Grand Central (2013) - full transcript

Gary, an unskilled young man, lands a job as a decontamination sub-contractor at a nuclear power plant in the lower valley of the Rhone. Inducted into the workforce by supervisor Gilles and veteran Toni, Gary discovers that radiation contamination is not just a risk factor but an everyday hazard. At the same time, he begins an illicit affair with Karole, the fiancée of Toni. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Fuck! Bastard!

- You didn't take anything?
- Get lost!

You didn't have anything
in your wallet. Are you a bum?

- Fuck off, please!

It's the first time someone
tells me "fuck off" so nicely!

It's not because we insult each other,
we must not remain polite.

Have your I.D. ready!

It's fine, it's quick!

- Good morning, give me your name.
- M.A.N.D.A Gary.

- Date of birth?
- March 6th, 1984.

- What is your background?
- Boiler work.

- CAP (vocational training qualification)
- Do you get it?

- I just did the first year.
- Fine.

- Foreign languages?
- None.

Do you speak a bit of English?

- No.
- Fine.

- I only did the first quarter.
- Don't worry, it's fine.

What is your kind of business?

We are in charge of the temporary work
for the nuclear sites.

We call this "a unit outage",
it's temporary.

You will do a radioprotection training
in a controlled area.

That's the kind of job we offer
for a first intervention.

- It's better paid and there is a bonus.
- How much is it paid?

- 1200‚ to start.
- Fuck!

- Don't you have anything which is better paid?
- With your background, we don't.

I worked on building sites,
in restaurants, in markets...

You sign here and you initial.

You write your initials on every page.

- When do we start?
- Do you have any criminal record,
do you suffer from vertigo?

- I don't.
- You start just after the training.

We leave : your buddy won't come.
We've been waiting for him for hours.

Do you hear me? Do we leave now?

You don't know Isaac.
Why wouldn't he come?

He keeps his promises.
People don't dupe me!

- So, is he here or not?
- Calm down!

Come on!

- You are late, asshole!
- Traffic is heavy!

- Stop trying to justify yourself!
- People are coming back from holidays.

- Stop it, you don't even have a phone!
- I came as soon as possible.

It's fine, there were traffic jams...

He's wrong and he knows it.

- Sorry!
- Fine. It drives me nuts when you do this.

If we had gone to Marbella,
we would be on time.

I offer him a job paid 1000 euro a week
and he prefers picking tomatoes!

Cherry tomatoes...

- My turn?
- Come on, play!

May I get another one?

Another beer!

Come on, play!

Does anybody want to try
this shitty machine!

I pay for the game and drinks.
Anybody interested?

- Nobody?
- I do it.

Bastard? Who are you?

Fuck, it's full!

We are friends of the nuclear plant workers,
they kept a pitch for us.

I swear we know them, go and get them...

It's full...

Give up!

- Fuck off!
- Get lost!

- How are you?
- And you?

A little bit of bacon?
What do you drink?

You won't start tomorrow.

You will once your training is completed.
Being motivated is enough to succeed.

- I am motivated!
- You have to be strong!

Some little shits panicked in the red zone.
If you do it, do it properly.

In your gear, you lose 2 kg of water.
You can't see or breath properly.

Your heart is racing.
They are toxic products.

You will disgust him.
We bring light to people's home.

- It's a fight.
- Against what?

Against the dose: colourless, odourless,
the dose is all around you.

You won't beat it, there's no winner.
You can't never get rid of it.

You fight but nobody will ever thank you.

- This object, what is it?
- Something on which you put beers.

It's not something, it is a beer mat.
It's circular, made of cardboard.

You're making fun of me!

We're not. You must name things properly
otherwise you can endanger others.

A screw is not a nut.
You must be able to describe things.

If you don't have the proper words, we lose time.
And time means more irradiation.

- Where do you come from?
- From Lyon. I mean Tassin, it's nearby.
- I know.

- I know you know it.
- Really?

- I saw you there.
- When?

I remember, you fostered chaos
and confusion in the Sanoca factory.

