God's Not Dead 2 (2016) - full transcript

When a high school teacher is asked a question in class about Jesus, her response lands her in deep trouble.

♪ Oh, I love to hear
the song of creation ♪

♪ The wind and the
rhythm of the rain ♪

♪ Oh, the thunder, it
speaks of your power ♪

♪ But there's something
in the sound of the saints ♪

♪ I've been washed in
the roar of the ocean ♪

♪ Found peace in
the echoes of a cave ♪

♪ And the trees of the
field, they clap their hands ♪

♪ But there's something
in the sound of the saints ♪

♪ From the lips of
those you saved ♪

♪ A redemption song will rise ♪

♪ With a sound so
full it cracks the sky ♪

♪ Whoa, we sing hallelujah ♪

♪ Whoa, we sing amen ♪

♪ Hear the sound of the
saints as we march onto Zion ♪

♪ Singing hallelujah, amen ♪

♪ Singing hallelujah, amen ♪

♪ I will hear the
chorus of the angels ♪

♪ A forever symphony of praise ♪

♪ I long to hear the
voice of my Savior ♪

♪ And he hears us the
sound of the saints ♪

♪ From the lips of
those you saved ♪

♪ A redemption song will rise ♪

♪ Every tongue, every tribe
hear the church, your bride ♪

♪ Whoa, we sing hallelujah ♪

Oh, I'm running late, oh.

♪ Whoa, we sing amen ♪

♪ Hear the sound
of the saints ♪-

♪ As we march onto Zion ♪

♪ Singing hallelujah, amen ♪

♪ Singing hallelujah, amen ♪

♪ Whoa, whoa ♪

♪ Our hearts will rise ♪

♪ Our song shall be ♪

♪ Jesus Christ, our
Savior King forever ♪

♪ Our hearts will rise ♪

♪ The saints will sing ♪

♪ Of Jesus Christ,
our Savior King ♪

♪ Forever, forever ♪

♪ Whoa, we sing hallelujah ♪

♪ Whoa, we sing amen ♪

♪ Hear the sound of the
saints as we march onto Zion ♪

♪ Singing hallelujah, amen ♪

♪ Hallelujah, amen ♪

Brooke, we're all upset,
but we need to move on.

Honey, you're a junior now.

It's your make-or-break year,

so there's no
room for self-pity.

Can you give Marlene
and I a ride to school today?

I'm sorry, honey,
I don't have time.

I have an 8:30 with Marc
Shelley at White & Wolfe.

What?! Richard, you
didn't say anything!

How did you get the meeting?

It's just a meeting, so
don't get too excited.

But it could be huge.

I know!

Who's going to the
meeting with you?

Hey, I got the meeting.

I know, I just think maybe you
should take Melinda or Janice.

Janice? You want
me to take Janice?

- Yeah, why not?
- I'm not taking Janice.

- Rough morning?
- You know my parents.

Maybe they just
need a little more time.

I don't know about that.

I'd say they're pretty over it.

My mom's making tacos tonight.

I'll let her know you're coming.

It's not like they'll miss me.

Brooke, I'm serious, honey.

You need to get
focused or you could say,

"Good-bye Stanford,
hello Somewhere State."

Got it.


Good morning!

Morning, Grace.

I keep telling you, you
don't have to keep doing this.

Are you kidding?

This is the best part
of my day, Gramps.

Pills first.

You're a good girl.

Ah, honey, you know I'm not
gonna be around here forever,

and you might wanna start
thinking about some other guy

you wanna have breakfast with.

I'll work on that.


You know, I love the
way you do the oatmeal,

but what do you say

I take you out for bacon and
eggs this morning, my treat.

Not after your last
cholesterol test.

Besides, I have some
papers I have to grade

before the staff meeting.

I'm 81 years old,

and bacon is not
gonna be what kills me.

Nice try, you're 82.


Good morning.

Have a nice day.

Morning, ladies.


Good morning.

Hey, what do you call a
teacher with no students?


I got it, how about ecstatic?

You're both right. Retired!

Only 36 days to go!

You know you're
gonna miss the kids

when you're gone, Rizzo.

No, Grace. That's
sweet, but no, I won't.

The older I get,

the more difficult these
kids are to deal with.

I totally agree.

Yesterday, I just about
snatched at Tim Webster.

That boy had me
on my last nerve.

Well, I happen to think
that difficult students

can be a blessing.

Grace, honey, when is this
optimism ever gonna wear off?

Bill. Bill.


Junk mail.

Oh, man!

David, why are
you always so sad?

Hey! You're back!

Why are you back?

My pastor gave me permission

to finish my
doctorate at Hadleigh,

so if that's okay with you,
I'm gonna be here for awhile.

Oh, David, you are a mess.

What happened to you?

I woke up.

Okay, for 500 points,

for all the cheese,
for the game.

This quote is from
what document?

"We hold these truths
to be self-evident,

"that all men are created equal,

"that they are endowed
by their Creator

with certain unalienable
rights, that among these..."

Boom, baby!

All right, Team 1,
what's your answer?

Our answer is the
Declaration of Independence.

That's... correct!

Team 1 wins!


Okay, you guys,

Monday we will examine the
assertion of individual rights

through the last century.

Have a good weekend.

Brooke, are you okay?

I'm fine.

Are you sure?

Yeah, thanks.

Ms. Ryan?

I lied.

Are you sure you're being fair?

Trust me, they're over it,

and they expect
me to be over it, too.

It's like to them, he
never even existed.

The only thing
that I know for sure

is that I'm never going
to see my brother again.

Everybody's asked if there's
anything that they can do.

The truth is, no
one can do anything

because the only
thing that I really want

is 5 more minutes
to tell my brother

how I really felt about him.

Did your brother believe
there was something more?

I don't know.

Do you?

Brooke, every person
reaches a point in their life

when they ask
themselves this question.

There's nothing wrong
with you asking it, too.

You never let
anything get to you.

How do you do that?



How'd it go, Amy?


It's gone.

My cancer's... it's gone.

Oh, my goodness!

That's incredible!

I know. I just...
I can't believe it.

Isn't that what you prayed for?

Yes, of course. I just...

Prayer is a powerful thing,

and it turns out God has
much bigger plans for you.

You okay, Grace?

Yeah, I just can't stop
thinking about Brooke.

You know, she's searching.

She's hurting.

Yeah, that's the
thing about atheism.

It doesn't take away the pain;
it just takes away the hope.

What'd you tell her?

The truth.

Now she's free to
make her own choice.

Unfortunately, in
this day and age,

people seem to forget that
the most basic human right of all

is a right to know Jesus.

Let's put her on
the prayer list.

Prayer always seems
to be the last thing we do,

when it should be the first.

Now, how 'bout
some more popcorn?

With a glycemic index
of 100, not a chance.

I swear, Grace, if you
don't start feeding me better,

I'm gonna leave you
for a nursing home.

Well, that's it for me.

I'm going to bed.

Love ya.

I love you better.

Love you first.

That's unfair.


Brooke, the people from
that charity place are here

to pick up your
brother's things.

Can you make sure
they get everything?

And don't forget to
put the milk away!




- Well, that's the last of it.
- Thank you.

And, well, I was loading one
of the boxes onto the truck,

I noticed this and I thought
you might wanna keep it.

So sorry for your loss.



And so, peaceful nonviolence

comes first in
India under Gandhi,

and then later, here in the
United States under Dr. King

and others as a means
of achieving civil rights.

But what makes
nonviolence so radical

is its unwavering commitment
to a nonviolent approach,

not just initially, but in the
face of escalating persecution

by the opposing force.


Isn't that sort of like
what Jesus meant

when he said that we
should love our enemies?


The writer of the
Gospel of Matthew

records Jesus as saying,
"You have heard it said,

"love your neighbor
and hate your enemy,

"but I tell you,
love your enemies

"and pray for those
who persecute you,

that you will be children
of your Father in heaven,"

which indicates a
commitment to nonviolence.

Dr. King confirmed the link,

describing his
inspiration from Scripture,

saying Christ furnished
the spirit and motivation,

while Gandhi
furnished the method.

Except that that didn't work.

Jesus got himself killed
and everybody knows that.

Well, so did Dr. King.

So, I guess it just depends
on how you measure success.

Both men created movements
that survive to this day,

even though both
paid the ultimate price

for their commitment
to their ideals.

I still wouldn't do it.


not very many people
have that kind of courage.

But I, for one, am
grateful for those that do,

you know, those who stand
up for what they believe.

Have a good day.


Are you Pastor Dave?

I am.

- I'm Martin Yip.
- Nice to meet you.

