Global Baba (2016) - full transcript

A conman finds refuge in becoming a baba and carries out his various criminal activities under the guise. A policeman, a journalist and politicians get entangled in his Web of deceit.

All characters appearing
in this film are fictitious.

Any resemblance to real persons,
alive or dead.. purely coincidental.

Tell me, who is driving our country?
- The country?

It is not a vehicle
for someone to drive it.

And where will they drive it to?
Outside the earth?

Our country will
remain where it was..

..and it will remain there forever.

I agree. You are right.

That's why you are
able to fool everyone..

..since so many years.

The country means system
which everyone curses.

You and me. And this system
has made us enemies of each other.


You are referring
to the powerful foxes.

That's where you lost it.

The one who are holding
high positions..

..are not running the country.

What we can see is all an act.

The real thing goes
on behind the scenes.

Excuse me.
- What?

Do you have a light?
- Light.

Here is a lighter.
- I also want a cigarette.

All my smokes are over.

Who is calling me so late at night?

Okay. You can leave now.
- Yes.

- Yes, tell me.

So where we?

Behind the scenes.
- Yes.

Gandhi said that Pandit Nehru..

..wanted to be the Prime Minister.

The country agreed.

And Pandit Nehru became
the Prime Minister the next day.

Now tell me what political
power supported Pandit.

Tell me.

Gandhi was the Mahatma.

Mahatma has their own powers.

They are driving this nation.

Mahatma Gandhi?

Look at this. Isn't he?

Boy, get a packet of cigarettes.

You are drinking so slowly.
Have a neat.


Policemen feed you for
free on only two instances.

One when he is afraid
of losing his job.

And second when he is expecting
a medal from the government.

What are you going
to get that today.. are treating me
to free wisdom and alcohol?

Today is good Friday. Our festival.

So I thought I would sit with you.
Enjoy a little.

Pray to Jesus Christ.
Have Pehelwan hanged.

So you have changed colors.

As soon as the power equations changed,
you changed colour like a chameleon.

You didn't recognize
the government Pehelwan.

How would you recognize me?

Yes, I have been
trapped today because..

..I didn't understand you.

Look Jacob,
no police station in this country..

..has got my photo nor
do I have any case against me.

Once Bhanumati returns
to power I will get clean chit.

But what will happen to you?

You neither have
a Mahatma nor a Gandhi.

You will go directly inside.

Don't scare me.
You have become too serious.

I have drank so much alcohol..

..that I might pee in my pants.

Don't scare me. Let's go and pee.

You have taken it seriously.
I am just kidding. Come. Come on.

What are you doing? Come. Come.

How far are we going?

Do you want to pee
in front of the tiger?

Why are you glaring at
me like this? You can pee now.

I know your men
are around somewhere.

I won't run away.
- You are very smart.

You haven't understood yet.

I have got you here
to kill you in an encounter.

I told you that only
Mahatma and Gandhi..

..running the nation.

Mahatma is the one who
have no evidence of their crimes.

Who ordered me to be killed, Jacob?

The same Mahatma to whose
crime you bear witness.

You have to die so that he
can have a clean chit, Pehelwan.

Don't speak in riddles.
Tell me clearly.

Tell me, who is behind this?


You are going to
die on a good today.

Today is the day Jesus
Christ had given his blood.. pay for our sins.

God might forgive you today.

You have honored me
a lot by bringing the..

..entire army to kill
this unarmed Pehelwan.

Give me one more favor.
Turn around.

I need to pee hard.

Go ahead.

- Yes.

How can your God
forgive anyone today?

His son was crucified today?

If you call this
Friday good Friday then...

You are about to die.
You can ask Him yourself.

Tell me which hell
would you prefer?

Of Hindus,
Christians, Muslims or the Jews.

(Gun Firing)

They is here.
- Catch him.

(Crowd Chattering)

(Water Waves Sound)

Sir, he is done for.
- Pehelwan is no more.

Shall we?

Hey. Who is it? Greetings Baba.

We have arranged for
your bathing in Ghat No. 2.

Take a left turn from ahead.

This way, go ahead.

You monkey.
Are you in a hurry to meet God?

You misunderstand. I am Damroo.

Damroo. Damroo.

Sir. What happened? Sir.


(Door Opens)

What happened, friend?
Are you okay?

Damroo. Where is Damroo?
- Who is Damroo, friend?

Mouney Baba found you injured.

He brought you here.
Have some offerings.

Mouney Baba?

Very powerful Baba. Mouney Baba.

He has surrendered
his voice to God.

He is always silent.

Take his blessings and let's leave.

Greetings, Baba. Greetings, Baba.

Sir, I have been in this
profession for the last 1.5 years.

And now I know that no
business is better than religion.

And such respect.

Great leaders, kings,
CM, PM, everyone touches your feet.

Bhanumati's cronies are
looking for me everywhere.

And you are spreading
knowledge here.

Just tell me,
where should we run away from here?

Shall I cross the border to
Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka?

You don't need to go anywhere now.

You have reached your destination.

In the temple of religion.

Everything can change here.

You can change too.

Even the police, CID, etc.
can't find anyone here? Nothing.

Bhanumati is insignificant in
front of all this. - (Birds Chirping)

Just take of this garb
and surrender to River Ganga.

We will start a new game
at an international level.

You want me to turn
to an ascetic like you.

Sir, not an ascetic. I said Baba.

I can't do anything
since my speech is impaired.

Otherwise I would have gone places.

You haven't done anything
but abuse and get abused.

And now you want to tell
people about the scriptures.

No one has time to
listen to scriptures.

Baba means who takes money..

..and shows the shortcut to heaven.

And enough money to even
give loans to Swiss banks.

Stay like kings.
Just watch. Listen to me.

Say goodbye to the past
and turn over a new leaf.

(Birds Chirping)

Sir is giving up his body.

Keep it.
I am renouncing everything.

Are you going to
give me everything?

Don't stop.
Just give everything away.

Even your chain.

(Birds Chirping)

Very good.

Hail Mahadev. Hail Babaji.

(Temple Bell)

(Gun Firing)

(Conch Shell Blowing)

Sir, it seems like a small place.
But it is gold.

There is a lot of property.

It's a city of black marketers!


What they say?
Cottage industries. Handicrafts.

Everything is exported.
So they earn in dollars.

Do you remember the Dhuliya?

He has his own bank here.

We need to join hands with him.

What is this?

You said that there is
no shop for religion here?

Sir, I was about to tell
you about it. It's nothing.

Look at the name below.

Bholanath Tripathi, Former MLC.

He is just a former politician.
Nothing else.

He used to do perform
protests in villages here.

Now he doesn't bother
about money etc.

People respect him somewhat.

We will take over his
shop and start our business.

Sir, I know.

We have come here in
a public bus without a ticket.

And we will leave
from here in an airplane.

Sir, I want to ask you
something I was thinking about.

What is your real name?

So aren't you going
to give yourself a name?

Everyone has one.
Do you want a name or not?

My name is Damroo.

A dream of a glorious India.

A dream of a beautiful India.

It is the rule of nature
that as you sow so shall you reap.

The India of the future.

So teach them good things
today so that our future..

..and the future of
the country is secured.

Right, Mr. Agarwal? What happened?

I am very troubled, Pandit.
- What happened?

It seems someone has
cast an evil eye on my health.

What did the doctor say?

First I tested positive
for high sugar.

And the BP and now
because of cholesterol..

..I have been asked
to do a bypass surgery.

My wife is saying
that surely someone..

..has done hoodoo on my health.

That mean some has cast an evil eye.
- Yes.

You are a great man.
Please cure me of this.

Manku, forget the tea.

Go inside and get the ashes
from the incense that is burning.

And rub it on his pajamas.


What are you saying?
- What else should I say?

Mr. Agarwal I have told
you several times to perform yoga.

Exercise a little.

You will eat fried fish,
chicken etc.

How would that do?

Your wife says that
some has cast an evil eye.

Manku, take off the pajamas..

