Goopy Bagha Phire Elo (1991) - full transcript

The last and final sequal of Goopi-Bagha series as they invited at a palace of a king and their various attitudes as they are trapped by a astrologer cum imposter.

"We've again come back after so long."

"Gopi Bagha, Gopi Bagha."

"We've again come back after so long."

"Gopi Bagha, Gopi Bagha."

"All brothers and sisters,
come with us."

"All brothers and sisters,
come with us."

"To beyond the ground,
beyond the ground."

"The call has come
to go to the distant land."

"We've again come back after so long."

"Our father-in-law
stays in the forest."

"Our father-in-law
stays in the forest."

"His age is 88."

"His age is 88."

"That's why we are the kings now."

"Gopi Bagha kings of Shundi kingdom."

"But the sorrow of
becoming the king.."

"Let me tell you now.
There's nothing to hide in that."

"Listen. Your heart will
be filled amidst nature."

"Your heart will be
filled amidst nature."

"Time doesn't pass
sitting on the throne."

Disgusting. Let's leave all this."

"We can't remain caged anymore."

"We both. We brothers
must go out of this cage."

"Our days don't pass anymore."

"We've again come back after so long."

"We've again come back after so long."

"We've more to say. More to say."

"Where we'll go and
what's the reason?"

"Where we'll go and
what's the reason?"

"Far away from here,
far away from here."

"In the west, to Anandapur."

"In the west,
in Anandapur king's court magic show."

"We've been called
to the magic show there."

"We've been called for that."

"We agreed instantly.
Agreed instantly."

"We can do magic by ghost's boon."

"We can do magic by ghost's boon.
Everyone says wow."

"Everyone says wow.
It's a lot of fun. Lot of fun."

"We've again come back after so long."

"We've again come back after so long."

"We've come again. We've come again."

Listen, Brahmananda.

Command, Lord.
Today's my farewell day. You command me.

You command this disciple of yours.

You know I'm impressed by your duty.
- I know, Lord.

I've transferred my power into you.

I've even taught you
the power to hypnotise.

But remember,
using that power is a sin.

Your command, Lord. But I expect more.

You want to be immortal, right?

Yes, my Lord. Your guess is correct.

But I'll not fulfil that wish.

Why Lord? What's my fault?

You still couldn't let your greed go.
You still want wealth.

In your youth,
the wealth you had collected..

I've come to know that
you still haven't let go of that.

That's true, Lord. I admit.

I also know you had
killed many people.

And didn't get any punishment yet.
So, you won't be immortal.

Death isn't any fake thing.

How will I die, Lord?

No illness can kill you.
- Then?

The cause of your death
will be a twelve-year-old boy.

Boy? That's absurd.
Are you joking, Lord?

I've crossed 100,
but no illness has touched me.

My count is correct.

Where does that boy live?

In Anandapur, by river Gahona.

What's that boy's name?
- Bikram.

Will he kill me?
- No, he's harmless.


I can't say more than this.

But when will I die?
You won't say even that, Lord?

The day your wealth gets over,
and you'll be penniless..

Understand that death
is knocking on your door.

But what if I can defeat everybody?

What you couldn't do in 40 years,
can you do that now?

No, you can't.

You've anything else to ask?

No, Lord.

Then you may go now.
- Okay, as you command, Lord.

"In a day we,
both left our homes and came outside."

"In a day we,
both left our homes and came outside."

"Finally, we both left
our homes and came outside."

"We're perfect together."

"Gopi-Bagha. We're perfect together."

"Gopi-Bagha. We're perfect together."

"You won't find perfect
partners like us."

"You won't find perfect
partners like us."

"Whatever we do, we do together."

"By that our friendship deepens."

"Whatever we do, we do together."

"By that our friendship deepens."

"20 years have passed so amazingly."

"20 years have passed so amazingly."

"Finally, we both left
our homes and came outside."

"That's why we forget all
worries and sing songs again."

"We walk,
we see, we listen, we learn."

"We walk,
we see, we listen, we learn."

"Walking so long, seeing so much."

"Listening so many things,
learning so much."

"All unknown has got wiped."

"All unknown has got wiped."

"We're now very intelligent.
Very intelligent."

"Finally, we both left
our homes and came outside."

"That's why we forget all
worries and sing songs again."

"Sing songs again. Sing songs again."

You know Gopinath,
we can't walk so much at this age.

Moreover, my drum weighs a lot.

Though we talk about
walking in our songs.

We can talk about walking
because it's a song of fun.

Well-known people
have said it correctly.

Age doesn't stop for anyone.

You know what I feel?
I wish we could stay young all life.

But this is far better
than sitting at home.

Hundred percent better.

If we've to go home,
we'll clap and go.

And we'll again clap and return.

Brother Bagha,
I've heard Anandapur is a nice place.

Tomorrow is the challenge.
- Yes.

We'll go in a minute.
- Yes. But one thing.

We're kings. We'll not get into challenges.
- Correct.

But if the king insists,
then we'll show a couple of tricks.

Or maybe we can sing a song.
But no challenge.

Yes. After becoming kings,
that addiction is gone.


Now, magic show will start.
I'll call each magician by name.

He'll stand here and
show his magic trick.

It'll go on like this.
First, Gulam Mustafa Mohammed Aba.


Magic show ends.

Your songs are of immense fame.

Not only song,
we know magic also very well.

But we're kings, so,
we don't participate in magic shows.

If you show few of your tricks,
and sing a song for us..

..we'll be very happy.

Okay. Sure, sure.
- Where's my drum?

Give, give. Go.

We're telling one thing,
everybody listen.

