Grahan (2001) - full transcript

Widowed Chief Minister Jagdish Acharya lives a wealthy lifestyle along with his daughter, Sunita and son, Sanjay. One day he gets a phone call from the Police Commissioner, informing him that a woman has filed a F.I.R. (First Information Report) of Rape against Sanjay. A shocked Jagdish, instructs the Police Commissioner to proceed according to law. Thereafter, while touring Jagdish has a heart attack and dies. Sunita is asked to be the new Chief Minister, which she accepts. After the funeral, the Police arrest Sanjay, hold him in a cell, and he is tried in Court. Sunita's boyfriend, Advocate Jaggan Sinha, whose brother, Raghu, is also a lawyer, represents Sanjay, examines the documentation, examines the witnesses as well as the complainant herself, and proves it before the Judge that the complaint was politically motivated by Journalist Vidyarthi, as the complainant, Parvati Shastri, did not exhibit any signs of rape nor was there any proof of her involvement with Sanjay, the Judge concurs, and Sanjay is set free. Shortly thereafter, while the Archarya family celebrates Sanjay release, Jaggan finds out that Sanjay did indeed abduct and rape Parvati. Watch what happens when Jaggan decides to re-open the case, much to the chagrin of Sunita and his very own brother, who decides to represent Sanjay against Jaggan.

"Let's swing... Let's play"

"Let's swing... Let's play"

"Let's swing on he branch of a Mango tree"

"Let's swing on the branch of a Mango tree"

"Let's play in the yard of the house"

"Let's play in the yard of the house"

"Till when will we stay in our father's house"

"Till when will we stay in our father's house"

"Daughter's going to her lover's house"

"Daughter's going to her lover's house"

"The birds will fly"

Set your hair.

One minute.

Come come!

"My cuckoo sings..."

"My cuckoo sings..."

"His youthfulness sways"

"His youthfulness sways"

"Like a Bird she flies higher in sky"

"Like a Bird she flies higher in sky"

"Daughter's going to her lover's house"

"Daughter's going to her lover's house"

"The birds will fly"

"Symbols of love are given"

"Symbols of love..."

"Symbols of love..."

"Symbols of love..."

"Symbols of love..."

"The groom is here with the palanquin"

"The groom is here with the palanquin"

"The anklet in the feet sounds like music"

"The anklet in the feet sounds like music"

"She'll go dancing around"

"She'll go dancing..."

"Ma Pa Ni Sa..."

"Ga Re Ni Sa..."

"Ga Ma Pa Ga Re..."

"Ma Pa Ni Ni Sa..."

"Ni Da Ma Pa Ma Ni Da Pa..."

"You dance along with me
the way I am dancing..."

"You dance along with me
the way I am dancing..."

"You dance along with me
the way I am dancing..."

"Ga Re Ni Sa..."

"Ga Ma Pa Ga Re..."

"Listen to the music that..."

"Plays the musical notes..."

"On the instrument playing..."

"Everyone dance together..."

"Ga Re Ni Sa..."

"Ga Ma Pa Ga Re..."

"You also sing along..."

"The bell chimes"

"While we talk..."

"We'll swing along"

"You dance along with me
the way I am dancing..."

"You dance along with me
the way I am dancing..."

[Musical notes playing]

[Musical notes playing]

[Musical notes playing]

The girl is very innocent

Get her to the farm house tomorrow.

We'll make a program.


Sit... Sit!

Till the wounds aren't healed keep her here.

It's okay if it takes a month.

Do not even give her water.

Do you understand?

What if she dies?

Let her die.

"The in-law's left,
so are the neighbours"

"The in-law's left,
so are the neighbours"

"That innocent girl forgot everything"

"She's cried her way through"

"She's cried her way through"

"She's cried her way through"

"She's cried her way through"

"Through all her life"

"What can one do with broken wings?"

"What can one do with broken wings?"

"The suffocation has killed this daughter"

"The suffocation has killed this daughter"

"Where will the bird go now"

You always keep fooling me like this.

When you were home why did you talk to me?
-Good morning sir!

-Thank you!

Thank you.

2 black coffees please.

Coffee is not my cup of tea. Some
times ask me what's my choice.

Your choice is good only at one thing...

And that is me.

Rest leave all on me.


Only dictator? I am much more than that.

Egoistic, greedy..
-Hmm hmm!

-Hmm hmm!

-Hmm hmm!

In short a complete spoilt brat.

Anything else?

How must he looking after you?

Let him be...

He takes care of the whole state.

How will you take care of me? Tell me that.

I am really worried.

I have to give it a thought.

Excuse me!

Madam this is for you

Thank you! Thank you very much.

This man is better than you,
at least he gave me a flower.

Then get married to him, he'll
give you flowers life long.

Not a bad idea.

I'll talk to Dad!

By the way dad was saying he wants
to celebrate his birthday with you.

By the way Dad...
-His birthday?

His birthday or my birthday?

Are you okay?

Mad girl...

No, he knows everything.
His constituency...

You're mad, you're mad...
You're mad mad mad!

He knows everything...
-Excuse me...

-Hello Jaggu...

Yes brother?

Yesterday night you prepared
Mr. Kamani's case papers

Bring them to the court as soon as possible.

Okay, I'll be there in half and hour.
-Okay, better?

Best. I'll be there.

Best best!

Brother had called, I have
to reach the court soon.

Have the coffee and leave.
-Okay okay dictator.

Come on hurry up.

Raghu Jagu and company.
-Hmm hmm!

It can be a well flourished company
since we brother are promising.

Because we are strong lawyers.

I am confident.

