Grand Central Murder (1942) - full transcript

A convict being escorted in for retrial escapes at Grand Central and threatens his old girlfriend on the phone. She flees for her new beau's private railcar at the same station. When she is then found murdered the cops round up a motley group of suspects including the escapee, several guys feeling sore at the way the gold-digging broad had treated them, some jealous dames, and a private eye already on the case. Inspector Gunther soon has a problem - enough evidence to fry all of them. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Arriving, track 10 local from
Albany, Poughkeepsie, Atheny...

Said she lives with her old
lady over in Jackson Heights.

He said I have to take her home early.

Why don't you relax, we are
only about 20 minutes late.

Yes, 20 minutes and by the time we
deliver his nibs, how I'm to take a taxi?

She probably won't wait for me.

I think he went down that way.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Look my dear, how to loan me a nickel? I...

I got to make an important call,
I haven't got any change.

- Sure, I know how it is.
- Thanks.

- Maybe I can do the same for you sometime.
- Ah, forget it.

Hello, information?

Give the number
of Harmony Theater, backstage.

Yeah, 43rd street.

- Hello, Harmony theater.
- Mida King please.

- Yeah, it's important.
- Yeah, it better be important son.

I can't be disturbing our star
in opening night unless...

Hey Delroy, run down and tell
your mother answer Miss King phone.

Run down and tell her yourself
Tubby, I got my own trouble.

- Hello?
- Hello Mida.

You know who this is.

Sure, you remember,
don't you baby? I knew you would.

I'm not far Mida, just around the corner.

Death and me are just
around the corner waiting for you.

Don't keep us waiting
Mida, don't keep us waiting.

What's the matter? What's the matter?

Turk, he...


How many things? I'm not going to
stay here and wait, how about the show?

Well, how about it? Baby can go on for me,
she knows the part backward, very backward.

Finish packing and pick up the things at the
apartment and bring them down to the car.

- I'm going down there and locking myself in.
- What I'll tell David?

Tell him where I'm going, you dope.

His private car, Grand Central.
Turk will never find me there.

Now look, you know what to got to do.
I meet you down there in about, 30 minutes.

Tell them, tell them
up there sound general alarm.

- No talking.
- Yeah.

- Rocky I...
- Listen, you are late, I said 30 minutes.

- But Rocky I found out...
- Come on, we got to Ger out of here fast.

Watch out Rocky, look out.

- Turk, what are you doing here?
- Well, I saw a chance to take a sneak and...

You know I've been working night and day...

trying to wipe out enough
evidence to get you a new trial.

If you can get to Mida King for
about 5 minutes you can skip the trial.

I maybe a pretty good private detective...

but not good enough to get you
out of a jam like this, now come on.

Get the time pal?

We've been stalling around here...

for over a half an hour already, we ought
to get organize and close in on that guy.

- I got a date.
- Better call it off.

I can loose himself in
the inners of this terminal...

like it not take weeks,
ten days before they find him.

Look pal, you ain't in the level, not a week.

And I ain't your pal, here's your boss.

Can you get to Hotel Admiral in
this way that car is on top of us?

- Yes.
- Gee inspector, I'm glad you come yourself.

Hello boys, we ought to done this
in the first place, now we'll get him.

- Get who?
- Turk.

Yeah, but not for what you think.

For the murder of Mida King, they
just found her here on a private car.

- What's his name?
- Hey you, what's your name?

David V. Henderson.

You are Constance Furness, I've seen
your picture in the papers lots of time.

You put in the police call?

- Yes.
- Did you find the body?

- Mr. Henderson and I, together.
- Thank you very much.

Hey you Sister. Who are you?

Baby Delroy, hear you brother,
of the South Brooklyn Delroy.

Menskey, class of 36, bounce back
being buck and wing, what do you have?

- And I'll have strawberry.
- So what are you doing here?

Believe or not brother,
I'm waiting for my barrister.

And to your gramma's school cops
is to make up your peanuts minds.

A beautiful job, simple
beautiful. Not a mark in the body.

- Wait a minute.
- When did she get it?

Oh, just a short while ago.
Past twenty minutes, half hour.

- How?
- Haven't decided.

That's for my distinguish colleague,
the autopsy surgeon to determine.

- Maybe she froze to dead, that's what.
- Oh doc, you forget your cutlery.

Oh, thank you, my good man. Good night.

Good night.

- Quiet a character, ain't he?
- Hey, who's there?

That's mine number one best of the gal could
put the chilled on the little lady in there.

His name is Rinehart,
he was married to Mida once.

- What are you waiting for?
- He works right here in the terminal.

I'll bet that was fun while it lasted, eh?

There was a man and
a woman with him Inspector.

They got away but some of the boys...

has gotten them cornered in a
steam tunnel down on the lower level.


Come on.

- Rinehart?
- Over there.

- As you and me take a little walk.
- I don't know what you talking about.

I'd better get your coat.


You know Miss King opened at
Frankie Ciro's new show tonight.


You might find
him at the theater, the Harmony.

And hadn't you better
take a couple of boys along?

No no, ain't like that way.

I ain't pick up one of those
turpon fish desperados in months.

- Look Inspector...
- You leave over miss King apartment

to see what you can find or who.

Look Inspector, could I please
have the rest of the evening off?

- Please...
- No. Come on folks, let's go.

- Don't argue, don't argue with me.
- You're making a mistake, I tell you.

I am Mida's step father, my name is Ramón.

I don't care if you're
a grandmother, get going.

You too Delroy, I ain't got the whole night.

Nothing but trouble since
I've been working for that Mida King.

- Hello Frank.
- Oh hello.

You ought to be more careful,
you know. Much much careful,

- There's so many hold-ups lately.
- And call it, that's what's this is.

Oh may, I don't want the dough, I want you.

- Yeah?
- Is it convenient?

Of course, you know I'm always delighted
to oblige you boys from Center Street.

Especially that charming inspector Gunther.

Well, it don't have to be so fasten though.

Oh, let me go, you big bully.

They was in Mida's apartment.

This one was packing like she was
picked in a take of very fast powder.

She says her name is Pearl
Delroy and that she's Mida's maid.

And this one, says he's Mida's step-pop.

- Quite a party,
- Come in, come in Frankie, don't be bashful.

Why, I'm in the
guess out with the dancing girls.

Bring some chairs boys,
I want anybody to be comfortable.

