Grand Blue (2020) - full transcript

A college student spends his year at the seaside town of Izu, having fun on the beach with his school friends.

What have you written?



What a beautiful sky!

It's been a long time since I've seen a sky like this.

My head hurts...

Where am I?

What's wrong?

What happen?

What's wrong, huh?

Bad! Bad! Bad!

Huh, why?!

Here's over there.

What the heck are you doing?

Cover! Cover! Cover!

To small!

Over there!

Where the hell he's going, that pervert!

Wait, wait, wait...! What happen?

Why the heck I'm naked?!

I'm feel bad!

I'm Iori Kitahara.


How can I sleep naked on campus?

I need to remember!

I really need to remember!

Yeah, I'm not really that kind of person,

step out from my comfort zone to enroll into campus that on an island.

Hey... Izu University?


Dream to live a campus life at Izu University, huh?

I've promised to stay at my uncle's house, Toshio-san.


Do you remember, Iori?

It's about time, I think it was more than 10 years ago?

Ah, sorry... I really can't remember it.

Hey, Iori... don't have to be so polite.

We're family now.


Here it is... my proud store.

Grand Blue.

Grand Blue?

Good morning, Toshio-san.


It's customer, wait a minute.


Hearing of the sea breeze and the blazing sun...

In this place...

What kind of people that I'll meet...

What! Who's that girl?

Why the hell I'm here?

Shit... can't remember anything!

Huh, I've orientation.

Impossible to attend it!

Behind Building No.3, Hold the Gold and Fly

Tell me earlier, shit.

For you.

My underwear!

When will the class start?

The class will start on next week.

My own...


No, no... first of all, that woman...

I need to go back... to Grand Blue!


Hold on, ojii-san.

Where're you going, today?

I'm going to take out the trash.

It's here.

It's all start here.

Hearing of the sea breeze and the blazing sun...

In this place...

What kind of people that I'll meet...


How do you know my name?

Ah, no...

Wait a minute!


What a beautiful sky!

He's awake! Awake!

He's over there!

What the heck did you do?!



To small!

Over there!

Where the heck that pervert go!

Again... Why is this happening again?

At the same spot.

Don't tell me, it's time leap.

1st session...

Can't attend it.

Classroom No.7?

There's another one!

There's another one!

Hey... is this your doing?!

Pervert! Ultra pervert!

No! Look at the writing on your feet!

Can't see it! We're running right now!

I'm Iori Kitahara.

Kouhei... Imamura.

Up there.


Is that yours?

Nanako is my fate partner.

I'm sorry for leave you alone, Nanako-tan!

Like that?

It can be made as a dress.

You're the pervert, here.

Hey, pervert! Why am I naked in that class?

This is my second time.

Your hobby?

No, pervert.


Even though I was only looking for a club.

Club... what's club?

I want to join a club with a high school girls in it.

There's no club like that.

That's my ideal college life.

All of this happened because of that seaside store.

Grand Blue...


This is where my memory lost.

Just I expected...

I also at this place...

What kind of people that I'll meet...


Hold on!

I'm worried about you, Iori-kun.

What did you do? We're going to live together.

Eh? Live?



Finally it's my time... obviously they're sibling.

The big sis is beautiful and the little sis is tsun,

Living together with them?

Perfect setting, huh?

The lacking is need a girl with twintail hairstyle.



Let me show your room.


It's happen again!

What the heck are you doing!


What happened? Why it happen again?

Don't tell me it's time leap? We got poisoned?

I don't know! I should stay with that beautiful!

Let's repeat it again.

Yosh... let's go.

What's that?

Ah, you too.

What... what is written?

Can't read it.

Need to combine it?

I see.

I'll check here, you check over there.

Move you back a little!

Read it.

Security Room, 11:45 PM.

Is there anything here?

I see.

Here at campus.


What the heck are they?

And this on Classroom No.7.



Let's find it.


That's it! I see it!

Here's that club, huh.



Our picture?

We've been followed?

The composition is like this.

Is this one okay?

Please do the handout you were
given at the beginning of the class

Charpy impact test metamorphosed into an experimental incision for-


A paper please.