If your brilliance...

And my experience works together..

..then sky is the limit.

There is no limit brother.

There is no limit!

And anyway there is a lot of
difference in our thoughts

What you said is right!

A lawyers biggest duty is to save his client.

-You must have some ambition.

If you get down in a race, you'll reach somewhere.

Home sweet home.

And one more thing.

This is our profession Jaggu.

We are become lawyers to earn money.
-Not "we" brother, you.

What will we earn more than this?



Manoj, turn the lights on.

Water please...

What is for dinner?
-That same, boring helpful bhai.

As always it's nothing new.

Brother, why don't you cook
Today. It's been a long time.

Make me some bitter gourd, brother.
-Call Sunita.


"What I Love that is you"

"The person that God has made
with all his heart, is you"

"Your beauty is unbelievable
and charm is to die for"

"Just like the doom, my heart was stolen"

"My mornings start with your name..."

"Sun goes down thinking about you..."

"Your thoughts play throughout the day"

"Dreams about you all night,
your madness is on me, love"

"What I Love that is you"

"The person that God has made
with all his heart, is you"

"I'll sleep on thorns, in your love."

"I'll walk on fire, in your love."

"I'll sleep on thorns, in your love."

"I'll walk on fire, in your love."

"I will place my hands underneath your feet..."

"Won't let even a thorn hurt you"

"What I Love that is you"

"The person that God has made
with all his heart, is you"

"My mornings start with your name..."

"Sun goes down thinking about you..."

"Your thoughts play throughout the day"

"Dreams about you all night,
your madness is on me, love"

"I trust you, but I only want to say this..."

"Do not think about anyone else"

I trust you, but I only want to say this..."

"Do not think about anyone else"

"The love I get from you is so much,
why would I think of someone else? Tell me."

"What I Love that is you"

"The person that God has made
with all his heart, is you"

"My mornings start with your name..."

"Sun goes down thinking about you..."

"Your thoughts play throughout the day"

"Dreams about you all night,
your madness is on me, love"

"What I Love that is you"

"The person that God has made
with all his heart, is you"

Jaggu don't eat a
lot you'll become fat.

I have just started eating.

Aha! This has blot of oil.

Take this.

Eat this salad.

You eating it yourself, that's alright.

Even you can have Chicken.
-Mutton, Chicken I don't eat.

Dad... Brother Bharat has called.

He's called thrice since morning.

What should i say to him?

Tell him, we are seated for
Dinner. We'll talk tomorrow.

Sanju, at least don't bother
people while eating.


Sir, I am a reporter. This girl
here has been raped.

I want to file a complaint.

How are you related to this girl?

I was driving my car...

This girl was fallen on the road.

What ever she has told me,
I want to report that.

Is there any evidence about
what she's saying is true?

The court will look into that.

You please file a FIR.

-Yes sir?

Get that complaint book.

Okay, so what is this girl's name?
-Parvati Shastri.

And who is the accused or
against who is the charge?

Sanjay Acharya.

No, tell me his full name like,
what's his father's name?

Respected Chief Minister, Jagdish Archarya.

Oh, Okay!

-Yes sir?

Get that file which was sent on top.

Sign here.

Will you like to have tea?
-Yes sure.

Constable, order a tea and
get me some cold water.

Excuse me, is there a lady constable?

Listen, the girl who is sitting
there get her inside.

Excuse me, I'll just be there.
-Yes okay!


Sir, actually our CM Acharya sir...
-Jagdish sir?

Yes, someone has come to file a
complaint accusing his son for rape.


So what should I do?
-Wait for my phone call.

Okay, Thank you sir.


This is Police Commissioner
V.N Pandey speaking.

I want to talk to the CM urgently.

It's an important thing. I need to talk.

Sir, it's commissioner V.N Pandey on line.



My Son...?



Do what ever is legal. Thank you.

Daddy... What happened Daddy?


Daddy. What happened?

Daddy, Sanju...

Keep courage Sanjay...


-Sanjay, have courage.



Daughter take care of yourself.

No Sunita, you have to
take care of yourself.

Before the opposition party..

..takes advantage of the
sudden dead of Acharya Sir.

And before they target us, we should
elect Sunita Archarya as our Minister.

And this decision should be taken in
the meeting day after tomorrow.

So, is this alright?

You are next.
-Of course I am senior.

And who else?
-Now you see, If not anything...

And some will defect from
the opposition. - Yes.

Brother, Sunita is becoming the CM.

What nonsense are you speaking?
Sunita is becoming the CM?

That girl, who doesn't know ABCD
of Politics will become the CM?

Have they gone mad?

The whole region will be destroyed.

I think this suggestion is Sanjay's, her brother.

He's a smart man!

But this Mr. Joshi is a fair man.

We'll see to it that she doesn't become.

Again the same thing.

Understand that there is no use...

Sanju i've told you that i've
no interest in politics.

Please finish this subject here.

Great. This is the right decision.

The opposition people will be really happy.

Even you are his son. Why
don't you become the CM?

I am talking to my sister.
-Do you have any problem?

Get lost!

Sunita what I want to say is...

I cannot become the CM

You know how close I
was to daddy is politics.

They are jealous of me the same
way they were jealous of daddy.

Your case if different.

You are a girl.

In the coming elections we can
gather sympathy votes on for you.

And the most important thing is..

..they think you are illiterate and
simple and will accept you easily.

And you already know about my health!

Firstly, I will want to tell you'll..

..that party has selected
their new Minister unanimity.

Our Chief Minister Late
Mr. Jagdish Acharya's daughter..

..Ms. Sunita Acharya.

