Grahanam (2021) - full transcript

GRAHANAM is a psychological suspense thriller inspired by true events and shot in Malayalam language. The story revolves around the life of a newly married couple Roy and Tina who are settled in Singapore. Roy is a renowned Indian scientist doing his research on a project called GRAHANAM - The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse And Its Impact On Human Psychology. Tina is a homemaker and an avid book reader. Roy's and Tina's happy married life lands into unsettling loop of twists when a doubt about Roy's identity haunts Tina. Roy on the other hand is shaken by Tina's unexpected hostile behavior. This creates conflicts and drift between the couple and Roy consults his dear ones for advice when the situation starts to go out of his control. None of the close circle of friends notice any sort of changes in Tina's behavior, instead they sense Roy's overwhelming work pressure could be the cause of uncertainties in their life. Finally, on the night of GRAHANAM, a life threatening incident that happens between the couple leaves everyone in shock. What happens that night? Who is the culprit? Did Roy become the victim of his own research about psychological effects of Lunar eclipse? Or is there a different dimension intertwined to the current situation to bury a dark secret? WHAT IS THE TRUTH. The film attempts to join all the untied and unsolved nodes with a gripping screenplay, vibrant visuals, feel good songs, light humour, suspense elements and intense emotions. This film also portrays a harsh truth prevailing in the current society in an emotional manner. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
all flights are canceled due to bad weather

I have to go with the next first flight . I asked them

OK. I'm aware of each other. Do not worry
. I go home and get the file.

July 17, 2019
30 minutes before the accident


Or are you?

08 months ago

When our dreams rise like a silver cloud ...

When our dreams rise like a silver cloud ...

♫ When the golden sun beautifies your forehead .......

Standing on those long eyebrows .........

♫ with a beautiful butterfly smile .....

♫ with a beautiful butterfly smile .....

♫ To this musical rain .....
Because he addresses us with all his being ... ....

♫ This musical rain .....
Nesada addresses us from the bottom of our hearts

When these verses awaken our memories .....

When these verses awaken our memories .....

On this new day wrapped in golden silk .......

♫ At that moment a bouquet wakes up .......

♫ You went from the blue sky to the top .......

Stay with me ... always and forever .....

Stay with me ... always and forever .....

To be with me forever and ever ........

Stay with me ... always and forever .....

To be with me ... forever and ever ........

Sit next to me like a heartbeat .....
♫ A period of time ....... < / font>

We have lost our borders .....
Unlimited intimacy .......

This is the essence of our love story .......

When our dreams rise like a silver cloud ...

♫ When the golden sun beautifies your forehead .......

Standing on those long eyebrows .........

♫ with a beautiful butterfly smile .....

♫ We are whispering a melody .......

This is the color of the flowers that bloom in this valley .......

You came with the unspoken .......

You came with the unspoken .......

You came with the unspoken .......

Our dreams come true in united thoughts .......

When our hearts smell this love, .....

مند Powerful emotions are expressed in color ........

නිර්මාණය Creating a living melody .......

Sit next to me like a heartbeat .....
♫ A period of time ....... < / font>

We have lost our borders .....
Unlimited intimacy .......

This is the essence of our love story .......

- Hello Uncle!

I'm fine uncle

Now Uncle can find us
It was time, right?

I had a lot of work, girl.
I came back today, last week I was in Tokyo

What did you do there?

I went to present a project on neuroscience.

Oh, right, on
I was told about it, I forgot it

من هستم

So when is it coming back?

he is coming soon,
Uncle, what would you like to drink?

آه، بله


It would be great if we drank a cup of tea

Maine, someone who does not like coffee ..

I like tea too

I feel it happened

Hey uncle has come

Hello good afternoon uncle

Good evening, good evening

Have you been here for a long time?

Yes, it's been a long time, isn't it?

OK. Uncle
Give it 2 minutes. I will do a wash and come back soon

Well, take your time and get ready

- I make akal for coffee ...
- Hmm, go ahead ...

When our dreams rise like a silver cloud ...

♫ When the golden sun beautifies your forehead .......

Standing on those long eyebrows .........

♫ with a beautiful butterfly smile .....

♫ You went from the blue sky to the top .......

Stay with me ... always and forever .....

Sit next to me like a heartbeat .....
♫ A period of time ....... < / font>

Sit next to me like a heartbeat .....
♫ A period of time ....... < / font>

Sit next to me like a heartbeat .....
♫ A period of time ....... < / font>

We have lost our borders .....
Unlimited intimacy .......

This is the essence of our love story .......

This is the essence of our love story .......

Did you start? Yes we are home. Calm down,
take your time. Yes, see you soon




Why what?

Listen, they will be here soon

Come on, right? At least another fifteen minutes for me
to go.

Fifteen minutes?
Why do you want another fifteen minutes?

Touch me
Lift up and turn on the oven

Let me turn on the stove
It should also be warm

Turn on the stove? But we
ordered food, right?

Turn on the stove? But we
ordered food, right?

Only we know this, right?

When they arrived, I
take the food out of the oven hot

When they arrived it was hot
grab and feed.

joke if you came then
I'm really angry with you

is not the only one who comes.

Chinchu, all this is just a lie. If they find out
that's why it's a big inconvenience.

Oh, before they know it
Now you're complimenting me

You do not understand the difficulty of making these
Even if another woman comes to this house

من هستم

Everything written for you is you
Made with a heart?

I do not know.
Thank you for every word that comes naturally to me.


Gentlemen, of course you can not define me? What?
That's why I wrote everything exactly.

Now read aloud,

With what I hear

Wow, wow, such foods, chino

Roy, we have more invitations for you today
I think this would be unacceptable

Tina, I'm not saying this is my chinchilla
Even if you're married, you have to learn to cook.

What is this?
Like a dialogue in a play ...

Yes, it's like a play
Read this now

Listen Tina, people are usually afraid of married life
So of course

But I must say
it was only after I married Chincho that I enjoyed life.

Chinchu, because I'm not good at lying
I think this is a failure problem!

(phone rings)

(phone rings)


Hey, did you get it? come in

Go see

Hello Mr. Roy, Miss Roy
Hey Surge!

Tina, come on, congratulations!

Hello Roy, hello Tina. On,
How did you get a bottle? Shall we drink?

- Well, the situation is not good
- Hello Chinchu

- Welcome to Singapore!
- Thank you

Excuse me
The kitchen is a bit busy

- Surajeta, why don't you tell them to come in?
- Yes, I wanted to say ...

Very good that you are here now

or happy to see this bottle
We could forget about it here.

Yeah, this is another dengue

Come on man

වمرد رن

Hey, Surge, you told me you were coming a little
so, I could only order these snacks

- Oh, Chincho, did you prepare all this?
- آره آره ...

is bothering you

What's wrong with a call
Delivery takes half an hour

Please do not shout

I mean Chinchu is a fast cook,
he makes everything in less than half an hour

I really have to appreciate his efforts ..