This time the magic trick
will be little different.

First, we'll vanish.


Now, another magic. Change of dress.

Halla's dress!







As we were..

Now. a song. Everybody sings songs.

But this song turns listeners
into motionless stones.

When we sing, all will understand.

Now, do we sing?

"To everyone present here,
we join our hands and greet."

"We join our hands and greet."

"This is the starting of our song."

"This is the starting of our song."

"Our hearts pound."

"Our hearts pound."

"If our song doesn't work.
If our song doesn't work.."

"This is our fear. This is our fear."

"But seeing, as far as we understand."

"But seeing, as far as we understand."

"The tune of our song has worked."

"The tune of our song has worked."

"Nobody moves. Nobody moves."

"Nobody's eyelashes wink.
Nobody's eyelashes wink."

"Wow. Wow.
All around, we see stone statues."

"All around, we see stone statues."

"This is our biggest magic."

"Now, everyone in this
court shall praise. Praise."

Good, good.
- Amazing, amazing. Amazing.

Amazing, amazing. Amazing.


You've amazing powers.
From where did you get it?

Let me introduce you.
He's Brahmananda Acharya.

Recently, he has come
here for his health matters.

A very good and knowledgeable man.

Hello, Acharya sir.
- Hello.

It was nice meeting you.

Very nice.
- But the answer to my question?

That's a long story.
We'll tell you someday later.

Why later? Come tomorrow.

I'm extremely curious
to listen to your story.

Where do you stay?

He stays in a portion
of the Anandagarh fort.

Very old fort.
But a portion is still habitable.

I'm a lonely man, I've no problems.

Remember it, Gopinath.
- Anandagarh.

When will we go?
- It's good if it's sunset.

What if it's ten o'clock?
- Excellent.

I'll send someone with you,
to take you.

No, no, Your Majesty. We'll clap and go.
- Clap and go.

Ten o'clock.
- Yes, ten o'clock.


Why so much of delay?

No drinks, no smoke.

This dearth of servants
is intolerable.

Cook, you, and two security personnel,
is it enough?

Dirt all around.
No one to clean. Why is it so?

Getting a servant here
is very difficult, master.

Everyone goes in the
name of working in the fort.

But you don't worry, master.
I'll manage everything by myself.

Give me a few days time.

Anyway, what's the
reason of your delay?

Actually, I had to go around
the entire town home-to-home.

Searching, that's why, master.

What is the result?

Thirteen boys were found.
Name. Bikram. Age. Twelve.

What's the arrangement
of bringing them here?

What? Have to bring them here?

Then why did I ask you to search?

But.. - Illiterate.
You'll go from house-to-house.

And say that Acharya is
very affectionate towards boys.

His own son's name was Bikram.
He died at twelve.

So, he is inviting every
boy by this name in Anandapur.

There's food for everyone.
And a gift too.

These boys come to play
at the ground in the evening.

Will I tell them then?
- Yes, say.

Say that this arrangement
is only for them, not their parents.

They shouldn't say
anything prior at home.

They'll take the gift
and then show their parents.

These boys love me a lot.
My one word..

- Come, come, you both.

I'm calling you this way
as I'm much elder to you by age.

Okay, okay.
- As you say.

You go. Bring some
drinks for three of us.

Okay, master.

Sit, sit. Sit here.
- Yes.

You stay alone in this fort?
- I'm used to loneliness.

I'm alone. I've no relatives.
- You must be sad?

No. I'm uninteresting.
This is only my way of life.

You look like an emperor.
Isn't it, Gopinath? - Yes, correct.

Let my topic be. Tell me about you.

Where did you get
this amazing power from?

I'll say?
- Say. I'm there.

Acharya sir, we both were village boys.
- Very poor.

I used to sing very badly,
and he used to play the drum.

Very badly.
- You were in the same village?

No, no. I am in Amloki.

And I am from Hortuki.
- Hortuki.

We met later.
- Okay. Say.

Then one day,
my village king threw me out.

And his turned him out too.
- Turned me out.

We met in a bamboo forest.
- There was a group of ghosts.

And the ghosts had a king.

He became happy and
granted us three boons.

Why? Why was he happy?

We are good, that's why.
- We are poor. That's why.

One boon for food.
- Food?

Yes. Yes, Acharya sir.

Want to see? What food to ask for?

- Yes.



Is it edible?
- Yes, Acharya. Very good sweet.

Taste a bit.
- Take.

- Take. Eat.

Taste and see.


Truly, very good. But so many sweets.

Keep it. You can have them slowly.

It won't rot.
Sweet of boon, that's why.

- Yes, I was saying..

Number one.
We can dress and eat whatever we want.

Secondly, we can go anywhere we want.
- How?

Why? Shoes. We wear them.

These are magic shoes.

We wear them,
name the place, and clap.

And we reach in fraction of a second.
- Yes.

- And third boon is of music and singing.

You saw how everyone turned
into a stone when we sang.

I saw everyone turning into
stone listening to your song.

But did you see me?
- We didn't see separately.

I didn't turn into stone.


You didn't turn into stone?
- No.

You're not human?
- Seeing me, what do you feel?

What? No.
- Then? Even you are humans.

If you can have extraordinary powers,
why can't I? What?

Pardon me,
Acharya, but this seems unbelievable.

No. We don't believe.

Okay. Check and see. See.

"The ghost king gives boons.
Good, good three boons."

"Whatever we want to wear.."


Now, do you believe?

Our eyes are popping out.

I was the disciple of a spirit,
and served him for 40 years.

He was impressed and gave
me his supernatural powers.

