Giving Birth to a Butterfly (2021) - full transcript

After having her identity stolen, a woman, and her son's pregnant girlfriend, bond together on a surreal journey as they attempt to track down the perpetrators. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- We might have coupled
in the bed-ridden monopoly

of a moment, or broken
flesh with one another

at the profane communion table,

where wine's spilled
on promiscuous lips.

We might have given
birth to a butterfly,

with the daily news printed
in blood on its wings.

Lonely undertaker takes
home 24 corpses for company.

Child sings in the womb.

Woman receives letter
from Joan of Arc.

Dead couple wed
at their funeral.

- Well it's getting
late, we better disappear.

- How much do you
wanna sell these for?

- 200, no, make it 150,
really wanna sell these.

- Never a bride.

- I was thinking about
when I was a child,

I had an imaginary friend who
always wore a wedding dress.

- Why
would she do that?

- She said she was
gonna marry the world

so she could speak to animals.

- Do you still have
your wedding dress?

- Somewhere, maybe I
should sell that one too?

I was thinking I could
take up knitting,

maybe that's too old.

There are so many ways to
make money on the internet.

Just have to find the right one.

- Ah!

- What are
we having for dinner?

- We're ordering out.

- Oh, good.

Not that I don't love your
food dad, just I know

you've been so busy
you can use the rest.

- Too busy to pick
up your own daughter.

- What was that?

- Mom told me
you've come up with a new name.

What is it?

- Oh, oh yeah, well
I've been tossing around

a few ideas, it's
kinda like a recipe.

You have to come up with
just the right words.

- So let me hear 'em.

- Okay, okay,
one I like recently

is Beautiful and Real Food.

Can you imagine that on
the front of a restaurant?

You go in and you know
exactly what you're gonna get,

you're gonna get real food.

- Beautiful and Real Food?

That's really good.

- Yeah?

- It's a little long,
maybe you could call it

for short, B-A-Oh...

- No, it'd be B-A-R-

- Dad, it spells barf.

- Oh , oh that's okay.

I mean nobody spells anyway.

- Daryl I don't think
you should use that name.

- I can name
it whatever I want.

- Maybe
you could switch it

and call it Real
and Beautiful Food?

- Yeah, what's that spell Diana?

- Rabf.

- Great idea Danielle.

- Mom, Dad, Danielle,
this is Marlene.

- Drew?

This is the best news all day


- Hi.

- Andrew, is this
your way of telling us

college is off the table?

- College, I thought
you already knew that?

Oh and no, the baby is not mine.

- That's even better.

Well what do you do Marlene?

- Well I used to
work at the library

but I'm taking a break.

- Library, there's fantastic
cook books at our library.

Does your job ever take
you to that section?

- Yeah, I've been
to every section so.

- Will Marlene be
joining us for dinner?

- I hope so.

- Yeah.

- If that's okay?

- Well, we already ordered,
we're having Chinese, so.

- We can share,
she doesn't eat much.

- Isn't she eating for two?

- Oh it's okay, I had a
granola bar earlier so I'm.

- Perfect, we can all share.

- I'm going to pick up the food.

- Danielle, can you make sure
that Marlene has some rice

and that Drew, he's
gonna need more water,

make sure that your mother
is enjoying her food.

- Yes chef.

- Thanks.

- Wait until you try the rice,

I see you haven't tried it yet,

it's got my special patented
double D special sauce.

Double D, it's Daryl Dent,
it's packed full of flavor.

- Oh it's certainly got flavor.

- I would tell you what
was in the ingredients

but it's a secret.

- Everything all right Mom?

- So, Marlene, when are you due?

- Not for a few months.

- I think this is great,
we're so proud of Drew.

- And will the
father be present?

- Well
Drew will be there.

- Yes, I'm gonna be the father.

- Well he learned from the best.

- You know it's so important

that the biological
father be involved.

- Yeah I know,
he's just not interested.

- He doesn't get a choice.

- I think it's great

that Drew is gonna be a father.

Finally, take some
responsibility and be a man.

- Well, they must be paying
a lot more than I think

at that pet shop.

- Oh well, I was actually hoping

that maybe we could stay
here for a little while.

- Are you kidding?

Of course.

- So the play's
going really well.

- Oh, you're
in the community play?

- Oh, I wish, no, I
just run the lighting.

- You're better
off, actors have no morals.

- I'm sorry Andrew,
what was that?

- Well I was just thinking--

- I think it's a damn good idea.