Although I did not say that
Chinchu is my mistress

Chinchilla is about cooking, and not only that
I do not need to say anything strange about all four

I do not think
you can eat in the remaining two days.

Oh, Chinchu
Is this old?

Do not shout, I mean
Chinchilla is all about cooking skills.

Oh, that's what you meant

So, let me give you a little advice
I want to give you ...

People in general
Fear of thinking about married life

But, because of that kind of experience
I got married to get rid of this fear

Surge, do you have enough? Tina,
I told her to compliment you a little when you came ...

How can you tell me he can not say?
Who really said that

Yes, when we experience it, we must try to make it worse

You take it and eat it

17 July 2019
14 seconds before the seizure

ترجمه و زیرنویس
= اودایا سامان کومارا (60) =
w w w. c i n e r u. l k

Good morning team

Good morning

We are here today
to discuss the Astronomy Conference

A magnificent collaboration that brings together the brightest minds.

The center they go to ...

Change the silk fabric and change the concepts together ...

In fields such as the universe and nuclear physics.

I love the world, areas like nuclear physics.

This is the title we have to present
Red Moon Project

Our theme for presenting
projects is the red moon.

Stay tuned for our project
someone I will be connecting with for a while.

- he's here,

May I come? 7
- Roy!

Please come inside

- Good morning Mr. Anderson ...
- Please take your place

Good morning everyone!

Glad to see you ..
How are you?

Awesome you look really happy
so what they say must be true

Happy wife, live happily


So guys, I'm doing
I'll be back to town once in 3 weeks! Return from Sydney ...

I would love to see your latest presentation.

Of course I will, Mr. Anderson

Honestly, I want to talk to you now
Several studies have been completed on several cases.

Oh, great! Please do this
Share with the team I would love to hear it too.

Oh, great! Share with the team I would love to hear it.

Well, this year, there will be a total lunar eclipse
, soon the moon will revolve around the sun

You all know,
the lunar eclipse is said to be a rare event

This is what motivates me
for those who watch it ...

Due to the change in appearance, the moon is in another body
looks completely different arrives.

This is a natural phenomenon
that affects people's mood and psychology
It is not surprising that people understand ..

According to recent studies,
40% of the general population believe ...

Some events, including lunar eclipses
that affect people's insane behavior

Sleep walking, suicide and ...

and violence

I'm sure you all agree with a great analysis.

I really want you to go to another level,
right? One more thing, submit this research paper.

So, are you ready for that?

Trust me Anderson, this is happening

I'm sure you're doing a great job -
Thank you.


What is your new project?



This is a lunar eclipse project.

How the lunar eclipse and its consequences
affect human psychology.

I want to know a few quotes and quotes from you.
I'll be back one more day to talk about the details .

Very interesting

Call from Aunt Konja.
. Excuse me, uncle

سلام خاله کونجا ...

Let's go there

Hello Tina, how are you?

The house we were next to had just arrived at Uncle's house.
How are the kids?

How are you all good girls here
How are you? How about?

Uncle or uncle. After Tina came into my life

What you said is true, uncle.
When Tina came into my life ...

When my days are up,
feels full of new things.

(maybe more than I expected)
he can love and understand me

He completes me.

هستم යෙන්ම Maximum} هستم هستم Happy Aunt Kunja ...

He really makes me feel special.

and I love him sincerely.

- I'm proud of you!
You are a net like my grandfather ...

You are focused; -
Determined and lovable.

You are caring, determined and loving.

I wish he was like you

I wish he was like you.

means someone like you is very lucky to be her husband.

. I just want to say thank you for this

When you first showed me her picture
I knew she was my daughter

In a
way I took my father's place and had a wedding.

I feel amazingly happy

(I'm really sorry that your father could not wait to see this joy -)

Tina is a beautiful girl
Love her as much as you want.


God bless you my son

ممنون داداش

ممنون داداش


How to get there?

Come now ...

Five months ago (Seltar-Singapore)
Tina My favorite place is here

Mr. Roy Kuroshngel ..

The last few days have been wonderful with you.

I do not know if I have ever felt this way.

تینا صبر کن صبر کن ...

Why do you speak as I suggest?

Tina Matthews, for your kind information ...

We are already married,

I lost my chic nerves

This name never falls in love

Do not be upset

Come again

What would you like to say?

Sometimes a romantic feeling is not wrong

Very good


I'm listening.

on, when I hold my hand
I really feel insecure ...

This way for me
The last thing I felt was being with my dad.

I never felt like my mom was gone.

Dad loved me very much

he had even forgotten that he had a life of his own.

I became his world ...

Daddy was late, I could not stay ahead of him

Maybe that's why he's mine
I feel the memories are incomplete.

this should not happen to you .

I like and I do not like to know ..

Roy, I have to talk to you ...

I want you to care more about me
and take care of you with love

I know life is not easy, there may be conflicts between us.
Must face challenges.

But whatever it is ...

I'm always with you!


You made me feel special today

Too much, love ...

So I want ...

This is the best ...

The best age of my memories


I'm asking you
ok come with me

هی، هی...

This life is something to enjoy
You always said that, right? So, we are happy!

Do you know what Tina means?

Do you know what Tina means? I am
the happiest person in the world !!!

Well now I'm going

I will miss you.

I miss you too

If you feel bored, you
can go out and shop.

Or, anyway, you have a book
One of your favorite pastimes is reading.

This is for a two-day conference only

See you again.

- خدا حافظ
- باشه خداحافظ ...

Thank you Tina Thank you

Why are you thanking me?

- Are you asking me a question?
- Yeah

Although he was with me for many years
he never gave me a party.

What party?

Party, birthday party. You run away from me
Do not think you can hold on!

I will definitely come
I will empty all the bottles he had hidden.

This man! Give me the phone ...


What happened to you?

This party is going to surprise Tina.
Roy had already told me that everything had to be ready.

You destroyed everyone
Are you happy now?

What am I doing now?

Still amazing,
he realized a little early, right?

- Oh, what can I do with you!
- My phone

Didn't you get anything to drink?

Not yet


Do not ruin it now

Hello Tina!


Happy Birthday!

Thank you my daughter

You are so beautiful!

Thank you. You look beautiful too!

Why didn't Suraj come?

This is a surprise, ruin a birthday
that could not come.

What is this surajta? At least be successful for him

Excuse Tina Happy Birthday.

You know, because I have a pure heart for myself
that secrets cannot be kept. So please do not worry.

Where is the embarrassed doctor?

