Grandmaster (2012) - full transcript

Chandrasekhar (Mohanlal) is an IPS officer who lives a lonely and quiet life after being divorced from his wife, Deepthi (Priyamani), a leading criminal lawyer. Things change when he is made the head of the Metro Crime Stopper Cell in Kochi, and single-handedly saves three college girls abducted by a psychologically deviant guy. Chandrasekhar gets a congratulatory note from an anonymous man calling himself "Z," who challenges Chandrasekhar to figure out how he is going to bump off one target after the other. Chandrasekhar is forced to take up the investigation of the murders, which follows a mysterious alphabetical pattern.

To curb the rising crimes
in metro cities, especially in Kochi

the Kerala police have
formed a new division.

The Metro Crime Stopper Cell.

This experimental division, MCSC
established in Kochi

has completed three months today.

If you suspect a criminal
activity you can contact

the Metro Crime Stopper Cell
by phone, fax, mail or post.

Senior officer, IG Chandrashekhar
heads this division.

-Sir, IG Chandrashekhar?

He is in a meeting with
the Director General.

He'll be here in half an hour.

The purpose of MCSC is to curb the
rising crime rates in metro cities.

It's been three months since
its inception. Your comments?

Has your target been realized?

-That is--
-Excuse me.

The official media briefing
will be given to you by our IG.

He will be here soon.

Sir, I am Ebby Kuriakose
from News Today.

The ADG of Police told me

that you'll be here to report.

I am very happy to meet you.

-Yes, Sir.

I'm glad you are here.

Ebby, I'll join you shortly.

This guy...

He seems to show all characteristics
of a growing viper.

I'll deal with him.

That viper is in for trouble.


-Remember that maid you arranged for me?

She left.

ADGP Ajayan's wife is paying
her a thousand rupees more.

I cannot compete with her financially.

-We'll look out, Sir.

-You mean, the same lady?
-No, Sir. A new one.

-Is it troublesome to you?
-Of course not.


-But I want one as soon as possible.

Get rid of your usual tactics to
force and threaten them to work.

I've stopped doing that.

Don't stop it completely.
If it gets you results, carry on.

I am unable to manage all alone.

Ebby, what do you want to know?

It's been three months since the
crime stopper cell has come into being.

By what percent have you been able
to curb the crime rate in the city?


Talking about percentages won't help.

I mean that journalists should
have a broader perspective.

Reality is often beyond statistics.
Isn't that true?

True, Sir.

Did you have your breakfast?

-Have you had your breakfast?

-Yes, Sir.
-I see.

You've recorded enough.
Now switch off the camera.

Sir, for some time
you've kept away from policing.

You were handling the printing department
and certain corporations as well.

According to rumors, the DGP
has pressurized you into accepting this.

Why have you distanced
yourself from policing, Sir?

Have you read this book?

No, Sir.

Sir, you haven't answered my question.

Your job is to ask questions.
Giving answers is my prerogative.

You are passionate about chess.

You have competed at the national level.

The one who anticipates his
opponent's moves, wins the game.

Haven't you heard the term "Grandmaster"?

The one who can predict the 64 moves
of his opponent, is the grandmaster.

I've always insisted that you shouldn't
be calling and disturbing me.

I don't run a bakery like your father.

A cop that cops?

No. I was just confirming if
you really were a policeman.

Not necessary. I am busy shopping.

I have a meeting with the ADGP.

What's wrong with you?

As per statistics of the past six months

there's hardly a six percent
decrease in the crime rate.

Your division is not all that effective.

I want some feedback.

Sir, I mean...

Enough, I get it.
So... he is still negligent in his job.

Chandra was one of the
best officers I've ever seen.

If you lose your family,
you've lost everything.

One of the most expensive
criminal lawyers in this city.

To achieve that position she had
to renounce her family ties.

There were professional clashes between
a police officer and a criminal lawyer.

Its anti-climax was their separation.

Chandra was shattered.
He stopped concentrating on his work.

After nine years I've managed to get him
at the law and order division.

But, he is still...


It should not end as a failed project.

If Chandrashekhar does not
give results, I'll replace him.

When you asked me to join you for lunch

I never expected a surprise like this.

It's been ages since I met your daughter.
When was the last time?

The previous school day
you had come along with dad.


I never get your daughter's name right.

-I just don't get it.
-My name?

Dakshayini Chandrashekhar.

Why didn't you come last weekend?
I waited for you.

I've said this over the phone.
I had a special tuition to attend.

If I had met you, I would've
been late to get back there.

It's not practical, I understand.
I was just asking.

I get only two days a month
to spend with you.

I've told mom that I will spend the
entire summer vacation with you.

But before that, you have
to get off law and order

and make sure you are free.

We have to freak out!

I'll make a move.

Hope you remember everything I said.
Tomorrow, my theater camp begins.

You have to be there by 10 a.m.
7,000 rupees is the fee.

Mom is not willing to
shell out a single penny.

She doesn't want me to practice drama.


Hold on.

How is your mom?

Tonight, mom is going to ask
me the same thing about you.

Why don't you call and
find out for yourself?

To get the call through I need
to dial all the digits correctly.

Even a single digit dialed wrong
would be a wrong number.

Your mom and I have a minimum
of three digits wrong between us.

Not three digits. Rather, three letters.

I am in the cellar.

Any leads in that kidnapping case?

-At least in this case...
-Don't avoid the questions.

Regarding that incident,
a complaint from...


Her father registered the complaint
a while ago.

We've started the investigations.
That's all I have to say.

Madam, please. This is a serious issue.

Two of Sheeba's friends,
Preethi Kurien and Chitra Pillai

are already missing.

They are missing since four days.
Sheeba has also been kidnapped.

There's an obvious connection.

