Grandma's House (2016) - full transcript

Based upon the true story of Kimberley T. Zulkowski's Grandmother, Margie Ree Harris. "Grandma's House" gives a compelling insight into how the Executive Producer's life changed when she moved into her Grandmother's home, and their generations became one under the same roof. Chock-full of passion, Faith, and Family, the Film demonstrates the trials and tribulations she faced living with a Grandparent who stood as an inner-city Matriarch and Pillar of Strength to selflessly serve her Family, and surrounding community. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[water pours]
[gentle orchestral music]

♪ Jesus

♪ You are everything

♪ To me

♪ Jesus

♪ You are everything

♪ To me

♪ Everything I want

♪ It's in you

♪ Everything I need

♪ Is in

♪ You

♪ Let me be everything

♪ To you

♪ I want to be everything

♪ To you

[upbeat instrumental music]

- Hey now, what it do?

Your boy in the house.


I see you, Reverend, look
like you got Jesus Instagram.


What up boy?

- [Kimberly] This is my
mother's wedding day.

Well, at least the day she's
celebrating her wedding.

- I see you skinny slacks.

Boy then, what up boy?

Yes sir.

Hold up.

Got the back to Africa
button down, I see you.

[sings in foreign language]

Purple rain.

I see you, girl.

Gonna need some of that.


Oh really, so it's snowing
up in here now, huh?


Can I get some flowers,
can I get some flowers?

Okay, I see you.

Tell your mamma
I said what's up.

Okay, it's going down.

Smell like wings up in here.


Oh, they can't be serious,
they cannot be serious.

Ain't no water in the pool.

- [Kimberly] It's the
happiest day I can remember.

My mother, and her long time
boyfriend, Edgar Allen Jackson.

- I see you boy,
that boy looking like

the first day of school clean.

- What's up Earl?

- I see you did it.

- Yeah, yeah I did.

- Now you know we thought you
was never gonna do it, right?

- Yeah well, I did.

- But I'm saying,
we thought you was

never gonna do it.

I mean y'all done had
babies, Brandon's 13.

Jacob's 11 now, right?

- Yeah.

- [Kimberly] He finally
did it, he married her.

No one in the family ever
thought he would marry her.

My grandmother said,
"Why buy the cow,

"when the milk is free?"

My mother said, "Men these days
aren't buying cows anyway."


- Cynthia?

- [Kimberly] Uncle Earl is
my mother's older brother.

Back when he was
doing whatever it was

he was doing, he would
always give her money.

Now that he's broke
he expects her

to help him out, he lives
with my grandmother.

A walking cliche.

- Hey come on,
I'm here, ain't I?

- Yes you are.

- Let me hold a
little something.

- Earl, I am celebrating
my wedding today.

- I'm here, ain't I?

- I can't.

- Oh, so it's like
that now, Cynthia?

Wasn't like that when you wanted

that Hello Kitty back
in the day, now was it?

Hot wings!

[breathe heavily]

- Why'd your parents bother
to get married anyway?

- 'Cause you're
supposed to get married.

- Yeah, you're supposed
to get married.

- Says who?

- You just are.

- Says who?

- Says Jesus, that's who.

Brandon and Jacob are
my little brothers.

Edgar's sons.

My dad...

Well, that's another
story for another day.

Sometimes kids can be so cruel.

But they also see the world
in simple black and white,

that's how my
grandmother sees it.

She's not here,
she's never around

when there's smoking,
drinking, and cussing,

she don't play that.

She says it grates
on her spirit.

She never approved
of Edgar and my mom's

living arrangements,
which is why we're

not that close anymore.

But she was always there
when my mother needed her.

Today Grandma Margie
is at a revival.

- Dullest place I've ever been.

[upbeat jazz music]

- Mamma.

- Hi baby.

- You look so pretty.

- Oh girl, thank you baby.

- Are you having a good time?

- I am, I am, I'm
just ready for all

these people to get
out of my house.

- [Kimberly] I'm so
proud of my mother,

she's getting herself on
track, after a few rough years.

She's got a good
job, she's making

good decisions, minus
Edgar, of course.

This was the last time I
remember us truly happy.

On that day we
felt like a family.

[upbeat jazz music]

- Yes.

Same address.

Okay, thank you.

- Stop.

Oh my god.

Don't play with me.

Oh my god.

- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.


What's going on?

- Come on baby, they
were just playing.

- Where's dinner at?

- I just ordered some pizza.

- What am I gonna
do with some pizza?

- What, I'm just getting
home from work myself, honey.

- Okay, you couldn't have put

something in a crock
pot this morning?

- What, you couldn't
put nothing in

the crock pot this morning?

- [Edgar] Never
mind, don't matter.

- [Cynthia] It does matter.

- [Edgar] No it doesn't.

- It does, say it.

Kimberly take the boys upstairs,
until the pizza gets here.

- Yes ma'am.

- Okay Edgar look, I
work just like you do.

Now we supposed to be
equal partners in this.

- Yeah partners got
responsibilities to each other.

Where they at?

- What I can't get a night off?

- A night off, you
barely got a night on.

You do what you feel
like doing around here.

- That is not true.

- It's absolutely true.

- [Kimberly] Edgar
wasn't always this way.

He's different
when he's drinking,

but then again, so is my mom.

They've been on and off
again for like 14 years.

Now that they're finally married

I don't know if they're
better now or worse.

- Say it.

I see you wanna say it, say
it, I dare you to say it.

- I'm just tired of us arguing.

Okay, can we just try and talk,

without yelling, and screaming?

Can we just do that, please?

- Look, look, there's
nothing to talk about, okay?

I know exactly where I
can go get a hot meal.

I'll see you.
- Edgar wait, please, honey.

- [Cynthia] Come on, can't
we just talk about it?


[somber instrumental music]

- I know, right?

Are you sure you love me?


Hey, let me call
you back, I'm gonna

check on my mom real quick.




- Hey baby.

- Are you okay?

- I'm fine.

I'm fine, baby.

You just worry too much.

- You don't seem fine.


You're drinking again.

Grandma says "When it
hops like a rabbit,

"and eats carrots,
don't let a fool

"convince you it's a fish."

- So what you calling me a fool?

- No.

I'm just saying I'm not
a little girl anymore.

You can be honest with me, I
know you're not happy, mom.

Why don't you just leave, it
doesn't have to be like this.


- Baby, why don't
you clean up all

of this mess,
'cause I don't want

your brothers to see it
when they get up, okay?

- Okay.

