Goal! III (2009) - full transcript

The heroes compete on the greatest stage of all, the FIFA World Cup Finals.

The FIFA World Cup coming to the
BBC this summer from Germany.

Champions, Champions, Ole, Ole, Ole.

Ok. Cut. Okay,
that the last one.

Thanks everyone.
That's a wrap.

See you later, mate.

- You want that?
- Let's have a look.

I bet it'll look pretty good
on my mantelpiece.

There he is. Come on.

Come on. Let's go celebrate.
- Celebrate what?

You're making to the
Mexican World Cup squad.

Aw, we celebrated that yesterday.

- So we're still recovering.
- Mr Braithwaite.

- The producer would like a word.
- Okay.

He's done it again.

- Did you watch the game last night?
- Of course I have seen it.

What do you think, how many ruble has
Schieri Abramovich to pay?


How was it? - 100 thousand
pounds to the World Cup up to?

That is not a
bad day today.

Is there a problem, Nick?
- We have received news.

Talk to you later, okay?

Do you Gisele harassed
for my phone number?

No, it was Real Madrid.
They will not extend your contract.


I play a great season, Nick.
- I know. I said it.

So why?

Well, they were talking about parties,
hangovers and missed training.

And what is that a difference
the other players? - No idea.

But this is Real Madrid
and not Blackpool.

Probably has nothing to
it. It is Real.

You know how they are. It is all
to the talented, new player.

Yes, a young, new
talented players.

And I thought my last
agent would be worthless.

I'm sorry, I don't mean it.
- I know, I know. Listen.

I knew you upset about this

You're certainly in the UK
National Team. You know what that means?

If it becomes known that you
do not longer under contract,

any of the Premiere League
to my knees.

For you to win, Be patient.

You have a week Friday
Relax. Go on the beach.

Friday with the most beautiful women of the
world, and I call you within a week.

In good news. Promises.
- You will not believe.

Hello, Charlie.
- They offered me a role in a movie.

- Yes, you know, the big screen.

A film.
- That's great.

I do not know
Charlie. Honestly?

The World Cup is approaching.
You get a call from Sven.

I know.
- Yes, my friend. We have a week Friday

And what I do with everything crossed
sit and pray that he is calling.

What I really
need is "distraction".

Are you okay?

Wait, wait, wait.

They are not your...
- Did they terminated your contract?

Absolutely not!

Where did you hear it?
- Nick has just told me.

It is all right.

I consider to
return home to play.

This proves again.
We are not younger.

This may be a new
chapter in my life.

If a movie star?
- You never know.

It is only a few days of filming,
Vinny Jones as damn it...

Will you two ever
settle somewhere?

Hold on.

In this film there are a couple
great actresses in, or not?

No idea. Very possible.
- Of course they are there.

Think you without
the boys are making.

Where are we going?

What great place, they are yours
Hollywood action hero record?

Here we are, boys.

Where is the driver?

Games you in the film,
they include where we go now?

No, we are footballers.
- Football? You play football?

Yes, we play...
- Which team do you play?

Real Madrid.

I knew it. I...

I have you all to
my sister seen on TV.

Friend, would you
... what can hurry

Come in, boys.

Can I help you?
- Yes, I'm Charlie Braithwaite.


Charlie Braithwaite.
I play in the movie.

Ah. Okay, Mr. Braithwaite.
You are in caravan 76b.

My caravan.

Here it is, Mr. Braithwaite.

Yes, very attractive, Mr. Joint.

Mir Joint, I bring you
the dressing and make-up.

Okay, guys, if you need me,
I'm in the locker room.

We will stay in your caravan.

I go outside around.

Oh yeah? And where?
- I am looking for a bar,

a local bar. Would you?
- No, I stay here.

And wait for Charlie.
- Okay then.

What have I achieved in my head?


Oh my God.

You are Charlie Joint.

I can not believe.
That is great.

My whole family adores you.
- I feel the same for them.

My brothers live for football.
You're one of the world's best.

I try so much to do with what
there is my little legs.


Excuse me, I was wrong.
Now we do it perfectly.

