Grand Isle (2019) - full transcript

A young father is charged for murder and must prove his innocence through recalling a very twisted and dark night of events.


Can we interest you
in some cookies?

I'd be delighted.

I will take two boxes.

For Frank.

Here you go.

Well, aren't you the most
adorable little girl

I've ever seen.

Are you all right?

Yes, darling.

You can run along now.

You sure as hell
picked the wrong house.

All right.

You want some water,
something to eat?

I can have somebody
get you something.

You a God-fearing man, Buddy?

I ain't been to church.

It can be a hard commitment trying
to make ends meet, what

with a newborn baby, right?


I wasn't very religious myself
growing up, but,

this job has shown me some
things... things that,

I can't erase from my mind.

And they've been burned
into my soul forever.

I have to admit there have been
some moments when I wasn't

sure I'd be able
to go on, but then

my faith carries me through.

You ever have moments like that?

You feel like right now
might be one of those moments?

Well, sure am sorry about this.

I mean, breaking and entering,
that's one thing.

But murder?

Damn, that is a
whole other story.

And I hate to tell you
that all signs clearly point

to you being the murderer.

I want you to help me
understand your side.

Take your time, deep breaths
and all, and tell me what happened.

Give me just a minute
of your time, sir.

Now, remember I
said profit margins

were growing last week, right?

Well, they didn't stop.

Look at this.

Success story, after
success story, after success story.

I mean, the list goes on, man.

It's... it's... it's...
Guaranteed money.

Look, what does the Lord say?

You reap what you sow.


You sow one of this, I'm telling
you, man, you will reap.

You know,
that's... that's... that's the truth.

I... look, I gotta go.

You... you give me a call
if you, change your mind?

All right?


Hey, baby.


You all right?

She is coughing
again this morning.

We need to get her
to a doctor soon.

Yeah, we will.

May have to wait till
after the storm, though.

I got some good
things in the works.

Buddy, we've talked about this.

I believe in you,
and I know things

are going to come
through eventually,

but we need money now.

I know.

You're right.

I saw a sign out front.

They need bussers.

I'll do manual labor myself if
I can get a sitter for Emily...


Absolutely not.

No, no.

I'm gonna take care of it.

Now, Frank called today
about a fencing job.

I guess I got requested,
so l'll go down and see if I

can get some cash up front, or.


Listen, I've been thinking.

It's been intense lately.

A bit stressful.

I was just thinking maybe
we let your sister watch Emily

for a weekend, and,
you know, we have

just a little one-on-one time.


It's been six months.

I know, I'm sorry.

And I know you've been patient.

Since the baby, I
just don't feel sexy.

Just give me a bit more time.

All right.

Hey, there.

I'm here about the fence.

Look, somebody called
and requested I come.


What happened?

Can you fix it?

It shouldn't be a problem.


Well, today was just supposed
to be the estimate.

You know, we got a
hurricane coming.

It's just a piece of fence.

It's not even 1 o'clock yet.

You got plenty of time.

I'll make it worth your while.

Worth my while?

What you thinking?

There he is,
mister negotiator all of a sudden.

What's it gonna cost me?

Let's see.

You gotta replace
this whole part,

so, I mean, that's probably,
what, seven feet?

So that's about 10
bucks a post, tax,

you're looking at around 100.

So all in, I'd say,
200 would be safe.

Well, you get it done the
day, I'll give you 250.


240, final offer.


I want it done today.

Where were you stationed?

1st Battalion 10th Marines,
Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

Gunslingers, right?

How'd you know that?

Navy man.

Just got back.

Well, I'll be damned.

Yeah, I know they call
y'all squids, but you

look more like a tadpole to me.

What do they call
you Marines again?

If you call me a jarhead,
you watch what happens.

I'm just fucking with you.

Get to work.

The way you wear your hat.

The way you sip your tea.

The memory of all that.

No, they can't take
that away from me.

The way you smile just beams.

The way you sing off-key.

The way you haunt my dreams.

No, they can't take
that away from me.

Happy anniversary, baby.

What are you doing?

What's it look like?

All these years,
I still don't mean that much to you.


Baby doll.

I don't want to hear it!

I messed up.

To think I put this on for you.

I apologize, OK?

I don't want it.

I love you the same,
so much, every day.

I don't know why one day has to
be more important than all

the rest of them.

Because it is the day our
love merged and was forever united.

