be,chipmunk?

- Mike Williard says thatsome people go to hell.

- Well...

only bad people go to hell.

And your grandmother,she wasn't bad people.

- Are we bad people?

- You know, chipmunk,

we certainly are not bad people.

- Do we help bad people?

- We help anybody that needs it.

Good or bad.

- It's okay Grandpa Murry,she's in heaven with God

and she's happy there.

- How was she?

- Always good.

- Where is she?

- Not sure. Inside playin', I think.

- You look beautiful today.

I love what you have done withyour hair.

Don't you love what shehas done with her hair?

We both think you look beautiful today.

Do you want more tea?

Yes, here you go.

(voice drowned out by ambiance)

- Megan!

- Think I should go get her?

- Just give her a moment,she'll be out in a minute.

How's work?

- Good. Saw Eddy today.

- How is he?

- There you go.- [Murry] Megan!

- That's Grandpa, I have to go.

Love you. See you tomorrow!

Bye, Grandpa.

- [Murry] See ya, chipmunk.

- [Lisa] Were you a goodlistener today?

- [Megan] Yep.- [Lisa] Good.

Now get buckled up.

(dark atmospheric music)

- You gonna eat that?

Don't mind if I do.

You know, I've giventhis a lot of thought...

and I'm not sure you fullyunderstand the capacity

of your situation.

You might not see it right now,

but this is God's will.


is what he has chosen me for.

(serene organ music)

I am so sorry.

I am so very sorry.

Please, forgive my failure.

I was weak

and unprepared for the evilthat was inside of her.

I'm so, so sorry.

Forgive me my failure, Father.


give me another chance

and I will not let you down again.

Give me the stength

and the opportunity

and I will show you what youmean to me.

- Morning, boss!


(dark ambient music)

(door closing)Girls are here.

Murry, are you all right?

Lisa just pulled in. You wantme to tell them you're out?

- No.


What are you doin' here?

- It's Saturday.

- [Megan] Hi, Grandpa.

- And?

- And Eddy and I are havingdinner tonight, remember?

You said you'd watch Megan,we'd meet at church tomorrow.

- Oh right, I forgot.

Sorry about that.

- If you can't do it --

- No, it's fine.

We'll have a good time.

- Can I play with Kelly?

- Not tonight, chipmunk.

- Why?

- Why don't you go seeif Roger needs any help?

- But, Grandpa --- No, you go now.

- Who's Kelly?

- [Murry] No one.

Just a girl.

- So what girl?

- No girl.

A girl. Someone Megan wasplayin' with the other day.

- Where did she meet her?

- What's with the third degree?

If you don't want her playingwith anybody, I won't let her!

- I didn't say that!

I'm just wondering who thisKelly girl is,

and where she came from!

- Well, I don't know everythingabout her.

She's just a girl

the kid was playin' with theother day.

- All right, fine!

- Fine.

- Hi, Kelly!


Where is she?

- She's gone, chipmunk.

- Gone where?

(Murry sighs)

- She's just gone. I'm sorry.

- But it's not time yet!

- She's gone, chipmunk. I'm sorry.

- No, Grandpa, no!

I have to say goodbye,I always say goodbye!

- I know, chipmunk.

I'm sorry!

- What did you do?

- I messed up.

- I have to say goodbye,I always say goodbye!

- I know.

I'm sorry.

- It's all your fault! You're a jerk.

I hate you.

- Chipmunk.

Speak out of turn and I will not hesitate

to slice your throatand watch you bleed out

all over this floor.

Are we clear?

Are. We. Clear?

(solemn organ music)

God loves you.

You are his child.

- There is no God.

- Child, there is a God...

and he is waiting for yourreturn to him.

- Trust me, old man.

There is no God.

No heaven, no hell.

No nothing.

- No.

It is your sins that havebrought you to this darkness.

Right here. Romans 6:16.

"Don't you know

"that when you give yourself

"to others as obedient slaves...

"you will be a slave

"to the one you obey.