- Do you know Charlie Joint yet?

Charlie is a great footballer.
- Hey, Charlie.

How are you, my friend?
So please, baby.

Can it last small
piece of recording,

before we stop for today?
She is very small.

- Yes, okay, okay.

Win! Good luck!

You know what?
My brothers would die,

when they discover that I am here
in real life have spoken.

Maybe we can
what agree, then?

That seems to me a bit.

Everything good?

Hey, how is your film?
- Yes, great. It will happen tomorrow.

Friend, I have just
the woman my dreams met.

Did she have a name?
- Sophia frisky.

Unbelievable! Sophia frisky?
But she has made great films.

Where is Lima?

Let me guess.
That is clear.

There should be
a bar somewhere.

If we find the
bar, we find Lima.

It is nice here.
- Take me in your leg?

No, it's different.

She is in real life
better than in the movie.

Since you are right.

Sophia, what do you want to drink, honey?
- A beer and a grappa.

Not bad.

Incidentally, this is my buddy, Sandy.
- Sandy Suez from Mexico, hi.

Nice to meet you.

I had heard that you
here the three were.

Yes, Liam Adams.
- This is half as good as Inzaghi.

Is that a compliment?
- From my little brother.

This is as good as
it is. Where is he?

Here somewhere.
- Where's who? Liam!

Well, then your brother
Charlie does like it.

It is half Italian.
- Really?

Yes, half my family lives there.
My mother is from Naples.

My grandparents live in Livorno.
And nieces and nephews who live in Palermo.

And how about your father?
- I know him not.

But he apparently comes from Bratislava.
And my stepfather was a sportsman.

An athlete?
- In other words, a Scotsman.

You could say that
I'm kind of retard.

Okay, why do you
play for England?

Good question.
- Yes.


I must at 06:00 on
the set are. And you too.

Sleep a little.
See you tomorrow.

Bye, baby.

Thanks friend.
You're a real friend.

If I ever agree to such a girl
look like you did tonight to Sophia,

I expect you
you support me.

Everything okay?

Better than you as it looks.

You can see.

All right, Charlie?
- What do you think?

Well, you make a film
with your dream woman.

How bad could it be.
- Yes. Yes, okay.

Well, how does
it look like? Good?

I was 45 vampires.
And what I get.


Good luck. Ga,
bring him to the coffin.

Yes, Charlie! I have Vinny Jones
never seen like you now.

You look good,
Mr. Braithwaite.

Come on, laugh
about it tonight.

Well, I doubt
that seriously.

Okay, everyone on
the start position.

Virgin, remember that
you hungry.


It's time!
Small men, is great!


Let's do it!

I want you to
forward calls and then back.

Girls, now essentially sexy.

- "Fear of crosses, Part 1.

And Action!

The time has now come, my angel.

Take this gift,
I have for you.



What are you doing?
- Excuse me, excuse me very much.

- You, shut up.

Charlie, we are in
the World Cup team!

Come on!
- Yes!


You do not want to negotiate?
- No.

We take him back. Liam Adams
is still a great player.

He can do good things for me,
as long as he behaves.

He has become a
different person.

You probably thought that more
money could have questions, or not?

Frankly, yes.
- I would not have paid.

I hope you have no objection
but I have ordered a whole bottle.

But I need after today
- You looked really great.

Yes? I stalk the outfit,
if you like...

Man, I'm back in the team.
- Come here!

Nick just called. I play
again in the Premier League.

Yes, he plays again for
Newcastle next season.

what did I tell you?
- Thanks man, is a relief.

Okay then, I will continue as
these guys ordering.

Excuse me.
What time is it now?

- Hello, I would meet here an hour ago.

For dinner.
- If that opening ever worked?

No, I'm an unbeatable
optimist. Nick Ashworth.


June. I am an agent,
a player agent.

I represent Liam Adams.
I bring him back to Newcastle.

Do you know Liam?
- Yesterday. A few years ago.

Oh. He had always been
a good taste.

Sorry that it failed.

Listen, as regards the food, perhaps
- Hey, baby, you have a nice day?

Sorry, I did not
know you was married.