Oh, that's why you
can't be hypnotized?

Yes. But I have the
power to hypnotize others.

- Let's see, hypnotize us.

I will do if needed.

That's what.
- Yeah.

Shankhapur, Kanchanpur, Bishalnagar.

Have you heard of these kingdoms?

No, we haven't.
- We haven't learnt geography.

What's there?

The kings of these three kingdoms
have three gems. On their heads.

No one in India has those types.

I want those.
- Oh, you collect gems?

Oh, these are genuine gems.
Where did you get so many?

There was way, in the past.
Now, there isn't. But you have.

You know magic. You can
use two boons to get this done.

Say, can you get
the three stones for me?

What? You'll be prized for it.

We don't have greed, Acharya.

And we are kings,
so, we don't need prize.

What's your age?


It'll be 40, isn't it?
- Yes, yes.

Age gives troubles,
which you know about. Is it good?

Little illness we have..
- We aren't young anymore.

What if you could turn young
like before? Strong and fit?

Not bad.
- We've talked about this, Acharya.

But age doesn't reduce.
- It does reduce. I know.

I know the way.
My teacher had taught me.

I'll reduce your age by 20 years.

If in these three days,
you can get me those three gems.

We don't do wrong, Acharya.
- No, we don't.

Why will you do? You'll go
in disguise. I'll do the make-up.

No one will recognise
you as Gopinath and Baghanath.

Disguise? Then people won't blame us.

No. No reason.

You'll reduce our age by 20 years?

Brahmananda Acharya doesn't lie.

Can we both whisper?
- Say.

You won't get angry?
- No.

Acharya, we need two days time.

We'll decide in two days.
- Only two days, not more.

No, no. Day after tomorrow,
we'll come to you.

Wednesday, ten o'clock.
- Okay, that's fixed.

Then, do we leave, Acharya?
- Go.



What to do?
- The work isn't good, Brother Bagha.

No one will recognise us,
we'll be disguised.

It is goose-bump adventure.
Blood is getting hot.

And don't forget, he'll make us young.

That's the problem.
That's what makes us greedy.

But that's right. If we agree..

..he'll first hypnotise us.
- Why?

If we get the gems and elope,
not giving him..

But we don't do things like that,
Brother Bagha.

He doesn't know us.
He'll hypnotise us.

But we also have powers.
Why will we get hypnotised?

If we become?
Who knows? We know nothing.

One knows. One knows.
Only one knows. Surely knows.

Who? Who knows?
- The one who gave us the boons.

Ghost king. Correct.

But is he still alive?
- Illiterate.

He has become a ghost after death.
Why will he die again?

Then let's go, and ask him.

But do you remember
the name of the village?

Where the bamboo forest was?

Yes. Notungaon.

Notungaon. Notungaon's bamboo forest.

That bamboo forest.
- Yes, yes.

How do we call him?
- Call him king. What else?

There's no other king here.

Okay. Brother Bagha, you won't call?

You call.
Any one calling will work. Okay.

Your Majesty!

Your Majesty!

Not like that. Not like that.

Isn't he the king?

Kneel down, join your hands, and call.
- Oh, okay.

"Gopi Bagha. Gopi Bagha."

"Gopi Bagha. Gopi Bagha."

"I remember everything, I remember."

"I haven't forgotten anything.
I haven't."

- He has answered.

"You two kings,
King Gopi, King Bagha."

"King Gopi, King Bagha."

"I'm happy, I'm happy, I'm happy."

Your Majesty,
it's wonderful seeing and meeting you.

All the memories are rushing back.

"Why are you back?
First, let me hear it."

"Let me hear it. Let me hear it."

Your Majesty,
we want to ask you something.

We have something to know.

"What's it? Ask. Ask. Ask fast."

Your Majesty, can anyone hypnotise us?
- Yes?

"If you want,
then you'll get hypnotised."

"But if you don't want,
then never, never."

Hearing this reply, we're very happy.

We can't explain.
- Very happy.

"But one warning.
Listen, know and remember."

"Stars aren't good.
The time isn't good."

"Be on track. On track, on track."

"Good Gopi, good Bagha.
Good Gopi, good Bagha.."

"Have to be, have to be, have to be."

"I'm going. I'm going. I'm going."

"I'm going. I'm going. I'm going."

"I'm going. I'm going. I'm going."

- What news?

All 13 are here, master.

All thirteen's name is Bikram?
- Yes, master.

All thirteen are twelve years old?
- Yes, master.

I've enquired.
Except them, there's no other Bikram.

Who is twelve years old in this town?

Their parents don't know, right?

No, master.
They were playing in the ground.

Their school is closed today.
I went there and shouted.

How many Bikrams are
here amongst you all?

19 came forward. I told
only twelve year olds to be here.

And who aren't, go back. 13remained.

Then I told them exactly
what you told me to.

They heard about the invitation,
and the toy gift.

And agreed instantly to come with me.

Take them to the room. I'm coming.

Okay, master. Now..

Now what?
- A stone, master. A gem.

You had told me if I could
do your work, and keep it secret..'ll reward me with a gem.


Work this way for two years.
Then talk about gems.

Go. Go and do what I've told you.

Where have you got us?
- I'm scared.

Told you would give us toys, food.
- Leave us.

We'll go home.
- I'm scared.

Me too.
- Leave us.

Shut up.

Dambaru! Dundubi! Go out.
- As you command, master.


Hail the devil.
- Hail the devil.

We are your servants.
- We are your servants.

Whatever you command us to.

Whatever you command us to.

We'll obey that.
- We'll obey that.

We won't obey anyone else's command.