The connection, if any,
is for us to investigate.

The media need not take up
the job of the police.

Mr. Amal Kuriakose.

Did you witness the abduction?

Yes, Sir.

Sir, an abduction has occurred.

One Ms. Sheeba, an undergrad student
of St. Mary's College

has been abducted by a youngster.

About two hours ago.
We have an eye witness too.

The crime has already been committed?

How can we deal with it?

Let them handle it.

The eye witness named Siraj is a driver.

He was in a car parked at the cellar
where the incident took place.

He managed to click a couple of photos
when the crime was taking place.

But the culprit's face is not very clear.

This person is a close friend
of constable Sugathan.

When he reported the incident,
we asked him to come here.


On my way out of the mall
I saw a car drive by at great speed.

I barely missed being hit.

That's when you called him?

Sir, this has come to us directly.

After the abduction, the girl's father
has been hospitalized due to chest pain.

Her mother is getting furious
at the commissioner's office.

She claims that this abduction
is conspired by the girl's father.

The victim was with her father,
the last couple of days.

Yes, Sir.

I need to speak to the commissioner.
I'll hold.

Describe everything in detail.
Let me hear it.

So, while you were in the car

he was speaking to someone over the phone.

Yes, Sir.


-Yes, Sir.

The approximate length
of the conversation?

About 20 minutes.

There was no mobile network in the cellar.

The girl had mentioned that
there was no network there.

You've said so too.

You had to step out to
call Sugathan, right?

Yes, Sir.

But that young man spoke
for 20 minutes on his phone.

Which mobile service provider has
a range inside that cellar car park?

There must be a tower near that mall
that made it possible

for the culprit's phone to stay connected
for 20 minutes.

Now nab the person who received his call.

Sir, the commissioner is on the line.

She called back since the call
was disconnected earlier.

The old Chandrashekhar is back!

Jerome Jacob alias Jerry
residing at 3A, Cloud 9, Chembumukku.

Is this the culprit?

Yes, Sir.

Yes, he is the one.

Sir, Jerome was talking
to his mother that day.

We have brought her here.

He is not a normal guy.
He's into smoking and drugs.

He's very attached to his mom.

He talks to her endlessly
when he is excited.

Hasn't he called you after that incident?

No, Sir. His phone is switched off.

Please wait.

Pannangavu tower 2618 indicates
that his mobile is switched off.

They own a property nearby.
It's an unoccupied and deserted building.

Shall we go there, Sir?

An operation with our force will be risky.

We don't know how he might react.

-Two of her friends are also missing.
-Yes, Sir.

He has abducted them as well.

We cannot take a chance.

We need a semi-commando operation.

I've been out of touch
since a very long time.

Some things get better with age.

-Yes, Sir.

Don't be scared.

Don't be scared.

This is your retribution.

God punishes those who hurt Jerome.

But you will resurrect on
the third day, as an angel.

Students of St. Mary's college, Ernakulam
were abducted and confined by Jerome.

He was arrested by IG Chandrashekhar,
the head of Metro Crime Stopper Cell.

The three girls have been rescued.

The careless attitude of the city
police commissioner is evident.

The MCSC took matters
into their own hands.

To discuss this case, we have with us

Advocate Deepthi, a very famous Lawyer

and the head of Manthra Institute
of Mental Health and Research Center,

a well-known psychiatrist,
Dr. Jacob Varghese.

First, over to Dr. Jacob Varghese.

The accused, Jerome,
is one of your patients.

What's he suffering from?

Jerome has been my patient since 12 years.

I was working at NIMHANS, Bangalore.

Jerome suffers from a
strange psychiatric disorder.

Like all other cases,
the roots of his illness

lie in his family history.

A mother who is not married.

You can imagine his childhood
and his teenage years.

He nurses hatred and revenge for everyone.

Anger which has no particular direction.

These girls had insulted him in the past.

It would be unjust to
treat him as a criminal.

Advocate Deepthi, you represent Jerome.

What's your opinion about this crime?

Manish, I don't consider this as a crime.

Jerome's mental state is evident
from Dr. Jacob's analysis.

According to IPC-84,
the actions of a mentally deranged person

cannot be considered a crime.

And the officer who arrested Jerome...

IG Chandrashekhar.

We now have IG Chandrashekhar
on the phone line.

Mr. Chandrashekhar?

You've heard what Dr. Jacob
and Advocate Deepthi had to say.

What is your response to their opinions?

She's referring to the accused's
mental state and other legal aspects.

This is not feasible for
the police to consider.

Three girls were abducted
and imprisoned by a criminal.

We rescued those girls.

Sheeba's father who
suffered a heart attack

has recovered after the rescue.

This is what is important.

The accused's mental state
and his punishment

has to be decided by the court.

This fact is evident.

Many criminals escape punishment

under the guise of mental illness.

Is it unethical to justify it.

Crimes need to be curbed,

not certified by a doctor.

That's all I have to say.

Damn you!

Susan, you...

Such a shame you could do nothing.

Ever since I got to know that
Jerome was involved,

I tried to protect him, Uncle.

But it led to Chandrashekhar's

Now everyone knows that
he is mentally deranged.

Uncle, we have no other option.

On these grounds, we can
bail him out tomorrow.


I've been unable to accept
my son's mental illness.

Reason being, my family, the society,
my status and my daughters' future.

He is my only son.

He's like a younger brother to you.

Susan, tell me.

Should Chandrashekhar be spared?


If Peter takes a decision,
we have barely any chance.

I'm leaving.

Are you upset after the interaction
with Chandrashekhar?


Never lie to a doctor,
especially to a psychiatrist.

Forget that chance encounter.

The head of your drama workshop,

is the famous drama artist, director
and theater activist, Mr. Roshan.