Ah, thanks.

How many days has it been?

I don't know, I'm starving right now.

Are we eating?

Why don't I remember?

Why it keep repeating?

That Grand Blue shop..

That group..

About that key, and that girl.

Is it a demon or a witch?

Let's find her!


Even we don't know her name and place.


All right, I'm not going to live like this anymore either.

Nice one... Kimi no Nawa reference!

Your name...



will keep repeat it again!

Really! Really!

Really! Really!

I really doesn't want to forget about her!

Let's go!

My head is spinning after we came here.

Steel your heart! Don't be afraid!


What it is? What did you said?

I don't know also.

There's no one.

What the heck!


What a beautiful sky!

It's been a long time since I've seen a sky like this.


Wearing clothes too.

We're back!


Let go! Let go off me!

We're back!

I'm very happy! Truly happy!

And you're?

I'm just passing through.


I didn't see it.

I don't want also!

Hey, you!

I won't tell anyone!

No! It's not like that!

Wait! No!

It's not like that! Hold on!

I don't see anything!

Just a misunderstanding!

Don't tweet it, post on instagram!

Please don't viral about it.

Hey, newbie!

How it is? Did you sleep well?

Hey, don't remember anything?

Do you really lost, Iori-kun?

Don't tell me that you don't remember me either.





Kotegawa Nanaka-san?


Toshio-san's daughter?

So, that girl...



What are you talking about?

She's my cousin!

About 10 years? No.

Both of you have grown up so much.

You too...

have really changed a lot.

Ah! No! Wait a minute!

Relax! We're the ones who carried you to bed.

Here, drink it.


This is...


I'm home.

You've beat three guys!

Beat me if you can! I want to show off my massive rod!

You're next!




Do you remember me?

It's me.


From now, we'll-

Sis, we have to throw this away now.

It's not dirty! My hand's not that dirty!

I never imagined you'd grow up to be so stupid.


Ah, no!

This is not the real me.

Chisa! Chisa! Chisa!

You already have Kouhei-kun, right?

We're diving club.

Diving club?

Peek-a-boo, a diving club.


I'm Shinji Tokita.

Kotobuki Ryuujirou.

And, the members.

Stop it!

We're here at Toshio-san's store to help him and do our club activity.

Nanaka-san as an Instructor and Chisa as a club member.

Why did it take until 2 weeks to tell us.

Why have we lost our memories?

You two just unfortunate to meet us.


Why isn't there a club with a group of high school girls!

For what I'm coming here!

There it is.

You two joined us..

basically, you're a club member.

And that's how happen, we carried you to the University,

Why being naked?!

Hey, newbie!

The student's job is to learn!

Need to go to class!

Don't forget it!

I never get lectured like this!

One more thing!

Don't forget about this! Nanaka good at Judo-

and siscon.


If you make any move on Chisa, you'll be put in that locker.

Said it earlier! Get locked there.

It's really dark and cramped.

It's truly scary.

Imamura Kouhei.

Kitahara Iori.

Welcome to Peek-a-Boo.


It's useless!


Damn you!

No place to go!

No clothe to wear!

Did you join, Peek-a-Boo.

No! I'll not join!

I see.

What's wrong?

It's nice to have a junior in the club.

Why am I need to join?

It's all on your face.

Any plan on doing diving?

About that, ah...

Ah, want to do it?

I can't swim.

You're bad at Japanese, right?

I asked if you want to "do" it, but you answered whether you "can".

If you only stick with what you already know, you'll never get anywhere.

The important is...

whether you're interested or not.

Please don't be stubborn.

Such a simpletic senior, right.

Are you okay?



Hey, what's wrong?

How it can light fire on it?

It's sake, right?

You just have to drink it.

What does all this mean, hey!

Iori Kitahara!

I'll make you drunk! I won't fail to do it!

Such a nasty idea for sacrificing someone else!

I'll make you drunk too! Kouhei Imamura!

And here... Peek-a-Boo staring contest.

The rules are simple. Whoever sprays their drink first loses.