The Party has announced their decision.

But the real decision will
be the taken by the people.

After 2 months in the elections.

But I will not let the ideologies
and the principle die.

For which my father lived and died for.

I am not only answerable towards
my party and my region..

..but also towards my Country.




Sunita wake up. Please get up Sunita.


What is it?
-Get up!

The police has arrested Sanju.

What are you talking?

Sir, Ms. Sunita Acharya is come.

Have a seat sir.

Please sit!

Constable, release Sanjay sir.

You get Sanjay, we'll talk later.

[sloganeer] Long live Sunita Acharya!

Stop the car ahead.


What is the truth?

You think I can do something like that?

I want to know for my satisfaction.

Answer me in Yes or No.





Thank you very much.

You got him the bail, now
you only take care of this case.

It's a serious case. Raghu will handle it.

It is a serious case, but also it is safe.

Everything is in your favour.

And the most important thing.

Sanju is innocent.

He's got a strong alibi.

And Jaggu this whole case is a lie.

This is a political trap.

Exposing will be easy. Nothing will happen.

Sanju I told you,
Jaggu will fight your case.

What is the guarantee, of Jaggu winning?

We want a good lawyer.

A good lawyer is the one who is smart.

The one who is brilliant.

The one who understands our pain.

No one can understand
our pain more than Jaggu.

And we also have Brother Raghu with us.

To save you, he'll put in all efforts.

Trust him.


You don't have to worry.

I am there with you.

Come on brother we are
getting late for the court.

Inspector Rane...

Did you file Ms. Parvati Shastri's FIR?


Did she come alone to the police station?

No there was an old man who accompanied her.

Who was this old man?

Parvati Shastri's father,
grandpa, uncle or someone else?

He wasn't her relative.

He was a reporter and he
did that as a part of his duty.

Did you refuse to file the FIR first?



My Lord, first of all...

The girl's cloths weren't torn.

And nor did she have any
marks or bruises on her body.

Doesn't look like she's been tortured.

Because My Lord...

When a girl is raped..

..she shouts, she cries.

But this girl wasn't shouting
nor was she yelling.

And what else?

Apart from this My Lord...

The man, this girl had blamed..

..the social status is high.

He is well reputed in the society.

Where as the social
status of this girl is low.

Very common.

Who forced you to file the FIR,
Parvati Shastri or reporter?

No, it was done by the reporter himself.

And My Lord..

He also threatened me.

That's all your honour.
Thank you inspector.

His name is Mr. Vidyarthi right?

For how long are you working
with this newspaper Mr. Vidyarthi?

-Almost from past 16 years.

Is this true that your newspaper.. against, Ms. Sunita Acharya
becoming the Chief Minister?

Yes. We are against the dynasty rule.

The King's ruling period is gone.

Where their coming generations
were made to sit on the throne.

And all the power was captured in one home.

There is Democracy today.

And decentralization is
important for democracy.

That is why we do not want..

..Sunita Acharya to become
the Chief Minister of the nation.

This conflict can also be
against Sanjay Acharya.

Without doubts.

But what exactly are you trying to say?

What I am trying to say is, if Sanjay Achraya's
name is involved in any scandal..

..his sister's pride will be ruined.

And she will be thrown out of the
race of becoming the Chief Minister.

And this is a great news to the opposition and..

..and to your newspaper
who are related to them.

And to fulfil this purpose
you needed a girl.

Who, for some amount will not
even bother about her respect..

..and will blame Sanjay Acharya
for a dirty crime.

And you got that girl easily.

This is a lie.
-Thank you Mr. Vidyarthi, you can go.

Your Honour!

I would like to call Dr. Pandit.

Dr. Pandit...

Did you do Parvati Shastri's medical check up?

Was she raped?

She had a sexual relations.

But to identify whether it
was a rape is difficult.

What is special about this case?

Almost in all the rape cases
there are signs of struggle..

Means signs of a forceful
effort to resist attack.

So did Parvati Shastri had
such marks on her body?

-No! There weren't.

So from this you can say
there was no rape?

So the sexual relations
were by her consent?

Well, there are possibilities.

Did you get Parvati Shastri's
blood test done?

Yes of course.

Was there particular thing about it?

There were small traces
of alcohol in the blood.

Means Liquor?

Yes, liquor.

That's all Your Honour!

Thank you Doctor.

Your Honour, I would like to
call Parvati Shastri's father.

What is your name?

-Shankar Vasudev Shastri

Are you Parvati's Father?

Yes I am.

How do you earn your living?

My daughter takes tuitions
for singing and dance.

The house expenses run on that.

Does your daughter take
tuitions at home or outside?

I couldn't hear sorry.

Does your daughter take
tuitions at home or outside?

2-3 girls come home for tuitions.

And for few she used to go to their house.

What time she used to go and come back?

For the tuitions outside, she
used to leave in the evenings

And used to return late at night.

Who are the students? Where
Do they stay? Do you know?


Mean when she leaves the house..

..who she meets, what she
does, what is the relation...

You don't know anything about it?


But what do you want to say?

Thank you Your Honour.

Thank you, that's all.

Your Honour, I would like to call that
girl and ask her few questions.

Ms. Parvati Shastri...

What ever I say will be
nothing, except the truth.

Ms. Parvati Shastri...

Why did you lie to your father?

That you give tuitions to children?

Whereas your actual work
is entertaining the men.

And dance in front of rich people.

And in all these men, there is this one man,

Who has a police record.

Who has been arrested, 3 times
in Delhi and 2 times in Mumbai.

In a call girl racket.

The name of this man is Kamal Chaddha.