- I'm sorry, I don't
wanna be an inconvenience,

I don't have to--
- No no no.

- You're not, that's
it, it's settled.

You guys are moving in.

- It'll be nice to have
a little one around.

- Won't it? A baby.

- Dad can
you still give me a ride

to rehearsal after dinner?

- Oh, I can give you
a ride, I have a car.

- See, already
part of the family.

- But in the great world people
don't hear of such things.

There, nobody really believes
such doctrines any longer.

There, you find it a
positive bliss and ecstasy

merely to draw the
breath of life.

Mother, have you noticed that
everything I have painted

has turned upon the joy of life?

- It's a world of shit Homer,

good think you got me
cleaning out your tank.

You know, protecting ya?

- Did you name him?

- No, the boss
names all the pets.

- I wonder if it's
after the poet.

- I don't know but he
is a big Simpsons fan.

Let me introduce you to Marge.

- Of all the creatures that
breathe and move upon the Earth,

nothing is bred that
is weaker than man.

- What's that?

- Homer.

You gonna play
poker or something?

- Pick a card.

Queen of hearts.

- How did you do that?

- Magic.

- You're gonna make
a great father.

- Yeah, I think it's the only
thing I could be good at.

Seen too many bad ones.

You leaving?

- Yeah, I told my mom I
had rehearsal until eight

so I should get back soon.

- Well read the baby
something sweet for me.

This is Lisa.

- The pleasure's all mine!

- For
every identity thief

you catch with our software,
you will be well compensated.

Remember our
identities are precious

and with your help, we
could protect you too.

This is the Janus--

You'll realize how
fulfilling it can be,

in this world of
delusion and illusion,

thieves and deceivers,

our responsibility is to
determine what is real.

- Marlene, where have you been?

- I had play
rehearsal, remember?

- Oh, the "Sins of the
Mother," you get my papers?

Any news, reviews, who's who's?

- No nothing about you Mom.

- Did you look for
Bridget Church,

you gotta look for Bridget
Church, I keep telling you.

- Mom there's nothing.

- Ah, I knew it,
they're doing it again.

You've got to read
between the lines Marlene,

they're good at hiding
what they're really saying.

But I'm glad you're here
though, I need your help.

- Mom, you got that
dress like 20 years ago,

there's no way you're
fitting into it.

- I gotta hurry, the
interview is tonight.

- Mom no one is coming.

- Oh no, no, no, no, this
isn't like last time,

I spoke to them on the
phone, they're coming,

I just need them
to see me Marlene,

they know the star
I could have been.

Life works in strange ways,

tragedy eventually
leads to brilliance,

that's why they're
coming, that's why
they wanna talk to me,

everybody loves a comeback.

- Ah yes, the great
Monica Chiesa.

- Oh you know I hate it
when you call me that.

- Mom that's your real name.

- My name is Bridget Church,

that's what everybody
knows me as.

A stage name allows you to
take control of your persona,

it's time you ought to
think of one for yourself.

- Mom I'm pregnant.

- How about Veronica?

Veronica Pond.

- Okay I have to go to bed Mom.

- Wait go?

No, I need you here.

- It's 9 o' clock
Mom, no one's coming.

- What do you think
we're saving this money for?

- I can try it tonight but I
have to iron this shirt and go.

- Jesus Christ, you only
think about yourself.

Do you know how hard I work?

Do you know how much
this means to me?

How much this means to all of us

and you're obsessing over
ironing your fucking shirt?

'Cause that's what
you do, you obsess.

It's what you always do.

- Do they come in sizes?

- Why don't you
start with these?

I'll ring you up.


- Can I buy just one?

- It's okay.

- Thank you so much,
you've saved my life.

- Excuse me sir, could you
repeat that, it didn't register.

- Oh sorry, I'll take a
cheddar cheeseburger with fries

and a soda.

- Coming right up sir.

- Thank you.

- Here you are Chef.

- Daryl, how many times
do I have to tell you,

stop using up all the
aprons, you're not a chef.

- Sorry.

- Dent's Diner.

Daryl's Diner.

Daryl Dent's Diner.

- I don't understand, what
do you mean I'm overdrawn?

I'm sorry ma'am,

there's no money
in your account.

- That's not possible,
I checked it yesterday,

I don't understand
what happened.

- Well
it says here you completed

a transaction this morning

to Janus Identity Protection.

- No, I paid them weeks ago.

- You are
familiar with that company?

- Yes but I don't understand.

