Girls Getaway Gone Wrong (2021) - full transcript

The guests
commented on how sticky

the floor was,
but Harrison told them

it was only fruit punch.

Harrison's friends had no idea
they were actually dancing

on the blood of his parents
who he killed with a hammer

only one hour before.

This podcast is so morbid.

- Yeah. Isn't it great?
- Guys, seriously?

We are not celebrating
Parker's dirty 30

listening to an autopsy.

- Okay?
- Thank you.

I promised you guys a weekend

that you are never gonna forget.

And that starts right now.


Oh, my God, Parker, you're
going to love this resort.

Okay, girl? Ah!

- I am so excited!
- We'll see.

You're gonna love it!

Let the birthday celebration

Okay. This is so gorgeous.

I know. Thank you.

Oh, wow!

Okay, perfect.

- OMG.
- Ooh!

- This looks expensive.
- Oh, it's expensive, honey.

And home sweet home!

And you two wanted to get
an Airbnb.

You really got us this comped
for the weekend?

Girl, I sure did.
Oh, you know what?

I'm late-posting one of
my pictures to social media.

Bailey, can you just snap
this picture of me really fast?

- Oh, yeah.
- But hold on, wait.

Wait. Let me just grab my scarf.

Oh. I actually designed that
to be a belt.

Nice to know it's versatile,

You are really wasting your
talent on that graphics job.

You should be designing

Okay. Do you guys remember
that consulting job I mentioned?

That design house in Barcelona?

- I got it.
- Oh, God!


Oh, my gosh, yes!

- Wait, you're moving to Spain?
- Yes, but only for six weeks.

Wait, hold up.
Are you taking Liam with you?

So, I broke up with him
last night.

Liam is the best relationship
you've ever been in.

Yeah, I know. It's just...

I wanna live,
like, work in Barcelona.

I think you might regret it.

Well, maybe we could actually
enjoy this beautiful hotel

instead of hanging out
at the valet stand.

I'd love to help you do
exactly that.

- Oh.
- Oh, thank you.

I'm David, one of the concierges
here at the Hotel Evadere.

And one of your
biggest admirers.

- Oh.
- Would you be so kind?

Yes! As long as we make it,
you know, repost-worthy.

Let's do it.

Can I tag you in the photo? And
maybe you can follow me back?

- What's your handle?
- Jungle Gym David.

Okay, well then...

That body does look
like a playground.

Well, I'm down to play
if you are.

All right. Recess is over.
Let's go upstairs.

Follow me, ladies.


I love this. Oh, I'm obsessed.

You know what,
I really wanna see the manager

'cause I wanna just get
on the same page with him.

So, where can I find him?

- Right this way.
- Oh, here? Okay, thank you.

Oh, boy.

You know, I really hope

the walls in our suite
are soundproof, because, ew.

Sorry, Liam's texting me,
making sure we made it okay.

Oh, jeez, what a jerk.

No wonder
you didn't wanna marry him.

Okay, that was messed up
for me to say.

Yeah. Yeah, it was.

I'm sorry.

It's just lonely
being the only married person

in our little girl group,
ooh, how it happened so fast.

Like, I was supposed to be
the Meg the Stallion,

not the Michelle Obama.

Are you happy?

Honestly, I-it's great.

But sometimes I wonder
what if I hadn't.

No way!

- Is that my birthday twin?
- Kate?

What are you doing here?

I live here! Well, part-time.

There's, like, ten hotels
that let me stay here for free.

This one's my fave.

So the influencer thing
seems to be working, then.

It's ridiculous, I just
got paid in all this Bitcoin,

and I don't know what that
means, but my manager says

I can buy any Tesla I want.

Tesla's still a thing, right?

Is Simone here, too?
Is she still mad at me?

Why don't you ask her yourself?
She's right here.

Hey. Is everything okay
with the room?

What are you doing here?

It's my birthday weekend.

Yeah, you should see the insane
room that they gave me.

Wait. Don't tell me you're
staying here for free, too?

Unless you try to steal
this sponsor from me, you know?

Simone, that was five years ago.

Don't tell me
you wanna rehash all that.

No, no, we're not, so...

Instead of being mad at me,
you should be mad

at all the followers that
unfriended you. But don't worry.

You can buy more.

Hey, the hotel
won't like it if you kee...

I don't care
if the hotel won't like it.

This hotel is lucky
I'm even staying here.

As I was saying...

Where'd they go?

Whatever. Poof.

I mean, seriously, guys,
what is Kate even doing here?

This hotel is supposed to be
my sponsorship deal, not hers.

Oh, this is,
this is really nice.

- Super cute.
- Yeah, it is.

So maybe just stop
all the I-hate-Kate drama.

- And enjoy yourself!
- Right.

Simone, is something else
bothering you?

Because after you talked to the
manager, you looked a little...

Oh, my gosh, guys,
look at this view!


Ooh, yes!

- Beautiful. Look at this.
- Oh, my goodness.

- Paradise.
- This is gorgeous.

Yes. Is that, like,
a party area over there?

Yes. Yes. This is...
Everything is here.

- That's for sure.
- I cannot wait...

I didn't mean to scare you.

Try a little harder next time.

- Uh...
- Jeez.

Since you are VIP guests,

I've laid out your luggage
in your rooms.

Oh. How thoughtful of you.

So you could go through
our stuff?

Well, I'm sure your ability
to turn your whole body

into a human jungle gym
is very impressive,

but we don't wanna keep you
from helping the other guests

in the hotel.

Well, there's one more thing.

- Aww.
- That's very cute.

- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.

Go ahead, girl. Make a wish.


Okay. May this be
the best birthday ever.

You shouldn't have said it
out loud!

Now it's not gonna come true.

Oh, girl, that is a silly myth.

since we're already doing cake,

we might as well do presents.


What is this?


- Real pictures? So retro.
- Mm-hmm.

And I even found our first
Play-Doh that we all signed.

From the Cabaret.

- Cabaret?
- Yeah.

Where we first met Kate?

Okay, I'm gonna turn the page

so Simone doesn't rip up
the pictures.

You know what? Keep teasing me.

And I'm not gonna give you
your birthday gift.

Ooh! What is this?

VIP passes to Club Celestia.

- The Club Celestia?
- Mm-hmm.

- What is Club Celestia?
- The only place to be seen.

Oh, perfect, because

it's gonna go perfectly

with the outfits I designed.

And, Bailey, before you say no,

this is going to look amazing
on you.

What's that look for?

Okay, I was just looking
at all those pictures

and they reminded me
of all those dreams I had.

And some of them came true
and others...

May still come true.

Oh, my God. Simone,
please get me the tissues.

- Seriously?
- Yeah.

You know what, I got something

a little bit stronger
than tissue.

But these dry tears
a whole lot better.

You two really are
my best friends.