..maybe you will
get rid of the evil eye.

Go and do yoga, Mr. Agarwal.
I am not joking.

What will you do with the body?

Go and do some Yoga there.

Pandit, tell us what should
I do with the doors and windows...

What happened? Have they got termites?
- No.

Nothing is safe in the house..

..where we were
able find everything.

Theft is increasing.

Pandit, I took a loan from
the bank to open a factory.

I lost everything overnight.
- The police....

The police does nothing, Pandit.

They have now 14 police
stations instead of 4.

But what's the use?

There is an old saying.

A hut of smart men in
the neighborhood of fools.

How can we act wise in this world?

One minute. One minute. One minute.

What happened?
- I need your blessings.

I have come from far away.

I had come to take your blessing.
I am leaving now.

It's okay.
Where are you from?

Nowhere? I had travelled
a 1000 miles on foot. - Okay.

Tell me.
- Yes.

These innocent people.
- Yes.

They come here with their problems.
- Of course.

And you are making fun of them.

I am not making fun of them.

You are talking
indecently with them.

I had come from far
away to be taught by you.

But you have opened my eyes.

Look, sir. I name is Bhola Pandit.

Do you understand?

I am not Baba Ramdev
for you to come from far away.

So sorry.
- No, you can't be like Ramdev.

You can't even be his assistant.

That is too much, bro.
- Listen. Don't shout.

Calm down.
He has got the right to speak.

I don't want to say anything.

You can go your way.

I have found the real one
in my search of the fake.

If I had not come here than
I wouldn't even met Global Baba.


Global Baba.

Globe. The earth.

- And it's Global.

Global Baba.
- Okay, Global Baba.

Who is he?
- That was the name he gave me.

Last night at Kabirganj.

And I saw that my neck was hurt.

What happened?

The thieves of Kabirganj stole it.
- What?

This on and then some
came and said that..

..Global Baba has come here.

He is taking rest there.

In Kabirganj.
- Yes, in Kabirganj.

A 6 feet man was lying like this.

A cobra was at his head.

- Yes.

King cobra.
- King cobra?

I became nervous.
I was not even able to speak.

Baba suddenly opened his
eyes and asked what happened?

I said I have been robbed.

He concentrated and told me
the address right away.

What is his name?
- Global Baba.

Yes, Global Baba.
- In Kabirganj.

Yes, in Kabirganj. He is sitting
there. 10 minutes away from here.

He is an atom bomb.

You are just a cracker.
Forgive me. I am leaving.

Oh no.
- Sorry. Get away.

Brother. Brother, stop.

Don't you dare follow me.
The true finds the truth.

And the false finds falsehoods.

You deserve him. Bye.
- Brother listen.

Please take us to Global baba.

Don't bother me.

Don't bother me.

That man there. He is your savior.
He will help you.

Don't follow me, rascals. Go away.

Brother, listen to me.

Go away. Don't follow me.

Where are you going?
- Listen to me.

Where is Baba?

- That is not him.

Go away. Go.

Because of you I lost
such a great person.

Brother! Come here. Here.

Is that him?
- Yes, he is Global baba.

He is Global Baba.
- But this tiger.

When I met him this
tiger was not with him.

How did a tiger
came in to Kabirganj?

I don't know.

He is playing with
the tiger like a pet dog.

Move. Move. Baba.
- Do you want us to die?

Why are you disturbing him?

If he became angry and
let the tiger loose on us..

..then all of us
will be in trouble.

Move. Baba.

Hey, run!

You. Get up.
Get up. Child, What are you doing?

That's enough.
Get up. What happened?

Did you find your lost property?

Baba, I found it.
Baba, you are great.

Baba, I thought I have missed you.

Baba, that tiger?

That tiger was my old landlord.
- Landlord?

Yes. I had done penance
for years in his cave.

In the mountains of Prayagraj.

The poor thing didn't even take any money.
- Wow.

Since I left without informing
him he became worried.

By the way even you
had gone to meet your Guru.

What happened?

Sir, I met him what can I say?

He is nothing compared to you.

Please accept me as your disciple,
Baba. Please.

What will you do with me, child?

I have got no house or address.

There are many famous
ascetics in this world..

..with their own
temples and hermitages.

Go and join one of them.
- No Baba.

I don't want to join any one.
All are thieves.

Don't deny me.
You are the powerhouse of miracles.

All else are burnt out bulbs.
Save me.

Take me at your feet.
- Baba. Baba. Baba.

All right. I will help you all.

I have taken rest in your city.

So I am indebted to you.

Just tell me your
problems one by one.

I will forward all your
requests to the global godfather.

The rest is all on Him.
- Global godfather?

Shut up.
- Baba.

Baba, save me.
- You get up.

Baba, he is a genuine man.
Listen to his problem.


You are leaving a
government building..

..with a packet in your hand.

You are right, Baba.
That's the bank.

It happened last week.

It contains your lifelong dream.

Yes, Baba. I took a loan
of 12 lakhs from the bank.

It was robbed. I am ruined, Baba.

I am ruined. Help me.

A building under construction.

A shop behind.
A pile of sand and a tree.

What does that mean, sir?

This is how Baba offers solutions.

When I lost my locket he said poop,
vegetable, funnel cake.

I found it in the toilet
behind the funnel cake shop.. the vegetable market.
- Yes.

A building under construction.

A shop behind.
A pile of sand and a tree.

What does that mean?
- Listen. Listen.

- Mr. Chaubey's shop.

- A building is being constructed there.

Yes. - It also has a pile of sand
and also a tree.

Then what are we waiting for?
Let's go.

Hail Global Baba.

"This is neither
friendship nor enmity."

"Fate became a puppet
in the game of black magic."

Hail Global Baba.

"The official Global Baba."

"Check this out."

Hail Global Baba.

I found my money.

Baba you are great.
I found my money.

"You remember the Baba
when you are in trouble."

"Baba is your ambrosia."

"Baba is the tonic
to get rid of problems."

"Baba can get rid
of eras of problems."

"The one who touches
his feet becomes lucky."

"The time of Baba is bigger
than the time of royalty."

"The time of Baba is bigger
than the time of royalty."

Get lost. Acting smart with me.

Look how much we have
got in our first offerings.

Sir, what are you showing me?

You have returned the stuff
stolen with such difficulty.

We would had had good
food with that money.

Not you but the priest
who would come to perform..

..your funeral would
have had good food.

The protection of this
entire area has been destroyed.

Global bad spirits are eyeing it.

It is not possible to stop
the thieving going on here.

Baba, don't say so.
Baba, don't say so.

You are our last hope, baba.

Please give us a solution, Baba.

The one who wants
a protection amulet..

..will have to give
one tenth of his income.. the global godfather.

This is our global godfather.

"He created such an illusion
with crocodile tears."

"This is where the
Baba will operate from."

"With the blessings
of the global godfather..

..every house will
see a globalized morning."

"Look how sick they
are with superstition."

"The time of Baba is bigger
than the time of royalty."

"The time of Baba is bigger
than the time of royalty."

"The time of Baba is bigger
than the time of royalty."

"Baba's graph rose like inflation."

"Baba has got both
curses and blessings."

You have got a very
difficult problem.

Wow Baba.

You are the first great
man to catch bad luck.

"People wash of their
sins and head for heaven."

"The time of Baba is bigger
than the time of royalty."

Take water from the bottom
of the river every morning.

And you will have to pour
it on the top of the mountain.

And don't you dare stop.
Don't stop.

And what will you
say on your way there?

Global Baba.
- Mr. Agarwal.

Hail Global Baba. Hail Global Baba.

"Hail. Hail. Hail. Hail baba."
- They're experts at committing crime.

He's recently been
released from Tihar jail.

"Hail. Hail. Hail. Hail baba."

"PM, DM, CM, everyone holds his feet."

"They wait until
they get to meet him"

"Everyone bows down to him.. matter how great they are."

"Money is showered
on him in great amounts."

"Lot of people come
to pay homage to the Baba."