Be ready, Kouhei Imamura!


I used to be an otaku.

You lose, Iori!

It's good that both of them are so open
with each other, right, Chisa-chan?




I think we're on the same page.

It's the worst thing.

This is not the university life I dreamed of.

You know? Apparently it's May now.

I've never been to college with my clothes on.

Even my own lodgings are a bit fuzzy.

Can you see it, now we have to get out of this island.

There's an event over there for Nanako's CV, Mizuki Kayano.

It sounds something important right now.





Huh, why?

Don't tell me...

Hey! Senpai!

Everyone here on this island is Peek-a-Boo's member.

Hey! Stop!

Save us!

What's this?

It's all the equipment you'll need to dive.

Borrowed from Toshio-san.

Today, we'll use this to practice at sea.

This weird?! Just like a real diving club.

Hey, did your head hit somewhere?

Refrain yourself from over drinking.

Okay, let's go!

But, I can't swim...

Don't worry, it's okay! Let's go.

Not going to take in?

Working right now.

Hey, Iori.

Do you excited to start a university life?

Speaking of which...

I'm excited about it.

If so, I'm sure you'll enjoy this.


Take care.

I'll go with Kouhei.

So, I'll go with Iori.

Okay, let's go.


Take care.

It's not scary if your feet hit the ground?


You'll simulate what it's like to breathe underwater


This regulator and then breath using this.

It feels different.

Just like need a force to breath in.

Try it underwater.

Breathe in deeply and slowly and never stop.

Got it?


Good, so let's try it.

I'm out of breath!

Then, for what that tank on your back?

Because I'm scared of breathing underwater.


No need to feel sorry,

Even I get scared when I think about what would happen if I run ou of air.

This is called as octopus. You give it to your buddy if they run out of air.

Like this.

How is it?

The weight belt always faces the same way,

it's so you can remove it quickly if something happens.

The others equipment also like that.

It's not only for your own safety, but for your diving friends too.

We did a thorough safety check.

The weather is perfect.

Weather like this one are been advised by the fisherman.


It's important to ask fisherman about sea.

Trust me.

Your fist.

Your fist.


My head is getting fuzzy.

Here I go!

Chisa! Chisa! It's amazing!

What happen?

It's amazing to be able to breathe underwater, even I can't swim at all.

I'm really excited about this!


Go change first.

I'm not scared anymore! It's really amazing!

Yeah, it's truly...

such a new world.


If only I could learn to dive deeper...

I thought about it.

It's a new world beyond the thought.

I've been thinking about it too hard.

It's embarrassing, but...

Let's give it a try.


Our seriousness.

Over drink yesterday.

Let stay in bed a bit longer.

So, let's eat.

Thanks for the food.

Who's it? Who's she?

Ah, she's our member from Oumi Women's University, Azusa Hamaoka.

Why is she sleeping here?

Maybe because there was a futon.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Iori-kun, right?

Just like I heard from Nanaka.


That you're okay with a man too.

Let me go!

We're back!

It's not like that.

Don't worry.

I'm okay with both too.


With him, right?

I'm over drink again.

Like handsome man, huh?


It's nice to meet someone who's into the same stuff.

Let's talk someday, okay?

No! It's not like that! Hold on!

Chisa! Nanaka!

You're cute today.



What's wrong with this place?!

Get away from me!

Get away from me!

We're going to look at diving gear today.


Let's go!

Ah~ so cute...

Try it...

Nice one...

Nice one...

Really nice.

Hey, Iori, you know what is this?

Like this.

Yeah, this one is regulator.

What's this?


It's BCD, though.

That's one is Inflator, that control bouyancy.

T-This one...

You give it to your buddy if they run out of air.




Haha... octo-hey!

She's cute, right.

She's really want that one.

So childish.

She's really excited if it's about sea.

She's probably happy has a friends her age that can go diving together.

Ah~ so cute...

And then, buy your own equipment.


So, buy your own equipment.


Bring your own equipment!

That's our rule.

I don't have that much money.

That's where this comes in.

It's Izu Spring Festival beauty pageant.

Cash for the winner.

