Grandma's Last Wishes (2020) - full transcript

Elena toma la decisión de compartirle a la familia su testamento. Su hijo y sus cuatros nietos al enterarse que la casa de Cuernavaca está en juego, harán cualquier tipo de artimaña para ...

Yes, that's it.

Oh, yes!



Are you asleep?


Is this a joke, Elena?

Elena? Come back, Elena.


-They won't answer this late, honey.
-Wanna bet?

Yes, look, Ana was online
five minutes ago.

And Sebastián was last online at 8:22.

Stop stalking your children.

I'm not stalking them.

What's more, I sent Ana
pictures of wedding dresses,

very beautiful, exquisite,
but she left me on seen.

Check this one out.

-Go to sleep.

-Yes, enough.

Cuddle with me, come on.

What? Who could it be?

It's from the house in Cuernavaca.


Rock, paper, scissors.

Your turn.

Hello? What happened?

You're the perfect woman.

You're beautiful, smart.

You're a fan of Cruz Azul.

Dani, are you sure?

What you and I have is incredible.

I love you.

I love you too.

But, yes, I'm sure.

I think.

You think?

No, I am sure.

I'm sorry.



What happened?


Hello, what happened?


-Here he is.

Sorry. What's going on?

-Grandma, spit it out.
-Yes, tell us.

Sorry I made you come so suddenly,
but it was...

I mean, something terrible happened to me.

Last night, I looked at death in the eye.

-What happened, Granny?
-She fell ill yesterday.

Are you okay now, Mom?

The doctor came
and said it was overstraining.

-What were you doing?
-Banging, honey. What else?

-Elena, please.
-Oh, Julio.

They're all grown up,
they could learn a thing or two.

Well, the point is, I looked at death
straight in the eye and said,

"I don't want it to catch me again

without having my things in order."

So, my lawyer is coming,
and we'll go through my will.

This way, we'll all be in agreement
on what each of you is getting.

Who wants some tequila?

I knew you wouldn't let me down, Jerry!


Listen, I...

I've seen how an inheritance
can end up breaking a family apart.

That won't happen to us, Mom.

Of course not,
we always work things out in a civil way.

-Oh, you weren't joking.
-What I don't want is...

when I'm gone or have passed away,
for you guys to fight, I don't want that.

Stop it, Granny,
you won't be gone any time soon.

-You're light years away, ma'am.
-Yes, plus, you have to see

Anita in her white dress,

walking down the aisle
by her father's arm.

Dad, the whole white dress thing
is a bit much, isn't it?

-Yes, Anita.

When will it be, Pablito?

I've been sending them church photos,
but they don't listen to me.

The thing is, Juan Pablo
can't have a church wedding.

-Why can't he have a church wedding?
-You can't?

Why not? If they let Dad get married,
they'd let anyone.

-Son. Why not?
-Because Juan Pablo is an atheist.


-An atheist?
-A what?

-Well, we didn't know that.
-Hey, where's Julia, Dani?

-You broke up?
-Where is she?

No, hey, this was so sudden,
she couldn't make it.

-Dude, you did break up!
-No, no. She had things to do.

-No, I was so fond of her.
-These things happen.

-I'm still with Julia.
-We're your family, you can tell us.

No wonder you look so pale.

-What happened, Dani?
-We're still together.

-She couldn't come.

So, do you guys know what you're having?


-No way, and how's my brother?

He's thrilled.

Fuck, fuck... fuck!

-Where to, cousin?
-The bell is ringing.

-Hold your horses, that's my job.
-Oh, you're right.

Fine, I'll go with you.

Remember, you're the man of the house now.

Your job is taking care of the old lady.


-Good afternoon.

I come to see Mrs. Elena.


Eleuterio Riva Palacio de la Sierra.

Attorney at law.

Julio... gardener.

Okay then, stop that already.

Come on in. This way.

-Cheers to those triplets.
-Is he still teaching at that college?

Well, yes, he's doing that. Yes.

Elenita, my dear.

-It's so nice to see you!
-I didn't expect you'd be the one to come.

I wasn't, but when I heard it was you,
I just knew I had to come in person.

-So many years, Eleuterio.
-Many, many years.

Perhaps too many, right?

Let me introduce you, this is my family.

-My pleasure, so nice. Hello.
-The pleasure is mine.

Oh, but I know you all too well.

I got you out of jail plenty of times,
didn't I?

Those times are long gone.

And you... so very beautiful.

-Thank you.
-Listen, you remind me of your grandma.

But I'm her granddaughter, not her.

Well, you, uh...

You remind me of your granddad.


-Come on, why don't we move to...?

Right? Let's get to it.

-Is the light right?
-At the table would be perfect.

You know what? Before you start...

I want to tell you
I'm selling the house in Mexico City.

And the money in my bank accounts,

-I plan to spend it all before I die.
-Granny, can you stop saying that?

Anyway, the rest is yours,
including this house.

-Now you may start.

-Are you ready to listen to her will?

-Bring it on.
-And it reads...

"To my beloved grandson Daniel,

to whom life hasn't favored,

and can never find love..."

His old girlfriend
left him for his brother,

and the new one just dumped him.

-Sir, she didn't dump me.
-Oh, all right.

Okay. "I leave my grandson Daniel,
my collection of 514 Lladró figurines

so he'll always feel accompanied."

And for him to remember me.

"My Vanidades magazine collection
goes to...

my grandson Sebastián,

so he can study
in depth the literary techniques

from the best writer
in the world, Corín Tellado."

Yes, you'd better read them carefully

to learn how to make money as a writer.

It'll really come in handy,
with all those kids and all.

"The Bible, special edition,

signed by Pope John Paul II,
is for Andrea.

For she fails to remember some things."

Yes, for instance,
I underlined some verses, such as:

"You shall not covet
your neighbor's wife," stuff like that.

"My Bavarian china,
which was my great-grandmother's..."

My great-grandmother's.

" for Ana and Juan Pablo.

Because now that they're getting married,

they need to start living
like the grownups they are."


"To Natalia, my jewel boxes,
including the jewels.

To Gerardo,
my annual commemorative recipe books.

To Pablito...

the photo albums
with all unwanted people already cut out.

To my son, Francisco...

Grandpa's orthopedic cane."

"My War and Peace audiobook is for Diana."

Gosh, Grandma, I gave it to you!

Yes, I know, dear, but every time
I listen to it, I fall asleep.

It might help you put your baby to sleep.