[somber instrumental music]

- Brandon, Jacob, come on now.

Well, look at you.

And Brandon.

Okay now, don't
you look handsome?

- Why do we have to dress up,

nobody dresses up
for church anymore.

- Well we do.

That's how I was
raised, and that's

how I am raising you.

It's the way we
honor God, by showing

him an effort to
look respectable.

I would not just show up
to my office in jeans.

Alright, and your grandmother
always said, what?

That God deserves
our best effort.

Come on, lets go.

- Is daddy coming?

- You know what,
why don't you guys

just go and wait
in the car, okay?

I'll be right out.


You coming to church?

- Nope.

- It'd really mean a lot
to me if you came, Edgar.

I don't like the way things are

between us right now, honey.

- I got fired Friday.

- What?

- Don't.

All I wanna do is sit
here, and watch the game.

[upbeat gospel music]

[melodic vocalizing]

♪ I'm happy today

♪ I've got a home
on the other side

♪ I've got a home

♪ And it's mine all mine

♪ I've got a home

♪ On the other side

♪ I've got a home

♪ And it's up on high

♪ Sing

♪ I've got a home
on the other side

♪ One thing I own

♪ I've got a home

♪ And it's mine all mine

♪ I've got a home

♪ I've got a home
on the other side

♪ I'm so glad

♪ I've got a home

♪ And it's up on high

♪ Right here

♪ One of these mornings

♪ My God's gonna crack the sky

♪ And on that day

♪ I'm gonna tell
this world goodbye

♪ My chains will be broken

♪ And for ever I'll be free

♪ There's a place
on the other side

♪ Just for me

♪ I've got a home
on the other side

♪ I've got a home

♪ I've got a home

♪ And it's mine all mine

♪ Yeah

♪ I've got a home

♪ On the other side

♪ One thing I know

♪ I've got a home
and it's up on high

♪ That's what I believe

♪ This ain't the end for me

♪ I've got a home up in the sky

- [Kimberly] I know this is
wrong, but I hate church.

At least this church.

I believe in God,
but I can't help

but be bored out of my brain
every time we come here.

My friend Renee's
church is huge.

It's cool, and they
even let you wear jeans,

and text during service.

I think my grandmother
would literally

cut my hands off if I pulled
my phone out in the service.

♪ That Lord

♪ Full of grace and mercy

♪ Been so good to me

♪ Yeah I've got a home

♪ I've got a home

♪ I've got a home

♪ I do

♪ I've got a home

♪ It's a luxury place

♪ I've got a home

♪ Only God

♪ My great

♪ Before our victory

♪ He will say well done

♪ It wasn't easy

♪ Well done

♪ You've had to cry
sometimes well done

♪ But I

♪ On the other side

♪ On the other side

♪ On the other side

♪ Yeah on the other side

♪ On the other side

♪ When you've crossed over

♪ On the other side

♪ You've made it through

♪ On the other side

♪ Yeah

♪ On the other side

♪ So much better

♪ On the other side

♪ The grass is greener

♪ On the other side

♪ No I'm not homeless

♪ I've got a home

♪ 'Cause I've got a home

♪ I've got a home

♪ Oh don't get it twisted

♪ I've got a home

♪ Jesus fixed it

♪ I've got a home

♪ I've got a home

- Yeah, I like that.

♪ I've got a home

♪ It ain't no greed

♪ I've got a home

♪ Ain't no errors

♪ I've got a home

♪ On the other side

♪ On the other side

♪ On the other side

♪ On the other side

♪ On the other side

♪ On the other side

♪ On the other side

♪ On the other side

♪ On the other side

♪ On the other side

♪ Oh Lord

♪ On the other side

♪ I can't wait to get there

♪ I've got a home
on the other side

♪ It's waiting for me

♪ I've got a home

♪ And it's mine all mine

♪ I've got a home
on the other side

♪ It's alright now

♪ I've got a home
and it's up on high

♪ Somebody shout yeah

- Pastor Morris, you remember my

granddaughter, Kimberly.

- Of course I do, how are you?

- I'm fine, thank you, sir.

- So polite.

I know that mother
Margie, and your mom

has been doing an
excellent job raising you.

- Well I'm hoping she'll join

the young missionaries in the
fall, after school starts.

- I think that'd be wonderful.

You know your grandmother
tells me often,

there's a calling on your life.

- [Kimberly] Today
wasn't so bad, it's like

God knew we were gonna
need all the help

we could get for what
was gonna happen next.

[door slams]
[ominous instrumental music]

[distant arguing]

- What's going on?

- Guys, come here.

- Kimberly, pack your things.

- Why, mamma?

- Just get your things,
pack your things now.

Come on!

[ominous instrumental music]

- Wait, what, what
are you looking at?

You looking like
you're just gonna

judge me, don't judge
me, you know your

mamma, she's the crazy one.

You wanna look
crazy, look at her.


But you know what, I'm not
letting her leave though.

Never, you know why?

'Cause she said I do,
and I do is forever.

You should learn that
when you're older.

There's no outs,
there's no exits.

And there's no outs!

- Kimberly I need you
to take your brothers,

and you go down
to the car, okay?

- Hey, hey, back up, back up.

Woah, woah...
- [Cynthia] Move, Edgar.

- Wait, wait, woah.

You're not going nowhere,
no you're not going nowhere.

Where are you going?

Hey, hey, hey.

- Move, move,
move, you're drunk.

- You will not keep my
children from me, come here.

- Edgar, Move!

[bottle shatters]
[Edgar groans]


Oh God, go babies, go.

Go babies, go.

Go, go, go...

[Cynthia screams]

Go, get the keys, go!


Let go of me, now!

Get off!

Go, out!

- Mom?

- Not now, Kimberly.

- Mamma...

- [Cynthia] Kimberly, not...

Stop, just be quiet.

I love you, okay.

Kimberly, I'm gonna have to go

away for a little while, okay?

- What, what?

- I need you to look
after your brothers.

- [Kimberly] What, where
are you going, mom?

- What are you doing here?

- I just need you to stay here
with your grandmother, okay?

It's just for a
little while, baby.


Just so Edgar can have some time

to get himself together...
- Edgar?

- You're going back to him?

- Y'all wait over there for me.

- [Kimberly] You're
going back to him mom?

- Don't, don't...


Baby, just go inside.

Please Kimberly,
just go, just go.

See you baby.

- [Kimberly] What are you...

- Just go.


- Go on in.




Cynthia, you hear me.


Oh God.

- Hey.

Everything okay?