It's your calling, Kouhei.



Just a little bit, sorry.

Just a little bit.

What's wrong?

I want to try it out.


Can you try this one?




Can I try this one?

Obviously, she'll accept it if it's about diving.

This one?

How it's?

It's feel good.

But. it doesn't have elasticity, some people might not like it.

Yeah, it is.

If the man is wearing this-

I'm going to call you my best friend just for today.

Because we're friends, I've a request for you.

Enter the women's beauty pageant!


He'll be your partner.

That's bullshit! I don't want to do it!

Honestly, we need money.


You'll be the winner and can buy diving equipment.


How about this?!

We're truly serious!

I really need to step on it.


I'm serious about diving and want to see more about that new world.


For that reason...

I'll do anything for you.

No way!


Are you sure about it?

It's embarrassing.

But I want to see it.

I don't want to do it,

Look at them, they're just being honest.


Because, they're sure that you'll win, right?

That mean, you're the most cutest, right.

Those two have a good eyes on you.

Okay, it's already decided.


Chisa-chan will participate in beauty pageant.

Horray! Horray!

And then, let me join.

It's naked rock paper scissors!


You'll strip?

I know! Because I'm a woman, I'll not fully strip.

Of course, right.

I've stuck band-aids on.

I'll go first.

I'll show you how much seriousness I am.

It's not over yet!

Stop it.

You've nothing left.


It's not over yet.

I still have hairpin.

You're truly amazing!

Tokki! Bukki! This guys is great.

He's talented, right?

He's really the best, right.

Please join Tinkerbell!

It's impossible right now.

Hey, you're cute.

can we-

Do you want to buy or not!

Yeah, we'll buy all of it!


Such a rudeness.

We'll protect you!

Are you okay, My Princess!


As a promise, you'll come, right.

Still here, huh?!

Who's he?!

Tinkerbell President, Kudo.

I'll go out with him if he wins the beauty pageant.

Why?! He's going to participate too!

It's okay, though.

You already have Kouhei.


No way!

Why?! You'll win if wearing this one!

No way!

How about this one?!

This would suit you.

This one okay, right?


You're nervous?

Don't worry, it's all right.

Wakamatsu-san, the strong candidate to win this one...

What'll you do with the prize money, please tell us about it!

Ah, thanks for having me.

That's Wakamatsu-san from Tinker Ball! Thank you!

Tough competitor, huh.

Next contestant, it's from Tinkerbell again.

Aina Yoshiwara-san!

That's a lot of makeup.

Let's call him, Cakey.

Hey, weird person!

Hello everyone!

If gal had a tennis ball.

Hey, this yours right?

Here, Tinkerbell!

How can she do this?

It's embarrassing.

What the heck with them?!

That's awful.

If gal had a tennis racket-

That's enough.

That's enough for a solo performance.

Thanks for participate.

Please return to backstage! Thank you!

What a performance back then.

Let's get on with the next contestant.

The next one is from Peek-a-Boo.

Kotegawa Chisa-san!

You're the most cutest ever!

What's wrong?!

Why she's making that pouting face?

Eh?! She's drunk?!

Why?! Who got him drunk!

This bad! I've give him that water!


It's 60%! Totally okay.

It's you!

It's your fault, okay!

Why, it's contain alcohol!

I-Introduce yourself.

Shit, shit, shit.

What's wrong with you!

Y-Your hobby?

To beat you to death and drown you in the sea.

She's going to crazy!

This bad!

Don't just stand still!

Let's do something!

Such a good nickname.

Shut up!

Being forced to wear this dress.




We'll hold him of for now.

Save yourself!

Leave this to us.


Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

Are you crying?

Help me!

Not you!


You two, such a good looking men.

What's wrong with her?

Same as Tinkerbell!

They're all hot! Find a boyfriend and
have the perfect college life I dreamed of!

I see.

I'll get active in this festival.

And then... "you'll participate, okay?"

"you'll participate, right?"

It's really embarrassing.

Stop! Stop! Stop!

I'm trying really hard, right?

I'm trying really hard!

In a bad way, though.