But my baby sleeps
like an angel. Right, Gerardo?

Yes, right.

-What's for me?
-Some recipe books.

-We're almost done.
-"And finally...

the house in Cuernavaca, which I inherited
from your granddad, goes to...

my husband, Julio.

To thank him for bringing me such joy."

-We got it, cousin.
-Sandra! They're her grandchildren.

-But you're doing her...
-Sorry, Granny.

Well, I guess someone has to say this.

This house is our family's.

-And Julio, well...

Julio is our granddad-in-law.
He's part of the family.

Yes, maybe I didn't use the right words.

What I mean is
this house belongs to our family.

I'm quite fond of Julio, he's a great guy.

But when Granny is gone--

Can we all please stop saying that?
For fuck's sake.

Don't look at me that way,
what I meant is when Granny is gone,

we won't see Julio anymore.

Stop, Dani. Show Julio some respect.

And, Mom, I'm your only child.

Dad would've probably wanted you
to leave this house to me,

not to your new husband.

Besides, this house
is a huge responsibility.

I'm sorry, but I'm the one
who's kept this household going

these past few years.

Diana, you haven't come here
in six months.

-I had a kid, is that a sin now?

We're about to have three kids,
and we've come here regularly.

Andrea is right,

this house is made for kids,
and we're having three of them, Diana.

-Granny, isn't it obvious?
-Andrea doesn't count.

-Why not?
-She's not family either.

Daniel, excuse me,
are you saying I'm not family either?

-What about me, Daniel?
-And me?

No, wait. You guys are.
Juan Pablo is about to be.

What I really mean
is they're not even married.

-Neither are they.
-You have a point.

-Daniel, you don't even have a girlfriend.

-She couldn't make it.
-Now I've heard you all.

Calm down, Julio is getting the house.

Yes, but I've been here the most lately.

Right, you dated Julio's sister.

She's not an ex, she's my girlfriend.

Shut up!


Sorry, Elena.

But you know perfectly well
I married you out of love.

All I need to be happy
is being by your grandma's side.

So I don't see the point of keeping
this house if she won't be in it.

-But what are you saying, Julio?
-That I don't want the house.

Yes, yes. Pay no mind, he's drunk.

He does want it.

-Are you sure?
-Gran, he said he doesn't want it.

Stop, just keep the house
and forget about all this bullshit.

Well, if Julio doesn't want it,
one of you will inherit it, but--

Please, don't.
I don't want you to worry, Elenita.

Look, if we have to modify your will,

I'll be happy to do it.

-Plus, I can stay for as long as you want.
-I don't want to bother you.

-No, I couldn't--
-You can come and go.

You're nearby.

No. No, sorry,
but I'd like to stay because...

I don't know, I'm very tired.

But I don't want to be a bother.

You would be, we're plenty already.

Sandrita. Sandrita, don't say that.

You would never be a bother.

This house is very big
and we have many rooms.

Good thing I always bring
a suitcase with me.

Always so prepared.

-Prepared, just in case, of course.
-So what's going to happen with the house?

Dani, I can't deal with this right now.

I'll think about it, okay?

-Want some tequila?

But only if someone keeps me company.

I guess that would have to be me.

Let's go, yes, please.

Oh, my God.

That's no grandson of hers, cousin.

You came prepared.

-Hello, Jerry.

-I guess there's no dinner plans.
-I guess not.

Congratulations on the babies.


Being a dad is amazing, right?

Except when they puke all over you

or when you're changing their diaper

and they pee or poop.

Babies poop as if they were
80-year-old men.

And that's when you think,

"Why were we so eager to have a baby?"

We should've gotten a turtle instead.


But, yeah, it's a miracle of life.

And in your case, a triple miracle.

-Hi, Gerardo.

Hi, Son.

-What's up, Dad?
-What's up?

Just hanging with Jerry.

Talking about how amazing paternity is.

Oh, right, I haven't congratulated you.

You're doing great with this baby thing.

-Three babies.
-Three... babies.

But you're doing great, Son. Kudos.

Whenever I knew a baby was on its way

and someone came to me and said,
"You'll be a great dad."

Panic. I panicked.

And that's when a voice whispered to me,

"Go, run away!"

And I'd leave, for months.

No, no. You're doing great, Son.
You're taking it very well.


What's up, blondie?

Why the long face?


I'm thinking about Grandma's decision.

Yeah, right!

I know what's going on. Julia told me.


Well, we're cousins,
we tell each other everything.

You're shitting me, no.

-Don't tell anyone.
-Relax, blondie.

It's normal. These things happen.

Besides, I'm very discrete.

She can't go telling people.

Well, she was very sad,
she needed to vent.

Look, Sandra...

I didn't tell her I'm into guys.
She came to that conclusion herself.

-Fuck! You like men?
-Hush, keep it down!

You said she told you!

She only said you broke up,
and that she didn't want to talk about it,

that she felt sad and hung up.

No... fuck.

Okay. Don't you tell anyone.

If they find out,
I'll be banished from this family.

You know?
In Camargo, there's one like you.

-Like what?
-A gay guy.


And when they caught him
in my dad's truck with some man,

they banished him to the hills.

All alone, with the coyotes.

And my dad, being such a good fellow,
would go visit him.

So he wouldn't be so scared.
Sometimes, he even stayed the night there.

Do you want me to set you up with him?

No, no.

All right then.

-It's okay, blondie, love is love.


Such a drama queen.

What a mess you've gotten me into.

Well, you should talk to me
before making these kinds of decisions.

What's the fun in that?

Why did you do it, Elena?

Well, because you deserve it, Julio.

You spend more time here than they do.


This is their grandfather's house.
They're your grandkids.

It's rightfully theirs.

Well, yes.

I'm sorry for...

Eleuterio, now he'll have to work more.

Yes, poor Eleuterio.

He shouldn't be working at his age,

poor guy.

What do you mean "at his age"?

Hey, he's four years younger than me,
he's quite young.

I don't give a shit about the damn house.

She can leave it to anyone,
for all I care...

even Andrea.

Preferably not to Andrea,
but to anyone else.

Ana, but you love this house.

-Says who?
-You, you say so all the time.

Well, I say many things, Juan Pablo.

I also said I was going vegan
and would read one book a month.

They piss me off.

I don't get why they're doing this now.

Granny is okay.

We are all okay.

Why are they pressuring us
to act like grown-ups

and to own some fancy fucking china?