My friend Josh Wheaton
said you might be able

to answer my
questions about God.

Well, that definitely falls
within my job description.

How many questions have you got?

So far, 147.

Is something wrong?


Josh encouraged
me to write them down

and be as comprehensive
as possible.

Of course he did.

Well, I'll have to thank
him next time I see him.

Come on.

So, what's your first question?

Grace, I just have
to hear it from you.

Did this happen?

If you're asking
whether I responded

to a student's question, yes.

If you're asking whether
her question and my answer

both referenced Jesus as it
was relevant to the history lesson

we were discussing,
again, I'd have to say yes.

Good afternoon, Ms. Wesley.

I've asked Bob
Fessler to sit in,

he's the school's attorney,

to advise us on any legal issues
we might be brushing up against.

Should I have a lawyer, too?

No, I don't see
the need for that.

Ms. Rizzo is present as
your union representation.


We are here to hear
your side of the story.

Now, I understand a student in
your second period history class

asked a question
about the parallels

between the teachings of Gandhi

and remarks allegedly
made by Jesus.

Yes, that's correct.

And your answer incorporated
specific detailed reference

to those teachings that
included Scripture itself,

the words of Jesus.


What were you thinking, Grace?

Do you believe your
response was in line

with district policy?


As well as in compliance

with state and
federal guidelines?

Yes, sir.

Well, Ms. Wesley,
unfortunately for you,

I'm fairly certain the
school board will disagree.

No, Coach, you're
not hearing me.

No prayers.

No moments of silence. Nothing.

It's tradition on the field.

Not on the field, not
in the locker room,

not in the parking lot
for that matter, okay?

Whatever you say.

Okay, thanks, Coach.

Come on in.

Hi, Brooke.

You wanted to see me?

Ms. Wesley is currently
under disciplinary review.

All of her classes
have been reassigned

until things are settled.

I don't want you to have
any contact with her.

None whatsoever, either
on or off school property.

Do I have any say in this?

No, I've already discussed
things with your father

and he agrees.

Since when does my dad care?

Brooke, the important
thing for you to remember

is you've done nothing wrong.

Neither did Ms. Wesley.

All she did was
answer a question.

Ms. Wesley's answer was
not in line with school policy.


I mean, aren't we allowed
to say what we believe?

When did that change?

I'm not gonna argue with you,

and I don't want you discussing
the situation with anyone.

Do you understand?

Do you understand?



Are you...

Tom Endler, your
union-appointed attorney.

You don't look like a lawyer.

Thank you.

I'm not sure I meant
that as a compliment.

I'm determined
to take it as one.

Shall we sit?

So, have you
defended many teachers

in disciplinary matters?

Nope, you're my first.

Just hired on from the
public defender's office.

Criminal law?

No offense, but
I'm not a criminal.

Don't be so sure of that.

Your kind of case makes
everybody uncomfortable.

School boards,
teachers, parents.

It makes them feel... yucky.


Is that a technical legal term?

You got a better word for it?

Grace, I'm gonna level with you.

Nobody wants your case.

I drew it because I'm
low man on the totem pole

in a place where
seniority means everything.

If, for whatever reason,
you're not happy with me,

you're on your own.

You're free to hire your own
attorney out of your own pocket.

Educational law isn't
exactly a common specialty.

So, what's the good news?

I don't like to lose.

And I'm willing
to fight for you.

Are you a believer?

You mean a Christian?

No, but I think
that's an advantage.


You're passionate
about what you believe.

I mean, let's face it,

it's why you're in
trouble in the first place.

But it blinds you to the
realities of procedure.


Okay, what?

Okay, I agree to let
you represent me.

- Good.
- Good.

David, are you okay?

Um, terrific.

There was a young
man in here, brilliant kid,

with no exposure to Scripture
until a few months ago.

He came in with some questions.

147 of 'em to be exact.

I feel like I've been hit by
a truck loaded with Bibles.

Big heavy ones with
those thick covers.

Always be ready to give
answer as to why you believe

and the reason for your hope.

1 Peter chapter 3, verse 15.


And where were you 4 hours ago?

"Trust in the Lord
with all your heart

"and lean not on your
own understanding.

"In all your ways,
acknowledge him

and he will make
your paths straight."

Father, I need you.

I can't do this alone.

I know that you're in control.

Please, give me the courage.

In Jesus' name, amen.

Call to order.

I assume Ms. Wesley understands
that this board has the power

to recommend any number
of disciplinary actions,

up to and including termination.

She does.

And this board should
be aware that in the event

of such termination,

which we would view as both
wrongful and without cause,

she reserves all
rights of redress.

I may have a solution.

There might be a way around
all of this unpleasantness

that would satisfy all parties.

A disciplinary notice
in Ms. Wesley's file

stating the school board's
objections to her behavior,

a response from Ms. Wesley

confessing the
inappropriateness of

and apologizing for her actions,

along with a pledge
not to engage

in similar discussion
of Jesus in the future.

I'm confident that we can
move forward on that basis.



I can't.

I'd like to request
a brief recess

to have a word with my client.

Excuse me.

Grace, this is exactly
what we were hoping for.

I mean, this is the part
where you say you're sorry,

thank your lawyer,

go back to your classroom,
pick up your life, and move on.

- I can't do that.
- Why?

I gave an honest answer

to a student's legitimate
question in history.


Grace, you don't wanna do this.

It's the wrong decision.

Is it?

I mean, I would
rather stand with God

and be judged by the world

than stand with the world
and be judged by God.

I am not gonna be afraid
to say the name "Jesus."

I know her. She's
not gonna go for it.

How do we make this go away

and not get blood on our hands?

That's the easy part.

We let the ACLU do it.

They'll file suit
against Ms. Wesley

and if she is found
liable, which she will be,

then we fire her for cause.

But the school district
will certainly be named

as a codefendant.

We don't have the financial
wherewithal to fight that.

They've already been in touch.

They aren't interested
in punishing the school.

They want her.

Are you sure?

Trust me.

They've been dreaming
of a case like this.

While Ms. Wesley apologizes
for any inconvenience

her actions may have caused,

Ms. Wesley stands
by her statements,

and she does not
retract or recant them,

either in full or in part.

So noted.

Having little choice, this board
recommends continued suspension,

henceforth without pay,

pending review by a court
of competent jurisdiction

to determine whether or
not Ms. Wesley violated

local, state, or
federal guidelines.

This proceeding is adjourned.

The last thing we need is

a bunch of religious fanatics

protesting outside of our house.

We'll work to keep it
out of the media for now.

But next year, when you're
applying to all the colleges,

you'll be able to tell the story

of how Brooke was part of a
landmark constitutional case

concerning the separation
of church and state.

And believe me, there is not
an Ivy League admissions board

that could resist that.

And think of the other
children out there,

innocent children
who are subjected

to their repressive
belief system.

And not forgetting the
financial opportunities.


Ms. Wesley is an employee
of the school board.

We win in court and we
establish her misconduct

as said paid employee,

well, there's nothing
that changes policy faster

than a big,
expensive settlement.

We're going to prove once
and for all that God is dead.

Brooke is a minor.

As far as the court is
concerned, she has no rights.

That simply means I won't
be asking her to be a witness.

I feel supremely
confident about this.



Injunctive relief?

They're asking
that you be fired,

plus revocation of
your teaching certificate.

What? How am I supposed to...

Plus attorney's fees.

Essentially, you'll
lose everything.

Why are they doing this?

They want to make
an example of you.

To them, your beliefs
are like a disease

whose time has come and gone,

sort of like smallpox,
or polio, or the plague.

So, what do we do?

We win.

Hey, what's going on?

Brooke is exercising
her right to protest.


Hey, shut up, loser.

At least she's
standing for something.

Give me that.

Brooke, you need to
stop this immediately.

Brooke, this is the last
time I'm gonna tell you.

If you don't stop
this right now,

there are gonna be
some consequences.

Actually, I don't
think that there will,

because this is a sidewalk,
which is public property.

My dad's a lawyer.

Well, actually, this sidewalk
is on school property.

I suggest you girls
aren't late for class.

Yes, ma'am.

Hey, what are you doing?

I'm just, you know,
reading the paper

while my laptop goes through
my online jury orientation.

Well, shouldn't you
be paying attention?

Please remember, consumption
of alcoholic beverages,

nonprescription drugs,
and weapons are prohibited

in the courtroom.

Still, isn't it your civic duty?

Theoretically, yeah,
but Matthew 22:14.

Oh, "Many are called,
few are chosen."


Three hundred people show
up, they sit around for 8 hours,

and at the end of the
day, they all go home,

having not been selected.

Statistically, I have
a better chance

of being hit by lightning.

