Gramps Is a Great Guy! (1987) - full transcript

A 10-year old boy causes havoc in his grandfather's already chaotic life, when he appears on his doorstep during a break from boarding school.

Hey, Lago, come help me!

What are you doing for Easter this year?

My mother comes pick me up from New York
and we go to Monaco with my second father.

- You got two fathers?
- So? It is forbidden?

What are you doing, fatty?
There's my suitcase waiting!

Hey Oh Slowly the guys
I have not 40 ass!


Come on, hurry,
we will not wait for you.

Always the last you!

Oh, Sebastien,

Your mom can not come for you
she's stuck in New York.

So you'll spend the holidays
with us, eh?

Come on.

Tickets please!

Well, boy? Traveling alone?

No, no, I'm... with...
with my grandfather.

Excuse me...
you speak French?

Ya, a little bit.

You could do me a favor?

Sure, with pleasure.

You are asked from Berlin...
Do not hang off!

Hello? Suzy? Yes, I'm in Berlin, yes...

at the concert hall where we play, yes.

This is starting here...
yes, my darling...

I just wanted to say...
I love you.

You hear that? The public
gets upset!

Yes, yes! Coming, coming!

Attention, please...
What a mess!

Goodbye! Er... good...
I'm coming! I'm coming!

Well then, my dear, I'll be back...
I go back tomorrow.

See you tomorrow, my love.

Hey, dancer, you can not
lend me a little money?

I can't, I'm broke.


Are you there?

That's me!

It's amazing, you're already there?

I took the first plane

I'm not even changed.

And the trip went well?

Yes... some... turbulence...

You arrived well? Turbulence?

And... the concert?

Well, the concert... a triumph.

I was not comfortable.

Really? So strange!

You do not realize? It was... 4 years
.. .4 years I had not played Brahms.

I'll even confess you something...

in the chromatic scale
I only made the gesture!

Oh no! You rise your feet
to change, thank you!

- Phew! I suffered!
- Oh? So much?

You know I have not
closed my eyes all night.

Really? You were not alone?

No, they gave me
a room facing the street...

such traffic... phew!

Berlin at night is terrible!


the important thing is the check,
unexpected, eh?

You'll be able to pay the EDF reminder,
the grocer's note...

Finally... all the bills!
Thank you, Berlin!

Yes, yes, yes of course...

in a sense yes...
of course... yes...

but there is a small problem...

is that they will not pay
before mid-June

With their history of exchange
all these slackers that profit...

... the banks... all that stuff...

Never mind...

we'll meet again in mid-June!

Well now, absolutely...

er... in mid-June

It is a beautiful season in mid-June

- Hello you!
- Do not touch me, eh!

But what happens?
I do not understand!

Calm down!

Done! This life is finished here!
I can not stand, Sebastien! You understand?

I'm choking! At first I loved you
because you played so well Brahms

and then I found you charming,
you made me laugh, but there...

after 2 years you see
I am supremely shit! Shit!

Oh, you're mad, listen!

In fact, I thank you for having
called last night from Berlin!

How do you thank me?
But that's normal!

- I thought of you!
- Yes, you thought of me!

From Berlin! Station Pigalle!

What are you talking about?

Listen, do not tire yourself, I was at
Moon Night last night, I do not recognized Brahms.

Bye!... Ouch!

These good women that make such scenes!

Scenes! For nothing!

Oh, it's the day, here!

Shit, shit, shit!

This isn't so!

I will fix me a good coffee.

I can make coffee
not need for the hotel school.

The water in the pan...

pan in the coffee machine...

Come in! It's open!

I go, coming!

You know, I'll explain Berlin

I wanted to make coffee,
There are no other filters?

I don't know, hello!

Who are you?
What are you doing here?

Well, you told me to come in,
then I did!

What do you want?

Are you Sebastien Perraut?


But finally, my boy!
What is wrong with you?

So what? I embrace my grandfather.

Isn't it so?

I am Sebastien Perraut
but you had the wrong room!

But you're crazy, right?

Not nice a welcome!

Listen! I have no grandson.

Really? And you got no girl either?

Claire, it tells you nothing?

Claire, yes, I'm...

Oh, no! Oh, shit!

She's my mother, she told me in an
emergency I could count on you.

- What?
- Well, she was very much mistaken!

There's no urgency, there is nobody,
so bye!

Wait, wait, wait!

First, from where did you come? Where?

I was at school, I wanted to spend
vacation with you then

I leaved.

- Did you run away?
- Er, yes. If you want.

What proves to me that
you're really my grandson?


You see that you're my grandfather!

- And where is your mother?
- Well, there! Wearing tighs!

Nay, I ask
where is she!