She's opened a dance school just for
name sake, which actually is not.

This is a prostitution spot.

You go there thrice a week
and stay there all night.

Yes or No?

Yes or No?

This is your Father's medical report.

Which is dated exactly 5 days
before your FIR.

According to this report, your father's
both the kidneys have failed.

And to save him and save his
life, dialysis was needed.

And dialysis is an expensive treatment.

Which cannot be afforded
by a poor girl like you.

But still you managed to give
20 thousand in the hospital.

I want to know,

From where did that money come?
Who gave it to you? And why?

And yes...

If you are raped, and there
are no marks on your body.


You didn't resist?

I want to know.

Why didn't you try to save your self?

After meeting Sanjay Acharya, when she
was returning home with Geeta

In the middle, she got down saying
she was to meet some one.

I want to know who did she meet?

Why? Why did you want to meet, and whom?

I'll tell you Your Honour!

She went to meet journalist Vidyarthi.

Who wants to defame my client.

Want to finish them politically.
Finish them absolutely.

He tried to bribe her and
she agreed on helping him.

Both had a drink together.

Had sex together

And then went to the police
station to act upon their idea.

I do not want to say anything
else apart from this.

That is do not trust this girl at all.

This girl is Characterless

She is a slut

She is a prostitute

And her accusation is
not true, it is baseless,

And my client Sanjay Acharya is not guilty.

That is why I am requesting you to dismiss
this case as soon as possible.

And release Sanjay Acharya.

That's all your honour.

Thank you.

This court declares Mr. Sanjay Acharya not guilty.

And Ms. the court warns you,

If again you happen to blame
a respected citizen like this...

You will not be forgiven.

And further the court also warns you,

to keep your behaviour right.

So the precious time of
the court doesn't waste.

The case is dismissed.


Come on!


I was just thinking about you.

If you keep fighting the case in this way..

..our company can will be successful.

We can touch the sky.

We'll touch the skies Jaggu.

And you will become the
leading lawyer of this city.

Wow! I am proud of you my friend.

Have... Cheers!

-Wait, what?

Innocent until proven guilty.

You've got to believe me.

Ya, but Indian legal system is..

..still better than most of
the system in the world.


Jaggu I want to talk to you.

-Jaggu I want to talk.

One has to...


I am having some legal talks.
-The law cannot do anything to me.

What happened?

What is it?

What is the matter? Are you drunk too much?

Jaggu, my brother-in-law, you
take care of me so much.


If you are with me, I can pick
up any girl whenever I want.

What is the matter?

What are you talking?

What are you talking about?

She was one dumb women, went
straight to the police station.

Who are you talking about?

The more naive and innocent
the girl is, the better she is.

Are you talking about Parvati?

I feel like getting that girl again.

Are you talking about Parvati?

Don't tell Sunita, I am
talking about Parvati only.

There is a limit to arrogance.

Jaggu, you have crossed all barriers.

You bought us both down to
shame, amidst so many people.

I am ashamed of you.

And you should be ashamed too.

Be thankful that I didn't kill him.

I would have killed him bhai.

Shut up!
-No, brother you listen to me.

-Please brother, please.


I am not wrong.

I told you that the girl
is telling the truth.

She was saying the
Truth. She was raped.

Who did that?

How do you know?

He told me by himself, brother.

How is this possible?

This is what has happened.

He's confessed by himself,
brother, by himself.

Even if he is guilty, what can be done?

The court has found him not
guilty and have released him.

And you defended him Jaggu...
-That's what I regret brother.

Why did I defend him?

Why did I start my career with a lie?

Where are you going?
-To search that girl, to apologise.

To apologise?
-I defamed her in the court.

In the same way Duryodhan did to
Draupadi in a court filling with people.

But I am not like that.
I am not like him.


Is Parvati at home?

Recently, Paro had got engaged to Bhaskar.

Bhaskar, Krushan's son.

Paro was very happy with Bhaskar.

But some black shadow
caught my daughter.

After that, even Bhaskar turned his face.

He left Paro.

Krishnan refused to even see Paro's tears.

This ruined all my daughter's dreams.

What life does she have and for whom?

I do now have a lot of days left.

Once I meet Paro, I'll breath
my last breath that day.

Where are you gone my child?

Where have you gone?

Did you get any news about that girl?

Not yet?

I don't understand where she must have gone

I tried to find out everywhere, sir.

But no clue about her.

If you don't mind can I
give you an opinion sir?

You please don't reopen the case.
There are well known people involved.

So it'll be better if you keep
yourself away from that girl.

Or anything can happen.

Sir I had already told you before.

That there are 20-25 men,
3-4 kids and 3 old ladies.

There is no young girl here.


I am a prostitute.

I am a prostitute.

I am a prostitute.

Come do what you want.

You aren't upset right?

I am ready to do everything.

I am ready to do what you say.

I am hungry.

I am hungry.

I am really very hungry...

You name it, I'll do it.

This is my work.



Did you ask for a doctor?
-Yes, I had asked.

When will he come?
-He's on the way.

Sooner the better.

Are you Jaggu's assistant or a napkin?

You do not know where did Jaggu even go?

I am telling you the truth ma'am,
he didn't tell me anything.

Not only me, he didn't even
tell his brother Jaggu.

He only left a note saying..

"I am going out on a mission.
Will call once I reach".

But I didn't get any call.
-Excuse me, madam...

Khanna sir is calling Sanjay sir.


Khanna sir...

Did Raghu...
- No, you forbidden me.


Where is Jaggu?

I do not know.

I want Jaggu.
-I absolutely don't know.