Gotta get some coffee.

All right.

It's called "voir dire."

It means that we get a chance
to eliminate any potential jurors

that may have a
bias against you.

- Sir.
- Oh!

Thank you, sir.

So, how are you feeling?

I'm good.

All right, well, this is a
bit of an arduous process.

They bring all these jurors in.
It's gonna take the whole day,

but I think this is where
we can win the case.

All rise for the Honorable
Judge Robert Stennis.

On the order of the matter

of Thawley vs. Wesley,

you may be seated.

So, it says here...
What does it say?

It says you're a psychic.


Oh, do you know who's
gonna win this case?

No, don't answer that.

We're going to challenge
this juror, Your Honor.

Ms. Bailey, what's
your favorite TV show?

"Pretty Little Liars."

challenge, Your Honor.

What is your favorite TV show?

"Duck Dynasty."

challenge, Your Honor.

"Duck Dynasty."

Ms. Smith, are you
involved in any community

or charitable organizations?

Yes, the Salvation Army.

We'll accept this
juror, Your Honor.

Juror number nine,
you're a teacher.

I'm a retired teacher.

Ever have any disciplinary
run-ins with the administration?


Acceptable to the
plaintiff, Your Honor.

Acceptable, Your Honor.

challenge, Your Honor.

We'll take her, Your Honor.

Thank you, Mr. Cherry.

challenge, Your Honor.

Number two just screams Marine.

I don't want him.

That would mean
blowing our last challenge.

Well, we have no choice.

I mean, what part of
"God, Country, and Corps"

do you wanna put on that jury?

What was your
last paid position?

Artillery Forward Observer,
United States Marine Corps.

challenge, Your Honor.

Thank you.

Your Honor, we'd like
to challenge for cause.

Why is that?

Oh, Your Honor, the
man's an ordained minister.

Need I say more?

The juror is excused.

Objection, Your Honor.

Basis, Mr. Endler?

Discriminatory, Your Honor.

Peremptory challenges can
not be used to discriminate

against a certain class
of juror based on race,

ethnic background,
religion, or gender.

And the fact that
religious belief

is tangential to this
case doesn't change that.

Upon further reflection,

I find the respondent's
assertion is correct.


You're not her pastor, are you?

No, Your Honor.

Your Honor, I must protest here.

Mr. Kane,

now, you had a set number
of peremptory challenges,

all of which you have used.

Therefore, it's up
to opposing counsel.

We accept him, Your Honor.

Welcome to the jury, sir.

Henceforth, juror number twelve.

I hope you enjoy your
service to the community.

Better chance of being
struck by lightning.

It amazes me how we,
as human beings, think.

When I was battling for my life,

I was willing to hold onto
anything, including God,

even though I really
didn't believe in him

until that moment.

I was convinced that I felt him,

but now that I'm
officially in remission,

I find myself
questioning everything.

So, effective immediately,
this blog is the personal diary

of one woman's
exploration of faith

on her own terms, cancer-free.

Hey, Martin. How's it going?

Very good, Pastor Dave.

Oh, please.

You sure?

Well, it seems that for
every question you answered,

three or four more
questions spring up.

Yeah, but that's a
good thing, right?

It's like what Einstein
said about science.

Picture what you know
like the light of a candle.

As the circle of
knowledge expands,

so does the circumference
of darkness around it.

So, I'm actually learning,

even though I
might not feel like it.

Yes, exactly.

Well, I've been
studying the Beatitudes.

They're very hard, one
might say impossible,

to follow completely.

Here in Luke's
account, Jesus says,

"Do unto others as you
have them do unto you."

But how is that possible?

How can I react to the
needs of everyone else

the same as my
own, even for one day,

let alone my whole life?

And how can I
reconcile my inability

to do so with Scripture?

Yeah, those are good questions.

Okay, scoot over.

What is that, Luke?

Yes, 6:20.

"And Jesus said
to his disciples,

"" You who are poor are blessed

"" because the
kingdom of God is yours.

"" You who are now
hungry are blessed

"" because you will be filled.

"" You who now weep are
blessed because you will laugh.

"" You are blessed when people
hate you, when they exclude you,

"" insult you, and
slander your name as evil

because of the Son of Man. ""

You can't win.


I'll take that under advisement.

Oh, come on, you know I'm right.

I mean, why do it?

Why go through this
whole exercise, huh?

Here, thanks.

You know, I looked
up your history.

You're better than this.

You were third in your
class at Stanford Law.

You clerked for a judge
on the Ninth Circuit.

Why you slumming like this?

Maybe I believe that people
that don't do anything wrong

shouldn't suffer at
the hands of the law.

You know what hate is, Tom?

I'm not talking about
the fairy tale stuff,

I mean real hate.

I hate what people
like your client stand for

and what they're
doing to our society,

and Stennis does, too,
even if he doesn't admit it.

Well, the jury doesn't hate her.

Ah, but that's the
secret, Tommy.

They don't need to hate her.

They just need to see a
tiny flaw in her, a half-truth,

a small inconsistency,
just a little bit of doubt,

and they'll find against her.

Nice shoes.

You ready?

Come on.

Congress shall make no law

respecting an establishment

of religion or prohibiting
the free exercise thereof.

The first half of this passage

is known as the
establishment clause.

The second half is known
as the free exercise clause.

Now, there has been
an ongoing debate

about what the role of
government should be,

because in practice,
these two provisions

are often in conflict,

which is what
brings us here today.

In the matter of
Thawley vs. Wesley,

is the plaintiff prepared to
make its opening statement?

We are, Your Honor.

Then proceed.

Ladies and gentlemen,
in a jury of this size,

I'm imagining that there are,
probably among your ranks,

a few Christians.

Hopefully practicing ones,

and that's a good
thing, that's fine,

because Christianity
is not on trial here,

even though my opponent
will try to convince you that it is.

Nor is faith on trial.

Only Ms. Wesley
is on trial here today.

Now, ask any 4th grader

and they're probably
familiar with the phrase,

"Separation of
church and state,"

and that is guaranteed
to us under our laws.

The plaintiffs are the
parents of a student

in Ms. Wesley's class who
was subjected to hearing

the teachings of Jesus Christ
being favorably compared

to the teachings of
Mahatma Gandhi.

We all know that Jesus is part

of a particular
religious tradition.

These parents, who are
trying to raise their daughter

to be a free thinker,

free of any religious dogma,

are wholly offended by what
went on in that classroom.

And she, reciting the words

that were allegedly
attributed to Jesus,

who allegedly lived
2,000 years ago,

gave a clear and
compelling indication

of what she believes,
what she supports,

what she endorses.

Now, let me put it this way.

I don't mean to offend anyone
who may be a Muslim here,

and I do not want to
slight the prophet of Islam,

but if you were to ask me a
question concerning the Quran,

the sacred text of Islam,

and I could come
up with the answer

with great speed and accuracy,

and I could quote the
proper surah, or chapter,

then it would be
reasonable for you to infer

that I was not only
a follower of Islam,

but that I considered
it to be superior

to all other forms of religion.

If I did this in a house of
worship, that would be fine.

But if I did it in an 11th grade
classroom in a public school,

that would be
preaching, not teaching.

So, why? Why in the
world are we here today?

Why? Because Ms.
Wesley refused to apologize,

and that means that
her true motivation

in that moment in her classroom

was to take an innocent question

and turn it into an opportunity
to preach, not teach.

If we grant Ms. Wesley
the right to do that,

and by extension, everyone else,

to violate the law based
solely on our own private beliefs,

then our society will crumble.

I believe that.

So, I implore you, please
do not set this precedent.

Do not.

The future of our
republic depends on it.

What's going on?

Brooke is exercising
her right to protest.

Brooke, I need you to
stop this immediately.

Brooke, this is the last
time I'm gonna tell you.

If you don't stop right now,
there are gonna be consequences.

Hey, Aunt Amy.

Hey, Marlene.

Yeah, I just saw the
video, what's going on?

So, you remember
my friend, Brooke?


Well, she got a
teacher in trouble

for asking her about Jesus.


Now she's not even
supposed to talk about it

and we can't even cover
it in our school paper.

Is there any way that
I could meet with her?

- The teacher?
- No, Brooke.

Mr. Endler, your
opening statement.

Ladies and
gentlemen of the jury,

I have here a copy
of the Constitution

of the United States of America

and its Bill of Rights,

arguably the two most
important documents

in the history of
our great nation.

But despite Mr. Kane's
impassioned rhetoric,

you know what you
won't find in there

no matter how hard you look?

The phrase "Separation
of church and state."

That's right.