"The time of Baba is bigger
than the time of royalty."

"The time of Baba is bigger
than the time of royalty."

"The time of Baba is bigger
than the time of royalty."

"Hail Global Baba."

Baba you are great.
You have cured my husband.

You did what even
medicine couldn't do.

Say, Hail Global Baba.

Open your eyes Mr. DM.
This is government land.

Government land. Forest land.

As per the Indian
constitution this land.. preserved for them. For them.

The one who is fighting
for their lives and hunger.

They are fighting
for their existence.. your so called moral society.

Because Babas and dacoits
have taken over their land..

..with help from the
police and the system.

Do you have any answer for them?
Tell me.

Pandit, I did send
my officers here 2-3 times.

They have been said that this.. a temporary religious camp.

And it will be taken down soon.

What are you saying Mr. DM.

You are talking like a blind man.

Do you think this is temporary?

This is a permanent
slap on your secularism.

The paper he is holding
looks more temporary than this.

Whereas law says that
this land belongs to them.

Whom should we complain to?
Who will protect them?

The police who are
pandering to the Baba.

Answer them not me.

Pandit, I will send them
an evacuation notice soon.

And have them leave
this place soon.

He will send them notice.
The same rigmarole.

Government work will go on.

You sent notices and they
will put stay order on it.

You will file a case
against that stay order.

And they will file a
harassment case against you.

And this is how time will fly.

What will happen to him?

He will die soon while
waiting for his justice.

Forget him. He has lived his life.
This is Tulsi.

She has born in India,
the best place in the world.

Her protectors have
made her future bleak.

Dear, say hello to uncle.

You can go and pander to the Baba.

You are the DM now.

Soon you will become
home secretary.

What about her?
She has taken birth to die.

Come. They will issue a stay order.
Let's go.

What are you doing Gupta?

Changing the name
of the shop, Pandit.

Does your global father
only have fathers?

Does he have any mother too?

He only has a father, priest.

He is from a different
planet where..

..they have no mother.
Just fathers.

Pandit, you are insulting Baba.

I am quite because I respect you.

Others would have
retaliated accordingly.

Why are you respecting me?

When you can change
the name of your shop from..

..Hanuman Juice center
to the name of a thief..

..who has stolen government land..

..then you can retaliate openly.

Your society is strange.

Beware Pandit.

Don't you dare say anything
against Global baba.

(Crowd Chattering)

"If anyone tries to attack Baba."

"Even the government is shaken."

"The one who messes with
religion is gone forever."

"Everything is finished
at just one call."

"The saffron robes weigh
heavy on the khaki uniform."

"The time of Baba is bigger
than the time of royalty."

"The time of Baba is bigger
than the time of royalty."

It is very shocking that
the most peaceful district of..

..the country Kabirganj
has become a center of riots.

The state government
has taken strict steps..

..and have transferred
the DM of Kabirganj..

..along with half a
dozen other high officials.

And has announced that they will..

..find out the cause of the riots.

We have with us PC Jacob,
the new police chief of Kabirganj.

Bhavna. Bhavna. My battery is over.

Sorry. Sorry.
I will just get it. Just a moment.

What kind of cartoons
I have to deal with it.

Sorry, Mr. Jacob. Just 2 minutes.

Why are you saying sorry?

Actually I should be thanking you.

This was my first interview
and I was nervous.

Thank you.

Mr. Jacob, how will you
control the situation here..

..if you are so nervous?

The situation is already
under control, madam.

The little tension that
you see here will be over..

..after the home
minister's visit tomorrow.

Just take care of
your battery's charge.

The police force here
is charged up already.

Nice meeting you.
- Same here.

We swear on Global Baba.

The hermitage won't be moved.

We swear on Global Baba.

The hermitage won't be moved.

We swear on Global Baba.

The hermitage won't be moved.

I apologise to all.

I have come to meet the people..

..who have been effected
by the riots right now.

Please come with your
questions to my residence.

I will answer them.

The minister.
- Hail him.

The minister.
- Hail him.

How is your son?

Can't you see what
is wrong with my son?

Why are you all so angry with me?

I am worried about
the peace of the state..

..and the security of you people.

Is this how you are going
to ensure our security?

Entire Kabirganj is robbed.
You have ruined it.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Greetings Baba.
My brother has lost his arm.

He might have even lost his head.

But your hermitage
should be protected, Baba.

Your hermitage
shouldn't break, Baba.

It won't. You all are there.

We swear on Global Baba.

The hermitage won't be moved.

We swear on Global Baba.

The hermitage won't be moved.

We swear on Global Baba.

The hermitage won't be moved.

We swear on Global Baba.

The hermitage won't be moved.

There is the Baba.
- Come on.

We swear on Global Baba.
- You don't worry.

The hermitage won't be moved.
- Situation is under control.

Police is trying...

The people want to
know who is behind this.

Baba. Greetings. Remember me?

We met at Allahabad during Kumbh.

I also did a segment on you.

Oh yes. How are you?

I am fine. But your voice.


You were Mouney baba right?

I was Mouney baba.

But Global Baba cured my voice.

It was miraculous.

Then why didn't he perform
the miracle completely?

I mean he could have
made you speak clear.

Why are you speaking with a slur?

You don't understand.
My body is 35 years old.

But my voice is only 4 months old.

So it is going to be slurry.
What are you doing?

Baba, I was just
checking my lenses.

Listen. Come to the ashram.
And we will talk.

All right. Take care.
I will also make your life good.

Bye. Take care.


Jokes aside, Pandit.

Don't you think the
issue of the hermitage..

..on Adivasi land a
little tricky and sensitive?

Yes, it is tricky.

Then is it okay
to leave such issues..

..on such emotional people?

What do you want to say?

I mean the sensible
people of Kabirganj..

..should come together on this.

Otherwise it can
blow out of proportion.

The sensible people of Kabirganj.
Who are they?

Sensible people like
you and the ones..

..who follow your ideologies.

Who follows my ideologies?

Dallu Yadav?

Just tell me that you
have got a proposal from him.

You work in his channel
so hail Dallu Yadav.

It is not like that, Pandit.
You know me.

I accept that Dallu
asked me to talk to you but...

What did he tell you?

He must have told you
that Bhavna go and request him.

Tell him to support
me in politics and win.. that he can betray me again.

Hello, Pandit.
- Hello.

I am the new city SP here.
My name is Jacob.

Welcome. Welcome. Please sit.
- Hello.

This is Bhavna Sharma. My child.

Yes, I have met you.
You are a journalist.

The batteries are charged, madam.


What batteries
are you referring to?

Is see that your batteries
are charged, Jacob.

Have you got my arrest warrant?

Arrest warrant for you?
Why, Pandit?

I was the main reason
of those riots.

I forced the DM to break
the wall of the hermitage.

Well than I must thank you, Pandit.

Kabirganj has turned into hell
and you are thanking me.

No, Pandit.

Actually I have got promoted
because of your riots.

No, I haven't had you promoted.

You got promoted because
of your name. Jacob.

Jacob, consider this promotion.. be a gift from Jesus Christ.

Because the Adivasi
people worship them.

Her great boss Dallu Yadav
is going to play..

..the Adivasi card
this time in elections.

Look, he has even called you here.

I have heard that even
the new DM is an Adivasi.

Move. We won't open the gate.

Do you know who is he?
- Who?

He is the home minister of state.

He is not even stopped abroad and.. are stopping him
in his own state.

Look, sir.
I don't know about all that.

This is Global Baba's Ashram.

And here only he reigns supreme.

If you want to come in then
queue up otherwise you can return.

Listen. Listen. Listen to me.
- Go, Go away.

(Door Opens)

Global baba.
- Hello. - Hello.

(Door Closes)

Uncle, he is asking us to queue up.

Come, sir. Come ahead of us.
- All right.

Come on. Move on.
- Hello, Baba.

Come on.

Go and take the offerings
from there. Move on.

Just think about what you want.

The lord will understand everything.

He can read people's minds.
Come on.