Yeah and bring us all
about a pop, on the inspector.

Sit over there.

- Hello Mamma, what you in for?
- That's what I like to know.

What's all about? Things have come
to a pretty fast when a lady ass...

- Hello Delroy, how's the hold-down racket?
- Well, Inspector...

If I may pinch to a guess is to what
is this about I think we're all here to...

tell what we know
about the murder of Mida King.

- How do you know about that?
- I was only, won't you say...

- putting two and two together.
- And...

Me, I'll still had little 3 to 1
in Prince Charming over there.

- You lay off me, will you?
- I knew it, I knew it.

It was so plain in the cards.

Oh, my poor little baby, I tried to warn...

Shut up, you sniveling whiner.
You probably dangering yourself.

How could you say such a thing?
I loved Mida as my own daughter, I...

Own daughter my eye,
hanging around all the time...

trying to scare money out
with your phony crystal gazing.

I bet you pushed that ace of spades
under the dressing room door yourself.

Silence, quiet.

Alright, you'll give and
I don't want any interruption.

- What's you name?
- Ramon, just Ramon.

I'm a registered occultist and psychic.

I met and married
Mida's mother when she was 15.

I mean when Mida was 15.

Very beautiful, very good.

- I'm sorry chump.
- Go on.

Mida's mother was not well,
in a little over a year she died.

I worked hard so that Mida
could continue her school but...

she was getting a
little wild and she ran away.

- I was very unhappy, very lonely...
- You can skip all that, break it up to date.

I lost track of here for some years.

When I saw her again, she was in a
show, on Broadway, very successful.

I saw her occasionally
after that, we were friendly.

And, the day before yesterday,
when I was reading her cards, alone...

something happened and
it happened repeatedly.

It had to see her at once, I went
to her apartment, it was very late.

As I came out the elevator I
saw a man lurking in the shadows.

And I won't go for anything wrong
and you can take your threats and your...

extortion racket and that
beauty kisser of yours and get out.

This is your last chance Mida.

Your last chance is gone, you
break the ankle on me for the last time.

Now get out and
stay out, you blackmailing rat.

Well, what do you want?
More money like that chiseler?

You know that isn't true Mida.

What's happened to turn
you so suddenly against me?

I want only your well being
and happiness as always I...

Get at, what do you really want?

I'm worried about you Mida, terribly worried.

Your luck is running
low, I've seen it, in the cards.

Not once, half a dozen times.

There's great trouble ahead
for you soon, there's even death.

Have you come here to frighten me?

To warn you, you must
be very careful, very cautious.

- So what? Who?
- Who knows?

You're lying, you've
only come here to scare me.

You cheap, tin horn, fortune teller.

So Mida's luck is running low, is it?

Well listen, Mida's lurch is
running high and higher and higher.

Hello darling, I just call to say good night.

Oh hello David.

I've been waiting simply hours for your call.

I'm so lonesome.

Well, it was all very embarrassing.

All I could do was vow out
as gracefully as possible and...

What is that sch-lump a lie set for himself?

He beg Mida for daughter paid,
she kicked him out but I mean kicked.

He vow out alright, yes. Only backwards.

Go on Ramón.

The same man I think was
listening at the door when I left.

He ran and I couldn't see his face.

- But he wore a shiny black raincoat.
- That's him, the shiny raincoat.

That's the men I've seen hanging around
outside the apartment house lady.

He was in the out way
when Mida left the theater.

Him and a tall blonde
girl and they was arguing.

We got that couple that was with
Turk Inspector, I bet you can't guess who.

Bring them in.

Hello mister Custer.

You know too many
people, don't you dear? Mostly she.

You have to look her as though you'll
like to have her for breakfast on toast?

- That's the one?
- That's him.

That's the couple I saw running
from the car, just before we found Mida.

Well, well, well, the boy
detective, it's a small world, ain't it?

Well yes and that's how they need me put to.

My sweet, this aging
gent is Inspector Gunther.

His a great guy when you
take the trouble to know him.

- Don't take the trouble.
- Won't you folks come in and rest the spell?

- No, no, no, thanks, will run along.
- Sit down.

- Are we under arrest?
- You said it.

McAdams, run out and get me a
bench warrant for this, this smart aleck.

On what charge? Can't a taxpayer
take a stroller with his wife or what?

The book.

What were you doing in
that private car and with Turk?

And outside the theater last night?
And at Mida King's apartment?

You park here and your private dick's
thinking can get away, suspicion of murder.

- Yes sir.
- Did the man said murder Daddy?

- That's one of his favorites words.
- You want to talk now or later?

Ah, later, much later.

But I'll be delighted to listen.

- No secrets.
- We was only talking about...

I'll have none of these
shenanigans behind my back.

And why aren't you examining one at the time?

What kind of a tree reign
murder investigation is this anyway?

My kind and you speak when you spoken to.

Well Mr. Custer, ain't you going
to give a girl even a teen-wind candle?

Oh Miss Delroy, it's nice to see you.

Ah Miss Delroy, this is my wife.

- This is Miss Delroy.
- How do you do Miss Delroy?

Is that a town ball?

- You know this Mr. Custer?
- Now him?

Now Mrs. Delroy, how would you
like to let us all in into that secret?

I'd like to sign, there ain't no secret.

I guess all might as well begin when
I met Mida was about 7 or 8 years ago.

I should've break away
Burlesque group over in Queens.

Hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it.

Look girlie,
individuality has it's place, get it?

But it's place ain't in the chorus, get it?

Now suppose you stop being
a Terpsichore genius for a minute...

and try getting together
with the rest of the girls, get it?

Look Queenie, did ever occurred to you that
the other girls could get together with me?

Because I got it.

Break for lunch girls, 20 minutes.
That mean you too Isadora, get...

- Get out of here.
- How long you've been in this racket?

Oh, this is my first attempt.

I thought so, you're only a kid.

Bet you 40 you ran away from home.

What for?

Oh, one thing or another, stepfather trouble.

Mida King? Where you get a moniker like that?

My old lady used to tell me a story
about a famous king named Midas.

Everything he touch turned to gold.

My real name is Beulah
Toohey, hence that a pic.

Let's go, eh?

I don't know what that crack
did to me or how she did...

but I was her top pigeon from then on.

When that show folded I suggested she
move in Baby and me, to cut down expenses.