Yours, dear husband.

he is based on
and doing additional research

Hi, we do not need more details about who caused the upset
So, do not think that you can get rid of your laughter. !

is there.
Now go ahead and get it

But I did not do it right because I had a purpose.
I did this on purpose


Hello Chinchu


Brother, I swear this is not the bottle you brought.
It was then, this is a new one. Should we do this?

Yes, I think we are
A few points need to be opened

sorry brother
do not act like a child. Right?

- This cove is not in good condition.
- Let's go.

Hello! Uncle Menon

Beautiful girls as well as handsome boys

Thank you all for coming to our party ..

Also with the most amazing woman in my life ...

A year has passed.

Thank you

Come again

Happy Birthday


Hey ... in which world are you lost?

Tina is fine?



Even if you look at me,
I do not even answer my questions ...

Your look seems completely lost
But are you saying you're fine?


Your behavior shows you
that he was very upset

No, I'm fine.



Come here my daughter

Good now, right?

Then and now?

Happy Birthday

You do not give sweets like a burning plant

Fill every moment with soft caffeine
(We eat hot black coffee and pan for breakfast)

Black coffee, drinks ......

From this moment to night ......

immersed in different colors ...

Like a rainbow ......

When the wings of the mind are extended ....

From these two eyes ......

♫ colors indicate ....

♫ Also the mind gradually with ......

through wet and delicate fingertips ....

Before the due date ......

Before the rain stops ......

Our hearts are far from us ...
It seems to be fading ...

Before the night is over ......

ද්දී When the moon blooms ......

Stars shine in the corner of the invisible eye ......

Drive miles ...
Until we clear this hall ......

He seeks the depths of this river, which is the stream of our souls ...

Roy, when you surprise me so much
at least I want to do something, right?

Do you want to give me this as a surprise?

Sorry, Roy. Understand that,
this is what you do to surprise him that you have planned for him

Good morning gentlemen.

What we are talking about today is an eclipse.

Yes, right ...

This is a micro-study ...


... lunar eclipse

Today, people spend a lot of time in front of a mirror.

You finally looked really talented.

Say something new, ma'am

Today is an important day for you, isn't it?


Congratulations to all of you.

Thank you



Can't you come to your conference?

I would love to hear about your research. Please!


آره ...

ok if you are very interested you can come
but i'm late so hurry up

Give me ten minutes ...

Very good?
- OK ... «1

Good morning everyone.

Some attractive faces
I am glad to see you in front of my eyes



زیبا ...

و جذاب...

My effort is to ...
talk about an amazing view of nature ...



See you later? Sure

Tina is the lunar eclipse
It is believed that this is the rebirth of female energy.

Depending on the constitution ...

Eclipses are possible
Make a difference even on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Other than that,
there are many superstitions about this phenomenon.

During an eclipse, bloodthirsty spirits hunt
believe that .

You have to be careful too!

What happened to you?

Next door girl ...

He looked at me strangely

I feel very upset.

Neighbor girl?

I have never seen a girl there ...

It must have been what you thought

Hey Tina

Where is my husband?

(I'll be back soon.
Did you come to the restaurant?)

Yes. I'm here.
Sorry I'm late

Hey, no problem

I can hardly find a place to park
I'm going back to where you are right away

ب: باشه

Give him two minutes

Very good


Sorry I'm a little late
Hey, okay?

مدا! come here...

How many times have I told you
Do not go there and play?

You do not hear anything now.


You do not understand everything I say
Come sit here

If you want to be on the right track, you have to do two wells

I'm very angry if you waste food

You have to finish it, do you understand?

Do this every day ...

I also received a complaint from your school
that you just do not pay attention

Your mother should be blamed for being so ashamed.
. You come home I'm resting at home

Next time I will answer with a coat
Let me take care, I will teach you some good habits.

Hey ... Tina!

God, your hand is bleeding ...

What is this?

I feel dizzy

Be comfortable ...

Let's go ...


Dear Tina



Okay, let's go to the clinic

Oh, did you get up?

How do you feel now?


I'm fine

Does it hurt?


Maybe. Because of this damage you
feel the previous fever

You do something ...

Drink this coffee

I got sick every time I was sick
This dry ginger coffee was given to me by my father.

Meanwhile ...

I took medicine for two days ...

Make sure you received it correctly

If not, what happens if the wound heals?

But still ...

How did that glass break?

Probably of poor quality

What is your plan for tomorrow?

I do not think I can take leave tomorrow.

Can I take you to Chinchu?

hey he does not want
I can take care



همم باشه

One minute


Dear Tina

Good morning

Sorry I woke up a little late

Hey, no problem

Probably because of medicine ...

because you were tired yesterday
I did not want to bother you

Drink coffee here

Thank you


You are fine now

I'm fine, Roy.

Are you late for work? go

Be careful ..


Hey you are from me
You asked about books written about eclipses, didn't you?

They are on the shelf next to the TV
Try it in your spare time






Dear Tina ...

Who are you? How did you get into this house?

What happened to Tina?

Go out, go




No one can save you

Is this a joke?

Look at me ...

I'm yours, Roy!

There is nothing to fear

His blood pressure is low
This is why he is in a trance.

You give him the medicine I told him to take.

Let him sleep and rest

Contact me if you need anything.

I'm a little upset uncle ...

How can one behave like this because of low blood pressure?

You've been busy for the past few days, haven't you?

Tina was alone here.
He must have felt lonely.

Maybe this is the reason for this reaction

Other than that,
if there is a problem between the two of you, you are a little calmer.

You know it's very sensitive

But Uncle is not a problem between us.

I'm just thinking about him


Please do not be upset and do not think too much

Try to rest a bit

I will be back tomorrow morning ...


Good night

13 July 2019
4 days before the seizure

You woke up




Hey, stop making fun of me.

I know
because I've not been to the kitchen in two days.

This is not. Yesterday you ..

Wash your body
Have breakfast together

Hurry up

What is this?

Can't you put cigarette butts in the trash?


There were four cigarettes left in this pack.

I smoked a few cigarettes


What happened to you?

You seem to have been unconscious since morning.


When you ask me where is the cigarette, how do I know?

You know I don't even like cigarette smoke

This is not Tina ...

Last night, 4 cigarettes were left in this pack.

Oh my God!

There is also confusion when you lose your cigarette and your
spouse .

Breakfast is ready. Please come quickly

Wash your body
Have breakfast together

You know I don't even like cigarette smoke


What is this? You scared me too!

Come sit down

Where are you going now?

(on TV) I told you please,
should I go and buy gold for Ali?

(on TV)
Rivers ..

Doctor, if Sonny were in real life,
many husbands could be saved.

I was talking about our ladies

හේ ...

- I did not finish, the lady started ...
- Did you come alone 7? Didn't you bring Tina?

