Grain (2017) - full transcript

This film was inspired by a chapter from the Noble Quran. It is a post-apocalyptic story set in a world where those that survive, are divided between the remnants of cities and agricultural zones. Both of these factions are ruled by corporations and populated by elites. In the areas called Dead Lands, genetically incompatible immigrants suffer from drought and epidemics.


Do you see that light?

Now you must follow

the light with your eyes.

I would like you to stare at the screen,

until I tell you to stop.

We're done, Fida'.


Don't go!




How do you explain what's happening?

We will know once we solve the case.

But why do we have

the same problems every time?

After two, three harvests at the most,

the deformation begins.

Why can't we create

the most perfect seed?

What is it that we are missing?

I once met a young

and very bright geneticist.

He argued that we would never be able

to create the perfect seed.

He was the first person,

who warn the corporation

of the danger of genetic chaos.

Who you are talking about?

Cemil Akman.

Does any one of you remember his thesis?

His thesis had no scientific basis.

He based the problem on a completely

metaphysical and ethical theory.

What was the scope of his research?

Genetic Chaos,

and the M Particle.

Until last week, SP17Z was giving

the same reactions under the

controlled climate conditions,

and with molecular support.

Isn't that so, Erol? – Yes, yes.

Then what was it causing it

to destroy itself?

We are looking into this.

As soon as the bio-molecular

analysis is concluded,

we will know the answer

to that question.

But where is this Cemil Akman?

And what is he working on now?

Excuse me!

I'm looking for Victor Rerberg.

He's over there.

Thank you.


I wanted to ask you about Cemil Akman.

Cemil Akman?

The two of you used

to work on the same team.


But that was very long time ago.

Have you run into him recently?

Run into him?

Yes. Have you seen Cemil Akman recently?

Haven't you heard?

Heard what?

He was last seen in the buffer zone,

between the Untended Nature

and the Dead Lands.

Why are you looking for him?

I wanted to ask him about

his Genetic Chaos theory.

I guess you haven't heard

about the fire. – What fire?

Cemil set up a laboratory in his house,

so he could continue his research.

That's when the fire started,

and spreading through the entire house,

killed his wife.

His daughter Tara was seriously injured,

but she survived.

Was he at home at the time?

Yes, he was the one

who took her to the hospital.

Shortly after that, he disappeared.

But if he was dead,

we would have heard one way or another.

Now, excuse me.

What's happened?

Something wrong happened, professor.

I didn't mean to, you know.

What are you talking about?

Didn't they inform you

that someone without your permission,

had removed one of

the new generation samples

of bio-genetic peas from the greenhouse?


No... No, no one told me anything.

That's strange.

Well, anyway, I had promised my friends.

We were going to examine the KR5T sample

and then return it.

Did you take the sample outside?

I had prearranged it with the guard

at the security checkpoint exit.

But then he changed his mind.

Have you turned in

your defense statement?

I told the truth.

I was going to call you tomorrow.

You know, I always thought

you would rise in the corporation.

Well, never mind.

Have you heard the name of Cemil Akman?


Is he someone important?

Cemil Akman once worked

for the corporation.

He introduced the thesis entitled

Genetic Chaos and the M Particle.

As far as I can understand,

he was fired because of this thesis.

Genetic Chaos?

Some of my friends

from the Forum might know.

You know how impossible

it is to get any information...

from the archive about people

who got fired. – Archive?

That's easy, professor.

We can easily hack our way

into the archive.




I need some information

about a particular family.

You're putting together a family tree?

Yes, something like that.

I need an address.

First name, last name?

Cemil Akman.


The Akman's are in that corridor.

Thank you, sir.

Is anyone here?

Excuse me, madam.


I am Professor Erol Erin.

From Novus Vita.








What does that mean?







What language is this?

I have never seen these letters before.

When was the last time

you spoke with your father?

Do you hear from him?





lo – ho.

If you prefer,

I can come back another time.

Breath or wheat?


I said wheat.




Is that you Erol?

Did you bring anything new?

Yes I did.

How very interesting.

Very, very interesting.

I've never seen one like this before.

Where did you find it, Professor?

In the southern fields.

I didn't find it, it literally found me.

There used to be a type of bee,

that the Russians had cultivated.

The Epizis, yes.

It does resemble them, you're right.

But I've never seen wings

like this before.

This must be one

of the uncontrolled hybrids.

It might be the first

and last of the species.

It is amazing!

Thank you very much.

