Graffiti Bridge (1990) - full transcript

The unofficial sequel to 'Purple Rain' (1984). The Kid is now club owner and rival to Morris (Morris Day) who get into a fight for the Glam Slam Nightclub.

It's just around the corner.


...I wanna play a little game.

The name of the game is
"See How They Run. "

It's just around the corner.

Man, you do this shit every time.

It'll take a minute.
I'll be right there.

I own controlling interest...

...of every club in Seven Corners
except for The Kid's.

When I take him over...

...I can bogart the rest of them.

Listen, I know this is gonna
make you angry...

...but I don't make enough money
working at your joint.

Morris offered me a job
at the Pandemonium.

No way.

I'm your baby,
and you gotta take care of me.

Kid, listen to me.

Man, F this noise.

Seven Corners
Two souls fight

One wants money
One wants light

Without peace
Without love

Nothing's ever gonna turn out right

That's the reason why
I wanna play this game... see how they run.

See, we wanna play the same game,
only a little different.

Oh, heaven.

Please tell me why
you've brought me here tonight.

I've always done my best

To stay out of the game

Heaven must be near

Because now I don't feel the same

Man, let's get out of here
before that thing blows!

Guess where you're going.


Musicians, they're all alike.

You know what your problem is?

You got too many problems,
that's what your problem is.

Just my luck to be stuck with a fool.

Wake up, little baby.

Nothing comes to dreamers but dreams.

With the takeover of The Kid's club,
you're gonna be making more money.

So, fellas, we got to make more money.

That's what time it is.


Damn. Who would do it, man?

Come on, Terry. You can do it.

Come on, brother,
we're depending on you.


Now what time is it?

You want my ID? Okay.
There. It's all right.

Truth, baby. You fine.

I told you to turn this place to ashes.
How come I don't smell no smoke?

We did it.
I don't know what happened.

Like I always say:

If you want something done,
hire good people to do it.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Morris E. Day, the only.

- Yeah.
- Disgusting.

Come here.
Give me that.


Yo, Kid. Chill, man.
Morris is coming.

- What's going on?
- Oh, man.

Nice shoes.

The king has arrived.

People tell me you been making
that spiritual noise again.

You know I can't make no money
that way.

If you ever gave it a chance,
one day you would.

I do believe... Billy's will...

...he left half this club to you...

...and the other half to me.

I do believe I have a say
in what music is played here.

- No one man will be ruler.
- Kid, your shit ain't hitting no more!

Why don't you just give me the keys.

Grace, you better wake up!

This music will never change anybody!

Are you listening to me?

- Jerking everything in sight!
- Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

- Are you finished?
- What? I can't hear you.

Release it.

Release it.

Release it.

You got it?

- Release it.
- Got it.

Stella, if you think
I'm afraid of you...

...Grace, if you so much as think
I can't do the do...

...girl, if you dream I came to
jerk around, you better wake up...

...and release it.

- This is embarrassing.
- They dogging us out in our own club.

I told you.
You should've let me rap.

Damn, this is embarrassing.

Go, Morris! Go, Morris! Go, Morris!

Go, Morris! Go, Morris! Go, Morris!

Party's at my place.
Everybody's coming.

Man, you was bad.

You know...

...this plant looks kind of thirsty.

A- B-C-D

E- F-G

H- I-J-K

L- M-N-O


Q- R-S

I want my money, or this joint is mine.


It's just around the corner.

It's just around the corner.

It's just around the corner.


Are there really angels?

Or are they just in our mind?

It all comes out in the wash...

... in time.

I swear that little cricket's
getting on my nerves.

Morris, darling,
would you give me change... replace the cape
you ruined last night?

Jerome, please tell this woman
her account's overdrawn at my bank.

Robin, stop asking for so much money.

"Stop asking for money"?
Boy, I own part of this joint!

If it wasn't for my daddy's money,
y'all still be shooting dice at Glam Slam.

- Shit, you got some nerve talking!
- Robin!

Honey, sweetheart.

Baby, please.

See this?

Take a week off and kiss it all.

What's up, man?

Sit down.

- What's up, fellas?
- J.B., Jesse.

Okay, fellas, make a sound.

George is still acting flaky.
The brother's holding out.

- Yeah, we need to bust him.
- What about The Kid?

They're expecting a little crowd tonight.
Won't last. Nobody's drinking.

Yeah, I bet he'd be lucky
if he make 1200.

I swear to God that little cricket's
working my last nerve.

Thank you.

- Fellas, what's up?
- We been losing bad every night.

We're going to George's
to get a new vibe.

I don't know about The Kid.

- He don't look too good.
- He don't pay too good.

- It's $5.
- We need new music.

- Pay up, man.
- Can't do nothing for you, man.