Move from here.
Hey, send the women there.

Hello, Baba.

He was born because
of your blessings.

Bless him.
- Come.

Ladies go there.

Sir, go there.
This queue is for ladies.

One minute. One minute.

I don't have any problem
to sit with the crowd.

I know that you have more
influence in my area than me.

No problem if you want to
make me realize this repeatedly.

Otherwise can we talk
alone for two minutes?

Yes, Mr. Minister.
What do you want from this beggar?

I have heard that you
can read a person's mind.

Now tell me my problem
and its solution?

Actually you can avail
20% Adivasi vote only..

..if the 80% majority
vote is divided.

Not if they are divided
under one name?

What do you mean?

I mean the minority ticket
won't work this time..

..because Baba has
united the majority.

The rest you have to decide
if you want to send the..

..documents of this land
of this hermitage or bulldozers.

Come on. Touch my feet.
- What?

The tradition of
the hermitage is that..

..once the meeting is over
the visitor touches my feet.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Now I have a request for you too.

A government team
will come to survey..

..the land of the hermitage.

Please ask your devotees to enter.

You know that no one gives
security amulets without fanfare.

Neither global godfather
nor the government. Bye.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Jacob, you might find it strange.

You come here after passing
difficult IAS-IPS examinations.

And then you have take orders
from these ignorant politicians.

You are underestimating
our democracy, madam.

The way everyone cannot
become IAS or IPS.

In the same way everyone
cannot be a politician either.

And the one whom you
are calling ignorant used to..

..fight for the common man while..

..we were studying for our exams.

So everyone is there because
they are fit to be there.

Why have you become so serious?

No, I am never serious.

I was just thinking
that something is surely..

..special about this
Global baba to have.. many followers so soon.

He used to be a criminal, who
was killed in a police encounter.

He would have looked like
this Baba if he was still alive.


Don't misquote me.
No breaking news please.

The city has calmed down
after a long time.

Please allow it to
remain calm. Please.

Come Jacob.
Let's go and meet this Baba once.

Madam, we are bound by some rules.

To stay away from media,
rich people and Babas.

- Nice meeting you again.

Same here.
- Bye. Bye.


Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Sorry, sorry.
- Global baba. - Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Baba, the children for
whom I have given up everything.. me my food today
as if I am bitch at their doorstep.

Baba, you are only one my support.
- Madam, go ahead. Go ahead. Done.

Bless me baba.
- Go ahead.

Go ahead. Go ahead. From here. Go.

Baba, my father sold everything
to make me an engineer.

How can I tell him
that I have failed, Baba?

He will die, Baba.
- Go ahead. Go ahead.

Come. Come.

Baba, listen to her problem.

Baba, I am sick of life.

I have been married for
7 years but I am still childless.

My in-laws abuse me as infertile.

Leave me.
- Manu.

What are you doing? Get up.

Pay the rent first,
then you'll get the car keys.

Father, are you okay?

When you will give
us the remaining rent?

Come. Come. Go ahead.

Go ahead. Go ahead.

Baba, today someone
told me that everyone is..

..there in their position
because they deserve to be there.

Take her away.

Since then I am thinking,
where am I baba?

I am nowhere, Baba.

I never reached the
place where I wanted to be.

I sold my dreams
for just 17,500, Baba.

Just for 17,500. House rent.

Expenses for father's medicines.

I wanted to study
further but I couldn't.

Is it my mistake?

I wanted to fight my fate.
But I couldn't.

Is it my mistake?

Baba, I wish I could show
people what I am capable of.


I wish, baba.


Sir, listen to me.
She is a journalist.

She might be useful to us.


Global baba.
- Hail him.

Bhavna. Hello?

Global baba.
- Hail him.


Global baba.
- Hail him.

Bhavna. Where are you going?

I need to leave, Baba.
- What happened?

Who have wronged you?

No, Baba. Please let me leave.

I won't let you go.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

I told you I will
make your life better.

Global Baba wants to meet you. Come.
- No, Baba.

Hello, Baba.
- Yes, disciple.

Baba has called her.

Baba has called her himself.
Come on.

- Come.

Come on. Meet the Baba first.

Hail global Baba.


Come this way.

(Door Opens)

Baba has called her. Go ahead.

(Door Closes)

You can sit wherever
you want, girl.

I am sorry, Baba.
I became too emotional.

You must think that
I am sad and poor.

But it is nothing like that.

The atmosphere was such.

Everyone was sharing their
grief so even I was overwhelmed.

You must have seen a few
foreigners amongst my devotees.

And soon their number will grow.

Please sit. Sit.

I want someone who can
convey my message to them.

And convey their messages to me.

I think you have knowledge
of foreign languages.


My devotees outside Kabirganj..

..want to keep in contact
with me at all times.

I have thought to start
a TV channel at their insistence.

What do you think?

It's good.

Will you be able
to manage my channel?


You will be paid
3 lakhs a month from..

..the hermitage for this work.

What? Me?
- Yes.

Think about it.

If you like my proposal
than come and meet Baba Damroo.

Hail Global Godfather.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Baba, some government
people have come.

Open the gates. Let them come.
- Okay.

(Door Opens)

You will have to deposit
your mobiles, guns, etc. here.


Yes, done.
- Baba.

I have given them
the Global medicine.

Is it good?
- Yes.

Everything will be fine.
You will become pregnant.

One more.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Global baba.
- Hail him.

Walk properly.

What is your name?


No. It's Gopi.

And I am the one
who plays the flute.

(Conch Shell Blowing)

Hail India, sir.

This is mine.
- And this is mine.

Don't feel embarrassed.
- You are the one feeling shy.

Play fearlessly.

I am master in such game.
- Look. Look at this. Look at this.

Sir, you?
- Hail India, sir.

Sir, hello.
- Sir please sit.

Tea. Tea.
- Oh no.

Mahender, get some tea.

No, nothing.
- Sir, please sit.


It is an emergency.
- What happened sir?

I have to discuss
something important.

Sir, please tell us.

Do you remember
Chillum Pehelwan whom..

..we had killed in an encounter?
- Yes.

Who identified his body?
- Sir.

We two went to Baliya
and identified his body.

Go and clean there.

Go and play there. Go out. Out.
- Yes.

Are you sure it was Pehelwan's body?

Are you sure?
- Yes, sir.

He was wearing our handcuffs?

Chain. Bracelets. Rings.

Everything belonged to him.

We couldn't make out his face, sir.

I mean the fishes
had eaten his eyes, etc.

We found out that it is
corpse because of the handcuffs.

And it reached Baliya
through the river Ganga.

'The stiff was his but
the body was someone else's.'


No, papa. It's me.

Go to sleep.

Go to sleep.


Give it to me.
It decreases tension, right?

Let me try it too. Give.
- What are you doing? Leave it.

I have left it.
This is just... Since morning...

You haven't gone home yet.

This is also our home.

We spend half of the month here.

If papa was operated
on time then ..

..neither we nor he would
have been inconvenienced.

- Yes.

I have got a huge offer today.

But the people seem
to be very shady.

What? What is the offer?

3 lakhs a month.

- 3 lakhs.

What are you staring at?

It's working for the channel.
Nothing else.

They can employ Barkha Dutt
or someone..

..equivalent to her in this amount.

Why are they paying
you 3 lakh rupees?

What do you mean?

What do you mean by that?

I mean..

If I had not shouldered
your responsibility..

..then even I would
have Barkha Dutt today.


Too much.
- Bhavna, I didn't mean to say that.

I mean to say that if they
are shady then join their gang.

And have your doubts
clarified and be Barkha Dutt.

I am there with you.

Have I ever refused you anything?

Hail India, sir.
- Hail India.

(Door Closes)

Put up in my office.
- Sir.

Have a seat. Have a seat.

Thank you sir.

What happened? Any emergency Jacob?

Sir, I want say
something about Baba...

Start discussing stiff with
the offerings from Global Baba.

Take this. You too.
- Thank you.