So jobs were few and far between and I fell
back in my old side line, Swedish massages,

Mida has talent, she got to face back
for us and she was plenty ambitious.

But her ambition
was just for one thing, money.

She sure had what it takes to get men.

And if they didn't it takes to get
perfumes and jewelery and fur coats...

then get anywhere with Mida.

She didn't keep any of those things,
she sold them for money, folding money.

She look to have a good big sack full
of the them stashed away someplace.

Mida King, King Mida?

She sure had the golden touch.

She put the golden touch on
men, the golden give me pie.

That's the reason I could
never stayed and married a...

small time off like
him, didn't have a quarter.

Well anyway, that
marriage didn't last very long...

she got herself a job in Chi and
checked out on Rinehart but fast.

That was the last I
saw of her for about 2 years.

Then one night I was out down in Broadway...

wandering where the next hamburger
was coming from when I've seen a picture.

Hello Beulah.

Why Pearl, of all people.
Gee, I am glad to see you.

- Let's have a drink, eh?
- Sure.

You know, I can even get
a bad job in a show anymore.

- So I thought...
- You know Pearl...

there's no one in the
whole world I rather help if only I...

Look honey, if you just could
spare a few bucks of that 50 I let...

you have when your
act folded maybe a five, eh?

Pearl I, I swear, I've been actually working
my hit to development I can't meet myself.

But maybe in a week
or ten days I can help you.

Hey Mida, hey
beautiful, snap out of it, come on.

You ought to
be ashamed of yourself darling...

keeping a poor working
girl waiting around for hours.

Let's go over to Tony's and rustle
with a couple of those 3 inch T-bone.

Let's go. So long honey, see you soon.

As for men on, Turk was right where
in the middle of Mida's picture.

But not for long, she
took on for whatever he had.

He introduced her to Frankie and
that was that Frankie was big game.

And when Turk got a little stuffy about it...

she framed him into a very neat
and pretty little murder indictment.

- How you know that?
- Because she was there chump.

She put the D on Mida again and Mida finally
folded down and gave her a job as a maid.

Full open beans and no flower.
Mamma and Mida were like that from then on.

I don't suppose Frankie has anything
to do with that arranged murder rap.

What do you think?

Custer, I told you to speak
when you're spoken to.

Now button up your lips and keep it button.

Go on Mrs Delroy.

Well, around that time Mida
really started going places.

Frankie backing the show
run was all but a smash hit.

With the fame she gets to be to big for him,
they had an awful bashful one night.

She walked out on him, out and up.

Mida always moved up,
everything was always bigger and better.

Freshly angel.

Until finally she
took Ramon astrological advise...

that everything she touch will
turn to gold a little to seriously.

And that was starting a
new show, with her own dough.

Well, it wasn't a flop but it wasn't good.

The shock of losing
a few bucks almost kill her.

So she made up with
here old faithful here but fast.

And they got together and hook up
a deal for her to star in a new show.

In the second or third week
of rehearsals, I was at home and...

Thank you for a
thrilling evening Mr. Henderson.

I'd ask you in but it's so late and I
don't think we all should, well you know.

Oh, it isn't really late Mida,
could might get in for just a minute.

I'm afraid not, maybe some
other night, when I know you better.

- May I call you tomorrow?
- Why yes, I'd love it.

Good night Mida.

- You're lovely.
- Thank you.

Good night.

Well honey, that's him.

Who's him?

David Henderson, that the kind of guy
I've been writing to Santa Claus...

about since I was near high to a girlie.

- Why you hadn't come in?
- Don't be silly.

- Slow and easy, does it with that type.
- What his got, eh?

Oh, nothing to speak of.

A couple of yachts, a seat on the Stock
Exchange and seven million dollars.

Seven million beautiful cars wheels.

My favorite number and my favorite hardware.

Well in sight of two weeks,
she had him lying down and...

rolling over begging her to accept
flying tokens of his affection.

Like flatten amount
of airships and square foot amro.

But Mida knew what she wanted,
she was giving the old hard to get routine.

Till the poor gent was well knit
that he finally asked her to marry him.

- When was this?
- Yesterday, yesterday morning.

Was all going to be kept very quiet.

David order a private car to be...

parked down at the hotel
Admiral side, right back at the theater.

Well, everything was swell up on
to the time we got to the theater.

Was an ace of spade lying
on the dressing room floor.

And I'll lay six to
an even Ramón put it there.

He always worked on Mida's nerve like
that when he was willing her for a touch.

That's a lie, I never
did anything to hurt Mida, I...

- Hey, what's the matter?
- Give him some water, it's his heart.

He gets those felts every once in a while.

Hey, you better take it easy.

I know how it is, I got
one them trick ticker myself.

Roger Furness is here boss.

Sure, bring him in, the more the merrier.


- What in the world is the matter?
- Hello father, how do you know?

The traffic division telephoned
me about this terrible business.

I heard it over at the terminal and the told
me there that you had discovered that...

that girl body and they called the
police and that you've been arrested.

Not arrested Mr. Furness,
only just held for questioning.

This is just a preliminary investigation.

Nobody is been pinched yet except a
couple of the more logical suspects.

- He means you.
- Yes, I heard him.

And all this about whether Connie is
or is not arrested is just a technicality.

She is been detained.

Look, you are one of the heads of the
New York, Chicago and Western, ain't you?

Well, I'm chairman
of the board but that doesn't...

But I want to stay father ant try and help
all I can to clear up this ghastly mess.

And I want to help too.

After all, this dreadful accident isn't
going to benefit the road materially.

It ain't an accident, won't you sit down?

Please go on Mrs. Delroy.

Maybe if Mida took you up on that...

proposition Mr. Furness, she'd be
alive and kicking today instead...

What proposition?

What proposition?

He came to see Mida last night
just before we left for to the theater.

- Is that true?
- Yes.

- Well, then maybe you'd like to...
- I'd like to tell you.

Last evening I learned for the first time
about David impending marriage to Mida King.

Connie and I dine out.

After the dinner I pleaded a business
appointment, told her I join her later.

And I called on Miss King
in her apartment and...

Why Mr Furness, you
sweep a girl right off her seat.

Fifty grand.

Chicken feed Mr. Furness, cigarette money.

Are you out of your mind trying to buy David
back with a humpty-dumpty bet like that?

Pearl, show Mr. Splendid out.

And give my
chinchilla, we're going to be late.