I worked there as a truck driver.
I think people didn't forget you there...

- You have a fucking memory, it's useful.
- I remember faces.

People often forget mine,
I remember all of them.

There are bunk beds in the other room.


Shhh, he's sleeping, shut up.

- Hurry up!
- Yeah!

You won't stay there two hours.

Do you want me to give you a shower?

Give me the soap Miss Camping!

Gentlemen, give a sheet to anyone.

You'll make a simple exercise
after the showing.

19 power plants in France, 58 reactors.

In the Rhône valley :
Bugey, St Alban, Cruas, Tricastin...

- You take notes for your mum?
- Learn how to write, after you'll be able to comment.

Here's the electronic dosimeter:
you wear it on the chest for any intervention.

You can see in real time
the level of radiations.

In case of high radiations, it flashes
and an audible alarm goes off.

This is a dosimeter
to record radioactivity.

In case of high radiations, it beeps.

- You are waiting for Gilles?
- Yep.

- He won't be home before tonight.
- Tonight?

- You took your examination?
- Results are tomorrow.

- What do you want to ask him?
- Some cash but I'll manage.

- How much do you want?
- Not much.

Come on!

Come in!

- I will pay you back.
- No kidding?

Mamie, it's Gary.
Open the door, I know you're here.

Come on, open it, I have good news,
you'll be happy.

- Get lost!
- Call her!

- Don't you understand?
- Call my sister, asshole!

We told you we didn't want
to see you anymore.

It's always chaos in here,
This is my home.

- Is Mamie here?
- Of course she is.

Come in!

- How are you?
- Fine. Your shoes!

You've got a nerve, you come again
to ask for something.

- What shall I tell them?
- You just answer to their questions.

- Why do they do this?
- It's the normal procedure.

- You did something stupid!
- Shit, I did not.

- Shhh, shut up!

- It's a background check.
- I do not understand.

It's made by the intelligence agents.
Whoever cannot work in a nuclear plant.

Nuclear industry is classified
as a top-secret defense.

It's important you answer them.

Nadia left this to you.
Did you tell her you had left?

- I didn't.
- Why do you do this?

You don't find anything else as a work?

- I take what exists.
- You didn't find something more stupid?

- Do you want to ruin your health?
- You watch too much TV.

- In the worst case, it's like a severe sunburn
- Of course...

- We travel, we see the country.
- That's what they say?

- How is Nadia?
- Not well.

- Me too.
- Of course.

You have never been in love,
you cannot understand.

- It's true!
- Are you joking?

Once you're radiated,
you have to pee and shit.

Your body must get rid of it,
it doesn't take long.

Toni, what happens when you're radiated?
Can you explain to the kid?

This is what happens, isn't it?

Get up!

You see, you had the whole experience!

Fear, anxiety...

Your vision is blurred,
your head is spinning...

Your legs are shaking,
This is exactly like being radiated.

And it was a small radiation!

Sit down!

He's right to marry her :
She's horny!

To love!

Gary Manda.

- That's OK!
- Strong as a tiger, I told you.

I fill out your form of medical fitness...

...your tracking card - to be given to the counter.
You have your DATR certification.

- Here!
- Thanks.

- He's happy, he's got his log book.
- hut your trap!

You put your badge.

Thanks, have a nice day.

You remove all you jewelry.

Take a locker.

Dosimeter... 0099.


Now we are in a controlled area.

- Hurry up!
- Shut your trap, it's their first working day!

"Don't be too curious!€

Come over here guys!

A dual protection :
a pair of latex gloves, a pair of nylon ones.

Close this.

Kid, when your nose is itchy,
what do you do?

Like this.

Put on your helmet and here we go.

Sleeve, manifold, siphon...

So, young men, it is scary, right?

Do you see Toni over there
and the nuclear fuel rods?

If he passes above a nuclear fuel rod,
that's the end.

- What is it?
- The heart of the reactor.

The nuclear fuel is there.

Few people can dive next to the reactor.

- What is he doing?
- He's looking for a part which broke loose.

Ok, that's fine.

Come on, let's work.