- No...
- You two are my only friends.

Wait, you have, like,
a million followers.

Mm. Followers are not friends.
Trust me.

Yeah. But I say
let's make a pact.

No more talking
about Kate or Liam

and no talking about
how Simone is gonna

probably sleep
with the concierge tonight.

Um, I'm highly offended

because I doubt there's gonna be
any sleeping involved.


All right. This way! Let's go,
birthday girl. Come on.

So why don't you guys
let me know

when you really want to party?

Oh, my God,
are those ecstasy pills?

- Mm-hmm.
- Bailey!

You're not supposed to have
that stuff. You're a mom!

Okay, look, a mommy
in my mommy-and-me class

hooked me up, and it's not like
I'm asking you

to freebase heroin or something.

Not yet anyway.

Oh, well, look at the time.

- Time to go to another club.
- Okay, sit down.

I'm turning thirty, not three.

And besides, Kate was one of
our closest friends in college.

And she was trying
to be nice to you

before you got
all up in her face.

Parker's right. You're the only
one holding the grudge on this.

You're right.

Hey, Kate.

Maybe it's time we made peace.

So let's toast
to new beginnings.

- Rachel, film this.
- Wow.

Is this actually a ceasefire?

When did they start beefing?
Because I really can't remember.

Was it before or after
the influencer stuff?

Oh, definitely before, when Kate
became her understudy in Rent.

Simone would've been
my understudy,

but I didn't have it in me
to sleep with the director.

Old fat guys aren't my type.

That was you?

You're the one who was spreading
all those rumors

about me
sleeping with the director?

My dad heard those rumors, Kate.

I'm sorry, did you not want
anyone to know?


Oh... Did you get that?

You throw that, it will be
the last thing you do.

- Oh, is that a threat?
- I don't make threats, baby.

- Only promises.
- Okay, wait, everybody, stop.

- What is wrong with all of you?
- I didn't start it.

- She started it this time.
- You dumped champagne.

- All over me!
- It was an accident, Kate.

Calm down.

Okay. You know what?
I'm out of here.

I'm gonna go
try to enjoy my birthday

before you get us kicked out.

You are in so much trouble.

You look sad. They don't let
sad people in here.

Don't make me
have you kicked out.

It's stupid personal drama.

Mm, my favorite kind.

Oh, well then,
you'll love my friends

because they're in there
fighting like a bunch of

juvenile delinquents right now.

Yeah, but... that's not
what's really bothering you,

is it?

The perfect man wanted me
to marry him,

and I broke up with him.

Why? What did he do wrong?


In-in fact,
he did everything right.

He would've done anything
that I asked him to do.

No questions asked.

What a jerk.

Seriously, what a jerk
for asking you to run his life.

Yeah, there was no adventure,
you know?

You want someone
who's confident.

A man that runs her own life.

You don't seem that bad.

I'm not quite sure
that I could handle you.

Hey, Zac,
two bottles of tequila.

Thank you.

- Aren't you gonna pay for that?
- I already did.

- I own the club.
- Oh?

Hey. Where'd Bailey go?

Um, she went to the bathroom.

Where'd, um...

- Oh!
- Hi.

Peaches! It's nice to see you.

Wait a minute, is she the one

who's fighting
with your friends?

Peaches, I pay you to draw in
a crowd, not to divide it.

Screw off, Antonio.

Wait, so you two
know each other?

Antonio, could you please ask
this lady to leave?

No, actually, Kate,
you should leave.

Tell you what,
why don't you both stay?

If you kiss and make up,
I'll comp your bottle service

the rest of the evening.

I'm game.

Free bottles all night,
no charge.

That's what I said.
Top shelf only.

- Ah...
- Love you.

- Yeah.
- And that's how you make peace.

Hi. Excuse me, sir.
Hi. Who's that?

What's this? Okay.

Well, since the party
has already gotten started,

um, you wanna,
you wanna do this or no?

- Okay.
- Yeah.

Happy birthday.


- Hey. Wake up.
- Hm...

Wake up.

We're in, we're in Kate's room.

How did we get in here?

- My phone is dead, guys.
- Ooh. No, girl.

- Sorry.
- Shh!

- Don't wake up Kate.
- Shh!

Where's the...

- Okay.
- Careful.

- Simone!
- Simone, no.

- Okay. All right, yeah.
- Shh!

Excuse me, ladies.

All right.

You think somebody drugged us?

Yes. You did.

No, I think the question is,
was it laced?

Okay, I highly doubt
the president of

my mommy-and-me club
was trying to drug us, so...

Hello? Anyone in there?

It's Detective Lee.

- What's going on?
- Hey, David, David.

Um, what's going on?

A dead body was found near
the pool early this morning.

- Oh, my God.
- Someone of the hotel?

Well, it's not confirmed,
but word on the street

is that it's Kate Alessa.

- Our Kate?
- Well, we're pretty sure.

She fell off her balcony
before dawn.

Or she slipped or was pushed.
We don't know yet.

- Oh, my God...
- Poor Kate.

- To die alone like that...
- I know.

She was so happy to see us again
and be friends.

Oh, well, not me.
She thought I hated her.

But I mean, she, she said
that she forgave me, but...

Was that, um, before or after
you screamed at her at the club?

Thanks, Bailey,
I-I feel terrible already,

but thank you.

Why are we arguing about this?

Because the cops are gonna
bring it up

when they're looking
for suspects.

But she fell.
It was an accident.

So suicide?

She jumped?

We really better hope
it's a suicide.

- Bailey!
- What?

If it wasn't a suicide,
then it was a homicide.

And we were the only people
in her suite this morning.

Oh-ho-ho. Wait, no, no, no.

- We didn't push her.
- We don't know that, right?

We, we don't even know how we
even got there! We don't know.

Okay. Why are we arguing about
this right now? Kate just died.

I would like more than two
seconds to process this, please.

Oh, is, um, 20 years to life
in jail enough time to process?

Okay, you know what, Bailey,
your true-crime podcasts

are, like, literally
making you hysterical.

No, they, they taught me

And I've learned
that the law does not care

about who is guilty, it's just
who is easiest to convict,

and that is us.

I'm surprised they even knocked.

I forgot. They...

The hotel gives us, you know,
free coffee for the VIPS.

A shot of tequila
wouldn't be bad right now.

- But, you know...
- Okay, all right, look.

No matter what happens,
we have to stick together.

Okay, we have to.

No videos, no, photos.
Not even a happy-birthday song.

Oh, there is a text from Conor.
He's like, "How'd it go, babe?"

Should I just text him back,
a friend from college died

and I'll probably be implicated
in her murder?

It's cool, though. Just make
sure Micah eats his greens.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!


I, I don't even remember
recording this.

- What happened last night?
- I don't... Oh, my God!

So, okay, can I see
the video again?