I rejoined Constance at the theater.

I didn't tell her about my
session with Miss King of course.

Yeah, that's the way it was.

I couldn't help feeling a little soury for
Mr. Furness, she was so nasty to him.

After he left, she hollowed and laughed...

about the way he took it to life
so she's going to blow his top off..

Go on from where you left off.

Well, the show started off with any hitches.

But at the end of the first act finale...

- Hey Miss King, look like another hit.
- Another time.

Mida darling, that's swell.

Ma, there's a Furness gal in 6 row.

You know, the one Mida took
must of money back away from.

She's with her old man.

I guess she came down
to see how the other half live, eh?

Where you've been?
I have to make a complete...

I was just taking a cane
throughout front dearie.

You see the Furness
girl out there with her Pa?

Those new port-rails gave
me a severe pain in the ass.

Where did she got off, thinking...

Where were you raised?

Didn't anyone ever tell you is
bad luck to whistle in a dressing room?

I'm sorry miss I,
I was raised in a cattle boat.

Where folks whistle when
they feel like it, including the cows.

Where are you?

Mida, what's the matter?

Turk, he...


And as soon as she saw
that ace of spades, Mida took off.

And I went home to pack,
Ramón was waiting in the lobby.

He kept asking me what time it was...

like he was trying to
establish and alibi or something.

Look, Mida could've comeback to the
theater, can she? She could've been...

bump-off in the theater, the alley and
carried down to the car, couldn't she?

- I suppose so, you would've know better...
- Custer...

If you don't shut up and sit down and stop...

trying to move on this investigation
I'll have you thrown in the fox hole.

Somebody better move it,
you're no going anywhere.

Custer please.

How was she bump-off?

- Custer I'm asking you...
- How was Mida King bump off?

Relax folks.

Oh, that did it.

Now he'll probably toss me in the cooler and
I'll have to sue the city for false arrest.

Why don't you stop riding him?

Why don't you stop asking silly
questions? I know what I'm doing.

- Excuse me, I can get another cup of water.
- It's alright, I'll get it for you.

But sweetheart...

but, can I hope that if I...

Goodbye now.

Did you check with the
autopsy surgeon like I told you?

Every 5 minutes, he said
if I don't stop bothering he...

Give me the morgue.

Hello? Inspector Gunther,
he wants to talk to you doctor.

Oh, he does, does he?

Listen you, as I told that lame
brain flunky least 15 times...

I don't know how this dame kick-off
yet and when I know I'll let you know.

Now look here, you can't do that to me...

Oh, thanks doc.

Oh, don't apologize,
I know you're doing you best.

Well, here I am with a
hall full of talkative suspects...

and we don't even know how she was murdered.

If we could just pick up
the one who have done it...

and concentrate on him,
I bet that he could tell us.

Is a bunch of reporters out
there screaming their heads off.

Good for them, develops the lungs.


Why did you try to establish
that alibi at Mida King's apartment?

Hey, you deaf?

Fall again, get a doctor,
I told him to take it easy.

Let's take him to the other room fellas.

He went just like that.

Well, he dead?

I was not.

- Yes, you was.
- I was not.

Break it up, break it up.

This two have been round and round
inspector, I have to keep trying them apart.

You got no call get me mix in
this thing, I was no where near that car.

You were anywhere near that car, maybe
you wouldn't mind tell us where you were.

I was working and...

Maybe Custer like to tell them why you...

sudden been hanging
around Mida the last couple of weeks.

I've a perfect right to do it, ain't I?

She divorced me,
but I was always nut about her.

I just trying to talk her
into get me hitch again.

He'd better in a pip, a put in with you.

He was trying to sell to Mira
their marriage license because he...

heard about having Henderson on
this thing and that she wouldn't want...

him to know anything
about in her previous matrimonial miss.

- Is that true?
- Well, certainly not, I...

I going to talk about a lawyer,
you got to think on railroad me.

Ok, would you like
to continue further Miss Delroy?

I sure want.

You picked the sweetest
people to get mix-up with.

I hope them picked me, I'm on the business.

Monkey business.

- Now, take this Miss Delroy...
- You take her.

I'll take her in the back of the
neck with a hatch if she doesn't...

stop getting you that bourgeois eye.

If you please Miss Delroy.

Well, when he told me I have to go on for
Mida in the second act, I was fit to be tied.

I've only been on the
standing on for a couple of weeks...

I knew was a cinch
to muffle out a line and there was...

everybody patting me on my
back, telling me it was my big chance.

Was Frankie there to pat you in the back?

Why no, come to think about, he wasn't.

I once knew a fella about
your size and shape Custer.

Bad habit, always talking out of turn..

He woke up one morning
picking lead out his stomach.

Why you cheap gunman giving me that crap,
always talking like a detective story man.

- Why don't you try...
- Custer...

Hid that, that creature in the tank.

Alright, you put me away.

And I'll be out on an habeas corpus
before you can count around that table.

And I'll be sitting in the lap of every
newspapers in this town with the...

story of the dumbest
murder investigation on record.

Alright alright, may I go quietly.

I can just see those headlines.

Gunther's falling, well known detective
inspector draws dousy in King's murder case.

Alright alright, let's go.

Oh yeah, there's one more thing.

Now, you'll never break this
case without me and what I know...

and you'll never break it here.

The pay-off is down in that, that
private care, someplace in that theater.

Now, we get down there
we might get somewhere,

We're going to stay right here and like it.

So you want to come
to the theater, so we come.

So what are we tying up? Nothing.

Well, it's cozy here.

And there is it.

I guess is just that
the theater is in my blood.

Miss Delroy, what happened here tonight?

Oh, this was the show
your town eyes never seen.

They try to like me I guess but
they paid their dough to see Mida.

So I locked myself in my dressing room and...

well, I guess a cried quite a lot.

Then I have a couple of snorks
and got feeling a little better and...

Then I decided I might as well go down and
say good night to mamma and wish Mida luck.

So I went down the alley
into the basement of the Admiral...

Well, when I got to the car I was walking...

Who was the man
who ran pass you in the basement?

- Miss Delroy I regret to is lying.
- Yeah?

Well, maybe you could tell us where you were.

I was at the theater out front.

I sat with two gentlemen
of my acquaintance in the last row.

And watch the second act die under
Miss Delroy decidedly inexpert nursing.

Then we went next
door and have a drink and...