I don't know why every
year I think maybe...

Maybe this year Walter will come
to a deeper understanding.

I'm sorry.

I don't know what
else I can say or do.

Why don't you do what
a man's supposed to do.

And what is that exactly?

Paint the house.

Mow the lawn.

Make love to me like
a real man instead

of sitting on your lazy
ass and getting drunk all day.

Now, you push me
once, I can let it go.

Push me twice, I might react.

Do it.

Go on.

Hurt me, Walter.

Hurt me real bad.

Let's see if you got the balls.

I knew it.

You simply lack what it
takes to follow through.

And in local news,

another teenager has
been reported missing.

16-year-old Jeff Goudet was
last seen wearing a black tracksuit

with white stripes.

Members of the
public should contact.

Detective Jones of the
Sheriff's Department

if they have any information.

And now over to Jessica
for updates on the hurricane.

As you can see, Hurricane Jody

is now a Category 3
storm out in the Gulf.

But models expect
it to gain strength

before it makes landfall.

You look like you're
about to pass out.

No, ma'am, I'm... I'm good.

Who you calling ma'am?

I'm very sorry... Missus...

Fancy, short for
Francine Mae Franklin.

Your name?


It's a pleasure to meet you.

You want some?

Iced tea.


Yeah, that sounds
nice, actually.

Seems kind of down
to try and fix a fence

right before a hurricane
comes, but that's

my idiot husband for you.

It's all right.

I... I like to
finish what I start.

You live far from here?

On the other side of town.

I can make it home if I hurry.

I always loved the
calm before a storm.

Birds are smart.

Why's that?

They leave before it arrives.

They can sense the danger.

Well, thank you very much.

I should probably
get back to it.

You're very welcome.


Are you OK?


Yes, ma'am, I'm fine, I'm fine.

Come on, let me see.

It's all right, I promise.

I'm good.

Come on inside.

We'll get you all cleaned up.

I appreciate that, but I...

I really gotta finish
up here and get home...

I'm not asking.

Thanks, but I... I can...
I can do that.

No guest of mine
will not be attended

to by the queen of this house.

Are you the queen of this house?

No, I'm not.


Let me see.

All better.

What, we good here?

I hurt my hand.

Did you, now?

I'm... I'm try and finish up.

You just can't help
yourself, can you?

I'm sorry.

Does that bother you?

Doesn't bother me one bit.

Hey, what the hell?

Fucking asshole.

Are you fucking kidding me?

What the fuck's the matter with
you, asshole?

There you are.

Hey, I'm...

I'm real sorry, but I
wasn't able to finish.

I can come back early next week, wrap it up.

It's gonna be 100, then.

You didn't live up to
your end of the bargain.

Come on, man.

It started raining out there.

It's not my fault.

Looks like the good Lord doesn't

want you to make extra money.

That's gotta hurt.


Thank you,
for the iced tea and the Band-Aid.

You're very welcome.

How would you like
to stay for dinner?

That's, very kind of you, but, actually,

my... my daughter's a
little under the weather

and my wife's at home
taking care of her,

so I should, you know,
make sure they're all right in the storm.

Of course.

You hear that, Walt?

This man actually
cares for his family.


No, no, no, no, no.

Let me get this straight.

You said your truck
wouldn't start.


I mean, no.

Is it yes or no?


Had you ever met
the Franklins before that day?

Seen Walt around
town a few times.

Never spoke to him.


And you robbed a liquor
store with a spray painted BB gun.


My dad needed his booze,
and l wasn't prepared to take

another ass whooping.

You ever wonder what you might
have done if the store

clerk had refused your demands?

Never thought about it.

Looks like I just hit a nerve.

I didn't mean to.

I'm just trying to
find out if you're

the type of guy who secret likes
hurting other people.

Are you that kind of guy, Buddy?

No, I'm not.

You seem to be forgetting l'm
trying to help you.

But I need you to
help me in return.

Now, if you are a God-fearing man like I am,

you also know that
God can forgive you.

The question is,
can you forgive yourself for what you did?

I didn't do anything.

So you went back inside.

What is it, tadpole?

Can't swim?

My... my truck won't start.

If... if I left my equipment
and my truck here,

could I use your car to go home?

I... I gotta check on my family.

What, you think I'll let you
pull some backdoor trade

and leave me with a
beat-up truck while

you steal my Mach 1 Mustang?