- Oh child, we can talk
about that in the morning,

right now I gotta get
these kids settled.

Okay, Kimberly you and
Maryland can share a room.

And Brandon, and Jacob,
you can share Izak's room.

- Can't they all
share Izak's room,

or they can sleep on the
couch, or on the floor?

- I just told them where
they're gonna sleep.

Roll your eyes at
me again, and I will

snatch 'em out their sockets.

Chloe take these boys
up to Izak's room.

Your room is two
doors on the right.

Cynthia just dropped all
them kids off at the door.

- Lets get you some tea.


- Lord.

[somber instrumental music]

[knock on door]

Kimberly, you hungry baby?

- No, no thanks.


- This used to be your
mother's room, you know.

I'd come in here and pray
with her, every night

before she went to sleep.

Oh, she was a
scary little thing.

Always seeing something
in the shadows.

But not you.

You're stronger
than even you know.

Baby this too is gonna pass.

It's gonna pass.

- Grandma?

- Yes, baby?

- Nothing...

Never mind.

- Alright then,
I'm going to bed.


- [Kimberly] Goodnight.

[upbeat instrumental music]

♪ Let me tell you about Jesus

♪ Tell me

♪ Let me tell you about Jesus

♪ Tell me

♪ Let me tell you about Jesus

♪ Tell me tell me

♪ Tell me

♪ Let me tell you about Jesus

♪ Tell me

♪ Tell you about Jesus

♪ Tell me

♪ Let me tell you about Jesus

♪ Tell me tell me

♪ Tell me

[Maryland clears throat]

- Dang, you scared me.

- You know you're not allowed to

be in the refrigerator
without permission?

- I'm hungry, Maryland.

- There's a lot you don't
know about living here.

- I know my grandmother's rules.

- Well did you know that
there's an eight pm curfew,

no secular music of
any kind allowed,

no reality TV, no
cable, and no radio?

- What do you want, Maryland?

- Nothing, I'm just
running the rules by you.

- I feel like you have
a problem with me.

- I don't know what
you're talking about.

- You know what I mean.

- It's not you, personally.

It's just we're
already living on top

of each other around here.

- Believe me, I
don't want to be here

any longer than I have to.

Chloe's getting big though.

- Your mom looks like
she's been drinking again.

- What?

- Well I saw her outside,
and she looked a hot mess.

- That's none of your business.

Who do...

- Well if you ask me, it's
completely dysfunctional.

- Okay, but nobody asked you.

And it's no more dysfunctional
than you having a kid,

at 14, after three abortions.

- Oh yeah, well at
least I know who I am.

- Okay, when are you
gonna realize that

your mother is an alcoholic?



- Don't talk about my mom!

- Get off of me!

Get off of me!

- Hey, hey, hey wait.

[overlapping arguing]

- You're crazy.

- Stop, now!

- She's crazy!

- Did you hear what
she said to me?

- Not another word.

Maryland, clean yourself
up and go to bed.

Young lady, I don't allow
for no chaos in my house.

- I can't stay in the
same room as that.

- You can and you will.

And don't you ever
fix your mouth

to tell me what you
will and will not do.

Now you listen, I
know you're upset.

But you take a minute,
alright, get yourself together.

Go on and go to bed.

Everything is gonna be
better in the morning.

- Don't let Maryland
get under your skin.

People that are mad
at the world, they're

just looking for somebody
to take it out on.

Okay, hey.


Come on, it's gonna be okay,
lets try and get some sleep.

Come on, come on.



- What are you doing?

- You need to get up.

- What time is it?

- It's 6:30.


Still don't know how to cook?

- No, not really.

- Alright.

Well then you can do the dishes.

- Okay.

- Have a good day, ladies.

- [Kimberly] You too.

- What's wrong with you?

- Nothing.

Where's my grandma?

- Where she is every morning.

Down at the church,
feeding the homeless.

- Do you ever go?

- Ew, of course not.

- What are you doing?

- Training.

I'm Izak.

- Kimberly.

- Nice to meet you, you mind?

- Sure.

- Thanks.

- Oh, sorry I didn't
say hey to you

when I saw you at church.

- Oh that's okay.

- How are you related
to my grandmother?

- Oh I'm not, I'm not.

She used to work with my
mom when she was a nurse.

Yeah, she died
last year, cancer.

Mama Margie said I
could stay with her,

and finish high school.

If it wasn't for her, I
never would've graduated.

- Well what are
you training for?

- College, I mean,
that's the hope.

If not that, well
then the arena league.

Yeah, I've been
playing my whole life.

Was all-state too, before
I got in some trouble.

- What kind of trouble?

- You know, I was just hanging

out with some guys
from the neighborhood.

You know, you ask
a lot of questions.

- I guess I'm the curious type.

- I got a question.

When you out here
running in the streets

with these little
dudes, is y'all like

pretending to be
gangsters, or is

y'all like really gangsters?

- [Izak] I don't know
what you mean, Uncle Earl.

- Nah, I'm saying,
it's like nowadays

y'all harder online,
than in real life.

You know, I call 'em
Twitter gangsters.


Facebook heathens.

I mean they even banging
on Instagram now.

Hashtag, you gonna die.

Double gun emoji, send.

You know what I'm
saying, like back in my

day we really ran these streets.

It's like y'all
run the Halo world.

It's like y'all
thugging in Minecraft.

- Uncle Earl, what
are you talking about?

- I just don't understand.

Keep your head up, homie.

- What?

Why are you looking
at me like that?

- I'm curious too.

- Breakfast is
ready, and you can

come in here and
bust these suds.

- What is her problem?

- Which one?

I'll see you inside.

- Okay.

Uncle Earl, are you eating?

- Real men don't eat breakfast.


[dog barks]

- Cynthia!

[somber instrumental music]




Lord have mercy.



What are you doing?

I went to your job,
I've been calling

over here all day.


Alright, you better
stop this mess.

- Just leave me alone.

- Child, you have
gotta shake yourself

loose from this thing.

- I can't, mamma.

- Yes, you can.

Now God is not
gonna let you fail

if you don't let you fail.

You stop this.

You think about your children.

- The neighbors called
Child Protective Services.

They're trying to
take my children

away from me, mamma.

Mamma, don't let them
take my kids away.

I just need a little bit
more time, that's all.

I just need a little
bit more time.

- Come here baby.

Come here.

It's gonna be alright.

It's gonna be alright.


[hums gently]




Baby, don't get up.

Well, how did it go down at
the store, the interview?

- Mamma ain't nobody
hiring a felon.

