Girls Behind Bars (1949) - full transcript

Girls Behind Bars

Upbringing is Love and Trust

We're getting another admission today.
Ursula Schumann. A special case.

Something for you, Ms. Heidenreich.

I read about it in detail in the
paper. Breuhaus Trial. Robbery.

The girl was lucky. A year
older and she would've ended up in jail.

If only I knew what is taking Ms. Lutz
so long to bring her.

She should have arrived long ago. They
will be arriving during visiting hours.

Make sure your put your
uniforms away in time.

I don't want to lose my Sunday
evening because of you.

What a bitch! To steal my best pair of
socks! -Well, where did you get them?

I earned them honestly. -Yeah, earned
as a whore in the train station.

You're one to talk! What were you
doing at the Flamingo Hall?

That's a swell joint!
I've been there just once.

The rag into the closet! And now,
downstairs for visiting hours.

Well, isn't anyone coming? Elfie?

Nobody is allowed to see me here.
Nobody has to visit me.

I want my peace and quiet.
-Come with us, Elfie.

Inge saw you take her socks
off the clothesline.

But I hung them over her
chair. Honestly.

Am I supposed to believe you?
W?rmchen, W?rmchen!

It's the truth, Madam Superintendent
I didn't steal them.

OK then, you can go W?rmchen.


Should I give you some good advice?

If you ever put on two pairs of socks
again, make sure the seams line up.

So, give back Inge her socks right away.

And then report for kitchen
duty as punishment.

Today? On Sunday?
-Today. On Sunday.

Why aren't you going down for visiting
hours? -I don't think my mom will come.

This is already the third Sunday.

Don't you have a father?
-He's dead.

I have a guardian. My uncle, Emil.

If Mother doesn't come, it's his fault.
-Here, take half. It's my last one.

Don't, Elfie. Someone might come.
-Nonsense. No jerk will come.

Man, W?rmchen, you gave me such a
scare! Here, you can have a ciggy.

W?rmchen is looking to see
if she has any visitors.

No, nobody ever comes to see me.

Pardon me, a question. You want
to visit someone in this institution?

Yes. My daughter. That is,
my stepdaughter, Wanda.

She's under care here.

I want to appeal to her conscience.


Take me in with you. And if someone
asks, then we'll say I'm Wanda's brother.

Wait here until you are called.

For whom are you waiting?

Oh, you're the new one.

Hello. -Oh, excuse me.
My name is Liebhold.

Mrs. Liebhold. The mother of
little Lore. She will be overjoyed.

You want to speak to your daughter?

Well, wait a minute. I'll take a look.

Why don't you take a seat.
I want to thank you.

-I'm going on patrol now.

Lore? You have a visitor.

My mother?
-Yes, she's waiting.

By the glass door.

Hey you, little one. Do you want it?


But you have to do me a favour.

Do you know Elfie Meyen?
-Elfie? Of course. She's my friend.

Are you Harald?
-Did she speak of me?

Can you not send her here to me,
so that I can talk to her?

But, you know, by herself.
-Now, when the whole place is full?

Just wait a minute. Go into the
coal cellar, turn the knob.

Then I just locked the door. I'll send
Elfie down through the laundry room.

I can't sleep because I blame myself.

You blame yourself? -Don't you think
I know how it has come to this, Lore?

That you wanted to help me.

I stuck my head into the sand and
pretended I didn't know where the

flour and sugar was coming from.

Dear God, in such a big cafeteria, what
does it matter if a little bit is missing?

But Uncle Emil, you know how he is.

Every day he tells me you will bring
disgrace to the family.

He means because of the people.
When they find out you are here.

He doesn't ask about anything else.

If Dad were still alive
everything would be very different.

But it's your father, Wanda.
-Great father!

If you only knew what kind of father he
was. He never thought about me.

I could hardly save myself from him.
His own daughter.

As soon as Mom was dead, I had to go
at it. Earn money.

Then he hooked me up with the guys in
his dive bar. That nasty bastard!

Wanda. -Leave me alone!
-You deserve a few punches.

Why don't you try it!
-Sadly not permitted.

I'll hit back! -Shut your mouth!
Otherwise we'll throw you into detention.