Maybe he calls Jaggu, in the office.

Is it?
-Just keep a check.

Is he in this city or not?

I do not know.
-Find out.

Try to find out.

I want Jaggu's information any how.

Keep this.

There was no need for this.
-Keep it.

I want Jaggu's information.
-I'll try my best.


I said sleep.


I said sleep.

Go to sleep.


What is happening?


What's happening Paro?

Stop it. Stop it Paro!

-Stop it!

"This girl is characterless, a slut, a prostitute"

"Her blame is a lie"
-Paro please Paro...


"And my client Sanjay Acharya
is innocent and guiltless"

Paro control yourself, Paro!




"The in-law's left,
so did the neighbours"

"That innocent girl forgot everything"

"That innocent girl forgot everything"

"She's cried her way through"

"She's cried her way through"

"She's cried her way through"

"She's cried her way through"

"Through all her life"

"What can one do with broken wings?"

"What can one do with broken wings?"

"The suffocation has killed this daughter"

This behaviour is because of the
situations she's been through.

And because of this sometimes...

And because of this, she gets
these incidents in her mind,

Or always, these thoughts, upsets her.

Nurse take her.

And there's nothing to be worried about.

She'll be alright slowly.

But take care of one thing.

There is a suicidal tendency
in people like these.

And this can we very dangerous.

So you please take good care
of her and be shrewd.


What happen?
What you doing?


What are you up to?

Come walk ahead.


What is happening Paro?

What are you doing?


What is in your leg?
What did you put in there?

Come on remove your shoes.

Sit down.

What did you do?


Are you mad?

"I am happy today, you tell me why"

"I am happy today, you tell me why"

"Come on, tell me soon"

"You are happy because we
are walking together"

"Tell me isn't this the reason?"

"Wow! Now give a high five"

"Because what you have said is so true".

"My earring keep kissing my cheeks"

"Tell me why does it kiss me like that?"

"The way you dance, they dance the same way"

"Listen, they dance along"

"Wow! Now give a high five"

"Because what you have said is so true"

"I can see the world up-side down."

"Why can I see it like that?"

"You are simple, so you can see it that way"

"Wow! Now give a high five"

"Because what you have said is so true".

"I am happy today, you tell me why"

"Come on, tell me soon"

"You are happy because we
are walking together"

"Tell me isn't this the reason?"

"Wow! Now give a high five"

"Because what you have said is so true".

"You are happy because we
are walking together"

"Tell me isn't this the reason?"

"Wow! Now give a high five"

"Because what you have said is so true".

And sir, there's a girl along with him.

I know.


What are you doing here?

All are waiting for you there.

Till when will you be mourning?

He won't be coming now.

He loves me.

Not any more.

That girl...


Look, the campaign preparations are going on.

The party needs you.

I do not want to meet anyone.

Tell them to leave.

I am your brother, I know what's
good for you n what's bad..

..what is right and what
Is wrong? Understood?

Now come on.

I want to sleep.

Take the medicine before you sleep.

Come on Paro...

Come on get up.

I slept.
-Get up Paro! Come on.

Here.Open your mouth.

Come on.

Open your mouth?

Show me.

No cheating! Okay?

What happened?

What happened?

Open... open your mouth.




You saw what happened
if you cheated?

Do not cheat next time.


Oh God!

For the beneficial of the
our party it is necessary..

..and we start the programmes
that my father wanted.


This is the speech my father was
suppose to deliver before his death.

In this, those 10 formulated
programmes are present..

..on the bases of which he wanted
to win fight the elections.

We will follow this.

Total prohibition?

My God!

This is a very radicle manifest Sunita ma'am.

If we follow this as it is then...
-It'll be good for the public.

That's what my father wanted.

And if I want to take any opinion,
I'll take it from my dad.

Not from you'll.

if I am selected as a leader, I'll
do what my father wanted to do.

Because I am his daughter.
Did you understand that?

Okay Ms. Sunita...

As you say...
-So Mr. Bharat so you start.

And learn these formulas by heart.
-Okay, greetings.

Sunita, Jaggu here.
-Where have you been?

In Mount Rose.
-I am really missing you, Jaggu.

Me too.

I trust you completely Jaggu.

But what you did to Sanju,
that night in the party..

..I did not like that.

Sanjay is a rapist Sunita.

What are you talking?

He has raped Paro.

I am even more bygone that he is.

I have defamed her in front
of the whole court.

Till I don't return her lost
dignity, I won't be at peace.

But there are chances,
that girl is making you a fool.

Sanjay, has done this Sunita.

He's told me by himself.

If you do not believe me, why
don't you ask your brother?

Yes brother I'll talk to Sunita.

No she's a girl, so she gets
carried away in emotions so...

No, I'll make her understand.

Don't worry.

I'll talk to you later.

Yes.. yes, I'll call you.

What is it?

Did you rape Parvati?

Sunita, I was talking to Mr. Bharat.

Sanjay, I asked you, whether
you raped Parvati?

Did you rape Parvati?
-What happening, Sunita?

Do not laugh.

Answer me? Get up!

Get up from here.

Answer me, come on.


-Tell me.

Stand here and tell me.
-What is this childishness?

Tell me...

What did you do this?
-Have you lost your mind?

-Yes I have gone made.

Yes I have gone mad.

Sanjay why did you do this?
Sit. Sit down here.

Tell, yes or no?

Sanjay give me an answer.

I'll kill you, won't let you go by.

Tell me!

You want to shoot me? Shoot!


First dad died, now me.

I haven't raped.

I am telling you I haven't raped.

I swear on my dead father,
that I haven't raped her.