You introduce your hands in the hole.

If you are clean, it will open.

You must switch it off.

0.7 on my dosimeter and you?

0.6 and you?


He beats all of you.

It makes you happy...

It's ok, here we go.


- No, no.
- This is what was agreed.

This is what was agreed!

- How are you?
- You're late.

- Sorry.
- Gary.

I boosted it as you asked me.

180 kph, 70 hp, 4 manual doors.

- Great!
- Do you like it?

Here's the cash
and the key of the truck.

Is it your address?

We work there.

- Take the keys!
- Thanks. Gary!

Frankly, you're kidding!

You could have a cheaper price.

Wait, let me try.

- Done.
- Are you joking?

Try to think!
Put the hood!

Look who's here!

Girls, how are you?

- We drive you home?
- No, it's OK.

You will have a sunburn,
you're barely dressed.

- Ok we accept.
- Come!

It's nice.

- I take a seat in front.
- Take a seat in the back, Gary.

- When did you buy it?
- This morning, from gypsies.

- Radio...
- Radio and CD player!

It sucks, it doesn't work...

- You are not too cold?
- It's fine, thanks.

- What is this?
- It's a bodysuit!

Wait, don't move.

- Does it happen often?
- What?

- This.
- It happens, not often.

What does it mean " not often "?

If I tell you the truth,
you won't believe me.

And if I lie,
you won't like it.

"Love sickness,
sickness of lovers..."

"...if I am the only one you love,
stay with me."

Gary, come here!

" ...when it's getting stronger,
pay attention, my friends... "

" ...hidden under the foliage
like a gray snake."

"...don't wake it up
when it sleeps..."

"...don't do this €˜cos it bites
if you wake it up..."

"Love sickness,
sickness of lovers..."

"...I am the only one you love,
stay with me."

"Love sickness,
sickness of lovers..."

"...I am the only one you love,
stay with me."

"...when love is small:
so nice, so nice."

"...when it's getting stronger,
pay attention, my friends..."

"...hidden under the foliage
like a gray snake."

"'Cos love is death
but it's also... death..."

"'s death but it's the paradise."'s because of Pierlo...

François, come here.

- Are you speaking about me?
- Yes, I am.

I left a rotten pipe?

You quickly washed it
because you had your lunch break

We ended up as idiots and now
Denis is in the decontamination area.

Denis is in the decontamination area
because of me?

- That's what you say?
- It's OK...

Get dressed!

- Why is there two car parks?
- Because there a two different status...

...and two salaries: one for the privileged people
from EDF and one for the slave workers.

Less dose for them and more money...

... plus the coffee machine, the shower
after work and free electricity.

Where is the bottle?

- Here.
- Are you joking?

I gave it to you,
it is for all of us.

If you want your own water, you pay for it,
you are not stingy.

We rely on each other.
If you play personal, it won't work.

- It's just water.
- I don't give a damn about the bottle.

Do you understand what I tell you?


Is Toni here?
I have to return him something.

He's having his shower, he will end soon.

- Do you want to come in?
- No.


- Do you want one?
- No thanks.

Actually I want one.



You'll give this to him and you'll tell him
I'll pay everything soon.

He pisses me off for a pair of tights
and he lends money to just anyone.

- Don't sulk!
- Me? I don't.

- Do you want a beer?
- Yes, I do.

There are too many people at the bar,
I will go later.

- Do you want a beer?
- Yep.

Stop it!

Excuse me.

Don't worry if you are not
perfectly straight.

You have to be quick
to isolate the leak.

- I do what I can.
- Faster, faster!

What's going on? It's OK?

You have to do it faster
without rushing.

Let me do it! Do you hear me?

- Give me two seconds.
- Keep a cool head!

- You can give me 5 minutes?
- I go down.

Ok, go down, go down!

Are you fine?

I would have not gone down
if he let me finish.

- It's my fault if you break down!
- Calm down!

It can happen to anybody,
it does not matter, Gary.

- It's not the fault of anybody but of everybody.
- It's not my fault.