I returned to the theater
where you Mr. Strom picked me up.

Why Mr. Zero, you're a big story teller.

Who were this gents you were with?

Mr. Louie Scarpi and Mr. Eric Schneller.

Frankie, you're a card. What a
sense of humor and what and alibi?

Mile away Louie and Schnelly the mooch.

- Strom.
- Yeah.

Pick them up.

Keep this gun for me Inspector,
your Mr. Strom overlook it.

- Now, stand up.
- Here Butch, keep this lit.

Hit him Rocky.

- Watch out.
- Alright, break it up, break it up.

- Go get them, break it up.
- Rocky...

Come on you, break it up.

- No, no, no, no, they lock you up.
- I'll lock you up.

- Rocky...
- How about that?

No, no, don't.
You're no going to hit your husband.

- Maybe I wouldn't be if you fell.
- No, I won't hit you Rocky, I'll tell.

Alright I'm ready, you're not for so much.

Alright, I'll take care
of this lizard myself.

Come on boys, break it up.
Calm down, calm down.

I'm calming down,
I know his lies and trick alibis.

I happened to know he tailed Mida
when she left the theater last...

- night because I saw him at the post office.
- Alright.

- Darling, I think you have a run.
- Quiet.

Now we getting somewhere, so
you admit you fallowed Mida.

- And finally...
- Why?

Oh, just child curiosity.

If you saw the star of a show take off
in opening night between acts tailed...

- by her producer, wouldn't you follow them?
- So where did they go?

I don't know, I didn't have any luck,
I lost them in the hotel basement.

Got mixed-up with a big dumb
watchman, he made me comeback.

Frankie can take us from there.

Well Frankie, you want a give.

I was very worried
about the way Mida was acting.

When I saw her come out
with Pearl, I stood behind the...

flat near the fire and overheard them.

I couldn't believe it, that Mida
was running out from the show.

And then, suddenly she was gone and...

Mida, wait...

- Well, what do you want?
- What do I want?

Do I have to remind you
that the 2nd act goes on in about...

No, you don't have to remind me, I know.

But it'll have to start
without me and finish.

- Mida, you crazy?
- Yeah, crazy like an owl.

Must Frankie, I just got a telephone
call from guess who, Turk.

Oh, somebody is playing
a joke on you, he's up...

He's escaped, don't
you think I know that voice?

But Mida you got to finish the show...

and tomorrow perhaps
we can make other arrangements.

You only be safe from Turk at the theater...

Oh sure and let
that sharpshooter to walk in...

and take me off from
the last row of the balcony.

No thanks, I'll stay here.

Listen Frankie, Turk ain't all,
busted mirrors, an ace of spades...

and a couple of guys stick to my tail for
dough all the time, that ain't all either.

I'm going to get
marry, to seven million bucks.

- Henderson?
- I finally put it over.

Oh boy, I'm going to take
that sucker boy thrilling to Reno.

Look me out in Reno in about 6
months Frankie and we'll comeback...

and put on a show that will set
Broadway right back on it's hands.

Excuse me Miss, do you mind if we
move this car up to another siding?

Just temporarily, will bring it right back.

You can take my car and put wherever you want
it handsome, are going out west with it?

No Miss, I work right here in the yard.

Adiós Francisco, don't take any wood masters.

Arrivederci signora Henderson, may
always get what you're so rich with dinero.

And I guess that, that's all.

And do you come
straight back here, to the theater?

- No.
- What you do?

Coming back through the tunnel, I
come to think about the way Mida had...

lack me out of 60,000 dollars, that's
what it cost to produce her show.

I thought I could at least
to split the lose with her.

I had straight back to the siding but they've
already move the car, I looked for it...

You look for it just long
enough for the second act to get...

finished to Miss Delroy
dispatch you in the basement.

Do you rap this
lines in and out lines first...

Frankie or do you just
make them up as you go along?

If you don't make him lay
me off, I'll kill him, so help me.

You and what hand - Frankie...

- You got to admit...
- I got to admit nothing.

That's my story and you stuck with it.

Why you riding me anyway?
When is obvious that Turk...

Never mind about Turk.

We'll get to Turk later.

And it's very strange
nobody speaks of the money.

- There's a lot of talk about money...
- Money? Money?

- What money? What are you talking about?
- Ask her about what I'm talking about.

If that old needle dream
about Mida changing all of...

moules into big bills
and keeping the money, I bet.

- You know she never trusted banks.
- Sure she didn't.

And it's her saying, she saved every
dime she could bet, barrow or steal.

But she must stashed them somewhere else.

- Mamma ought to know.
- Mamma certainly should.

- MacAdams.
- Yeah?

You and Arch go to that private
car again with a fine tooth-comb?

Looking for what?

A Million dollars at
least, in 1,000 dollars bills.

And tell Ed to bring me back
another bottle of sherry, a cold one.

I tell you what.

- It's all go, we're no getting nowhere here.
- Sit down.

Ok, Ok, just a suggestion, I like it here.

You know Inspector, when I say that...

we're not going anywhere, I don't
mean by that you're not doing a swell job.

Don't get me wrong, I think
you doing great, it's just...

Go on.

It's just that you're approaching
this thing from an entirely...

- realistic point of view.
- Yeah? What's that?

Well look, you're trying to build up a
case against one, maybe two murderers.

Alright, instead of eliminating some
of them, you're tying everybody but good.

That stand no reason, you can't
send all of them over to the chair.

Where do you get that damn stuff?
You're in this up to your, your stock.

Ok, Ok, all of us.

Alright now, I lay you a swell prize,
you can whip out and indictment against...

any of them based on
probabilities, passion or realistic motive.

Anger, envy...

revenge, greed, jealousy, hatred...


because whoever knock that witch
off ought to be a cinch for a Nobel Prize.


who had an absolute terrific motive for
killing her from the romantic point of view?

My daughter has nothing to say, nothing.

- Ok, it wasn't my idea.
- Please father...

I rather tell him all I know about
it now and get it over with it.

- You've been through quite enough as it is.
- Please father.

Alright, if you're sure you really want to.

Early last evening David called
me and said he had to see me.

He said we always assume that we'd
marry some day, ever since we were kids.

We've been engaged for years.

- He came to the house and...
- And I suppose it's idiotic and wrong and...

Well, it's certainly
a pretty rough deal for you.

But I don't seem to me
to help myself, I'm crazy about her.