Do you ever get anything

from the Dead Lands?

Why do you ask?

I need to find someone who lives there.

Who lives there?

Yes, he was last seen

between the Untended Nature

and the Dead Lands.

Who are we talking about?

An old friend.

And he needs to come

to this side. Is that it?

No, not really.

Are you serious?

I am.

Is that even possible?

Well, of course it is.

But crossing the wall

carries great risk,

even if it's possible.

I hear that some people

do manage to do it.

I know a guide who is very talented,

when it comes to crossing the wall.

When do you plan to go?

I don't know.

But as soon as possible.


Here is the recording

of Cemil Akman trial.

You are asking me

for the evidence of the M Particle.

The evidence is the seeds,

we ourselves have produced that

do not carry the M particle.

The M Particle is inside

everything in this universe,

except for the seeds we have cultivated.

We are unable to create

the first of anything.

We cannot create a seed from scratch.

Even if we seem to, somehow,

then it deteriorates.

Property that exists in the air,

in the water, in the soil

does not exist in this seed.

The seeds that we produce are

unable to be a part of this cycle,

that makes life possible.

They are unable to adapt.

Life expels them after a while.

I repeat:

They do not carry,

in their cells The M particle,

that will create a bond

with each other or to life.

And because of this deficiency,

they can't be a part,

of the common memory,

belonging to the universe.

Every genetic modification

has the danger of

breaking the bridge ofmillions of years.

Let us say the bond between

the first grain of rice

and the last grain of rice.

The result of my studies has shown me,

there is nothing in this universe

that does not carry the M particle.

I was told one person.

Two people won't work.

Don't worry! I won't cause

any problems for you.

That's not it. The wall...

Two people crossing at the same time

carries too much risk.

And I only prepared for one person.

But he is coming with me.

Well, personally I don't care

if you really want to die together.

And if something happens to you

I don't know you.

The deal with Leon was for one person.

And I'll take the money

for the second dead person too!

OK then.

Turn right.

Keep moving.

Professor, you take the lead.

And Andrei,

the distance between you

shouldn't be more then a few centimeters.

Do you want to go on?


Make sure you remove anything metallic

that you have on you and leave it here.

Don't bother trying.

I need to inform someone.

Nothing works here.

And this is the last thing Professor.

I need to give you this injection.

What is it?

It is both a vaccine and a chip.

If you get lost,

I'll be able to track you.

In five days at most,

I'll have to pick you up

from your location.


I think we made a cross.

Let's get out of here.



I remember this area, so clearly.

We have to go around the swamps.

The area is right in front of us.

Are you alright Andrei?

Well it is a camp.

It seems deserted.

Look, there is a vehicle over there.

I remember those.

We also had one.

Aren't you hungry?


Let's take out that fish.

You sure you don't want to eat?

It's really quite delicious.

We seem to be approaching

my family's lands.

Do you see those hilltops ahead?

If I remember correctly,

our camp was right behind them.

Don't you think we should bury them?

Alice warned us.

They might have died

from a recent epidemic.

I think it's best, we don't touch them.

That's strange,

that they didn't smell at all.

I feel like I'm in a dream.

Smells from my childhood.

I can't believe I'm here.

I wasn't that little,

when I was selected for the city.

I remember that day so clearly.

I don't remember anything at all.

I was one or two years old,

at least that's what I was told.

I wonder what happened

to my mother and my other siblings.

If they saw me like this,

I wonder what they will say.

When my mother got pregnant again,

my father decided to send me,

and my two brothers to the city.

I fought against it.

I hoped that I wasn't chosen, but I was.

I should look for them.


Leave the boat!

Bring it back!

We were told that you could be found,

across the lake, in the area,

where the Dead Lands

and the Untended Nature meet.

We passed by here twice,

but didn't notice you.

If you're not called out to us,

we would've missed you.

I'm Professor Erol Erin.

We are from Novus Vita.

The Corporation you used

to work for as well.

Are there still wild pear

trees around here?

Or is that an older version of XP6Z4?

Don't step in there!

Excuse me. I'm sorry.

What do you want from me?

Your thesis...

On genetic chaos and the M Particle.

All the organisms with the EPSP

Sintaz Protein based, microbiological

genetic structure are dying, all at once.

Everything we have created

with synthetic biology is dying.

You proved years ago

that this would happen.

You'd better get back

to your corporation.

While you still have time.

I'm not here on behalf

of the corporation.

I'm here on my own accord.

I know your story,

and I wanted to meet you.