No, no, no, no.
I-I deleted it already.

Why? Don't we have to show it
to the cops?

- What?
- So you can implicate yourself?

No, she's got the right idea,
and actually, we need to go

on these phones and delete
everything from this trip.

Where are you going?

Uh, I'm not gonna
stick around for this.

If we leave, we look guilty.

Oh, God,
I think I'm gonna throw up.

Me, too.

I love Bloody Marys.

Uh, there's crepes over there.
Wanna get some crepes?

Hey, is that a detective?

And why is she talking
to Rachel?

Maybe she came for brunch.

Should we...
Should we go talk to her first?

You know, so that, like,
it doesn't look like...

Look like what?

Like we were involved.

We weren't involved, okay?

We just, well, stayed overnight
in her hotel room

and then woke up in the morning,
you know?

How would that information
be helpful

to their investigation?

Parker, what do you think?

- Where are you going?
- Maybe he knows what happened.

Oh, my God.

Sorry. Tapped out on requests.

You were in Kate's suite
last night, right?

I was barely there, all right?

Antonio asked me
to bring some party favors.

Drugs. To knock us out?

If you're a narc,
you suck at it.

Look, I just really wanna know
what happened.

You really don't remember,
do you?

You know what? Good. You may
not like what you remember.

Did he tell you anything?

Yes, Parker. Do tell!

Who are you?

Detective Sharon Lee.

And you are Parker,
Simone and Bailey.

The concierge told me.

- Nice guy.
- Well...

We would love to tell you
everything that happened

last night, but we were drugged
and blacked out, so...

Hm. Did someone roofie you?

We don't really know.

Well, have you done a drug test?

That way you can find out
what's in your system,

legal or otherwise.

The security footage is ready
for your review.

Thank you.

Oh! Do you ladies have
Kate's cell phone by chance?

It wasn't on her person
or in her hotel suite.

And I already asked
her assistant,

but she hasn't seen it,
either. Odd.

Why would we even have
her phone?

Well, that phone could prove
crucial in finding out

what happened last night.

Unless you ladies recorded
something on your cell phones.

- Did you? Hm.
- No. We didn't.

You know what,
I'm gonna have the buffet, so...

- I'm gonna go.
- Well, don't go too far.

This conversation
isn't over yet.

One for the road.

- You lied to her?
- Guys...

- Should we get a lawyer?
- No.

The only thing we're getting
is eggs and bacon, okay?

- Chill out. Stop acting weird!
- Okay. Look who's talking!

Oh, my God.


I'm surprised you ladies
can function today

after the way
you stumbled in here last night.

Wait, you saw us last night?

Yeah. I worked a double.

So I seen you all pull up
with Antonio.

- Who else was with us?
- Kate and her friends.

Eddie was there, too,
Kate wanted me to come up,

but I had to work
until dawn, so...

Did you see us taking anything
or someone giving us something?

Well, you were with Antonio.

He's the guy all the guests call
when they want something

that's not
on the room-service menu.

- Catch my drift?
- Oh.

All right, I gotta get back.
Oh, Simone?

The manager wants to see you
about your bill.

Something about your credit card
not going through?

I don't know.

I lied.

This room isn't comped.

I lost my sponsorship deal

because they had
enough influencers

with Kate living here part-time
and everything, so...

Why didn't you just tell us?

Are you lying
about anything else?

I didn't hurt Kate, Bailey.

Parker, tell her to back off.

I can't tell anyone anything
right now

until I get rid
of this migraine.

I just wanna go to the room
and get some medicine.

- You want me to come with you?
- No.

Oh, well, looks like
it's just me and you, Simone.

Actually, Bailey,
I don't break bread

with people
that accuse me of lying.

- But you did. You said so.
- Whatever. Bailey... God!

Leave me alone!

Shh! Somebody killed her.

I am so...

- Hi.
- Are you staying here, too?

Something like that.

What did you give me last night?

Besides a good time?

my friends and I blacked out

and David said
that you deal all...


The only thing I gave you last
night was too much attention.

Then why can't I remember

You know,
I can't remember anything

about last night either.


Look, Parker,
I need you to stay away from me.

Stay away? Right.
But last night...

Was last night,
and now it's over.

It's not personal.

- What was that? What was...
- I need you to keep it together.

- You need to... You need...
- We'll talk about this.

Now stop it, now.

Stop it.

I thought you two were staying
downstairs for brunch.

Oh, my God, this migraine
is gonna be with me

for a few hours.

What areyoudoing here?

What do you know
about my husband?

I don't even know
who your husband is.

You were all over him
at the club last night.


Oh, my God, Antonio's
your husband. You need to leave.

What do you know
about him and Kate?

You need to leave
before I call security.

Go ahead. I own the hotel.

Well, co-own it with Antonio.

Same with Celestia.

My dad gets migraines, too.

Ice works best to numb the pain.

I didn't know
Antonio was married.

I don't want any trouble.

Some might say
we are in an open relationship.

You've got more, um, substance

than my husband's
usual conquests.

You mean Kate?

You know, if it weren't for you,

Kate might still be alive.

I won't take another one.
It's gross. She just died.

Rachel, nobody will know
how devastated I am

unless I post a picture
proving it.


Okay, fine.

I'm just gonna get David
to take one

if you're not going to.

Aww, wouldn't you be
more comfortable

in the kiddie club section
with the other mommies?

Does your mommy know
you're down by the pool

without adult supervision?
Do you want me to call the room?

I can call your mommy for you,
little girl!


So what'd you think?

It's my work outfit
for the San Vernay.

- It's next door. You wanna come?
- Wait.

You're a concierge
over there, too?

Nah, they pay me to model.

I pretend to be a guest
by the pool

to make it look cooler
than it is.

But aren't you exhausted
from being up all night?



But the job pays 1000
for four hours.

That'll help you
with your hotel bill.

Yeah, I got to figure something
out besides influencing,

because it's not working.

It's a racket, really.

Well, I know another way out,
and it pays well.

I didn't kill Kate.

- I didn't say that you did.
- Well, frankly...

You're saying a lot of things
that don't make sense right now,

like this whole
open-relationship deal.

It worked

until his precious Peaches
wanted more.

I told him he should end it
with her before something

or someone drove her
over the edge.

When Antonio picked
you over her, Kate was furious.

She only led you
into her hotel room

to get Antonio to come.

He didn't want her.

He didn't desire her physically

Women like Kate don't take
that kind of rejection easily.

And Kate turning 30, well,
she wasn't ready to grow up.

Nor was she mature enough
to let go.

There were many more suitable
men for her than Antonio,

but she was so angry at him,

had to make sure
he never forgot her,

even if it killed her.

Okay. How do you know
this happened?

Because that man is my world,

and I am determined to prove
that Kate took her own life.

So please, tell me what happened
last night in her suite.