Gary? I put you a condom?

It's totally crazy!

- This one is a fake!
- No, it's a real one.

- It doesn't move.
- It's a real one!

- Are you sure?
- Ok you're right.

Have you ever seen living handbags?

What? Don't piss me off!

- Come, it'll take your mind off things!
- I want to replace him.

She plays with us!

When I'm at the bottom of the room,
I'll stamp.

Once, give me some slack
Twice, give me more air.

It's OK?

- What happened?
- Give him more air!

- I have been radiated...
- You shouldn't take off your gloves!

Spread your fingers. Turn your hand.

It's good, you were courageous.

Well done, Manda.

Turn the sound down, please.

I thought you wouldn't come.

I've heard you play the hero.

- Is it a lot?
- You were much irradiated.

You know what happens in this case?
You stay in the green area and you stop diving.

- I want to stay on this site.
- I don't take any decision. No diving anymore.

- If I am more irradiated, what happens?
- You are out.

- I'm "out", what do you mean?
- Either technical unemployment.

With your low length of service,
you won't earn much
but you take care of your health.

Or you are sent to another site.

- For us you are in remission.
- OK.

If your rate is too high on your dosimeter,
you have to quit for this work period.

And if I want to stay?

Do you sleep well at the moment?

It's fine.

- Any problem to breath?
- No.

Any abdominal pains?

- I think I'm pregnant.
- You think or you're sure?

Do you listen? It's the baby's heartbeat.
You've been pregnant for 5 weeks.

- You don't seem to be happy?
- I am.

What's the problem?
Toni won't be happy?

- He will. I don't know.
- According to his file, he couldn't have any.

So tell me your secret.
Are you pregnant or not?

- I'm not.
- Liar.

- What are you doing here?
- I visit you.

- I brought some.
- Thanks! How nice they are!

- How is René?
- Not too bad.

- Who is this handsome young man?
- He's my husband.

Congratulations. Hello. He's handsome.

- Gary, Alina.
- Be happy, both of you are beautiful.

What is going on?

It's an exercise.

4 times, it's a test.

5, a minor problem.

6, a serious problem.

7, a major problem.

- Don't cry, it's OK?
- I'm fine.

I will put it on your fingers.

It's ok, let go of it.
Do you know what would please me?

We will leave.
I will leave with you.

Put on your wedding dress.

- It is not done yet.
- I don't care.

Look how nice she will be!

It's nice, isn't it?

Put on the veil too.

- Like this?
- Yep.

You're lovely, so pretty,
a small cauliflower!

She's pretty, aunt Carole.

- Morali himself!
- I'm leaving.

- Bertrand, stay with us.
- I'm tired.

This is really embarrassing to me, Gilles,
It's bad what happens to your team.

What do you want to tell me?
That it's my fault?

- You think I need you to think that.
- Calm down, I never say this.

The room which remains open
is not regulatory.

Gilles is not responsible for the security
at the building doors.

- We were not even working there.
- Forget about it...

You stop recruiting little brats like that,
you choose your men.

What are you talking about?
What did you ask me?

You asked me to find kids.
I recruited the kids I found.

So why do you piss me off?

I didn't give a shit to train kids.

You will tell Géraldine
I'm thinking about her.

Here's your bottle of water!

- We are leaving.
- Help me to put the hood.

- I don't know where is the hole.
- Let me do it.

Fuck, this thing is poorly designed.

- Are you crying?
- I'm not.

Do I ask you if you fuck Toni's wife?

What do you want?

It would piss you off
if Gilles and Toni learn about it.

- Mind your own balls.
- You would get quickly kicked out.

Am I talking about the blowjobs
you did to Isaac?

It hurts to wait like an idiot.

You tell one word, I tell Morali
all the gear you steal.

You wouldn't do that.
If you do it...

You don't know me.

- I swear!
- OK...

How are you guys?

You are doing crosswords,
It must be bloody boring.

I conned you.

So tell me you are happy.

I'm happy.

- Who is the father?
- It wasn't planned like that, you know.

- I did everything for you.
- I know.