Are you sure there's
isn't some mistake?

They're supposed to be
wiring money into my account,

not out of it.

- Maybe
you should try speaking

with the company directly.

- How do I get my money back?

I'm not sure ma'am,

let me put you in
touch with someone

in the claims department.

- Trudy can you cover for me,
I have a family emergency.

- Yeah, don't worry about it.

- Thank you so much Judy.

- No problem.

- And you too Trudy.

- Hello, is anybody home?

Mrs. Dent.

- Please call me Diana.

- Is Drew home?

- He's at work.

- Oh, okay, I just wanted
to apologize to you,

about the other night, I don't
mean to be an imposition,

I know this is complicated.

- It's not a problem.

- What's that?

Do you need help installing it?

I know a little bit
about computers.

- No I'm just trying to
find the phone number.

- Maybe we could
look it up online?

- Maybe you can help me.

I need to get this phone number,

I need to talk to
someone at this company.

- Sure, may I?

- Oh, go ahead.

I don't care about email, I
just need to talk to them.

- Well do you have an address?

- Yes, there's an
address, right here.

- Okay if there's an address,

we can look it up and see
if there's a business listed

and then probably
find the phone number.

- What is it?

- It's just a house,
it looks residential.

- There's
no phone number?

- Nothing
just the house.

- I'll just have to go there.

- What?

- I don't have any money.

- Can I help, is there
something I can do?

- You have a car,
you can take me.

- What, no, what,
is something wrong?

- I need to go there, right now.

- I can't just leave.

- Okay, tomorrow morning.

- What is this company?

What's going on, what
did they do to you?

- I just need you to take me,

I can't take our car,
it's too far away,

Daryl can't know about this.

No one can know about this.


I need to find these people,
I don't have another option.

- Geez, okay.

- Oh Andrew, you can't
tell Andrew anything,

this is just between us.

- Okay, I
won't tell him anything.

I hope everything's okay.

- Hmm-mm.


- Ah, Diana!


I can't take this shit anymore.

- What?

- That Goddamn burger
place, that grease hole,

those fucking chefs.

When did life become all
about them and not about us?

Two months, I am not
waiting more than two months

before I open my
restaurant and I don't care

if we have to work every hour of

every day to make
the money for it.

- I know
how you feel Daryl.

- Goddammit, you
don't know how I feel.

What is that?

- Oh it's for work.

I have to go into work
tomorrow now, Judy's sick.

- Judy, I thought
her name was Trudy.

- They're both sick.

- There's two of 'em?

Boy, I work in a zoo,
you work in a circus.

It's unbelievable,
I gotta go lay down.

- What about Marlene?

- No, what about Monica?

My mother's not using it.

- Monica Dent.

- No, Monica Chiesa.

- What about Destiny?

- We're not giving
her a stripper name.

And no, it starts with a D.

- No, no, no, Destiny because
she's destined to be special.

- What about Maggie, you
know, Homer's daughter?

- Does it mean anything?

- It's Greek, it means pearl.

- What do you think Homer?

- Sometimes I just
wanna be on a train

and I'll be looking
out the windows

and see the trees and the
broken backs of buildings,

just like in a dream.

- A train. And it
goes into a tunnel,

a really dark tunnel.

And the train is a
thousand cars long.

- But it's beautiful and so dark

but I don't know, beautiful.

- Going on location, huh?

Oh I know how that's like.

Make yourself at home.

- Okay, thanks.

- Beautiful isn't it?

- It's missing a leg.

- No, I think
it came that way.

- With three legs?

- You know what they
say, break a leg.

Oh the dress?

I'm being interviewed later.

It's a tell-all, I'm finally
coming out with my story.

Everything since the
whole "Rebel" fiasco.

- Oh right, I forgot, they were
supposed to film that here.

- It would have been
my first leading role

in my hometown,
everything was perfect,

but you know how
those remakes are,

they can never decide
which parts of the past

to make part of the present.

- Didn't somebody die?

- Tragedy is all
around us Diana.

Marlene, have you
met my dear friend.

- Mom, that's Drew's mother.

My boyfriend?

- Is she here for the rehearsal?

I didn't know Drew
was in the play.

- No, she's chaperoning.

Remember I told you we were
going on a retreat for the play?

- Oh yes, it takes so
much to get it just right.

So that it's not
a play, it's life.

My daughter's gonna be a star.

- We should really get going.

- Honey can you zip me?

I'm sure wardrobe
will be here shortly

but I wanna be prepared.