At least I'd be safe from Ms.
Schmidt from the Flamingo Hall.

Wanda! -Don't bother. Your phony
kindness doesn't work with me.

Come now.

Elfie. -Have you gone crazy?
What do you want here?

How did you even get in?
-I had to speak with you.

I have to know how you're doing.

Do you have to work a lot?
-It's enough.

Do you at least have enough to eat?

Yes, I know, I hit you in the face.
But you know why. -Yes.

You got out of jail and came looking for
me. Your Elfie from the old days.

But she didn't exist anymore.
-Oh, stop it!

No, go to the youth welfare office.

It's there in the files, that I chased
men, and all those other things.

Well, whom else does it concern, but me?

Hey, I'm working again.

But without you everything is
so pointless.

I'm getting you out of here. -Better
that you get out yourself. Otherwise

they'll get you. And I'll be
sent to the workhouse.

Elfie, I'm going crazy at the thought
that you're stuck in here.

One doesn't go crazy that easily.
One can tolerate more than one thinks.

Don't worry. Just leave me here. I'm
looked after. Maybe they'll manage.

-To make a proper gal out of me.

Now go!

Hey, you! Mr. Schmidt.

There you are.

What are you doing here? Go away!

But, no...
-Go away, or there will be trouble!

But, Wanda, please listen to me.
-I don't want to hear anything!

You sent my mother to her grave,
and me to the reformatory.

That you're in a reformatory
is not my fault.

That's the bad blood of your mother.

Leave my mother in peace! She's dead!
You did enough to us!

She would be alive today! When I think
about it, he killed her, the poor woman!

Visiting hours are over.

Come on already. Don't be dramatic!

I'm anxious to hear what
you have to say, Ms. Heidenreich.

Can I take the file with me?
-Go ahead.

You saw her? -Yes.
-What kind of impression does she make?

Oh, a little quiet, withdrawn.

That's no wonder. With her language
skills, she earned a lot of money.

Ursula Schumann! Come to
be interviewed.


Come. Have a seat.

And you are Ursula Schumann?


Your mother was a pianist.


You do know that only your youth
saved you from jail.

Do you not want to answer me?
-I have nothing to say.

Tell me, what did Harald want?
-Ask him yourself.

Harold looks fantastic. He's a fine
boy. One senses that right away.

He is, too. It was nice. In fact,
it was very nice.

But he doesn't understand when I tell
him that it's nice with others, too.

Man, she's swell.
-Well, you have nothing to add.

The public health officer even said
she's still chaste.

You should rather be ashamed.
To go after your own father.

Stand when I'm talking to you.

Can't you behave properly?
-I don't know. I haven't tried it yet.

I'm bringing you a new one.
Ursula Schumann.

Where is there space in the dormitory?
-There's a free bed with me!

Fine then, W?rmchen.

Well, you can take her right to the dorm
so she can put her things away.

Wanda's going into detention
for 24 hours.

This evening we're having potato salad.
-With sausages?

I'm not telling.

This is our firmament. Nice, huh?

Everyone has her own bed.

Lovesickness. Her boyfriend was here
today. Now she's not hungry.

Elfie, what are you doing with
your jam sandwiches?

You can have them, W?rmchen.
-Oh, thanks.

This is the new one. Ursula.

There's your bed, and there's mine.

You can hang your boyfriend in here.
Or do you not have one?

I don't either.

Do you snore? I grate my teeth
at night sometimes.

And Elfie talks in her sleep.
Come, get unpacked!

Oh, nice! I'll leave it out for
now, as a Sunday dress.

You're not allowed to keep it. It goes
into the clothing store.

They're very strict about that.
Oh, how nice!

Oh, fine!

This would almost fit me.
-Man, W?rmchen, you speak like a child.

What did you say? Child?! I'm a thief.
A recidivist thief, just so you know.

What do you have on your roster?

Attempted Holdup Murder.

Well, you are a couple of years older.

At first I thought, what on earth will
you do if she goes off on you?

But she didn't even open her mouth.

And she came along as if on a leash.

Well, hopefully she won't spark a
rebellion among the others.

Oh, my sugar is empty again.

Tonight I'm on duty.