Well, it would be nice

to drink coffee from actual cups
and not from the ones we steal from cafes.

Well, I'll shut up...

-Come here.
-What's wrong with people in the Bible?

They're way worse than me
and no one criticizes them.

Lot. Her daughters get him drunk,

they get impregnated by him.
And I'm the one with a problem.



-No what?

No, I'm sorry, love,
but I'm very into this, and you know what?

Granny is right.

This Corín Tellado is a great lady.

And she wrote one of these every month.

Hey, and don't you feel, I don't know...

you could find more inspiration
for your writing in this house?

Honey, I want to be
very honest with you, but...

I think we're her last choice
to keep this house.

But Sebastián, our children
would have lots of space here,

they could run free surrounded by nature.

Like horses or what, honey?

They'd look great, right?

Running all over the place,
free, like horses.

I'm only saying,
us keeping the house is what's fair.

Yes, honey.

-We'd use it more.

All I'm saying
is us keeping the house is what's fair.

If my dad or my siblings keep the house...

the place will be a disaster in a week.

Just imagine, the grass all overgrown,
the pool all dirty...

the ice trays empty.

I'm the most responsible, aren't I?

Rock, paper, scissors.


How are you?

Yes, I understand, me too.

Hey, it's just that...

I need to ask you a favor.


-Juan Pablo.

I'm coming.



-Hi, Son, good morning.
-What is it, sir?

I came to enlighten you.
I come to speak the word of God.

No, Dad, isn't it too early for this?

It's never too early for God, kid.

Well, tell God
to at least wait after breakfast, okay?

No, no.

I'm trying to save Juan Pablo.

From what, Dad?
What's wrong with Juan Pablo?

I'm trying to save his soul,
I wish I could save yours too.


Well, you have the whole weekend to do it,
so later.

Oh, yes, later.

Good morning.

-He's asleep at last!
-Yes, I know.


Good morning, Anita.

Hey, Mom. Have you decided
whom you'll leave this house to?

Now that you're all here together,
I'll take this weekend as a chance

to make up my mind, that's how it'll go.

Aren't we wasting...

time with that?

Why not change your will,
split it up among us,

-and that's it.

I know what would happen if I divide it.

All you'd do is sell it,
and you'd each take your part.

So what? You wanted to sell it before.

Yes, before, but not now.

So I thought that beautiful baby
should enjoy this house,

that whiny but beautiful baby.

And the same for Toñito
and Sebastián's unborn three kids.

Here, they could grow up together.

-That would be your granddad's legacy.
-Okay, but I don't want it.

Don't say that.

I mean it.
If you give it to me, I'll sell it.

I'll turn it into a fucking parking lot.

Sorry, Jerry.

Okay, so I guess Ana's out, right?

Mom, if you want, I'll sacrifice myself
and let my kids keep the house.

Besides, this house is too big
for just one kid, I think...

I don't know, it would be great...
for three.

Three kids would wreck this house.

With those genes, they'll probably
steal each other's girlfriends.


Three competitive babies
are better than a crybaby.

-What do you care? You'll never have kids.
-Excuse me?

You have no one to have them with.

-I do have someone! I do...
-Stop already. Enough.

Excuse me,
but in my experience with this family,

I recommend you think
who'd take better care of the house.

Who is the most responsible here?

Hey, Jerry, so you're saying
it should go to Diana?

Well, if you all consider
it's for the best, yes.

Yes, all right. Now tell me, where is
the most responsible one right now?

With Sandra.

Making sure the house runs smoothly and...

-doing inventory.
-No, what we should be asking is...

who would God give this house to?

For starters, it should go to a family,
don't you think, Dani?

Oh, my...!

-Welcome, Julia!
-Baby, I'm so glad you're here!

-Oh, darling.

-Hi, everyone.
-See? I told you.

We are a soon-to-be family
that would unite both families,

Julio's, yours.
What could be more practical?

I won't come to a decision right now.

Eleuterio, did you bring a swimsuit?

-But of course, Elenita.
-Let's go to the pool.

-Let's go.
-Sounds good to you?

-Yes, please.
-Let's go.

You'll see, the water is great, really.
You'll love the pool.

-I know you're sporty.
-The water is cold.

Don't go in, you might get sick.

Hello, Juan Pablo, good morning.

-Good morning.
-Don't get up.

May I?

-I didn't know you played.
-Not much really, but...

They ask me to play in church sometimes.
But I might be doing it wrong.

Mind helping me out with a song?
It's very easy, follow the melody.

Yes, sure.

You misbehaved
And got lost in the dark

There's someone
That can give you a second chance

You know who, you know who
Only those who believe can see

You know who, you know who
Only those who believe...

You're evangelizing me?

Oh, Son, I'm worried.

I'm worried about your soul,
I want to save it.

Ana's waiting for me. So I'll see you,
sir. Be careful with my guitar.

Yes, I'll take care of it, Son. Thanks.

He'll fall, he'll fall

That lost sheep
Will be part of your sheepfold

He'll fall, he'll fall

That lost sheep
Will be part of your sheepfold

-Sit down.
-Thank you, dear.


What's going on with the lawyer?

What do you mean?

-He's flirting with you.
-Flirting? No, no way.

Oh, Granny.

The thing is... way back, you know?

We had a fling.

Tell me about it.

Well, before I met your granddad...

I was very,

very popular.

That's why your dad
was such a ladies' man.

Oh, Granny.

You have no idea how good Eleuterio was.

-When it comes to the law...
-I can imagine.

No, no. And oral trials are his specialty.

Granny, that's too much information.

Don't be such a prude, Dianita.

Hey, Granny...

I didn't want to say this
in front of my dad or siblings,

but you must clearly remember
you promised me this house, right?

-Really? When?
-I can't quite recall...

April 1990.

When my dad went missing for a week,
Ana had just been born.

We were here, sitting by the pool,
you and I, Granny,

and so you told me,

"Dianita, be prepared, you'll run
this house when you grow up."

Is that so?

Hey, don't you think Eleuterio
looks great for his age?

Just look how he works out.

I mean it, thank you so much for coming.

I'm very glad the family...

No, no.

Sorry, no.

I'm so stupid.

-You're just using me.

No, of course not, I'm not using you.

Please, come.

I'm not using you, I swear.

All right, yes. Yes, I am

using you...

a bit.

It's just that, Julia...

This house

is my only chance to start from scratch.

You are the only one who...
well, who knows everything.

Well, and your cousin too.

What cousin?