And this is the protective
amulet from Global Baba.

Keep it with you.
It will always protect you.

- So what were you saying, Jacob?

I was feeling unwell since
night so I was thinking..

..if I should take medicines
or these blessings from Baba.

That's it.
- Look.

In our country we require
both medicines and prayers.

You are right, sir.

Cancel all meetings.
We will do it tomorrow.

But Baba only takes 3-4...
- No problem.

Try to understand. He is a man.

With politics he also
needs something physical...

Hello, sir.
- Bhavna, what am I hearing?

Are you resigning?
- I am forced sir.

I have told you before
that my salary is not enough.

And I said that earn
commissions from ads.

Sir, I am a reporter.

My work is to get news not ads.

Bhavna, elections are approaching.

Such talks don't suit you.
Think about PR.

How would be my PR
like in the elections?

Okay? Bye.

Where were you SP?
- Some old case.

- Okay.

Yes, hello. How are you? Hi.
- Hi.

Don't greet her, sir.
- Why?

She is our new sister-in-law.

- Yes.

Good morning, sir.
- Morning. Come, Jacob.

Come and sit. Vivek!
- Yes.

Take him away.
- Yes, sir.

At one time every house had a cow.

And now they have these.
- Of course sir.

Milk can be also got from outside.

But it is good to
have security inside.

Do you know people here were..

..against your
transfer and promotion?

They said that Dallu the
entire state is against lobbying.

In such cases if you
give important positions to..

..the ones loyal to Bhanumati,
it will be difficult.

Sir, that is problem
with our system.

Our condition is like
that of your dumb security.

No matter how diligent
we are people consider.. the dogs of the
one who holds our leash.

Though we are only controlled
by the Indian government.

Bhanumati also required
me the way you did.

The DM might have sent a report..

..regarding the land of
Global Ashram for verification.

I have verified it, sir.

They have illegally usurped
that land. It is wrong, sir.

That report is wrong.

The DM has sent another report.

This report states that
the Global Ashram's land.. controversy
less and free land.

Verify it and send
the enquiring committee.

We will deal with the
remaining formalities.

Sir, now even this file?

This is necessary to continue
with the peace, Jacob.

This is the rule of democracy.

The one who has the public rules.

Sir, please don't
take any hasty decisions.

I think this hermitage is a scam.

And global Baba is a bug criminal.
I was about to...

One shouldn't speak out
loud about such specific topics.

I know that the Baba is a rascal.

And I also know that
because of the Baba..

..Bhola Pandit was insulted.

We have got no say here.

The central defense
minister has come.. pay homage in his court.

Who has come?
- The defense minister. - Right.

I don't know what will
happen to Global Baba later.

But he has global power right now.

Damroo. The hermitage
seems quite different.

Inside it is even more different.
- Really?

Everything has changed.

- Who is he?

He is massage Baba.

Don't touch me. Stay away. Go away.

Please come. - You need to
go with him. Look there. Look there.

Real flying birds. Just
like 'Kill Bill'. Please go ahead.

- Damroo.

Nobody is there inside.
There no camera inside.

There is no problem.
Full service. Go and enjoy.

Several people have
been filmed, Damroo.

Nothing doing.
Trust me. Go. The Baba is coming.

- Yes. Take him away. Go on.

Take a bath while Baba comes here.
Have fun.

"Sometimes as Ram."

"Sometimes as Shyam."

"Please do come, Mr. Global. Do come."

"Come as a saint."

"Come as a saint."

"With a drum in one hand and
the mighty discus in the other."

"Please do come, Mr.
Global. Do come."

"Please do come, Mr. Global. Do come."

This is just scorpion.
Is it going to bite me?

How many scorpions
are going to bite me?

Hail Global Godfather.
- Hello Baba.

Hello Baba.

I was refusing but Damroo
Baba and these girls...

It's good that you have come.
- I had to come.

The contractor of my department
had sung your praises.

You are responsible for
the security of the people.

So someone needs to take
charge of your security too.

Power is not permanent.

Devotees are coming from
all parts of the world.. understand this
game of worldliness.

You should stay here for a few
days in the hermitage's tutelage.

In the fresh air.
You will feel good.

As you wish, Baba.

Excuse me. This is the long range.

See this one.
- Excuse me, sir.

Excuse me.

Look here.
- Oh yes. Nice. Nice Good.

Show more.

This is the long range
one with throw till 500 meters.

Excuse me, sir.
- What?

Look here.

Nice. Nice. Good.

And another one
is the latest model...

You like this one?
- ..available only in Italy.

Excuse me, sir. Excuse me.


You mean something shady
is happening in Global Ashram.

No, I was just asking generally.

What is the value of a
story if one does an expose..

..on a Baba and his
illegal activities?

In the current scenario
your story will have zero value.

Because if you tell
anyone that some Baba.. a fraud,
a cheat, a con and that.. scandals goes
on in his hermitage..

..or anything obscene
then people will say..

..what's new about it.
This is what happens there.

But if people know
that Babas are fraud..

..then where do all
these new Babas come from?

Even if they come where do
they get all these new followers?

Nice, bro.
This can be a better story.

Bhavna, see you. Mr. Minister.
- Mr. Minister.

Come on. Bhavna. Let's go.

Don't you want to take
a bite of the minister?

Take this. You can take his bite?
- What?

You can also take my
salary from now on from Dallu.

This is wrong.
Stop. I have come here first.

Global Baba had asked me
to meet Damroo Baba.

May I meet him?
- Your name?

Bhavna Sharma.

Damroo Baba, someone called
Bhavna wants to meet you.

I am a journalist.
- She is a journalist.

Pehelwan doesn't have
any record in any station.

And the officers who know him
are silent because of Bhanumati.

Tell them that Bhanumati...

Who will listen to us, sir?

Bhanumati had not issued
a circular report about him.

Nor will she.
But we do have a hope.

We should meet all the
people who are connected.. his dealings that we know of.

We will find some
information or a clue.

Look at this, sir.

(Gun Firing)


Hey! Catch him.

This is Bhavna,
he corporate head of the channel.

And if any Baba uses
Global medicine on her..

..then I will kill that rascal.

She is your global sister.
Who is she?

Global sister.
- Is she only your sister?

Global sister.

Yes, very good! Go now. Move on.

Global Baba.
- Hail him.

Come Bhavna. - Global Baba.
- Hail him.

Global Baba.
- Hail him.

Bhavna, they all are devotees.

Bhavna, when I saw
you for the first time..

..I felt that we will
make a very good pair.

Just like ice-cream.
- Baba.


I have come here to set your channel.
- Yes.

Not ice cream.
- May I address you casually?

- You are acting so hard to get.

I have done so much for you and.. are not even
flirting with me.

Thank Mr. Damroo,
for doing so much for me.

I want to say I love you to you..

..and you are making fun of me.

Your voice is not old enough yet.

Let it become stronger.

Look Bhavna.
- Baba Damroo.

I am hurt.

Hail Global Baba.

Dallu has sent a message.

He said that he will
resolve our land issue..

..if we are ready
to bless him publicly.

Then sir you should bless him.

Grahan has seen a few more plots.

Global college. Global hospital.

We will make a global town.

Where did this Grahan Baba
come from?

He is our minion. Land mafia.

A champion in usurping land.

And what were you doing
with this girl from the channel?

Sir, you saw. It was nothing.

I was just explaining her the work.

You dumb person you
were teaching her work.

Or flirting with her?

A new lot of bar dancers
are coming from Mumbai.

We have to export them
to Dubai with a Yoga camp.

What will you do then?

If the sweet seller
eats all of his sweets..

..then what will he sell?

Sir, this is our personal sweet.

Tel me, if you want to have
it alone. I will do the rest.

You will arrange a girl for me?
I will fix you.

I haven't taught you a lesson
since several days. - Sorry.

Be careful.
Otherwise you might end up dead.

Go and find the
history of that girl.

And tell Dallu that
I coming to meet him. Go.

Global Baba.
- Hail him.