I don't remember anything.

All right.

Well, if you do recall anything,
you know where I am.

Wait. How do you know
that Antonio didn't kill Kate?

Antonio may be a lot of things,

but he is not a monster.

Cairo was wild. Kate actually
crawled inside a sarcophagus.

Wow! I am not surprised.

Kate actually did not turn down
any dares in college.

Yikes! We're late
for the photoshoot at the pier.

I hope Kate...

What am I gonna do without her?

She was my life for so long.

Well, uh, it's gonna take time.

But now you can focus
on your own life.

- I'm not glad she's dead.
- Of course not. No one is.

I have my own room. I wasn't
even in her suite last night.

Okay. Why are you getting
so upset?

Why are you even talking to me?

Because this is
a really terrible thing

and we all just need somebody
to talk to.

I shouldn't even be down here.
I-I need to cancel her schedule.

People will still be mad at me
that she can't show up.

God! Kate stresses me out
even when she's gone.

You should see a counselor,
though, at some point.

So you're a hustler?

I wouldn't say all that.

More like a masseuse
with benefits, you know?

Okay, David, I know you're cute,
but intercourse, it's just,

it's never gonna be
a massage technique. Sorry.

I don't go that far,
unless they pay me for it.

Well, how much do they pay you?

Just, uh, out of curiosity.

Well, come with me next door
and find out.

- I'll introduce you to my frie...
- Uh, no, actually.

I'm just, I'm confused.
Forget it.

You enjoying
your birthday weekend so far?

- Mm-hmm.
- You know, besides the, uh...

You know...


Uh... All right, I'm gonna go.

- Mm-hmm.
- All right.

Do not take what he's offering.

Do not play dumb with me.

He just asked you
to become a hooker.

I'm a whore anyway, aren't I?
No, seriously.

Pimping myself out
for likes, views, comments.

Free hotel rooms.

Well, when they are free.

And it's not gonna last forever,

Every day I'm getting older
and less on trend.

And all it's gonna take is one
bad photo or one wrong comment,

and everyone can be take
everything away from me

just like that.

I just, I can't,
I can't do this anymore.

- So don't!
- So what else would I do?

- Parker...
- Look, we're tired, okay?

And Bailey was wrong,
and I propose that we find her

and do what we say we've been
wanting to do all along,

which is go home.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

Come on.

You are not gonna believe
the conversation

I just had
with Kate's assistant, Rachel.

That girl, wow!

Well, I can one-up you
because I was approached

by Antonio's wife.

And she knows
about the relationship

he was having with Kate
behind her back.

She even knew his pet nickname
for her, Peaches.

Do you think she pushed her?

I mean, scorned love
is, like, the number-one reason

for homicide.
This podcast I listen to...

- Okay. No more podcasts.
- Always...

No more confrontations,
no more conspiracy theories.

Simone and I agreed that
it's just time that we leave.

N-no, but it... No, no, no. No!

We tried it your way, and it
gave me a splitting headache

and it gave Simone
pretty much a nervous breakdown.

Kate, are you drunk?

You know why I
stopped talking to you, Parker?

It's not because
you're friends with Simone.

Okay, it's because
you make everything about you.

Who was the center of attention
at my birthday party? You.

It's my birthday, too!

But these are my friends,
Parker. Just stop!

Why do you hate me?
You come into town.

- And you ruined my birthday.
- Look at that.

By stealing Antonio
away from me.

I didn't even know
you two were together.

I mean, come on!
You can have him, trust me.

Oh, so now you're,
you're giving him to me?

Kate, are you drunk?

You know why I stopped
talking to you, Parker?

It's not because you're
friends with Simone, okay?

It's because
you make everything about you.

Who was the center of attention
at my birthday party? You.

It's my birthday, too!

But these are my friends,
Parker. Just stop!

- Who posted this?
- I don't know.

It's already been viewed,
like, 500 times.

And, look,
the source is anonymous.

Well, who else was up there,
because this didn't come

from any one of our phones.

Well, it wasn't Rachel
because I talked to her

and she said
she wasn't even there.

I bet it was that creep Antonio.


To shift the blame off him
and frame you, duh!

Okay, at some point
we have to stop

with the conspiracy theories,

No, you know, she has a point.

You know, Antonio's always
looking for a back to stab.

And I'm not about to let him
shine that focus on me, okay?

My probation officer
would freak out

if she found out
I was up there last night.

Why are you on probation?

That doesn't matter.

What does matters
is what Antonio is gonna

tell the police
when they ask him

why a dead woman
was fighting over him.

So let's ask him.

Wait a minute,
you wanna confront Antonio?

Uh, why not?
His wife confronted me.

Okay. Well,
he's probably at the club.

You know,
Saturday is a big prep day.

- All right, let's go.
- Hold.

You can't just go there
without a key.

A key...

A key like this one.

- All right. Ready? Yeah.
- Yeah. I guess?

Car. Hurry, I am late
for my pedi appointment.

You're a friend of Kate's,

I recognized you from her posts.

You were with her
last night, yes?

I mean, at-at the club. I wasn't
at that party at her suite.

I was with
this new friend of mine.

I have his number
if you need to verify it.

Okay, I'm, I'm not like going to
get my nails done for funzies.

Okay, we all grieve
in our own ways.

I know, you can't really tell

because of all the Botox
in my face, but...

Mind if I ask you
some questions?

I mean, sure, but you really
should be talking

to those three friends of hers.

Ex-friends. Theyhatedher.

You know, my nails could use
some TLC, too.

May I join you?

My treat.


My car's parked
right over there.

Huh. Must be at lunch.

Or back in storage. I'll check.

Stay here.

Hey. We can't go through
his things.

Um, it's not my fault
it's unlocked, okay?

Hey, Simone,
look on the shelves.

Parker, what's in those cabinets
over there?

Come on, let's go.

We came here to talk to Antonio,
not go through his things.

Simone! Oh, my God! My bad.

We came here
to clear your name, Parker.

There is a viral video
going around of you

screaming at Kate.
You should be more concerned.

Okay, first of all,
that was taken out of context,

and second of all, I don't
even remember any of that.

Um, that's not gonna hold up
in court.

But it's true!
Can we just take the drug test?

If we were drugged,
don't we wanna know what it is?

I think we just found out.

- Wow!
- Wait.

One of these was in my purse.

Did Antonio give it to you?

That is not my style.

We only turn 30 once.
Live a little!


Is Kate the one who drugged us?

I don't see
Antonio's car anywhere.

But that doesn't mean
he won't be back soon.

What is that doing here?

You know what?
Why don't you tell us?

Did Kate and Antonio drug us
with this stuff last night?

Or did you drug us, Edward?

Of course not!

Is Antonio selling this?

If he is, I don't wanna be here
when he finds us with his stash.

Let's get out of here. Come on.