Why did you tell her?

-She's a tattletale.
-I know, I didn't mean to.

It's just that...

I mean, how can I explain?
It's just that, in this house

everyone is very close minded.
For instance, they can't even accept

that Ana won't have a church wedding.

So, the point is...
no matter what, if I keep this house,

I feel I won't lose my family.

And you of all people
know they won't accept me, you know it.

Please, help me, please. Come on.

Daniel, this isn't right.

Yes, I know.


But okay.

I'm here for whatever you need.

Thank you.

Let's do it, team!

-Not that.

-Hello, how are you?
-What's up?

-What's up?

Hey, my girlfriend and I were talking.

And we think Sebas telling Granny
the house should be mine is what's fair.

Really, Dani?

And why is that?

It's the least you could do,

-you cheated on me.

I mean you stole my girlfriend.

-Wait, hadn't you forgiven us already?
-Some wounds never heal.

Oh, no, I mean...

No, they do heal.

It's a karmic situation.

Look, Dani, if it'll make you feel better,

and you'll forgive and forget forever...
I'll do it.

What? Do what?
No, love, we've discussed this.

We want the house, we need it,
three babies are on the way.

Didn't we talk about how we want our kids

to grow free like horses around nature?

-Yes, love, but Dani is my little brother.
-Yes, Andrea, it's Dani, his brother.

And so what?

Dani isn't having three kids like we are.

That's true, bro.

How do you know? Maybe not three at once,
but one at a time. Right?

Really, Julia? You want kids?


Lots of them, I'm a small town girl.

Karma. Think about it.

Well, darling, let's go make
the first of five, huh?

-I was just...

Yes, darling, let's go.

-Excuse us.

You're so hot.

Need any help?

No, Diana would kill me.

This whole thing about the will is crazy.

It is.

I like the old lady,
but why doesn't she die

and keep her will a surprise?
That's what people do.

Yes, but at least her mind will be
at ease knowing she did the right thing.

Well, yes.

And Diana will take care of this house
as Granny does.


-It's obvious she's getting it.

Because Ana, Daniel and Sebastián
are a disaster.

Well, yes, but there's Francisco.

Well, Francisco has changed a lot
in the last few years, but...


-We should consider the past.
-The past?

Do you already know that he filled
the pool with exotic dancers?

Fifty. Just to see if they'd fit.

-Or when he brought two camels--
-It doesn't matter who keeps the house.

Material things aren't that important.

But I'm sure Francisco

-will share the house anyway.
-Yes, Diana too.

-Or Francisco.
-Or Diana.

-Or Francisco.
-Or Diana.

This baby sure cries a lot.

I once saw Toñito drink out of the toilet.

-Cheers, Elenita.

To be honest,
I've been married three times.

-Three times. But I never--

Here. There you go. Sorry.

But I never forgot my first love.

It's nice to know you can still remember 
at your old age, huh?


I'm getting hungry.

I wouldn't mind some olives.

Cousin... bring some olives.

-Don't you want me to stay and help you?

Well, we don't have any olives.

-But we have some of those tiny onions.
-Bring anything.


Julio, don't talk to the girl like that,
she's very nice.

Clumsy, but nice.


-Elenita, again...
-Let's toast again.

-Together again.

Thank you very much.

A beer?

So five kids?

Oh... I was just saying.

Let's practice.



-No, don't.
-Oh, Julia!

How are you, cousin?

What's up?


-the blondie told me he's gay.

-Like Arturo, my dad's friend. Remember?

Sandra, you said you'd keep 
your mouth shut.

-But she knows already.
-Fine, but--

And you're stupid to be here,
that doesn't go away.

Not even my dad could make Arturo
straight again.

Stop, Sandra, please.

It is a shame though.
You are so pretty and all.

With lots of guys after you, wanting
to give you the moon and the stars,

and you're stuck on this one.

Stop, Sandra, please.

Please, we agreed on not telling anyone.

-But, what? I didn't say a thing.
-You're saying it now.

I knew it.

What? What are you talking about?

Before Sebas, you and I...

nothing happened between us anymore.

-Yes. Can we talk about this later?

Don't mind me, I'm quite discrete.

We'll talk about it now.

You treated me more like a teammate
than a girlfriend.

Well, maybe I didn't like you that much.

We only had sex on Saturdays.

-But we had sex.
-Only when the Cruz Azul played.

And you payed more attention
to the players than to me.

Andrea, please,
let's talk about this later.

You once called me Kikín in bed.

Yes, because I was worried about 
his career, he was a nice guy.

That's right, he was very passionate.

Look, Andrea, me liking to fuck
while watching the Cruz Azul is normal.

-Many people do it. Sandra, stop.
-What's Julia doing here?

Well, she's my girlfriend,
this is a family reunion.

-Okay, I get it.
-Andrea, no.

Sandra, stop that already! She heard you.

-Of course not, she didn't hear a thing.
-She did.

You know what? I won't let you blame me
about what happened anymore.

You cheated on me with my brother.

-I know I made some mistakes.

Stop that already!

There it is. Some?

It wasn't my fault.

I was willing to give you the moon, 
the sun, and the stars.


I think she heard me after all, blondie.

-Why didn't I think about it?

Antonio shouldn't watch TV.

Of course.

I know how I'm going
to save Juan Pablo's soul.

-With doves, like Francis of Assisi.


-Want to watch cartoons?

Honey, I don't want to pressure you.

But we need to keep this house.

-Are you sure you feel okay, Granny?
-Yes, no, I only...

need some rest, I'm a bit sleepy.

Hey, Granny.
Do you remember when I was young

you told me this house would be mine
when I grew up?

-You don't remember?

-Yes, Granny.

At my soccer game, in the final.

-You don't say.
-Remember my dad was there

and he was drunk, so...

He slept with the coach's wife 
and everything was a mess, I was crying

and you hugged me.

-And that's what you told me.
-Oh, the things I say.

Look, I don't want to pressure you.

I don't want you to feel obligated,
but the truth is I'm...

very worried, you know?
Now that I'm going to become a dad...

I'd like my kids to grow up
in a house like this one,

happy and free.

You know how things are
back in the city.

You'll be a great dad, Son.

You've thought it all through.

What did you say?

Oh, Anita, you startled me.

-Tell me the truth, Granny.
-What truth?

What did the damn doctor tell you?

Nothing, he said I'm quite well,

he even said I'm fresh as a fruit.

Then why all this fucking show
around the fucking house?