Global Baba.
- Hail him.

Global Baba.
- Hail him.

Global Baba.
- Hail him.

Power Baba.
- Hail him.

Who is Power Baba?

Power Baba.
- Hail him.

Isn't this the title you
are going to give me, Baba?

I have dispatched the
lease papers to the hermitage.

Now please fulfill
the rest of the deal.

And announce our union.
Everyone is waiting.

Come. Come.

Here is the channel
head of our hermitage. Come.

- She was in your team till now.

Now she is with us.
- Start.

Power Baba.
- Hail him.

Power Baba.
- Hail him.

Dallu please tell us that the
land on which the Global Ashram..

..stands which belonged
to the Adivasi has..

..suddenly been declared
as infertile land.

Are you able to digest
this fact properly?

The one who cannot
digest can contact Baba.

Baba has got a lot of
exercises to treat indigestion.

So Baba, what lesson have
you imparted to Dallu that..

..he became Power Baba
from a powerless home minister?

I have only taught him
to respect public opinion.

And Baba said that Dallu
because of your dedication.. public service me
and all my devotees will.. you in
the coming elections.

Is that true, Baba?
Baba, tell us. Please speak.

Do you agree to this? Is he right?
- Yes, he is right.

I have no doubts towards his
industry towards public service.

And that's why he has
promised to allow us..

..government land
to make Global hospital..

..Global school and Global College.

Dallu, what does that mean?
- (Clap Sound)

Does that mean
you will only serve..

Global Baba and his devotees?

What about the rest?
- What about the rest?

There is nothing else, child.
The rest is your illusion.

Baba. Baba.
One more question. Dallu.

(Multiple Reporters Talking At Once)

A lot is still left, Baba.

You might even know
and recognize him.

Greetings. They greet Babas, right?

It is about how you
feel about them, child.

You have got a long life.
- God has been kind to me.

I will pray that you
have a long life too.

Global Baba.
- Hail him.

Please Damroo. Please. No.
- Come. I will drop you.

- I will drop you home. Come on sit.

No, Damroo.
I will go by myself. Please.

What are you saying?

I will also meet your
family and come even closer.

Come. Come. Come.
- Look, Damroo.

I don't like mixing my
personal and professional life.

So please just let me go.

What are you saying?

There are no secrets between us.

The closer you come, the more fun it'll be.
- What are you doing, Damroo?

Let me go.
- Come with me.

- Hey. What is the problem?

This is our personal problem.
Get lost.

Let me go.
- Every matter on the road is personal.

Sir, she is a member of
our family in the hermitage.

So I am dropping her home.
Do you have any problem?

Not I but you will have a problem.

It will be better if the dirt
of the hermitage stays within it.

If it becomes public then
Babas like you will be in problems.

Look down. Look down!

Do you know how police
looks after their guests?

Do you know it or not?

Don't worry about the girl.
Think about yourself. Go.


Shall I?
- Go from here.

Start the car.
Okay, Bye. Take care of her. Bye.

For how much did you
sell your self-respect..

..for to these Babas?

So you will do the same
thing Damroo Baba was doing.

Embarrass me.

Either you are very innocent..

..who doesn't understand
their ulterior motives.

You understand them,
don't you Jacob?

What are you doing?

At least I am not working
for those rascals.

If not these rascals.

Then you must be working
for some other rascals.

Are there any other people in
this world besides these rascals?

Everyone wants something here.

And only for themselves.
Let the world go to hell.

This is the global
weakness of the people.

The one who cashes on it has
their governments and hermitages.

So only we are left.

People like us have
got only two options.

To work for these
government people like you.

Or work for these Holy men like me.

And hope to keep
our self-respect intact.


It seems you have started
on a great mission..

..with complete preparations.

Someone might be in
some place maybe because..

..he is able to
fight only from there.

Having different fighting
grounds doesn't mean..

..that we should
have different enemies.

'You must know and recognize them.'

They greet Babas, right?'

'You have got a long life.'

Sir. What happened?

How many 302 Babas do
we have in our hermitage?

Several, sir.

Tell them that they
need to be careful.

"Intoxicated eyes."

"Sweet talks."

"Buzzing like the bees."

"The spring I was
waiting for has come."

"The heart feels naughty,
says the wet blouse."

"Boys follow you in groups."

"Colors blow into
your face girl on Holi."

"No matter how much you try,
I won't respond."

"Go away, boy."

"Colors blow into
your face girl on Holi."

"No matter how much you try,
I won't respond."

"Go away, boy."

"With opium and
dancing with devotees."

"The eyes are now free.
And he is having fun."

"Colors are being showered.
Get wet."

"The ascetic is
immersed in colors."

"He is looking for his partner."

"Colors blow into
your face girl on Holi."

"No matter how much you try,
I won't respond."

"Go away, boy."

"The colors are rough.
Red water is being showered."

"Look at all this red stuff."

"What is this mystery?
Where are hiding? They know it."

"In Holi everyone
is playing around."

"A death dance is going on."

"Such a web has been woven."

"Blood is strewn everywhere."

"The land has become red."

(Door Closes)

Chauhan, call the fire
brigade and ambulance.

How will you reach
such a cunning person?

He has removed all
traces for us to reach him.

You are removing old evidences.

But you are creating new evidences.

I felt that you have understood..

..that no one catch me.

Wearing a saffron garb
doesn't make one God.

You are still the same
person for me like before.

Times have changed a lot, Jacob.

Before I was someone's dog.

But today I have so many
dogs that if I set them..

..after you then you
won't have anywhere to run.

Pehelwan you should
be thinking of running away.

The day I will get
one evidence against you..

..I will kill you in
front of the same people..

..who had made you God.
Remember that.

Don't make this enmity
personal, Jacob.

You will regret.

No warrior can hurt
any Baba in India.

If this matter advances that..

..the animal which is eaten by your
community is worshipped by mine.

Do you even realize
how many people will die..

..form both communities
if war starts?

Go Jacob.

That day you had given
me a chance to run.

I will look away today.

Go out of the hermitage
with full respect.

Consider that the death
sentence on your head..

..has been waived off.

Global Baba.
- Hail him.

Baba, I am sick of
the quarrels at my home.

Before we used to
have a joint family.

We used to live together.

And then my mother-in-law
had it partitioned.

And since then quarrels
have never stopped.

What do you wipe your house with?

It is an old pajama of my husband.

That is the root
of all your problems.

Change that cloth and make a wipe..

..out of your
mother-in-law's petticoat.

Soon you will be globally blessed.

Gudiya, go and check what
cloth do we use to wipe our house?


It is very important for
women to know their limits.

If you cross your limits then..

..the devils outside will nab you.

This rape etc. is happening
because of a woman's lust.

If women can control
their lust... Stop!

Who wrote this bad discourse?

- You?

What do you want me to do?

Do you want me to be
in trouble by saying all this?

Baba how will be in the news
if you don't make controversies?

Such statements give
you free publicity worth..

..millions in twitter,
Facebook etc.

I will write it if you
just want to say good things.

But nobody pays
attention to such things.

Is it?

But the youth today
doesn't understand things.. emotions,
control, limits, etc.

And I am only targeting the youth.

Please change this speech.
- Yes.

Baba, phone.

Who is calling?
- An international devotee.



Yes. Oh yes.

Oh yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Did you record it?
- Yes.

- Yes, Baba.

A devotee from France
was speaking in German.

Please find out what he is saying.
It is recorded.

- Be careful with that.

Come here.

Sir, this girl is not trustworthy.

Don't let her come too close.
- Why?


I also got trapped with
the police once because of her.

I asked her to sit
in the car but she didn't..

..and created a scene.

The policeman came
and threatened me.

And she didn't even defend me, sir.

This girl is not trustworthy.

You guaranteed the trustworthiness
of this girl, right?

And now you are suspecting her.

Who is untrustworthy?
This girl or you?

No, sir. She has a good heart.
I can read faces.

But she is under pressure.
- Mad man.

Are you going to tell
me if she is under pressure?

