Grandmother's House (1988) - full transcript

When their father dies, Lynn and her younger brother David have to move in with their grandparents. Their mother died already when they were young, so they were told. One morning a dead man is found near their new home. A friend tells David, that it's not the first. Shortly after he sees his grandparents carry a body into the garage - are they the murderers? David calls the sheriff...

What can we say about this man?

Devoted father, honorable citizen

who raised these children
all by himself.

What can we say about
David and Lynn

who have now lost both
mortal parents.

We must not dwell on their lost,

instead, we must give
thanks for the gifts

they still possess.

I read to you from the
holy scripture,

my father and mother
may abandon me

but the Lord will take care of me.


This is it.

Let's move to the front.

What the hell was that?


Look who's here!

How are you?

I'm okay.

You look good, you know that?

You look real good!

It's been a hard week.

- Yeah, but your daddy's in a
better place now.

And I think we're gonna make it.

I want you kids to know,

this house is yours as
much as it is ours.

We'll do everything we
can to welcome you

and make you feel at home.

We're family now.

That's right.

You're our children now.

Come on, let me help you.

Come on.

Come on in.

It's your stuff.

They've arrived this afternoon.

We'll move it tomorrow.

Don't worry about it now.

Come on.

- Someday, I'm gonna have to have
this thing sharpened.

Oh, this looks good.

You remember this, don't you,

Hey, look at these kids.

Huh, who are they?

Used to be able to whip this kid.

Now, he can beat me to a pulp.

- David, I forgot the extra
blankets for your bed.

You know where I keep 'em,
don't you?

In the hall closet.

I know, I remember.

Did you find them?

- Yeah, I got them right
in front of me.

use the red blanket.

You were born in this room.

Welcome home.

- Get her feet,
get her feet.

Come on.

Come on, that's it.

Over the trash room.

Come on, you go now.

Here it comes.

Look at this mess.

- Help me
before you do that.

You can do that later.

Here, give me a hand.

Give me a hand!

Now, help me lift her up.

Turn around.

There you go.

Let's go.

- The children are
gonna like this.

What are you doing here?


Did you see it?

No, I didn't see anything.

You're lying again, aren't you?

You saw the whole thing.

You killed that woman.

I'm gonna have to kill you now.

I have no choice.

David, David!

We're late.

Grandpa's already in the car.

We gotta go.

Come on.

Come on, let's go!

- Hurry up, they're waiting
for us in the car.

Give me a break.

God, I forgot my suit.

I got them all from last summer.

Come on.

- I can't wear them if they're
from last summer.

Oh, it'll be just fine.

Come on, we have to go.

It's too small.

Good morning to you

and what a beautiful
morning it is.

Hey, enjoy all those rays, you

And if you're coming on down

for swimming this
beautiful morning,

the mayor asks that you park your
cars near the picnic area.

Every member, folks,
every ticket sale

goes straight to the library.

So get your sunglasses,
your trunks

and get yourselves over there!

- Mr. McConnell, thanks a lot
for coming out today.

My pleasure.

Thanks for bringing David up.

Well, David, I'm glad
that you show up.

We really needed another body.

So, how fast are you?

Not real fast.

- Well, just tell me you're not
gonna disappoint me.

He'll be fine.

- Well, I'm sure he will, Mr.

I'm sure he will.

Hi, Sally.



How are you doing?

Nice to see you.

Hello, good to see you.

Good to see you.

- Okay guys, let's step
up to the block.

Let's start this right,
come on here.

Looking a bit sloppy here.

That's the line.

Oh, there he is!

- He's a good looking boy,
isn't he?

Is that your sister?

That one?

No, that's her over there.

- If I had a sister like
that, I'd bother.

Step on the block.

And swimmers, take your mark.


Here, David, use these.

You gotta win!

Yeah, go!

Okay, when they touch you, go!

Baby, you go first! - David, go!

Go, go, go!

Go, go!

Go, go, go!


We lost.


We lost, we lost!

You lost?

They lost.


Oh, well.

Poor Dave.

Do you see what I see?

- We gonna have to get out
the chastity belt.


Are you Lynn?

You're Lynn.

I know you're Lynn.

Remember me?

'Cause I remember you.

You're Kenny.

Very good.

I was over there, I looked
here and I saw you,

I thought, wow, that
cannot be Lynn!

Now way.

It's like this bold of electricity

going through me.

Phew, what a looker.

Hey, I heard about your father.