Well, it wouldn't the first
time that sort of blind, half...

mad infatuation destroy, temporarily
at least one's, one's perspective.

I can understand everything
about it except, except marriage.

I don't wonder, doesn't
make much sense, does it?

And I'm not at all Mida loves me.

And I hardly think it,
I intended to go this far.

- There it is.
- When is it to be?

Tonight, after the show,
I've taken a private car...

we'll be married at
Hartford and then go out west.


David so ask me put it, there it is.

And so, with head held
high, just a maid exit laughing.

Could desolated father prevail on
gentile daughter to dine with him?

You certainly could darling.

I knew I couldn't pretend
for you not feel sorry for me.

Sorry indeed, on the contrary I'm glad
it happened now instead of later.

- Let's not talk about it.
- But I want to talk about it.

I not only want to talk about
but I'll jump into the middle of it.

And after dinner tonight I want you to
take me to the opening of Take it Broadway.

Oh no Connie anyway you've
seen that King girl before.

Oh but that was before
and then we went to the theater.

And when they announced
miss King can't go on the 2nd act...

we decided to return home.

Then I got a crazy idea.

Connie, what you doing here?

I came to tell you I'm sorry I was
such a heel this evening David and...

- to wish you all happiness and...
- Where's Mida?

I don't know, I knocked
but there wasn't any answer.

David, what's the matter?


And then I called the police.

And when the cellular came I
told them what had happened and...

and then you and your man arrived.

You wouldn't by any chance be trying to cover
for Mr. Henderson, would you Miss Furness?

- I don't know what you mean.
- She doesn't know what I mean, she doesn't?

I don't suppose you'd like to
speak for yourself, would you?

No, I don't suppose he would.

Then what about that Carbine jogging
around, where does he moves and why?

Custer please, not again,

Gunther, will you let me ask just three
questions and then I fold up to the night.

Shut up and sit down.

Ok, Ok, If you're too stubborn to take
advantage of my considerable talents...

and you want to fool around with
this case all winter alright.

Alright, alright, three
questions and I can hardly wait.

You've heard me my foul
friend, now, what about that car?

Well, it's just routine, we're prepare.

In case it wouldn't be done on hand with a
pick up, they move the car to a free padding.

- How long was it there?
- About ten minutes, I guess.

Question number two.

How was she murdered?

Was she shot, stabbed, poisoned, strangled,
drowned, starved or struck by lightening.


But you can reason with a
bullheaded mug like the inspector sweet.

I keep asking him for the rest of
the evening and all that he keep saying...

Goodbye now.

- Question number two.
- Custer...

We don't know how she was killed.

She was just laying there,
stiff and stuck and and chilly.

The doc is still working on it.
The doc? I think I give him a call.

No, no on second thought,
why bother, he promised to call me.

You tell me how was done, you so smart...

you know so much about
all the others angles of this case.

Remember your comb.

Frankie, I ought to
apologize, I've changed my mind.

I think you've been telling the truth.

- And that's bring us to number three...
- The 64 dollars question.

Mr. Henderson...

did you or did you not arrive at that...

car while Mida and Frankie were
playing that touching little farewell thing?

Did you or did you not lurk in the shadows...

outside and overhear her refers
to you as a dope and a sucker?

Did you or did you
not wait until Frankie had...

gone and then go in
and strangle Mida in a blind rage?

No, no, I have nothing to do
with it, she was not strangled.

And how do you happen to
know that my fine pink feather friend?

- Well, there was no marks, no bruises.
- No marks, no good.

No rubbing, no ladder, no shade, no nothing.

May I remind the assemble company...

that tough bruises often
don't show up for several hours.

- May I also re...
- Look here sir.

Don't don't you think that this,
this travesty had gone far enough?

I certainly do sir ladies and gentlemen...

I give you the murder of Mida King.

Is there a policemen in the house?

You don't really he done it, do you?

Certainly not,
but he's ready to yell after...

putting up the clam all evening,
he just need a little treatment.

Inspector, why do you allow this high handed
treatment of an obviously innocent man?

Listen Mr. Furness, nobody is innocent, see?

Sing son and take it slow and easy.

Well, I got Mrs. Delroy's message at
the theater and called the apartment.

She told me that Mida was terribly
frightened, going down to the car.

Naturally I was worried, the...

Everybody witch, you...

Listen Turk, you ain't
got a chance to make it, you get...

no way, I got men in every exit
of the theater, dozen of them, fifteen.

Who said something about getting away.

Maybe I don't want to get away.

Maybe I only want one little thing.

Maybe I only want left Frankie to
have it, where doing the must good.

See, so he'll never double-cross a friend.

And Delroy and her charming daughter.

Who knew about but wouldn't
open that big yap at my trail.

- Where do you like it Frankie?
- Wait a minute Turk.

Now, don't be a chum.

Don't you realize you're
in the clear now if you just...

sit tight and playing close to your bests?

I don't spoil it all
for a little tin-horn revenge...

that won't get you any meat and potatoes.

And won't make a cap
in a death cell any softer.

You take my word for it, they never stick
you for this one, come on and give me that.

Well, what do you say?
Let's all go down to the car.

We're going to stay right here and...

Alright, let's go.

Then when I got about here...

it happened I saw Mr. and Mrs.
Custer run to the other end of the car.

Probably just exercising his wife.

Oh, must've been a couple of other Custer.

It's bad light down here, no
wonder why he made a mistake.

- Find anything?
- Nothing.

Alright, let's go in.

Sure I'm glad she got it, I'm only
sorry I didn't know she was here.

- So I could've done the honor myself.
- You sure you weren't here, in the car.

No way I'm here,
I called her at the theater...

I read in the papers about the show
opening and told her I was going to get her.

And ask you to telephone?

Well, I kept and trying to get out, I must've
try a dozen names but they've all got it.

Then I run into...

Stuffy in here.

Custer, wait a minute.

Alright alright, now don't
start hooping and hollering, tell all.

Turk is my client, his
attorneys has been squawking...

for a new trial ever
since he was send up and...

they hired me a couple
of weeks ago and I dug up...

enough new evidence
of a frame up to justify one.

That's why I've been tailing Mida and and...

seen Miss Delroy and things like that.

So that's the reason you've been
giving me that big speech about I was...

the kind of girl you could really go for
and you're wife didn't understand you and...

Just so you could plumb me about Mida.