- In New York!
- And you, how did you come?

- By train.
- From New York?

But at last? You're jerk or what, papi?
You understand nothing?

Ho, ho! Gently! Two seconds ago
I didn't even know that you exist!

Say... You must be
7-8 years old?

Don't dream, papi! You have to be Mozart
for doing fugues at 8 years!

I waited being 10.

Ten years already!

If I bother you, I leave.

But what will I do with you?

Hey, Sir, please!

- Hey, this kid is yours?
- Yes, why?

Because it is 170 francs.

- 170 francs?
- Yes, the trip!

Did you come by taxi?

Of course, papi, I would
not come from the station on foot!

You got money?

Me? Er... no.

- What's your name?
- Sebastien, like you!

Because I was born the same day.

- And where are we going?
- Come on, hurry up!

- Where are we going?
- To your grandmother's.

You're very nervous, papi!

And stop calling me papi
like this all the time!

Listen... I must know
you're my grandfather yes or no?

I have one of those cravings! You think
she will invite us to lunch?

Oh no! She's not that kind!

You stay here, don't touch anything
and climb to 3rd if I call you.

You want to surprise her?

No, instead dampen the shock!

But, you're ashamed of me or something?

I'll explain.

What are you doing here?
I told you to stay down!

I have to pee.

Go down and stand it!
It'll pass, it's all in the head!

Oh, it's nice vacation with you!

Oh, you're the extra?
You don't come too early!

Listen, I beg you, I am
a family's friend.

I apologize,
Who do I introduce?

Especially do not introduce me!
Go, go look for her.



Oh no!

But you know you can not come here,
Pierre-Henri do not stand it!

Er... thank you... er... Lucien.

I could not do otherwise,
something so senseless came.

This is no good time!
I'm overwhelmed...

the salmon puff?

Uh... Yes, I noticed too late.

Well, well, I'll call you tomorrow.

- Louise! This is important!
- Louise?

Yes I come, baby!

See what you've done!
Pierre-Henri was furious!

I do not care Pierre-Henri!

- I have news from Claire.
- Did you have news from Claire?

What's this story?

She never was heard from again
in 10 years.

And it is absolutely not the time!
Oh Marie Therese!

It's so nice of you to come!

- Lucien? I'll be there right now!
- Louise!

Claire had a child.

A child?

How, a child?
Who told you that?

- Him.
- He... Him?

- He's downstairs.
- You have not brought the child here?

Yeah, I can not
keep him with me...

In addition I have problems
at this moment with Suzie...

and I'm almost never there in the evening...

I have to go play in Berlin...
then it gets very bad.

As it has repeatedly emphasized
to see his granny...

I thought...

Well! That's it!
There's only entrust him to his grandma.

I'll point out that it's you his granny.

Her grandma? Her grandma?
But what age is this baby?


But it's not possible!

It is not possible, I can not
have a grandson 10 year old!

It is a mistake!

Listen, when we had Claire
you were 18, eh?

She was little over 16 years
18 plus 16 equals 34...

plus 10 = 44, sorry I don't want to be
uncomfortable with you but...

you are 44.

- No!
- How not?

No! And in any case, Pierre-Henri
does not know,

at least not today that I
married him...

I will not give him a son
on the mat.

I already had enough problems
with his own children.

So that, excuse me,
it is without me!

I do not care.

But what are you doing?
I can not stand it

- Is that him?
- Yes.

He looks like Claire!

- So? You are my grandma?
- Yes.

?I must do!

What's your name?

- Sebastien
- Oh! Like his grandfather!

It was inconvenient to name him Louise.

Say, Grandma, can I go pee?
I can wait no more.

Er... yes... no... but
don't talk to anyone, huh?

Don't talk to anyone because I'm giving
a lunch, well come with me.

Oh, I'll take you!

You stay there! Wait!

Well then
I'll go see you.

And what do I do about him?

Do not worry, I'll fix everything.
Well, you must go now, uh?

But what do I do with
the... coats?

Come on, you.

Hey, she is
damn cheap.

We could have eat there.
There were lots of sandwiches from the buffet.

You want one?

- It's she who has given you?
- No, I took them on passing by.

Well done!
What an education!

So you're not mad at me?

But no, ah!

What taste are they?

What's a brunch?

A late breakfast.

Oh? She dresses like that
only for breakfast?

Come on.

Come on! I'm waiting!

A cigar, papi?

- Where have you taken it?
- Next to sandwiches.

You took this too?

But, what are these ways?

This is it: special delivery!

Do not worry,
I also caught fire.

Not that, Sebastien, no!

You have no right to slap me!
You're not my father!

You smoke cigars?

Sebastien! Wait for me!