You know, that's bad.

I mean, when a father goes,
that's very bad.

And a father is very
special in our lives.


What are you doing?

I'm looking.

- I don't like people swimming
around me like that.

- Man, I take one look at you,
and zap!

I can't control myself.

Hey, why don't you stand up
out of the pool,

let me get a good look at you.

I think you're being rude.

Hey, no necking.

Oh, fuck you!

- Looks like it's headed
towards the farm.

We better get out there.

Yeah, yeah, thanks.

See you.

Let's go, let's move.

Where's the step?



Oh, boy.

You better get out there.

Yeah, over there.

Spike, how are you doing?

What's happening?

What's all the fuss about?

- Yeah, some guy from
out of town, he's dead.

Got it, okay.

How did it happen?

I have no idea.

You don't know who it is at all?

No, do you?

Some thought they saw him driving
a green van this morning.

Where do you think you're going?

Just wanna look.

- There's nothing out there
for you to see.

That's adult business and
they'll take care of it.

That's a darnedest thing.

Yeah, it sure is.

- Let me know if you find out
interesting, will you?

Will do Spike, take care.

What is it?

- Got enough carcass down
there to sell tickets.

- I want you to come with
me to my bedroom.

I have some things I
wanna show you.

These are some things
of your mother.

Been keeping them down
in the basement.

And now, we're gonna sort
through all these

and see what we wanna keep.

This is all yours.

They're beautiful.

David, here try this harmonica.

A lot of good things here.

Do you remember living out
here with your mother

after your parents broke up?

No, not really.

Well, after she died,

your daddy told keep all
these things here

when he took you kids
back to the city.

That must be the Sackett.

- This time,
we did it.

Yes, yes, someone tell Henry.

Hey, hey, hey.

What does this remind you of, huh?

You're it.

- Can you remember our

Oh, yes.

Lynn and David.

And you remember Darlene.


Hi, Darlene.

- And this is Raymond and
the twins there.

- Let's start off with a
little anesthesia.


Right at it.

Oh, I was just knocked down

when I heard about your father.

I was stunned.

I couldn't believe it.

I can't imagine how difficult
it must be to lose

the only parent you have left.

- Yes, it's a hard thing to
talk about, you know.

We never say the right thing.

Such a tragedy.

Lynn, Lynn, honey,

you take children over
there the horseshoe.

Can't keep my trouble.

You did.


We'll, cheers.


Come on, follow me.

Where are we going?

- I saw you with Kenny at
the pool today.

You know Kenny?

My sister knows him.

She dated him.

Oh, my god, he just got fired,
did you know that?

He had a really good job too.

That sounds like Kenny.

I know.

- Did you see that body
in the pond this morning?


- That's not the only
body in that pond.

What do you mean?

- I wouldn't wanna
live on this farm.

That's all I could say.

Come on, follow me.

You just never know what you
gonna find back here.

Once, I saw human ears
floating in here.

I don't believe that.

- Well, you better
start believing it.

He's so cute, isn't he?

What a great kisser.

I know.

Oh, you know.

This is the dangerous part.

I hope you're not afraid of rats.

What are you doing?

What's that?

A Snooperscope.

Let me see it.

Where did you get that?

My father gave it to me.

He was a Marine.

- A woman was killed
and raped down here.

Who did it?

Ask your grandfather about it.

That's all I'm gonna tell you.

This is her hair.

That's where the body is.

Her head is right in
that concrete.

This is her underwear.

I could make you eat this.

Give me that.

Follow me.

We have to go around.

We can't go down here.

Why not?



I'm not afraid of geese.

That means you don't know geese.

You see that one?


- That one killed the
grandfather's dog.

What are you doing?

- Grandfather put
fireworks in the park.

Aren't those dangerous?

- Not if you know what
you're doing.

How would you rate Kenny

on a scale of one to 10?

Hm, okay, I'll give him an eight,
at least.

I never give anything
higher than eight.

If you slid a bomb under water,

all the dead bodies will come out.

- You think there's
another body in there?

Let's split up, you go that way.

You're safe.

Put her down.

Sit down.

Come on, let's go.

Come on, before the
Sacketts see us.

Well, that's it.

I'm getting back to our guests.

I'll be right there.

I have to wash up.

- Hey, Spike, get your butt
outta here, man.

It's time to burn burgers!

- Well,
there he is.

We're waiting for you, Spike.

- Well, I
have to drag him

out of the basement.