Tina did not come

(on TV)
(You do not need to go now


Why didn't you bring Tina?

Why is that?

Why didn't you bring Tina?


بیا سوراجتا ...

Why didn't you bring Tina?

Tina had a slight fever

Tina had a fever? But
f face is pale.

Oh ... this is what happens when you become a kind husband.

Morning without biting
Do not like to drink tea?

Oh, sorry boss

Why do you look so sad?

Is there a problem?

is about Tina.

Are you afraid of having a fever?
He is fine, forget it

I have a question about Tina's behavior ...


دیشب ..

he behaved very strangely, and not only that
he spoke in such a way that he could not even understand.

She was fine this morning
but nothing seemed to have happened

Hard to understand

Comrade must be in mind because of this confusion
Not much can be said about these women

Is it due to a heart attack?

Does this happen when you are upset?

Are you asking me a question? See this
They change their behavior from moment to moment

you feel this
you are disappointed the first time, because you do not think much

Actually I'm still confused.

No need to
fuss When you participate in this project, you will always have more work to do

It has not been long since Tina came to Singapore ...

You take him out and go out for a while
If we talk to him peacefully, it will be resolved


Maybe you're right.

I've been very busy since I started this project.

Very good

I'm going to talk to him

Home, the problem is solved, right?

Be happy!

سلام تینا

I've been talking to you for a long time.

Why didn't you open the door?

Why are you standing like this?

I need to talk to you a little. come and sit.

I'm drinking something for you.

هی نرو...

Oh my God

I have been waiting for two days

You seem to be very upset.

If you have any questions
Tell me about it too

زیرا ..

I can not get more about it.

You do not like tea ...

What do you think about it now?

Tina tea ?!

I'm talking about something serious ...

Here you have it, tea and coffee

Why is it so weird?

Why are you shouting at me so much?

Do you think I do not know anything?


What are you trying to say?


I want to talk to you ...

You just can not give up

Enough is enough

Take your hand

14 July 2019
4 days before the seizure


Oh, have you just gotten up?


Did you not solve Tina's problem?

چی شد؟

Tina talked to Audi Chincho today.


seemed a little nervous

Now Chinchu has gone to meet Tina.

Where is he now?


Where are you sir?

I came to the office because of urgent work.

Comrade, even though your head is busy most of the time
Complaining about your spouse's mental changes

Anyway you come to where we are
Talk about it outside

It's not over

He's not on, I know.

He has changed a lot

Obi, this is what I said
not change emotions

There is something deep ...

Something, strange look ...

something I do not know.

Something has changed in Chinchu, on ...

is behaving
It looks like someone is completely different

Why does it do all this?

As you say I do not feel anything unusual about Roy

No, chinchu
has many differences.

A few days ago
I'm having lunch too

After that?

When we were there, he broke a glass in his hand and cut off his hand ...

It was an accident,
I'm still not sure if he did it on purpose.

Come on, Tina, why deliberately
break the glass?

Then we were on our way home again ...

I'm not feeling well, he
went out on to get medicine.

After he came back

He started sweating and shivering ...

Like this.

It was as if I saw him for the first time
staring at me in surprise.

Roy, face changed ...

The way he behaved
His way of speaking was very different.

I did not know how to face, Chinchu

I could not speak.

Although I forgot that day when I slept
I could see him in a dream

When I get back from work

It was about 8 o'clock at night.

Turn off all lights ...

The door was open

You do not need to be in the dark to perform a miracle

Sometimes Tina surprises me like this.

So, I thought
something normal must have happened ...


Open the door and where did you go?


When I go to the room ...

Where is the
on? How did I get home?
It was as if he saw a stranger and asked me strange questions.

Be cool

he was completely out of control

behaved as if I saw a strange person

Yesterday, Roy is upset about something.

picked up an empty box

I'm asked where is the cigarette?

At first I thought he was joking.

but did not eat breakfast.

As you said ...

Suppose you want to talk to him about all this
me home I went

When you get back ...

As soon as you open the ..

The appearance of zinc had changed completely.

These eyes! She

Behavior and manner of speaking ...

Those moments were very scary

Tina do not worry

Sometimes everything can be what you think.

So what do you want to say?

Am I doing great?

Be calm!

Anyway, Chinchu
Did you go talk to Tina?

We'll talk about this when he returns

Talk to Soorajet and Mai Roy

Tina is also very upset Surajta

These things are a little more serious than we thought.

But Surajeta, they had a problem and they came to us first.
We have to help them somehow

Yes, you are right ...

We will talk to them when we meet ...

We still think it can be fixed.


on. I've been trying for a long time to get you
Where are you?

I'm at the airport.

At the airport? where are you going

I have a conference there in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong? Did you talk to Tina?

نه، بنگ

I never talked to him.

Now every time I talk
it eventually causes a fight.

I think ...

that we will need time

When are you going back?

I'll be back to the plane tomorrow as soon as Congress is over.

Should we go there?

I do not want ...

Maybe he can take care of it

I will talk to you again after the hack

OK. Explosion! watch out!

17 July 2019
6 hours before the seizure

All flights have been canceled due to unfavorable weather conditions.

I asked them,
ask me to take the next flight

Okay let me tell you


17 July 2019
30 minutes before seizure

That's right. I will take care of it

Don't worry I have
I'm going home and getting the file.



How many times do I have to talk to you?

This is too much!


Do not pick up the phone even in an emergency!

As soon as you look at a book all the time

Go to hell with all this!



Are you?

You are










ترجمه و زیرنویس
= اودایا سامان کومارا (60) =
w w w. c i n e r u. l k


I called the doctor on duty ...

he was a little weak and ranked IV

They can't say much ...

Until a test report is received

Check Tina until the senior doctor arrives tomorrow morning

The problem around Tina
is more complicated than I think ..

Oh my God!

See what the doctor says tomorrow

We have nothing to do until then

on, you rest a little

I will stay

It takes a while for Tina to wake up anyway.

If it is an emergency, I will call you ...

No, disorderly

Come on, listen to me ...

Go home

for you!

for you!

Mr. Roy, the doctor is talking to you now.

Roy, sir,
I do not see if Tina has a problem or not ...

His blood test result is also good.

His blood pressure is also normal ...

and he is stable now.

But I would also like to know how these injuries occurred

Dr. ..
in the last few days


I was a little upset and emotionally disturbed

Very upset and mental

His behavior was strange.

I even tried to face it ..

Understand the situation.


but I missed him

I was away for business ...

When I get back ...

he was completely out of my mind!

was very angry ...

Suddenly he started beating me ...

I was confused, doctor ...

I do not know why he behaves like this.

You say he hit you.

But he was the one who understood.

Mr. Roy, it's good to be honest with me

What do you mean by that, doctor?

- Of course I was right ...
- Very good

He's mine, my wife and I take care of him.