Can you give me a cigarette?

Here you go.

My matches are gone again, too. -I think
you'll have to show your face upstairs.

The Sarge isn't here. They're turning
the whole place upside down.

The new one is a hold-up murderer.

I'm telling you, she's a real hold-up
murderer! She told me herself.

We're not in jail here.

We want nothing to do with
hold-up murderers.

You're one to talk, Isa.

Don't take Isa seriously.

Do you know how happy she would be
if she could be a woman with a history?

A real vamp, like Marlene Dietrich.

Johnny, when will your birthday be?

Get lost, you nutcase!
-What? You're pushing me off?

You must have forgotten about all
our wonderful nights, huh?

The kisses in the moonlight. But, I'm
telling you, Johnny, I'll kill you!

So, here's your dinner, Wanda.

I couldn't care less.
I'm not hungry anymore.

OK, then. As you wish.

Then I'll just take the good potato
salad with me.

I only kept watch. -I've been in reform
three times, but every time I ran away.

Hey, if they had nabbed me in
Hanover, I can't even...

Lydia is cozying up to a new one.

The old foster-father said, "No offence,
Miss". He tipped me his hat and took off.

I'll tell you one thing. If
I'm here long I'll go crazy.

I must also sense again that
I'm a woman. -That's just nature.

Not so loud!

I saw your mother here today.
-Oh, man, I don't understand that!

You only filched the fat because your
mother was lying in bed sick.

Well, then you did something virtuous!
-Wanna see? This is my mother.


What's going on here?

You're still not all in bed?

A little faster please.

In a couple of minutes it's lights out,
and thereafter I want complete silence.

Where's the new one sleeping?
Ursula, go to bed.

I know, the first night is the worst.

But whatever one has done in life,
one can always redeem oneself.

Goodnight. Goodnight!

Goodnight, children!

Heidin is all right.

You know, she was once engaged to an
airman. But he died in a plane crash.

She should run this institution.
That would be great!

Ursula, are you sleeping?

Me either.

What a Sunday it was again today.

When you think about it, the girls
have it a lot better than us.

They do their time and get out.

They're young and have their whole
lives in front of them.

They'll get married, have children...

And we? -We can spend our lives
getting angry at these strange gals.

All we get is ingratitude and sass.
-Yeah. But Heiden reads them poems.

By candlelight.

Ursula, if someone sees you...
Why don't you come to bed?


I'll stay with you. Wait a sec.

Look! All of this stuff I have stolen.

The matches belonged to the Sarge.

Light has such a nice aura,
don't you think?

Now tell me. It'll ease the burden.

Ursula Schumann

We had to leave home at night.

My mother and I.

Along the way we got separated.

I stayed with a neighbour.

Mrs. Hardtcke.

She was like a mother to me.

Witness Statement

Ursula was a good creature.

I would have gladly kept her with me.

But I was always looking for my mother.

On the first day in Berlin, I ran
to the missing person's office.

In vain. Every time.

I had almost given up hope.

One day a postcard came with
my mother's address on it.

It was so peculiar.

How the whole time I was looking for
her she lived nearby.


Just a second!

Who is it?
-I'm Ursula Schumann.

May I speak with my mother?
-It can't be.

Ursula Schumann. That's a real doozy!

But your mother isn't here.
Allow me. I'm Halbes.

Please come in.

Does my mother live with you? -Or I
with her. However you want to see it.

Your mother and I, we...

...we have a sort of business agreement.

We don't have to talk much about it.
We aren't kids anymore.

We only have one couch.

Come, sit down; forget the shock.


I'll bring some tea.

By the way, if you want to smoke, there
must still be cigarettes on the table.

Do you think it's good?
-Did you paint it?

You don't believe I did, do you?
I was once someone, too.

Even if I'm a little crooked now.

That's her.

Hold me!


Ursula is at fault for everything.
She drove me half-crazy.

And I just wanted to improve
the lass's life a little.

Get out of here now!

Don't make such a fuss, girl. Do you
think I've never seen a naked woman?

You don't want to be more stand-
offish than your mother, huh?

Oh, you have spirit, too!
Just what the doctor ordered!

Let go of me or I'll scream!