- David, why don't you sit
down over here?

I couldn't wait to feed my
children so I got them started.

I gotta watch out.

You're kids will attack you
if they get hungry.

- You know, this year, we
have the biggest tomato

and the little green onions,
they taste so good too.

- Look up, that's
what we had this year.

We were.

Who wants a leg?

Here you go.

Not that piece.

I hate that piece.

What's wrong, David?

You look so pale.

Oh, I think he looks hungry.

Won't you eat something?

How do you feel

about being a parent again, Spike?

It feels great, 100%.

I like privacy.

Our private life just gone down
to tube to this day.

- Oh, what gets me is when
they go snooping

and poking around our house,

getting their noses into things

that are none of their business.

Well, I can think of some places

that I wouldn't wanna stick my
nose in your house, Spike.

- I wonder
what he wants.

Don't worry about it.

Just probably a family visit.

Explosion out there.

Explosion out there in the air.


Come here.


They get dangerous.

Yeah, I see.

- They just broke the lock
and came in here?

Yeah, it's my fault.

I should've cleaned this out.

It's all my fault.

Here, lock me up.

Take me to jail.

This is gonna blow
their heads off.

- Well, you can count a
couple of kids

to find trouble on a farm.

Oh, yeah.

- There's something you wanna
say to me, young man?

- David, if there's anything you
have to tell the sheriff,

you gotta tell him.


- I'm gonna walk you
boy, now get, come on!

Where's David?

Upstairs in his room.

Why you looking at me like that?

I was just thinking,

I was thinking maybe he
didn't see it.

- You know damn
well he saw it.

We have the to do what
we have the do!

- I want you to clear
all these people out.

The Sacketts, that damn kids.

Okay, okay.

What are you doing here?

I just wanted to get my jacket.

I left my jacket up here.


- Raymond,
come downstairs,

we have your jacket down here.

They got your jacket down there.

It's downstairs!




I know you're here.

David, I can hear you out here.

I want you to come down now.


Spike, get down here!

The Sacketts are leaving!

Damn woman.


Where's David?

He's not in his room.

What do you mean?

I couldn't find him.

- God, the Sacketts are
just about to leave.

You get out there while I
call the hospital.

They will take care of David.




- Hey, where do you
think you're going?

We're just starting this up.

- I think we put through enough
for one day, Spike.

Hell no!

You didn't put me through nothing.

Where's David?

- Oh, we got him up in his
room for good behavior.

- Well, it's look like
you got company.

Oh, Christ.

Bye, Spike.

- See
you next time!

We had a lot of fun.


Bye, sweetheart.

Adios, amigos.

So long.

Mr. McConnel.



I can't find David.

He must be hiding.

Nevermind him.

You tell Lynn she can
go with Kenny.

I want them both away
from the house.


They said we can go.

Here you go.

Hey, lead us now.


I'ma throw these
things down there.

I'm not coming down.

- Stay where you are,
I'm coming right up.

This looks like a good place.

Trade sides.

Okay, the left foot goes
on the clutch.

The right leg goes in
the accelerator.

Give me your hand.

We shouldn't do this here.

We're too close to the house.

I know a place we can go.

Come on, let's drive.

Put it in reverse.





I left my jack back at the shop.

My grandfather probably has one.

Oh yeah, great.

Your grandfather will kill me if I
ask him for his jack.

Well, I'll get it.

- Hey, don't tell him what
happened, all right?

Tell him we got a fight
or something.

I'll be right back.

The phone is dead.

Forget the phone.

Come here.

What are you doing here?

I need a jack.

Kenny's car is stuck.

I don't care about Kenny's car.

You gotta see this.


Who is she?

I don't know.

Is she alive?

Yes, look at the handcuffs.

How did she get here?

I saw grandfather drag her in.

Who are you?

Who are you?

Did she say something?

Please help me.

I'm being kept a prisoner here.

I came here last night to warn you

that you're in great danger

while you're living in this house.

They drugged me and
they tied me up.


I can't tell you now.

There isn't time!

If they discover you in
the garage now,

you'll be in great danger.

- Come on, David, we
gotta get of here.

Wait, listen. - Wait!

Don't go the police.

No one here local.

There's a number in my purse.

You got to call them and tell
them what you've seen.

Where's your purse?

It's on the floor by my feet.

I can't reach it.

It's locked!

- The keys are
on the chair.


David, are you crazy?

Get out of my way!

Where is it?