That would be enough of that Miss Delroy.

Go on Mr. Custer.

Go on?

Isn't that enough?

- Good evening Inspector.
- Good evening Inspector.

Mile Away and the Mooch
back up Frankie alibi all the way sir.

- So you went to the show tonight, eh?
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- Tell it in your own words.

Well, we went to Frankie's open, see?

Good show, see? During the second act Frankie
come in sat down along side us, see?

When the show was over, we went next
door and get some nice refreshments, see?

And the...

- Well, I guess that's to all, see?
- That's fine boy, thanks.

That's alright, no trouble at all.

- Well, good evening inspector.
- Good evening inspector.

The Malarkey boys,
they find fellas, ain't they?

It hasn't occurred to you that these couple
was probably over in the other siding...

or in it's way there
when Mida was killed off.

Yes, it has occurred to me Custer,
that's the reason I've given orders...

for remove over there, just like before, see?

- I kind of feel awful about that lady.
- Yeah, sure it is.

Say, how do you keeps tags on
this car, know where to find them?

Oh, all the trains and
wheel cars in the terminal are...

shown in an electric panel
in the main control tower.

It's a very complicated piece of machinery,
only about two of them in the world, I think.

Where is the other one?

Right up there, in the main office
of the New York, Chicago and Western.

They used that most as an advertising...

kind of thing, because they
don't control any traffic from up there.

- Up to it fellas.
- Custer?

You a gambling man?

I play a little spit in
the ocean, in case any greedy.

I guess you didn't want to
make a little wage around this case.

Am I should?

I bet you any amount, even
money, Rinehart is the murderer,

- You got a new tag, you've been working on?
- Take it or leave it.

- I'll take it, 50.
- Bet.


MacAdams, MacAdams...

Yeah, if the doc calls with any news dope
about the autopsy put it through this number.

Murray Hill 4 - 7 - 5 - 9 - 9.

- Find anything?
- No, you?

Hey, what's this for?

Keep tools and
tackles, stuff to make repairs.

You always leave this basket unlocked?

Oh, sometimes yes, sometimes no,
this a blind siding, no paths from there.

Hey, wait a minute, will you?

Where is this go?

Private office, up to
the main office in the 4th floor.

And Swat, we don't use it very often anymore.


you play ball with us
and we'll play ball with you.

I don't want to play
ball, I want to see a lawyer.

But sweet I've trying all night...

Yeah. Yeah, oh well...

Inspector Gunther isn't here
right now, this is his assistant.

Thanks doctor. Yes, I'll tell him right away.

Custer, Custer, come in here.

You stalled me off long enough, I want you
to talk and talk fast and I want details.

Well, what about our
bet? What about Rinehart?

Never mind that, never
mind Rinehart, what about you?

Well I, I don't know what you talking
about, I told you everything I know.

If you're just trying to bear down on my
family why don't you give Butch their word?

Besides being my
bride, my best friend and so...

varies credits, she's also my assistant, she
ought to come through some swell stuff.

- Well Mrs. Custer, you got something to say?
- Inspector...

if the things I got to
say will lay end to end the...

it probably just lay there,

I think getting this King-Turk excuse
for going under three weeks.

So last night I decided to go to
the opening of Take on Broadway for...

close look at the glamorous Miss King
who has taken all of Mr. Custer's time.

Especially at nights.

Giving the ammunition I went
out into the alley to smoke a cigarette.

And who do I run into but Mr. Custer himself.

We talk about the
incoming weather, things like that.

And the he fallowed
Frankie and Mida just as he told you.

Oh, he first told me to stay
and keep and eye on Miss Furness.


Probably wanted to watch
Miss Furness because like a big sap...

I told him about Mida getting married and
he knew about the Henderson-Furness tie.

- Where he go?
- He just left, what do you suppose?

Why do you left that stupid criminal
run around like he owns the earth?

- Don't you realize he's under arrest?
- Sorry Inspector.

You sure this is alright boss.

Oh yes, sure, sure, sure I'm the
special investigator on the King's case.


Say, who besides yourself
have a key of this door?

Anybody works for the railroad might've one.

- Would Rinehart?
- Who's he?

Electrical maintenance,
working on the control tower.

Sure, he might have one,
nobody ever uses it anymore.

Hey Rusty...

- Say, why is the light turn on?
- Say, that's funny,

Well, go find him.

You might go on Mrs. Custer.

Well, Miss Furness
and his father went home...

and later she came back out
and I saw her at Grand Central.

And the rest happened
just as she said, of course.

Then I saw Mr. Custer hiding down at the
other end and I circle around and joined him.

Mr. Henderson so us when we ran.

Halfway across the terminal, we
unexpectedly bump into Turk in the darkness.

And Mr. Custer told him
about Mida's been murdered.

Stop, stop, stop, stop.

Do you mean to say your husband
knew Mida King had been murdered...

then or about the time Miss
Furness and Henderson discovered...

the body and before
the police had been called?

- Do you mean to say that Mr. Custer...
- It don't mean Inspector.

You hear what the lady said? You knew Mida
King was murdered before everybody else.

Oh, everybody but the murderer and Mida.

- Here he is.
- Her he is, go bump your head.

- Is that all Mrs. Custer?
- Well, I guess so. Oh, wait a minute.

When your men caught us
down in that scene tunnel...

one of them tore the lining in my coat and
I certainly expect the city to pay for it.

Now, let's see Custer.
Withholding information a murder, a felony.

Aiding and backing
an escape prisoner, a felony.

Conspiracy to...

- Brain free and you get us together.
- You give out and give out.

Say, finale, you go
to the cling incommunicado...

where there'll no be any
hideous corpus or hocus pocus like that.

Back what you just said.

Alright, I've been trying to
kick this case over for you all night...

but nobody can get a word in it while
you shouting your big mouth all the time.

Grand standing, ready?

Ready? Ready?

Where I leave up? Yeah, yeah.

Well, I tailed Mida and Frankie to the hotel
basement and get jammed with that watchman.

I had to go all the way around through the
terminal to get down to the Admiral siding.

The car wasn't there.

I've been down to tail
her in the afternoon on a tip from...

So I look for it.

And I found it, right where is now.

No one was around, both door were locked.

- Mida was lying on the floor, dead. I st...
- How you know she was dead?

Point killer, live
people don't look like that.