I'm not.

Her father is not there.
- Is he crazy.

Sort of.

He is a footballer.
- It is not Liam, is it?

I gotta go.

It was nice to
meet you, Nick.

It is not a bad day.
- Yes, except the deaf director.

We want to go to Germany, please.
- You speak German?

About 5 words.
- It is easy then.

All major words
were in English.

What beer?


I counted 37 Vampires.
They all wanted to come...

Welcome back, buddy.

Where am I?
- In the hospital.

In the hospital?
- Do you remember the accident?

My head makes me crazy.

I have everything?

Yes, you are unharmed.

You know? We got lucky.

Nothing broken?
- No, You have a brain concussion.

You need a night
to continue observing.

Where is Sophia?

She has a broken collarbone
and one blue eye, but...

it's unbelievable she sees
no less beautiful.

Where is she?
- It is up to the uitslaapkamer.

She comes down soon.

My main fire like crazy.

How about the Santi?

He has broken ribs and
also has a broken arm.

He could at least 3 months
not play football.

He is from the World Cup?

Oh my God.

They want me here for
another few days hold.

It is only a brain concussion.

Okay, thank you, Dad.
Talk to you soon. Bye.

Hey, Santi.

How do you feel?
- I feel nothing really.

They follow me
pumped with drugs.

Listen, I gotta
tell you something.

This is the World Cup.

It's okay, Charlie.

The doctor told me.

I think I will not play.

Excuse me, friend.

That is as it is.

But I must confess you
that meant everything to me.

I really wanted, run
with that green shirt, but...

For my Father.

I am sorry for you.
- Thanks, man


Are you okay?
- Yes.

We have heard of the accident.
- How is it Charlie?

Charlie is soon fit, but I wish that
Santi Munez quickly is better.

Hopefully it is soon back in order.
- How does it feel to be back?

I am glad to be back home.
- There is speculation

you would go to Chelsea.
- Chelsea? Please.

Seriously, Blue is not my color.
- Thank you. That is enough.

I have news.
- Here we go again, tell it.

Remember you have one june?

Yes, of course.

She was great, she was a
future ex-Mrs. Adams.

What happened?

Yes, you know me.

I got an offer from Madrid.
I asked her to come along with me.

What did she say?
- I think it was the temptation.

But they had fun work.
And my life was not so good.

Why we talk about her?
- I am not met.

Oh yeah? How have they?
- She has one child.

I think that's your child.


Liam, let see

Liam, here.

I want her to see Nick.
- What?

No, it is good...
- Nick.

I will find out where she lives.
- Thank you.

We are all excited,
that you are back in Newcastle.

Yes, me too.

that you come from England.

We came here in Germany.
Walter, foghorn and Phil.

We will cheer for England.
The boys from Newcastle on tour.

You will certainly have fun.
- My buddy Seamus gives us maps,

for qualifications.
- I hope we are beyond that.

But tickets for Knock-Outs
are very difficult to obtain.

How much do you love me?
- From you, I take nothing, boy.

Very nice of you, thank you.

If we continue, I help you with tickets
Knock-Outs for the matches.

Call my agent but.
- Are you kidding? This is super, man



Hello, June.

Can I come?
- Yes, of course.

And how are you?
- Well, not better.

And you?
- The same.

I came to Nick.
- I know.

He has met Bella.

I know.

I owe you an explanation
due I think.

Yes, I guess, too.

You know, my father left us,
when I was a kid.

He was hardly
there for us.

I've never seen him.

I promised myself,
if I ever have a child,

that they are only one full-time father
or otherwise have no father.

I had real feelings for you, Liam.

The time we spent together
have been great.

But you drink, you party,

you have no worries in your life.

This is great for you.

But not for Bella.

They may not experience
the same what I've seen.

And you were just not ready.

Wait here.

Bella, this is Liam.

Liam, this is Bella, the
most beautiful girl in the world.

Liam, is everything okay?

I do not know.

I gotta go.
- Stay here. It is okay.


Can I call you from...
- Germany? Of course.

Thank you. Sorry. Thanks, june.

Guys, stop what you doing
and you come here. This is important.