People call him Mark.

He played the role of Mark Anthony
at the London Globe theater.

He's the youngest and the first Asian
to play that role.

I haven't come here to teach you drama.
I'm here to learn from you.

Over the next two weeks,
we will be together

to know each other better
and to learn the art of drama.

Drama is an art form most
closely related to life.

The truth is, our life is like drama.

You are late.

Sorry, I was busy with
home chores and cooking.

Don't you want the money?

Mom is here.

She gave me the entire fees
for the workshop.

-So you don't need the money?
-I do.

I will add your share before paying.

Whatever is in excess,
I'll return it to mom.

No, my dear. Don't do that.

Yes, dad. I want to.

To learn drama, I need your approval too.

You've always encouraged me, dad.

You want my blessings?

Bless you.

Don't hurt mom by returning the money.

Use the money to have
some pizza with friends.

I'm leaving.

If Mark Roshan has any doubts,
ask him to call me.

If I am free, I'll tutor him.

You've gone too far, beyond reach

Gone, without a goodbye

Even though you are away,
You are always on my mind

Without breaking away
Yearning for a reply from you

Beautiful one, come

Come beside me

Beautiful blossom

Come back to me

You've gone too far, beyond reach

Gone, without a goodbye

I have wandered in search
Through infinite births

When finally you belonged to
me We merged into one being

Like my own shadow always
beside me You remained

Times moved on I realized salvation in life

My friend, your words I
hummed as a song of love

Why do I need the music of the rains?

Beautiful one, come

Come beside me

Beautiful blossom

Come back to me

I don't exist If your face
isn't etched in my mind

Without the sweet-notes
of your voice I am no more

Why did you leave that
day Without a goodbye?

Are you unaware of the pain I still bear?

The little bird who chattered in
fun, Is now silent

My heart aches

Hearts that parted ways
Now silently tremble

Beautiful one, come

Come beside me

Beautiful blossom

Come back to me

Beautiful blossom

Come back to me

Beautiful blossom

Come back to me

The occurrences over the past two days

made me think that he was back in form.

I was wrong, he's back to square one.

Playing chess all by himself,
what a pity!


Come here.

What about the maid you promised?

I am still on the lookout.
Please give me a couple of days.

Okay, continue.

Too many letters have piled up.

All it takes is a letter and a stamp.

They write about a bomb being planted
inside the World Trade Center.

About a neighbor who is trying
to break his compound wall.

Most of this is just false information.

Often difficult to identify
the genuine ones.

You must, Kishore.

You should be able to differentiate
between a genuine move and a false move.

Do you know how to play chess?

I have a vague idea.

Never play without thorough knowledge.

Both, in life and in Chess.

You will lose.

I'll pick a letter from this pile.

It is addressed to me in red ink.

Dear, Chandrashekhar.

I have been following you since many years.

Honestly, I am a fan of yours.

Actually, I used to be a fan of yours.

Until about 10 years ago, you were one
of the smartest officers in Kerala.

I know all about your
cases, your intelligence

and the single handed
operations you have performed.

I've noticed

what's been happening to
you for the past 10 years.

When you faced a crisis
in your personal life

your caliber got affected.

You escaped from everything and
my admiration for you decreased.

But two days ago,
when you arrested Jerome

you surprised me once again.

You have convinced me that you will
be yourself, now and forever more.

Kerala's smartest and
bravest police officer.

Now I cannot think of you going
back to your state of idleness.

I have found a way to keep you going.

You need to stop playing chess.

I am on the other side.

The date and venue for
the game is as follows.

Venue, Adityapuram.
Date, 10th of this month.

Let's begin the game, Chandrashekhar.
Don't disappoint me.

Yours, with admiration.
Your trusted friend.


What do you think?

This is a fake letter, Sir.
We should not take this seriously.

I smell something fishy.

I picked this letter by chance.

But, I never expected a player like this.

Adityapuram is about
7.5 kilometers from here.

-This is a lonely shore area.

This is one of the least populated areas
of this district.

The crime rate here is quite less.

What precautionary measure
can we possibly take here, Sir?

-Get in touch with the sub inspector.

On the 10th, he needs to be alert.

We can appoint three men for surveillance.

And ask them to report anything unusual.

I need coffee.

Sir, I told you.

I've been roaming around since afternoon.

There isn't a decent restaurant around.

Only petty tea stalls.

Sit. We have no milk.

I have some products with me.

Please take a look.

When you came here asking
for a cup of coffee, I knew it.

You intended to sell me something.

It's closing time.

Please don't say that.

You must see it.

The milk vendor was the
first one to see the body.

The cops informed us immediately.

Is the scene of crime intact?

I had instructed them
not to disrupt anything.

Was she living alone?

She had employed three men
from Mizoram.

It was a new contract.

By 5:00 p.m. she had asked them to leave.

Since it's off season,
there wasn't much to do.

Generally, this pub is not
open beyond 6:30 p.m.

The foreigners who visit the
beach are her customers.

She did not favor the locals.

Mighty expensive too. If you look
at the menu you'll be astonished.

Any attempt at robbery?

No, Sir. The table was not locked.
Rupees 8,000 in cash still remain.

She used to live nearby.

The key to her house
is also in the drawer.

Check the room, Rashid.

Does she have any relatives?

She is a widow with
no children or relatives.

Why didn't you report this incident to me

or the assistant commissioner of police?

You only expect us to
come for the funeral?


I don't want your explanations
as verbal gospel.

You can put it in writing and
give it to me before noon.

A crime committed here,
is for us to investigate.

Your aggression today has not
reached its usual standard.

But is still quite unpleasant.

This crime has a prelude
which you do not know of.

A flashback.
A letter that I've received.

Don't mind me.

But you no longer have a role here.