Backdoor trade, man?

You... you best get comfy.

Look, I... I gotta call my wife.

Can I use your phone?

Be my guest.


Hey, babe.

Hey, it's me.


Where are you?

I've been worried sick.

I got stuck at my job.

I... What do you
mean you got stuck?

I know, I'm sorry.

It's not my fault.
I tried to finish, and it started raining.

The truck was stalling.

Damn it, Buddy.

You shouldn't have waited so
long to try and leave.

Now you can't even call a cab.

Yeah, I can't leave.

How's Emily?

She's still coughing.

Missing you.

Listen, stay away from the
windows, you know.

It shouldn't be too bad.

I'll be home as soon as I can.


You just stay there nice and cozy
at some stranger's house.

We'll be fine on our own.

If you'd like to make a call...
Love you.


Come on, have some wine, relax.

I... I don't really drink.

We got a hurricane coming.

What else are you gonna do?

All right.

Semper Fi.

How's the meatloaf?

Really great.

So how'd you two meet?

You don't want to
hear about any of that.

We met shortly after
Walt came back from Nam.

I was singing in a
club in New Orleans...

Jazz singer.

Walt came in to watch.

He was an alluring mix
of strength and courage, hope.

How times have changed.

Where'd you meet your wife?

Well, we, met in sixth grade.

And I... I knew right
then she was the one.

Got married when we
graduated high school.

That's beautiful.

What's so beautiful about it?

The poor bastard's only gonna
sleep with one woman

for the rest of his
life, if he doesn't get

divorced before he turns 30.

How long have you
two been married?

15 years tonight.

But we've known each
other way, way, way longer.

It seems like a lifetime.

Multiple lifetimes.

Buddy, how would
you like a mint julep?

It's my great-grandmother's recipe.

Sounds great.

Looks like it's just me and you.

You a football fan?

More a baseball guy.


Makes sense you
like a soft sport.

You know, ever since the
NFL strike, it's been nothing

but lies and deception.

You... you... you know
about deception, don't you?

Not sure I follow.

I mean, I can tell
you're having problems at home.

An example, when
was the last time you

had your, cock, sucked?

Excuse me?

That long?


You know what else I can tell?

What's that?

I can tell you
want to fuck my wife.


What'd I miss?

Buddy here was just telling
me how lonely he is.

Appears he and his
wife haven't been able to spend

any quality time together.

I never said that.

That woman must
be out of her mind

if she doesn't know how
to take care of you.


She treats me fine.

You are a smart, fine,
well-spoken young man.

If she can't see that,
then shame on her.

How's that julep taste?

It's really nice.

I'm go check on Walt.

There are still no updates tonight

on the disappearance of local
teenager Jeff Goudet,

who is the fourth local teenager
to go missing recently.

So far the Sheriff's
Department have no leads

on any of the missing
children and no reason

to believe that these
cases are linked.

Stay tuned to Grand Isle News for
updates on all local news.

And now, the weather.

How about I give you
a tour of the house?

It's all right.

I... I was just gonna...

This is obviously
Walter's favorite room.

This house has been in
my family for over 150 years.

My great-great-grandfather
was a big time real estate man.

My grandparents
loved this house.

Sometimes I think I can
feel their presence.

In here we used
to entertain over

half the city throwing
parties like you wouldn't believe.

Not anymore.

Well, you already
know the kitchen.

What's in here?

Bad things, Buddy.

Real bad things.

I'm just messing with you.

That just leads down
to the basement.

There's nothing down
there but storage.

Come on, let's go upstairs.

This is my favorite
room in the house.

Come on in.

You can have a seat here.


I'm change into something
more comfortable.

Despite all the rain coming down,
it is still so damn hot.

Is it true that your
wife don't treat you right?


No, she's... she's good.

It's... you know, it's just...
Just what?

I... just... It...
since Emily...

Connected like we used to.

You know, it just...
Just built up distance.

Well, I understand how
a child changes everything.

Ever since I was a little girl,
I have always wanted

a huge family of my very own.

Do you and...
and Walter have... Have kids?

The Lord didn't
grant me the ability.

I can't have one... Medically.

I see.

There are always other measures.

Walter and I have had to
make some hard choices.

Does your wife have a job?


Just the yougin'.

It's so unfortunate she doesn't
realize what she has.

We'll figure it out.