And then...

"We've laughed enough.

You can go home now."

Here, Tinkerbell.

No matter what I do, I'm always getting laughed at.

And they're the ones laughing at me.


I'll show you something interesting.

Let's continue with male pageant! Here Kudou-kun!

I'm Kudo from Tinkerbell!

Thanks for support me.

Thank you!

What an amazing performance! Thank you!

Good luck.

Next one is from Tinkerbell.

Here Kouhei Imamura!

I really wanted to tell them the he's a pervert.

Hold back!

Please introduce yourself, Imamura-kun.

What! What's happen?!

Even though we've a big difference.

I can't control this feeling.

Azusa Hamaoka-san.


go out with me.

He's confessed his feelings!

What does this mean?

I'll make you happy more than Kudo.

Try to stand out, huh.

Hold on!

Kudo is coming back to stage!

Huh? Maybe, he will?!

Really! Really! Really!

Choose me instead.

Kudo also confessed his feelings!

What she'll do? What she'll do?

Which one she'll choose?

It's Kudo-kun.

People are all at different levels.

Go find somewhere else that match you out.

Good match?

Too bad!

I'm a man!

I never imagined I was a good match for Captain Kudo from Tinkerbell.

Hold on! Please go on.


Please take care of me, okay.

Hey, Cakey!

How is it? Laughable, right?

Captain, we've laughed enough.

You can go home now.


The winner for Izu's beauty pageant,
Kouhei Imamura and Chisa Kotegawa.

Both are from Peek-a-Boo! Congratulations!

Chisa-san! Chisa-san! Me! Me!

This looking bad!

Spit on me! Step on me!

Who do you want to share this happiness with, Kotegawa-san?

Me! Me! Me!

Ah, well.

I want to share it with my passed out boyfriend over there.


Hopefully Nanaka-san doesn't know about this.

Breaking the rules.

Don't you feel something weird?

No. It's the same morning as usual.

Break up with Chisa Kotegawa or we'll kill you.

No! This wrong!

It's because you two suddenly dating.


Help me!


Are you okay?!

You guys are not fair.

Ganging him up alone!

I'm Yamamoto, and he's Nojima.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

I know it's hard.

Help me!

It's okay, but I want you to teach me.


How even a guys like you can use hypnosis to get a girlfriend.

You know how, right?

Are you mocking me!

I'm sure someone pervert like you has skill after open your eyes-



And then she'll love you after that.



So, open your eyes.

Nothing like that!


You don't know?!

That's nothing like that!

I'll kill you!

Change our plan?

How about just crush him right now?

What are you talking about?!

I've already I'm not using any hypnosis!

Please help me, Kotegawa-san!

Usually it's Chisa, doesn't?

If you want to talk something, let's do it at home.

Damn you!

Okay! Let's go to that small mountain.

Let's go! Let's go!




He's crying.

It's throbbing my heart to see he's crying.



Go hide yourself now, Nanaka-san.

Right now!

What's wrong Iori-kun?

Hide now!

There's a devil bunny that will kill me here!


Go now!

If they found out that I also live together with you,

They'll chase and kill me.


Let's play, Kitahara-kun.

Hurry up! Hurry up!

Eh, Kitahara-kun?

Don't be so, let's go play.

This Hotpants!

Nice one, Azusa-san!


Which finger do you choose?

Hey! What's wrong? Calm down.

T-That's, here Yamamoto.

It's 3cm short.

This corset, you know?


Huh, there's for another person.

Hey, this for two person!

He's so jealous he's lost touch with reality.

Don't worry, it's just a corset.


Damn you, Kitahara!

Hey, this one's a hat, right?

Look, it's look like this.

It's for rugby, right.

It's protect your head.

Hey, Nojima!

Here, here, Yamamoto! There's a lipstick here.

It's remote controller, right?

Kitahara, it's not working.

Come to your sense, Yamamoto!

I'm begging you, please help me!

Let's drink.

Come here.




I've a dream.


Yeah, while we're drink together...

And then, there's a beautiful girl come here and then...

"Until when did I need to hide?"