"Whether it be to sin,

"which leads to death,

"or obedience

"which leads to righteousness."

- My sins?

Who are you to judge?

- I am an instrument

of the Lord.

A tool

chosen to purge the sins

from those that cannot

purge themselves.

And you will find God.

Whether it's in this life, or the next.

- I promise you,

it won't be in this one

and it will not be because of you.


(abrasive strings)

- What?


- There is no...


- Megan, put the knife down.

- No.

- Megan, put the knife down now.

- No, you broke the rules.

- I know.

- You need to learn.

- I did.

- It isn't fair.

- I know.

- Is she in heaven?

- No chipmunk, she's not in heaven.

- Where is she?

- Gone. She's just gone.

- Gone where?

- She's gone to where peoplethat can't be saved go.

- I have to say goodbye

or else they don't know that I love them.

- [Murry] She know, baby. She knows.

- [Eddy] Dinner really was great.

- [Lisa] Yeah?- [Eddy] Yeah.

- Thank you.

It's nice not to have mac andcheese or chicken nuggets.

(Eddy chuckles)

- I bet.

You know, it's really nicethat Murry takes Megan for you.

- Yeah well, they're best palsthese days.

- Does that upset you?

- No.

I just wish that he was aroundfor me the way he is for her.

- Yeah?

- But, I guess it's nice shehas that relationship with him.

- Yeah, it is.

- Do you think it's weird tobe jealous of your own child,

and the relationship shehas with your father?

- I don't know. What are you jealous of?

- I wish that he treatedme the way he treats her.

- Did you ever talk to him about that?

(Lisa giggles)

- Yeah, right. Have you met my father?

- Good point.

- You don't need to hear all this.

- No, I do.

- I probably sound like aterrible mother.

Jealous of my daughter?

Like, what is wrong with me?

- There's nothing wrong with you.

You're an amazing mother, and daughter.

And woman.(tense music)

- Don't.


- Ow! Fuck me!

- Oh, I'm so --

- [Eddy] Son of a bitch!

- Are you okay? Let me see.

It doesn't look that bad, Ithink you're gonna be okay.

- [Eddy] Oh, God!- [Lisa] I'm so sorry.

Let me get you bandages.

Good as new.

- It's just what I was thinking.

- I am sorry.

- It's all right, it'smy own fault anyway.

- Good point.

Well, it's getting late.

- I guess so.

Well, thanks again for dinner.

- Thank you.

Sorry again, guess Ijust get spooked easily.

- Well, now I know.

- Mm-hm.

- I'll see you in the morning?

- In the morning?

- Church.

- See you in the morning at church.

(serene organ music)

Hi, Daddy.

- Hello.

- Did you miss me? Are you okay?

- I wanna go sit.

- You two okay?

- We're fine.

- Daddy.

- What?

- You two always sittogether. What's going on?

- Nothing's going on,she just wants to sit

with her friends, that's all.

- Did something happen last night?

- Nothing we couldn't handle.

- What is that supposed to mean?

- Oh, Lisa. With the questions.

- If there is somethinggoing on with my father

and my daughter, I deserve to know.

- Do you?

- Yes, I do!

- Well...

there's nothing goin' on.

There's nothing to know.

- [Lisa] Megan.

(Murry whispering to himself)

(birds squawking)

- Hey.

Hey, mister.

Hey, mister! You deaf or somethin'?

- Nope.

- My car broke down.

- Okay.

- Well, I need someone to fix it for me.

- [Murry] Talk to the boy.

- The boy?

- At the front counter.

- There ain't no boyat the counter, mister.

- Well, I imagine he'll beback there in a minute then.

- Right. You don't have to be a dick.

- You know,

you should really mind your tongue.

- Excuse me?

- Your tongue, you should mind it.

- Should I?

Fucking dick.

- Who was that?

- Don't know.

- What did she want?

- Her car's broke down.

- Where?

- Don't know.

- Should I go after her?


Hey, miss.