If you are really honest ...

So I think we need to find out
about the depth of the problem.

How long has he been in Singapore?

Doctor for about 8 months,
by this time he was fine

Keep him under my watch for the next 48 hours
I thought I would keep him

We did a thorough blood test
Let's have a CT scan?

I'm in pain right now
Prescribe some painkillers and iron tablets.

because he has a few cuts on his mouth
I prescribed gel for them

After the test results,
let's talk a little more about this.



Isn't that right, Mr. Roy ?: 7

Home, well, doctor.

See you later ..

Thanks, Dr.

What did you tell the doctor?

they are suspicious of me ...

I feel like I worked with him.

What situation am I in!

Come on ...


I'm sure ...

Something I do not know may have happened in Tina's life.

من هستم...

I'm thinking of going to the village where he was born

To the village of birth?


Do you want to turn a small mountain into a big one?

There is nothing wrong with going anywhere ...

But leaving Tina alone in this situation.

he hears about you, right?


The one that fell inside ...

I know Tina, right?

he now sees me as his enemy

Uncle or uncle ...

I want to know what happened in his life

And for that I have to go to India, uncle.


چی شد؟

How is Tina now?

What, Roy?

Don't worry.

which will be monitored for the next two days
You said, right?

If you have a past,
get out and look at it

Do not wait here and go to the hospital and see what happened there

You have no freedom here.

Think about it

How satisfied we were with our lives.


I do not know what a beautiful life I had with Tina
I do not know when I can go again.

In life I feel like my hand is slipping.



I do not know how to make a decision ...


When you get home you will find a small solution.



Yes I am ::

Hey! congratulations on the wedding!

Thank you

Sorry, Roy,
My best friend The best moment I could not come ...

But, at least I'll meet you here
I'm glad.

تینا نیومد؟

No, I came alone

I forgot to ask
I'm writing you something

No, I'm fine


How is Tina?

Is he okay?


I came to see you from afar

should be as strong as the reason behind it.

I saw the last message you sent to Tina

Why did Tina resign from her NGO job?

I really do not know the exact cause


Tina is now in the hospital

I'm not sure if you understand our current situation

I want him

What you say every minute alerts me.

can help save his life.

I do not know any of his friends except you.

Please, Siddhartha

If there is information, you know

His life can be restored to its former glory.

Please tell, whats the story of them big puppies ...

I want to know.

Can I bring it to you?

No, you do not have to

Thank you


Tina was an insignificant person in our school in those days

He always goes out

because it was a little fun
someone no one can forget

But he
was one after entering your life ...

has the potential to be reversed

There was such a man in Tina's life


Hey Arjun
I'm auditing today


So I'm a little late ...


I miss children

They miss you too

خدا حافظ

Sorry goodbye.

خدا حافظ

Puppies are very funny, aren't they?

Who brought him?

Big brother,
when I saw this puppy on the street ...

Puto liked him.
He liked to bring it home

we brought him
just playing for a while ...

Excuse me brother


Very good. It is a little hot outside ...

Come in and play

Come on ...

The puppy is a little rough ...

and being rude

[he looks cute, doesn't he?

What do you mean?
I am

Do you know anything?

I hate when I see all three of you ...

Also, you know about it

But you have not been angry with me yet


Finally a puppy ...

I get angry when I'm at home

You can imagine how angry I am


Come here

Unaware, again this pile of garbage
if you bring it to my house ..

I will tear you to pieces.


Taken from.

Honestly, where did those guys come from
I do not even know why Arjun is with them

Tina loves children very much ...

and the kids loved him too.

But maybe for fear of those kids,
Tina was not told about Arjun's real situation at any moment.

I fell to the ground.


What's up?

هی شوریا ...

What does your brother want to do for your birthday?

My birthday and yours are in the same day
Did you know?

Oh were you here?

හේ ...


Ki amdid

I just came here

: من. اوه

I brought you something

Your favorite chocolate



Shall we go for a walk?

خوب ..

Come again

I'll be back soon.

خدا حافظ

Arjun used Tina's love for her children

Arjun said the children from there
who could not be admitted to school

he does not have legal custody of his children

Tina, believing the stories she told, made fake documents
These children were initially identified as belonging to an NGO ...

Arjun accepted them from there.

His goal was achieved.

Why are you guys sitting there?

Like it's raining, you go inside.

Get . These are legally made for children
adoption documents

This is against my profession

But these things are for educating those kids
If a road is built, it's all worth it

After marriage, we must legally accept these children as children ...

After that no one comes to question their kinship


Thank you very much.

Let's go.

Tina Masoom did not really realize that she could buy a baby
One way is that she does.

Tina, what do you blame yourself for? You
fake documents in the name of non-governmental organizations?

داد نزن!

The reason is that you are a man who knows nothing!

He raised three orphans.

and help those he plays.

It is immoral to support people like him

Why does he allow these three children to stay?

Why aren't they legally placed in an orphanage?

Let go, he keeps these kids
taking the house out of town ...

I do not even know his background,

Syed, Arjun is an orphan.

he's a man who just grew up
and learn well

These are the children of someone Arjun has known for a long time.

None of those children were there after his death
So is it a crime for Arjun to bring such children back to life?

He is a clean gentleman, Syed.

Trying to convince Tina was futile.

Trying to convince Tina was futile.

I wish Arjun could think of a sensitive girl like Tina
you can imagine How dangerous Arjun is.


Arjun, this, Syed, is my best friend

Wait a minute. Hello ...

Yeah Dad I'm coming this week ...

Well, Tina talked to the kids about

What's wrong?

About some of the documents required in a school audit.

Which school audits?

Management nerves

he was challenging me.

he told me my doubts about him
true ...

About it
I had the courage to explain it to Tina.

How do you know all these details?

Are you upset?

Hello guys, how are you?

Yes, some interesting stories are going well

Yes, he told some interesting stories

خب سید

Tina for me
I must talk to you

Come on Tina

I wish Arjun was addicted to drugs
I hope Tina understands one day

On Tina's birthday


Dear Tina ...



I love you so much ... Sister Tina (sister)

Where is the birthday boy?


Where are you?

Hey Shuria .. Come here!


Your birthday is coming ...

It seems like today is your birthday ...

I did not know ...

Your sister knew this


Brother, I do not know anything
. I swear to my mother.

I did not say anything to my sister

This is brother

හේ ...

Why do you blame your mother
Do you not like her?


does not matter. Cut the cake ...


Blow it up

Hit this!

Please bro ... leave me ...

You want a cake for your birthday party

Real Cake
Favorite Chocolate

Your sister knows your favorite taste ...

I do not know ...


Candles should be blown ..

Finish the cake ...

What do you think about the birthday song?