It's not in there,
never has been,

because that phrase
comes from a letter

written by Thomas Jefferson.

Now, ironically,
Jefferson was writing

to a Baptist congregation,
ensuring them

that they would
always have the right

to believe as they wished,
free of government interference.

But lately, that phrase has
been taken out of context

and twisted and contorted

to mean the exact opposite.

And one morning early this
year, my client, Ms. Wesley,

she woke up as usual,

she drove to work at
her job as a teacher

at Martin Luther
King High School,

a place where she was
Teacher of the Year.

Her lesson plan for
second period A.P. history

that morning, it didn't include
any mention of God or Jesus.

She didn't have a Bible
sitting on her desk in plain view.

She didn't start her
class with a blessing.

She didn't lead her
students in prayer.

No, all she did was
answer a question,

because that is what
she gets paid to do.

Now, Mr. Kane will
insist loudly and often

that faith isn't on trial here,

but that is exactly
what is on trial,

the most basic human right
of all, the right to believe.

Mr. Kane's afraid.

He's afraid that you, the jury,
the touchstone of common sense,

might not agree with
his tortured interpretation

of the Constitution,

that you might understand
that my client has rights,

rights that trump his agenda,
and that in realizing that

you will hold as I do

that my client is
guilty of no wrongdoing

and innocent of any
and all claims against her.

Thank you very much.

And now it's become
this huge deal,

and all she did was
answer my question.

Why do you think your
parents are doing this?

Because my mom thinks
it'll help me get into Stanford

or one of the Ivys, and my
dad thinks it'll help pay for it.

And nobody's asked
you what you think?


So, are you gonna help her?

I don't know.

I would at least
like to talk to her.

Maybe I could help
get her story out there.

Great, because everyone's
telling me to stay out of it.

Do you always do
what you're told?

What is your heart
telling you to do?

Mr. Thawley, how did you
feel when you found out

that your daughter
had been exposed

to faith-based
teachings in class?

Well, it felt like we
had been violated.

I mean, this was supposed
to be a history class,

not Sunday school.

My wife and I are free thinkers.

We're rationalists.

We believe in a
non-theistic world view,

and that's how we were
trying to raise our daughter.

And did you discuss this
incident with your daughter?

Well, I tried,

but it's hard discussing
anything with kids that age.

She's 16.

Some of you know
what that's like.

It's hard enough trying to
maintain credibility as a parent

without a teacher jumping in

and arguing
against your position.

Now, we trust the school
not to overstep its bounds

in terms of what is and
what isn't appropriate.

Is that too much to ask?

No. Thank you, Mr. Thawley.

That's all, Your Honor.

Your witness, Mr. Endler.

No questions, Your Honor.

Next witness, Mr. Kane.

Mrs. Rizzo, did Ms. Wesley
talk about faith issues

on the school campus?

All the time.

Everybody knows
she's a Christian.

I don't think she'd chew a
stick of gum without praying first.

It makes everyone feel awkward.

Thank you.

No further questions,
Your Honor.

Your witness, Mr. Endler.

Mrs. Rizzo, you
stated that Ms. Wesley

talks about her
faith all the time.

I'm curious, can you give
me a specific instance?

Well, not off the
top of my head.

Well, has she, as
far as you're aware,

ever started her
class with a prayer?


Has she ever asked anyone
in the teacher's lounge

to pray with her?


Has she ever asked you
personally to pray with her?

Objection, Your Honor.

- No.
- Cumulative.

The question has effectively
been asked and answered.

Your Honor, Mrs. Rizzo's
sworn testimony states

that Ms. Wesley talked
about her faith all the time,

yet she's failed to
cite a single instance.

I'm merely trying to discover
some basis for her opinion.


Mr. Endler, we're done
with this line of questioning.

Mrs. Rizzo, in the
school's initial inquiry

into this matter, you were
Ms. Wesley's representative

on behalf of the
teacher's union,

were you not?


And did you ever consider
that your disapproval

of her faith might
taint your ability

to represent her properly?

Objection, speculative.


God bless you.

Careful, or you
might end up on trial.

Mr. Endler!

No further questions,
Your Honor.

So, when are these
religious zealots

going to realize it's not
only disrespectful of them

to push their beliefs on others,

in this case, it's
actually illegal?

This woman, this fundamentalist,
used her position of influence

as a teacher to fill the minds
of our children with nonsense.

If you ask me, the
religious extremists

we need to worry about
are the hard-core Christians.

How about we show up in force
and show Ms. Wesley just exactly

what we think of
her proselytizing?

Principal Kinney, what was

the school district's
final determination?

Well, Grace has been
suspended without pay

pending the
result of this trial.

Isn't it rather unusual,
leaving it up to a third party

to determine whether
Ms. Wesley is fired?

We've decided to accept

the court's interpretation
of wrongdoing either way.

No questions, Your Honor.

Your witness, Mr. Endler.

Ms. Kinney,

can you tell me the full
name of the high school

over which you preside?

Doctor Martin Luther King
Junior Memorial High School.

I noticed that the
name fails to mention

Dr. King's title as
Reverend Doctor.

It's his work in the
field of civil rights

that we prefer to highlight.

But that's the whole point.

You consider his
faith and politics

to be separate things,

but I don't, and he
certainly wouldn't have.

Objection, Your Honor.

Counsel is testifying.


Jury's instructed to ignore
Mr. Endler's preceding remarks.

Ms. Kinney, are you
familiar with Dr. King's letter

from the Birmingham Jail?

Yes, it's a seminal piece

of civil rights history.

In that letter Dr. King
makes numerous

references, does he not?

Offhand, I don't recall.

Allow me to refresh your memory.

He cites the example
of the three youths

from the book of Daniel who
were tossed into the fiery furnace

by King Nebuchadnezzar
because they refused to worship him.

Elsewhere, he urges
action with Jesus,

and here I quote,
"Extremist love."

And in his speech, "I've
Been to the Mountaintop,"

he stated that he just
wanted to do God's will.

Is this coming back to you now?


In your opinion,
would Ms. Wesley,

had she chosen to do so,
have been allowed to present

the examples that I just
mentioned in her class?

Objection, speculative.

I'm going to allow it.


Witness may answer.


If it were up to me, she
would not have been allowed.

Why not?

Because those examples

are too closely
associated with faith.

In other words, they're facts,

but they're just facts that are
too dangerous for discussion?

The word I would use
would be "controversial."

But aren't facts just facts?

I mean, there's
nothing controversial

about 2 plus 2 equaling
4, or E equals MC squared,

or the date man
landed on the moon.

So, why the controversy
about these facts?

I think the fact that
we're all here today

speaks for itself.

Thank you for your honesty.

One last question.

In your orientation

at the beginning
of the semester,

your memo to the staff
stressed diversity and tolerance,

did it not?


Well, would it be fair to say
that except for Christianity,

all other forms of
diversity are welcome?


Your Honor!

I will withdraw the question.

Mr. Endler, you seem
to have a penchant

for injecting commentary
where it doesn't belong.

You would do well to
avoid further provocation

of this court.

I apologize, Your Honor.

I'll look to curtail
it in the future.

Redirect, Your Honor?

Ms. Kinney, I understand
that you attended a service

at Ms. Wesley's
church a short while ago.

Is that correct?

Yes, that's correct.

It was an event honoring several
students who attend that church

for their community service.


And who was it that
invited you to that service?

Grace Wesley.

I see.

And where were you when
this invitation was extended?

At my office.

On school grounds?


During work hours?


Thank you.

Oh, one last question.

Is it true that Ms.
Wesley accepts donations

for a faith-based
charity, Convoy of Hope,

right there in the classroom?

Yes, she does.

Thank you again.

No further questions,
Your Honor.

You may step down, Mrs. Kinney.

Court's adjourned.

Grace, can I ask you a question,

off the record?


These people, they're
looking to destroy you,

and I don't just
mean financially.

Do you think it's worth it?

I hope so.

So do I.

Fishy and cheesy
at the same time.

David, this tuna
melt is exquisite.

Oh, yeah, exquisite.

It's the provolone.

That was my idea.

I love what it does to
the flavor of the fish.

Don't I know you?

You're from Blaze's
Car Rental, right?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, that gig didn't
really work out for me.

I don't think customer
service is my forte.

So, you decided
to become a waiter?

Well, this is where I
do my dinner theatre.

In the mornings I
serve up croissants.

In the evenings I
serve up Chekhov.


Hey, listen, sorry about the
whole car not working thing.

It's okay.

I learned my lesson.

He bought a Prius.

Starts every time.


- Same guy.
- Same guy.