We won't obey anyone else's command.


Are you sure there isn't
anymore twelve year old..

..Bikram in Anandapur?

They are either 11, or 13.
I can't be wrong.

Then I'm in peace.

Why master? What was your worry?

That I've to tell you?
Are you my master, or servant?

Servant, my master.
I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

Take them to the room.

From now, they'll work as my servants.

Their clothes are ready.
- I know, master.

Listen, you go to your room with him.

Suddenly why are we called?
- Don't know, Your Majesty.

The king just told
me to call you both.

Come, come.

Hello, Your Majesty.
- Hello.

I'm sorry to disturb you this way.
You were resting,

No, no. Tell me, tell me.
- Tell us what you want to.

What will I say? There's a big trouble.
- What trouble?

These are all my subjects.

Priest, doctor, teacher.

Weaver, farmer. And many more.

- Your Majesty?

You only say about your trouble.

Come. Come here.

Pradeep has a school.
- Oh, say.

This is a strange happening.
What do I say? Unbelievable.

Oh, let us hear what it is.
- Say, say.

We all have sons.
And they all are twelve years old.

And name is Bikram.

They all are Bikram?
- Yes.


It has a reason.
My father's name was Bikram.

He has done a lot for Anandapur.

Credit for Anandapur's
goodness goes to my father.

People respected him like God.

So, today also many parents.. their sons Bikram.

Okay, understood.
- Then? Say.

Sons of all 13 of us are
missing from this afternoon.

We searched a lot,
but couldn't trace them.

They aren't disobedient, or restless.

Is there any fair,
play, or circus, magic going on?

They don't go anywhere
without parent's consent.

- Absurd.

You've saved people
from danger many times.

The stories of Halla
and Hirok everyone knows here.

I was telling,
if you look into our problem too.

This is our request.

We will, we will. Surely.
- When we're here, we'll do.

You'll do?

"Uselessly why do you worry?
There's nothing to worry."

"Uselessly why do you worry?
There's nothing to worry."

"We both are there, close to you."

"If anything happens, know it well."

"We don't get scared of any danger."

"We don't get scared of any danger."

"Uselessly why do you worry?
There's nothing to worry."

"We're great because
of ghost king's boon."

"We're great because
of ghost king's boon."

"Our powers are many because of that."

"Our powers are many because of that."

"That's why we both,
together, rush when we see any wrong."

"That's why I'm saying
there's no danger."

"We show the devil a defeat sign."

"Go home and sit. Don't worry at all."

"Know that we never boast.
Know that we never boast."

"Uselessly why do you worry?
There's nothing to worry."

"Uselessly why do you worry?
There's nothing to worry."

Not finding a clue of this new danger,
Brother Bagha.

Brother Bagha! Did you listen what I said?
- Listening.

So, say something.
- I'm thinking something else.

- We couldn't be young.


You don't understand?
Ghost king told us to be honest.

And every path is not straight.
- Then do we reply him a no?

What other way do we have?

What regret.

This chance of becoming young is gone?

And no one would've recognized us.

If we would've stolen
the gems in disguise..

Let's go.
- We'll go now?

The faster, the better.

We'll say no, so why to wait two days?

Come, come, come.
- Come.

Seven boys.
- Yes.

But where are the other six?

Must be somewhere else
in the fort. Working.

How dangerous.
- Acharya is such a cruel man.

He shouldn't be spared.
- No.

Listen, no talks here.
Let's go back to the riverside.

Let's go.
- Let's go.

Did you get any idea?

No. Brain is also old. Takes time.

Correctly said.
Before ideas used to come instantly..

No. We have to get young.

Correctly. The simultaneous
thought came to my mind.

Brother Bagha.
If we've to give back thirteen sons.. thirteen fathers,
we've to get into Acharya's trap.

There's no other way. Okay, think this way.
- Say.

To help so many people,
if we have to stoop, we will.

We've to walk in the wrong way.

And in disguise.
No one will recognise.

And after three days, we'll get out.
- And we'll be young.

But how will you teach him a lesson?

We've to think of a way out.
You don't worry about that.

And listen, if he tries
to hypnotise us, we'll pretend.

He has hypnotised all those boys.
- Yes, like puppets.

We'll also pretend like puppets.
He won't understand.

Not only he,
but no one will get any hint.

One thing.
- What?

Will we tell the school
teacher that we saw his son?

Who? Pradeep?
- Yes.

Don't have to tell now.
- Won't say?

He'll be upset if he gets
to know his son is hypnotised.

Correct. - Let us first save them,
and punish Acharya.


Who's singing?

Sweet voice.

"How the shepherd plays.."

"..the flute in the fields."

Come close. Come, come.
- Come. Come.

Who are you?
What's your name, brother?

What's your name?
- Kanu.

That's your nickname.

You surely have a good name?
- Wait, I'm saying.

Your good name is Kanai.

Then Krishna. Right?

This is my good name.
I don't have any more names.

Oh. Now, do we tell our names?

He is Gopi Gayen.
- And he is Bagha Bayen.

You are kings?
- Yes, yes. We are kings of Shundi.

How do you know? We didn't tell you.

I know. Grandpa told me.
Stories of Halla, Hirok.

You know that also?

You sing, and he plays the drum.

Even you sing very well.
- Who teaches you?

- Your father isn't there?

Mother? Mother is there?
- Only grandpa?

Want to have guava? Take. Have.
- Whose guava is it?

I took it from the tree.
Now, I'm giving to you. - Whose tree?

That I don't know.
There, beside the mosque.

From the garden.
- Yes.

Uncle Karim's tree.