Oh, the little jerk!

I have a stitch.

Sir please!
Your ticket!

But where you go like that?
Are you crazy?

I return to the school,
at least they are nice there.

Well, okay, okay,
I was wrong.

The blow I do not care,
nobody wants me here!

You think I did not understand
your ride with grandma, huh?

You do not know how
to pass the baby,

then the baby discomfort

Jump the turnstiles? At your age?

At my age! I was forced,
I needed to catch him...

he is my grandson.

I'm not his grandson!
I don't know not what he wants me to do!

He doesn't stop bothering me.

Then, sir...

So now, enough, Sebastien,
we will return and

we will discuss it calmly!

Please sir!
And you don't pay?

What pay for? We'll walk home!

We won't take the subway!
We'll walk home!

He is right papi! And
anyway, your subway stinks!

I'm hungry!

You live alone?


Here, eat.

You do not cook?

You see, I have not had time.

This is good!

Ah, I didn't expected no one!

- Surprise!
- Why you're over with Grandma?

Go, eat a carrot.
You'll have the air of a rabbit.

It was she who left?

Like Mommy?

I don't know... you've finished?

Finally you love nobody.

Why do you say that?

Because you don't want to
keep me no more.

You're stupid!

How old are you?

You seem very young
when you're not angry.

Oh? Really?

You could not pay attention,
instead of asking stupid questions?

This way, instead, you seem
quite old!

I'm leaving for
my concert at...

Champs Elysee's Theatre

and when it's over
I'll hurry back.

You want to stop touching everything?

And you, Sebastien, do not move from here,
Sebastien, ok?

Okay, Sebastien!

You don't put on your coat?

- Why?
- Haven't you seen the snow?!

But, he's mad!

Stop touching that!

But it's nothing! The coaxial cable
does not make contact!

- You can touch it.
- Sebastien! Sebastien!

I forbid you! It's dangerous!

Instead of moaning
all the time, look!

Ok, it's better, it's better.

You can go now,
I don't need you any more.

I'll leave you alone but...
I trust you, eh?

Who comes now?

- Hi.
- Hello miss.

- Are you ok, Mr Perraut?
- Yes, well... it depends.

- I come for the child.
- For the child?

I was sent by his grandmother!

Ah, very good, very good!

Come in, miss. Sebastien?

- Come say hello to...?
- Violette.

Violette, that's it.

- Hi you!
- But, what does she want here?

S?bastien, be polite, Violette is going to
spend the evening with you.

You got nothing else to do?

- Yes, but I can not afford.
- I didn't ask for you!

- I don't want to be kept.
- It's over? You say hello politely!

Goodbye, Madame Violette.

They are fun your tennis!

Oh, shit, my concert,
I'll miss the opening.

- Really? You'll play what?
- Brahms, as always.

Well, I leave you, feel at home.
Sebastien, be kind to Violette!

- And about what time you come back?
- Around 2:00.

Look, for a concert it's long!

I know, but Brahms
never knew how to do short.

Do I bother you? You okay?

Hey, it's not all about reading, you should
think in fixing my bottle!

Are not you tired of being boring?

Here we go? You ready?

Hello! I come for the child!

But who are you?

- You are the baby-sitter?
- I've been sent by your grandmother.

But you are too much pretty
for a baby-sitter and tell me,

they are fun your tennis

but you have very hairy legs
for a babysitter!

and babysitters with hairy legs
at this time should be in bed!

Baby-sitters: go bed!

You know you're really cute?

But you too!

No! I mean you have a
damn good figure.

So, Sebastien?
it's over, uh?

Okay, now we go sleep.
Good night.

- Violette? - Yes?
- Can you show me your breasts?

- Well, Sebastien, you're over with your bullshit?

Why will not you?
They are ugly?

I'm angry now!

They are very ugly!
Ah, the old pockets!


You go to bed, calm down, and snooze!

You're not cool!
Show them to me!

And then you sleep?
Do you swear?

Swear, spit!

Well, you're going to sleep now.

- Violette!
- You swore!

They are not ugly!...

In 10 years you've
never seen this kid?

Nope. When Claire got
pregnant she was very young...

she was 16.

Then we reacted poorly,
well mostly Louise...

my ex-wife

Must say they were both very young...

she would not marry him, he didn't have a coin.

And what did you do?

The classic bullshit, she was given
money for abortion in Switzerland.

Did she go?

Do you think?

In my opinion she has not been
through customs!

Hey, I think of something,
are you sure she woldn't have another one?

- Another what?
- Another kid!

Stop! Say no bullshit!

I'll get ready, bye.


It's 2 am, I came back home.

But, what happens to you?

What a night I have tonight!