Better put that back.

Let's go, y'all, come on!

Fifteen thousand, thirty
thousand, fifty thousand.


Uh, what are you doing here?

Um, uh...

Waiting to talk to Antonio.

What's going on
with you and Antonio?

Nothing. I just met the jerk
last night.

Wait. What are you doing here?

Hm, then how did you get
into his private office?

Yes, Parker.
How did you get in here?

Are you sleeping with her?

Not yet.

Were you going through
my things?

Look, I'm just trying
to figure out what happened.

I'm going to leave.

Or did you come here to finish
what we started last...

Rachel, get him off of me!

- Antonio, you're hurting her!
- Let me go.

- Get off of her, man!
- Let...

Come on, let me go...


- Are you okay?
- Of course she's okay.

You know what,
you're not gonna be.

Parker, I'm gonna take you
to the police department

and we're gonna file a report
against you.

You mind if I tag along,

tell them
how she broke into my office?

Rachel will back me up, won't...
Where the hell did she go?

You were trying to frame her
for what happened to Kate!


We saw the video
that you posted.

Wasn't me, look,
just like all of you,

I've no recollection
what happened last night.

Really? 'Cause your stash over
there says something different.

I confiscated that
from my bartender last night.

I was gonna turn it
into the cops today.

But after Kate's death,
I couldn't take the chance of

the club being implicated or
get my former DJ in hot water.

That's right. You're fired.

Fine. Now let's go.

- Come on, let's go.
- Wait.

What were you paying Kate for?

- You are unbelievable.
- I saw the invoices.

Those invoices are payments
that I paid to Kate

to promote the club
through her social media.

Those invoices said merchandise,
not social media.

I don't have to tell you,
you've to take it up

with my accountant.

So what now? Are we even?

You wanna go downtown
to settle this with the cops?

Congratulations, Parker.

Looks like you found the
adventure you're looking for.

Can we just head back
to the hotel

and pretend like
this never happened?

Seriously, fine by me.

Dammit! Okay, my bag.

- I gotta go get it.
- Wait, wait, hold on.

Wait. I think someone should.
Like, go with you.

No, no. I'll be quick.


Well, I'm gonna take
some selfies

'cause this lighting
is really good.

Um, I'm sorry I got you fired.

Don't be.

I needed to level up.

Your confidence is admirable.

I wish I was that bold
with my achievements.

What do you do?

- I'm a fashion designer.
- You any good?

I guess.

No, no, you're right.

I am downright epic.

You ever been to Mykonos?

A buddy of mine
owns a club down there.

And, uh, yeah, now I have
all the time in the world

to sail down there.

You have your own boat?

It is not merely a boat.

It is my home. It is my church.

It is...

Well, it's not much,
but it's mine.

Me and my pal Davey
live on it together.

You might have run into him
working the desk at the hotel.


- Everything okay?
- Yeah. Uh, let's just say...

He's not inviting me
to play tennis anytime soon.

- Okay.
- Can we go?

- Yeah. Where?
- Well, I mean...

The day is young, right?
The water's gorgeous.

Wait, you're not suggesting
that we have, like, a river day

after everything
that just happened?

I mean,
Kate did celebrate her life,

like every day
was Mardi Gras, so...

That's true,
and keeping the party going

would be like honoring Kate.

- My boat's down the road.
- I'm up for a swim.

All right, y'all, to Kate!

She was easy to hate
and even easy to love.

To Kate.

I mean, I didn't really know
that you were

that close with Kate.

We weren't.
We barely even knew each other.


Ladies, check out the view!
It's dope, right?

Simone, come on. Come on.

I told him to keep it physical
with Kate,

not to fall in love.

Wait, Kate was with David, too?

I thought she only had a thing
with Antonio.

She used David to keep her thing
going with Antonio.

is a strong aphrodisiac.

Jealousy is also
a strong motive.

You think David did it?

Well, didn't David work a double

at the concierge desk
last night?

Hey, yo, gang. We got company.

Mm-mm! Mm-mm!

Enjoying some fun
in the sun, huh?

We're honoring Kate.

You also were at Club Celestia.
I saw you on the security tapes.

- What were you doing there?
- We don't have to tell you any...

Bailey, stop.
Let's just tell her the truth.

Now, don't get too radical.

We went to Antonio's
office because I wanted

to ask him about the video
of me fighting with Kate.

And did you get
to talk with him?


But he didn't post the video.

Anything else happen
other than talking?

Antonio got upset
when he caught me in his office.

He grabbed me and I screamed.

Okay. He was hurting Parker and
he's a lot stronger than me.

And I didn't know what he was
gonna do, so I hit him.

And what did you hit him with?

- Paperweight.
- Round.

About this big? Marble?

Antonio was found dead
in his office today,

bludgeoned to death
with a paperweight.

So, Bailey Wilkinson,
you are under arrest.

- Wait, what? No, I-I didn't d...
- Wait.

No, no, no, no, Bailey...

No, that's impossible.
She-she didn't do it.

Bailey wouldn't hurt anybody.
She wouldn't kill someone.

I need you
to step off this boat, now.

You've got it all wrong,
Detective Lee.

You don't know Bailey
like we know her.

So you've told me, repeatedly.

She's like a sister to us.

Why did she go back into the
club by herself to see Antonio?

She went into that club
to get her purse.

And that's hardly enough time
to kill someone.


How long does it normally
take you to kill someone?

- I've never killed anyone.
- But perhaps Bailey has.

Was she on good terms with Kate?

Or was she someone who said...
What did Jaycee tell me?

"I don't make threats.
Only promises."

She only said that 'cause
she was sticking up for Parker.

Was she sticking up for you when
Kate got mad

about you and Antonio?

Statistics show
that women are more protective

of their peers than men.

I'm sure Bailey didn't mean
to kill Kate,

just like she didn't mean
to kill Antonio

when she went back
to his office.

Besides Antonio's,
only her prints

are on the paperweight.

So unless we discover
something else...

Eat up. There are no vending
machines in lockup, ladies.


- Oh, my God.
- Hey!

I-I know, it's-it's a lot,

So I talked to Conor
and he got a lawyer

and they're both coming

And Conor's being, like,
so patient with me,

but I can hear it in his voice,

Oh, my God, guys, I-I can't,
I can't lose everything...

No, no, no, no.
It's gonna be okay.

You're gonna get out of here,
okay? I promise.

I'm so sorry.

I should've just kept
my big mouth shut

and not said anything
to that cop about what happened.

No, I hit him. That is my fault.

But somebody
definitely went back in there

and killed him after I left.

And if we don't find out
who that is, I...

- I don't...
- No, it's okay.

We're gonna get you out of here.

Okay, please, because it is very
smelly and very scary in here.

Hey, don't you ever sleep?

Nah, I don't roll that way.

And trust me, I am rolling.