We don't know.
We are new here. Take. Take the guava.

Why? You don't eat guava?
- I eat.

Then why aren't you taking?

How can I eat without
telling uncle Karim?

Oh, God.
- Oh, God. You are a very nice guy.

We weren't so good.
At your age, we used to steal.

And have mangoes,
berries, and jackfruit.

You'll sing?
- Can I sing your song? - Sing.

"How the shepherd plays
the flute in the fields."

"How the shepherd plays
the flute in the fields."

"That tune has some magic
that intoxicates my heart."

"How the shepherd plays
the flute in the fields.."

"Under the tree shade,
sitting on the ground."

"Times sweeps away in the tune."

"Under the tree shade,
sitting on the ground."

"Times sweeps away in the tune."

"When the sun sets
behind the fields.."

"No attention to that."

"How the shepherd plays
the flute in the fields.."

So? How was it?

Good. But you're really kings?

Why? You don't believe?

You're sitting on the grass.
Kings don't sit on the grass.

We sit. - We sit on the grass,
and on the throne too.

I'm going. Grandpa is alone.

Go, go.
- Go.

Let's go.

Oh, God.
Thank God his name isn't Bikram.

Otherwise he would've taken him also.

Then made him sweep the floor.
- Massage his legs.

Anyway, now, no more talks.
We'll go to the fort.

And tell Acharya that
we agree to his offer.

Whatever, we'll become young at least.


Come, Pradeep. Come. Sit, sit.

Why are you looking so upset?
- You didn't hear anything?

No. What's it?

13 boys. Everyone's name Bikram.
Age twelve.

Missing from today afternoon.
- What?

I've turned numb with worry.
- I know. I know where they are.

You shouldn't talk
amidst elders, dear.

What do you know, Kanu?

Since today morning
he's saying like this.

Actually, he has heard
a lot of fairytales from me.

So, he's creating his own
fairytales in his imagination.

Grandpa doesn't know. I know.

Okay. Then you only say what you know.

There's a monster here.

- In the fort.

In Anandagarh fort?
- Yes.

He has captured those thirteen boys.
- What are you saying?


Dear, do you know
who stays in the fort?


Brahmananda Acharya.
He's a very good man.

Why will he be a monster?

Who's it?
- I'm Dasharathi.

Pradeep Pandit wants to meet you once.

Okay, you go.
- Okay.


Tell what the matter is.
- Sorry to disturb you at an odd hour.

No, no, no.
It's okay. Tell what the matter is.

I had a question.
- What?

Do you know Acharya?

Yes, we know.
- According to you, how is he as a person?

I mean to ask... Actually,
last month when he came here..

..he gifted a gem each
to all the town heads.

He wanted to give me too,
but I didn't take it.

I felt it was nothing but absurd.
I feel he isn't a nice man.

Should I say?
- Say, there's no harm.


I mean, your son is
there in Acharya's house.

With the other twelve.

This... this, you know?
- Yes, we know.

Acharya has hypnotised them.
They work as his servants.

Acharya is the disciple of a devil.
He has various powers.

Even our times are getting dark.

But what's the reason
of kidnapping twelve Bikrams?

I find no logic behind it.
- Even we don't know.

No, we don't.

I won't get my son back?

You won't, in this condition.
You believe us.

I don't believe. I don't believe.
I'm going to the fort now.

Listen, listen.
There's guard at the fort door.

How will you get in? - You can't take me
inside the fort? Can't you?

We can. We can hug you,
clap, and take you.

But you won't get your son back.

It's unbelievable. It can't be.

My son won't recognise me,
that's impossible.

I beg at your feet, please take me.

Let's go. But we can't solve
it in a rush. That I'm telling you.

Bikram! Bikram! Bikram! Bikram!

I'm your father.

You can't recognise me? Let's go.
I've come to take you. Bikram.

Get up. Let's go.
Let's go. We'll elope from here.

Let's go.
Let's go, Bikram. Let's go. Bikram.

Bikram. Bikram.

Listen, tomorrow,
we're coming here again.

Acharya has given us a work.
We'll need three days to do.

Within three days,
we'll find a way to rescue your son.

Now, let's go. Come. Come.

Hello, Acharya.
- Welcome. Welcome.

We've come as we had said.
- We don't' change our words.

Sunrise. Ten o'clock.

What have you decided?

One thing, Acharya.
- Say, say.

If we do your work,
you would make us young again?

I told once but you didn't believe?

No, no. I mean,
our age will reduce by 20 years?

20 years.

But I too have a thing to say.

What, Acharya?

You'll steal the gems and
hand over to me. What's the surety?

Who else will we give it to?

And we've told you we've no greed.
- Yes.

What if I don't believe that?

Then what do you want to do?

I want... these three days
you'll be hypnotised by me. Okay?

Then only you'll work as I say.

And after three days?

You'll get back to your previous self.

That power also I know.

Then we've no problem.
What do you say, Bagha?

No, no.

Shankhapur, Kanchanpur, Bishalnagar.

Will you remember?

Kanchanpur, Bishalpur..
- Bishalnagar.

Yes, Bishalnagar.

And Shankhapur.
- Yes.

In these three days,
each day you'll get me one gem.

From the three kings' heads.
For this, you've to sing songs.

There's nothing easier than that.

But under your charm,
will I be able to sing?

Can I play my drum?

If we can't sing and play music,
we can't steal gems.


That'll be tested. But I believe.

Your music capacity
will remain as it is.

Good. Are you ready?
- Yes.

What ready, Acharya?
We've come all prepared. - Yes.

Bagha, take your drum.
I'm coming in a minute.