What is it?

I have one of those stiff neck! It should be
the rehearsing to play the violin.

What are you doing there, you
might have woke me up on coming back!

I tried! You slapped me!

- Oh, it's not true?
- Oh yes!

Do not make me laugh! Ouch!

- Hello Violaine.
- Hello.

It is not Violaine, is Violette.

Then Violette, excuse me.

There's nothing in the kitchen!
Not even chocolate!

There's not!

Get dressed, we'll see later.

I will not
have carrots for lunch!

I'm hungry!

- I can take the bathroom?
- I beg you.

I told you to go get dressed!

And switch off the TV.


You'll obey, ok?


Get off from there!

- No!
- How not?

- Come on, give me that!
- No!

Give it to me right away!

Okay, I can't take it no more,
you dress and we go to the station

The doorbell does not work anymore?

I do not know, it's the TV.

I should talk to you.

Now, Suzie? I'm leaving.

Like this?

- I am sorry for yesterday.
- Me too, me too.

I was a bit violent but with
your history of Berlin, put yourself in my boots.

- I imagined everything, another woman...
- Another woman!

Why not two?!

- The TV smokes?
- Yes, yes, yes...

...But I stopped!

Come on, come sit next to me.

Then, you fixed your mouth?

No, a bad move.

So? Why Berlin?

Listen, I wanted to tell you a secret,

I asked myself the question,

why Berlin.

Maybe... because...
Musically... Berlin is well

German music... true...
delete the German music...

Kiss me.

Kiss me.

Is there no more light
in the bathroom?

Oh! Sorry! Hello ma'am.

It is not practical to make up.

I don't know, I make up very little.

- It's her your bad move?
- No, it's very innocent...

but no, let me explain! Zusie!

Poor guy!

I'm ready.

Hello ma'am.

Plus she has a child. I hope she
works because if she counts on you to survive...

Suzie, listen to me...
let me explain!

There is no time, we'll miss the train!


- Bon voyage.
- Suzie, this is my grandson!

- And she is his mother?
- But no! The baby-sitter!

So! It is even better
than Berlin! Good evening.

Ok, then? Shall we?

What you wait to get dressed?

- How much do I owe you?
- No, no, it's paid.

Obviously I would not count the night.

I give you my phone number
in case you need me.

It's not worth it. Do not you understand?
I'm fired.

Oh, then I'm going.


So... ciao.

- Well, here we go?
- Huh? Where?

To the station.


we'll see tomorrow.

I'm hungry.

I'm hungry!

It is ready this egg?

It does not cook! The egg is not cooked.
I do not know...

Ah, It's electrical your stuff!

Must have say! It tripped off
with the TV.

- Where is the meter?
- No, no, you do not touch anything!

Damn! It has jumped higher!
We should call the EDF, bravo!

- Why don't you have gas?
- Because oouuuahhhh!

Oh it's perfect.

With their strike, the EDF
will not come until three days.

We will not stay in the dark!

Listen, it's either this or the school!

Hey, you're not easy to live with as man!

Well, I do the queue here, you go to
the grocery store, you take what you want...

and you put it on my account
go, go.

Do I take candles too?

Fuck that.

For Sebastien Perraut.

- Well? Have you bought anything?
- Nope!

In fact, I thank you for having
prevented me on your little bill in April.

3000 francs! Excuse me,
I don't have them on me.

What? They have not received my check?

And well... you would have had to send it.

I'll tell you, they lost a customer!

They also lost 6 eggs.

You'll bring them back right away!
Will not you?

Why do not you go there?

Anyway how
we'll cook the eggs, uh?

You don't know how to cook an egg?

You're really null!
You must learn everything!

Come on!

Wait for me here.

- Hello young man.
- You would not have a map of Paris?

Hey, young man!

What are you going to do now?

- Come on, you'll see.
- What are you doing?

A red wine please.

Look, look, look!

- Why are you angry with mom?
- She has never told you?

Every time I ask she speaks of something else.

It is because of my first father?

- Did you know him?
- Yes, yes.

A little.

Is he also a violinist?

- Huh?
- Yeah!

He plays better than you?

It's that... he plays alone

- Finally, he is a soloist.
- Really? You're not solo?

- Why they do not married?
- I dunno.

You don't like him?

Why they do not married?

I do not know.

Maybe a little because of you.

Because of me?
But I had nothing to do with!

I was not born.

So, that's why.

He wanted to be alone... for his career.

Really? So they said,
soloists are boring!


But Grandpa, you're one too!
It's for your career?

Perhaps, yes.

But so you're not solo!

But if you're not a soloist
what exactly do you do?

Ah... I'm behind,

in the orchestra, that accompanies
the soloist, that's it.