- Hey!
- Hey, you better chill out.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- My name's Aura.
- My name's T.C.

- What's your story?
- I'm a rapper.

I'm waiting on my big break.

What's your story?

It's really quiet tonight.

Yeah, but that don't never stop
The Kid, though.

Wait, wait, wait.
It gets better, man.

In the city of screaming trees

No faith strikes again

When love's reply is a whisper

Love shall win

Until that day

I will wait for him

Dear Dad, I met someone.

I've seen her at the Glam Slam a couple
times, but she won't talk to me.

I've got this feeling she's trying
to tell me something, though.

I visited Mom at the nursing home today.

She misses you bad.

Man, why did you leave us?

Nobody wanted the music
you was playing, so what?

I was getting paid.
We could have made it all right.

Yeah. Sometimes I feel cursed
to make the same mistake you made.

- Hey, Kid.
- Yo.

- Tevin's got something to show you.
- Be right up.

Way to go, Tevin.

- Tevin, put that money down.
- Mom, there's a couple of 20s here.

Pick it up. Get it all up.

Yo, Kid. I need a break, man.
When you gonna let me rap?

- Jill.
- Baby, baby, baby.

- Miss Thing.
- Jill. Wait a minute.

Where you been?
When you gonna call me?

- When you get a life.
- Cold.

Yo, Kid. You know good Jill
is working at Morris' now.


Morris in the mix now?
What kind of noise is that?

Oh, man!


Abandoned on the street
At the tender age of 7

How could I ever learn
The real meaning of heaven?

Surely not from a fast-talker
Born to molest a woman's mind

Surely not on the dance floor
Of someone else's idea of a good time

Fate, the only mother
That I've ever really known

Give me the courage
To face the things yet unshown

I've seen her here twice now.
She just sits there and writes.

- What do you think?
- She could be a number three.

- You want me to rap?
- Yes.

I be over here posing
by the Porsche.

Hello, darling.
You must be waiting on a man.

You're much too pretty to wait here.
What's up with that?

What's up with your buddy
holding his stuff?

Does he have to use the bathroom?

No, baby, he's posing by the Porsche.

Cars don't impress me.

That's Morris Day. He'd like to eat...
I mean, meet you.

Oh, yeah?

Punk. Go get him.

- Morris, she wants to meet you.
- Oh, Lord.

- Name?
- Aura.

Lovely. Where'd you get that ass?

Same place you got your manners.

- Jerome, where'd I get my manners?
- Same place as that ass.

- Where was that?
- Mama.

That's right, baby. Your mama.
Now, let's be nice.

It's such a pretty day.

Stop it.

If I can keep him off me long enough...

... he might still be saved.

Heaven, do I really
have to go through with this?

Where are we going?

Look. Check this out.

- You thinking like me?
- I'm thinking like you.

Well. What have we here?

Crowd must be a little light
at y'all's place, huh? Oh, well.

Go get your boss and tell him to come
and see my new bracelet, Aura.

I'm sorry, baby.
Force of habit.

I'm sorry.

Excuse me, boys.

Let's hit it.

- Oh, Morris, can I help you with that?
- No, no.

You know what to do.

Jerome, I think I like her.

Cue the band up for "Love Machine. "
Jill's singing it tonight.

That ought to shake The Kid up a bit.

- Man, you're truly a genius.
- Tell me something I don't already know.

- Kid, you need to come with us.
- Where y'all been? Everybody left.

Making the rounds.
Morris got a hot show tonight.

- We should check it out.
- I ain't interested.

When you see what he's got,
you will be.

- Yeah? What?
- Your future wife, that's what.

- She could turn butter into cream.
- Let's go to Morris' and play.

- We can dog the place out.
- Revenge! Yes.

Besides, somebody's gotta tag
that stella.

- Too fine, huh?
- She's three fine.


...what do you write in your book?

- Poems.
- Poems.

About what?


...and I.

The sky. Everything.

Next two weeks' advance.
I like your style, honey.

Thank you, Mr. Day.

By the way, about my audition,
I worked out something with the band.

- I thought I could just show you.
- Yeah. I already told Jerome.

This is your night...'s all ready when you are.
- Really? Okay, thank you.

You know...

...I'm sorry. Maybe I judged you wrong.

It's just that I knew a man like you once.

All he cared about was money
and drawers.

Must have been a musician.

You guessed it.

You know, every night I would kneel
down to say my prayers...

...and he would say,
"You better pray for a strong back...

...because I'm knocking it out tonight,
baby. "

Morris, let me out of...

Still, forever searching
for the spiritual substitute.

For what?

For sex.

By the way, you have a lovely place.

Yes, I have the best music...

...the best dancing girls, and the best
guest any club could have:

It's working.