- Now who are you
to say what God

will or won't do?

- I'm the unemployed, broke one.

- It's gonna get better.


- Remember what you used to say?

"It gets better when
you make it better."

- Have you seen my mom?

- Yeah baby, I saw her.

- Can I see her?

- Earl!

Kimberly, your mother
needs some time,

and we are gonna give her that.

Now go on in the house.

♪ Let me tell you about Jesus

♪ Tell me

♪ Let me tell you about Jesus

♪ Tell me

♪ Let me tell you about Jesus

♪ Tell me tell me

♪ Tell me

♪ Yeah

♪ Let me tell you about Jesus

♪ Tell me

♪ The man named Jesus

♪ Tell me

♪ Let me tell you
about Jesus yeah

♪ Tell me tell me

♪ Tell me

♪ Yeah

- Hey.

- Hey.

- How y'all doing?

- We're alright, I guess.

- Well you look a
little bored to me.

- Yeah.

Hey, do you have
any video games?

- No, Mama Margie,
she doesn't allow

video games in the house.

And she believes
it warps the mind.

- Yeah, yeah.

- You know what,
wait here one moment.

[hums gently]

- Kimberly!

- [Izak] You ever play before?

- Of course.

- Alright, sweet,
Jacob you got next.

Alright, lets see what
you got little man.

- I'll school you.

- [Izak] Okay, what color?

- Black.

- Black.

- Yes, ma'am?

- Maryland said you still
don't know how to cook.

- I know how to cook, I'm
just not that good at it.

- Alright then, wash your hands.

Now I want you to take
this corn and schuck it.

- [Kimberly] Do what with it?

- I want you to
shuck it, just pull

this off of it, alright.

Then you're gonna grab
the knife, and cut

all the niblets off it.

- Cut the niblets off it?

- Just put...

Okay baby, you just
have to get around,

go right behind
the meat, alright?

- Okay.

- [Margie] Alright then.

- Like this?

- [Margie] Oh yeah, that's
good, that's how you do it.

- This is a lot
harder than I thought

it was in my mind.

- Well everything is harder
till you learn how to do it.

- Do I gotta do all of these?

- Well honey they not
gonna shuck they selves.


[gentle piano music]
[Margie hums]

Chicken smelling good.

You know taking care of a family

starts with taking
care of their bellies.

Some day you gonna
have your own husband,

and if he's a real man, he's
gonna expect a good meal.

- Okay, grandma.

Not everybody stays
home and cooks.

- Who said anything
about staying home?

A virtuous woman can do it all,

'cause God has given her
the strength to get it done.

You just have to tap into it.

- And what if my husband
wants to do the cooking?

- He can cook, but
that's not his job,

his job is to provide,
protect, and lead his family.

- And if he doesn't do his job?

- Well, that means you
picked the wrong man.


And when you get the wrong one,

it takes a whole heap
of helping and praying

to get him on the right track.

- Well mamma said grandpa used

to cook a lot when he was alive.

- Your grandfather died when
your mother was very young.

But he was the hardest
working man I knew.

He knew how to cook
about three meals.

Barbecue, he made a mean
fried chicken, and spaghetti.


- That must be
what she remembers.


- Alright, that's
good, that's very good.

We gonna fry that
corn up, and then

we're gonna mash
potatoes, so I want

you to skin all those potatoes.

- Okay.

- Okay, so get
it, you gotta peel

all those potatoes, and
shuck all this corn.

- Royce.


- Hey, girl.

- I miss you so much.

- I know.

- Things are so messed up.

- You talk to your mom?

- No, I haven't
talked to her yet.

- So your mom's a gangster, huh?

- That is not funny.

- Look I'm just
playing with you, hey,

you know I care
about you, right?

Come here.

- Royce.

- Come on girl, a man has needs.

Look, when am I gonna
spend some time with you,

right, you've been playing.

- I don't know...
- Kimberly!

- Yes, ma'am?

- We don't entertain
uninvited guests.

- I invited him.

- What's your name, son?

- How you doing, I'm
Royce Carter, nice...

- Are you here trying to have
sex with my granddaughter?

- No, no, no, I'm not trying...

We not trying to do
nothing, I'm just...

- Because her body is a temple,

and she's saving it for Jesus.

Now Royce if you
ever come around here

again, I want you to make sure

that Kimberly has
cleared it with me.

- No, I just thought...

- No, I'm not
asking you to think,

I'm asking you to make sure.

Now, am I clear?

- Yeah.

- Good.

Kimberly, say goodnight.

Coming here all times of night,
leaving the front door...

- I'm so sorry.

- Don't worry about it.

- Can I call you later?

- Yeah call me.

- Jesus.

- How many times
I have to tell you

don't take the
Lord's name in vain?

Look at you.

You dressed like a
prostitute, peddling tricks.

What do you think's
gonna happen?

You got to have more
respect for yourself.

Roll 'em again.

- But I didn't even...

- Get dressed.

Come on down and help
me finish dinner.

- [Maryland] I
think I look good.

- Are you okay?

- Yes.


I don't really know what okay is

supposed to feel like right now.

- Yeah, I know that feeling.

You know the worst part is
being on the edge of okay.

I mean...

It feels so close, but it's
miles and miles away, you know?

- I just really miss my mom.

- I understand that.

[ominous hip-hop music]

Kimberly, you wanna go
inside the house right now?

[ominous hip-hop music]

What's going on?

- What up Snoopy?

- What up?

- [Izak] Q, Rez.

- Yo, who was that?

- Yeah, who is that piece?

- Yo, it was no one, she's just

staying with us for a minute.

- Introduce me.

- Man, shut up fool.

Ain't nobody introducing you.

If he introduces anybody
it's gonna be me.

- Whatever.

Hey, you still trying to
do that college thing?

- Yeah, man, I'm still
waiting to hear from USC.

- You can make a
lot of money without

letting that school pimp
you out on Saturdays.

See they making millions.

And you getting paid...

- Nothing.

- [Snoopy] Yep.

[friends laugh]

Bro, you know how we used to do.

- Yeah man, I remember.

Yeah, I'm just...

I'm trying to find a
different way, you know?

- A different way?

- There ain't no different way.

- Everybody is
looking for one thing.

And you can take the easy
way, or the hard way.

- Look man, I'm just
trying to do what's right.

- There ain't no
right thing, man.

Everybody is taking
from everybody else.

Politicians, business men,
it's a hustle on every level.

- You either take or you get
took, yo, simple as that.