Sing a birthday song?

happy birthday ...

Happy birthday dear Shuria ..

happy birthday ...


Do not be upset! Let's go from here

Tina, please do not do too much, right?

Although I can explain to you
Tina, you must listen to me


You are also human

Those little kids

Not like you and me

بیا شوریا


he does not come

The celebration is not over yet ..

Brother! Please
do not hurt your hand, my sister is eating the cake

Let her eat the last cake of her life

We can wait

تینا چی شد ...

You know. Now no one can save you ...

Arjun, no!





Where is he now?

I do not know.
None of us saw him after that incident

»Tina left her job at an NGO

and then he, from the hospital in many places
found out that he was being treated

and then Tina's father
died of a heart attack

After that I found out about Tina
only her relatives

Although I tried to contact him several times
but my efforts were in vain.

Where are the hospitals where Tina was treated?

Shanti Marian Hospital,
about 40 km from here

- One, Mrs. Doctor. Samuel
Yes, Doc Samuel, he was the one who cured Tina

Thank you very much. Sidart

Try to finish it as soon as possible


Innocent Tina

his only mistake was
blindly in love with a psychic like Arjun

Roy, please do not leave Tina!



Provide a lifelong experience
Tina taught me to have a second باشم

The next time we meet, yours is yours
My close friend also made it

I told you everything I know about Tina

Now, from what the doctor says
I need to understand Tina's condition

Did Tina have a mental disorder?

Did he leave after his full recovery?



If he was fine ...

Are you not coming here to see me now? . you came?

Tina was hospitalized in critical condition.

He had a deep wound on his head

But, I think, the effect is
that his mind was heavy

Wait a minute

Tina ... Bring me the Tina Matthews file.

آره ...

As Tina recovers from her physical injuries
she never recovered emotionally

This is Tina's, Dad always walks
When given the chance

After staring at her father for a while
Tina looked at him with suspicion and fear as if she were looking at a strange person

I saw a big difference in his behavior

I wanted to see him do it
If he is suffering, it is to remove that brain

he could not even recognize his father.

I learned something very serious from the results after scanning and testing

Thank you



Look at this

He believed that the patient's name was nine-year-old
who replaced his daughter with the same swindler.

he could not even recognize his daughter

an unchangeable belief in him,

from his daughter
who looked the same

Sometimes he says I'm not at home
Running away from home too

But another house like him


This type of situation is difficult for ordinary people to understand

But medically it is called
Capgrass Syndrome

or it is called imposter syndrome

For someone with this syndrome
something happens that they do not believe is a close family member

or instead of someone they love and trust
takes a similar shape.

Now let me explain to you what Tina's condition is

When Tina sees Roy

he believes
that a stranger who looks like you will replace you

Maybe this common sense within Tina
I'm trying to accept this misunderstanding

Therefore. What is he doing?

He is trying to test you.

You like to walk and talk
He even takes food to his examination

You do not like to drink tea, Roy.
Now why do you like them?

Husband did not like it
he starts thinking about it

The comfort and security of her own home made it difficult to understand all this
Tina becomes a strange character

Hiding from all this, he tries to escape,

means now Tina

Will you never know me?

Not really

By your words this trick
Tina =, seems to do it one by one

After a good night's sleep, his brain calms down.

When he was delusional
he has no memory of what happened

Don't joke with me

I mean Tina has this syndrome
she does not even know.


Tina knows of her bodily injuries here
only that it was included.

Unlike other illnesses,
the patient with this mental condition usually does not say anything

With the awareness of such people
patients may experience stress and their reactions

We as physicians do not accept such risks
Consider and work first we do ...

Unless there is a compelling reason behind it

When is there such a syndrome
How is Tina these days?

If he is normal. How did this
suddenly come back to haunt him?

Tina, as long as you are here, you have to get rid of psychotherapy
There are many ways

we entered his subconscious
tried to replace painful memories with positive ones


Before we finish his treatment ...

His relatives are awake
He was released from the hospital and taken away ...

You should not be surprised that Tina was a normal person

he had no idea about this syndrome
his focus was really on healing

from his positive thoughts

I know about Tina's condition.
He can be treated with medicine as well as treatment

I remember, you researched seizures
he told me.

Tina's condition
is very similar to the phenomenon that occurs during an eclipse (solar eclipse / lunar eclipse).

is something or someone ...

Who has reappeared in Tina's life?
What you do not know

But I have no idea what it is

If lost ...

The shadow of your life disappears
Definitely ...

On, you take back the tin

Here. Roy, this is his case. This is for his treatment in Singapore
Leave it to the doctor

Okay, thank you

This is called Capgrass syndrome.

he believes you are alike
a stranger replaces you.

Tina is innocent, she was wrong
someone who was sincerely in love with a madman like Arjun

Roy, please do not leave Tina!

Something you do not know has come to life in Tina's life

I can not understand what you are saying while holding my hand
you feel safe.

The memories I have of my father
are not very complete

The girl next door
looks at me strangely. I feel very upset

Hello aunt, I'm on

I stay at a neighbor's house

I think I saw you, please come inside

A girl is here, right?

Yes, my grandchildren

My wife Tina
She has no job and is often alone at home

How many times have you said
I have seen your granddaughter

So if Tina could introduce Mahira,
I thought they were two well made people

These people?

Are these Mahira's parents?


Are they there now?

They are no more.

A few years ago in a car accident ...

What about Mahira?

even though he was there
thanks to God he was able to survive

This was a big shock for him. After being there recently
I saw that he is constantly searching your house

Aunt, can I meet Mahira?

Why not, of course?

Girl ... fish.

Come here girl

Aju grew up with me in Bangalore
because his mother told him to stay away

That's why he's a little disobedient to me

Cousin Aju - he
has always been a unique character

I have seen him for years

I guess
Uncle and he have a problem



آرجون منون!

Someone who considers himself the father of the image
While there is a real father, there is a slight difference

This time you are even smaller than that small difference.


My father always told me ...

He wished that Uncle Menon had a son like him ...

That love and compassion from your son and you
he wished to receive

But, I'm telling you

There is no love or respect for your life
You do not want to receive

I saw you from where my father was

Why did you betray me?

Ignore me but Tina?

What did he do to you?

Your son was seriously injured at that time
Did you have a reason?

Tell me the truth

What do you mean?

Where is your son now?

he can run,
I can hide, but I'll find him

I have no mercy on either of you.

If Tina were alive today I would be a reason for that

When I found out that someone was in critical condition because of Arjun.

خیلی نگران و غمگین بودم

تینا رو پیدا کردم
به بیمارستان رفت و در آنجا بستری شد.

تینا در شرایط بسیار بدی قرار داشت

اگر قرار باشد کاری برای او انجام دهم
او باید اعتماد خانواده اش را جلب می کرد

پس به پدر آرجون زنگ زدم
برای کسی فاش نشد.