Gentlemen, I don't
wanna spoil your brunch,

but I'm hearing
from a friend of mine

in the prosecutor's
office about a subpoena

that just came down
demanding that we submit

copies of our sermons for
the last 3 months for review.

Can they do that?

They tried it in Houston.

So, now the government
can determine

what we can and can't
preach at our churches?

Let's not overreact.

I'm sure there's
no ill intent here.

Unfortunately, I think
this is just the beginning.

We've been ignoring it, and
now we're paying the price for it.

Well, don't forget
the silent majority.

They're out there.

They just need
something to stand for.

Well I'll admit there's
pressure, but I think with time

this will correct itself.

Forgive me, but I
think you're wrong.

I'm serving on a jury
in a case right now

that touches on these issues.

And of course, I'm not
allowed to talk about it,

but I mean, the one thing
that it's convinced me of

is that if we stand
by and do nothing,

pressure that
we're feeling today

is gonna mean
persecution tomorrow.

What makes you so sure?

Speed of change,
viciousness of the opposition.

The message of the gospel
has us standing in the way

of a lot of things that
powerful people want,

and our resistance to
change that message

because it's not ours to change
has made us a lot of enemies.

Whether we admit it
or not, we're at war,

the war of Ephesians 6,
not against flesh and blood,

but against the
powers of this world,

against the spiritual forces
in the heavenly realms.

And if we insist
on denying that,

then we've already lost.

I brought a giant
bag of Chinese food

and a briefcase full of files.

I say we eat first.

I say you're a genius.

Does Walter want to join us?

Oh, no. He's hiding in his room.

How come?

He's treating this
like it's a date,

which should give
you some indication

of what my social life is like.

Don't worry, I won't tell.

Falls under
attorney-client privilege.

So, is this what you
always saw yourself doing,

the lawyer thing?

No, um...

I wanted to be Batman.

How 'bout you?

Your parents have you
all set to go to the convent?

Actually, there were
no bedtime prayers

in my childhood.

I was raised in a house
without much faith.

When did you decide
to become a Christian?

I was walking home from class.

It was dark, and I was
struggling with a lot of things.

And I turned the corner,

and right there in front
of me was this church.

It had this old sign out front,

but it just stopped
me in my tracks.

And the sign... the sign said,

"Who do you say that I am?"

And as I read it, I could
hear the Lord speak to me.

You know,

I couldn't get that question
out of my head for days,

so that was the start of
a journey that didn't end

until I found the answer.








♪ Nearer, my God, to thee ♪

♪ Nearer to thee ♪

That was beautiful.

Forgive me, but I did not
know anyone was here.

Oh, no. Please don't apologize.

I didn't mean to interrupt.

I just didn't know
where else to go.

I'm Martin.

I'm Brooke.

Do you think I could
ask you a few questions?

That would be fine.

Good, 'cause I have a lot.

He doesn't make mistakes.

But I thought you proved bias.

I mean, Principal
Kinney and Mrs. Rizzo?

Those were just jabs.

We need a knockout punch.

Why did you feel compelled

to bring Jesus up
in history class?

Why shouldn't I have?

Grace, I'm not here
to debate with you

what you think
your rights were as...

No, Tom, listen.

This isn't about faith.

This is about history.

Okay, maybe I'm wrong here.

I'm not the law expert,

but I think they've
missed the point.

I'm not sure I follow.

Their whole attack, it's
about me preaching in class,

but I didn't do that.

They're saying you did.

You cited Scripture.

You talked about
Jesus' teachings just like

they were any
other verifiable fact.

But what if they're just that?

I mean, just because certain
facts happen to be recorded

in the Bible doesn't
mean they stop being facts.

We can separate the
history-based elements

of Jesus' life from the
faith-based element.

I mean, in my classroom,
I didn't talk about Jesus

as my Lord and Savior.

You know, all I did was
comment on quotations

attributed to Jesus, the man,
and I did it in A.P. History.

There was nothing
wrong with the context.

And any rule saying
that you can talk

about any historic
figure that ever existed

except Jesus is discriminatory.

They can't institute that.

And every credible historian
admits that Jesus existed.

I mean, there's just
too much evidence.

Grace, I love it.

This is our defense.

Jesus as a historic figure,
just like everyone else.

And you know what?

Kane will never see it coming.

You got some reading to do.

He just had so many
notes written in the margins

that for the first
time I felt like I was

truly getting to
know my brother.

Like God gave me
the extra 5 minutes

that I so desperately
needed with him.

I just don't understand why
he never told me about his faith.

Sharing one's faith with family,

especially not knowing
how they will react,

can be difficult.

Count our struggles
as blessings, right?

That is exactly right.

There are more than 5 minutes
awaiting you and your brother.

John chapter 11,
verse 25 to 26 says,

"I am the resurrection
and the life.

"He who believes in me
will live even if he dies.

"And whoever lives
and believes in me

will never die."

Do you believe this?

I do.

Then invite him into your heart

and make him the
Lord of your life.

Dear Lord, I'm not
quite sure what to say,

but thank you for dying
on the cross for me.

Please forgive me of my sin.

Jesus, please come into my life,

and I will follow you
as my Lord and Savior.



Thank you.

Can you state your name
and occupation for the court?

My name is Lee Strobel.

I'm a professor of
Christian thought

at Houston Baptist University

and the author of more than
20 books about Christianity,

including "The Case for Christ."

Can you help me prove the
existence of Jesus Christ?

Absolutely, beyond
any reasonable doubt.

How so?

Actually, this court
already affirmed it

when we were called into
session and the date was given.

Our calendar has been
split between B.C. and A.D.

based on the birth of Jesus,

which is quite a feat
if he never existed.

Beyond that, historian
Gary Habermas

lists 39 ancient
sources for Jesus,

from which he enumerates
more than 100 reported facts

about his life, teachings,
crucifixion, and resurrection.

In fact, the historical
evidence for Jesus' execution

is so strong that one
of the most famous

New Testament
scholars in the world,

Gerd Ludemann of
Germany, said, "Jesus' death

as a consequence of
crucifixion is indisputable."

Now, there are very few
facts in ancient history

that a critical historian
like Gerd Ludemann

will say is indisputable.

One of them is the
execution of Jesus Christ.

Forgive me, but
you're a believer,

are you not?

A Bible-believing Christian?

Guilty as charged.

So, wouldn't this tend
to inflate your estimate

of the probability
that Jesus existed.

No, because we
don't need to inflate it.

We can reconstruct the
basic facts about Jesus

just from non-Christian
sources outside the Bible.

And Gerd Ludemann is an atheist.

In other words, we can
prove the existence of Jesus

solely by using sources
that have absolutely

no sympathy toward Christianity.

As the agnostic historian,
Bart Ehrman, says,

"Jesus did exist,
whether we like it or not."

I put it this way:

Denying the existence of
Jesus doesn't make him go away.

It merely proves that no amount
of evidence will convince you.

Thank you.

No further questions,
Your Honor.

Mr. Kane, your witness.

No questions, Your Honor.

That's lunch.

We'll recess until 2 p.m.

Can I help you with something?

Oh, hi.

I was looking for Pastor Dave.

My friend, Mina, she said
I should come see him.

She said he's
real easy to talk to.

He won't be back
until after next week.

Oh, okay. Thanks.

Sweeping is something
I only do part-time.

I enjoy it because
it helps me think.

But if you need to talk,
I'm actually a pastor.

It's been 3 weeks
since my doctors told me

I was in remission.

Oh, Amy, that's wonderful.

It is.


But even though I've
been given this gift,

I've been questioning my faith.

I know Jesus existed, but
I'm struggling to believe.

Actually, I think you
already do believe,

and the proof is you're
not willing to put God

back on the shelf now
that your cancer is gone.

He won't let you dismiss
the thought of him.

Part of you senses
Jesus' presence

and wishes that he would just
go away and leave you alone.

Actually, now
that you mention it,

I had thought of that.

Look, he delights in using us
in ways we never dreamed of

and giving us things that we
never even knew we wanted.

We just have to
give him a chance.

Will you?

Thank you.

Hi, I'm Reverend David Hill.

Sermon transcripts, right?

- Yes.
- Just put it right there.

They've been
coming in all morning.

I'm sure they did what
they thought was best.

That's it?

Those are your entire
sermons for the past 120 days?

No, that's a letter that I wrote

explaining why I'm not
going to hand them in.

Excuse me?

I know it's unusual
for a Christian pastor

to willfully resist a subpoena

issued by a lawful
government authority,

and it's even more unusual

that he should feel
compelled to do so.

Are you sure you wanna do that?

It's something
that I have to do.

You know the old saying,
"The squeaky wheel

gets the grease," don't you?