Before we begin,
We must agree.

Whatever happens on the tour,
remains among us.


- What do you like...

Singing and things like that?

No, Phil, I'm
talking about sex.

As one of our happiness and in
your case very happy.

We keep our mouths shut. -okay.
Where do we go, Gordon?

Remember June yet?
- Yeah, nice little thing.

I had a crush on her,
but you had have her first.

A baby?

This is serious.
Have you seen it?

Her name is Bella.
Yes, I saw her.

She is...

She is beautiful.
- And?

And I walked away.
- That was fun.

No, it was not.

When I saw her, I feel...
No idea, it made me so sad.

Besides, how is it Sophia?
- Yes very good.

The only problem is that they
towards Hollywood.

For a pilot shooting. -
What is that? That is, if...

Don 't worry about it.
Many important question now

ga what you do with June?


I really have no idea.

Okay, guys. Germany here we come.

I thought we "German" were

Oh Phil.

Four bitter beers, please.

You are certainly
traveling comedians.

As it looks to go out, baby.

And we would like
meat balls, and chips.

We marches with Sevens army.

We go to Germany.

And we will wake them.
If we win the World Cup,

we are the largest in the Milky Way.

What do I deserve that?

Nervous? - Yes.

You and nervous?
- Yes, you're in the team.

Shut up.

No, seriously.
You're a little distracted.

No friend I am
100% concentrated.

I mean, this thing with the
baby and Jeune is serious.

Yes, you already told by the phone.
- Because it just is.

This can ruin your whole life.
- Hey!

Or the opposite.
- I try not to think.

I get it from my mind.
- Yes. Good plan.

What's happening with you and Sophia?
- Who is Sophia?

Yes, we can We do
not afford distractions.

Absolutely correct.

No distractions.
- Yes.

Can I take a sip?

Hey, come on. We are too late.
Come on. - Yes, I do.

One minute.

Are you ready?

What do you recommend?
- Charlie, I am.

You know, Now is
not the right time

That was never.

Get him.
Ga. Ga!

Come on, Liam. Track.
- Keep your mouth shut, Charlie.

You let me look bad.
- Give no attention to, will you?

Oh cunt.
- What is wrong?

I run good, is good.
- I love you in the eye, okay.

Is the oil hot enough for you Mr. Adams?
- Yes, thank you.

This is absolutely perfect, my baby.

Is it not too
hard for you?

It might be a
little harder.

- Hi.

Hi, baby.
- Charlie, is everything okay?

Yes. Except that I
have a massage get of Shrek.

So you go to L.A..
- I thought...

About me?

I would stop to
in Germany.

- Charlie?

Yes, I'm here, baby
This is good news.

I can not wait to
see you. I rule all.

Are you sure it is ok?
- Yes, of course, I can hardly wait.

Bye, honey. See you soon.
- Fine.


- What?

Put that away.

- Hello, June, I am.

Liam, how are you?
- Great.

I call for me
to apologize,

because I'm just walking away.
I do not know what came over me.

The shock I think.
- Bella can be quite overwhelming.


I once thought.

If you would like to come,
a game to watch or something.

I can arrange everything.

Thanks Liam, but I
have a lot of work.

And you can not
use derivatives.

Yes, you probably right.

It is simply,

I can not stop
to you and Bella to think.

Liam, I gotta go. You will be back soon
to Newcastle, we will talk.

Of course.

- Yes?

Do yourself a favor.
Stop drinking.


Hi, how are you?

Oh no.

And three Liam, yes?

Who is that Sophia?
- Forget her, believe me.

What time do you call this?
- The phrase does not, right?

No, but I'm friendly
with the writer, Nick.

I am Liam Adams agent.

And you are...
- Not interested.

We come from England.
We need a TV.

He is one of the
best players in Europe.

Olympiakos has already begun,
with him to follow.

Are not there yet
enough donkeys in Greece?

Come on, he is a plodder.
- No, he is fast and strong.

He has an excellent left foot.
- Yes, he has two.

Nick, I will tell you a story.
Two weeks before the season,

Elise Lucky breaks his leg.
- Oh, that's terrible.