- Good luck.

- Oh, never say that,
it's break a leg.

- Music?

- No.

Play retreat huh?

- I just
want to keep her happy.

She doesn't need
to know everything.

She wouldn't understand anyway,
she lives in her own world.

- I'll say. So she thinks
you're in the community play?

- She
thinks I'm the lead.

- Didn't anyone ever
tell you to lie small?

- Have
you met my mother?

- What did she say about
your being pregnant?

- I tried to
talk to her about it

but she won't talk about it.

She won't even acknowledge it.

- That you're pregnant?

- She
refuses to accept it.

- It's not easy to ignore.

Are you okay?

- Yeah, I'm just a little tired.

- You gotta keep your energy up.

So Marlene, what are your
plans after the baby?

- I don't know.

I guess I feel most
comfortable in the library

or a museum, places most
people don't like to go.

- You wanna be an artist?

- No, I really admire people
who write beautiful poems

or paint beautiful paintings

but I'm content to
just admire them,

it's the awe that I
want. I don't know.

- What kinda
mother do you wanna be?

- Well my mom sees her life as
if it's on stage or on TV but

I saw this painting
once in New York,

it was ornate and
beautiful but damaged

because it was
just hanging there,

it had lost its original
life, just dead,

beautiful and dead.

That's how I see my mother's
life, like a painting.

Something ornate and
beautiful but damaged,

a woman in gold

but you can't touch anything
real behind the beauty.

I don't want that
kind of beauty.

Beauty like that is always
hidden behind a pane of glass

and I want something
that you can touch.

For me, this baby is hope.

I had to be my own parent
for most of my life

and it was just me and
my mom for so long,

I don't want this
baby to feel alone.

That's why I feel
so close to Drew,

I'm never met anyone who
could make things disappear.

- He takes
after his father,

beware the man who
makes things go away.

- But he makes them come back.

I know this might seem odd
to you, our arrangement,

but I could never have imagined

finding someone willing
to be this child's father.

I don't think I can ask
for much more than that.

My father made
himself disappear.

I don't want my child to
have the same life I did.

- We should probably
get back on the road.

- Same
time tomorrow night.

Remember, sleep with
your characters tonight.

- Hey Danielle.

- Hey Teddy.

- It's Ted, well for now.

I'm still trying to come up
with the perfect stage name.

Any thoughts?

- How about Theodore?

- Too old, I don't wanna
be doing grandpa roles at 23.

Theodore is something
you have to age into.

- What about one of those
classic Hollywood names

like Cary Grant, what
about Ford something?

- Ford Focus.

- Bye.

- Where's Mom?

- I don't know, she's
not back from work yet.

How's rehearsal?

- Good.

- What about Karma?

- What?

- As a name for the restaurant,
is that a good name?

No that's bad.

Unless it's was a drive up
and then it can be Karma

but with a C.

Get it, that's
good, that is good?

- Wait, Mom had off today.

- No, Judy was sick,
or Trudy, I don't know,

apparently there's two of 'em.

Honestly, I'm worried
about your mother.

It's like we don't
even talk any more.

I try to talk to her
about the restaurant

or the menu or share recipes

and it's like she's
not even there

and let me tell you, it is
very difficult to have a dream

when there is no one there
to share it with you.

- Is that even Mom's dream?

- What?

Of course it is.

It's the whole family's
dream, I thought.

Do you even get
it, Karma with a C?

You know I didn't
have to leave my job.

We could be out there in
the middle of nowhere,

chasing factories, I made
that change for all of us,

not just myself,

and no one is willing
to sacrifice anything.

Do you know how
that makes me feel?

- I know Dad.

- It's your mother, she's
the worst one of all.

- Have you
thought of a name yet?

- Maggie.

- Monica, Marlene, Maggie,
sticking with the M's, huh?

- It wasn't on purpose,
I just like the name.

Besides it would be
Drew, Marlene and Maggie.

- Andrew, his father wanted
to name him Daryl Junior.

- That
would have been awful.

- I know, he was hellbent
on having everyone's name

start with a D, Andrew
was our compromise

but Daryl would only call
him Drew so Drew stuck.

And by the time Danielle
came along, I'd given up.

- So you let him win?

- Some days I think about
getting a name change.

- I got you something.

- What?

- It's for good luck.

- Good
luck, it's broken?

- It's not broken,
somebody missing a leg

isn't broken, it's just somebody
with one fewer leg.