My role? No one else can play my part.

Everybody is aware of that.

Did you have your breakfast?

Did you have your breakfast?

I'm sure you know that the ADG of Police
will be there with me.

So, these are the occurrences.

Very strange. Isn't it, Chandrashekhar?

What is your explanation?

The letter I received
states that this is a game.

The alphabet book found near Alice's body

shows "A for apple" struck off
and A for Alice written instead.

A very strange murder.

This is an opening move, Sir.

In the letter, he mentions only
the date and venue of the game.

That means, this will continue.

Venue for murder begins with
the letter A. Adityapuram.

So the next letter will be a venue
beginning with the letter B.

The victim will also be a person
whose name begins with the letter B.

Choosing his victims
alphabetically like a serial killer.

This crime, its total build-up,
its character and the rest.

Nothing matches the criminal nature
of our country.

For instance, Auto Shankar of Tamil Nadu
and Dantupalaya Krishna of Karanataka

committed crude serial killings.

But, this...

We have to prevent another
murder from happening.

Let Susan investigate.

I will give Susan a report
and copy of this letter.

I'll hand over the next letter to the
commissioner, as soon as it comes.

You cannot avoid this case.

The killer has personally challenged you.
You have to accept that challenge.

I'm not interested in this game.

Whoever committed the murder
wanted me to get into the arena.

He chose February 10th
for the first murder.

It's a landmark day in my personal life.

I am not interested in being
involved in this game.

Once he knows I am not involved,
he'll change his strategy.

It will become easier for us.

Not possible.

The case is your responsibility.

The future investigation, as well.

Let him know that challenging you
was the biggest mistake of his life.

You mentioned that there is a connection

between the murderer
and your personal life.

What if you were to gain more
than you lost?

It could be the other way around.

I could end up losing more.

I shall take up the investigation.

He has signed with the letter Z.

My name starts with the letter C.

The last bill printed on the
billing machine reads 6:35 p.m.

The coffee maker was switched on
when we arrived on the scene.

-This cup was placed next to it.

That shows... the murderer
attacked Alice from behind

when her back was turned to
pour the coffee into the mug.

Alice who closes the shop at 6:30 p.m.,
didn't follow her routine.

At 6:35 after the last customer left,
Alice had a visitor.

A guest who came at the wrong time.

She welcomed him.
She made coffee for him.

Which means Alice knew him well.
Must be a regular customer.

Sir, your assumptions
are quite logical. But...

Not assumptions. They are facts.

The investigations around here
did not reveal anything important.

I'm not sure about the
relevance of this detail.

In this area, a salesman
was roaming around that day.

He had a suspicious look.
That's the general opinion.

And after a murder like this,
there is no dearth of rumors.

Therefore I did not give
this salesman much importance.

Investigate it, Rashid.

Sir, may I voice my thoughts?

If the murderer knew Alice well
and was a regular guest here

there must be a very personal
reason for that, isn't it?

But why did he send a
letter challenging you?

The alphabet book left next to the body

and the cross marked on her forehead?

The alphabet and cross don't match.
They are like chalk and cheese.

This alphabet book and cross are
indicators placed to mislead us.

The killer is mentally unstable.

I think, Jerome has some
connection to this murder.

He probably holds a grudge against you.

He was released by the court
a week ago, for treatment.

Manthra Mental Health Center.

-Let him stay outside.
-Okay, Sir.

-Come back quickly, okay.

I've heard a lot about this
place and the doctor here.

I hope you heard good things.

Doctor, a strange murder took
place yesterday at Adityapuram.

The victim's name is Alice.

I saw it on the news.

You were informed beforehand.

We assume a stable man usually
wouldn't commit such a murder.

Jerome, whom we arrested a few days ago
is here under your care.

Did he go anywhere outside
with or without your permission?

So this is what you came for.

No, Sir.

Patients cannot leave
without my direct permission.

Even visitors have restricted entry here.

I am being questioned by the
police for the first time.

But like you said,

there's a letter challenging you
with precise planning.

My patient has no such
capabilities to murder.

He has more of an impulsive nature
and does what he thinks in that moment.

He is the one who pre-planned
and kidnapped three girls

whom he held a grudge against.

He is a criminal.

Sorry, a mentally deranged patient.

I believe he is quite capable
of committing this murder.

You can wait inside.
I will be with you soon.

I came to drop my daughter.

Daughter? Why is she here?

This is the venue for her drama workshop.

Students interact with selective patients
who are docile.

It's part of their course.

I am leaving, Jacob.

Don't forget the party
at the Taj this evening.

I'll pick you up in the evening.

We'll take your leave.

I want a copy of Jerome's medical records.


Sir, my dad is here.
May I please go meet him?

Hey! What brings you here?

Nothing special.

God! Hope it isn't for treatment.

Sure, for treatment indeed.
The patient is your mother.

Do you know the doctor here?
Jacob Uncle?

He is mom's close friend
and comes home often.

I am truly enjoying it, dad.

Dad, look.

Daksha always talks about you.

She has an interest and
we must stand by her.


Where are you from?

I'm from Wyanad.
I have very few relatives.

At 18, I landed in London on a
scholarship for theater training.

I have been touring with drama troupes.

With a pet name like Mark Roshan.

Why did you pick this place
for a training session?

Dr. Jacob is a lover of theater.

When he worked for NIMHANS at Bangalore
I conducted a camp for patients there.

Doctor wanted one to be held here as well.

-I'll take your leave.
-Bye, Sir.

If Roshan has doubts,
just give me a call.

See you, my dear.


What were you looking at?

He was here.

-Don't you know?

Father, I've killed.

I did it.

I called you over to tell you this.

The intelligence department
has received this information.

There isn't any mystery in the
case you are investigating.