Hey, could you say a phrase
that doesn't include the word "fucking"?

It's just that...

I don't want you to die.

No, come here, love.

No, it's not in my near future plans.

Then why are you doing all this damn
fucking show around the fucking will?

Because that's what you do
at my fucking age, baby.

Liar, that's what people do
when they're about to die.

No, I promise you I won't die

until I see you walk down the aisle
in your white dress, I promise.

Okay, then that means never.

Sebastián, I'll wait for you on the court.

-I didn't know you liked basketball.
-I play a little.

But I was thinking of spicing the game up.

-Spicing how?
-Why don't we play for the house?


Yes, I'd play for Francisco, of course.

Wait, Natalia...

This is no way to decide
who's keeping the house.

Why not? It's sportsmanship.

There's nothing more fair in this life
than sports.

-Are you crazy?

I'm in.

-There you go.
-Diana won't let you, Jerry.

I won't ask for her permission.

But if she asks, it was your idea.

-Then let's settle this once and for all.

Are you sure?

And what are the rules?

The first one to score three times
gets the house

and the rest are out.



I know why you're here.

For the same reason you're here.

Look, I know everything, okay?

Just like you,

I want Daniel to be okay.

So you either help me
get the house for Sebastián

or everyone will know. Am I clear?

There's no way I'd help you.

Tell anyone whatever it is
you think is true.


Think about it.

Poor Dani.

But anyway.

How does it feel
doing marijuana while pregnant?

Or did you finally quit?

I know everything too.

But does Granny know?

Or should I go ask her?

It's been years since I've smoked.


-No! You grabbed me.
-What is this?

-That's a foul, what's with you?
-I'm free, I'm covering you.

Stop grabbing me, dude.

Stop her, Jerry!

-Cover her.
-The basket is crooked.

Crooked? She scored.

-Because she threw it crooked.

-Too late.

-Take it.
-Let me score.


What? What's wrong with you?

-Bring it on.

I take it from Jerry, and I score!

Bring it on!

Keep it rolling!


-Why don't you cover him?
-Calm down.

-I gave it to you, half point each.
-No way.

-I gave it to you, dude!

-It was an attack.

-What, how?
-Don't let her score.

-Foul play!
-You're not covering her!

Stay sharp!

-You such a crybaby.
-I'm not.

-I'm nothing--
-Exactly, nothing, you're nothing.


-Go on.
-Throw it!

-Look, that was a foul.
-What's wrong?

-What happened to you?
-You hit my nose, man!

You put your nose on my elbow.

-No way, that's a foul.
-It wasn't, come on!

Come on, calm down. Wait.

What's the score?



Hey, you're good.

Yes, I played
in a major team since I was ten.


-No, that doesn't count!
-It doesn't count.

In your face! The house is mine.

Thank you. Well played, Natalia. Jerry...

Well played.
You're tall but not good enough.



How did you come up with such nonsense?

I told you guys she wouldn't like it.

Yes, but whatever. Come on.

-We all...
-No, sit down, Daniel.

Okay. Yes, sorry.

We all agreed on playing
for the house, and I won.

Fair and square,
the house is mine, period.

-Well played, Dani.
-No, "well played" my ass!

-I think the game shouldn't count.


-Yes. It doesn't count, Dani, it doesn't.
-But, why not?

-Because I say so.
-I won.

-Yes, you won, but...
-It doesn't count.

All right. Fine...

-Sit down!

I didn't want things
to come to this, but...

Grandma promised this house to me.


One day, Dad was drunk

-and started hitting my birthday clown.

Yes. So then, Grandma came to me and said,

"Don't worry, Dani, don't cry.

-For this house will be yours."
-So you do have a good memory for that.

But you can't remember my birthday

or give me a call once in a while, right?

-Granny, you promised the house to me.
-No, no, Granny. You promised it to me.

No, Mom, remember.

I was drunk
and I probably don't remember well,

but you told me this house would be mine.

That's sounds very convenient.

-What do you mean?

-That alcohol affects memory.

-This is no way to make a decision.
-Then how?

With something that doesn't involve blood.

-The house can't go to someone so violent.

-But it can go to a cheating woman.

-Hey, it's only blood.
-Well said, Julia.

Come on, calm down.

I'll let you know my decision tonight.

But enough already.

I don't know what to do, Julio.

Listen to your heart, Elena.

I just love them very much,
but they're all so weird.

I don't know who they take after.

Why don't you stop thinking about it all
for a moment?

Maybe then you'll see things more clearly.

-You think?

And what do you suggest we do...

-to keep my mind off that?
-Well, I don't know.

I just don't know.

This is what I needed.

I know you.

Sorry, may I join you?

Yes, but close the door
so the steam doesn't go out.

Come on in, Eleuterio.

So, Elenita? Have you made a decision?

Oh, no, not yet.

Look, when I have to make a decision,

I do long and thorough research.

Anyway, I try to have
everything uncovered.

I can tell.

But why so serious, Julio, what is it?

Are you hot, are you tense? What is it?

Do you want to get out, darling?

No. It's fine.

The thing is, young people
can't handle anything, not even the heat.

Oh, Eleuterio...

There, thanks.

-Obviously. You were saying?

Some sopes?

-Yes, thank you.
-Eat as much as you want.

Don't hog. It's one per person
otherwise other's won't have any left.

-Relax, Sandrita.

There's plenty. Have more.

There's enough to go around. Don't worry.

Take as much as you want,
there's plenty to go around.

For God's sake.

Is everyone having a nice time? Yes?

-The pool's water was warm, right?


Don't beat around the bush,
what's going to happen?

-With what, dear?
-With the house.

Diana, really?

I'll take Eleuterio's advice

and I'll interview each of you

so I can choose the perfect candidate
for the house, okay?


No, Granny, that's too much.

It's fine with me, Granny.
Whatever you need.

What matters is making the right choice.

Yes, I'll give you points
based on the interviews

and add them
to an evaluation on your behavior

-over the past few years.
-And how many years back will count?

We'd be talking about 10 years back.


Some things have been spoken,
they've been forgiven.

-Well, Sebastián is out.

The present is pretty relevant too,
don't you think, Daniel?

We have no regrets.

Francisco has plenty, he's repented.

Now he only does good.

You should too.

Repent and leave your vices.

-Think of the babies.
-On that note, where's my son?

I don't know, Granny,
but being late to dinner takes points off.

He's putting Toñito to sleep,
like any great father would.