We got him out of his misery
must deliver. We shot him down.

We have insurance on.
- Are you serious?

I vowed never again a
racehorse to buy. Hey, Mike.

Fuck you, HP.

You know what the best
"shut up meaning" in the world?

- Too bad, because I wanted them to use you.

- Tamsin Adams.

Excuse me. I did not know
that Liam had a sister.

That is normal,
you are an agent.

That's it.
- It can hardly better.



Come on!

Warm you up. You both.

I'm happy for you.

Do not let it go.
He is worth it.

Thanks, Santi.
That means a lot to me.

I know how you feel.

Who was she?


someone from the past.

I really screwed up.

Ga only and change the game.

Come on, well done.

Hey, Santi.
- Hey.

How are you, buddy?
- It is much better, thank you.


Sorry, but I gotta go.
- No problem.

Oh yes, yes!

Hey. Nice to see you.
- Yes, you too.

You know what I dream
of night? From an injury.

Not you. Another of
the English attackers.

Nothing serious.
Nothing broken.

And they go off and you
come out and save the day.

You can not say such
things, Nick. This brings bad luck.

Excuse me, Santi. I am an Agent.
That is the way we think.

It is all right. No problem.
He believes it, Liam.

He is a very good agent.
- How did you discover?

Have you told him?
- No, I wanted you to do that.

Santi is my client.

I got a new 2-year
signed contract with Spurs.

Oh, sorry, buddy.

No, I really am sorry. Spurs?

No, that was a
joke. That is great.

Good news. It's just a joke.
You come back to England.

London, very beautiful.
- And you to Newcastle.

Yes. What is the difference between
the girls in Newcastle and London?

Two beers, I would say.

On a new beginning.
- Yes, a new beginning.

Okay, girls, I am
you along for a night cap.

Do not worry,
midnight you lie back in bed.

Not in my bed, because
that would be surprising.



I'm Katja.

And I know who you are.
- That is a good start.

Nice to meet you, Mr. Adams.


Oh no.
- What's wrong?

Sorry, but I can not.

Listen, you are
absolutely beautiful.

and another time I would
you will not be able to continue...

Is that right?

Want to talk about?
- No.

- Okay.

I thought it was okay
June would be when I would see.

It's so long ago.
Why would it not be okay?

And Bella gets them there.
And that was...

I do not know. It is not so,
I do not love children.

I had never thought
that I would want them.

I look at this little girl.
Frankly, because I felt,

I was very lonely.

What is it?

I was thinking.

I thought of, I would
like to do this every day.

Yes, we can.

For the rest of our lives.

What is that smell?

Who here are shit?

You dirty pig.
- That is disgusting.

Get outside is dirty pig.

It was you, huh?

My God, there must
something was crawled and died.

First question.

Liam, congratulations
your goal against Sweden,

this, we group the league affected
and the direction of the Knock-Outs.

How you see the rest
of the campaign go?

We know that this is probably our last
opportunity to participate in a World Cup

and also the last chance to
the golden cup in the air to stabbing

which we all our lifetime dreams.
This time we have a real chance.

We must on your toast.
- That we will not forget.

Charlie told me that you
just came you have a daughter.

Yes. That was quite a shock.
I have seen her only once,

but it is great.

And her mother?

You suddenly find
no words more, huh...


If we go get a baby, he will
than for England and play for Italy?

We can also get a girl.
- Calm down.

You know each other
just a few weeks.

This will be a
shock for you.

We married.
- Beautiful, beautiful.

Congratulations. As we
drink. You're so crazy.

Play good.
- Yes, if they let me play.

The team needs you.

And me too.

How do you feel?
- Do I have never felt so good.

Are you sure you're ready?
- 100%.

Liam Adams.

Sorry, I should still do something.
- Well, do it.

Guys, let him by.
The man in red is okay.

- Thank you.

Come on.

See you later.

Go inside and ask for
Nick Ashworth. He will for you.

Get in!
Liam, you too. Now.

I mean it, this is fantastic.

Well done, Liam.
- Good boy.