Hail, the devil.
- Hail, the devil.

We're your servants.
- We're your servants.

Whatever you command.
- Whatever you command.

We'll obey that.
- We'll obey that.

We'll not obey anyone else's command.

We'll not obey anyone else's command.

Baghanath, take your drum.

Gopinath, help.

Now, you come and stand
in front of this wall.

Gopinath, sing.

Sing, Gopinath!

Sing, Gopinath.

Baghanath, play your drum.

"From today, from today, from today."

"From today we've got ready."

"As if we're no more Gopi-Bagha."

"Are we human, or animals?"

"We don't know the answer."

"We don't know the answer."

"We're dangerous. We're dangerous."

"We're the master's blind servants."

"There's cold blood in our veins."

"Tough in misdeeds.
We're cunning. We're cunning."

"We're dangerous. We're dangerous."

"One day we were in darkness."

"Repeatedly defeating the evil."

"Now, we know our mistake."

"We've left the good.
We've left the good."

"We're dangerous. We're dangerous."

My test is a success.

Nothing more to worry about.

The world's best three
gems are now in my hand.

Listen, your work starts tomorrow.
Today is an off.

My servant will take you to your room.

Under my charm,
your hunger and thirst will continue.

Sleep is also essential at night.

There's arrangement for everything.
No dearth.

Now, go. Tomorrow,
I'll help you get your disguise.

First day you'll go to Shankhapur.

In three after work is done,
you'll get free of hypnotise.

Young? Young? Young?

You'll be, you'll be...
You'll be young.

Now, go.
Tomorrow, I'll talk to you again.

- Yes, yes. Morning. Now go to your room.

- This work isn't easy, brother Bagha.

Last I got slapped by
my father in my childhood.

We rule a kingdom,
and this behaviour with us?

I'll take revenge.
Or else I'll quit playing my drum.

But one thing I just do not understand.
- What?

Why did he catch only
twelve year old Bikram-s?

We'll know that slowly.
Have little patience.

What are you saying?
- I'm saying the right thing.

Acharya has hypnotised
and imprisoned all 13.

Now, they work as his servants.

But the kings of Shundi
couldn't do anything?

They've wanted three days.
- But we can hardly wait.

Once that we've heard they are there.


I misunderstood him so much?

We can't let this happen.
- No, Your Majesty.

You give soldiers.
- Yes, Your Majesty.

We 13 fathers will go to
the fort and rescue our sons.

And with that..

And with that, bring Acharya to you?

Okay. I'm making
arrangements right now.

Army Commander!

The kings army is coming, master.

Let them come.

- Let them come.

Okay, master.
- And, listen.

Bring the rest of
the boys to this room.

You all stand in the line here.

Even you all go.

Dundubi! Even you come and stand.

Bikram! You can't recognise me, dear?
I'm your father.


Let's go, let's elope. Bikram! Bikram!

Bikram! Bikram dear.
What has happened to you?

Why did you?
Why did you become like this, Bikram?

They've just turned twelve.

Another month they'll remain this way.

Then I'll leave them.

You don't have the right
to capture them like this.

We'll arrest you and take
you to the king. He'll judge.

You'll arrest me?

- Arrest him.

You can't. You can't. You can't.

I learnt from my teacher,
the art to increase this weight.

You're uselessly wasting your energy.

"Warning! Warning! Warning!"

"Stop all work,
stop walking, stop talking."

"Quietly, shut your mouth,
and all of you halt."

"All of you quietly,
shut your mouth, and halt."

"By that time,
let's get our job done."

"By that time,
let's get our job done."

"We know this, we know this."

"This is called theft
in broad daylight."

"This is called theft
in broad daylight."

"What's the reason of doing it,
that's not allowed to reveal."

"We just obey our master.
We just obey our master."

"For this job,
we've come to you, Your Majesty."

"The diamond has come in our hands."

"We're going. Coming back
to this court isn't possible."

"Isn't possible. Isn't possible.
Warning! Warning! Warning!"

Stretch out your hand.
I said I would reward you.

So, despite you not wanting it,
I'm giving.

Do you know who I am?
- Cow.

What? What did you say?

Master. Master. Master.

Master. Master.
- Stop now.

It seems you've got
hypnotised quite strongly.

Your language is getting twisted.

I'll tell you something.

In normal condition, you'll be amazed.

So, now, I'm telling you peacefully.

Do you know what
I was before becoming..

..the devil's disciple?
Dacoit. All those gems you saw.

It's all the burgled wealth.

I wasn't made immortal
because of my greed.

He told the cause of my death
will be a twelve year old boy.

Whose name is Bikram.
Who stays in Anandapur.

All the twelve year
old boys named Bikram.. this town. I've captured
them in this fort and hypnotised them.

Now, they are my servants.
These thirteen boys.

In Anandapur, there's no other
twelve year old Bikram. Except them.

It means the one who
would be my cause of death.

Is now my obedient servant.
So now I'm immortal.

For ages, I'll enjoy my wealth.

I'll be the owner of the
world's three most precious gems.

As soon as I get the three gems..

..I'll free you.

Young? Young?
- Yes, yes. I remember.

I'll make you young and then free you.

But before that,
I want the two more gems.

Kanchanpur, and Bishalnagar.

One tomorrow,
and another the day after.

You heard all that?
- Heard.

And understood that Bikram story also.

Oh, God. What a monster!

Monster, that's why doesn't
get hypnotised by our song.

Our song works only on humans.

Why? Why only humans?

Don't you remember the tiger of Hirok?
- Oh, yes, yes.