It's something like that.

Hey, Iori-kun... until when did I need to hide?

Eh, welcome.

And then,

Our senpai will-

Sorry, bra, bra, bra...


Do you want it? Just kidding.

Sorry, bra, bra, bra...


Do you want it? Just kidding.

And then...

Enough! Stop it!

A pretty girl in our class...

Your cousin, huh?

Yeah, your cousin.

And... she will...


Hey, I'm going to take a bath first.


I'm sure it's alcohol!

Yeah, I'm sure.

Are you sure?

Here it is!

Our own...

diving equipment!

Thank you, Chisa-sama!

Hey, there's someone who wants to join Peek-a-Boo.


Normal person.

A normal person.

Your name?

Aina Yoshiwara.


A normal person, here.

What did you said? You two are the one who find her, right?





Here, Tinkerbell~

Why are you here?

No, it's about diving, right?

Going diving with college friends on a tropical island.

It's everyone's dream life!

Then you shouldn't join.


Welcome to Peek-a-Boo.

Hurry up here!


I'm ready!

Here I go.

I'm truly happy!

Is this a new page of my youth?!

A treasured memory that will fill in with a wonderful moment!

My youth time is completely ruined now!

Don't do like that!


What's used for that food clip there?

You're also do this.

I don't do it.

I'm sure!

Hey, you two!

I don't do it!

Don't just accused someone blindly!

I saw it!

It's make me doesn't want to eat!

Due to our new newbie,

It's time to prepare your license.


For drunk?

Stupid, for being naked.


For diving.

Have you looked at the texkbook?


Do you guys know the hand signals?

It's important for communicating underwater.

Easy, right?

Watch and think about what I'm trying to say.


Look this way.

I'm going to dive.

Stop right there.


going to close my eyes.

and kill you here.

So, what will you do?

I'm going to shoot him with underwater gun.


It's totally different!


You're next, Kouhei.

Just leave it to me.

I'll show you our difference.

Something weird.

No more air.

I'm going to go up.



Yeah! Yeah!

What will you do?

I'm going to watch over you.

You just meant to do it, right?

How is it, diving?

It's truly amazing!

Good for you.



Nanaka-san, you're...


Ah, I want to ask you something, Nanaka-san?

What it is?

Good luck with that.

Ah, thanks.


I heard something just now.

Did Chisa-chan and Iori are dating?

Going out with Chisa-chan...

What does that mean?

Look at me.

Something's wrong.

Out of breath!

He's already applied it.

You need to speed up.

Letting the air out of the BCD,

it's same when exhale.

I'll dive with you all.

Press this button to goes down slowly.

And don't forget to remove air from your ears!

Give it a try.

BCD Buoyancy Adjustment



Next, Iori-kun

To clear the mask, hold the top of the mask.

Exhale through the nose

and let the water out of the mouth.


Give it a try.


Give it a try.



Regulator Clear is removing the regulator from our mouth.

Meanwhile, exhale slowly and then press purge button after insert it back.



Why I can't do it!

I'm out of air

Come near when you see that sign.

Give him our Octopus.





Show it to me

I'm out of air

Give me air, please!



Go on

No No No


Pleas check the amount of air left.

Residual pressure?

01:21:15,480 --> 01:21:17,440
Residual pressure?

01:21:26,870 --> 01:21:28,240
Residual pressure?

01:21:44,590 --> 01:21:47,890
All together




Nice sea.

Ah, here's our salt water duo.

Keep wasting the tank oxygen.

Shut up! Stupid!

You're burden to our planet.

But, I've left much tank pressure.

Skillful, right?

He's very annoying!

Cakey! Why did you lie about your tank pressure?

About that...

I've still struggling while other's still diving,

I've been a burden to them.

You don't have a good eyes on others, right?


You thought they'll think like that.

I'll vouch them that they're not like that.


Hey! What did you two do?!

They're calling! Let's go!

At this rate, you're the only one who's going to fail.

Bad! Bad! Bad!

I'm going to be the only one left behind.

Good bye!

I'm going to let that happen! There's no other way around...

There's a way! There's a way!