گفتم او را در حال انجام وظیفه می شناسم
که او از روزهای کاری بود

Tina, I knew everything that happened from the day I saw Arjun
when I was in the hospital

When he realizes that Arjun is the main cause of Tina's misery

It was my responsibility to bring him back to normal life
I felt

As a doctor I can have him
All support was done.

I supervised Duck Samuel's treatment

After he recovered,
I knew his future was good with you

So I proposed marriage

The night you talked to me, I saw something incredible

Tina was unconscious

he was completely confused

When I watch his behavior.
I realized this was a recurrence of the syndrome.

he was in trouble

At that time I did not dare to tell you this.

I gave him medicine to calm him down for a while

After Tina's condition improved
I thought about all this with you Let me talk

But it was too late

I always treated Tina
like my daughter


I have known you since childhood.

can give him protection and happiness
I realized it was just you

I went to see him from time to time, even to avoid disturbing him
even to remember his past,
< i> to make sure he is happy.

Even after all this worry,
I do not know how Tina got back into this situation

And then Arjun, he will never
disturb your life.

او رفت ...

due to drug overdose
he died of a sudden heart attack Lost himself.

I know I can never make up for my mistake.

Maybe to atone for his son's sins
he must have been selfish of the father

Please forgive me my son

is something you did not know reappeared in Tina's life.

But I do not know what it is. ...

happy birthday ...

Mr. Roy,
I do not see a problem with Tina.

he's fine, right?

If Tina is alive today, I'm one of them

If you feel lazy, you can
go shopping

or anyway here is a book
In the past, reading was one of your hobbies.

You asked me about eclipse books, didn't you?


They are on the shelf next to the TV. Take it anywhere
Look freely

You are always with books,
Go to hell with books !!


landed on
in Singapore. He is on the way

I met the doctor
Scan report was taken

We see we can pick you up soon

Wow how much they test

After seeing all these bills, I do not think he will accept us

Tina are you listening to me?






Who are you?

این منم سورج ...

Why did you come here?

to the hospital .. he told me ..

Where is he now?

Who is it? cow

I left him this time

Arum Tina, come sit down

Where is that coward now hiding?

Tina, listen to me, calm down

I will not feel sorry for that bastard this time.


Tina is not well, I'm going to the doctor
I'm calling, come on, calm down!


Hi Roy, this is me

Oh, red! On the way to the hospital

There is a small problem. Tina
disappeared, I looked everywhere for her

چی ..؟
What nonsense are you saying Tina is missing?

Tina's behavior suddenly changed a little. I am
the doctor was informed. Please come soon

Very good. Wait, let me come
I'll be back in ten minutes

OK man

سورج. what happened?

on, sorry for the dingy I bring with Doc
Tina is missing

What's up here?
What happened to Tina?

What was Tina doing when you got here?

Tina, she
This was where I was standing and looking

Read nonsense without listening to me

Why are you looking at those books?

Tina is missing
We have to find her.


روی .. -

I do not even know if he went home to find you

Tina never found me


I know where it is now



Honey, where are you going now?

Tina is now in a trance.
He sees Arjun instead of me

In the book he had read before,
there were many similarities to his past events.

On, people usually advise
Let everything happen for destiny and let time heal

But this time we will not allow anyone to be doomed

Let's face it. Do it!

The reason for his current condition
Nothing else, just things he made.

without his fault
My teenager had to deal with many things .

Now he wants me more than me ...

I bring him back to his former life.

Uncle ... what happened uncle?

Please get up, uncle


Tina listen to me

I'm on you ... please listen to me ...


Tina, please ... this is for you!


Listen to me one day Tina ... I'm on you!





Tina listen to me ...

The moment he thinks of memories

Let's think of a new beginning

It's time to get to know each other.

Let's sing like a preacher of love

You are always close to me

He has given me accommodation every day.

This is my mind from your thoughts
I want to fill it.

می Tells me about life every day

You look like a shining moon ..

In my dark life, it shines like a ray of light

Be close to yourself for the rest of your life

guides me like a shadow.

guides me like a shadow

You are always close to me

You are always close to me

Stop me every day ...

♫ I want you to fill my mind with thoughts ...

♫ I want you to fill my mind with thoughts ...

It makes me feel alive every day ....

It makes me feel alive every day ....

You were like a shining moon ...

In my dark life, it shines like a ray of light ...

Stay by your side for the rest of your life ...

guides me like a shadow ...

guides me like a shadow ...

Boy, what is this?

What Tina did to me that day
What happened unconsciously ...

But, you're intentionally hurting me now
I can not see you in this situation

An unfinished journey

♫ at times ...

On a wet night in the moonlight ...

پیچ Pichcha flowers are in full bloom ...

Let's go on a long journey ...

Like a river meeting each other ...

Like a river meeting each other ...

We saw each other on the beach when our hearts met ....

We saw each other on the beach when our hearts met ....

with a love familiar to us ...

with a love familiar to us ...

You look like a shining moon ...

In my dark life, it shines like a ray of light ...

Stay by your side for the rest of your life ...

guides me like a shadow ...

Hello doctor ...

Stay by your side for the rest of your life ...

guides me like a shadow ...

You look like a shining moon ...

You look like a shining moon ...

In my dark life, it shines like a ray of light ...

In my dark life, it shines like a ray of light ...

Stay by your side for the rest of your life ...

Stay by your side for the rest of your life ...

guides me like a shadow ...

You are like a smart person ...

You look like a shining moon ...

Stay by your side for the rest of your life ...

Stay by your side for the rest of your life ...

guides me like a shadow ...



Good morning


is the feeling of a new life


But, something went wrong

Maybe it was just my feeling.


Sometimes I think you are me
How can I pay you for what you did for me?

I really feel happy

Whatever one does ...

This is the work
Must experience for yourself

I hope you enjoy it?

خوب ..

I'm here to make it better

Do you not understand?

This is the script you told me three months ago.

Even if you try to change it ...

It was a little fun to listen to.

A good one

it's time to watch a bestselling 70mm movie

And I'm sure

that you also like ...


آقای. ...

Sidart Nir

ویژگی 1

After we first met,
I told you about the message you saw on Tina's cell phone.

Listen to an unexpected question

this is what you said in a hurry
right as well as another ambiguity

In fact, you can
not send him such a message at any time

ویژگی 2 ...

According to Doc Samuel's medical records, Tina
I was hospitalized on June 17 due to a car accident

But according to your story, Tina
was attacked on June 16, her birthday.

Very good. The day with you
Suppose it is tangled.

But being Tina's best friend ...

Who clearly knows behind all this
that Arjun is there .. .