Look, I'm sorry
about your friend.

I can't believe she did that
to Antonio.

She didn't do anything.

And quit being so smug about it
like it's some kind

of cute game or something,
'cause it's not.

Sorry, she didn't mean to snap
at you like that.

- Oh, yes, I did.
- Parker.

This poor guy has probably had
a really tough day.

Oh, and we didn't?

You gotta be kidding me.

Hold on, wait.
Parker, wait, um...

Be smart, don't start anything.

No, because of her
Bailey's in jail.

Uh, hey, loves, yes,
I am still in mourning.

It has been
such a rough couple of hours.

I cannot wait to go home
and just chillax.

Why did you say that crap
to the detective?

Yes, I'm gonna go home
and douse myself in chocolate.

- You can sponsor me.
- Jaycee.

Um, so anyways, thank you
so much for your support.

- I really apprec...
- Hello! I'm talking to you.

No, you're actually talking
to my 100,000-plus viewers.

Say hi.

Come on, Parker,
give us a little show.

I mean, after that video
of you and Kate fighting,

my viewers are expecting
an encore. Right, everyone?

You took that video?

Oh, um, by the way, everybody,
I am hosting

this little cabana memorial
party next Saturday for Kate.

Mm... You're not invited.

Why would you upload that video?

I'll be right back.

- You really think that was me?
- Who else would do that?

I wasn't even in the suite
last night.

And you obviously don't know
Kate as well as you say you did,

or else you would know that
that video that went viral

is one of her signature
peek-a-boo stories. Okay?

Mind your business.


These were all filmed
on the same phone.

Look, you see this little line
right here?

That's a scratch on the lens.

Kate didn't take these videos.

No, somebody else did.

The same person
who uploaded them

and made sure
that Kate was still trending

even after her death.

- Now's not really a good time.
- Oh, yeah?

Because it was the perfect time
earlier to post this today.

Are you trying to set me up?

Who are you trying to protect?

- Answer me!
- The police were on my back.

That vicious detective
kept implying

I had a motive to kill Kate.

I-I was desperate
to take the heat off me.

Well, it certainly worked,
because now

our best friend is in jail.

And not only do they think
that she killed Antonio,

but they also think
that she killed Kate.

But Bailey
couldn't have killed Kate.

- She was passed out long befo...
- Wait.

You saw us?

But Bailey told us
that you weren't

in Kate's suite last night.

I wasn't.

Well, only for a little bit,
just to make sure Kate...

I really need you both to leave.

What else did you see?

I don't know what I saw.
Oh, my God.

I'm so stressed out,
I can't even think.

Knowing Antonio's dead
and Kate...

You know what, there's no judge
and no jury here.

- Where's Kate's phone?
- I can't give you that phone.

You told the detective
you didn't have the phone,

and now obviously that is a lie.
Why do you keep lying?

What could possibly be in it?

Kate's dead.
Well, stop covering for her.

I'm not covering for her.

I'm covering for him.



You didn't go into Antonio's
office to get Kate's jacket.

You took off your shoes,
and you would've took off

a whole lot more
if you didn't catch me hiding.

- Right?
- God!

Am I the only one

that that bottle-tan creep
hasn't tried to bang?

Don't talk about him like that.

Kate stored every message

Antonio sent her
on the disable app.

It's an app that prevents
photos and messages

from being deleted
from your phone.

Antonio sent Kate
lots of loving things

and some things that could be
misconstrued as threats.

When Kate died, I promised him

the police wouldn't get
their hands on this phone.

He-he was so grateful
that he told me

to come to his office
this afternoon to thank me.

With his penis?

I'm sorry,
but this little love story

is definitely not on the level
of Rose and Jack.

Yes, it is.
I was in love with him!

Your boss was also
in love with him.

Is that why
you had to get rid of her?

And did you also kill Antonio
because you found out

he wasn't in love with you,

and merely using you?

- I didn't do any of that.
- You know...

You lied about everything else,
how do we know

you're not lying right now?

Take her phone.

Maybe there's something on it
that can help clear your friend.

The rest of you, too.

What's the password?

Wait. Let me guess.


Wow! Um, we really did have
a wild night last night.

Check out this video.

Oh, my God, I'm actually...

Wait, wait, are you kidding me
right now?

Oh, my...

This is bizarre!

I still don't remember
any of this happening.

Oh, my God!

Maybe we should tell
the detective.

Why? So she can
throw us in jail, too?

Oh, my God,
every time we talk to her,

it just blows up in our faces.

Oh, my God! I thought
I got rid of this thing.

Oh, jeez.
You have another migraine?

This entire trip
has been a migraine.

I'm gonna go downstairs,
try to get something

to kick this thing.

Can you get me a soda, too?


Who are you?

What do you want?

Yes, I'll do anything. Just,
just don't show that video to...

I don't have
that much money on me!

No, wait.

I can give you half.

Meet you where?

Wait, who-who is this?

Thank you.


I'm so sorry about what happened
to Antonio.

I mean, I can't imagine...

Forgive me for asking.

But why are you here?

Surely no one expects you
to work...

I want to work.

I can't go home.

I can't go home,
because if I go home

and I see that Antonio's
not there, then...

that means he's really dead.

So, um, I'm just gonna keep
working at this hotel and...

Why didn't I just divorce him
when I had the chance?

Then maybe this wouldn't hurt
so much that he's gone.


Where are you?

Where are you?

This is a bit odd.

- How so?
- Well...

Here I am comforting you
about your husband's death,

and earlier I was...

comforting my friend Bailey,
who cops arrested

because they think
that she killed him.

But she didn't.

And you have to believe that.

- I know she didn't kill him.
- You do?

The cops always look
for a scapegoat in this town.

They even toldme
that I could be a suspect.

I mean, it could easily be me
in jail next.

That's why I have to find out
who did this.

Will you help me?


Thank you.

I need, I need everybody
out of this lobby right now.

- Did you call the police...
- The police are on their way.

Look, I don't know
what's happening here.

- This is terrible.
- No, no, no.

Don't touch me.

Anyone who touches me
just ends up dead.

You still have Kate's phone?

Okay, you can't show it
to anyone, especially not her.

- Not until we know.
- Hello, everyone.

Here we are again. We should
start a bowling league.

I, uh, need to ask
a couple of questions.

Oh, no.

Um, could you give us a minute?

Sweetheart, do not panic.
I'm here.

Parker, you cannot leave me
alone with her,

you understand that, you cannot
leave me alone with her

because you know what she's
gonna do. We already know.

She's gonna blame us
just like she blamed Bailey...

Maybe you should go take
a hot bath.

It always calms my nerves.

Okay, you know what?
Let's just go.

Actually, can you stay and talk?

No, no, no, no. She cannot.

And she can't, because I'm not
feeling well. I can't do this...