I have another saying:

"A nail that sticks up
gets hammered down."

Susan, what I'm seeing
is a teacher who answered

a student's question
to the best of her ability.

Amy, it sounds like
you're taking the side

of Grace Wesley here.

Surely, you see that she
used the student's question

to promote her Christian agenda.

Actually, Susan,
that's not how I see it.

I believe Ms. Wesley's
entitled to her own opinions,

and that includes
in the classroom.

She didn't try to convert
these students, in fact...

Amy, I must say, I'm
shocked at what seems to be

a complete 180 from the
typical stance of your plot.

Just look at the facts
of this case for a minute.

She clearly infringed on
the rights of her students.


I have an idea.

Come over as soon
as you can, okay?

You look terrible.

You really ought to
ask to be excused.

No, no, I'm fine.

I really need to be here.

All rise.

You may be seated.

Juror number 12, is there
something you'd like to say?

I'm sorry, Your
Honor, I gotta...

Bailiff, call paramedics.


Well, I guess that
proves there is no God,

'cause they just
lost the only juror

they could count on.

Any dizziness?

- Yeah.
- Vomiting?

About a half hour ago.

Does this hurt? How 'bout this?

I hope you're not too attached

to your appendix.

Brooke! Marlene.

It's not looking good in there.

Ms. Marshall, are
you prepared to fulfill

your duties as an alternate?

Yes, I am, Your Honor.

Mr. Endler, next witness.

Would you state your name
and experience for the record?

My name is James Warner Wallace.

I'm a retired homicide detective
from Los Angeles County.

And are you the author of the
book, "Cold Case Christianity"?

Yes, I am.

Can you share the subtitle of
the book with the court, please?

"A Homicide Detective

Investigates the
Claims of the Gospels."

Would I be correct in saying

that your duties as
a homicide detective

include investigating
cold case homicides?

Yes, that is and
was my expertise.

Don't most of those cases
get solved with DNA evidence?

Objection, leading.

And counsel is testifying
again, Your Honor.

I'll rephrase.

How many of your
cold cases were solved

through the use of DNA evidence?

None. Not one.

That's often popular on TV,

but our departments
never had the good fortune

of solving a cold case with DNA.

Well, how do most of
these cases get solved?

Often by examining
eyewitness claims,

witness claims that were
made many years earlier,

even though often our
witnesses are now deceased.

Forgive my
ignorance, Mr. Wallace,

but how is that possible?

Well, we have a number
of techniques we can use

to test the reliability
of an eyewitness,

including something called
forensic statement analysis.

That's a discipline where
we scrutinize the statements

of eyewitnesses

and looking at what
they choose to minimize,

what they choose to emphasize,
what they omit altogether,

how they expand
time or contract time.

And when we examine these
kinds of eyewitness accounts,

we can usually tell who's
lying, and who's telling the truth,

and even who
the guilty party is.

And did you apply
this skill set anytime

outside of your
official capacity?

Yes, I applied my expertise
to the death of Jesus

at the hands of the Romans,

and I actually
looked at the gospels

as I would any other set
of forensic statements.

Within a matter of months,

I determined that
the four gospels,

written from
different perspectives,

contained the eyewitness
accounts about the life,

ministry, death, and
resurrection of Jesus.

And did you consider
that the four accounts

might be part of a conspiracy,

designed to promote
belief in a fledgling faith?

Yeah, you have to
consider conspiracies

when assessing
eyewitness accounts,

but successful conspiracies

typically involve the
fewest number of people.

It's a lot easier for 2 people
to lie and keep a secret

than it is for 20.

And that's really the problem
with the conspiracy theories

related to the apostles
in the 1st century.

There are just far
too many of them

trying to hold this conspiracy

for far too long
a period of time.

And far worse,

they're experiencing
pressure like no other,

unimaginable pressure.

Every one of these folks
was tortured and died

for what they claimed to see,

and none of them ever
recanted their story.

So, the idea that this is a
conspiracy in the 1st century

is just really unreasonable.

Instead, what I
see in the gospels

is something I call unintended
eyewitness support statement.

What's an unintended
eyewitness support statement?

If I can borrow your Bible?

Let me go to the
Gospel of Matthew

for an example of this.

I'll start with a passage

in which Jesus is in front
of Caiaphas at a hearing.

It says here, "Then
they spit in his face

"and struck him
with their fists.

"Others slapped him and said,

'Prophesy to us,
Christ. Who hit you? ""

Now, that seems like
a very simple request,

given that the
people who hit him

are standing right
in front of him.

This makes no sense.

Why would it be prophecy to
be able to tell you who hit you?

But it's not until you read Luke
that you get an answer to this.

He says, "The men
who were guarding Jesus

"began mocking and beating him.

"They blindfolded
him and demanded,

'Prophesy, who hit you? ""

So, now we know why
this was a challenge,

'cause Luke tells us the
thing that Matthew left out,

that he was actually blindfolded
at the time this took place.

This is very common,

this kind of unintentional
eyewitness support

that fills in a detail that
the first witness left out.

After years of scrutinizing
these gospels using the template

that I use to determine if
an eyewitness is reliable,

I concluded that the
four gospels in this book

contained the reliable accounts
of the actual words of Jesus.

And that's to include
the statements

quoted by Ms.
Wesley in her class?


Thank you, Detective.

Your witness.

Detective Wallace,

I'm not gonna try to match
biblical knowledge with you.

But isn't it true that these
gospel accounts vary widely

in what they say,

that there are
numerous discrepancies

between these accounts?

Absolutely, but that's exactly
what we should expect.

I don't quite understand that.

Well, reliable eyewitness
accounts always differ slightly

in the way they
recall the story.

They're coming to it

from different geographic
perspectives, their history,

even where they are
located in the room.

When I examined the gospels,
I was trying to determine

if these were accurate,
reliable accounts,

in spite of any differences

there might be
between the accounts.

Ah, and as a devout Christian,

you feel you succeeded?

Ah, Mr. Kane.

I think you misunderstand me.

When I began this study,
I was a devout atheist.

I began examining the
gospels as a committed skeptic,

not as a believer.

You see, I wasn't raised
in a Christian environment,

although I do think I have
an unusually high regard

for the value of evidence.

I'm not a Christian because
I was raised that way

or because I hoped it
would satisfy some need

or accomplish some goal.

I'm simply a Christian
because it's evidentially true.

Motion to strike, Your Honor.


Jury's instructed to ignore
Detective Wallace's last remark.

No further questions.

Witness is excused.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Mr. Endler, your next witness.

We don't have one, Your Honor.

She didn't do anything wrong;
she was just trying to help me!


Order! I'll have order!

Young lady, your
youth is no excuse

for disturbing the
sanctity of this court.

But this case is
supposed to be about me.

I'm almost 17 years old;

it's not like I can't
think for myself.

I just don't have
the right to speak.

- Brooke, what are you doing?
- Not unless you are called

as a witness, young lady.

If I put her on the stand,
what am I gonna hear?

That she asked a
question and I answered it.

Your Honor, we'd like to call
Ms. Brooke Thawley to the stand.

Objection, Your Honor!

Ms. Thawley is a minor.

Her parents do not
want her subjected

to the emotional pressure

of testifying against
her own teacher.

Ms. Thawley, are you willing
to testify on your own behalf?

Yes, Your Honor.

And do you understand

that you will have to answer

all the questions truthfully,

regardless of your feelings,

and that failure to do
so is punishable by law?

Yes, Your Honor.

I'm not afraid of
telling the truth.

I'm only afraid of not
being able to tell it.


I will allow this witness.

Objection overruled.

Brooke, in class,

who first brought
up the name "Jesus,"

you or Ms. Wesley?

I did.

As part of a question?


And at that time,

did you feel like you were
asking a faith-based question?

No, not really.

It just seemed like Martin
Luther King and Jesus

were saying similar
things, so I brought it up.

And did you consider
Ms. Wesley's response

to be a reasonable
answer to your question?


So, if I'm hearing
you correctly,

you asked a question in history
class about a historical figure,

and your history
teacher answered it

in a sensible manner?


Thank you.

Your witness.

Ms. Thawley, do
you like Ms. Wesley?


Would you say she's
your favorite teacher?

Yes, absolutely.

Do you think Ms.
Wesley likes you?

Objection, speculative.

Your Honor, speaks to the
state of mind of the witness,

if not Ms. Wesley herself.

I'm gonna allow it. Overruled.

You may answer the question.

Yes, I think she likes me.


Do you think
there's any possibility

that in answering your question,

she may have tried to share
some of the ideas of her faith,

a faith that she
holds most dear?

No, uh, no, not at that moment.