That lawyer is out of his head.

What can I do about that?

And you supporting him.

Sanjay, what should I do?
Who should I believe? Who?

You or Jaggu?
-Sunita... Sunita!

Tell me?

-I cannot understand anything.

I understand your problem.
-What should I do?

I completely understand.

Jaggu, will come back.

He surely will.

I will get him back.









-Will you have more milk?

Where had you disappeared?

I was irritated searching for you.

I have searched for you in the whole jungle.

And this lion cub?
-This is a cat.

It's not a cat, it's a..

You tied a rope around his neck?
His mother...

Listen to me, his mother
is waiting outside Paro.

No, this is a cat.

Paro, this is not a cat, it's a lion.
-No, no this is my friend.

He will bite you, Paro.

-No he won't bite.

-No, no, no!

Paro, his mother is waiting
Outside. Let's take him.

Paro... Paro...



Good girl.

Good, very nice.

Open the door...

"Why are we sitting quite?"

"We'll get lost in each other"

"I'll hide myself in your eyes"

"And you get lost in my breath"

"Now you stay quite for a while"

"If you want, get lost in the sleep"

"I'll only fall asleep when
you make some love"

"Only when I hold you close, I'll find some peace"

"Don't loose your mind and
trouble me like that"

"Listen to me when I say
stay away from me"

"Look at my anxiety and
understand my situation"

"Now only God can understand you"

"Why are we sitting quite?"

"We'll get lost in each other"

"Why quite?"

[Musical notes playing]

"Come and get lost in me"

"Hold me in this way,
that I loose all my sense"

"What madness is this?
Why are you harassing me?"

"Do me a favour, please control yourself"

"Make all my wishes come true"

"Why should I be alone, when I have you?"

"Stop saying all this,
stop distracting like that"

"I'll hide myself in your eyes"

"And you get lost in my breath"

"Now you stay quite for a while"

"If you want, get lost in the sleep"

Darkness isn't for ever.

There is light after that.

And I told you, you are
absolutely alright now.

And your lost memory has also come back.

And all this has happened,
because of Jaggu sir's attempts.

-1 tea spoon.

This is enough.

I... I... how long was i here?

Maybe past 28 days.

And where is he?

Jaggu sir?

To meet your in laws.

No, we cannot accept Parvati
as our daughter-in-law.

She's been raped.

She's been defamed in the whole world.

And you want us to...
-Why are you arguing?

Even if God came down to say this..

..we'd never accept her as
our daughter-in-law.

We have a status in the society.
Come on, why are you'll standing?

Come on!

He thinks, only Parvati is
left to marry my Bhaskar.


What is your decision?

What ever my family decides.

Thank you.

They denied right?

-Yes they denied.

I knew it.

And what they did was right.

It was right.

Why would respected people..

..want a disgraced girl as
their daughter-in-law?

When Bhaskar will look at me,

he won't see me as a bride,

but as a raped female.

How will he be happy?

His decision is right.


It's my part... Leave it on me.

You fought how much you could.

You did how much you could.

You're a nice person.

Only because there are people
like you, this world is going on.


All will be alright.

All will be fine.

-All will be fine.

-It will be.

I take an oath...
-"I, Sunita Acharya..."

That towards the Indian Constitution
-"That towards the Indian Constitution"

-"I will keep, faith and trust".

I will keep all the growth...
-"I will keep all the growth..."

And unity in India intact.
-"And unity in India intact".

"I, Bharat Tikam Tiwari..."

I take an oath,
-"I take an oath,"

"I will keep all the growth..."

And unity in India intact.
-"And unity in India intact".

"And as the Chief Minister of
the Maharashtra province..."

"I will maintain the liabilities..."

-"Will do it with trust and good sense"

-"And according to the rules..."
-Sanjay Acharya...

Parvati Shastri, come out.

Sir you come with me.

You can sit here, and talk to her.

I did what I wanted to do.

Now I request you,

for me can you plead for me to be
hanged and not life imprisonment.

For me life and trust do not matter any more.

This Paro is over.

Maybe some other Paro, comes to your court.

So keep a check lawyer sir.

Do not kill a dead poor.

Please don't kill.

"The in-law's left,
so did the neighbours"

"That innocent girl forgot everything"

"That innocent girl forgot everything"

"She's cried her way through"

"She's cried her way through"

"She's cried her way through"

"She's cried her way through"

"Through all her life"

"What can one do with broken wings?"

"What can one do with broken wings?"

"The suffocation has killed this daughter"

"The suffocation has killed this daughter"


Please save my daughter.

I'll try.

I'll try.

Nonsense, this is absolute nonsense.

The girl who killed Sanjay in public..

you will fight her case to save her?

You had told me once.

"The lawyer to saved the criminal
in the court, is the real lawyer".

But how is this wrong Jaggu?

Our name will be degraded.

And what about the company's name?

And money?
-How much money? Tell me.

I am telling you, let this case be.

Mr. Kanti Desai is ready to give,
20 lakhs for this case.

Take up his case.

If not, we'll ask for 50 lakhs.

Look this is our aim,
"Raghu Jaggu and associates".

We should be in league with,
"Batliwala and company".

I want this plate in gold, that's all i want.

Screw this office and screw this name plate.

You'll build this office on the
dead bodies of noble people?

You will defend killers like Mr. Kanti
and predators like Sanjay?

This kind of advocacy can
be done by you, not by me.

I can't kill my conscience and
work, do you understand?



Our client is like God to us.

But advocacy is our occupation.

Didn't you learn that yet?

I have learn, responsibility and
conscience comes before client.