- I was driving home from
work after a late night shift,

it was snowing and
I could barely see.

And there was this deer
and it was running,

as if it was running with me.

The road was slippery but I
couldn't take my eyes off of it,

this beautiful white deer.

And then just
suddenly it was gone.

I looked around for
it, I kept looking,

it seemed to snow harder,
I could barely see.

I didn't know whether
to stop or keep going

and then I hit something.

I know that it was snowing and
I know that I was distracted

but I didn't see anything.

At first I thought it
could be a railing,

I was even hoping
it was a railing.

And then I thought, it could
have been a human being.

I could have hit a person.

It could even have
been that deer

and because it was white,
I couldn't have seen it

because of the snow.

So I get out and I look.

I look for a long time.

I couldn't even see any tracks.

I was sick to my stomach,
I mean, I felt so sick,

and there's snow
falling all around me,

knowing I had hit something

and there was no evidence of it.

No deer, no man.

Not even a rock.

All there was was snow.

Just snow.

- Did you
ever meet Teddy?

- Teddy who?

- Ripkowski?

- He's in the play
with Danielle, why?

- He had this idea
to make some money,

he wanted to sell my urine.

- Why would you do that,
that doesn't make any sense?

- Apparently there are women

who will pay a lot
of money for it.

- For your pee?

- Yeah, they use it to
trick their boyfriends

or significant others into
thinking they're pregnant.

- Isn't that funny?

Some women will do
anything to get married

and other women will do
anything to get out of it.

There are a lot of scams
on the internet, right?

- Yeah, I kinda think
that's what it's for.

- I got scammed Marlene.

- Really?

- That's why we're doing this.

- The software?

- I was stressed
out, I got greedy.

You know, Daryl has
us pinching pennies

for that damn restaurant.

He's not even thinking
about Danielle,

her college, how we pay
for it, how she gets there.

Drew's fine, he's got a big
heart but Danielle needs help,

she's just too worried
about other people,

making them feel safe,
she's too much like me.

I wanted to do
something for her.

I just think it's so unfair
to trick me like that,

I mean, that's maybe
the cruelest thing

you could do to someone.

I guess it's my
fault, I fell for it.

Got blinded by the money.

Or really it was hope.

- Teddy's the father.

- It's so nice to see you too,

it has been quite
a while, hasn't it?

But I felt it was important
for my voice to be heard,

it's been far too long,
people must think I'm a ghost.

No, not like Ibsen.

Well I have been planning
a new performance,

but the future is
just so uncertain.

- Have you seen Marlene?

I need to talk to her.

- Excuse me a moment.

- What a pleasant surprise.

We need a proper introduction
for our audience,

this is Jim Stark,
my leading man.

- What are you talking about,
who are you talking to?

I need to find Marlene.

- I've always admired
your intensity,

this is why he was
always bigger than life.

- Mrs. Church.

- Ms. Church.

- What are you
doing, this is crazy,

where's your
daughter, is she okay?

She's not answering
my phone calls.

- Please Jim, we're in the
middle of an interview,

let's get back to reality.

- Her car is gone,
did she go somewhere?

- My daughter?

My daughter is also a star,

she'll be in the local
production of Ghosts,

she's on a retreat soaking
in the fruits of nature,

to use as her raw material.

- A retreat, she's
not even in the play.

Everybody's in their
own fucking cage.

- Ah Jim, so full
of that passion.

There is, in every
acting moment,

a time when one
must lose the self

so utterly and so devastatingly

that you will never
find that person again.

And that's what losing
a child is like.

- What do we do now?

- Welcome.

- What's going on here?

- Were you expecting
someone else?

- Is this 1482?

- Year or address?

Come on in, come, come.

Come in, sit.

- What do you
know about identity theft?

- Nothing.

- And everything.

- There's two of you?

- There's two of you.

- Did you send this
to me, are you Janus?

- Depends on what it is.

Depends on who you are.

Quality logo.

- Great font.

- Does anyone else live here?

- Should they?

- Just us.

- For now.

- Well, certainly not ours.

- No, certainly not ours.

- This is the right
address, isn't it?

- Of course, we wouldn't
live anywhere else.

- How long have you lived here?

- Quite some time.

- Yes, we've lived
here for all the time

we've been at this address.

- And how long is that?

- Oh dear, it seems
like it's been forever.

- What are your names?

I'm Marlene, this is Diana.

- Nina.

- That's a nice name.

- Oh dear, it looks
like you need some help.

- Are you lost?