Look, there is Santi.
- Hi, Santi. How are you?

Okay, guys.
- Take your approach.

Come on, guys.

Come on, guys.

Come on, Frankie, come on.

Inviting you, boy.
You are so on.

Ready? Then we do it.
Do your best, okay?

Well done, Charlie.


Well done!


That was a red card.

Charlie! I love you.

I love you.

Oh, he is injured.
- That's bad, guys.

He will be okay.

You're okay. They have
just the wind out of your beaten.

What is wrong with them?

Everything okay?
- Yes, I feel good.

Is he okay?
- He did not know where and who he was.

Why did he not say that
he Pele, and send him back?

Good game, Pele.

He had previously
cut must and it did.

That is not said.
- No, I know.

Can someone mess off.

Hi, Sophia. It is Liam.

I will find him and you
have to call back, okay.

Does anyone know where Charlie is?
- No.


Are you here somewhere?

Damn, Charlie!

Help. Can anyone come?

We are engaged.
- Oh my God.

I'm so happy.

Charlie has just collapsed.
He sits in an ambulance downstairs.

Come on.

I have to scare you, huh.
- Do you still.

Keep the mask
on, Mr. Braithwaite.

I'm just a little dehydrated.
- Stop talking. Let them do their job.

Now you for me.

What would I be without you?

Charlie. Charlie?
- What happens?

- Get there!

What happens?

Many of you known
Charlie for many years.

We knew each other since Easter.

But I loved him.
We have all in common.

You know all of the
accident several months ago.

So he got an aneurysm,

that he so tragically removed from us.

We planned a future together.


It is okay.

A week ago, Charlie
to me to be his witness.

And it was a great honor for me.

He made me proud as a friend.

He made our country proud.

And I know that
he made you all proud.

I will miss him every day.

"Charlie Braithwaite, deceased on
21. June 2006, at the age of 31 years "

I would a few words
say about my son.

Charlie has just called.

I never had him
so happy hearing.

That the end has come
to Charlie's life has no meaning.

It would not be this way.

It is not fair.

But I would like to
celebrate someone who had loved

And was loved. It does not matter if you
it celebrates with a tear or a song.

We should celebrate.

On Charlie.

On Charlie.

Thanks, buddy.

All you guys would like to
thank you, because we might come

and to him the
last honor to give.

Thank you.

He was a pass of 37m.
Right on my toes.

Just great.
- That I could once.

Thank you.

No, thank you.
I keep it in water.

Only water.

It is water.
- Well, my boy.

I ga to see Sophia.
- Yes, of course.

Excuse me. Thank you.


Thank you came.

I could not make is not to be.

I know how much
it meant for you.

Bella is in the garden.

Why not just go to her?

Go ahead.


Is that you?
Is it so?

Come here?

Thanks for coming!


How are you?

I have your daughter see you play.


She is perfect.

There is something I want to give.

You know when
you have to open it.

You know what you must do.


I would not want you to miss your flight.
- Yes.

See you soon, yes?
- Sure.

Good luck.
- Thank you.

Oh, Liam, this is for you.

That is... I am.

Yes, that's right.

Thank you.

Dear ladies and gentlemen.

The following is a minute's silence
for Charlie Braithwaite.

These are the 10 players from England who
in the second half started.

If the next
15 minutes no goal is

then the penalty.

Come on, guys.

Lennon is here to help.

He falls. And the referee
gives a free kick.

Frank Lampard
will implement it.

He is slightly different.
What a good rescue of Ricardo.

And the defense of the Portuguese
disseminated. Another chance.

It was so close.

Portugal has much to say.
Viana is a real danger for England.

The same goes for Maniche.
And Ronaldo is also highlighted.

That was close. Robinson throws himself
in full length in the upper right corner.

The ball is not in the game.
Viana is back to Maniche.

Another opportunity for Portugal,
Postiga with a headbutt. He is there.

The flag is up. No goal.
- Yes!

Hargreaves plays for 30 minutes
good game for England in extra time.

Steven Gerrard tries to come here.
Lennon behind him. Gerrard!

Lampard is here. And even Crouch.
A brilliant headbutt by Miguel.