On a slip of paper.

- I don't see any
slip of paper.

- It's in a zipper
compartment with the gum.

- I didn't see any zipper
compartment either.

Let me go.

Come on, let me go!

Lynn, help me!

Let me go!

Let's go!

Come on!

There's a woman in the garage.

She tried to kill David!

- You didn't open the truck
for Christ's sake!

We did.

- Get in the house, go to the
house with your grandma!

The woman's loose.

Grandfather is in there.

- Oh, go to the Sackett's farm
and have him helped.

Tell them we have to have
help now, run!

Stop, stop, stop!

My grandpa needs help.

There's a crazy woman.

She's hacked us.

Come on, get on the truck.

We got a call about this
down the station

while I was getting off.

I had a feeling somehow you're
coming down here.

I tried to call him but the
line was jagged.


They were there.

You wait here.

I hope they're not hurt.

It would be our fault.

It would be their fault.

They were hiding her.




Did your grandparents tell you
who this woman is?


- I'm sorry to be one that
have to tell you this.

She's your mother.

Our mother is dead.

- No, she's been in the custody of
the state for 12 years.

She escaped from the hospital and
changed town yesterday.

She's come to see you.

She's dangerous.

Your grandparents did the
worst possible thing

to try to handle this
thing by themselves.

Just stay in the truck,

roll up the windows and
lock the doors.

It's not our mother!


Anyone home?

It's okay.

I gotta get out.

I gotta get out of here!

It's okay, it's okay.

It's him.


- Come on, we gotta
get out of here!

- No, she's crazy,
she'll kill us too!

Start the car!

He got the keys.

- We gotta go
to the truck!

It's a stick!

I can't drive a stick!

Come on!

Start it!


Come on!

Open the door!

Let's do it!

Where are we going?

Kenny's out here.

Just keep going.


Right here!



Where is he?

I don't know.

- Come on, we gotta
get out of here.

Come on.

Come on, we're gonna have to walk.


A train.

Come on, wait!

Stop! - Stop!

Please stop!






Standing over there.

- Come on, we gotta
get out of here!

David, David.

David, get up.

Come on, come on.

David, David, get up!

You hear that?

Come on, come on!




I don't want it.

You need it, you're bleeding.

She wants us to go out.

There, you see her?


She's staring right at us.

That's not her.

That's a goose.


David, close the backdoor.

Close the backdoor.

What did you do to your face?

What are you doing?

Look, Lynn, that's her.

You know who that is, Lynn.

You remember.

They lied to us, Lynn.

She's alive.

Accept it!

David, what are you doing?

We're going through pictures,
for Christ's sake!

We're going through pictures
and she's down there!

She's down there!

In the basement!

I'm going down there.


I've got to go.

She'll kill you.

- Somebody's got to stop her,

She's our responsibility.

God, David.

What's happening to you?

I know, I know what we can do.

Take the gun.

What are you doing?

Be right back.

We'll flush her out.

- I thought
they took those.

We kept the best ones.

Come on!

It's a dud.

Give it time.

He's coming in.

Come on!

You got me.


It doesn't work.

It's dead.

He's in there.

Go away!

Hey, give me that!

Give me that, that!

I'm dying.



The gun!

Where's the gun?

The gun.

You have it, what'd you do it?

Oh, my god.

Is it gonna explode?


We've gotta go to the camp.

I'll get the deputy's keys.

Drop the gun, boy.

Drop the gun.

Who shot you?

Who did this?

- All right,
let's move him out.

Found this in the basement.

Another rocket.

Go, go!

- How do you
feel about this?

Excuse me, please.

- Hey, there buddy,
what you-

Excuse us, please!

- If you could tell us how
you feel about this.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

Excuse me, gentlemen!

Your name is David?

There, that'd be cool.

How does that feel?

Did they find her?

Where you fighting with someone?

Not now, Frank.

That can wait till tomorrow.

God, I got you now.

I don't want prize.

David can't know!

Stupid crazy.

You almost told him.

You almost ruined everything.

But now, now, it's all over.

This isn't gonna hurt you.

I promise.

Just like that night.

I told you it wasn't gonna hurt,

And you had, you had David.

My son.

That thing disgusting, sinful.

You're not gonna take
him away from me.

I always wanted us on.


What are you doing down here?

I know.

What do you know?

Spit it out.

Think you know it?

Spit it out.

You killed my mother!

You don't know anything.


You're my father!

You're my father!