- Me.
- Shit.

Come on, Aura. Go for it.

Come here.
I'd like to ask you something.

Do you believe in the hereafter?

I'd like for you to read
some of my poems.

You're mine now.

My dear, this afternoon...

...inspiration struck me... a thunderbolt.

And I have composed, in your honor...

...a masterpiece entitled
"The Love Machine. "

Love. There isn't a man alive
who truly understands the word.

I'm a man.

I'm definitely alive.

And I'd love to change your mind.

Like Robin... Hey, lady, where you going?

Tell your boy we're through.

Hey, girl, calm down.

He's trying to put some things together
for the band. Be cool.

Baby, dogs travel in packs of seven.
And you better watch out for this one.

Excuse me.

- Sexiness to the left of you.
- Sexiness to the right.

It's all about the pimp sandwich tonight.

- Two?
- Maybe.

- Two.
- Two.

Let's go.

Pull over, boy.

Man, look. This fool is following us.
Rat patrol.

What time is it?


Throw away my data bank.

- This is a number one.
- What you gonna do, man?

Oh, I'm not gonna take it.

I just want her to go to sleep.
And when she wakes up...

...she'll fall in love with
the first face she sees.

I'll fall in love with
the first face I see.

Jerome, fill up this glass.
Our houseguest is thirsty.

The first face she sees.

Then again, a little kiss won't hurt
the program.

Damn! Jerome, where's the matches?

Morris. What you doing, man?
As if I don't know.

Shit. It's dark in here.

Man, just let me feel her chest one time.
I got to. Come on, man.

Oh, cousin.

You ain't gonna believe this.
She got hair on her chest.





No, baby.



What's the matter,
ain't got nothing to say?

You won't ever lose.

You shouldn't get too close to me.

I'm not gonna be here very long.

I don't care if you are the mayor.
I told you...

...I'll give you your money
when I got it to give you.

You just make sure you keep
the police off my block.

- How come you dogged me last night?
- We were talking about business things.

You were talking about the wild thing.


George grabbed 19,500 last night,
Morris. We made a killing!

Give me a break on that noise.
I know what he made.

- Just trying to bring you good news.
- Yeah? I didn't rattle your cage, all right?

- Now, where's Jimmy and Terry?
- They'll be here any minute. Just relax.

They're late. Dock them $ 100 each.
And don't tell me to relax, boy!

Y'all think it's easy
running Seven Corners.

I got city officials on my ass
day and night.

The fire marshal, the mayor, everybody!

You're mad because of last night.

That's what I wanna know.
What happened?

It ain't about mad.
It's about discipline.

Listen, cash... family never had anything.

And I intend to keep
what it is I got.

- Understand?
- Yeah, well, you better stop cursing me.

You bad now, huh?

- Yeah.
- Wanna try me?

Come with it.

- Let's go, then.
- All right.

- It's cool.
- Yeah.

Oh, no. That's no fair.
Oh, man.

Now, if you don't mind,
would you go to the bridge...

...find my stella
and buy her some clothes?

I want her to look nice tonight.


Ever been inside Morris' club?

It's really nice.

On the outside, it's very nice.

It's the inside I got a problem with.

Who am I to judge?

I still write imaginary letters to my dad.

Guess I'd be pretty freaked
if he returned one, huh?

I don't know.

Maybe that's what I need.

Some kind of sign.

Some kind of green light that says,
"It's okay.

It's okay to continue.

Somebody's up there listening. "

It's hard to see green...

...when there's so much blue.

Hey. Come here.

I'll fall in love with the first face I see.

There's so many things
you don't know about me.

Nothing matters anymore.

Kid, listen.

I'm gonna have to leave you soon.

I told you, nothing matters anymore.

Nobody likes my music.

I told you, don't deal from that place.
Every time you do, you'll lose.

But you lose nothing...

... from believing.

What time is it?

I'm sorry we're late, but you won't
guess who's coming to dinner.


What is your main problem?

I wanna battle tonight.

- Boy, don't you know who I am?
- Let me show him, Morris.

- Oh, Christ.
- No, man.

- Bring him over here.
- Bring that nigga.

You can't battle me, son.

- You're still wet behind the ears.
- Wet behind the ears.

- Psych.
- You still got the price tag on you.

Don't you who I am?

I wrote the book.

I cook young brothers like you
and spit out the seeds.

- I don't need you.
- Tell him.

- I'm the one you need.
- You need.

I took you in when you was
down and out.

Down and out.

I gave you money.


And now you think you got clout?

You can't battle me, baby.

I'll kick your little ass...

...and have you running home to mama
good and plenty fast.

Tell him where you live.

Oh, and by the way,
when she getting out the nut house?

Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo.

You know, I miss them back rubs.

Now, get him out of here.


Don't be afraid. Battle me.

You and your crew can whup ours,
you take the club.

Lock, keys and all.

If not, it's mine.


Down. Now, get out.

- Don't worry about it.
- He's talking stupid.

You did a wonderful job,
and I was thinking that maybe later...

Dear Dad:

I've been trying hard to stay
out of trouble...

... but Morris is starting it up
with me again.

A man can only take so much.

Should I fight him? Or should I
take the easy way out like you did?

Let's do this, let's do this,
let's do this!

Let me see if I can't tune this.

Look out, Monte, here it comes.

So much for round one.

Let's see how good he plays now,
without no gear.

- Let's go, dude.
- Man, ain't playing, my ass!

Seven Corners
Two souls fight

One wants money
One wants light

Child is a spirit neither one can ignore

Here to show them heaven's door

Whatever you ask of me...

... I will do

All right. Let me hip you to
the rules of the battle.

We kick our hardest groove.
They kick theirs.

Last battle ended in a draw,
but this time it's for the Glam Slam.

We're gonna kill him!

Running down deep,
I know there's good in Morris.

I can make him stop.


Whatever it takes...

...I'll make him stop.

It's my time. And I say shake!

Whoever battles me,
you better bring an army.

Better bring an army,
sure enough.

Damn! I told you we should've
played a different song.

Kid's gonna lose, man.

Heaven, what shall I do now?

I'm losing him.

Hey, Mom!

Kid! Don't, baby! Come back!

Whatever you ask of me...

... I will do.

I want you to have this.

My poems are like my children.

One day, this one's gonna
make his mama proud.

Aren't you, baby?

Yes, Mommy.

Wanna see where I write?

Yeah. Sure.

This way.

Kid, you can't fight fire with fire.

When a man screams,
you must learn to whisper.

You're gonna win, Kid.

Don't give up.

Don't ever give up.

The Time is taking over the Glam Slam!
You better come get your stuff, man!

Come on in, Tevin.
It's getting ready to storm again.

All right, Mom.

You love to stay out late at night,
don't you?


I didn't even get a chance to rap.

"To whom it may concern.

All income derived from
the following accounts:

Clinton Club, Melody Cool,
Glam Slam...

...will be payable directly to me. "

What's up with this half-and-half bitch?
Am I number one or number two?

Tell me now
because I really don't need this shit!

Put some treble on that tone...

...or you gonna be pulling some
Stacy Adams out your ass!

Now, you know I'm the baddest.

Who's built the best?


We'll be right back
after a commercial break.

You hit Melody.
The rest of us will bogart George.

- Fellas.
- Yeah!

- Let's do it.
- Yo!

All we got to do
is have George sign the deed.

- Then we out of here.
- Oh, he'll sign it, one way or another.

Listen, let me give you
a piece of good advice!

And I do get paid for counseling.

Sign the club over, Melody,
or we'll wreck you too.

Who are you, walking around
telling everybody what to do?

I've been laying low,
respecting Billy's dying wishes.

But when you start
bogarting me and George... mess with the food on our dishes.
- Ain't that a shame.

All right, Melody's getting ready to rap!

I've seen many bridges in my time
and crossed every one of them...

...with no trouble at all.

I had trials and tribulations,
heartaches and pains.

- Well, that's all right.
- Survived them all, baby.

I'm still Melody. And I'm still cool.

- Go, get out of here.
- Grab him.

- Get back!
- I'll hold him. I'll hold him. I got him.

George! Don't!

Don't do it, man.

- Hey!
- Get him! He's got the deed, man!

Go after him, man!

Don't give up.

You won't ever lose.

Whatever you ask of me, I will do.

Man! Oh, shit!


Who got hit?

- What happened?
- Somebody get an ambulance!

It's right down the street.

All right. Okay.

- I never saw her. Damn.
- I got him. I got him.

Robin, go see.

I have just one question for you.

I'm listening.

How do you wanna die?

When a man screams,
you must learn to whisper.

It's just around the corner.

I told you, don't deal from that place.
Every time you do, you'll lose.

But you lose nothing...

... from believing.

You're gonna win, Kid.

Don't give up.

Don't ever give up.

Just let him have the club, Morris.

Go see what's up.

Man, can you believe it?
The Kid won.

And with a ballad. Damn!

Are there really angels?

Or are they just in our mind?

It all comes out in the wash...

... in time.

One, two, three!

Oh, man, my skillet!

- I'm gonna blast somebody!
- No, you don't.

Just let me...

Come on, baby. Robin's got something
that'll take your mind off all that.

But my skillet!
Somebody painted my skillet!

Come on upstairs.

Morris, turn off the light.

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