And what are the requirements
for the interviews?

Having a birth certificate,

a vaccination certificate?

Bring your vaccination certificate,
you don't seem too immune.

My baby is. He has all the vaccines.

So does Toñito.

Enough, calm down.
Everybody calm down please.

I promise I'll be objective and fair.


-Thank you so much.
-This is bullshit, Granny.

-No, no.
-Don't worry, ma'am, I'll bring her back.

Thank you, Pablito, as usual.

You'll deduct points for that, right?

She knows I'll deduct points
for her dirty mouth.


-Take a shower, put perfume on, get ready.
-For what?

The interviews to keep the house
are about to start.

-We've got this,

I'll find out what else she wants.

-Take a shower!

Yes, I will. But, what for?

Let's see, Francisco.
Why do you think you deserve the house?

Hey, Mom, but why wouldn't I?

I've spent a lot of time in my life here,
I mean, not as much as you, but almost.

-And I lived many happy moments here.
-Yes, many drunken nights.

I think I should inherit the house,

for whenever we come,
I'm the one who takes care of everything.

Well, that was before, huh?

-But since your baby was born...
-What about my baby?

-He cries a lot, doesn't he?

He's very well behaved, Granny.

Well, Granny,
before we start, I just want to say

I won this house fair and square.

No, not the way you would've wanted.

But anyway, with that said,
I'm here, playing the game.

Ask me anything, I'm an open book.

Do you have any clue
how you'll support so many kids?

-Well, working, Granny.
-Doing what?

You're a writer, Son.
It's not like you're Corín Tellado.

Anita, why do you want
to inherit this house?

I said I don't want it.

Then why are you here?

Because Juan Pablo made me.

-Besides, I watched my kids grow up here.
-While I took care of them, huh?

Yes, but they grew up here, didn't they?

I was passing by
and just happened to overhear.

What should be recognized is...

that Francisco has matured
so much along the years.

-You've grown so much.
-Yes, well...

A baby is very expensive, Son.
Now multiply it times three.

Just do the math:
doctor's appointments times three,

and tuition fees times three.

Since your baby was born,
you're different.

-You're always tired.

No, everything's the same.
You can trust me, Granny.

Sebastián broke
our great-grandma's Chinese vase.

And Daniel kept a hamster, the one
that went missing, in your closet.

And Ana steals the towels
from the bathrooms.

You know Dad's baggage already.

Birthday parties, Christmas gifts,

everything times three, just imagine.

Are you imagining it?

We're naming one of the kids Eleno.

Like you.

-That's really something, Eleno.

Son, let's take this opportunity
for you to be...

honest with me.

I found out about something today,
I don't know what to think.

What are you talking about?

What do you think I'm talking about?

Well, about...


-About the hamster!

-You put it in my closet.

-And didn't care to take it out.

It may still be in there.

I don't think so, it must be
out of the closet by now.

This is all bullshit to me, Granny.

We're taking some points off
for your inappropriate language.

I don't get why you're doing this,
you're not dying.

Oh, Anita, we are all heading that way.

That's not true.

Look at Chabelo,
he's still alive and kicking.

Or the Queen of England.

She's really old and isn't giving
her fucking castle away to everyone.

-Oh, okay.

-Will you look at that!
-I shouldn't go get her, right?

Maybe we'll have to stay here all night.

Well, it wouldn't be the first time, huh?

Oh, Eleuterio, you're shameless.

That does it.

Julio, relax.

Eleuterio is joking.

What is it, this young lad
can't handle a joke?

Look, our fling was decades ago,
but of course...

it seems as if it was yesterday.

Elena and you?

Now that's a joke.

You probably were Cepillín's henchman.



if he knows who Cepillín is,
he's not as young as he says he is.

-You're so silly.

-Take him, I need to pee.
-I want to go too.

No, wait until I'm back.

It's okay, baby, don't cry.


-Take care of him, I have to go pee.

-I don't want to.
-Come on.

Bond with your nephew,
it'll be good practice.

Man, practice for what?
I only want to have dogs.

Juan Pablo.


-Good evening, sir.
-Hello, Son.

-Is everything okay?
-Yes. It's just that...

I came to apologize.

Guess what? I had a revelation.

As if God was talking to me.


And guess what He said?


you must respect Juan Pablo's beliefs
or lack of beliefs."

All I wanted...

was to walk Ana down the aisle.

She's the one I abandoned the most.

I wasn't there on her baptism,

I wasn't there on her communion,
nor when she flunked high school.


But nonetheless, I must respect
other people's beliefs, right?

Your beliefs and...

I hope you can forgive me.

Of course. Of course I do, sir.

Thank you, Son.

You can close the door now.
Thank you so much.

-You're welcome, sir.
-Good night, Son.

Stop, Rosemary's Baby.

Stop, if only just a bit!


-Gerardo told me to give him to you.


-To me?
-Yes, to you.

That it was very important
for you to take him.

-Yes, he said you're very good with kids.
-Yes, I'm very good.

-Uh-huh, yes.

Come here, you pretty thing.

Come to Granny Nati.

Oh, come.

Here. You see? He's so...

I feel ignored.

-Yes, but stay strong.
-Good evening.

Where's Elena?

She wanted some water

and I, of course,
offered to bring it to her.

With all due respect, stop it already.

Boy, can't you see?

No one can stop the attraction
between Elena and I.

Say something. Don't let him win.

Well, what's with you and my wife?

Look, I saw her first.

Here's the thing.

I met her before you were even born.

I'm going to ignore what you just said,
but please,

go to sleep.
It's late for someone your age.



We'll settle this...

-as men.

This is no way to solve things.
I won't fight you.

He hit you, cousin, hit him back.

I could never hit him,
he's an elderly man.

What did you call me? Elderly man?

What? You idiot,
can't you see today's 80s are the new 60s?

-Eleuterio, stop.
-I won't stop.

I'll beat the shit out of you.

-You'll remember it for life.
-You'll hurt yourself, man.

-The elderly man broke.
-Are you okay?

Uh... I mean...

It hurts.

-What happened?
-Sit him on the chair.

What happened, Julio?

-Eleuterio, what happened?
-No, no.

-What happened to him?
-Nothing, nothing.

No, it's just my hip.

But please,
Julio didn't do it on purpose.

It was a man to man issue.

But I didn't even touch him.

Calm down.
I'll go get the doctor right away

and everything will be fine.

This is all worth it,
because I can be here... with you.

Run away!