Iori would fail.

Why did laugh like that back then?

Honestly, I hate him...

But I want to dive together.

So nice.

You know...

It's hard to say...

Please get out with me?

Are you serious?

I'm serious.

I've fallen in love.

I'm glad.

Are you sure you're okay with me?

You're the only one.

What's wrong, Cakey?

That screaming is from your heart.

I don't want to talk about it.

What's happen with you?

If you don't have any weights, you'll float. It'll be hard to practice.

Then we can just put heavy things on me.

Can you tie me up?

Is he have awakening the sexual fetish?

What'll you do?

That's kind of dangerous.

Yeah, from the beginning it was.

If so, at least...

step on me with all your strength!


I'de never imagined he'd awaken...

Damn you!


Be harsh, okay!

I'm ready.

Where are they going?

You're going to wet.


I'll take off my clothes.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?!


What are you doing?!

There's a stone just dropped into the pool.

There's no one going to take out a stone in pool during night time!

Tell me the truth!

Practicing diving.

Why won't you tell me the truth!

He's telling the truth.

But it's clearly that's something suspicious here!

This is just the beginning.

Huh, what?

There's more to come.

This still nothing.

Still nothing?

Practicing mask clearing.

Yeah. I'll be laughing stock if I can't do it, right.

I won't.

More important, I just wanted to see that new world.

So I'll do my best.

Let's do it again.

Do it better!

There's two girls are drowning a man in a pool.

We got the license!


I've never thought that I'll get diving license.

Me too.

But I can't remember the last time I was this desperate.

Don't underestimate a young man who has found his goal.

That's right.

A normal campus life just like a dream now...

Ah, on the other way...

this one like a dream.

Food's ready!



let's go, just the two of us.

Let's go!

Good bye to this island!

Good bye to this life too!

If only I could learn to dive deeper...

I thought about it.

It's a new world beyond the thought.

I've been thinking about it too hard.

Can we run from it with diving?

I'll get out from here!

Let's try?

Our seriousness.

No! I'm serious about diving and want to see more about that new world.

World where there's no naked men.

I'll do my best.

So I can get out from here.

A normal campus life just like a dream now...

Ah, on the other way...

this one like a dream.

But the worst one.

That's right.

Our stuff?!

Already been sent.

About them?

Still sleeping.


Nasty, right?

Yeah, you too...

It sounds like a compliment.

Is the tide flowing well?

Yeah, there's no worries at this time.

If it's about sea,

just ask to the fisherman.

It's fun to be with everyone at Peek-a-Boo.

Thank you, Chisa!

I really love diving!

But I much more like Nanako-tan.

Yeah, me too.

I want to go to campus wearing clothes.

Thanks everyone! I love you all!

Come visit later to the new world!

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chisa!!

Why! Why!

Calm down

There's something wrong! There's something wrong!

There's something wrong! There's something wrong!

Calm down



Your residual pressure?

Your residual pressure? Kouhei

01:34:55,090 --> 01:34:57,760
Your residual pressure? Iori

01:35:08,850 --> 01:35:10,610

You two

You two together

You two together with me

You two together with me, let's go


No No No



Let's go

You two

You two together

You two together, go ahead


Is this coral!?

WoW! Amazing! Incredible!

Get out of the way, idiots!

You guys are so close, huh.

Excuse me... why are we

About that...

Yeah, they're headed to sea.

Huh, they're here at the port.

I see...



They're going for diving.

It's not fair, isn't it?

That's them.

It's fun to be with everyone at Peek-a-Boo.

Thank you, Chisa! I really love diving!

Thanks everyone! I love you all!

Come visit later to the new world!

Don't cry!

We're going too.


Oh well.

Let's show that.

The best of underwater world.

It's okay, then...

So, how it is?

It's truly amazing!

The best!

It's the same with what you want to see, right?


How is it here?

I found it earlier.

So nostalgic.


You don't remember?

This is what you once threw into the sea, right.

What have you written?



Huh, what's that?!

Just like in movie.

Could it be a love message, huh?

What are you talking about?


Open it and see.