Without the sweet touch
of love, we ain't got nothing.

Have you ever been
with another woman?

Well, that's a bit personal.

Well, then, let me
rephrase the question.

Have you ever been
with an older woman?

Have you ever
fantasized about it?

I've never been
with a younger man.

Never had the opportunity.

But I have fantasized
about it many times.

You know what I do to
myself when I fantasize?

I could probably guess.

Can I tell you my
young boy fantasy?

If you'd like.

Well, he walks me
into a luscious garden

filled with flowers.

And then he kisses me
real soft-like on the lips.

Then he kisses my neck,
and then my breast, and then my stomach.

Then he's down on his knees
right in front of me.

And then he starts
kissing my thighs.

Should I keep going?


And then he opens my legs.

I... I...

He's gone.

You're crazy.

Residents are advised to stay indoors

and away from any windows.

We have received reports that
many roads and bridges

are completely flooded.

The governor has declared a
state of emergency,

and the National Guard
has been dispatched

to assist local officials
with rescue and recovery procedures.

The Sheriff's Office has asked
residents to remain...


What's up?

I thought we might get
a drink, have a little talk.

Come on up.

Why don't you take a seat?

That one.

You ever... you ever
think about your own death?

Not lately.

I think about mine every day.

It forces me to have gratitude.

That's something you
don't know about.

I'm grateful.

You've got a beautiful
young wife and daughter at home,

and you're messing it all up.

Besides, people only
know gratitude when they're faced

with life and death choices.

That's the real
tragedy of life...


So what'd you see
on the USS Stark?

How'd you know I
was on that ship?

You think I'd just
invite anybody into my home?

Y'all watched it on the news.

You saw some shit, didn't you,
Mr. Action Jackson?

My career in Nam began
and ended when I was 17.

Bullshit, that's the reason.

I caught shrapnel in my
left knee from friendly fire.

I was all set to go out
on my first mission,

and some jackass boot
wasn't paying attention

and let his grenade
go off during a drill.

And I was the
only motherfucker who got hurt.

Everybody else went out
on mission the next day,

and I got sent home.

I protested.

I asked to go back.

They weren't having it.

That sucks.

Two weeks later,
my entire squad,

every single one of them,
got killed on mission

just south of Da Nang.

And I should have
been there with them.

I should have died with them.

Go out in a blaze of bullets.


So what'd you see?


Are you gonna tell me
like we're old friends,

or am I gonna have to
force it out of you?

Come on.

Like you saw on the news.

On 17th May,
Iraqi bomber dropped a couple missiles,

and it penetrated the hull,
ignited the fuel lines,

and it spread
quickly throughout.

37 dead, including
my buddy Carl.

I tried to help him,
but... but... it...

His body burned
beyond recognition.

What did the United
States military offer

you in return for your service?


Jack shit.

They told us we were
the important ones

when they shipped us off to war,
made us feel like somebody.

And then when were turned, they spat on us

and called us scumbag filth.

This entire system is programmed
for the American youth

to die so that the
blubbery old Washington

fat cats can stay rich.

That's all right.

That's OK.

'Cause this here, me and
you, this is destiny.

Why's that?


Why are you showing it to me?

It's what I'm gonna
pay you to kill my wife.

You got a weird
sense of humor, man.

Six months ago she was diagnosed

with terminal blood
cancer, and there

ain't no coming back from that.

She's about to
start suffering real

bad like you wouldn't believe.

And I... I just...

I'd do it myself, but I
haven't got the heart.

I'll make it real easy for you.

Son, you just cover
her mouth with it,

and she'll be gone in minutes.

You just,

$20,000 would take care
of all your problems,

including your sick kid.

$20,000 would set up
your future real nice.

It'd make your old
lady real happy.



I just... I can't bear
to watch her suffer.

I love her too damn much...

Even though she does
drive me insane.


I know you got this in you.

I've been watching you.

Let us do something
for each other the way

the military didn't,
soldier to soldier.

$20,000 all yours.

All right.

She won't feel a thing.

Southern trees bear strange fruit.

Blood on the leaves
and blood at the root.

Black bodies swinging
in the Southern breeze.

Strange fruit hanging
from the poplar trees.

Ever heard of this song?

"Strange Fruit," Billie Holiday.

This song was banned for
its racial provocation

against lynching.

Ironically, it was
written by a white man.