Go, run away.


Oh, boy!

Power's off.

I should go check, right? Be right back.

I was looking for you.

I fell asleep in the bathroom.

-And our son?
-I gave him to Ana.



I can't hear a thing.

He's not crying.


Where are you going?

To the drugstore.

To the...? To the drugstore? Sebastián!

A lesbian friend just married a man.

I say it because maybe
this is just a phase, huh?

I don't think so, Julia.

Well, it's just that...

it's trendy right now.

-Sebastián is going to the drugstore!
-To the...?

No, no.

No, hey, no!


-You're not going anywhere!
-Why not?

-What do you care?
-You're having a kid, dumbass.

No, dumbass, I'm not having a kid,
I'm having three.

Can't you see? Three. Move.

-Whatever, it's not my fault, you'll stay.

-That's because you don't have any.
-I could, and I wouldn't leave.

-You don't have kids.
-But I could.

-But you don't.
-But I could.

Shut up! That's it, you're being childish.

-We'll lock you up until you calm down.
-No way.

Yes. And you go take care of Andrea 
so she doesn't notice.

-No, you go.
-Listen, Sebastián.

Andrea isn't my favorite person
but she doesn't deserve this.

-Crap! Take him, I'll meet you later.
-Yes, come on. Come.


-Let me go!
-I'm on it.

Oh, my hip!

Granny, the doctor's here.

Oh, great, thank God!


Good evening, Elenita.

-Did you find them?

Toñito. Come here, darling.

Are we going with Mommy Natalia?

To Mommy Natalia, love.

-Come, honey.
-And Daddy Francisco.

That's right, come, dear.

Come here. Good kid.

This will make you feel better.

-Thank you.
-Thank you, Mauricio.

Don't you want to stay the night?
It's quite late already.

I remember the last time you said
that to me.

Oh, Mauricio.

Hey, Ana,
I think I'll become religious after all.

Why is that?

It's important to your dad.

Now what? Where did I go wrong?


Love is such a beautiful thing,
right, cousin?

My love.

He was hiding from Francisco.

What's that?

It's your baby.

-Yes, we know.
-Ana gave him to me.

-He's not crying.
-He's been very calm.

Thanks for taking care of him,
we'll take him now.

But, what's the rush, Gerardo?


Good night.

Good night.

Dani, can you please leave?

I won't go and do something stupid.

That's what Dad used to say.

Andrea will be worried, I warn you.

Julia is with her, don't worry.


I'm afraid to be like him.

Like Dad?


You won't be like him.

How do you know?

I trust you.

Despite of it all, I still trust you.

Are you sure?


I love you.

A lot.

Do you love me?


No, wait. Where are you going?

To my room.

-No, wait.
-Didn't you say you trust me?

-I won't move.

-Let's talk.

Dani, move. Don't push me.

-Calm down.

Calm down!

-Stop already.
-Calm down.

-Calm down!

Damn it!

Okay... You, Sandra.

Keep an eye on the brats,
I need to talk to Dad.

Sure, girl, as you say.

And if you need to use force, use it.

Okay. I'll do it.

The girl said I could use force.

And stop calling me girl.


I respect you.

-Little lady?


I'll be right back.

Come on. Come on!

-Where to?

So, what?

-A threesome?

-You're having three babies, right?

What did you say to Juan Pablo?

You scared me, guys!

What did you say?
He wants to become religious.

Congratulations, Son.

God heard my prayers.

No, no. Don't call him "Son," Dad.

You must learn to respect
other people's beliefs.

And if Juan Pablo wants to believe
in a giant squid or in God

or in crystal energy, that's his business.

-And you must learn to love him as he is.
-All right, dear, you're right.

All I wanted was to save his soul.

Save it from what?
He's the nicest person in this house.

The only one that won't go to hell.

I didn't mean for this to happen, really.

-Thank you, Son.
-No worries.

But thank you.

God, You heard my prayers.

Okay, someone say something.

Don't you have anything to say?
You're brothers.

I think this would be a good time
to tell him.

Tell me what?



Look, back in Camargo...

When my dad
told his brother about Arturo, well...

my uncle took it badly, right?

So my dad got on his truck

and well, he ran him over,
and my uncle died.

Who's Arturo?

Some guy, a friend we have in common.
Right, blondie?

You guys have a friend in common?
Where from?

Look, the point is, my dad always told me,

"I do regret killing him,
but I'll never regret telling him."

Telling him what?

About Arturo, that he likes men.

And in spite of it all,

my dad never turned his back on Arturo.

And you know why?

Do you know why?


Because we all need a friend
we can talk to.

And what better friend
than your brother, right?

The power is back on.

-Tell him.
-No, no.

I don't know what you're talking about,
shut up already.

And don't let him leave. Keep him here...

-What's with him?
-You know him.

He'll be fine in a while.

-Hey, where to?

Sandra stayed with Sebastián,
don't worry. Okay?

Fucking shit.

Dani, it was just a question.

-Go with Sebastián, I'll catch you later.
-Yes, of course.




-What is it?

What are you doing?

Well... it seems like
I'll be sleeping here.

What are you doing?

Nothing, where are you going?

I'm going to smoke Granny's joint.

-Let's talk.


I have something important to ask you.

I'm gay.


What about Julia?

She knows.

And why is she here?

To support me.

-To support you?

You know our family.

If they find out, I'm screwed.

Starting with Dad and his beliefs,
and Grandma.

You're such an idiot.

You liking chicks or liking dudes

won't change your place in this family.

We will always love you, Dani.

Thanks, but...

you can't speak for everyone.

Of course I can. They're not assholes.

Well, not complete assholes.

I just want to be alone for a while.

The thing is, I wanted...

I wanted to ask you
if you think that Daniel, well...

-That... That you made him gay.

I'm not saying it because
you're all strong and big or anything.

Do you go to the gym often?
Which gym do you go to?

You're an asshole.

What's up?

What are you doing up?

I mean, you should be sleeping, right?
Because of the pack.

-Don't call them that. Excuse me.
-Where to?

To make myself a damn quesadilla.
Excuse me.

Okay, we'll go with you.

I make great quesadillas.

I'm starving.

-Who do you think will get the house?
-I don't give a fuck.

Oh, you don't give a fuck?

I mean, if I get it,
you won't give a fuck?

How can you not give a fuck if I...?

I mean, how can you say you...?


You're such a liar, 
how can you not give a fuck? You hate me.

Of course not.