- [Woman] What?- [Roger] Oh, hi.

- You must be the boy.

- [Roger] The boy? Oh, yeah!

Murry calls me the boy.

- Murry?

- Yeah, he always has. I'm not sure why.

- Oh, yeah?

Well, boy...- [Roger] What's that?

- He kinda gives me the fucking creeps!

- He's not so bad. He means well enough.

- Whatever.

- Uh, where are you headed?

- To find another garage, I guess.

- [Roger] You don't need to do that.

We'll take care of you.

- Oh, yeah?- [Roger] Yeah.

- Well before you do, I have one question.

Is Murry gonna watchthe whole fucking time?

- Shit. Just tell me where your car is.

I'll bring it right back.

- Just a couple miles up the road.

- Right, so why don't youjust have a seat in there

and I'll be right back.

- I'll just go with you.

- No, I don't thinkthat's such a good idea.

I'll be back with your car.

I promise you, he's harmless.

I'll be right back with your vehicle.

- Okay.

- You know, probably won't beable to get to your car today.

You might wanna call someoneto give you a ride somewhere.

- I'm fine.

- Suit yourself.

- Always do!

Fucking asshole.

- There goes that mouth of yoursagain.

- Look Murry, it is Murry,right?

I had a dad once, and hewas a bit of a jerkoff too.

So I'm good with lectures,thanks.

- Jeremiah 10:23.

"Lord, I know that ourlives are not our own,

"it is not for us todetermine our own steps."

- Did you just seriouslyquote the fucking Bible to me?

- Lord, thank you for believingin me.

Even as I have fallenshort on you in the past.

- What is your problem?

Okay, you're seriously creeping me out.

I'm gonna wait outside.

- I will not fail you again.

- [Megan] Hi, Eddy.

- Hey, Megan. How are you?

- Good.

- Eddy, what are you doing here?

- You haven't returned my calls.

- Go get buckled up, okay?

- I'm sorry to just show up like this.

- How's your arm?

- It's good.

- [Lisa] Good.

- Did I do something wrong?

- No.

- Then what is it?

- It's just not a good timefor me right now, Eddy.

- How long you gonna wait for him?

- For who?

- You know who.

- Jake?

It's none of your business.

- You know, when are you gonna

allow yourself to live your life?

Okay, so Jake's an asshole.

Okay? He left you andhis daughter all alone.

And that's shitty.

But when are you gonna allowyourself to live your life?

- Eddy, it's none of your business.

- Well I would like it to be my business.

- Jake is gone.

- I'm aware.

- (chuckles) I don't think you are.

And that's okay.

But it's not a good time for us.

Not now. Not ever.

- That is such crap, Lisa.

- Let go of my arm.

- I just wanna talk.

- Eddy...

let go of my fucking arm

or I swear on everythingthat you hold dear,

that I will cut it clean off

and beat you to death with it.


I had a nice time the other night,

but that's as far as it's gonna go.

Am I clear?

- Yeah.

- Good.

Now have a nice day.

- Hey, chipmunk!

- Hi, Grandpa.

- [Lisa] Hi, Daddy.- [Murry] Hello.

- [Lisa] I shouldn't be too long.

- Take as long as you'd like.

- I appreciate everythingyou do to help us.

- No trouble at all.

Hey, I got somethin' for ya.

- You do?

- Yup.

- What is it, donuts?

- You do love your donuts, don't you?

- Yes I do.

(tense atmospheric music)

- Grandpa, I love her.

- Oh, yeah?

- She's beautiful!

My name's Megan. What's yours?

We're gonna be friends.

Do you like tea parties?

I love tea parties.

(woman sobs)

Don't cry.

Is she okay?

- Yes, she is.

- [Woman] Help me!

- Why do they scream for help?

- Well...


people don't always realize

that they're getting thehelp that they need already.

- Are we gonna help her?

- Mm, we are.

- And God is going

to let her

go to heaven with Grandma?

- [Murry] He is.- [Megan] Good.