You gonna just stand
there like a tree in the woods?


Suit yourself.

You see this?

When I was a little girl,
if I so much as sneezed

at the dinner table,
my mama would pick up her fork

and stab me with it.

We all had messed-up childhoods.

What was yours like?

Doesn't matter.

Of course it matters.


'Cause I want to know.

But why do you care?

'Cause I can see your sadness.

I ain't sad.



I wouldn't judge you if you was.

There ain't much to say.


Tell me about your mama.

She died in a boating
accident when I was six.

And your daddy?

My dad blamed us for it.

He drank himself into a coma...

He's still in the hospital.


Not much to say.

What about you?

Why are you so sad?

I won't bore you.

There ain't enough
whiskey in the world

to relieve my sadness.

I'm sorry about your parents.

Don't be.

It is what it is.

With her husband in
the next room thinking

you were gonna kill her.

You expect me to believe you
didn't commit murder?

With morals like that?

I know.

The stupid shit I
done in my life.

All right, I get that.

But it'd been six months
since my wife and I...

And Fancy... she's
crazy, all right,

but she is sexier than hell.

She softened me up with
all that emotional shit,

and I guess I just always had
a taste for danger.

That's not dangerous, son.

That's a death wish.

I felt bad for her.

'Cause of her illness?

No, it was something else.

Like she, has this hole in
her, and she can't fill it.

Just let it go.

You let it go, you set yourself free
from this wicked burden

of guilt and shame you
got locked up inside.

It's OK.

Let it go.

I didn't do anything.

You want to go on lying to
yourself over and over

again, that's fine by me.

I got all day.

You don't get it.

At this point, I was
just trying to figure

out a way to survive the night.

Just how'd you do that?

Hitting up against each other.

What do we have here?

It's... you're not...

You're not, like...
Like, sick, right?


Yeah, like... Like blood cancer?


Now, why would you say that?

What the hell did he tell you?

He asked me to kill you.

Thank you for telling me.

I'm gonna take care of this.

If he finds out that I talked to
you, he might...

No, no, no, no, I'm
not gonna say a word.

I know how Walter works.

He's got a lot of guns.

You gonna have to trust me.



Can we talk?

What's up?

I think you and I need to come to
a new place of understanding

with each other.

What does that mean?

Well, that means we're
living in the past.

Now we've got all this anger and
resentment with each other.

You love me.

I truly believe that.

Let's just try and
let all that go.




I've been hard on you.

And I just don't have the energy
to fight anymore, baby.

You and I, we get so
angry, we start saying

things we don't really mean.


Yeah, I guess so.

I'm tired, baby.

I can't keep up with all
this wretched bitterness anymore.

I want things to be
the way they were.

Me too.

I got nothing but love for
you, my beautiful man.

You see that shit?

Did you see that shit?

This is your fault.
See what you did?

You made me hit a woman.

'Cause you couldn't
finish the job.

Well, you're gonna
finish it now.

Come on.

All right.


Where's that poison?

I still got it.
It's right in my pocket.

What the fuck are
you waiting for?

Take it out.

Open it up.


Pour it on the rag.

Pour it on the rag!

Cover her mouth with it.

You just told her a second
ago you loved her.

Cover her mouth.

You've been married
for 15 years, man.

Think about that.

Cover her mouth!

Are you sure you want
to go through with this?


You kicked my ass.

Worthy warrior.

Shoot me.

Slay me.

I'm ready.

That ain't gonna
happen, jarhead.

You all right?

My head's pounding.

Yeah, well, you're safe now.

Just take it easy.

Look, I think I'd rather be in
a hurricane than this shit,

so, where are the keys?

Take me with you.

I can't stay either.


Let's just go
somewhere, you and me.

You two gonna run off together?

Go ahead and take her.

She's all yours.

But I'll tell you this.

She got a dark side...
Darker than hell.

Shut your mouth.

If you love him so much,
why don't you tell him?

What's he talking about?


I bet he'd just love to hear all

about your dirty little secret.

What's he going on about?

Nothing, honey.

Just help me up.

What are you doing?

Just take me right here,
right here in front of him.

Let's make that son
of a bitch squirm.

I'll look him right in
the eyes while you make me cum.

No, no, no.


He's a monster.

You know that, you've seen it.

You cannot leave
me here with him.

I'm taking an even 200
for the fence, asshole.

