Grand Jeté (2022) - full transcript

In order to concentrate on her career, a ballet teacher lives estranged from her young son, who grew up with her mother. When she meets him again after years, an affection develops that goes far beyond maternal love.


What is it?

I can't.


I can't today.

"Today" doesn't exist in dancing.

You can't
only if you accept that you can't.

Let's get started.


Seven, eight.

And demi plié.

And stretch.

Seven, eight.

Temps levé, passé, and chassé, and step,
grand jeté.

No, no.


You're in the air for a second.

Nothing is behind
or in front of you.

That's your grand jeté.

I need stronger painkillers.

The orthopedist
prescribed a cane.

There are chic canes now.


Very kind.

It suits you better.

I'm going to the store.

Could you take the garbage?

I have lilies and ethanol in the fridge
for your pimples.

Mama, they aren't pimples.

What are they?

It's dermatitis, Mama.

On the balcony!

- Where is she?
- There.

My dearest Hanne!

Happy birthday.
Here are the obligatory flowers.

- What smells so good?
- Cabbage, Hermann.

You lived in America.
I could never do that.

Nadja bought an apartment
in downtown Berlin with her pension.

I should've done ballet, too!

I can jump so well.

Would you have attended boarding school
since you were five?

- She was ten.
- Ten? Then yes.

I thought ballerinas
live off their husbands.

And get their feet kissed.

They don't piss or shit, either.

I recently saw you on TV, Nadja.
"Swan Lake."

Or was it "The Nutcracker?"
No, "Swan Lake."

They only show "The Nutcracker"
on Christmas.

How long ago was that?

Enjoy the party.

Cheers. Here's to you.

Turn it up.

Not much. Just a bit.

- Can we smoke inside now?
- Ah, no.


This is your room now.

Come in.

No, no.

- So we can smoke inside now?
- Yes!

Hermann, a birthday dance!

Come back soon.

It's not far.

Do you like him?

Today was nice.

How are you getting
to the train station?

I know the way.

You had shorter hair
in the pictures.

Too cute.

One, two, three, four...


Shoulders down.


Get the scale.

Hello. May I help you?

Where can I find Mr. Roshke?

He's not a trainer.
He's just a temp.

I'm his mother.

I see!

He's getting changed.
He'll be here soon.

Let's go.

Are you old enough to drive?

You wanna do it?

How did you actually
conceive me?

A mishap?

I was on the pill.

But back then, I threw up a lot.

Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.

Is everyone here?

Here are three kilograms.

But tonight,
they'll be doing ten.

And here are our six candidates.




And action!

Who's faltering?

Who'll bail first?

That was quick.

Ladies and gentlemen,
this requires not only talent,

but years of training.

That's right!

Four are left.

Who'll be the final three?

- C'mon!
- Here we go.

Three left.

They all look like winners.

But shortly,
we'll know who's not.

He fails.

Now to our finalists.

Congratulations to Mario.

And to everyone who bet on him.


You flirt with the audience.

Viewers respect
those who ignore them.

May I drive?

I can't see anything.

There's nothing to see.

May I touch it?

Go ahead.

Here, juice for you.

Without sugar.

Should I wash your clothes
when the water comes back on?

What clothes?

Are you off work?

I'm taking time off.

Want to eat with me?

No, thanks.

I'm a bit tired.

Oh, well.



You did that, right?

Have things changed there?


Inside me.

You're a little cat.

And I'm your queen of mice.

Should I recite a poem?

My homework.

Test me.

Jakob van Hoddis,
"End of the World."

From his pointed head,
the citizen's hat is flying

Echoes filling the airs
like cry and hue

Roofers tumbling
and breaking in two

While along the coast,
one reads, the tide is rising

The storm is here,
the wild seas with their ripples

Ashore, crushing the...

- steadfast sea wall.
- Steadfast sea wall.

Most people have the sniffles

The trains from the bridges,
off they fall

What's your plan for today?




So you'll be back late?

Hanne has some books.

Can you get me some of that
"End of the World?"

He wrote more than that?

You study a man
who only wrote one poem?

No idea.

Could you close the curtains?


It's not a good idea
to do that alone.

Why not?

You've got a weak heart.

My heart, your skin, your bones...

We all get what we deserve.

Should I change the sheets
of you two?

No, they're still fine.

How was your day out there?

Just normal.

Such as?

Something with a girl.

What girl?

A girl...

standing by my car wanted to join me.
I gave her a ride.

Her skirt got shorter
at every traffic light.

Then she put her hand
on my belt.

I said my mother
is waiting for me at home.

I dropped her off
at the next corner.

She was angry.


Stop it.

Dance for me.

You can't dance for someone.

Then just dance.

I know what you're capable of.
I saw it on video.

Or was that too long ago?


Your boyfriend called.

He can't reach you.

Shouldn't you get joint surgery?

Are you ashamed?

For what?

- That not only your body is broken.
- Nonsense.

You don't know anything
about maternal feelings.

I'm here.

I'm going to the gym.

Should we play Pussycat?

You'll have to turn around.

You're the little pussycat.

I'm the old, sick cat
who'll soon go away.

Mario hasn't come home.

That's normal.

He's a man now.

My dear.

Everything will be fine.

My dear kitty cat.

It'll be fine.

Your teeth look very nice.

Even the crowns are still good.

I'll apply medication now.

Tastes nasty.

Now rinse.

Should I take that?

It's fine.

Where can I leave it?

Great apartment.

These are your towels.

Is Meridol far from here?

What's that?

A club.

I don't know it.

I'll go and check.


Two croissants, please.

That's new.

My son moved in with me.


How was the club?


Should we go together?

Why not?

You know this date?

Two terrible events
will take place:

The yogurt will expire
and it's my birthday.


Can I call you back?


No, Berlin is awesome.

Much better than our...
small-town dump.


No, I'm not disturbing her.
She gave me a bike.

I hate birthdays.

Sofie, please.

Lift your head.

I'll be back.


On Saturday?

OK, and when? 5 to 9 p.m.?

Here's your maternity passport.

You already know:

no physical strain or sports.

Let yourself be pampered.

You should be extra careful.

Are you the brother?

Can I leave you two?

Subtitles: Way Film Translation,
Matthew Way