It works on all the
creatures of this world.

Only no effect on the
creatures of heaven and hell.

I was thinking. The twelve
year old Bikram who'll kill him.

Isn't he one of those thirteen?
- I think so, Brother Bagha.

Then it's a problem.
As long as that monster is alive.

The real Bikram won't get free.
He'll be under his charm.

We'll be free in two days.
After that we'll ask Pradeep Pandit.

To search if there's any
other twelve year old Bikram.

That we have to do.

Your Majesty!
- What's the news? Where were you?

In Anandagarh fort.

- Yes, Your Majesty.

Acharya has imprisoned 13 boys there.

We know, Your Majesty.
Even we have work there.

Work? What work?

That we can't tell you now,
Your Majesty.

Day after tomorrow we'll
return and tell you everything.

Then what will happen to those boys?

You can depend on us, Your Majesty.

We feel we can rescue them.

You have patience. Only two days.

Will you again go back there?

Yes, Your Majesty.
- We told you we've work.

But if we don't return in two days,
you search the fort.

What's the use of searching?

And what else will happen?

The way my soldiers were defeated,
I'm feeling helpless.

Acharya is such a dangerous man?
- Yes, Your Majesty.

But we are trying our best.

But... won't be harmed any way, right?

His magical powers!

Those powers even we have,
Your Majesty.

A couple of them you've seen yourself.

Yes, I have.

So, now, do we leave?

Go. But until you return.

Let's go.
- Let's go.


"Warning! Warning!"

"We came rushing. Rushing."

"You see staring. Staring."

"The way we do our job by singing."

"The way we do our job,
you see today."

"You see today."

"We get good prize,
and eat good food."

"We go from country
to country to do our job."

"We've no shame.
No shame. You see today."

"That diamond which
sparks on the head."

"That diamond which
sparks on the head."

"We've come for that.
We've come for that."

"We want that. We want that."

"You see the way we steal that."

"Our job is done. Job is done."

"Now, let's return home."

"Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye."


Open and take away their shoes.

Betrayers. Yesterday, my guard went
to your room. But you weren't there.

Where did you go? Answer.

You didn't get hypnotised.
Just pretended. You've such courage.

Where did you go? Say. Say.

Forgive us, Acharya.
We had gone to the king. - Yes.

To tell him not to worry.
- Yes.

That we'll return in two days.

You didn't say anything else?
- No, no, no.

Believe us,
we didn't say anything else.

If you do,
then also no one can harm me.

I would've killed you today itself.

But I still have to get that one gem.
- Master?

Keep it there.
These shoes will be with me here.

Tomorrow, when you go to Bishalnagar,
you'll get it back.

But one thing.
The gem should be given in my hand.

Or else you won't be released.
My spies are in every country.

You can't be free even
if you go back to Shundi.

The power of Brahmananda
will hunt you down.

Remember that.

And if we give the gem in your hand?

Then I'll fulfil what I
had promised you. Or else not.

I mean, I mean you'll
reduce our age by twenty years?

Did I promise anything else?
- No, no.

- Yes, master?

Take them to their
room and give them drinks.

They'll rest now.

Anyway, one thing is for sure.
We'll give the gem to him.

And our age will reduce by 20 years.
- Yes, sure.

But I'm thinking what
will happen to the boys?

Unless Acharya dies,
they will remain in his custody.

And won't leave this fort.

One thing,
this Pishach Shiddha, that master.

How could he make such a mistake?

If Bikram will be hypnotised by him,
how can Bikram kill him?

Correct. That Bikram
must be somewhere else.

To find him is the main work.

Pradeep Pandit.
- What?

I'll give this responsibility to him.

We'll tell him unless
real Bikram if found..

..the thirteen boys
can't be rescued. -Yes.

Tomorrow is holiday,
let him search for Bikram. - Yes.

And let us got to Bishalnagar
and bring the gem.

But when will you tell Pradeep Pandit?
And how will you?

There's no shoe.
- We'll walk.

We'll ask the villagers his house.

How will you get out of here?
Who'll open the door?

The door is locked from outside.

This time it's our bad luck.

Can't understand what to do.
Such condition.

Well said, Brother.

Hey! That stone isn't
a thing to play with.

What's the use? Useless.

There are so many stones
like this in our Shundi. - Yes.

What? You want that?

I want. I want. I want.

If we give, will you let us go out?
- I will. And I'll elope too.

I can't stand this torture anymore.

What's your master doing now?

He won't come to this side now.
You elope.

No, we won't elope.
- We'll return in sometime.

Listen. You do something.
Give us the keys of this room's lock.

We'll lock from outside,
he won't come to know.



The door is open.
You go whenever you want. Okay?

Whenever you want.

So, Brother Bagha, let's go?

We will. Let's have the drink.
Feeling thirsty.

There's a market nearby.
There must be people there.

I know. But I'm sleepy.


Even you?

I can't keep my eyes open.
- Right.


Let's take a nap. Then..

What's the matter?

The drink.
There was something in the drink.

"Gopi Bagha, Gopi Bagha, Gopi Bagha."

Hello, Your Majesty.

"Why do you go on the wrong way?"

"Why do you go? Why do you go?"

"I tell no. Then even you go.
Then even, then even."

"It upsets me. Upsets me. Upsets me."

It was our fault, Your Majesty.
- Forgive us, Your Majesty.

We had greed.

He promised to reduce
our age by twenty years.

"Why? Why? Why? Why?"

"What's the problem if you are 40?
What problem?"

"This way everyone turns forty,
sixty, and eighty."

"And you will also.
There isn't any problem. No problem."