Wait a minute, if she was dead at that
time, while the car was still here...

then that eliminates
Henderson and Miss Furness...

- and the Delroys and Turk and Frankie...
- How come it eliminates Frankie?

Well, that break back his
story he said he saw, I say Frankie.

Yes sir, it just about left everybody out...


I didn't do I tell you,
I don't know nothing about.

- Let me tell you...
- Inspector, I just double check on Rinehart.

He didn't leave that control tower
from 5 in the night to about 10:30.

Well, well, well,
now Rinehart is in the clear...

that makes you owe me 50 smackers.

And if Rinehart is in
the clear, that makes you it.

You're the only one who could've kill her,
right time, right place, everything.

And if she had the money
on her, you have a swell motive.

Ah no look Gunther,
fun, fun and all that but I...

You found the car here alright, you
knocked on the door, Mida know you...

Mida thought you was connected
with the rope, she let you in...

You're angle was to sell her a bill
of goods to clear your client Turk.

Probably threaten to throw a monkey
wrench into a big league marriage plan...

she didn't come through
with an affidavit or something.

She wouldn't go for
anything like that, no, not Mida.

She started yelling and
screaming and ran into the bathroom.

You followed and clipped her,
just gentle like to pipe her down.

She went for the gun we
found in her hand bag and...

and a big roll of
1,000 bills fell to the floor.

Before she had the chance to get to
hit you up, you clipped again but good.

She fell and crack the skull
in the bathroom floor, simple, ain't it?

Yeah, simple.

Like the 4th dimension, in Chinese puzzle.

She bump of nada.

So the autopsy surgeon
word himself into a set of max...

doses trying to diagnose simple fracture.

And just to show you how wrong one man can be
I'm going to tell you what really happened.

I think you'd better tell to the DA Custer.

Well, that suits me
just fine, you know he's a...

pretty grand gent and need a
good laugh once in a while, on you.

This is beautiful,
look I'm so sure I got this...

case wrapped up I can even afford
to make your cockeyed solution good.

One part of it.

That's Mida dough,
I snagged through the window...

so wouldn't tempt any
of these innocents by standards.

Now, do you want me to tell this
to DA or you want to open those...

baby blue eyes and tin-back, those
shell like ears and look and listen.


Now, you and Strom first, come
with me, I want to show you something.

- And my assistant.
- The rest of you stay here.

And this is the lay out of the terminal.

These little lights represent cars, trains.

Now, this light over
here, is the Thanatopsis.

This is the Admiral side,
no lights now because it's clear.

And let's imagine that
it's about 10 o'clock last night.

There's a man standing
here, right where I'm now, alone.

How did he get in here?
This office is closed at 6.

Never mind now, he, he broke in.

Now, that man is a potential murderer.

I'm not sure why he came here or
what he expect to accomplish.

As he stands, staring down...

all of his grinding hatred...

all of his torturing lust
to kill focuses on one tiny spot.

He knows that little means a private car...

The Thanatopsis is standing there.

He knows that in that car,
there's a woman, Mida King.

All the same, begins to move.

Get goes here, in the switch,
just coming closer and closer...

is coming to this
very siding, where we are now.

Are the gods suggesting?

Can this be a sign?

Has fate brought my victim to his very door?

Come on, come on Custer, get to the point.

Now please bear in mind, I'm trying to
express the murderer feelings not mine.

Oh sure, let's get on with it...

your the murderer and
Mida King is down there in the car.

And you're quick to grab this things
Inspector, you should've been a detective.

Now then, the scene shifts.

Now he stops.

He looks around, the coast
is clear and tries the doors.

But, so then, he comes on down here...

And in there he hid...

Ah, look Butch, go in there
and turn on the shower, will you?

And? Oh, I tell you what
make this really authentic...

Miss Furness, your about Mida's...

height and weight, will you
please go in and take a shower?

- Ready?
- Just a minute.

- Alright Mr, Custer.
- I hear the sound of the shower.

In there...

the woman who is blasted the happiness
of one he loves and he can do nothing.


There was only something which he could
reach out through those wall of steel...

and destroy that
anathema or that hateful creature.

But wait.

Here it is, feed as the answer, an element.

A thousand volts of dead.

The third rail.

But how he used it?

And here are a pair of welder gloves.

And a short link of wire, is the answer.

And now ladies and gentlemen, if
I may have your undeniable attention.

This into the wire attached to
the pipe that supply the shower...

all it's necessary now is to bring this
other end in contact with the third rail.

- Like this.
- Stop.

You mustn't, my girl, my baby is in there.

Calm, calm, now Mr.
Furness, you wouldn't let a little...

thing like a 1,000 volts set you
over, will you?

Stop, you win Mr. Custer, I killed her.
I'm glad I killed her and I'll do it again.

- Connie...
- Don't take it so bad Mr. Furness.

I instructed my assistant
to keep Connie out of the shower.

So you see Inspector, the last guess
was best, she was struck by lightening.

- Oh, then was Furness who...
- Yeah, and that's not quite all.

Mr. Furness thought he was alone, but he
was in for a very unpleasant surprise.

Probably went something like this, come on.

To start he put the wire and the
gloves back where he got them.

And there's stands a
man, regarding and inquisitive.

A man who isn't going to let Mida get
away with one last stab at the shade down.

- A grand slam in spades, in his tail.
- Ramón.

It wasn't hard for a very rich...

man to make a deal with a greedy
little faker like Ramón Inspector.

But to make very sure that
Ramón held up his end and didn't talk...

Mr. Furness help to long his weak heart...

by slipping a small slug of
poison into his water, at your office.

- There he is.
- Let's go get him.

- Alright folks, you can all go now.
- Say, you're a genius.

- So let's go home.
- So long Turk, see you in court.

- What are you waiting Custer? The applause?
- My 50 smackers.

Why don't you stop feeding
me this stuff? You know I hate it.

Let's go ma.

And don't think in
anything charming, because it ain't.

Thanks Inspector, see you around.

Oh, wait a minute Butch,
I, I want to send a Ballantine.

Oh now, look Rocky, I'm tired.
You know is 9 o'clock in the morning?

- Hello?
- Hello, Inspector Gunther?

- This is the desk sergeant.
- What?

There's been another murder? Where?

Grand Central Station? Oh?

- Oh, it is a beautiful morning.
- Hello Rocky.

- What are you doing up so early?
- Oh, just walking my wife.