- This next score, it's
gonna set us up for life.

And look at you, living
with some old woman.

You not a man.

- Yeah you gave up
your man card, dog.


- Bro.

It's a house, over on Center.

Ol' boy that used to slang
over there is locked up.

He's got a million dollars
stashed in the floorboards.

- A million.

- It's a four man job.

We going in there
with the hotness.

Light everybody up.

We rich.

- I don't know.

- What you mean you don't know?

That's a million
dollars split four ways.

- Let me think about it.

Snoopy, I'll get back
at you, I promise.

- Yeah, okay.

I'm gonna get back at you.

Think about it.

[dramatic hip-hop music]

- Kimberly, can you
pass the bread please?

- Yeah.

- Thank you.

- Grandma, when
can we see my mom?

- Soon baby, soon.

- Can I have some more chicken?

- Please?

- Please, what?


Please, may I have
some more chicken?

- Yes, you may.

- Hey!

- You don't know how
to say thank you?

- Thank you.

- Too late, but I bet
you'll remember next time.

- Sit down.

- Why are you so mean?

- The world is mean, I'm
just trying to teach you.

- I don't need you to teach me.

I have a mom and a...

Can I just go to my room now?

- As soon as you finish
what's on your plate.


I knew that's what
you were gonna say.

- Don't be so mannish.

[knock on door]

Loretta, see who's at the door.

- Yes, ma'am.

- So Izak, when will you
know about your test results?

- Any day now.

- Well don't forget
about me, when

you become a big football star.

- What are you doing here?

- I waited as long as I
could for you to come home.

- I'm not coming home.

- You're not coming home...

I need to talk to you.

- There's nothing to talk about.

- Of course there is.

- No there's not.
- I love you, and I miss you.

- Oh, you...

You know what?

Everyone misses a good
thing when it's gone.

How did you even
know I was here?

- Because I knew this would
be the only place you'd go.

- You know what, you need to go.

You need to go, seriously.
- No.

- I want you to come
home with me, now.

- Okay, all you children
put the food away,

and clean the kitchen, I'm gonna

go up and take my pills.

- What kind of pills?

- They're her heart pills,
but never mind that,

who's at the door?

Whoever it is, it looks like
she doesn't wanna see him.

- That's Uncle Thomas.

- Her husband?

- Let me make you
believe in me again.

- This not gonna...

Let me tell you something.

I am doing everything
in my power

not to hate your guts,
that's what I'm doing.

- Listen baby, listen...
- Get off me!

- Okay, okay, listen,
listen, listen.

I've been praying, I've been
asking God to intervene.

I'm just asking
you to forgive me.

No, I'm begging you,
I'm begging you to

just please forgive me.

- Please forgive you?

Come on, you destroyed our
marriage over somebody...

- No, no, no, no,
listen, listen, Loretta,

I promise, she didn't
mean anything to me.

- Oh she didn't?

- Nothing.

- She meant nothing to you?
- Nothing.

- You destroyed
our entire marriage

over someone that
meant nothing to you?

Are you jo...

You need to go!

You need to...
- Listen!

- You need to get off me.

- Listen, just...
- Go!

- Get off of me.

Stop it, Loretta.

- Oh Mommy Margie,
they're fighting!

- [Loretta] What
you need to do...

- Loretta, somebody get her!

- Get off me!

Get off me!

Get off me!

Go, get off of me!


No, why, why?

You need to move.

You need to move.

You need to move.

- Loretta.

- Why did you do that to us?

- Y'all get in the house.

Get in the house.

- Why?

Get off of me.

Get off of me.

- Come on, I'll
be standing right

here till you come home.
- Stop!

- Thomas I need to talk to you.

- That was like some
Real Housewife stuff.

- Thank you.

- [Kimberly] You're welcome.

- Can you give me some privacy?

- I'm just saying.

I mean people living up in here

dragging bones
around their ankles.


[somber instrumental music]

- You know what it is!

Put your hands up,
put 'em up man!

- Calm down.

- Come on man.

- Okay, calm down.

- Yeah, you see it, you see it.

Put the money in the bag.

- Alright, alright, calm down.

- Put the money in the bag, man!

- Yes, I'm doing it.

- You can have all...

- You're taking too long, homie.

- There you go, take it.
- Your wallet.

- What?

- I need your wallet.

Hurry up.

[dramatic instrumental music]

[gunshot fires]

- I'm sorry mamma that I brought

this chaos to your home,
and I'm gonna leave tonight.

- Oh, you'll do no such thing.

- I don't know what to do.

I don't.

I don't know.


- I had a dream
once about a rock

rolling down a hill.

And in the middle
of this hill there

was so much trash.

Beat up cars, just
anything you could imagine.

But when this rock rolled down

anything that was
in its way would

just move to the side.

Baby that rock was Jesus.

- I don't understand.

I don't know what to do.

- Loretta, anything
that is unclean,

has got to get out of his way.

Now you have to
decide do you want

to cling to the
rock, or do you want

to cling to the trash?

- I think if my marriage
isn't founded on

the rock then it won't last.

- That's right,
Jesus is the rock.

Come on baby.

- I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

- It's alright.

It's alright.

You clean yourself up.

Go, clean yourself up.

- Thank you.
- Okay.

♪ Jesus is the rock

- Oh, Lordie.

[phone vibrates]



Oh God.

[sirens wail]
[dramatic instrumental music]

Oh my God.


- I messed up mama,
I'm sorry, I messed up.

- It's alright, you're
gonna be alright.

- Not this time.

Mama, do something for me.

- What is it baby, what is it?

- Pray for me.

- Oh God, dear God.

Bless now thy child,
thy will be done Lord,

right now in this place.


Oh please, can you help him?

Can you help him?

Oh God.



Oh Earl, hold on baby, just...


- Grandma?


Uncle Earl never made
it to the hospital.

The way my grandma
handled my Uncle Earl's

death and funeral was amazing.

Her faith in God was so strong,

it made me want to be like her.

[gentle instrumental music]

♪ Joshua fought the
battle of Jericho

♪ Jericho

♪ Joshua

- What is going on?

- Excuse me?

- Oh, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry Grandma.

- Get dressed,
you're coming with

me for kitchen
duty at the church.

[Margie vocalizes]

- [Kimberly] Bread?

There you go.

- We got some good beans
and rice here today.

Good morning, oh I ain't
seen you in a couple of days.

- [Kimberly] Bread good?

Here you go.


How much longer
before we see my mom?

- You'll see her when
she's feeling better.