Really? Because the soloist
does not play alone?

Come on, we'll be late, come!

I can not go with you to Pleyel?

Sebastien, I've already told you
it is not possible.

It's sure Violette can not come?

She's not free, she's not free!

It's a pity,
she has beautiful breasts!

For sure you can be tiring!

Good evening, Ms. Chalifour.

Good evening, Ms. Chalifour!

I bring my grandson.

She hears nothing.

- Hey, it's going to be funny!
- Come in, my boy! Has he eaten?

- Yes yes yes...
- Nope!

I was a little upset, you know...

Do not touch anything!

The colors are disgusting!

Do not touch anything!

The colors are fine,
Mrs Chalifour.

- Oh! Those eyes!
- Well I must be off to Pleyel.

I'm going to Pleyel! For playing the violin.
At Pleyel!

That, and thank you for the little one.

Oh, nothing at all, Mr Perraut.
I'll fix him some eggs.

Oh, another time eggs! It starts
well! Happy Easter!

Happy Birthday!

Oh, Zaza! That's nice.

Oh! That's original.

A little dancer. Thank you.

He is not there. He's isn't there anymore.
Come, I'll walk you.

Well? What are you doing here?

And you?

And then? I told you
to wait for me at the landlord's.

And you had to play at Pleyel!

Go, go backstage, go!

He was waiting for you at the exit of Pleyel
so I walk him here.

You think it is a place
for a child here?

You should be ashamed! You tell him
whatever and you get mad at everybody?

Raymond, uh... Rolland! Bye!

If you had been less fool you'd have
not been fired from the orchestra.

So now take care of yourself!

The kid!

Listen girls! Cover up,
there is a child!

- Stop grandpa.
- You're naughty, uh!

I've already seen breasts.
But here I can choose!

We can sell them!

The police?

These gentlemen want to see you.

Your landlady called us to say
the child has disappeared.

We went to Pleyel and at
Pleyel they sent us here.

You can be calm,
he is here and me too.

- Goodbye, gentlemen.
- No, no, no, you must come with us.

What is it?
I'm not in the club?

Oh, I'm sick, eh!


Here! Happy Birthday!

To my dear Sebastien.

Zaza is you?

Er... huh? Er... Yes.

It's my working name.

Who is this child?

I've already said,
he is my grandson.

C'mon! You have no id card,
you tell everyone...

you play at Pleyel
and wel find you at Moon Night

known as Zaza

and everything is normal for you?

No, no, no...
I admit, is not simple.

Listen, if we have to spend the night
we'll spend the night!

Mr Perraut,
everything is cleared.

You can go home.

Sorry, but we currently have
so many problems with...


Yes, I understand.

Come on, Sebastien.

Say, how do you do to be
a Police Commissioner?

- Would you like?
- Oh yeah!

You must go to a school, my child.

Really? Well... you should have
go to that school!


Wait for me, Zaza!

So! Do not call me Zaza,
do not call me grandpa!

Do not call me at all!

Here! This is for you.

a small gift for
your birthday.

Really? When did you buy me this?

Well, look!

It's not possible!
Where did you learn to steal like that?

Well, when you do not have a penny
how do you do to make a gift?

It's not true!
The Commissioner's lighter!

Thug, little rascal!

Sebastien! You're not gonna give me hell
the evening of our anniversary?!

In any case, the Commissioner
smoked too much.

Say...? Why have you been
dismissed from the orchestra?

- Because you were rowdy?
- Yes, that's right.

Well, you see? We are alike!

Me too, last year I
nearly been dismissed from the boarding school!

Well! Now do sleep.

Among us, you can tell me,
who is Zaza?

It's nothing, she's a dancer,
go, sleep now!

Hey, papi!

That Zaza, you fuck her?

- Hello, little service man!
- Really? Hello, Grandma!

Yes, ok.
What are you doing here?

- Well, I fix.
- Ah

But it is very dangerous!
Get down from there! Where is Grandpa?

Shhh! Softly, he sleeps!

He sleeps!


- Yes... I know... you're hungry.
- No! I'm not hungry!

- You know what he does?
- Huh?

He fixes the electricity while you sleep!

- We went to bed late.
- Ah, I know!

Thank you for
phoning me tonight.

- Pierre-Henri...
- Can I kiss the bride?

Pierre-Henri kindly

but among you and me,
he was furious.

But it's not our fault!
the cops were all fools!

Hear how he speaks?

Very bad, very rude.
Well, leave us now.

Then, another thing...

He is very rude.

You, that makes you laugh!

Well, I'll explain

Pierre-Henri must urgently go tomorrow to the Havre,
his factory is on strike,

I take advantage, and I take home the little one,

he will sleep with me tomorrow night.