We need to leave.

Right now.

You can't make it here.

Is there some kind of danger?

You must leave at once.

Let us come with you.

You cannot come along.

You go.

I can take care of myself.

Take me with you.

You cannot endure this journey.

Take your jacket off.

Put this on.

Are you doing anything for that?

I had some vaccines with me.

But I had to leave them behind when

I was passing through the magnetic wall.

It's nothing really,

probably just a local infection.

Last year,

hundreds of thousands of people

died in this area,

due to anomalies caused by BT63.

Thank you.

I'm a bit warmer now.

You know,

before I came here,

I visited your house.

I went to your house.

Did Tara speak to you?

Not really.

She was triyng to write

by using some archaic letters.

Was it a new language?

Do you have any children?


In your thesis about GMOs

You talk about your discovery

of a constant.

The M Particle.

I have not found any proof for this.

You're still looking for a proof?

What's happened here?

What are you doing?

Have you gone mad?

You will sink the boat.

Stop! Cemil, stop!

Don't! You're gonna kill us!

I told you.

You can't bear a journey with me.

Play dead.


Wait here. Don't leave.


Wrap around me.

Go around.

You lost everything.

The fish,

the soil, the seeds and the tent.

I promised the fish to a Yemeni friend.

I've been after them for months.

They were brought

from a farm in Argentina.

They were the last members

of a now extinct trout family.

I was looking for a clean source

of water to farm them.

At least we saved this girl.

She's really cold.

If we wait until dark, she will die.

Not good.

How about this one? - Let me check.

Unfortunately this seed

is genetically modified.


Are you alright?

I'm fine.

Just a couple of sips.

This tent is for you.

And clothes, and the sleeping bag.

You'll need them.

Thank you.

I'll leave you somewhere

near the border.

One day's walk to the west,

will bring you to a border camp.

From there, you can make it home.

Let me travel with you a bit longer.

You can't travel with me.

I'll try.

Please let me try.

You won't ever raise any objections!

I won't.

If I do,

we'll go our separate ways.

Do you leave these seeds everywhere?

I trace my steps back to check on them.

Maybe an ant, a grasshopper,

a bird or a mole...

Have the seeds ever been taken?

Once all of the lentils were gone.

I left new seeds,

and then waited for days.

I wonder what took them.

I don't know.

What is it?

I thought I saw an ant.

This soil is completely poisonous.

If it's alive, it can't be a real ant,

only some kind of mutant ant.

And I don't believe

that's possible anyway.

Hurry up!

The acid rain is coming.

Hurry up, hurry up!

Protect any uncovered skin!

While I was looking for you,

I fell asleep and had a strange dream.

In this dream,

I had both a mother and a father.

You see, in real life,

I don't know who they are.

I don't know them.

Anyway in this dream,

they were both alive.

And I could see their faces clearly.

My wife and the children

we never had were also with us.

We were going somewhere,

up onto an isolated mountain-top.

A journey under very harsh conditions.

They are hungry,

thirsty, tired and cold.

We stop somewhere to rest.

Night is about to fall.

I tell them to wait for me.

So I can look for some wood to burn.

And as I search,

I see a fire burning up ahead.

I go over there,

thinking there might be

someone to ask for help.

But no one's around.

Only a tree that is burning.

All of a sudden,

I hear a voice.

The voice seems to be

coming from the tree.

The tree is telling me something

in a language,

I don't know. I can't understand

no matter what.

We are always in a dream.

We will wake up when we die.

Synthetic fertilizer,

catches fire on its own.

It reacts with the acid inside the rain,

and starts to smolder.

Because of the hydrochloric acid

and dioxin,

there are no animals around here,

no plants, no insects.

And whatever clean soil

there is to be found,

is dug up and taken to the cities.

We had to do so to survive.

Let me check.

You may not be aware of this.

Six years ago we had a complete

breakdown of the soil.

The soil suddenly began

to produce nano bacteria,

and in the space of a few brief weeks,

all the agricultural products were lost.

I was part of the team that worked

to restore the integrity of the soil.

We tried various methods,

but nothing worked.

You see this problem

is out of my field of study.

I specialize in seeds.

Nevertheless I made a simple suggestion:

carbonization and then electrolysis.

First they didn't understand,

they simply refused.

Of course it helped.

By this method,

at least half of the soil,

was regenerated enough

to use it again for planting.

So, you saved the world!

Well, yes.

For a while.

And what about yourself?

I was promoted.