Go ahead and scream. There's
nobody up here to hear you.

Damn it! Get up and get dressed!
Go into the kitchen!

Yeah, I'm coming!

Why didn't you open up?

What's wrong?


You're home already.

Well, what's new with the Kannon?
Did Breuhaus buy it?

Didn't even look at it.

He wants nothing to do with you.

Pfft! Really? That's what he said?

He made a lot off my paintings, but
now that I'm a bit shady, he...

Well, just wait, my boy!

And, how do you imagine this proceeding?

Today you come home without money, and
tomorrow you start whining again.

Screaming for morphine again.

I implored her to leave him, vainly.

The morphine and... all of it.

Will power just deteriorates.

Add to that the constant fear of how she
should get the money he demanded of her.

Finally, one day I also went with
the Kannon to Breuhaus.

I didn't know what I should say, but I
thought, something will come to mind.

As long as I get the money
for my mother.

As such, this is a good old piece,
considering it has crossed the ocean.

And I want to part with it. I want to
know I don't have a junk store.

I have to tell you, this is
only for a European sensibility.

These colour woodcuts over here
are worth more to me.

There's even an authentic Toyokuni.

Well, and these are a couple of
showpieces for the shop.

The cultures are very good; not very
valuable, but nevertheless...

Oh, excuse me.
Are you waiting for me?

The young lady has something to offer.
-Oh, are you also a collector?

Maybe. -Wait a minute.
I'll shortly have time for you.

Here's another one. Statue of
an apostle? Markus with the lion.

Late Bavarian Baroque. Over
there is the counterpart.

One could almost conclude
they're from the same hand, huh?

I'm going to look at them more closely.
-Yes, as long as you want.

In the meantime, I'll take a look at what
the young lady has brought me. Please.

After you.

Let's see what you have.

What do you think you'll get for this?
-It's from my father's collection.

It's very precious and very old.

Roughly 2,000 years.

A little off. I'm guessing a few
years older than you.

I'll buy it off you anyway.

But I'll expect something in return.

Look, I'll show you something.

This is an authentic old Kannon.

This is Stella Maris.

Maria of the abandoned.

The icon of persecuted innocence.

One time she got so aggrieved, that she
didn't want to be seen by anybody again.

She went to an island.

But something took place that made
her smile again.

So she went back to civilization.

That's the story of the 11-faced Kannon.

Mr. Halbes was thrilled with my
talent at sales.

He wanted to force me to try a
second sale at Breuhaus right away.

But I was dead-set against
seeing Breuhaus again.

Only for my mother did I go to
see him one more time.

When Halbes demanded money
from her again.

From then on, I was often at Breuhaus's.

Everything that moves us, you and
me, unites us like a bow

that pulls together to sides
to make one voice.

On which instrument are we pulled taut?

And which violinist is holding us
in his hand?

Oh, sweet song.

Nice, huh?

Nice book.

I had it bound like this myself.

If it gives you joy, it's yours.

This is the first book I've
owned in a long time.

You must inscribe it for me.

You are lucky to have a face
that always seems to smile.

My little Kannon.

What's wrong? Did I frighten you?

The music...

My mother played it often.

When I barely saw you,

I had to confess to my heart,

I could never again

do without you.

When the starlight falls

into my little room at night,

I lie awake, unable to sleep,

and think of you.

See you later, Mom.

If I'm a little late, don't worry.
Mr. Breuhaus will bring me home.

OK, my child.


Where are they going?

Shall we go?

Don't mumble like that the whole time.

You see? Better be careful.

Where are we, anyway?
-Almost at the Kannon.


Please, no.

Make yourself comfortable.

I'm just getting us something to drink.

Hurry! Get out before he comes back!
-Put the things back right now!

Get your hands off me!

What's going on here?

Oh, I see!

The whole family!

A pre-arranged affair.

Until now, I just thought you
were a fraud and counterfeiter, but...

You jerk!

And then, police...



Witness Statement

Yes, I liked Ursula...
Ms. Schumann a lot.

Only later did it occur to me that she
was apparently scared to go home

with me after the opera.

But I was obviously not supposed
to be on the scene too early.

That such an individual even...

But she's still very young.