Well, well, well...
he'll certainly enjoy.

Well, listen, I beg you! I'm here!
you could wear something!

you're not obliged to show yourself.
- Louise, you saw me naked for 15 years!

- Did you see? I have not changed, eh!

Well, I'll look for the the boy.

Do you like him?

Yeah! I have much fun!
He's great, grandpa!

Why did you leave him?

Er... because... it would
a bit long to explain.

But why is it always
too long to explain in this family?

But, what is it this horror?

Do not you have one at home?
I will get you one!

No, it's not worth it.

Well, this...

is...for you!

Is for my little Easter eggs?

You think it's too little? Oh.

- Thank you, Grandma.
- Call me Louise, darling.

Thank you, Louise darling.

That made you happy?

Oh yeah! It will really help us out.

- It was good your omelet?
- So so.

You shoulda taken
lobster like me...

it was awesome!

- A delight of Diana with whipped cream.
- It's for me.

- And a coffe for sir.
- The bill...

and if you have cigarettes,
Gauloises Blondes.

- Did you see the crate?
- Shh!

It was she who took
all the whipped cream.

We're fine together.

There's no boarding schools in Paris?

You know you can not move
during the year.

Is it fine?

It lacks a bit of whipped cream.

And for next year?

We must see it with your mom.

That's it! She will be delighted!

Oh? You think?

Yes, for her I'm not a child
I am a problem.

That's true, she always falls for
guys who want no children.

Fortunately, you're not like them.

- No, no, it's for me.
- Where'd you get all this money?

Was Louise darling who
gave it to me for Easter.

The bill of 12th:
480 to 500.

I apologize
but you would not have seen the ticket?

No, you have taken it,
it must have fallen.

I do not know what happened.

I can't find it.

Listen, for 20 francs we
will not spend the afternoon.

He's right.
Keep the change.

For the staff!

- It's nice you had invited me.
- No, it made me happy.

You'd have done better
keeping this money for you.

- But I kept it! Hey!
- But you're crazy! Give me that money!

- ?Done!
- You've got to catch it!

Sebastien! Give me that money!

Come on, Sebastien.
Enough bullshit.

At your age it is time to
learn to be honest, shit!

Really? It is a matter of age?

Leave that disc!

Lay that disc!

I told you to put down the records!
Lay this disc!

Look! I found a
disk of my father.

You know this concerto?


I'll pay it.
You've already played it?

Yes, long ago.

- Why you stop playing?
- I can not remember

- Yes, yes, go on! It's great!
- It's hard, you know.

Wait, wait, they knock.

- Do I disturb you?
- No, no, you saved me!

I don't remember all
the third movement.

Oh? It is you who play like that?

Yes, well, wrong notes is me.

- Hi Violette!
- Well, hello you.

Oh, you're beautiful like that!

What are you talking about?
He plays really well!

You should have heard him last night.

- You had a concert?
- You bet! He does not stop!

It was so insane at the end,
in the theatre, he received a standing ovation.

At Pleyel?

Yes, it was my birthday.

And tonight you have a concert too?

Not tonight, exceptionally
I do not play.

You're thirsty, huh?
You could offer her something.

What do you want to drink?

I do not know... do you have tomato juice?

Tomatoes? Yes, I must have.

It's nice you come!

Hey, what's the story?

Why you haven't called me?

- It's because of him.
- What about him?

- How do you think?
- ?Nice! I find him nice.

- I think he likes you.
- But what are you talking about?

I swear, he doesn't stop
talking about you.

But yes, that's it!

You don't believe me?
You want me to ask him?

Well, will you calm down a little now?

I'm sorry, I only found water.

It's not serious.

Well, I leave you

If you could come to
keep him tomorrow evening it'll be fine.

- Tomorrow night? Sure?
- Yes, yes!

Tomorrow night for sure.

Well, I will reset
the timer.

You know you got a ticket with Violette?

What are you talking about?

It was she who told me.

What would I wear?

In any case... hat!

I won't see you!

I do not understand.

You make the innocent now?

I point out that tomorrow night
I'll not be there.

I'll be at Louise darling's.

It's true! I forgot.

Why did not you not said it before?

Now I have to phone
to cancel Violette!

You? Telephone? My eye!

I have a broken back.
Violin! Violin!

Pleyel! When we can not afford
to keep the little ones we do not make them!

What is this?
This is that timer there!

You see I have to block it.

Be careful though.
It is not dangerous what you do?

Nay! I've already done it 100 times.

Hello? Roger!

Hi, this is Sebastien.

Tell me Roger... er... you could
take my place tonight at Moon Night?