- Well I just don't understand
why I can't go home.

- Yes you do understand,
you understand

a lot for your age.

- I just miss her so much.

- Honey, I know you
do, I know you do.

Put some bread on that corn.

- Want some soup?

[phone rings]

- Get that for me.

[phone rings]

Hold on, just a minute,
she gonna take care of you.


♪ I remember

♪ When I was afraid
of who you were

♪ Didn't understand

♪ How your power

♪ You showed me myself

♪ And all my worth

♪ So now I want to be

♪ More like you

♪ Now I wanna be

♪ Who you made me to

♪ Be

♪ Hey

♪ Yeah yeah

♪ Oh Lord

♪ You made me

♪ So much better

♪ You changed me

♪ Something greater

♪ So much greater

♪ You made me

♪ So much better

♪ So much better yeah

♪ You changed me

♪ Into something greater

♪ All I wanna do

♪ All I wanna do

♪ All I wanna do is

♪ Praise you

♪ Praise ya

♪ Praise you

♪ Yeah

♪ Praise you

♪ I will

♪ I will

♪ Thank you

♪ Thank you Jesus

♪ Just thank you

♪ Yeah

♪ Thank you

♪ You have given me

♪ You have given me

♪ Given me

♪ New life

♪ When my enemies come to get me

♪ You hide me

♪ And protect me

♪ Won't let me lose

♪ Won't be consumed no

♪ You lift me

♪ I depend on you

♪ I've got angels all around

♪ So happy I have found you

♪ And I shall be like a tree

♪ Planted by waters free

♪ Oh you'll be my king

♪ Praise you

♪ So much better

♪ So much better

♪ You changed me

♪ Something greater

♪ Something greater

♪ You made me

♪ So much better

♪ Yeah

♪ You changed me

♪ Something greater

♪ All I wanna do

♪ All I wanna do

♪ All I wanna do

♪ Praise you

♪ Praise him

♪ Praise you

♪ Thank you Lord

♪ Praise you Lord

♪ I will

♪ I will

♪ Thank you

♪ Thank you Lord

♪ Just thank you

♪ Praise you

♪ You have given me

♪ You have given me

♪ Given me

♪ New life

♪ New life

♪ Gave me new life

♪ New life

♪ New life

♪ New life

♪ You gave me new life

♪ New life

♪ New life

♪ New life

♪ You gave me

♪ New life

♪ New life

♪ Gave me new life

♪ You gave me

♪ New life

♪ New life

♪ Yeah

♪ New life

♪ Yeah

♪ You gave me new life

♪ I got it

♪ New life

♪ You gave it

♪ New life

♪ Let me tell you about Jesus

♪ Tell me

♪ Let me tell you about Jesus

♪ Tell me

♪ Let me tell you about Jesus

- Izak.

Are you okay?


- Yeah, just need
some fresh air.

- God always puts
a ram in the bush.

And don't stay out in
those streets too late,

ain't nothing out there but
trouble and consequences.


Baby go on up to the bedroom,

I'm gonna come up
and wrap your hair.


- What was wrong with him?

- He didn't get into USC.

- What?

[crickets chirp]

A party?

I don't think so.


Yeah, I know.

I wanna see you too,
I miss you, I know.


- Kimberly.

- Yes ma'am...

Hold on, yes ma'am?

- I know you not talking
on that phone this late.

- But it's my phone.

- But this is my house.

- I have to go, sorry, bye.

- Young lady, you
are going to have

to have more dignity
about yourself.

That boy is not
gonna respect you

if you don't make
him respect you.

- But grandma, why
can't I talk to him?

That's my boyfriend.

- I didn't say you
couldn't talk to him.

But talking to him this late.

That ain't nothing but a
recipe for sin, and disaster.

That boy's hormones
are already raging.

And he looking at you
like you a piece of meat.

Secondly, you bout
to go to college,

you need to be
focusing on them books.

There is gonna be plenty
of time for boys later.

- No, but grandma, he
really does care about me.

- I can see the devil
in that boy's eyes.

He's gonna lie, maneuver, until

he gets you to give it up.

- Grandma, you do
not know everything,

like not everybody's
out to get me.

I need to be able to be me.

- Oh, you don't know
nothing about being me yet.

But you will.

You just keep living
a little more.

Now you go to bed.

And give me that phone.

[somber instrumental music]



Almighty God.

Now you are the
alpha and the omega,

the beginning and
the end, and if you

can't do it, it can't be done.

I keep talking to 'em
Lord, they don't hear me.

I don't think they
hear me, Lord.


- Oh God, you scared me.

- What are you...


- Is she still
out there praying?

- Yes, but what does...

- Okay, good.

So I have about 10
more minutes before

she goes to sleep, and
then we can sneak out.

- Sneak out and go where?

- This party, a
couple blocks over.

- Jason's party?

- Yeah, how do
you know about it?

- My boyfriend's trying
to get me to come.

- So then lets go.

- No, are you...

No, we'll get in trouble, no.

- Look, Mama Margie
prays, every night

for 15 minutes before
she goes to bed.

She sleeps like the dead,

she won't even know we're gone.

- No, I mean, I don't know.


- Oh come on.

You know you wanna go.

- I do wanna see him.

- Okay then, good.

Put on something
sexy, and lets go.

- Okay.

[suspenseful instrumental music]

- Go?

- [Maryland] To the
door yes, to the door.

Go out the door.

- I'm opening it.

- Okay, shush.

- Wait, I think I...

I think I hear her.

- [Maryland] Stop that.

- I think I heard her.


- I don't hear anything.

She's not coming.

Pull it together, lets go.

- God, you're such a...

[door slams]

[muffled whispers]

[energetic hip hop music]

[overlapping conversations]

Do I hear Boom Boom?

Look at this party.

- Maryland, I am
not feeling this.

- Girl, what?

This party is turnt up.

- Hey, what's up baby, you
made it huh, what's good?

- Excuse me, so you're
not gonna introduce me?

- Maryland, this is
my boyfriend, Royce.

- What's up Maryland?

- And it's spelled like
the state, not the slut.

- Hey look, lets go into
the back room real quick.

- Why do we need
to go to the back?

- Just get some privacy,
just get out of here.

- I can't leave
Maryland like that.

- Trust me, Maryland
looks just fine.

Come on, lets get out of here.

- Okay, Maryland
I'll be right back.

- [Maryland] Okay.

- You know that
boy been sleeping

in his car for
the last two days.

- I just don't know what
he's trying to prove.

- Well obviously he loves you.