Not at that moment.

You mean to say that
there were other moments

in which she talked
to you about her faith?

Hmm? Ms. Thawley, please?

You must answer the
question, Ms. Thawley.

Yes, but it was
outside of school

and it was only one time.

Move to strike. Your
Honor, this is irrelevant.

No actions off the school
campus are at issue here.


Mr. Kane seems to
have found a loose thread.

I'm inclined to let him pull it.

See what unravels.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Why didn't you
tell me about this?

You didn't ask, and I
didn't think it mattered.

Brooke, you realize that
you have to tell the truth here.

You understand that, correct?


So, what did you
mean when you said

that you had talks about
faith outside of school?

My brother died in an
accident 6 months ago.

Ms. Wesley noticed
that I wasn't doing so well,

so she asked me if everything
was all right after class.


I told her I was fine,

but I went and found her
later on at the coffee shop.

And did Ms. Wesley refer you

to any kind of
psychological counseling?


Did she suggest that perhaps

she wasn't the right person

to be discussing this with you?


Well, then what
did Ms. Wesley do?

She was really nice.

We talked for a long time

and I could tell that
she really cared.


I asked her how she
kept it all together so well,

and she said, "Jesus."

So, she's the one
who brought up Jesus?

Did her endorsement of Jesus

move you to
explore Christianity?

Yes, at first.

But when the Salvation Army
came to pick up my brother's things,

one of the ladies found his
Bible, and she gave it to me.

I didn't even know
that he had one.


So, I started reading
it, and once I started,

I realized that I
didn't wanna stop.

That's why.

That's why I came up with the
question that I asked in class.

Now, if I understand
you correctly,

without Ms. Wesley's
direct involvement,

you never would've asked
that question in the first place,

would you?

I don't know.

After all of your
Bible readings,

do you feel now that
you're a believer?


Maybe even a Christian?


At the risk of
seeming redundant,

do you think any of
this, the Bible readings,

the question about
Jesus in class,

the newfound
commitment to Christianity,

is it likely that any of
that would've occurred

without Ms. Wesley's
direct involvement?

No, it wouldn't.

I thank you for your honesty.

No further questions,
Your Honor.

Mr. Endler, do you
wish to redirect?

No, Your Honor.

You may step down, Ms. Thawley.



Why do they look so angry?

Because they think
we lied to them.

But we didn't.

It doesn't matter.

This court is adjourned.

I have to prepare you, Grace.

We're gonna lose this case.

I know.

You were right.

I'm gonna lose everything.

We saw a very
large crowd out here

at the courthouse yesterday,

both in protest and support
of teacher Grace Wesley,

who is on trial for allegedly
proselytizing at the classroom.

Now, in an unexpected
move yesterday,

we saw some of
Wesley's former students

come out to silently demonstrate
their support for their teacher.

Oh Father, please
take this from me.

I don't know what to do.

Please don't forsake me.




Hey, Brooke.

I ruined everything, didn't I?

It's okay, you don't
have to answer.

I know that I did.

I'm not even
allowed to talk to her.

How do I let her
know that I'm sorry

without making things worse?

I can't tell you what to do,

but whatever you do,
just let her know you care.

Recently, when
I've been praying,

it's like Jesus isn't letting
me feel his presence.

Usually I can almost
reach out and touch him,

but right now it's like
he's a million miles away.

Honey, you of all
people should realize

when you're going through
something really hard,

the teacher is always
quiet during the test.

♪ Oh Lord my God ♪

♪ When I in awesome wonder ♪

♪ Consider all the worlds
thy hands have made ♪

♪ I see the stars ♪

♪ I hear the rolling thunder ♪

♪ Thy power throughout
the universe displayed ♪

♪ Then sings my soul,
my Savior God, to thee ♪

♪ How great thou art ♪

♪ How great thou art ♪

♪ Then sings my soul,
my Savior God, to thee ♪

♪ How great thou art ♪

♪ How great thou art ♪

First of all,

this trial took an
unexpected turn

when Wesley's counsel
decided they'd try to prove

the existence of Jesus.

Gary, this is kind of
your area of expertise.

How do you
convince the skeptics?

Well, Governor, I employ what
I call the minimal facts method,

which uses only
the historical events

that are so well evidenced

that they're accepted
across the board,

even by skeptical and
non-Christian scholars.

As a result, we...

Now I understand what it is

you weren't
allowed to talk about.

I wish I still wasn't
allowed to talk about it.

She needs me on that jury.

Have faith, David.

God's plan is at work.

How'd you get here anyway?

I borrowed your Prius.

It's very nice.

Don't get too comfortable.

I'm planning a full recovery.

So, Rice, do you believe

that she was proselytizing
to her students?

Governor, not at all.

Jesus Christ was the
most influential person

who ever lived.

How could you ignore
that fact and teach history?

I think the real problem is...

Hey, Martin!

More questions?

I wanted to make sure
that you were okay.

Yeah, I'm fine.

They're just holding me
over for a little observation.

I'll be released soon.

Something different about you.

Are you okay?

I should say so.


I believe God wants
me to be a minister,

to return to my country
and become a pastor,

just like you.

That's great.

There'll be challenges
in your country.

Are you prepared for them?

I am.

I'm proud of you.

Come here.

That's awesome.

It's a shocking reality

that Christians are
soon gonna be forced

to choose between
obeying the law of man

or following the Word of God.

I'm Mike Huckabee.

We'll see you next
time on "Point of View."



Hey Brooke, why don't
you go be with Ms. Wesley.

I think we can handle this.

Yeah, seriously, we've
got backup coming.

You're covered.

Go get 'em.

God's got this.


Where's Tom?

All rise.

Be seated.

Are we missing someone?

Sorry, Your Honor.

My apologies to the court.

That's unexpected.

He almost looks like a lawyer.

Your Honor, I have
one final witness to call.

Grace Wesley.

Ms. Wesley, please

approach the witness stand.

Do I have to?

I'm afraid so.

Your Honor, given the
witness's reluctance to testify,

can I have the court's
permission to treat her

as a hostile witness?

You may. Proceed
at your own peril.

Do you swear to tell
the truth, the whole truth,

and nothing but the truth?

I do.

Please be seated.

Grace, I want you to
do something for me,

something for everyone
in this courtroom.

I want you to apologize.

I want you to say you're sorry
and that you made a mistake.

Your Honor, what's
going on here?

Do it, Grace.

I can't do that.

Why? Why can't
you do that, Grace?

Because I don't believe
I did anything wrong.

Well, as your attorney, I'm
advising you to do it anyway.

To at least pretend
that you're sorry

and throw yourself on
the mercy of the court.


That would be a lie.

So what?

Everyone lies.

Not everyone.

Are you looking to
become a martyr?

What in the world is he doing?

I have no idea.



Then what is it that
you want, Grace?

Tell me. Tell us.

I want...

I want to be able
to tell the truth.

The truth?

Whose truth?

And what truth are
you referring to?

Grace, is there some truth that
you know that no one else knows?

Oh, that's right.

The other night,

didn't you tell me that Jesus
spoke to you personally?

Why are you doing this?

I'm the one asking the
questions, Ms. Wesley.

Did you or did you not tell me

that Jesus spoke
to you personally?


And what did he say?

I'll make it easier for you.

Didn't you say that he
asked you a question?

That was personal. You
weren't supposed to...

I don't care.

The other night, you told me
that Jesus asked you something.

What did he ask you, Grace?

Tell all of us.

I think we deserve to know.

Why are you doing this to me?

Answer the question.

They won't believe me.

Doesn't matter.

All that matters is
that you believe it.

Tell us, Grace, under
penalty of perjury,

what was the question that
God presented to you personally

that night on campus?

Answer the question.

Answer the question!

He asked, "Who do
you say that I am?"

And what did you answer?

You are the Christ, the
Son of the living God.

Well, there you have it.

Your Honor, I think we've
all heard quite enough.

Mr. Endler,

are you looking to
change your client's plea?

No, Your Honor.

I say she's innocent
of all wrongdoing.

But I'm asking the jury to
find against her anyway.

I mean, let's, let's face it.

She has the audacity to believe
not only that there is a God,

but that she has a personal
relationship with Him,

which colors everything
that she says and does.

I think it's time that
we stop pretending

that we can trust
a person like this

to serve in a public capacity.

In the name of tolerance and
diversity, I say we destroy her.

That's enough, Mr. Endler.

Then we can all go
to our graves content,

knowing that we stomped
out the last spark of faith

that was ever exhibited
in the public square.

That's enough, Mr. Endler.

I say we make an example of her.

Mr. Endler, that's enough.