Alice had connections with a drug racket.

Her fall-out with them was
the motive behind her killing.

That gang has fixed up a deal
at the old civil station tonight.

Your boss may not like
my direct involvement.

If I don't share the information,
it's unethical.


Sir, the second letter is here.

My dearest Chandrashekhar.

The first game is over.

For your careful consideration,

the multiple clues I've left
at the scene of the crime,

reveal something about my identity.

I'm sure you've registered all of that.

Your doubts about my mental
health have amused me.

I might be mentally deranged.

But, there is a method to my insanity.

Let's begin the next game.

Date, February 23rd.
The Venue is Binanipuram.

The reward for sin is death.
With love and respect.

February 23rd, Binanipuram.

Kishore, I'll get in touch
with the local police.

This entire area will be
under our observation.

You are like a breeze Searching
for a place for itself

The unending rain within me

You are the substance Of
illusion on this earth

The live coals that burn Within the heart

As wings droop in tiredness

I wonder what's in store for me

I wonder

Are you the lightning
streak Of unending love?

Who are you?

Wonder who you are

Who are you?

Wonder who you are

Who are you?

As I wander in search

You rush away

I sing my song

You too, like the darkness
Of the wandering shadows

Receding, like the deepest of waves

Are you the twinge in my eye?

Are you the evening dusk?

Unaware I wonder what is within you now

I wonder what

Are you a fragment of the
soul That lay shattered?

Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?

As I wander in search

You rush away

I sing my song

Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?



He has committed a blunder
in this game, Rashid.

He has left a clue
showing us exactly who he is.

In the name of the Father
and of the Son and the Holy Spirit.

God, is it fair what you
are ordering me to do?

Son of mankind, is your judgment sincere?

No, you are filling your hearts with evil.

Your hands do injustice on earth.

Cruel ones go the wrong
way right from the womb.

I don't want to know what you are doing.

Whatever done so far,
has been ineffective.

We are very confused here, Sir.
Two women were killed.

One was a 65 year old widow.
Another, an unmarried girl aged 24.

One was a mere coffee pub owner.
The other, a renowned singer.

There is no common factor
that links them together.

Normal serial killing has a pattern
to the victims' selection.

If so, there should have
been some religious text

or a sermon note left near the dead body.

We have to know more about Beena.

A girl like Beena...

She left the venue with him in her car

and ventured out during the wee hours.

That shows they were very intimate.

Details about Beena's personal life
will help us trace this man.


Isn't Jerome your cousin?

Isn't he the illegitimate son
of your uncle?


Please note this, Sir.

Her uncle, Peter
has a questionable character.

He has good connections
to the Karnataka mafia.

What are you implying, Sir?

Getting secret information that the
mafia has conspired these murders.

And to pass it on to Kishore
as a valuable tip.

We followed up on that,

with a big time gangster style attack.

Go tell your uncle

that if he's planning anything again

ask your parish priest
to set aside free time.

Your uncle may be in need of consecration.

Which one of you is Adarsh?

What is the matter?

I'm Kishore.

I'm a cop.

Aren't you the leader of the band?

I wanted to know a couple of things.


Had Beena Thomson decided
to leave your band?

She intended to.

I had requested her to not be hasty.


Then I told her not to
let it become a rumor.

That would affect the band negatively.

I doubt that, Adarsh.

You were quite harsh to her.

You told her that there was no way
she could leave the band.


Were you in love with her?

Let's go.

Where, Sir?

-Let's go.
-Wait a minute.

Get moving! Come on.

We could get a lot of
information from him.

That's why I brought him here.

Beena's father has revealed

that she was intimate with someone.

She had decided to marry him.

If that was the case, she must
have been with him that night.

Girls these days are not
serious about marriage.

They do have casual flings.

It could be something like that.

I don't think so, Rashid.
Beena was very secretive about her affair.

Her meeting with her lover
must have been a secret too.

That night, her lover was with her.

This guy can give us a few clues
about the identity of her lover.

He was in love with Beena.

You seem to know a great deal
about the Night-riders.

How is that?

My friend Bindya is a
huge fan of this troupe.

She had attended Beena's last program.

Your friend seems nice.

She is a witness at all the
crucial places.

What else did your friend say?

I've recorded everything she said.

You started this troupe with Beena
and two other friends

five years ago.

Beena decided to quit the troupe
four months ago.

I don't know the exact reason.

I'll try asking him aggressively.

-Would you like that?
-No, Sir.

Beena... was in love with someone.

After getting married,
she had planned to settle abroad.

Who was he?

I don't know, Sir. Trust me.

She didn't love you.
Weren't you sad about that?

Is that true, Adarsh?

I tried to convince her.

But she used to avoid me.

Not only me...
she avoided the others too.

She used to flirt with many boys.

She made them feel special.

But never got involved.

But finally, she got hooked to someone.

Yes, Sir.
But she never revealed who it was.

All she said was that she
would be marrying next month.

The night Beena was murdered

the lyrics of the song she last sang
were changed.

Your friend has revealed this
in the recording.

You did not think it was significant.
So it did not register in your mind.

Tell me.

Who changed the lyrics
of that popular number?

It was Beena.

I don't know why she did that.

We fought over it.

There was a salesman with Beena.

Yes, Sir.


The day Alice was killed,
there was a salesman there.

Yes, Sir.

Finally, a link.

Why do you buy such things
from random guys?

They seem to be fake products.


I need to ask you something.

With whose permission did you
change the lyrics to my song?

No one.

It is atrocious to change the
lyrics of a huge hit number.

My music made it a big hit.
Not your lyrics.

Whoever heard the lines that I rewrote,
said it was better than the original.

Beena, you can't just do as you please.

I can.

I'm continuing with the band
because you begged me to.