- If he loved me he
wouldn't have cheated on me.

- You carrying a
whole lot of stones.

- What does that mean?

- Jesus said, "He
who is without sin

"cast the first stone."

And since you're
throwing stones, well

I just assumed that
you were without sin.

- No, it's not that simple.


I honestly don't know
if I can forgive him.

- Well maybe it's you
that don't love him.

- Maybe.


I do.

- The more forgiveness you need,

the more love you have
to have to give it.

You know a lot of
people think life is

more complicated than it is.

- How so?

- Man is one of a few
days, with much trouble.

Life is about how you
handle that trouble.

How you handling your
trouble, Loretta?

- I just wanna be loved
without an asterisk.

- With a as, what?

- Asterisk.

You know, plain, simple.

- Baby, you got to give the
kind of love you want to get.

- Thank you.


What are you doing?

- Waiting for you.

- Why?

- Because I'm your husband.

And I love you.

- You don't love with words.

- I know.

- Your words are poisonous,
creeping, manipulative.

- I know.

- [Loretta] Is that
all you have to say?

- I have lots to say.

But you're right.

My words mean nothing.

I'm embarrassed, and
unworthy, and what

I'm asking of you.

- What'd you say to the firm?

- Just told 'em I had some
family issues to deal with.

- What about your cases?

- They can wait.

- Can't you just go home,
and wait for me there?

- No, I messed this up.

And I gotta make this
right, and sitting

at home won't fix that.

- I don't know how
to get past this.

- I don't either.

I just know that I'm willing
to do whatever it takes,

whatever it takes
to make it work.

I'll be waiting
right here, until

you're ready for me
to take you home.

- Thomas.

- Yeah?

- I was thinking that
maybe we should just

go get you a room somewhere.

- Not unless you're
coming with me.

I'm in this begging mood.

You remember that's
how I got you to marry

me in the first place?

- Oh Thomas.

- Please baby, baby, please.

♪ Please baby baby

♪ Please

- Here's the finger,
here's the finger.

♪ Please


- Hold on.

- I'm not gonna smile, I'm not.

- Loretta, listen to me.

I love you.

I'm sorry.

I'm here.


- Let me go talk to mamma.

- Alright.

♪ Please baby baby please

- Come sit down
for a little bit.

Babe, I've been thinking
about you so much.

- You have?

- Yes, of course.

Look, you know how much
I care about you, right?

- Do you now?

- Yes.

[energetic hip-hop music]

- The perfect spot for
some pre-game activities.

- Like what I see up in here.

- Definitely man, which one
you gonna knock down, kid?

- Nah, I'm cool.

- Hey bruh, you good?

- Yeah man, I'm good.

- Make sure you
are, 'cause I need

you ready for tonight.

- Yeah man, we setting
it off tonight.

- Yo, I said I'm good.


- You are so beautiful.

- I know.


- Royce, why did you want us
to come back here so badly?

- Look, I just
wanted to spend some

quality time together, baby.

- Do you think I'm stupid?

You're trying to
have sex with me.

- Babe, what's wrong with that?

- Boy, move.

- Wait, wait, hold on.

Why are you tripping?

- Do you really wanna
see what happens next?

It's not gonna be
what you're thinking.

- It's alright.

- Just got a text.

Yo, my boy just told me got a

little freak in the back,
and they about to set it off.

- That's what I'm talking about.

- Man, I'm not with that, man.

- Yo, lets go get
in the train, man.

- [Q] Yeah, come on dude.

- [Kimberly] What
are you doing here?

- What are you doing here?

- Where's Maryland?

- Wait, Maryland's here?

- Yeah.


[dramatic instrumental music]

Oh my God.

[dramatic rap music]

[cell phone buzzes]

- Yo, why'd you leave?

- Hey man, chill, at my house?

Dude, I had to get
Maryland back home,

she's like my family.

- I dig that, but I mean we
like your family too, right?

- Yeah man, yeah, of course.

- Good, so lets get it.

- Yeah man, it's time to
get that money, homie.

- Look man, I'm not
with that anymore.

- What you mean?

- I mean I'm not doing the job.

- Ah man, I knew this cat
was gonna punk out, yo.

- I mean you saying that
as if you have a choice.

- Yeah, I do have a choice.

And I just made it.

I can't keep ruining my
life with stupid decisions.

- You're gonna do
the job, 'cause

I own you, and you owe me!


Like I said, we fam.

Blood in, blood out,
so if you want out,

there's only one way.

So what it's gonna be,
are you in, or you out!

- He's out!

- Mamma Margie, I got this.

I can handle it Mamma Margie.

- Yeah this ain't
none of your business.

- Well I'm making
it my business.

And I would appreciate
it if you would

get off my property.

- I'll leave.

But he's coming with me.

- Oh no he's not.

He doesn't belong to
you, he's a child of God,

and you can't have him.

- Old lady, I'm
trying to be nice,

but if you don't lift
your little old behind

back in that house...

- Hey man, you better
check yourself.

- [Margie] Wait a minute.

Or you gonna what baby?

You don't have no power over me.

And I command you,
and these demons

to get out of my yard,
in the name of Jesus.

- Demon, huh?


Now I'm gonna act like one.

- Are you sure that this
is what you wanna do?

- Shut-up!
- You don't have to do this.

- Baby, God's got
better for you,

he's got more for you.

- Ain't no God.

- Alright.

Then you go ahead
and you just pull

that trigger, see
what not believing

in God is gonna get you
while you rot away in jail.

Go ahead, son.

Go ahead!

You can kill my body, but
you can't touch our souls.

- Yo man, I don't
know if I'm down

for killing no old lady, man.

- Shut up!

- I know where my soul
is going, do you, huh?

Do you know for sure?

Come on child.


Make a decision.

- More money for us.


Lets get out of here.

Can't believe you.

- Mamma Margie, Mamma
Margie, are you okay?

- I'm fine, I don't
know, it seemed

like I just lost my breath.

Now come on, help
me in the house.

- [Izak] Mamma
Margie, are you okay?

- [Margie] I'm alright.

[gentle instrumental music]

♪ What can I render

♪ To you Lord

♪ For all your benefit

♪ Your reward

♪ You preserve my soul

♪ And you made me whole

♪ What can I give to you

♪ To show my gratitude

♪ What can I do to
show you I love you

♪ Take my life I'm yours

♪ I just wanna give you more

♪ More and more

♪ More of my heart Lord

♪ More and more

♪ More of my life Lord

♪ More and more

♪ More of my gratitude

♪ More and more

♪ I just wanna give you

- Hey.