This, this'll only take
a few minutes.

- I'll look after her. Okay?
- No. Um...

It's okay, it's okay. It's okay.

David is gonna
look after you, okay?

Take her to our room
on the 13th floor.

- The room number is...
- I know what room you're in.

Don't worry,
Simone's in good hands.

Come on. A shot of tequila
will do us both some good.

- Tequila!
- Okay.

- You love tequila. You do.
- I do. Okay.

I got her. I got her.


Let's walk.

What was your relationship like
with Rachel?

Did you talk with her at all

Cat got your tongue?

- Do I have to answer you?
- No. Not at all.

But can I ask why you won't
answer my questions?

Because you're asking
all the wrong questions.

- Oh.
- For instance...

Is Rachel's killer
the same person

who killed Antonio and Kate?

Isn't that enough to clear

Bailey's innocence?

- Parker.
- No.

I'm not done.

Why didn't you ask Rachel about
her involvement with Antonio?

Or matter of fact,
why didn't you ask Antonio

about his arrangements
with Kate?

But instead, you're out here
harassing me and my friends.

- I don't think that's any of...
- No!

Instead, you come after us. Why?

Because we trust the police?

We tell the truth,
and instead of rewarding us,

you're punishing us.

I'm not gonna help you with your
investigation, Detective Lee.

I'm gonna take matters
into my own hands

and clear Bailey's name.

You're right. You shouldn't be
answering my questions.

In fact, I'd advise you to stop
talking and find a lawyer,

because the more
you keep arguing,

the more I'm starting to think

all three of you are involved.

You killed Kate,
Bailey killed Antonio

and Simone killed Rachel.

If I were you,
I'd find that lawyer tonight.

And a good one.

I can't drink anymore.

And I shouldn't be laughing
like this.

What? You wanna cry some more?

Fine. Wanna see pics
of my dead cat?

Stop! Seriously, stop making
a joke of everything.

I am, I feel like I'm losing
my mind. I-I-I'm delirious.

Okay. I'm sorry. You right.

But, look,
just take one more shot.

It'll chill us both out.
All right?

- Uh...
- Just one more, come on.

One more.

- Okay.
- There you go.

- Come on.
- Hey, okay.

Mm. Okay.


I hope this makes up
for any inconvenience.

Oh, thank you. I wish you had
been the one working last night.

I had to wait 45 minutes because
the other concierge on duty...

- Nobody could find him.
- Yeah, that must've been David.

He's always some place
he's not supposed to be.

- Well, I hope he was fired.
- Probably won't happen.

Everybody loves him around here.

He could literally get away
with murder.

- Thank you.
- You have a good night.

Thank you for, um,
for babysitting me.

Yeah, I-I-I feel a lot better.

- Of course.
- Mm-hmm.

- Um...
- Mm!

- Too soon?
- No, no.

It's too, too smelly.

You mind if I shower real quick?

That doesn't mean that

anything's gonna happen
between us, though.

You sure? Not if I do this?

Or get rid of this?

Not to mention everything else.

Okay, look, look. Go.

Go, take a shower, a-a cold one

'cause I'm not, I'm not,
I'm not in the mood!

- I could change that. I promise.
- Just...

Hey, hey, hey, when David works

the concierge desk,
when does he take his break?

- Parker, I-I've got to go.
- When does David take his break?

I don't know, um,
during the night shifts

I usually let the staff
come and go at their discretion.

Well, did he go upstairs
to Kate's?

- Parker, you don't...
- Oh, my God! Simone!

E and A.

Elizabeth and Antonio?

You know, this shower would be
a lot more fun if you joined me.

Why do you have Antonio's watch?

Come here.

Don't worry,
I'm gonna let you leave.

We gonna leave together.

Simone! Simone!


Where's she? Where'd they go?

We'll find them, together.
Come on. Come on.

Easy. Easy. All right. Easy.

I got you, I got you, I got you.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Simone, come here.

Oh, easy, easy, easy, easy,
easy, easy, easy.

What happened to her, man?

Why are you not at the club?

I got fired. Plus,
the club's closed anyway.

- Yo, what's wrong with her, man?
- Uh, she's fine, all right?

We just wanted to come back here
and have a little bit more fun.

She don't look fine.

Ed, don't you got somewhere
to go? Somethin' to do?

Can we have some privacy?
What's up, man?

- Did you roofie her?
- No, I didn't roofie her.

She just had too much to drink.
She's fine!

- Mm. So she wanted to come here?
- Yes, she wanted to come here.

Bro, any more questions?

- I can talk to her.
- Talk to her, bro. Go ahead.

Talk to her.

- You okay?
- Hm.

She's definitely...

Hey, what's going on? Get off..

I told you to stay out of it!

She's headed towards the docks.

Okay, I think
David is taking her to the boat

that he shares with Eddie.

Do you track all your friends'
phones on this app?

Bailey made us do it after
she listened to some podcast

about a kidnapping
in the suburbs.

I thought she was paranoid.
Joke's on me.

Why won't the police answer?

Yes, this is Elizabeth Weaver
with the Evadere Hotel.

A guest has been kidnapped
by my concierge

and-and we believe he's involved
in this recent run of murders.

We're tracking her phone
to the Bayside Docks.

No, no, we don't have time
to come down and file a report.

Listen, if you don't get
somebody out there now,

she could be dead!

We're on our way... N-no.

No, we don't have a gun.

Y-yes, I promise.

- Okay. Uh, hurry!
- What? Do they not believe you?

No, they did, they said they're
gonna be there in ten minutes.

And the dispatcher
was very strict that

we should not approach anyone
until they arrive.

You really picked the wrong
place to go on a vacation.

This would've all been simpler
had you got a Airbnb.

After all we've been through,

you know what pisses me off
the most?

You never followed back
my account.

So, how you wanna go overboard?

Head first or feet first?

How about we flip a coin?

I choose heads, my favorite.

Now don't struggle too much.
You might hurt yourself.

Well, stop!
They told us to wait!

They told you to wait. Not me.

Oh, my God!

You really did do it?

- Oh, my God! David!
- Eddie.

- Why? Is he dead?
- No.

Unt-untie him.
Untie him right now.

- Or what?
- The police are on their way.

They're gonna be here
any minute.

You sure about that?

Yes, this is Elizabeth Weaver

with the Evadere Hotel.

A guest has been kidnapped
by my concierge

an-and we believe he's involved
in this recent run of murders.

You have no idea
how relieved I am

that you trusted me to help you.

You have enough Rohypnol
to knock her out?

Barely. You used up
most of our stash last night.

You did this? You drugged us?

It was always me.

Call it clairvoyance
or maybe a hunch,

but when I saw you three show up
at the hotel yesterday,

I just had this feeling

you would royally screw up
my strategy.

- Follow me, ladies.
- Oh.