Don't forget that.

Your unrequited love and frustration
has started to bore me.

Beena's personal belongings
found from her car are all here.


No photos or messages.
There's just one video clipping.

As Beena tries to shoot someone,
he covers the lens with his hand.

Reading law books all the time?

I don't like such books.

My daughter would prefer these books.

She's into literature, acting and music.
Just like her father.

You have a certain pride in saying that.

Really? May be.

What happened?

I collided with that man
and these books fell down.


We've got an important
breakthrough in this case.

We had found no link
between Alice and Beena's murder.

But the truth is, that these murders
are inter linked.

The murders have a clear intention.

This is the coffee mug
used in the pub run by Alice.

In Beena's video recording

the letters A and L
were outside its frame.

That means this video was
shot in Alice's coffee pub.

So Beena and her secret lover
used to meet at Alice's coffee pub.

A time when everyone had left the pub.

This visual was shot at night
with only Alice as the witness.

To the smell of coffee

I want to walk with you by the sea

These are the lyrics which Beena changed.

Look at the words I've marked.

A word that strikes a chord
and brings an image to our mind.

What is the title of that famous book?

When Beena wrote about love in her song,
which is reflected in her lyrics

she unconsciously set it
against Alice's coffee pub.

Not only Beena

but Alice, the witness to their affair,
was also killed.

Beena had a secret lover.

Beena's call list reflects maximum calls
in the past two months

from a Bangalore based pre-paid number

which availed roaming facility in Kerala.

The number belonged to a taxi driver.

There have been calls made
to Alice's number as well.

Now that number is switched off.

Its use is over. He has
discarded that number.

There are loose ends to this case.

What about the presence of a
salesman in both the murders?

He hasn't been selling a lot.

He sells various brands and a
collection of different products.

The company he works for
is called Mirage.

The details are in here.

This is a fake company and a fake address.

There is no doubt that this man is
a very important link in these murders.

The name Mirage itself means imaginary.

This salesman is there to mislead us.

Just like the alphabetical order
followed by the serial killer.

-But, Sir...

Why would anyone
want to do such things?

One can commit these crimes
in a simple manner.

There is fiction, exaggeration
and mystery.

And the strange mental mindset,
like that of a child

linking the murders to the names
in an alphabet book.

A challenge thrown at me,
with a vested interest.

Please note.

Now I know a lot about
the killer and his character.

I am now making a move
beyond his calculations.

This sort of an evening break
is unusual for me.

But you insisted that
the office is full of clients.

Aren't you bored with all the legalities?

Do you get bored of the
mental problems of your patients?

I give up.
I cannot win an argument with you.

I have been wanting to ask you this on
many occasions, but decided against it.

Both of us have an uneasy past.

You, with a broken marriage.
And me, with unrequited love.

We understand each other very well.

Do you think we could take
this relationship a bit further?

You are right, Jacob.

Let it not go beyond that.


But I haven't been able to convince myself
even after all these years.

This is a confession.

An open talk with a good psychiatrist.

If there is ever a man in my life...

he is the one.

Forget it.

I feel relieved after this talk.

We call it talking-cure.

There is nothing as beautiful as
losing in love and in a revolution.



Dad, you are ignoring me these days.

I called you twice.

You said you'd call me back,
but never did.

I was busy, my dear.

Have you started taking
your job seriously?

You minx!

Don't forget to attend
the play on Wednesday.

Listen, I met an astrologer.

He says we are all
going through a bad phase.

So you've got to wear this.

It will keep you off the evil eye.

Dad, you know what?

Do as I say.

This has to be worn by your mom.

If she objects, you need to convince her.

Don't tell her that I gave it.
Lie to her if you need to.

It's not good to lie.

True, but in certain circumstances

if your father asks you to, it's okay.

Will it happen soon?


Will I be able to live
with the both of you?

Finish the cake and get going.

I'll be back in a minute.


Daksha's transmitter is active.

Deepthi's transmitter
will be activated by tonight.

We have to watch both their movements.
They have to be under our protection.

Dear, Chandrashekhar.

The score is two-zero.

I can very well imagine
your mental state right now.

A strong sense of defeat
has enveloped you.

Waiting for you has been
a memorable experience.

The fires of hell never die out.

They continuously burn
within the minds of sinners.

Date, march the first.
Venue, Cheriyavathil Fort.

Affectionately, Z.

The first of march?

Isn't that today? What's the Venue?


Sir, that's where you live.

The third murder has occurred.

One Mrs. Chandrika Narayanan.

-Mrs. Chandrika Narayanan?
-Yes. The MD of Fortune group.

Her office is close by.

C for Chandrika.

This is Madam's guest house.

She uses this space to relax.

Isn't there security here?

There is a man but he's been on leave,
since the past two days.

Was there any specific reason
for her to be here today?

She said she was expecting a visitor.

Did she say who the visitor was?

No. She never gave me any details.

Did a salesman come here today?
A door to door seller of cosmetics?

Yes, Sir.

There are many visuals here.

Can you identify the salesman?

Last year, Fortune group
had a turnover of 57 crores.

She and her husband
have been separated for 12 years.

She has a son who's in the states.
We have dropped him an email.

Sir, we have identified the man.

We will catch him, Sir.

Forgive me if I'm wrong,

but the investigation
has not had any results.

You have a grudge because I
arrested your cousin Jerome.

He is not related to this case.

Sir, today's letter did
not come to the office.

It was delivered to my house.

The murder took place
before I read that letter.

He has sent the letter to my house
with the sole intention

of committing the murder
before I read his letter.

The killer wanted me to know
about the murder, after it occurred.

As far as he is concerned,
this was his most important murder.

He wanted this murder to
take place by all means.

I know why he challenged me to this game.