- Have you seen Izak?

- No.

- You can go peel
those potatoes.

- Okay.

Look, I'm sorry
about last night.

- It's okay.

- Okay, I shouldn't
have left you,

I feel really bad about it.

- I shouldn't have been there.

If Izak didn't come
in when he did...


Mamma Margie's right.

I know, I gotta get it together.

That's not the woman
that I wanna be.

I need to be a better
mother to Chloe.

- Oh Lord.


I thought...





- Hello, where is everyone?

- [Kimberly] In the kitchen!

- Kimberly, I have
a surprise for you.

We have a surprise for you.

- What, what is it?


- Kimberly!

- Oh my gosh, I prayed so hard
for you to come back, mom.

- I prayed too,
baby, look at you.

- Is it over?

- It's over, okay, I
am done, I am clean,

and I am never going
back to that life.

- Oh my god.
- My baby!

- I love you baby.

- Hey, where's Mamma Margie?

- Isn't she at church?

Nah, she got sick
last night, and said

she didn't want to be bothered.

- She's not upstairs?

- Wait a minute, wait a minute.

- Mamma?

[dramatic instrumental music]



Mamma, what's wrong?

- Breathe.

- Mamma?

Mamma, you okay?

- [Margie] Loretta...

- Mamma?


- Mamma, Mamma, just hold on.

- I'm ready to go.

Only my Lord.

I'm ready, my Lord.

- What do you mean, mamma?

- Izak, call 911!


- No you're not
mamma, no you're not.

You're not going anywhere.

- I thought you...

For so long.

And you both, Loretta, I
couldn't be more proud.

I'm sorry.

- The ambulance will
be here any second.

- Speak to me, mamma.

- Kimberly.

- [Kimberly] Grandma...

Sh, grandma, just rest.

You've been so
faithful, just rest.

It's okay.

Just rest.

Just rest.

It's okay for you to just rest.

[somber instrumental music]




My grandmother died that day.

I don't know if my
words brought her peace,

but they did that for me.

The same day I get
my mother back,

I lose my grandmother.

My mother said she
wanted me to speak

at my grandmother's funeral, but

I don't know what to say.

I stand here today,
touched by an angel.

A woman whose light
could not be dimmed

by pain, tragedy, or despair.

She was the cornerstone
of her community,

and her family, and she
believed in living right,

and helping people.

She was one of the most
giving souls I've ever met.

That was my grandma.

And even though I
told her I love you,

you're special, I
never said it enough.

I never showed it enough.

The phrase, "Give
me my flowers while

"I can still smell
them," rings in my mind.

But in saying that, every
grandma is someone special.

Not only do they
raise their children,

but they pass down wisdom to
their children's children.

Looking out into the
crowd gathered here,

I see so many lives that
my Grandmother Margie

touched and blessed.

[somber piano music]

I miss you, grandma.


- Ah, look at you guys.

So pretty.

Pretty girl, guess what,
you got your own room.

Come on, let me show you.

I hope you like pink.

[somber piano music]

- [Kimberly] The
nights that are spent

praying for us,
interceding, giving the

last of themselves,
it is breathtaking.

They do what only
a grandmother can.

Grandmothers today
still wanna be cool,

they wanna date.

But I thank God for
those grandmothers

that have imparted
such importance

to us by giving
of themselves, and

looking for nothing in return.

That was my grandmother.

[sirens wail]
[distant radio chatter]

And yes, I'm sad to
see her go, but I know

she would want us to
celebrate her life,

and not mourn her
death, for when

this earthly vessel passes away,

there's another building,
not made by hand.

- Can I help you?

- [Scott] Izak, Izak Mitchell?

- Yeah.

- [Scott] Hey, I'm Coach Scott.

I wanna talk to
you about coming to

play for the Badgers, son.

- Come on in, come on in.

- You sure, okay, alright.
- Yeah, yeah.

- Nice to...

- [Scott] Nice to meet you too.

- Scott?

- [Scott] Yeah, yeah yeah.
- Coach Scott?

- [Kimberly] And I know her
spirit will live in me forever.

[somber piano music]

♪ I hear your words

♪ I hear your voice

♪ Need to see the signs it says

♪ You believe in me

♪ I lift my hands and pray

♪ Embrace the healing
that it brings

♪ But still I feel unworthy

♪ Doesn't matter how I fell

♪ How far I fall

♪ Doesn't matter how
the dark the sins

♪ You forgive them all

♪ There are no words
for how far you reach

♪ To pull me up

♪ Your love fills

♪ Me up

♪ Fills me up

♪ Your love

♪ Your love

♪ Your love

♪ I'll never be the same

♪ Deep within me
something's changed

♪ And all I wanna do is

♪ Say thank you

♪ I wanna give you more

♪ But I'm feeling so unsure

♪ Oh God

♪ I feel so unworthy

♪ But

♪ Doesn't matter how I fell

♪ How far I fall

♪ Doesn't matter
how dark the sins

♪ You forgive them all

♪ There are no words for
how far you will reach

♪ To pull

♪ Me up

♪ Your love fills me up

♪ Fills me up

♪ Oh

♪ Your love

♪ Your love

♪ Is a mystery

♪ Is a mystery

♪ Your love

♪ It sets me free

♪ Your love

♪ Unchains me

♪ Unchains me

♪ There is no limit to your love

♪ Oh

♪ Your love

♪ Is a mystery

♪ Is a mystery

♪ Your love

♪ Sets me free

♪ Your love sets me free

♪ Your love

♪ Unchains me

♪ Unchains me

♪ There is no limit to your love

♪ There's no limit

♪ No limit

♪ No

♪ Your love is a mystery

♪ Is a mystery

♪ Your love sets me free

♪ Sets me free

♪ Your love

♪ Unchains me

♪ Unchains me

♪ There is no limit

♪ To your love

♪ There is no limit

♪ There is no limit

♪ No limit

♪ There is no limit

♪ There is no limit

♪ There is no limit

♪ To your love

♪ There is no limit

♪ There is no limit

♪ There is no limit

♪ There is no limit

♪ To your love

♪ No limit to your love

♪ More and more

♪ More of my heart Lord

♪ More and more

♪ More of my life Lord

♪ More and more

♪ More of my gratitude

♪ More and more

♪ I just wanna give you

♪ More and more

♪ More of my life

♪ More and more

♪ More of my faithfulness

♪ More and more

♪ More of my time

♪ More and more

♪ I wanna give you

♪ More and more