We are only 5 minutes away from the
penalties in this World Cup quarterfinal.

He has every
right to have cramps.

He has just
talked to Steve McClaren.

And it looks like a replacement.
- Inviting you, boy.

I wonder if Adams comes out.
It should warm up.

The players use the time
to drink. Lennon goes off.

Yes, it's Adams. And you
know more, he came from the bank

and scored against Sweden.
- This is his chance to prove themselves.

That's Nuno Valente. And again...
over their heads away.

Miguel comes from the rear.


You always get a chance
and that was it.

You hear the whistle, and this
is the end of extra time.

The quarter finals, where England
since the 62nd minute with 10 men playing

will now move on
to penalty kicks.

Before the chaos with the
penalty begins, you say

how brilliant
England has been

since the 62nd minute
Wayne Rooney of the field had.

This was an excellent game.

And Simao shoot first
Portugal against Paul Robinson.

He concentrates and scores!
The ball went directly into the corner.

The Portuguese fans
celebrating the first.

Here is Frank Lampard.
Oh, he has him.

Viana is now up to the ball.
He hits the post.

Owen Hargreaves
against Ricardo.

The goalkeeper was on the ball,
but the force, drove him there.

This is Petit.

He missed the goal. England
can be put in front with Gerrard.

Ricardo keep him!

Helder Postiga.

They love you not.

Now it's difficult for England.
Liam Adams emerges.

That does not surprise me. He
was always a good penalty taker.

Therefore, she
probably put on the field.

But this is a great moment
for him and England.

He must try to beat Ricardo,
England's hope to keep alive.

My God, the pressure must be huge.

Adams is here for England.

Ricardo was there on time.
And let him on the doellat misfire.

A disaster Liam
Adams and England.

The goalkeeper succeeded him
his arm to failure to doellat,

Liam Adams and
England hope almost buried.

The faces of the fans fell.

Portugal has a great chance.
Christiano Ronaldo off the ball.

He knows when he scores
Robbinson against Portugal

and England in the
World Cup semi-final is.

The player of
Manchester United

decide on the fate
Portugal and England.

It is Ronaldo. Verify...

And he scores!

Portugal is party to celebrate.
They go through to the semi-finals.

And England is lagging behind
the question, what if...

- Yes, very well done.

What is wrong?

Marry me.

Are you serious?
- I 've never been so seriously.

That is not so difficult.
- Listen.

You and Bella are
the most exciting,

what is confusing
me ever. I realize,

that in life is that
drinking and football.

Here I have. You
never leave me, June.

You are my future.

I want to change. Really.

But I'll need help.

I need your help because you
me a better person is.

We can, I know we can.

Will you marry me, June?

Should I answer?

Will you please sit.

Liam Adams, would you June Marie
to be your lawful wedded wife take?


June Marie, do you want Liam Adams
to be your lawful wedded husband take?


Then you can give the rings.

Here we go.

Hello, everybody.
- Hi, Santi.

Thank you.

I have never done this before.
And erm... Maybe that's because,

nobody has ever like me enough
to make me their best man.

I've seen the movies.
And I know,

how easy it is to mess these thing up.

So, I've look up a couple of
things on the Internet.

And basically what it said was,
that you need to tell stories,

you need to be charming.
You need to be funny. And I thought,

it's not me.

But I know... who that is.

And that's the guy who
should be standing here.

Not me.

He had stories, he was charming.

He was funny.


He was taken away from us
just when he had everything.

And we all lost him.

And we had...

Santi, you can do it.

Yeah, we all miss him.

We all miss him.

Well, that's the first time in this city,
the best man made a speech,

without making any crappy bad jokes.

But I think it's appropriate.
And we all understand.

This is the first for me cos' I'm an agent.
We don't have friends.

I've know Liam for a
few years now and...

he's really well done.

He didn't win the World Cup.

But he did win the heart of one of the
most beautiful women in the world.

And I think that's a better price.

So, Liam, you are an ass.

But you are the
luckiest ass on the planet.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
the bride and groom,

- Liam and June.
- Liam and June.