You didn't finish it.

Yeah, well, I
figured I earned it

putting up with your bullshit.

Hey, soldier.

You better kill me now,
or I'll be coming for you.

That's a promise.

You and your whole family.

Where are the car keys?

They're right here.

I got 'em.



Before you two love
birds escape reality together,

there's something you
should know, Buddy.

You like dangerous
things, don't you?

Have a look in our basement.

You're gonna love it.

What's down there?

You're gonna love it!


Let's just go.


Keys are right
here in my pocket.

Come and get 'em.

See for yourself what kind
of woman you want to hook up with.

You think I got a dark side.

You have no idea.

God damn you.

Listen to me, do
not go down there.

Why not?

There are things
down there that...


Don't let him toy with
your mind like this.

You're smarter than that.

What are you hiding?


Now, come on...
You let go of me.


Did you get that little fuck?

That little shit weasel fuck.

This is all your fault.

My fault?

You're the one who kept
running your mouth about secrets.


Did you have to stab me so hard?

He didn't go in the
basement, did he?


All right, light...
Light some candles.

You OK?

What did they do to you?

What... what's... what's...

What's that?

Help me.

Yeah, I will.

I promise you I will.

How long you been in here?



What, now?

What... what is it?

There's more of us.

Keep an eye on the front door.

Fight back!

I want to talk to a lawyer.

I want... I...
I want my phone call.

What you think
this is, New York?


You're in Grand Isle, son.

We don't subscribe to
that big city nonsense.

I'm sorry, your honor.

Yeah, well, the power's out.

It seemed our poor
little suspect,

he just couldn't
make his phone call.

He was just a boy with a
family you ripped him away from.

I didn't... will you...
Will you just send an officer

to check out that basement?

You will find some
crazy, horrendous shit.

I put my life on it.

And why are you so fascinated
with that basement?

The way they were
talking about it.

Who puts three bolt locks on
abasement door, has a kid hooked

up to an IV clutching a
rag with... with Chinese

or... or Japanese letters on it?

All right, now you're
just making shit up.

You know what?

I've been patient.

I've been kind.

But I'm done.

Here's my take on it, you
little lying, little motherfucker.

While you were in service,
you developed a taste for violence.

You came home.

You found you a girl.

You had a kid.

But that domestic life wasn't
what you'd hoped for.

Then you bumped into
an ex-Marine who pissed you off.

You boned his wife,
and then you killed

a teenager who just happened to
be in the wrong place

at the wrong time.

I know I'm right.

As I see it,
there ain't nothing in the way of you

frying in the electric chair.

I'm innocent.

You gonna confess your sins to
me, one way or another.


His wife is here.

Well, let's show her in.

In here?

Sure, why not?

Sure she gonna want to
have a chance to give

him a piece of her mind.


Come in and talk
to your husband.

Find out what he's been up to.

How'd you find me?

I called the police when
you didn't come home.

What in the hell
happened to you?

Some kid's dead, and
they think I did it.


Up for murder?

I didn't do it.

I swear.

You have to believe me.

I mean, you know me.

I don't know what to believe.

What are they telling me about
some woman named Fancy?

Buddy, do you know her?

Do you know her?

Why did that officer
tell me you...

You had an affair with her?


What is happening, Buddy?

I love you, and,
I'll explain all this, all right?

I promise.

Bit right now you gotta
help me get out of here.

They're gonna kill
me, for Christ's sake.

If I may, sir, I...

I think he may be
on to something.

What you talking about?

It's probably nothing, but, I

remember seeing a
newspaper headline

with a picture of a
teenage girl, Monica Fujima.

She was wearing a red silk
dress with Japanese writing on it.

She's still missing, sir.

Son of a bitch.

Bring that file with you.


Lisa, wait.

Is this what you saw?


You're 1,000% sure?

Get Judge Warren on the phone.

We're gonna need
a search warrant.

Can I go home?

Not just yet.

Good day, officers.

What can I do for you?

This here's a search warrant.

We have reason to believe that you might be

performing illegal activities.

Illegal activities?

What happened to your face?

I tell you.

It was... power went out
during the hurricane.

Tripped over the stairs,
landed right on my face.

Cut my hand on a broken window.

It was a rough night.

But, please, by all means,
come... come on in.

Have a look.

All right, go ahead
and search the place.

Officer Gregg and I will keep
the Franklins company.