If the people who fight for
justice, start doing injustice..

..what will be the state of this country?

What will happen to the poor who,
comes to us for justice?

They make us their voice in the court.. prove themselves not guilty.

What if they come to know?

The people who give us justice,
are become greedy.

They have become selfish.

Have become dishonest. What will happen then?

There will be a civil war.

Do you understand?

The troubled poor will flow like and
river and come to us with Flambeau.

They'll burn down our mother and daughters,
and we'll stand there watching.

What are you gong to do next?

Then what justice are you going to do?

Practise or live without a conscience?

And yes, I will be defending Paro in the court.

And this is my final decision.

So listen to my decision as well.

I will take up Sanjay's case.

And I want to see.. do your ideologies save you.

And remember...

We are not brothers in the court.

We are enemies.

What is this?

This is the truth.

Are you going to celebrate
his death in the court.

And you'll say he was a rapist?

And he was defamed?

This is also true.

And you'll be a defence council to
the girl who killed my brother?

Even this is true.

Sunita, there's no one for that innocent girl.

Who is that girl I know very well.

If you wanna know the truth, ask me.

The truth is, that girl has taken
a place in your heart.

The truth is, in the name of cure
she was taken to the mountains..

..and singing around everywhere.

The truth is, you were dancing
with her in bed.

The truth is, you've touched her...

You should be ashamed.

Mr. Jaggu Sinha...

You will have to pay for this slap.

You'll be slapped in front of the public.

You'll be slapped in front
of the whole court.

In front of each and every lawyer.

Don't you dare call me Sunita.

You are talking to the CM.

Jaggu Sinha, now wait to see
yourself and that girl destroy.

It's an open and shut case your honour.

All the situations are so well known.

That nor I need to give any
speech on criminal Parvati Shastri,

Nor the defence has any way
to prove that she's not guilty.

There is Your Honour!

I will prove that criminal Parvati Shastri..

..before becoming normal,
was suffering a disorder.

Which wasn't physical but
mental, related to brain.

She was filled with madness.

And may be what she did, was in ambiguity.

To my witness, I want call
upon Dr. Aiteshaan, your honour.

Permission granted.

Dr. Aiteshaan...

When you saw the criminal the 1st time,
what was her mental state?

It was bad and fragile.

She was drained in a very
bad state of Schizophrenia.

Because of which she used
to get mental attacks.

This was a prey to a sick dream.

Dream? What dream?

She used to think of herself
like a cheapish and slutty.

Cheapish and slutty? Means a prostitute.
Isn't it?


That is why I am sure, she went
through something bad.

For which her state today
is so bad and fragile.

Means medically saying she
was mad, insane, crazy?

Objection Your Honour.

Defence council is again
asking rubbish questions.

During the murder, criminal Parvati Shastri
was completely in her senses.

She entering the oath ceremony with a gun
in spite of high security being present.

And shooting 6 bullets with so
much confidence and satisfactorily,

proves that all this was well planned.

And was well planned.

And to do all of this we need
a balanced mind your honour.

Which Parvati Shastri had.

Is Vishnu sir home, the
Chief Minister is come to see him.




You have come to our house, we are lucky.

Can you tell me how long do
you know Parvati Shastri?

From ages.

Was her character bad since childhood?


Is that why you'll left her?

During the oath taking ceremony
of the new Chief Minister,

There were dozens of people present.

All the news channels were
covering this ceremony.

Everyone have seen,

That criminal Parvati Shastri
got up from her her chair..

..and she shouted Sanjay Acharya's name.

This time...
-Excuse me!

Your honour., with your permission..

..I would like to show the video
cassette of that incident.

-Permission granted.

"And according to the rules..."
"Sanjay Acharya!"

Your Honour, Parvati Shastri has killed.

You have seen it on TV.

The whole world has seen.

Our issue here is not about what
has happened with Parvati Shastri.

Our issue is, what has Parvati Shastri done?


That is why, I request the court,

To charge criminal Parvati Shastri,
Indian Penal Code section 302..

That's all your honour.

All are putting allegations on you'll..

..that you'll have left a helpless
girl as she was accused.

So what can we do?

If you help me...

Look, we're very
poor in front of you.

I'll rid you of of your poverty.
- What?

How much money do you want?

You'll get as much as you want.

Accused Parvati Shastri, did
you kill Sanjay Acharya or not?

I have killed Sanjay Acharya.

Have you murdered him
purposely knowing it?



Because he raped me.

But the court's decision was,
Sanjay Acharya did not rape.

Court's decision was wrong.

Oh! So to rectify the court's decision.. took the law in your hands.

And shot Sanjay dead?

Isn't it?

Accused Parvati Shastri...

Do you know this statement
can get you a death penalty?

Yes, I know.

But some people die after being hanged..

..and some before.

I do not need anyone's pity.

You tell us your decision.

I was hanged long back.

When a strong man...

Took away my innocence, my teenage with a slap.

I was hanged when...

My in-laws didn't pay attention
to my tears and rejected me.

I was hanged when...

Your lawyer, amidst the court
called me a prostitute and slut.

What else is left?

What else is there?

Then why this show?

Why do you call and humiliate me everyday?

What is this act?

Everybody does know I have murdered.

And why have I done it.

Why this arguments and debates?

And these lawyers. Every lawyer wants
to be more successful that the other.

And you? You also want to show
your power sitting on that throne.

You can hang anyone to death and save anyone?

Control your language madam.

I have only one plea judge sir...

Don't humiliate me more.

Already many people have insulted me.

A lady will prefer dying over getting humiliated.


Enough of this.

I do not want justice, I want death.