Besides, what if I did?
It wouldn't matter anyway.

What do you mean? I don't get it.

Yes, I mean, whether I hate you or not...

It doesn't matter,
you're part of the family now.

That's the nicest thing
you've ever said to me.

Don't get used to it.

-Want one?

-What is it?

-Did you burn yourself?

It's just...

the salsa tastes just like
the one from my favorite quesadilla place.

The ones at Qué Camargo?

-How do you know?
-I worked there a couple of years.

Well, then you and I should be friends.

You're already sisters, for sharing a man.


Am I wrong?

That's nasty.



Okay, after evaluating
all the variables...

As we did.

And doing a precise calculation...
We really put time into this.

-I finally know which one of you

is the most suitable
to inherit this house.


Really? Great!

Justice was made! Yeah!

You're the Cruz Azul of the family.
In your face!


No, wait. Eleuterio just reminded me

we took 10 points off your score
for not giving me a birthday present.

-I knew it.
-No, wait.

-I did give you a birthday present.
-Six years ago.

All right, so now...

the winner is...

I'll wait until you say it, Granny.

-Juan Pablo.

You didn't even interview him.

I didn't need to, he's such a great guy
and he saved my life.

-Excuse me...
-Listen, Granny, he's not even family.

-Exactly, yes.

You did the math wrong, I can help you.

My dad has no chance.
But I can help you count,

-the math must be wrong.
-What do you mean I have no chance? Why?

-Cause of the Russian and Ukrainian women.
-Stay out of it, Jerry.

Besides, that was a long time ago.

Yes, like the damn birthday present.

You know what? Why don't I give you 
a double gift and we're good.

Dani, you're out, just as Cruz Azul is.

Don't mess with The Machine.

Yes, leave blondie alone,
he's very sensitive.

-Francisco deserves it, it's only fair.

It belongs to the one
who takes care of it, it's mine.

In that case, it should be mine. You
don't even know where the coasters are.

Butt out!

Be considerate, family.
I'm having three kids.

We obviously don't fit in an apartment,
we need a house like this one.

Why don't you start working
and stop being so lazy?

-What did you say, dude?
-Don't talk to him like that.

I do it for all of you.
No one seems to value...

-Dad, I already won twice!
-That means you lost it twice.

Don't talk to her like that.

Stop it! You guys are making such a fuss

for a house when Grandma is here.
What will happen when she's gone?

For fuck's sake!

Family, please, calm down!

Stop, Grandma doesn't feel well!

-Elena, what?


-You know what, Juan Pablo?
-Not now, Dad...

It's okay, honey.

I don't care if you believe in God or not.

If my daughter is happy, so am I.

I am very happy, Dad.

I am very happy, right?

You're good kids.


I was about to go
to the drugstore yesterday.

Were you feeling ill?

A drugstore... in Cuba.

-No, my love, sorry.

Sorry, but I'm really scared.

Imagine if I turn out like my dad.

Don't worry.

If you turn out like your dad,
the kids will have me, okay?


But if you ever dare to think
of going to the drugstore again...

I'll kill you.

Honey, I'm emotional right now.

Don't do the eyes,
you know I get scared.


I lost control.

We all lost control.

Toñito is a great kid.


You are the only one that knows
how to put the little Antichrist to sleep.

I need your help.

Sure, whenever you need it. We're family.

Okay, could you watch him once a week

so I can go out with Diana?


Or twice, to catch a movie?

And Saturday nights
in case something comes up?


We don't have to compete.

This family needs to team up.


I never should've told Granny
about Dani's hamster.

-Oh, darling.
-I feel awful.


I want to apologize.

I ruined our relationship.

I sometimes worried more
about the Cruz Azul than about you.

I understand why.

I caused you less trouble.

Can you imagine if we were still together?

I think...

things happened just the way
they had to happen.

I wish it would've been different, but...

it's history now.

We can't change it.


Dani, I'm leaving.

-Are you okay?

But I will be, eventually.

This is stronger than me.

I know.

Tell them the truth.

You have nothing to hide.

If I accepted it,
it should be even easier for them.

I mean,
you're not sleeping with any of them.

-Are you?

Thanks, Julia. Thank you.


-I love you.
-Me too.

How are you?


The pain's almost gone.

I can only think of Elena.

And you?

I don't know.


I promise you this.

If Elena makes it out alive,

I'll step away.

You've never been a threat to me.

I don't know.

I don't know.

No, but listen, my promise stands.

It puts my mind at ease.

How is she, doctor?

Elena is very ill.

And she wants to tell you

her last words.

-Let's go then, doctor.

Thank you.

-Wait for me?
-Of course.


We're all here now.

Tell us whatever you want, Mom.
Tell us what you need.

I want to apologize for everything.

No, Granny, it wasn't your fault.

Well, maybe a bit, but... it's okay.

Who's getting the house then?
I need to know.

You know what, Mom?

-Honestly, leave it to my children.
-Yes. Leave it to my siblings, 

it'll teach them to be responsible.

Well, Sebastián needs it more,
for the triplets.

No, I don't want it.

No, I say Ana should have it.

Last night, she stopped me
from ruining my life, she deserves it.

-It wasn't that big a deal.
-It was.

Yes, besides, Ana always tells you
what you need to hear. Right?

And she always knows what to do
in a crisis.

Andrea said you were nice to her,
that means you've changed.

-It was no big deal.
-You know what?

Yes, you're right.

Ana is the most mature and considerate
of all of us.

Okay, enough. I'll keep the damn...
house if you want.

Just for the record, I didn't want it.

Okay, now I can...

go in peace.

-No, Mom.
-Don't leave us.

No, your time hasn't...

Elena, what are you doing? Don't.

-What? No.

-You can't take that off.

Why not? I'm hungry.
And I feel like some tequila.


Look what you make me do
to make you guys come to an agreement.

Did it go well, Elena?

Everything went well, Mauricio, thanks.


Sorry. I couldn't say no to her.


She's the love of my life.

Granny, really?

You are such a slut!

No, no, you're shady.

Eleuterio, the doctor, who else?

What now?

How many boyfriends did you have?

My love.

Who cares how many I've had?

The only thing that matters
is you could be...

the last one.



You're not joking, are you?



Elena, please, don't go.

No, Elena. Elena, please, no!


Son, let's take this opportunity
for you to be...

honest with me.

I found out something today,
I don't know what to think.

For fuck's sake!


Why didn't you tell me you are gay?

-It would've made me so happy.