I know who he is going to kill next.

The date he selected for his
first murder was February 10th.

Like I said, that was a bad day for me.

That was the day
my divorce was granted.

It was the beginning of
professional clashes

between me and Deepthi.

A death which took place in this city
10 years ago, is what led to my divorce.

Superficially, it looked like suicide.
But I was sure, it was a murder.

The chief person I suspected then,
is the victim, Chandrika.

Paul Mathew, was one of the richest NRIs.

He died of poisoning.

I doubted that it was a murder.

Paul went abroad when he was very young.

He returned a very rich man.
He had no close relatives.

He was a bachelor.

He was deeply involved with Chandrika.

He helped her financially.

But when he started asking back his
money, they started drifting apart.

She had been with him

a few minutes before he died.

I had many clear clues indicating

that Chandrika could be his murderer.

I shared this with Deepthi.

These discussions were
quite common between us.

The very next day,
I called Chandrika for questioning.

She responded as if she knew
every question beforehand.

I could not pin her to the murder

with the details and alibi she provided.

I realized this and it dawned on
me that Deepthi was her lawyer.

I lost control when I came to know that
the professional details I'd discussed

were used by her for her benefit.

Shall I get tea for you?

You rather not live with me
if you're going to betray me.

Father, what should I do?

The police will find you.

They will arrest you,
then comes the trial and punishment.

All of that is a normal routine.

You need to follow God's way.

Your sins will be taken up by Him.

I know, Father. I know He awaits me.

I'll tell you where you have to go.
There is one more job to be done.

Death of a sinner.

Take a left from the next junction.

I need to talk to you.

What can I do for you?

Tell me the truth.

Right from the start, I knew
that the murderer was trying

to communicate something to me.

He had a reason to involve me.

There was a close bond
between Alice and Beena.

I need to know about the connection
between them and Chandrika.

Were Beena, Alice and Chandrika

involved in Paul Matthew's murder?

Your answer will clarify
the mystery of these murders.

It was quite unexpected
that my senior Vaidyanathan

asked me to assist Chandrika that day.

He convinced me that she was innocent.

He told me that she was a prime suspect
in Paul Matthew's murder.

Through you, I knew beforehand
what the police was suspecting.

I got to know about the questions
that they intended to ask her.

So I was able to help her easily.

It was an attempt by me, a novice,
to establish myself.

It took me years to understand
that I had betrayed you.

After handling two more of her cases,
I got to know her better.

I got an idea of how
Paul Matthew was killed.

Alice, who ran a small
textile shop in Fort Kochi

was an accomplice of Chandrika.

A pimp.

They exploited Paul's weakness.

Chandrika and Alice had
arranged Beena for Paul.

Beena was 16 years old at that time.

Later, the three of them ran a sex racket.

They also blackmailed their clients.

This is proof of your errant ways.
You must be aware of it.

You know Beena is a minor, right?

These photos, videos and her statement
can ruin your life.

But none of that will happen.
She follows my instructions.

Consider the money you gave me
as a price to secure your future.

I was under the impression
that you loved me.

Love and marriage
are not on the cards for me.

They are just part of the game.

I always knew you were a harlot!

Fifteen years ago

from a Theekoyi Christian boy
who had lost everything in the floods...

to a globetrotting businessman,

my transition took me
through many dangers.

I don't need to worry about my future

by paying 1,68,00,000 rupees
as security to a pimp like you.

You, that minor girl, as well as Alice

have pleasured me enough.

For that, I could let go of
18,00,000 rupees.

I want the balance of 1,50,00,000 rupees
without any losses.

Otherwise, all of you will be doomed.

I've finished quite a few debts
that way, with my bare hands.

I knew I had only one way
out.I had to kill Paul.

Alice and Beena encouraged me.

I buried my differences and
got back into his good books.

It was a murder that seemed like suicide.

I had no choice.

My dear lawyer, because of me...

Sorry. Alice, Beena and myself.

We are partners in everything.

Because of us,
your life turned into a mess.

When I discovered the truth,
the first thing I wanted to do

was to come and confess my mistakes.

It was three years since we had separated.

I don't know whether it
was false pride or ego

that prevented me from doing so.

Moreover, I was scared as to how
Chandrika would react to that.

Ego, pride and fear.

These are mere justifications to
console yourself for the life you lost.

But our daughter had to
forgo the security of a family.

Have you ever thought about that?

Let's forget the past.
This is not the time to discuss that.

The three women responsible for
Paul Mathew's death have been killed.

If it was a case of revenge,

Paul must have had someone
closely related to him, to do so.

Is there a person like that?

Indeed there is.

Someone who has waited patiently
for ten years, to avenge his death.

The names of the victims

coincided with the alphabets
A, B, C and D.

The one who created
a myth of a serial killer

as well as challenged me with letters.

He is no ordinary killer.

He is a strange person
who considers killing as a game.

I know the climax even though
you haven't told me yet.

The woman who saved Paul Mathew's killer
also has to die.

I'm going to die, isn't it?

D for Deepthi.

No, nothing like that will happen.



I mean, all of us are here.

Is this what will save me?

When did you start believing
in these things?

When I started facing defeat.

Don't you want to meet your daughter?

No, I shall meet her tomorrow
at her school play.

Let's get in touch with the cyber cell
to trace this email.

All Glories to Lord Vishnu

He who has everything in His control

I bow to Lord Vishnu who is ever peaceful

Who reclines on the great serpent bed

From His navel springs the Lotus
Of the supreme creative power

Who is all-pervading as the sky

Who is dark like the clouds
And has a beautiful form

Lord of Lakshmi, the lotus-eyed one

Who the yogis are able to
perceive Through meditation

That universal consciousness which
Illumines and sustains the three worlds

I bow to Lord Vishnu, Lord of all

The mighty enemy of demons

The supreme being

What is it that you want?