I'm sheeted... I
stupidly sprained my ankle...

not the ankle... the wrist!

for the violin it's is not very...
Ok? agreed.

?I go!

- Mr Perraut?
- Yes.

I come for the child.

- ?Excuse me?
- I'm Francois, Violette's brother.

Really? Hello.

My sister will be one hour late,
so she asked me to take it until she comes.

That way you can leave easy.

Oh well, if... if for one hour...
is not worth it!

You never know,
it may be longer.

Where is the child?

The child? The child?
Ah, the child is... the child sleeps.

He sleeps next.

- Are you hurt?
- What?

You have a bandaged hand.

Ah? It... is...
to heat the wrist.

Always before a concert...

Fucking couch!

Well, well,
I have to go get dressed.

- You drink something?
- If you have Perrier, yes.

It smells like burnt, right?

Oh, my asparagus!

I do not find this tomato juice,
but where did I saved it?

I have no more tomato juice...
I had ruined the asparagus...

I can not find anything!

But where is this idiot
tomato juice?

Here, I had tomato juice.

- You did not hear anything?
- No, no, no.

Are you sure he did
not wake up?

I doubt!
It is his first sleep.

I should go take a look.

Wait! Wait!
Your tomato juice!... Oh! Oh!

Excuse me!
I am awfully sorry

It's my wrist.
If you want go to the bathroom.

Take this candle, we had
a short circuit.

Come, it's that way.

Good evening.

- I bother you?
- Yes... Finally, no, no, no.

You are expecting someone?

And tell me,
you've made progress!

- And yes, you see.
- I must speak to you.

- It's decided Sebastien, I'm leaving you.
- Be careful, you're walking over the tomato.

You heard what I said?

- I'm leaving you, Sebastien.
- Listen, listen...

It's really not the time.

- It's all the effect it has on you?
- What do you want me to tell?

- It had to happen.
- I am delighted you take it that way.

True, I feared
you react badly.

If you knew what happened!
An incredible thing.

Hello ma'am. I am sorry,
would there be an iron?

In the kitchen, there, there.

That's your incredible thing?

- Listen... er...
- But if you're happy like that...

Pass me the chips please.

It does not concern me.

Oh no! No,... He's Francois!

He's Francois!

A friend, a friend of... passing by.

- It has a curious kind.
- Really?

- What's he doing here?
- Uh... I help him, I help him...

No, then, I... I'll... explain everything.

He has... he has trouble with his wife...

...and I host him.

I host him, that's all.

I apologize again
but, is there a working outlet?

Listen Fafa, Francois...
branch down on the turntable.

Ha, ha, it's a gadget!

I hope I have not awakened the child.

Ha? Because the child
is still there too?

Yes. He sleeps next.

Good! Well, I leave you.

- Oh, mad one!
- Bye!

I too have a man in my life!

But I do not care! I do not care!

It does concern me, perhaps,
but you'll be late for your concert.

Then, my lord? You're all alone?

What are you doing there?

- Well, I keep Sebastien.
- Huh?

It was not planned so?

That seems to surprise you!

Good! I think
I shall explain.

Finally... this... is very simple

I wanted to... see you.

No kidding!

- Yes... finally... it was the boy's idea.
- Really?

Well... I'm here!

And... what else has planned
the... boy?

Er... we could
drink champagne for example.

For example?

You're a curious guy.
Finally you're a romantic.

You mean... er, old-fashioned?

Oh no, no, no, rare.

You live alone?

So so, and you?

Just now, it would be
rather alone.

It will not last.
Women like you.

Initially yes. But
it spoils quickly.

This is normal, you must enjoy the beginnings
because afterwards it's boring.

All that is ridiculous

It's us!

- Oh, it's you! But what happens?
- The works!

?The works! The workmen had occupied it,
Pierre Henry has an appointment tomorrow morning

with the minister, he returns on a hurry
and I don't want him to see the little one at home.

- Come on, come to bed now.
- No, wait... I'll do it!

I'm used to!

But I'm old enough to
go to bed on my own.

Finally, you only have to lie down.
That's all.

First wear your tee shirt,
it is in the kitchen.

But why is my
tee shirt in the kitchen?

It dries! I washed it.
I do not stop! I do everything here!

Pierre Henri...

he received a bolt in the face!
It seems he has one tooth less!

Note he has always been...
long teeth!

Yes, he is very funny.

It is beautiful your evening gown.

This is not an evening gown.

This is my nightgown.

Like it?

Yes, it's very nice

Hey, can I ask you a favor?

The jewelry, can I leave them?, because I,
the social stuff, I do not trust.

If you want, but do not take yourself for
Mary Antoinette!