And the whole time today...

The accused, Ursula Schumann...

I have nothing to say.

In the opinion of the district attorney,
attempted murder is also present.

Only because of the fact that, in the
last second, the police were notified

by telephone, is the witness, Breuhaus,
thankfully able to appear in court.

In the case of the youth, Ursula Schumann,
the court decrees that, rather than jail,

she shall be sentenced to a reformatory.

Hi, Heidin.

What is it? You're making a face.
What's wrong with you?

-Did something happen? -No.


I have to see him one more time.

I have to tell him.

-And then?


Who is it?
-Excuse me.

Oh, Ms. Heidenreich. Come on in.

Am I disturbing you? -No, it's good if
I stop for today. Have a seat.

You had the night watch.

Ms. Rellspiess relieved me, but I
also still have a class to teach there.

I read Ursula Schumann's file.
-What about it?

Well, I wouldn't have otherwise
bothered you, but

I can't get it out of my mind.

Sure, it's an awful story how the girl
was embroiled in that, but I...

I can't help myself. I see her
as without culpability.

For me the matter is thoroughly clear.

The girl allowed herself to be used
as a dupe, just like her mother.

It's unfortunate, and maybe one
can even feel sorry for the girl.

Nevertheless, she seems to have
played her role with much talent.

No, she doesn't look like that.

I don't know. Perhaps it's just
a feeling on my part.

But the girl's posture in front of
the court. -That she kept silent?

Maybe she's keeping something secret.
-Surely nothing that could exonerate her.

Maybe she's protecting someone.
-Even now she's keeping her mouth shut.

It's always the same. Every admission
brings a new innocent into the house.

As I always say, the only
guilty one here is me.

No, no, Ms. Heidenreich, you will
have more than a few disappointments

with your inner feeling.

I'd rather be disappointed than to
always think the worst of a girl.

Yes, I know your theories,
Ms. Heidenreich.

You'd rather see us as blameworthy
than the girls.

What, maybe it's our fault that the
girls are here? -Maybe.

Really? Well, in that respect I
see myself as completely blameless.

I don't.
-Naturally, the girls have to trust us.

But you, you practically compete
for their attention.

And you don't realize that most of
them are laden with criminality.

No, I don't think that. I only think
that they are young people who need help.

There's no point, Ms. Heidenreich.
We could argue the whole night.

We two will never agree.

Excuse me. Goodnight.

Oh wait, please leave the file here.

If I were you, I would avoid overusing
your inner feeling in the future.

My soap has vanished.

I just have to...
-Hey you, you smell like perfume.

That's what's called hygiene.
-No, you don't say. Just a sec.

I want you to stop laughing!

Stop laughing right now!

Bloody stupid idiots!

Did you take my scissors?

Do you think I would?
-Take something from you? Pfft!

From someone like you!
-Why are you so cruel to me?

Cruel? -Who is cruel?
-You! Always the one who asks.

She gets cheeky, to boot. -Haven't you
noticed yet that you don't belong here?

But, children, what's your problem? You
are surely too good to behave like that.

We want nothing to do with someone like
that! -You should protect us from her.

One like that belongs in jail!

Come, Ursula.

I'm taking her away from you.

But not to protect you from her.
To protect her from you!

I'm happy you came.

I'm actually very happy to
be in an institution.

At least they care about us here.

Didn't you notice that I stole
your soap today?

There's always something falling into
my hands. I can't help it.

I'll give it to you, W?rmchen.
-That nice soap?

Well, then I'll have to make
myself extra dirty.

Well, how's it going?

Given time, you'll like it here.

I told you I'm going to get out of here.
-How are you going to do it?

Nothing's easier than that. I already
wanted to run away from detention.

But how?
-Through the skylight.

It's already brittle. Pound against
it and it'll fly out.

What if you plummet off the roof?
-It doesn't matter.

Then at least it's over. -Hey, did
you hear? Wanda's going to do it.

What do you think? Wouldn't you
like to take part, too? -Shh!

Ursula, why don't you come to my room.

I have news for you.

Is something wrong with my mother?

Ursula, forgive me, my child.

No. You forgive me, mother.

What do I have to forgive you?