- It was not planned like that.
- Like "that"? You mean "with him"?

- I feel good with you, Toni.
- You feel good with me.

With him, you are always scared,
your heart is racing, you are shaking.

- Don't shout!
- I don't.

You can't break with him just like that.
It's not enough to wish it.

Regarding the wedding, what do we say,
what do we do?

We don't say anything,
we just do it, Toni.

Keep me.

I will keep you forever.

We arrived.

We get out, we close the doors.

- It's all over my leg.
- Sit down, take off your overall.

I don't manage to take it off.

Sit down!

Shit, shit, shit!

It was what kind of radiated stuff?

Fuck, Gilles, it's all over your back.

Fuck, you got radiated ten times more than me.

Do you hurry?

- I'm tired.
- You have to rest. Take this!

It will make me piss and shit all night long.

You will close the door.
Take this. Come on.

- I quit, Toni. I can't stand it anymore.
- Don't you overreact?

- Tomorrow, you will visit your daughters,
it will boost you.

- Yep.
- You must miss your wife.

You didn't understand
that my wife left me?

Are you stupid?
Don't you see all my stuff in the car?

You think I do this to feel at home?

I'm not allowed to see my wife
or my kids anymore. My wife is right.

You pretend not to see it as everyone
but everyone sees it.

For me it's over, I leave.

I say this every year
but this time it's true.

It's not like before.

At your age, love is tiring.

At mine, it's everything.

Leave, Toni, you are still young.

What are you expecting?
You can't even have a child anymore.

- You're right, you should sleep.
- Don't you understand?

Tomorrow I won't be here anymore Toni.

Don't blame me!

I don't blame you.

I go to sleep.

He has a house 10 minutes from the beach.
I once already saw it.

I think he will lend it to us :
not in summer, he rents it, but in winter.

- We won't go anywhere, Gary.
- What?

We won't go anywhere.

I love him, Toni,
I'm going to get married with him.

What are you speaking about Carole?

You will marry him
and you are here with me.

Don't look at me like that!

Make your choice, I can't...

Yes or no?


- Don't blame me.
- I do.


Do you see the leaf, slightly higher?
Aim at it!

- Why do you follow me?
- A smoke?

- I don't have any.
- You have one.

- Leave me alone!
- I don't want to...

- Go there!
- I don't want...

- Stop bragging, it's not for me.
- You want a cigarette, go there!

This is for my cousin
who is 18 years old...

Manda! Come in.

You know why you are here?

I received the result of your dosimetric test.

Explain to me why you have 30 times less
on your notebook than on your test.

Not twice, not three times, not ten :
Thirty! Do you hear me?

Who squealed on me?

I don't give a damn about your stories.

- It's Toni?
- So I'll tell you one thing : you piss me off.

Between those who steal, those who expose
their dosimeter to take a leave.

...and the little jerks like you...

...who hide their dose.

I have to do a report
and to lose one more employee.

And regarding the deadline, I'm fucked.

- I didn't use my dosimeter once or twice.
- Take me for a jerk.

You want to get radiated, I don't care,
but remain below the limit.

I don't care getting radiated :
let me just finish my working period.

All I want is my money.
After I disappear.

Do you think I have any choice?
You finish your period and you disappear.

What the hell are you doing?

What do you want?

I come to pay you back.

Where is the money?

On the table.

- Carole, come with me!
- Gary, stop it!

What the fuck are you doing? Shut up!

You come to my place on my wedding day
and you want her to leave. Where?

It has nothing to do with you,
it's not against you.

You are going to smash my face in
and so what?

- Get lost!
- You won't become the father of the child.

Your balls are burnt, you know it!

Get lost, leave us alone,
do you hear me?

I will close your fucking mouth.

Shut up!

That's enough, leave him alone.

It's fucking nothing, ok?
And you, get lost!

You can all come back to your place!

What are you doing here?
To which team do you belong?

I'm speaking to you, look at me!

You need to be treated!
Go home now!

- Gary!
- Let go of me!

Wait for me!

Go away!

I was afraid!