- I don't find my tee shirt!
- Then search! Search!


But what are you doing?

Well, I'll fix it.

Oh, I forgot to tell you...

I told the little one, he knows
he must return to school tomorrow.

- That could not wait?
- No, it can not wait.

Tomorrow I could not go with him...

I... I... I have a record session.

The director was definite, he said
he will not tolerate one day late.

It does not matter, anyway,
As usual, it's me who'd take him.

Go, here, here.

Thank you.

Well, here I go.

Goodbye my darling!

He never answered that call.

He is rude, you should say.

Here. Bye, boy.



Oh, do not look so!
He is a child, he will forget.

You think we could
bring him back?

Yes, for holidays. Huh?

Okay, go!

No, but I dream? What are
you doing here now?

Well... I watch how he does...

for the next time.

You know these connections are forbidden...

plus he could be electrocuted.

Go, come in.

At this age they are unbearable!

I had to put my own on a board school.

Yes, yes, I think.
I'm seriously thinking.

Where is your grandmother?

At this time?
She must be near Dijon.

At her age, she can travel alone!

Hey you!

Enough already!

You know you're obnoxious, uh?

You respect nothing! Nobody!
You steal, you lie...

youl blow fuses...

But now it's me! It's me who'll blow!

So listen to me,
you'll get your suitcase...

and I'll bring you back to the board.

And believe me, this time you'll stay!

Fortunately, they had invented the boarding schools.

It's like kennels, go hop!

It was not me who put you on a board,
was your mother!

Why do not you inject me too?
It would be easier.

- Sebastien!
- That's the true, I'm a headache!

But at last!

You have been dropped into my life!

You disembark like this...

Hi Grandpa, I am
your grandson, you think it's easy?

And for me? Is it simple?

Okay, for three days I
fucked your life

but it's 10 years
they piss me off!

Then, do the math!



we will try to find a solution.

Come on, open!

Well... you do a good
third quarter and...

and I'll try to
make you come to Paris for holidays.

I want to stay right away!
I want to live with you and Violette!

You go first.

If you promise.

- Hello?
- Yes! That's me!

The boy is missing again!

- He's here.
- Really? In your house?

Ah! I imagined the worst!

Ah, now you find it normal?

He could not stay a little longer?

No! There is no way, he must
return to the board, we expect him.

Where am I? Well... at Dijon.

No... I have no more coins... hello?

So? You promise?

Well, since you want to know everything,
I am engaged.

I am engaged for one month...

at the opera, at Marseille, and I have to be
there after tomorrow.

It... is very important to me.

Very important!

That way.

- That's true, Marseille?
- Yeah...

why should I lie to you?
- Because you're like me: a liar.

Well, this time I will take
no penalty.

But I hope we will not have
more problems with you.

Now you can return to the dormitory
and store your stuff. Go.

Come on, hold down until
holidays, eh?

You'll send me a postcard
from Marseille?

Yes, yes, of course.

Hey! Hello, fatty!
What are you doing here?

And you? What are you doing here?
You know this blowed out when you run away?

- Where were you?
- At Paris.

- Was it good?
- You bet, I did everything...

I was at the restaurant, in
nightclubs! - Oh?

And then I saw the girls...
I will not tell!

I'll tell you something...

if you give me all your BD collection,
next time...

I've brought you with me.
- All my collection?

You won't shit me!

- You do the begging too?
- Oh yes, yes if you want.

Then you'll be nice, and you'll
substitute me for 10 minutes...

the time I need to buy
a bottle of wine.

I'll try, yes.


But, what are you doing here?

You see, I play, I earn my living.

You're not there, is it not possible?

What you want, I do not
married an industrialist.

Oh, It is a delicacy!

Sebastien, the child is still missing.

We must make a decision.

You could stop playing
when I speak?

Tell me something!


In any case we must
make a decision.

Hello? Sebastien?
Oh, it's you! But where are you?

What?! In Marseille?

But what are you doing in Marseille?

Waiting for me?

You wait for me at Marseille, but where?

In front of the opera.
Oh shit!

Do not leave, do not leave!
I'm coming! I'm coming!

But no! He will not! Oh!

Hurry up, papi!

You'll be late
for your concert in Marseille.

Little bastard!

- You'll keep me?
- I'll try.

- Yeah, you're awesome!
- Come on.

- Wait grandpa.
- What is it?

I've brought a friend who
bored too at the board.

Hey, fatty, you can come,
everything is cleared!

But you're crazy! He should
go back to the board immediately!

Oh Grandpa, is this going to start again?

- Hello.
- Hello sir.

He took my suitcase.

But how we gonna do? I...
I only have a little couch...

he will never hold it...