- Somebody took
something from me

and I thought this
was their address.

- We haven't taken anything.

- No, no, in fact, I
cannot remember anybody

from this address, taking
anything from anybody ever.

- Where did you get this?

- I don't know, it had to
do with something beginning.

- Or it had to do
with something ending.

Can we get you some tea?

- Okay, sure.

I don't think this is
what I was looking for.

- I'm really sorry Diana, it
must have been a fake address.

- That's just my
luck I'd get scammed

and brought to the
middle of nowhere to meet

two bizarre twins.

- They're nice though,
maybe a little confused

but I like them.

- Maybe a lot confused,

they can't seem to
remember anything.

- Well they're a
little bit older,

that happens when you
get older, doesn't it?

- Yeah, maybe.

- At least you're not injured.

- Yeah, I guess I
still have my memories.

I don't know what I'm gonna do.

I don't know what I'm gonna do.

- Me neither.

This is really hard.

- Tea ladies?

- It's gotten quite late
and you've come from so far.

Why don't you spend the night?

- That's all
right, we'll get a hotel.

- Nonsense.

- Maybe we should stay, we
can't exactly afford a hotel.

- Oh dear, there are no
hotels even close to here.

- Tonight, you stay with us.

- In fact, we've already
made up your rooms.

- Thank you, that's
very generous.

- How could we turn you away?

Your baby needs
a place to dream.

- Dream?

- Yes, babies dream
inside the womb.

- About what?

- Well, about us.

- Place a spoon
underneath your pillow,

to collect your dreams.

- Is that true?

- No but it keeps
the spoon warm.

- Does that train
stop around here?

- Oh it drops off
all kinds of things.

- It's how we get snow
and sleep and dreams.

- Never fall asleep
inside the train though.

You'll wake up in another world.

- I don't mean to be rude but
you don't make much sense.

I'm sorry, you have
to understand, I've
lost everything.

- That just means it's time
for you to find something new.

- Now look at that
luscious belly.

- Can we touch it?

- Of course.

- This is your room.

- Slumber deep.

- Sleep, sleep, sleep, this
is where you will dream.

- It's beautiful.

- The edge of the world.

Oh the train's arrived.

It is about that time.

- What, this is the train?

- Is this a joke?

- No joke, it'll bring
you whatever you need,

and take you wherever
you need to go.

- As long as it's
not away from here.

- But it's a toy.

- Of course it is,
what were you expecting?

- We heard a train,

there must be a real train
around here somewhere.

- This is real.

- Departures are
so often premature.

- One must squeeze everything
one can from an experience.

- The train teaches you that.

- You should not be in a hurry.

- Do either of you dance?

- What?

- Sure.

- There's beautiful
music in the woods.

- Perfect for dancing.

- There's so much beauty here.

- It's a shame you
can't see it all.

- You're welcome to stay
as long as you like.

- The rooms are already made.

- I'm sorry.

- Up early I see.

Did you have a pleasant
night of dreaming?

- In my past life I think
I'd stopped dreaming.

- Will you
be leaving today?

- I think so.

- I'm sorry that we
couldn't give you

what you were looking for.

- I hope you found
something you need though.

- I don't think I wanna leave.

- What?

- I can't explain it but I
think I need to stay here.

- You're welcome to stay.

- Until there is
nowhere left to stay.

- But what about your family?

- All my life, I felt a longing,

but I've never felt deserving.

Like things I've done in
my life kept haunting me.

I keep seeing myself
drowning in a blizzard

and for the first time I can
see the other side of that.

- We are always taught to yearn,

as if a part of us is absent.

- I can't be a half any longer.

- Life is all about unfolding.

You can unfold here.

You can give birth here.

- Give birth,
I'm the pregnant one?

- That's exactly why
you must be on your way.

And why she must stay.

- We will leave you now.

- This is crazy,
you can't stay here.

- You can't stay
here but I have to.

- Mother, give me the sun.

- What do you say?

- Earth mother, who
do you think I am?

And who is it that
deranged the world so?

A drowning man grabs
whatever he can,

especially a drowning woman.

There's rosemary,
that's for remembrance.

How do you love somebody?

There's fennel for
you and colombines,

what kind of girl
do you think I am?

Yes, but, I need a person
who can be tender and dear,

a person who doesn't run.

I know it's crazy,

terrifying even,

but it always is.

We all wanna love somebody.

All the time, we're
always looking.

And it seems so simple.

Why does it always
seem so simple?