Let's set a new precedent,

that employment by our
federal government mandates

that you must first denounce
any belief system you have.

Mr. Endler that is enough!
You are out of order.

And if someone slips
through the cracks

and hides their beliefs, then
we arrest them and fine them.

And if they don't pay,
then we seize their property.

And if they resist...

Well, let's not kid ourselves.

Enforcement is always
at the end of a gun.

Mr. Endler, you
are out of order.

I charge you with contempt!

I accept the charge,

because I have nothing but
contempt for these proceedings.

If we're going to insist that
a Christian's right to believe

is subordinate
to all other rights,

then it's not a right.

Somebody is always
going to be offended.

Two thousand years of
human history proves that.

So, I say we get on with it.

Cite the law, charge the jury,
and send them off to deliberate.

So be it!

Now, we are gonna bypass
the usual closing arguments,

unless Mr. Kane finds the
need to further address the jury.

No, Your Honor.

We can ask nothing more.

My Instructions
to you are simple.

Uphold the law without
unfairly prejudicing your decision

or risking a mistrial on appeal.

Now, I believe I can safely say
that the respondent's counsel

has dared you to
convict his own client.

The jury will now be
dismissed for deliberation.

We are adjourned.

She hasn't got a prayer.

Let's go.

Remind me to send
him a thank-you note.





Thank you so much.
Thank you, guys.

Thanks for coming out.

Hey, right now on the phone,

a friend of mine named
Amy is on the line,

and she's calling about a
woman who's on trial for her faith.

This woman has risked
everything for Jesus.

Amy's asked me to
pray for this woman.

Will you guys join me?

Lord, we know that
to risk anything for you

is a complete honor
with eternal rewards.

But if it's within your will,

can you please restore
this woman's hope

and make her faith
an example to all of us?

Lord, show your
power to a fallen world.

We know you have the
power to do anything.

So, we ask you right now,
crying out as the body of Christ,

move those hearts
of those people,

both the judge and the jury,

to let them know the
beauty of your majesty.

And we all said amen.





Ladies and
gentlemen of the jury,

have you reached a decision?

We have, Your Honor.

And how do you find?

We, the jury, find in
favor of Grace Wesley.


We are adjourned.

Nice shoes.




Grace, I'm sorry.

I couldn't tell you.

It had to come as a surprise,

otherwise the jury wouldn't have
been swayed by your reactions.

So, you did have a plan.

No, you did.

You stood up for
what you believed in

and you held on to your faith.

I don't know anybody
that would have done that.

They were hoping to
make an example of you,

but instead you
became an inspiration.

We did it!

Hey, you've kept
quiet long enough.

Why don't you go
share the good news?

Hey, thank you.



♪ When did it become
breaking a rule ♪

♪ To say your name
out loud in school ♪

♪ When your name's the
only one that sets us free ♪

♪ When did it become incorrect ♪

♪ To speak the truth
about life and death ♪

♪ When your life
gave us all eternity ♪

♪ Even if it gets me convicted ♪

♪ I'll be on my knees
with my hands lifted ♪

God's not dead!

♪ If serving you's
against the law of man ♪

♪ If living out my
faith in you is banned ♪

♪ Then I'll stand
right before the jury ♪

♪ If saying I believe
is out of line ♪

♪ If it's just cause I'm
gonna give my life ♪

♪ To show the world
the love that fills me ♪

♪ Then I want to be guilty ♪

A case that was
turning for the worse

was concluded with a
powerful happy ending

for Ms. Grace Wesley.

Live outside the courthouse
here in Hope Springs.

Father. You did it!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

God is good.

The verdict is in.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
wait. I want to hear this.

In the case of
Thawley v. Wesley,

they have ruled in
favor of Grace Wesley.

The crowd is in full celebration
here in Hope Springs.

So are you gonna
say it, or should I?

Say what?

God is good.

All the time.

And all the time.

God is good.

Amen, brother.


♪ Show the world
the love that fills me ♪

♪ Love that fills me ♪

♪ Then I want to be
guilty by association ♪

♪ Guilty of being a voice
proclaiming your ways ♪

♪ Your truth, your life ♪

♪ I'll pay the price
to be your light ♪

I'll get to work on the appeal.

Don't bother.

If we appeal and lose,
it'll set a precedent.

I don't want that.

I don't understand
how we lost this.

He outsmarted us.

He played our role
in attacking Wesley.

He made the jury
hate everyone, but her.

Not to mention he proved
the existence of Jesus Christ.

God's not dead!
He's surely alive!

God's not dead!
He's surely alive!

God's not dead!
He's surely alive!

God's not dead!
He's surely alive!

God's not dead!
He's surely alive!

God's not dead!
He's surely alive!

God's not dead!
He's surely alive!

♪ My God's not dead,
he's surely alive ♪

♪ He's living on the
inside, roaring like a lion ♪

♪ God's not dead,
he's surely alive ♪

♪ He's living on the
inside, roaring like a lion ♪

♪ He's roaring ♪

♪ He's roaring... ♪

♪ He's roaring like a lion ♪

♪ Let hope arise and
make the darkness hide ♪

♪ My faith is dead, I need
a resurrection somehow ♪

♪ Now I'm lost in your freedom ♪

♪ In this world, I'll overcome ♪

♪ My God's not dead,
he's surely alive ♪

♪ He's living on the
inside, roaring like a lion ♪

♪ My God's not dead,
he's surely alive ♪

♪ He's living on the
inside, roaring like a lion ♪

♪ God's not dead,
he's surely alive ♪

♪ He's living on the
inside, roaring like a lion ♪

♪ God's not dead,
he's surely alive ♪

♪ He's living on the
inside, roaring like a lion ♪

♪ He's roaring... ♪

♪ He's roaring ♪

♪ He's roaring like a lion ♪

♪ He's roaring... ♪

♪ He's roaring ♪

♪ He's roaring like a lion ♪

♪ He's roaring like a lion. ♪


♪ You're not everybody's
expectations ♪

♪ You're not just the
cards you're dealt ♪

♪ You aren't a product
of your generation ♪

♪ You are what
you make yourself ♪

♪ Take all that
you're afraid to say ♪

♪ Post it up and
put it on display ♪

♪ You don't have
to play nice now ♪

♪ Stay held down, shut
up, and keep it quiet ♪

♪ Don't have to take the easy
way out, follow the in-crowd ♪

♪ Stand up and make a riot ♪

♪ Nothing's gonna
change if you won't ♪

♪ No, nothing's gonna
change if you don't ♪

♪ It'll be the hardest thing
you'll ever have to do ♪

♪ But don't let
them silence you ♪


♪ When you look
back on this moment ♪

♪ You'll have wished
you'd spoken your mind ♪

♪ Step up to the
plate and own it ♪

♪ Instead of blending
in the sidelines ♪

♪ Take all that
you're afraid to be ♪

♪ Light it up for
everyone to see ♪

♪ You don't have
to play nice now ♪

♪ Stay held down, shut
up, and keep it quiet ♪

♪ Don't have to take the easy
way out, follow the in-crowd ♪

♪ Stand up and make a riot ♪

♪ Nothing's gonna
change if you won't ♪

♪ No, nothing's gonna
change if you don't ♪

♪ It'll be the hardest thing
you'll ever have to do ♪

♪ But don't let
them silence you ♪

♪ And when we're
gone, our words live on ♪

♪ So, don't let them
silence, silence ♪

♪ No, you won't ♪

♪ You don't have
to play nice now ♪

♪ Stay held down, shut
up, and keep it quiet ♪

♪ Don't have to take the easy
way out, follow the in-crowd ♪

♪ Stand up and make a riot ♪

♪ Nothing's gonna
change if you won't ♪

♪ No, nothing's gonna
change if you don't ♪

♪ It'll be the hardest thing
you'll ever have to do ♪

♪ But don't let
them silence you ♪

♪ No, don't let
them silence you. ♪

You know I'm gonna
need my keys back.

I know.

Two days of ice
chips. I'm starving.

I'm hungry as well, David.

How about I take you
for a nice tuna melt?

David Hill?


You're under arrest.

For what?

Contempt of court.

You failed to produce your
sermons upon court order.

Please put your hands
behind your back.

Please be gentle.

He has just been
released from the hospital.

I don't understand.

What is he being accused of?

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can and
will be used against you

in a court of law. You
have a right to an attorney.

If you cannot
afford an attorney,

one will be provided for you.

Do you understand the
rights I have just read to you?


Sorry about this, Pastor.

It's okay.

Looks like I'm gonna
need you to fill in for me

a little while longer.

Of course, David,
anything you need.

What do we do now?

Same as always, Martin.

We pray, in faith.