You did not even bother to file a case with the police

Instead of
he was hospitalized and the cause of the accident was announced

We had a lot of unanswered questions like this

From a small book in my closet
No one expected a big secret To be revealed.


Let me start again

The day Tina was admitted to the hospital, I realized
the situation was getting worse.

How did Tina, who used to be normal, get into this situation?

The reason behind all this is incomprehensible
I was crazy when I remembered Tina's phone

I checked all the details of his phone.

Calls, messages, emails.
I did not receive any relevant information other than an email.

An email from everyone congratulating Tina alive
help her by the way I wanted

and my research
started from there

[I came to India the next day -
but. You were not the first person I saw

This is Sorendran's house, isn't it?



I told her about Tina's condition

I asked him to tell me everything he knows about this

You know that. Sir ...

Please tell me

Beyond a helping hand

As the name implies, it is more than visible.
Behind the shadows, there was an NGO engaged in evil activities

For seasonal audits for NGOs
Posted by National Inspectorate

Data from many NGO reports varied

Number of children in reports and NGOs
There was a difference between the real numbers

What do you want to do? "This
has happened several times. Mr. Sidart

Although 27 children are mentioned in this report.
There are only 24 children here.

Do you enter previous data?


سلام؟ Hello ...

Here I am sir
Let me show you the report again ...

What do you show? The numbers in the records
do not match the actual prices Tell your superiors to call me

Look, my phone hung up

That's it for me
Received a call from an international number

Do not unnecessarily interfere in the affairs of non-governmental organizations
I was warned

1 من

When I contacted them
I realized that my doubts were true. I tried my way

I was amazed at what I found.

Between 2017 and 2018, about 15 children were sold by NGOs.
Accepted for international countries

at NGO
Kids were like soup to the big brain

Most of these kids have bought
from ignorant parents and parents from poor families.

Asking someone else questions with the consent of the parents

In the international market ...

These kids are either sold to brothels or some
couple buy them for a lot of money.

Summary Behind this kind organization
It was a child trafficking movement that was active

I had all the necessary documents to save those children ...

I ask my supervisors to close the police officer
tried to say


I come straight


اب ...

While driving under the influence of alcohol
Auditor Surendran Pillay has a fatal car accident!

This was the headline for the next day

I lost my job. I
My savings for treatment are gone

They physically destroyed me.
Both spiritually and financially

Tina came to this place instead of me

I had only two options - either to forget the past
bring the truth to the fore with the help of the right person.

Tina had a good track record professionally

My last hope was Tina

he said he's real and can help me
I realized

I sent a copy of this testimony to Tina

That's when I found out Tina had an accident.

The only fate I had to face

I felt very guilty

I felt I had to take responsibility for Tina's illness.

Although I tried several times to contact him
I could not contact him

After I lost hope that he was alive,
I found out about you in the newspaper

I emailed Tina like this.

start a business with innocent children

I'm physically helpless
I still have a strong mind

I can not live like a coward who forgets everything

Sir, you will never be alone in this fight

The pain you suffer as well as the sacrifice
will not be in vain, this is my promise

went to Tina's house to search for Surrendran sheets

he has everything in his room,
you can go see my son

After meeting you and Sorendo
I had a good idea of ​​all these situations

Although I was hoping to find information
I instead got evidence that changed the game.

An audit report that highlights discrepancies in the financial statements of NGOs ...

Cut the newspaper of the missing children ...

Admission of children in the same age group close to the date of the child's disappearance

Tina and
you said the photo of those three children ...

and ..
A photo of your best friend claiming to be your enemy ...

Arjun, that's when I realized I knew Arjun Menun

I knew there was a big scam going on behind the NGO

There is all the evidence against you. But that did not solve my problem

After all these months, I still do not know why Tina behaved like this

Did Tina, who was somewhat sensitive to children, get hurt because of Mahira?

But after meeting Mahira ...

I knew Tina was not the reason for her behavior
. We had a lot of big questions ahead.

Tina's uncle or relatives about Tina's past
Why didn't you tell me?

Most importantly Tina
Why don't you tell me?

I can reveal it to my Tina
Just remember it, right?

The beta blocker in Tina's blood is a great drug

To some extent
may have helped to erase unpleasant memories.

When the dose of this drug is increased
a patient can be violent and even commit suicide

Tina still suffers from the syndrome. After giving this medicine
he started taking me

He saw Arjun instead of me

Unbeknownst to Tina ...
Hypnosis through drugs

his memory fades
was destroyed inch by inch

I knew you could not do all this work alone

is so close to Tina that she can do it
Only for a skilled doctor

I sincerely hoped for someone,
but you may not be behind it

Sir, one mistake ...

looks wrong!

A girl and her suspicions
When our business is disrupted ...

I mean all this
just to distract

I trusted you. I counted on you!

If this child dies, the media
the police and everyone are behind this incident ...

We must disclose!

What are you doing now, Dad?

I have a plan

Do as I say

You must die!

What a brilliant map!

Tina was miles away from exposing them all

but you are his
Arjun was used to divert attention from NGOs

Create fake adoption documents for those children from NGOs
He was caught

One day, if he finds out the truth behind the NGO
you can use that document against him and extort money from him.

He's all to blame
You can download and save your group with a clean letter

By the way
I decided to do it my own way.

Talk about Arjun's involvement in Tina's story
I started meeting you .. .

After Surendran sent me a photo of the NGO's think tank.

But, it is not so easy to capture the mind of a criminal like you

So just like what you did to me
I decided to perform a play in front of you

I talked to Sidart ...

I told him about some of the illegal activities behind this NGO
that this information I have received.

All those announcements, as expected
called his boss and told him.

and I connected everything from one place to another

If you kill Tina and there is a lawsuit behind it
she will reveal about you and your business

So, you've planned something big

Anyway I wanted to ask you
You were amazed at your skills

After Tina and I went to Sydney.
understood you and was under legal supervision

You traded again through an NGO

End of story!

Mr. Vishwanat Menon, you planned a good crime!

You tried through psychological methods
to erase Tina's memories from Arjun ...

Tina's father's death
You saw it as an opportunity to stop treating her family

you are his disease
he hid it from everyone and married her to me

Tina called Iron Pill
You bought a house near our house because you need medicine and supervision

Slowly pushed him to the brink of suicide

But one book crashed all your apps

However, Tina wants a book about eclipses
Another book caught her attention

He linked the stories in that book to his past.

He had to go back to past memories

Former Tina in ecstasy
He misunderstood me as Arjun and tried to kill me

If Tina did not behave like this ...

I never knew about any of this

I could lose him forever


Dirty game you played with behind the shadow belief

As we got closer, this knot became a growing death trap ...

This is the trap you set for Tina

But you are a complete failure

The opponent you chose this time ...

Tina on Cyrus!