Her father is in the
hospital for the last 7 years.

Her brother is in
rehab for drug abuse.

Sir, you have got her bio data.

I was about to find all that.
- When?

After it was too late.

Go and manage your loose change.

You cannot manager her. Go.

How are you pervert Baba?

Pervert Baba.
- Witch.

Pervert Baba.
- Sir, they are from Mumbai.

They are taking advantage
of me since I was nice to them.

Once there deal is done
tomorrow I will be free.

Everyone is calling me
pervert because of them.

I am feeling very bad.

Jacob, what do I do with this Baba?

He sends a new proposal
for land every day to approve.

And if do approve it
I will be jailed for sure.

And if I don't approve it
then I will lose the elections.

Sir, I don't know about
the elections but if you want.. overpower the Baba
then there is one person.. this state who can do this.
- Who?

The one who has Baba's
entire horoscope.

Sir, I will arrange the meeting.

It is your job to call Baba.

Come Baba. Come.

Why is your Dally Yadav
such a big politician?

It is a matter of a small land.

It is not a deal for illegal
cocaine to call this secret meeting.

It is not that, Baba.
The elections are coming.

The press is tracking him
like vultures.

Both Dallu and you
will be in trouble..

..if this deal is made public.

Child, my hermitage is
founded on all these problems.

So don't try to impart
knowledge to me.

Baba. Baba.
it will be better if you go alone.

I am waiting him.
He has come. Greetings, Baba.

I had thought that
you had arranged..

..a great press
conference like last time.

That conference made
me realize of your activities.

You made me bend
so low at your feet..

..that my waist is still sprained.


Bhanumati? And here? - (Door Closes)

Hey. Don't call anyone.

When a person is
scared what does he say?

- How are you, Dallu?

I am fine. Please have a seat.

All right. So you are Global Baba.

I have heard a lot about you.
Please sit.

Why are you standing?

I have sent you a personal request.

Yes, Mr. Mishra told me about it.

- I am thinking about it.

Dallu, can you leave us
alone for some time.

I have somehow found time
to meet Baba.

Why not.

If you...
- Okay, bye.

Baba, I wanted to listen
to some discourse by you.

But what can I do?
Elections are approaching.

I have to finalize
the list of the candidates.

We have promised to have
a crime free government this time.

Isn't that a good promise?

Now I don't have time
to take your wisdom.

So I thought of giving
you some wisdom.

The hermitage you
have in Kabirganj.

The minority communities
are very angry about it.

They don't have much
land left for them.

What will they do if
you take that away too?

So I want you to clear off
from that place..

..with that shame
of a hermitage of yours.

In fact it is better
if you leave this state..

..and start your game
in some other state.

Tell me,
if you have any problem here?

I have got millions
of devotees today.

They might get disappointed.

What will I tell them when
they ask me where I am going?

Tell them that you
had an inner calling...

One minute. One minute.

If you don't mind than
I will record your message.

What do you mean?

Just a minute. Give me a minute.

Who is Damroo Baba?
- Me.

You have been called inside.
- May I? - Yes.

(Door Opens)

Global Baba. - Close the door
and take out the mobile fast.

We need to record
Bhanumati's video.

What is this drama all about?

These are just 4 lines.
Just write it down.

No. It is not enough
for us to write it down.

We need to record it.

Don't take my video.
Take his. Your boss.

You need to take his recording.

I get recorded often.
You should have one now.

What do you mean?
- Talk about wisdom.


Have you lost your mind?

When this cat says
wisdom you can hear it.

Have you lost your mind?

Say wisdom. Wisdom.
- Behave properly.

Chillum, have you gone crazy?

Do you know your standing? My dog...

Why have he called him inside?

Sometimes we have
such co-incidence..

..that it really
feels that God exists.

I had never thought that
I will get such an easy..

..chance to take my revenge on her.

Look. Why are you struggling?

She is resting for some time.

She said she doesn't
want to be disturbed.



We have received a
shocking news regarding..

..the state assembly elections.

Bhanumati has
selected Global Baba.. the candidate from
the Kabirganj constituency.

Dallu Yadav have lost hope..

..after the advent of Global Baba.
- I call you later.

Bhanumati has
announced Global Baba.. the candidate from
the Kabirganj her party.

"Sometimes as Ram."

"Sometimes as Shyam."

"Come Global. Do come."

Hello, Mr.
Minister. Hello, Mr. Minister.

Mr. Minister, I am shocked
as to why Bhanumati did this.

There was no logical
reason for this.

Who is this?

Hail Global Godfather.

Where did you get this number from?

I know everything.

I also know that
Bhanumati's favorite dog..

..Jacob is also there with you.

And it is good to say
that you have hurt yourself.


Did you call me to make fun of me?

I am calling you to say thanks.

You had arranged such
a good meeting with Bhanumati.

It was fun.

Continue to send such good gifts.. me in the future too.

I don't like small gifts.


Excuse me ma'am.

I just spoke with
media head, Gupta.

He says that since the
time we have added Global Baba.. our party since
then upper class people..

..from the Eastern region
are also joining the party.


So what is all this wrong Hindi?

Why don't you check?
What do you want?

That I should fail before
I even become a minister.

I am sorry, Baba. I don't know how...

Where is Nepali Baba. Call him.

He will be my election in-charge.

He has to start my promotion.

Why do you need Nepali Baba?
I am there.

Your PA. I will manage everything.

No minister's PA
speaks with a slur.


Take care of them. That suits you.

"Hail. Hail. Hail Baba."

This time.
- Baba's government.

This time.
- Baba's government.

This time.
- Baba's government.

I have joined politics
so that I can bring..

..back all the black
money deposited abroad.

So that our India become
a shining golden bird again.

I am forced to delve
in dirty politics.. that I can get rid
of other corrupted politicians.

Global Baba.
- Hail him.

Their income is in
international banks.

Then why is our income taxed?

If you want to save
the heritage of India..

..then you have to get the
good and true ascetics to power.

The glorious future
of our country depends..

..on the inclusion of
Global Ashram in the assembly.

Global Baba.
- Hail him.

51% seats.

That means Global Baba has got..

..51% support from the public.

Dallu Yadav is getting 34% support.

And the others are
getting 15% support.

- Yes.


Call Bhavna.

Tell her that it is time
to expose the Baba. - Yes.

Sir, if you don't
mind may I say something?

Don't involve her
in this matter, sir.

Because Bhavna cannot
handle this matter.

Trust me.
- Shut up.

I am in this situation
because of this.

Global 51% and Dallu Yadav 34%.

It seems that I haven't
done politics for 40 years.

What the heck.
- One minute. Sir, Bhavna.

Hello, Bhavna.

- Bless you. Bless you. How is papa?

Listen. Do one thing, dear.

He will win.
- Global Baba will win.

He will win.
- Global Baba will win.

He will win.
- Global Baba will win.

He will win.
- Global Baba will win.

Dallu Yadav.
- Hail him.

Dallu Yadav.
- Hail him.

The Baba will be exposed soon.

The power of truth...

Go. Go. Go.

What are you hiding? Show. Check.

- Yes. Tell me, girl.

I am listening to you.

Baba, I have a request for you.

It would be very kind
of you if you allow me.. go by the green channel
after duty.

Do you want to take something
outside the hermitage?

By stealth.

Yes. My honor.

The Baba's frisk very
indecently at the gates.

I don't like it.

Good girls are not always smart.

Smart girls are not always good.

And the one who are
both are not beautiful.

And the one who is
beautiful is not a girl.

You are uniquely endowed
with all these qualities.

I don't understand.

You have gone against me
for that lowly Dally Yadav.


Oh no, Baba. You misunderstand.

It's a waste of time
and words when two.. people try
to fool each other.

You wanted to have
your father operated on..

..for the last 5 years
who was rotting in the hospital.

He got operated on 2 days ago.

Where did the money come from?

The hermitage didn't pay it.

Are you going to tell me yourself?

Or should I show
you the bank statements?