"If the heart is young,
if knowledge is enhanced.."

"..respect is more, that's good.
That's good."

"That's all I want.
All I want. All I want."

Then, now what do we do, Your Majesty?

"Sing and apologise."

"Apologise. Apologise. Apologise."

"All your sins will wash away.
All scars erased. Erased."

What will happen to that devil,
Your Majesty?

"Tomorrow's his punishment."

"Punishment. Punishment."

"I'm going. I'm going."

"I'm going. I'm going. I'm going."

"See there, the day breaks."

"See there, the day breaks."

"Turning the east sky red,
the golden sun rises."

"Turning the east sky red,
the golden sun rises."

"In this light,
we beg for forgiveness."

"In this light,
we beg for forgiveness."

"Forgive us. Forgive us."

"We'll never again commit such a sin."

"We'll never again commit such a sin."

"Shame. What a shame."

"It's not dark anymore.
It's not dark anymore."

"The darkness of our souls is erased.
We're good again."

"The darkness of our souls is erased.
We're good again."

"We're good. We're good."

"So bright light."

Brother Bagha!

I saw ghost king in my dreams.

Even I saw.
The same dream. My heart is heavy.

Why now?
I've sung and begged forgiveness.

You apologised on my behalf?
- Won't I? We're soul mates.

Now, the heat is feeling
fresh and light. What's the worry?

But the gems we've stolen?

Brother Bagha,
Acharya till now hasn't awoken.

Let's go and get those gems.
- Correct.

What's the matter?
You here? So, early in the morning?

Searching for you, Pandit.
Because we've to know.

Whether there's any
twelve year old Bikram here.

But why?

The devil teacher had said that.

A twelve year old Bikram in Anandapur.

Will be Acharya's cause of death.

That's why he has captured all of them?
- Yes. - Exactly.

But that Pishachshiddha's
prediction is proving wrong.

Because if hypnotised,
then how will he kill him, you say?

So, we were thinking
if there's any more Bikram.

No. There isn't. I would've known.

Then there's grave trouble, Pandit.

That means you give up?
Giving us, giving us hope..


Kanu! Kanu! Kanu!

Kanu! Kanu!

What happened, Naybeddo?

I can't find Kanu.
- What?

Yes. I sat to pray, and he has eloped.
- Eloped? Where?

One thing, Naybeddo.

- They're kings of Shundi.

Does Kanu have any good name?

What do I say? He had a name.

I named him.

But within a few days his father,
that's my.. only son.

Was thunder-struck and he died.

Thence, we didn't use that name.

Kanu himself doesn't know.

What's that name?
- Bikram.

Bikram! Bikram!

According to Kanu's stars,
it was written that.. twelve, slowly supernatural
powers will develop in him.

Four days back, he's turned twelve.

Yesterday, he was saying he'll
kill the demon of the fort today.

That means he has gone there.

Come, Gopinath.
- Let's go. - Come Pandit.

Kanu! Kanu!




Master, we opened the
lock and found the room empty.

They've eloped, master.


They're somewhere in this town.

Bring them from wherever you can. Go.
- Okay, master.


Where are you going alone?
- Fort.

Grandpa is searching for you.
- I'll go back to grandpa.

When? - First, let me go to the fort.
I've a work there.

You're a small boy,
what work do you have, Kanu?

Go back home. Good boy.
- What will you all do?

My son is imprisoned
in the fort, Kanu.

I've to bring him back.
- How will you bring back Bikram?

I'm a young man, if needed,
I'll defeat Acharya. He's old.

You won't be able to.
- Why can't I? I surely can.

Except me, no one can.

What power do you have, Kanu?

You come with me,
then you'll understand.

No, no. No!

What has happened?
What's happening? My gems..

Where did my gems vanish?

Listen, Brahmananda!

Command, my Lord?

Those gems are of no more use.
- Why? Why, my Lord?

Your end has come.
You get ready for death.

You've lot of sins.

You hypnotised 13 boys,
and made them servants.

You tempted two innocent
men with false promises.

And made them steal for you.

- You can't reduce anyone's age.

That art I didn't teach you.

You did it only for the greed of gems.

- Your greed is your sin.

And this sin is your death.
- No.

Get ready.

But that boy? That twelve year old boy?
- He's coming.

He possesses heavenly powers.

You won't be able to
tolerate his innocent eyes.

You can't. You can't. You can't.

Master! Master! Master! Master!

You've come?

Who's he?

Bikram. Bikram. Bikram.

Bikram. Bikram. Bikram.

Bikram. Bikram. Bikram.

Bikram. Bikram. Bikram.

Bikram. Bikram.
- Take him away.

- Take him away.

Bikram. Bikram.
- He's innocent. He's my death.

You won't sing a song?

"Oh, you devil."

"Oh, you devil."

"Today's the end
of your devilish deeds."

"Today's the end
of your devilish deeds."

"Your death has come. Bikram."

"Your death has come. Bikram."

"Your punishment will be severe."

"You ruthless devil. Bikram."

"Oh, you devil.
Now, you've no escape."

"Now, you've no escape."


"Today's a respite peaceful day.
Our work's over."

"Today's a respite peaceful day.
Our work's over."

"After driving out ghosts,
we'll now return to our country."

"After driving out ghosts,
we'll now return to our country."

"We'll again sit on the throne,
and be kings."

"We'll again sit on the throne,
and be kings."

"No matter wherever you are,
don't forget us."

"No matter wherever you are,
don't forget us."

"You will be in our
hearts morning to evening."

"You will be in our
hearts morning to evening."

"Morning to evening."

"Morning to evening."