So I had to remove you three

from the equation.

Compliments of the hotel.

- For the birthday girls.
- Thank you.

Antonio basked in the freedom
of our open relationship.

Here we go, girls.
Got some champagne.

And thought I was giving him
a chance to play that night.

But playtime was over.

Antonio's role as Sugar Daddy
to his conquests

was interfering
with my bottom line.

Mess with my heart? Fine.

But mess with my money?
Sorry, Charlie.

If I divorced Antonio, I would
lose the hotel and nightclub.

But if he died,
I'd keep everything.

And if he died accidentally,

I'd also get
a hefty insurance payment.

The plan was simple,
once the Rophynol took effect,

everyone in Kate's suite
would be passed out.

David would go upstairs and
throw Antonio off the balcony.

Everyone would assume
it was a drunken fall,

and David and I would split
the insurance money 50-50.

I didn't invite you to my party.

- Where's Antonio?
- I kicked him out.

Listen, Kate, it's about time
you ended things with him.

All right?
He'll never leave his wife.

Oh, I'll get him back.
Don't worry.


So you're never gonna love me,
are you?

Love you? People don't love guys
like you, David.

They only like to look at you,
keep you in a corner.

You're like a nice couch, good
to sit on every now and then,

but at the end of the day

you're just
another piece of furniture

that's easy to replace.

David was supposed
to kill Antonio, not Kate.

If David was caught,
he'd rat me out, too.

I had to convince the police

someone else
wanted to kill her. But who?

And there you three were,
the perfect scapegoats.

No one had to do
my dirty work for me.

You allowed me the chance
to give Antonio

a proper goodbye... in person.

And then you had to go
and steal his watch

like the cheap gigolo
that you are.

- It's a nice watch, so what?
- And that thing with Rachel?

- What was that?
- It was a easy $5000.

I didn't know she would fight me
for it.

- I'll be right back.
- Okay, like all narcissists...

Your arrogance is your undoing.
And now what?

You've left me with not only two
bodies to get rid of, but three?

- We argue about that right now?
- You are psycho!

I did not tell you to do
any of that.

We didn't talk about
any of that.

E-excuse me.

- We're right here.
- Run!

Get back inside, or I'll cut her
and it's gonna be your fault.

Parker, don't listen to her.

You know she's gonna
just kill us anyway!

- Shut up.
- I'm serious, Parker.

Go back inside, let's talk about
this. I'm a reasonable person.

Let's negotiate.

Oh, what are you doing?
Calling 911? Very original.

I'll slit all your throats
before the cops get here.

Well, say hi to Simon's
3.5 million followers,

who are all watching you on live
right now.

Turn-turn that off.

Turn it off!

- Turn it off right now or...
- Or what?

You'll kill her in front of all
these people watching? Huh?

Two thousand. Oh,
five thousand viewers. Ten...

Damn, Simone, ten thousand?

you're really trending!

♪ There's a fire ♪

♪ There's a fire oh ♪

♪ I want to dive in ♪

- Ladies.
- Hi.

- Bailey.
- Hey! Oh, my goodness.


Okay, Parker, so was that
the birthday you dreamed of?

Wanna try it again next year?

You ladies have
a very good friendship.

It's a relationship you should
never take for granted.

- Hm.
- Not us.

- We're ride or die.
- All the way.

♪ Or I'll just dive
until the... ♪

I got an A
on my crime and culture class.

At the rate of one class
per semester,

I will be a detective by the
time my kid graduates college.

Well, it'll be
well worth the wait.

- Oh...
- Okay.

So what about
the second week of May?

- That works! Mm...
- Yeah?

Got it.


You'd be surprised how much
my eyesight has improved

by not staring at a screen
all day.

Hm. But don't you miss
all the likes and the DMs?

You mean, the constant anxiety
that I was getting

from posting a picture
and not knowing

if people would like it or not?

No. Good riddance.

- How's the coaching going?
- It's so great!

I'm loving just being able
to work for myself.

And you should see my wait list.

I'm so surprised to hear
how many ex-influencers

just wanna live,
like, a normal life.

Look at us, a year later,
just livin' the good life.

This is true.
Cheers to our best life.

- Cheers.
- Cheers. Cheers! Click, click.


Oh, it's Liam. She said yes.

- Wow.
- Wow!

I can't believe
he's engaged already.

I mean, I'm surprised
he waited that long.

When you know, you know.

- Good for you.
- Yeah.

I'm so sorry
that I gave you so much trouble

when you broke up with Liam,
you know, if you hadn't have

broke up with Liam,
he would've never met Aisha.

True, and I would've
never met...

Shit, what time is it?

- Uh, 2:30.
- I gotta go.

- What about your bags?
- They're already on the boat.

Oh, my God, I cannot believe
I'm gonna show my dresses

at Fashion Week in Milan.

I can't believe that you guys
are taking a boat there.

- Why not fly?
- Girl, you know why.

No, you're right. I know why.

♪ I was living
in the background ♪

♪ Walking around
with my head down ♪

♪ I was too scared
to even stand out ♪

♪ Uh-uh no man ♪
♪ Yeah I was yes sir ♪

♪ But today I'm taking chances ♪

♪ I'm never looking back yeah ♪

♪ You can say
I'm in my new bag ♪

♪ Yes ♪
♪ I'm giving up the white bag ♪

♪ No holding back
I want it all ♪

♪ I'll take the risk
yeah I might fall ♪

♪ The mob is knocking
on my door here I go ♪

♪ Here I go ♪
♪ I believe you wanted more ♪

♪ All eyes on me let's go ♪

♪ All eyes on me
when I come through ♪

♪ We can rendezvous
if you want to ♪

♪ Have another drink
tell me what you think ♪

♪ What I came to see
all eyes on me ♪

♪ What I came to see
all eyes on me ♪

♪ All eyes on me ♪

♪ Stuck in a trance
the best delights ♪

♪ The camera flash
beautiful romance ♪

♪ Baby ooh-la-la
come on let's dance ♪

♪ No inhibitions
just enjoy the night ♪

♪ Come on get right
no competition ♪

♪ If I'm in your sight
let's take flight ♪

♪ Get up get up baby
move your feet ♪

♪ Can stay on a while ♪

♪ Sit up sit up
baby what you need ♪

♪ We got it all ♪

♪ I know you may wonder
what's with the hype ♪

♪ Take my hand I'll show you
the time of your life ♪

♪ All eyes on me
when I come through ♪

♪ We can rendezvous
if you want to ♪

♪ Have another drink
tell me what you think ♪

♪ What I came to see
all eyes on me ♪

♪ What I came to see
all eyes on me ♪

♪ All eyes on me ♪

♪ Get up get up
baby move your feet ♪

♪ Can stay on a while ♪

♪ Sit up sit up
baby what you need ♪

♪ We got it all ♪