I don't want your pity.

I do not believe in
human beings and their laws.

I believe only in God's laws
and His justice.

Listen to what I have to say.

I will not obey you, Chandrashekhar.

Father Alexander?

Yes, Father Alexander
of St. Thomas church.

Were you the one who killed
Alice, Beena and Chandrika?

Yes. I did.
I don't remember anything.

Father said it was me who killed them.

It was me.

Wasn't it Father who asked you
to visit these women as a salesman?

After they were killed, he also said
that it was you who killed them.

I don't remember anything Father says.

God's will happens through me.

The dead are sinners.
Lust and sinful desires are their sins.

There is one more job to do.
Father has entrusted me with it.

Your ex-wife.

She who gave up her family
in her greed for riches and fame,

she shall be punished today.

Do you know who she hangs out with?

He, who stamped me a lunatic.
Me, within whom God's will resides.

I was there.

You were betrayed.

The woman who continues to cheat you,
God is about to punish her.



Please move aside.

Move aside.

Move away.

Step aside.

Sir, I know him.

He was a patient of yours while you
were at NIMHANS. Victor Rosetti.

He has been missing
since February 10th, 2011.

He was found missing from the hospital.


Let me tell you though.

We had identified his photograph.

We found out from our investigations

that he had gone missing
on February 10th, 2011.

His medical records state that
he had severe schizophrenia.

He had a strong fixation towards faith,
religion, God and religious symbols.

A church representative
inside the holy premises.

Someone who thinks he's God's accomplice.

Instruction from such a person are bound
to influence Victor's subconscious mind.

He'll accept and obey that person.
Am I right?

The murdered singer, Beena's lover

used to call her from a
Bangalore prepaid number.

Alice too had received calls
from this number.

It was clear that the killer
had connections to Bangalore.


National Institute of
Mental Health and Neuro Science

is located at Bangalore.

You resigned from NIMHANS.
Next day, Victor went missing.

You were fully aware of Victor's illness.

You controlled his subconscious mind
and created the myth of a serial killer.

I mean, the killer we are looking for,
is you.

I know why you did this.

Wait a minute.

Did you see Dakshayini?

No, auntie.

Mark Roshan.

Your old passport
clearly outlines your identity.

Mathew Varghese's son, Roshan Mathew
of Naripatta house in Theekoyi.

The one and only brother of Paul Mathew
who was killed eleven years ago.

The end game between us
was a drama engineered by you.

I countered that with a strategy.


A trick where you sacrifice
a few expensive pieces.

And pull the carpet
from under the opponent's feet.

Gambit number one,
I got Dr. Jacob arrested.

My trick to convince you
that I had made a total blunder.

At the end of your play, I
got the lights switched off.

I sent my daughter away with Rashid.

It's me, Rashid Uncle.

My intention was to get Deepthi here
in search of her daughter.

It was a huge risk for me.

Everything had gone
according to your plan.

You were in a very violent mood,
and I threw Deepthi in front of you.

These murders had a Bangalore connection,
a prepaid number.

When Victor's identity was established,
you assumed that I'd suspect Dr. Jacob.

But remember what you told me once?

When doctor was at NIMHANS,
I conducted a camp for the patients there.

Victor had taken part in the workshop
you once conducted at NIMHANS.

Apart from Dr. Jacob,
you knew Victor well, Mark Roshan.

You are passionate about dramatics.

You are intrigued by a killer's mind.

-Roshan, your hometown?
-I belong to Wyanad.

Your statement that you belonged to Wyanad

which was a childish lie,
strengthened my suspicions.

It was confirmed that you
were Paul Mathew's brother.

Paul Mathew was my brother.

No... he was like my father.

We were the only ones for each other.

And then, Chandrika
got involved with Paul.

The day he realized her
true character,he called me.

I was in London at that time.

This is me.

I told you about a wedding proposal.

But that's not going to happen.
She is a fraud.

Then, I got to know that he was dead.

I was a helpless teenager
who had lost everything.

Three years later, I came to India.

That was my only purpose
every time I visited India.

I realized that a total of three women
were responsible for his death.

All the three were rescued by a fourth.

I got intrigued by the fact that

their names fell in
the alphabetical order.

I kept rewriting the script.That's
when Victor landed on the scene.

I turned him into a serial killer,one
who kills in alphabetical order.

The first part of my screenplay
was me getting intimate with Beena.

I insisted that she be
secretive of our affair.

She believed that I would marry her.Just
like my brother believed Chandrika.

I chose Alice's coffee
pub to meet up with her.

I also developed a close
friendship with Chandrika.

She was conducting a cultural forum.

Victor, influenced by me,
opted out from NIMHANS in Bangalore.

I was Father Alexander to Victor.

I gave him a job as a salesman of
a fictitious company called Mirage.

I sent him to Alice, Beena and Chandrika.

After that,
it was the moment I was waiting for.

I killed Alice first.

When I told her I was Paul's brother

even in those moments of
death,she was stunned.

After the program,
I went for a drive with Beena.

I had a gift for her, a red scarf.

I choked her, resulting in her death.

Finally, it was Chandrika.

I convinced Victor that
he had killed all of them.

Finally, I entrusted him with
the job of killing Deepthi

knowing that he would fail.

I was framing Victor as a serial killer
who confesses to the crimes.

And then, I was to make the final kill.

When I found out the truth
about my brother's death

I wanted you to star as the main character
in my screenplay.

Just for the kick of facing
an intelligent opponent.

After writing the drama and directing it

I wanted my super heroic cameo
at the climax.

But I was defeated.

But every story has a twist.


Crime rates lessen in Kochi.

MCSC, effective results.