Dallu Yadav wants to expose me
with your help today.


The way you have made videos
of this entire hermitage.

You want to give that to him, right?
- No. No.

Tell me the truth.
- No. - Tell me.

What is this?
- This contains the real stuff.


Sorry, Baba.

You will work at the Baba's.


For me.

Don't forget that your father
is at the government hospital.

And I am the government.

Sorry Baba.

I have to finish the work
I have started. Munna.

What does this have?

He is looking for this.
Take it to Dallu Yadav.

Please Baba. Please.
- Please. Please. Please.

Please Baba.
- Look.


No Baba. Please let him go.

Baba, please.
I haven't done anything.

Your bother will be freed as
soon as your work is done. - (Crying)

My brother.
- Munna. - Yes.

Take madam out through
the green channel.

I haven't done anything.
- Her wish should be granted. Go.

Please Baba. Let him go. Please.

"The Baba is a pervert."

"The Baba is a pervert."

"The Baba is a pervert."

"Give it up.
Give it up to the bad boy."

"Give it up.
Give it up to the bad boy."

"He is a pervert."

"He is a pervert
just like a monkey."

"He is a pervert."

"He is a pervert
just like a monkey."

"Pervert Baba."


Look exchange...

- What is it?


My dress.

Come. Come on.


That girl won't take
the green gate. Get inside.

Get lost.
The Baba has told me. Get lost. Go.

"The Baba has a simple theory."

"He tales god's name
and keeps a girl by his side."

"A little property everywhere."

"A little hope. And a little life."

I am calling here but I
am not able to get through to her.

What are you saying?
- She must be on her way.

"The Baba is a pervert."

Move. Move.
Go away. Get lost. Move.

What drama is going on here?

Nepali went through the
green channel with that girl.

When I told him to stop
he said you had told him to.

Yes, I have. What's the problem?

Sir, why don't you understand?

That girl is not trustworthy.

I keep a special eye on her.

Special eye!
Where? On her lips or her cheeks?

What rubbish!

If I had not kept an eye on you..

..then we would have
been ruined by now.

Now stop thinking about that girl..

..and keep a watch at the gate.

You are only fit for that.

And let Munna do his job. Get lost.

Sir, you have given
that Nepali my uniform.

He was teasing me by wearing it.

And you are having fruits alone.

What is wrong with you sir?

What are you hiding from me?
Tell me.

Are you my wife that
I am answerable to you?

Get lost otherwise if I lose my head...
- Don't do that.

Get lost. Out.

"Venerate the mind."

"And the fragrance of incense."

"The one who touches the
loving heart is being blessed."

"He looks at the place
where your stole gives away."

"The Baba is a pervert."

Yes, Baba.
I am about to reach. Yes.

I will keep you updated, Baba.

Yes, everything will be fine.
Don't worry.

Global greetings.
- Move.

One minute, Baba.

Baba, Damroo is calling. Yes?

Where have you gone with Bhavna?

Why do you want to know about it?

Mind your own business.

It is Damroo.
Damroo Baba. Tell me, what is it?

I am on hotline with Baba.
Hang up now.

The one you think
as Baba was a criminal.

Small time criminal.
He was shot at. I saved him.

And I have made this hermitage..

..with my brains an efforts.

And you... You thief!

Mind your own business, dumb man.

This is Damroo.

When it is time I will
tell you what is it. Hang up.

He has hung up on me.

Everyone thinks I am nothing.

Damroo Baba. Global...
- Get lost!

"The Baba is a pervert."

"The Baba is a pervert."

"The Baba is a pervert."

"The Baba is a pervert."

Hail Global Baba.

Yes. She is going.

Go back.

Boss, Jacob is here.
Just give me order.

Press the button.

Start the car.

There is a breaking news.

The blast in Kabirganj
has killed 9 and 70 were injured.

It has been shamed
and called cowardly.

Global Baba's TV
journalist Bhavna Sharma..

..has died in this blast.

Bhavna Sharma's death has
been confirmed by the government.

The government said
that the injured are being..

..treated at the
district hospitals.

Sir, I have done an independent..

..inquiry for this accident.
I need your permission.

Sir, the media is
just showing hogwash.

The truth is being concealed.
I mean it, sir.

I can't give you any
permission on this, Jacob.

Anyway the CBI will
deal with it now.

You are getting your
transfer orders today.

You can't do this to me, sir. You...
- Sorry Jacob.

Sorry. And I can't help you.
- Sir, listen to me...

Don't disturb, Devansh.
- Hi papa.

Wow papa.
- What is that?

What happened, papa? Are you sick?
- Devansh...

Papa is ill. Go.
- I am ill.

You go!
- Shut up.

Shut up.

I escaped the bomb and
now you will shout and kill me.

Take him away.
- Uncle, phone. It's Baba. - Baba?

Greetings, Baba.

Dallu Yadav. How are you?

Baba, I escaped because
of your kindness.

Baba, please forgive my mistakes.

I am withdrawing my
name from the election.

I am giving up politics.
Now I will only serve you, Baba.

Please take me in.

Hello. We will start
the news today..

..with the bomb blast in Kabirganj.

The home minister of
the state Dallu Yadav..

..has said that foreign powers
are responsible for it.

In the beginning
it was said that the..

..Global Ashram was
responsible for this blast.

Actually this idea
was raised since this..

..bomb blast happened
in Dallu Yadav's expose rally.

That the Global Ashram might.. responsible for this blast.

But Dallu Yadav has clarified that...

It is being said that
the blast in Kabirganj..

..was ordered by foreign powers.



I have come to give you something.
Keep this.

What is this?

This is the stuff which
can defeat the greatest warriors.

What do you mean?

I mean it contains all
the antics of Global Baba.

Here you are, sir.

Why are you giving it to me?

Because people trusts him.

And I am someone who
can turn dust into gold..

..and then turn gold into dust.

Tell me one thing...

I won't speak now.

"The era of the Baba is even
greater than the era of royalty."

"The era of the Baba is even
greater than the era of royalty."

"The era of the Baba is even
greater than the era of royalty."

"The era of the Baba is even
greater than the era of royalty."

"We appreciate Global Baba.
Check this out."

"You remember the Baba
when you are in trouble."

"Baba is your ambrosia."

"Baba is the tonic
to get rid of problems."

"Baba can get rid
of eras of problems."

"The one who touches
his feet becomes lucky."

"The era of the Baba is even
greater than the era of royalty."

"The era of the Baba is even
greater than the era of royalty."

"The era of the Baba is even
greater than the era of royalty."

"Hail. Hail. Hail Baba."

"Everything is done above."

"So why does he chants mantras."

"Once the devil is
out then Lucifer follows."

"DM, CM, everyone holds his feet."

"They wait until
they get to meet him."

"Everyone bows down to him.. matter how great they are."

"Money is showered
on him in great amounts."

"Lot of people come
to pay homage to the Baba."

"The era of the Baba is even
greater than the era of royalty."

"The era of the Baba is even
greater than the era of royalty."

"The era of the Baba is even
greater than the era of royalty."

"If anyone tries to attack Baba."

"Even the government is shaken."

"The one who messes with
religion is gone forever."

"Everything is finished
at just one call."

"The saffron robes weigh
heavy on the khaki uniform."

"The era of the Baba is even
greater than the era of royalty."

"The era of the Baba is even
greater than the era of royalty."

"The era of the Baba is even
greater than the era of royalty."

"Though dirty it is a business."

"The problem is nobody
challenges religion."

"One might get dishonored,
but who cares?"

"Everyone is blind in
spite of seeing everything."

"In one place they are
worshipping and singing hymns."

"And in the other they
are having intercourse."

"The era of the Baba is even
greater than the era of royalty."

"The era of the Baba is even
greater than the era of royalty."

"The era of the Baba is even
greater than the era of royalty."

"The era of the Baba is even
greater than the era of royalty."

"The era of the Baba is even
greater than the era of royalty."

"The era of the Baba is even
greater than the era of royalty."