I moved into a better house.

Are you pleased with your house?


Then why are you here?

I was looking for you!

You better look for yourself!

On today's menu,

we have lentils,


and some acid water.

Each and every time

we meddled with nature,

every time we tried to modify it,

we actually corrupted a little bit

of our own selves.

We failed to realize that,

whenever we modified

the genetics of a seed,

we also modified something

within the human being.

But our ego gets in

the way of seeing this.

I don't understand

what you are trying to say.

I know.

I didn't understand either.

I was once like you.

I lived by my ego.

But then I did my best

to free myself from that.

Only then I realized,

that the entire being,

is one single body,

and I am of that body.

You speak about getting rid of the ego.

How can any of this be possible anyway?

I couldn't succeed at it either.

It's not easy to do it on your own.

So, I started to look for someone

who would kill me.

And did you find someone?


Let's go!

Take off your shoes.

Help me.

Fold the other side.

So, now we have soil.

But if we only had some seeds.

What kinds of seeds?

Does it matter?

It does matter.

If there was nothing left on this earth,

what would be the particle

that would keep mankind alive?

It's wheat, of course.

Wheat, huh?

The answer is wheat, isn't it?

I don't know.

My daughter knows!

A master of truths,

speaks of the line ingrained in wheat,

which is the essence,

the core of the being.

This line is the letter Aleef,

that both separates and unites.

What does it separate?

Female and male,

Adam and Eve,

soul and body...

This line is the underlying

secret of wheat.

It's also the line of love.

The line that unites everything.

Whatever exists in the universe,

is present in man, Professor.

There is no separation.

So that means a human being

contains a particle from every being?

The entire universe is human.

Then everything contains

a particle from man.

The human particle.

The human particle?

Everything, whether alive or not,

strives to become human.

my master used to say.

Your master?

He's the one who lies at the entrance.

Now we are going to carry the sacks,

down the path to the lake.

And then?

We will load them onto a raft,

and take them to a place

suitable for farming.

But how?

Like this.

We're gonna carry them

on our backs, Professor.



Be careful.

Don't let the sack come into any contact

with the water or the soil outside.

I just can't do it.

I'm at the end of my rope.

It's up to you.

You're probably hungry.

Take these.

Pull up your shirt.

The stones should be right

in the middle of your stomach.

It will help with the hunger.

What are you carrying?

Who is that?

I am here.

Where are you? I can't see you.

I am hungry.

Come over here.

Why are you breathing so hard?

I am carrying a sack.

You seem exhausted.


Can you come a little closer?

Do you have any food?


Are you hungry too?


If you follow me, I will find you food.

I live in the town over there.

Wait, I need to finish this.

You can continue later.

And anyway it's dark.

So, let's go that way.

Let me get this done first, please.

We have to go before the water rises.

Before the water rises?

Yes. Come on!

Let's go eat something.

All right then.

Who are you?

Let me go!

What's going on?

Let me go!


Hey, kid?

Where are you?


Say something will you?

What are you looking for?

I am checking the seeds I left here.

What is it? Have you lost something?

There was a child here last night.

And you strangled him.

It wasn't a dream. The child was real.

I was standing right there,

and he was a few meters away from me.

I couldn't make it out in the dark,

but I spoke with him.

And then?

Yes, I am sure that was also real.

As real as your guilt.


What guilt?

I told you at the very beginning,

that you could not endure

a journey with me.

The stones helped, didn't they?

What did you do to that child?

Breath or wheat?


If I ever have the slightest

doubt in you again,

our paths will part.



What are you doing over there?

What happened?

Follow me!


Now how did you get here?

What kind of a question is that?

I've been tracking you

since the beginning.

Thank goodness I couldfinally

intercept you.

I've been watching you for days.

When I saw you were nearing

the border, I took action. – But why?

To get you out of here.

To go where?

To the city of course.

You've been wandering

by yourself aimlessly for days now.

I guess you are unable to find

the person you were looking for.

What happened to Andrei?

He's fine. Don't worry.

The genetic chaos crisis

has been solved.



Thanks to the accelerated

biological mutation of an Alg gene,

originating in Antartica,

germination has started again.

How wonderful!

Now I have to hurry.

I have to complete my mission.

Maybe some other time Alice.

There is an epidemic here.

I won't leave you behind.

Not now.

You are really putting me

in a tight spot here.


What are you doing here?

These people are trying

to take our lives.

Why in the world

do you wanna fix this wall?

Why is this wall so important?