I want death.

The next hearing will be on Monday.

Till then we will not declare our decision.

Till then the court is adjourned.

I used to love Parvati then
and I still love her.

But you rejected her after she got raped.

No, I didn't.

My family forced me.

And your lawyer friend came here too.

What's his name?
-Jaggu Sinha?

Yes, Jaggu Sinha!

What did he say?

"And according to the rules..."
"Sanjay Acharya"

Sir, this is Sanjay sir's medical report.

He had a bad habit of drinking.

-I know!

Sir, I do not see any chances
of us winning in this case.

- I know!

We have to fight this case,
till we don't loose.

Keep Sanjay's family doctor
ready, to appear in the court.

Order! Order!

Before the court gives out their decision,

The court wants to know from the
prosecutor and the defence.. they want to say anything
for the last time?

Yes, your honour.!

I would like to request the court
to allow me another witness.

One more witness? This is rubbish!

Your honour, this is going to be a
waste of everyone's precious time.

This is for the sake of an innocent life.

Your honour, this is...

In the name of justice, give me another
chance to present another witness.

Permission granted.

Thank you your Honour.

My last witness is...

Family doctor of the Acharya's, Dr. Poddar.

Dr. Poddar...

How long have you known
the Acharya family?

I know them from many years.

That means...

You might be knowing all the
health secrets of the Acharya family.

Who had what illness?

Objection your honour!

What kind of a question is this?

Defence has no right to ask the
anyone personal questions.

Dr. Poddar...

You have all the rights to deny anything..

..that is against your profession.
That is your privilege.

Now you can continue.

Have you ever been to foreign with Sanjay?

Have you ever been to foreign with Sanjay?

Sorry, I cannot answer this question.
-Why not?

This is a very simple, harmless question.

Objection your honour!

The defence cannot force someone to answer.

It's not in the line.
-It is in the line, your honour.

Thing that has been entered
in his passport and visa..

..what is the harm in accepting it here?

But this question is very irrelevant.

But this question is relevant
for this case, your honour.

Must be, but you have no right
to waste the court's time.

You have no right.
-Order! Order!

No personalities please.

I warn both of you.
Objection over-ruled!

Thank you your honour!

Come I'll help you Dr. Poddar.

This is a report of one
of the city hospitals.

According to which...

Sanjay had got a severe heart attack
2 months back.

Because of drugs his whole
nervous system was damaged.

Even a slightest shock would
have been fatal for him.

That is why, always having a
doctor around was necessary.

Yes or no?

That's right.

Is it why,

Along with your medical bag.. were seated at the swearing
ceremony beside Sanjay?

Because you never know when he needs help.
-Yes, he was critical.

When Sanjay saw the
accused and heard her...

What was his reaction then?

That shock was fatal.

Sanjay's heart had failed
and he was about to fall.

I request the court...

Let me play the video clipping
for this incident.

Which proves that Parvati Shastri
is not guilty.

She has just fired bullets, not murdered.

Permission granted.

Your honour!

During the incident,

Everyone saw, Parvati Shastri
shooting 6 bullets on..

..Sanjay Acharya, who was
standing on the stage.

But how did Sanjay Acharya died
no one paid attention to that.

We'll check this from the
other side of the camera.

"Will do it with trust and good sense"
"Sanjay Acharya..."

After hearing her voice, he was shocked.

But Parvati's first bullet didn't hurt him.

Not even the second bullet.

He started getting a heart attack.

Look at this third bullet.

This is the fourth.

This was the fifth.

Sanjay's heart failed.

Sanjay fell, and them Parvati
shot the 6th bullet.

But Sanjay was dead till then.

Means Parvati's 6th bullet hit
Sanjay's dead body your honour.

Your honour, Law and nature have 1 rule...

You cannot kill the dead.
That's all your honour.

She'll be saved.

What a great point!

Accused Parvati Shastri, after hearing
all the witnesses and evidences..

..this bench is come to this conclusion,

That accused Parvati Shastri,

Keeping a gun without license,
according to the arms act,

Ruining the peace by shooting,

And also for trying to kill
engaged Sanjay Acharya,

Will me given 3 months of imprisonment.

But, Sanjay Acharya's death took
place because of a heart attack.

After this has been proved..

..accused Parvati Shastri is
found not guilty of murder.



May god give all my blessings to you.

Thank you so much.

No, Paro!

I am not worth any thank you.

I am not happy at all, Paro.

I have taken you out from the courts issues..

..but the life issues you're going through,

Who will take you out from that?

There is someone called God,
he will take her out sir.

He will take her out.
-No, there is no God.

God is nowhere.
-God is there, Jaggu sir. He is there.


What are you looking at me sir?
Look here.

"Symbols of love are given"

"Symbols of love..."

"Symbols of love..."

Will you be able to forgive me, Paro?
"Symbols of love..."

"Symbols of love..."

"The groom is here with the palanquin"

"The groom is here with the palanquin"

"The anklet in the feet sounds like music"

"The anklet in the feet sounds like music"

"She'll go dancing around"

The way I have come to you shamelessly.. the same way you hug me.

"Daughter's, going to her lover's house"

"The birds will fly..."

"Let's swing... Let's play"

"Let's swing... Let's play"

"Let's swing on he branch of a Mango tree"

"Let's swing on he branch of a Mango tree"

"Let's play in the yard of the house"

"Let's play in the yard of the house"

"Till when will we stay in our father's house"

"Till when will we stay in our father's house"

"Daughter's going to her lover's house"

"Daughter's going to her lover's house"

"The birds will fly..."

"Let's swing... Let's play"