I... I believe you might
know my wife, Fancy.

Good morning, officers.

Now, can I offer
you some ice tea?

No, ma'am,
but we appreciate your hospitality.

I don't imagine
bourbon's appropriate.

Keep an eye on them.

Get me out of here!

It's over.

We gotta run.

We're not leaving this house.

You almost had to
run off with that boy.

Now all of a sudden
you want to stay?

That was then.

You want to go to jail?

Is that what you want?

No, but...

You are not dragging me
into this twisted shit of yours.

I wanted to expand our family.

This is on you.

Officer, my cat is
stuck up in the tree.

Would you shoot him down for me?


I said my cat is
stuck up in a tree.

Would you shoot him down for me?



Walter, no!




God dammit.

You can go.

What'd you find?

Well, come on.

It's my info that got you there.

The least you could do
is tell me what you found.

A nightmare.

Go on home.

What are you doing?

Going to my sister's.

Come on, now, let's
talk about this...

Don't call me.

Lisa, please don't.

It's been two weeks since
Grand Isle suffered

the area's worst
hurricane in 17 years,

with millions of dollars
in damage caused to businesses

and countless homes destroyed.

Some people are still
unaccounted for,

but emergency services
are doing their best

to reach those in need.

And in other news,
the manhunt continues

for Walter Franklin,
the main suspect

accused of the recent
teenage abductions.

How are you holding up, Buddy?

Miss my girls.

Time heals all wounds.

Yeah, that is what they've said.


Call the cops.

How you feeling, Buddy?

You excited?

Feeling a bit on the
other side of that.

Been thinking about
your own death?

Sure have.

Outstanding, soldier.

What conclusions have you drawn?

Every day away from
my wife and my child

is its own sort of hell.

Kind of like waking
up every morning

knowing if you were overseas
with your squad,

maybe you could have
helped save them?

Walter, I understand what you're

going through, all right?

Tell me, how do you relate?

Don't do this now, all right?

Let her go.

No, no, no, no, no.

You exposed our little secret.

Now it's your turn.

I don't have any secrets.


Something on that
ship, wasn't it?

I said I tried to
help out my friend Carl.

That was a lie.

I saw him burning
up on the ground,

writhing around, and... and...

I ran.

Well, you actually got tested
and proved to yourself

that you're a coward.


Just when I thought we might have
had something in common.

I guess not.

All right, get
over here, tadpole.

Come on.

Hey, Walt. What
you aiming for here?

I have a demand.

Go ahead.

Where's my baby girl?

Where's Fancy?

I want her released.

They put her in a
locked down mental facility.

Even if I wanted to,
I couldn't get her released.

Well, then, you'd
best get ready.

Shit's about to get ugly.

Now, hold on, Walter.

What would your
fellow Marines say?

You think they'd condone this?

Well, fuck yeah, they would.

This here is a sacrifice
against a system

that doesn't give a shit about
me or my fellow Marines.

Hell, we could talk
this out over a beer.

Please let Buddy
and his family go.

I'm done talking, George.

And I sure as hell
am done drinking.

Walter P. Franklin of the 1st
Battalion 10th Marines.

Walter, don't.

Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

Walter, don't do it.

Gunslingers signing out!

Walter, no!

Get down, get down,
get down, get down!



We got a lot of
work on, I get that.

Maybe let's just take things
one day at a time.

Let me see her.

Local authorities

have informed us that Walter
and Fancy Mae Franklin are reported

to have held several
young teens in their basement

and forced them to have babies
against their will.

You're the most adorable

little girl I've ever seen.

Young girls, both age seven,

were found emaciated
and barely alive.

Ever since I was a little girl,

I have always wanted
a huge family.

In these uncertain times,

we must all be extra vigilant.

I can't have one... Medically.

We may think we know our neighbors,

but maybe we don't.

There are always other measures.

Far away, I seek a life of stone

as they course
through the wilds.

Take in the smoke
of something new

that's stones your heart,
your soul, your mind.

Bank on a lie that always kept you
going, for some reason

don't work anymore.

Swim for the shallows to
find yourself drowning,

stuck in the mud all alone.

To the touch, you've gone cold,
hold still and brood.

And your legs
don't work anymore.

Try to run, forgotten
how to move.

Still going, going
till you're gone.

Bank on a lie that always kept you
showing, for some reason

don't cut it anymore.