Mother, you don't know. I...
-I don't know about that...

I know... I was a bad mother.

I was too weak.

Now I'll die in jail.

Forgive us our sins.

Hey, it's Ursula. There's Ursula!

Your poor mother.

Was it very bad, Ursula?

It's OK, W?rmchen.

Come, I'll get a spade.


We are very sorry that we were so...

Just go ahead and say, "so cruel"!
-Yes. We were really cruel to you.

Hold this for a sec.

Wanda, do still want to take off?
-Of course I do.

But the others have no guts.

Hey, I'll come with you.
-You? -Yes.


Come on now, hurry!

Now we're home free.
-There's a car coming.

Girls, we have to stop it!
-Maybe he'll take us along.


Hello, can you take us with you?
-We have so little time. -Yes?

But, ladies, that'll cost a little.
-We don't have any money.

OK. -We'll do anything.
-May I sit next to you?

Not the others!

Ready to go!

Shhh, the others are sleeping. -Where
are they hiding? What is this mischief?

Don't worry, they're coming back.
-What? They're gone?

Yes, an hour ago. While you
were sleeping, Ms. Hannchen.

Me sleeping? I was reading the paper!
-Well, no wonder you fell asleep.

What are they wearing?
-Well, their Sunday best.

Where did they get them?
-From the clothing storage.

What thugs! -Nobody has to know that
they're gone and that you were asleep,

Ms. Hannchen.

Flamingo Hall

This is where you used to work? -Yes.
-Coat check. Two? -Yes, please.

And later I worked at the bar. Barmaid.

And your father works here too?

No, others work and he gets paid.

Oh, he's a general manager.
-Ha, yes, general manager.

Down there.

To The Toilets

Hi, Paulus! He's can't see well.
He's deaf, too.

Come on, we'll take a
seat in the corner.

There's room for everyone.

Oh, look, it's our Wanda!
Are you back again?

You ran away, huh? -Released early
due to good behaviour.

Say, did you have to take the biggest
table here? -We're expecting guests.

May I please speak to Mr. Hauffe?
-No, he's not home.

When's he coming back? I have
to speak to him urgently.

For sure not before tomorrow morning. His
club is celebrating late into the night.

Look, I can't help you.
I have work to do.

Girl, what you doing here now?
Middle of the night!

Why couldn't you notify me? You know how
Uncle Emil is. You see, we have company.

No, come into here, so
that no one sees you.

I had such yearning, mother!
-I did too, Lore.

It's because of the people.
We have company right now,

and I told everyone you were
with relatives in the country.

Gosh, you're moving fast!
-Well, I haven't collected yet.

Will you permit me?
-Of course.

Cool band. You want to?

Did you tell the old man?
-Yup. He sure got a scare.

Fancy that! A father would be thrilled.
-Well, it didn't look like he was.

Wow, already here, Elfie?

Go over to Wanda. We have a
table in the corner.

Maybe it would have been better if you
had raised the alarm right away,

Ms. Hannchen. Now you're in the middle
of it. -Insolent creature!

But if it comes out. I'd like to see
one of you get reprimanded.

And properly, like with us.

"God damned brats. You should..."
-Shut your mouth!

I'm so hungry.

When one has to stay up all
night, like this.

Do you have nothing to eat,
Ms. Hannchen? -No.

What's that on your plate?

I won't make it the whole night.
Who know when they'll come back?

Come on, give me a sandwich.

Be careful not to pinch yourself between
the plates, Ms. Hannchen!

Go ahead.
-Thank you.

Look at the weather outside. Well,
hopefully they won't be back so soon.

You know, we waited until it was
your shift, Ms. Hannchen.

We know how deeply you sleep.
We wouldn't have risked it with Heidin.

I see! So I was supposed
to get the blame?

Well! Now you're going to get it!

Hello, miss. Why are you all alone?

May I?

I'm Helmcke. It's a pleasure.

Well, are you all alone on a long cord?
-I'm here with a couple of friends.

And they you sit here so pathetically
wilting like a wallflower?

Then you're better off sticking with me.
Do you smoke?

Bye. It was lovely!


Whoa there! Well, I'm used
to ambushes.

Where are you coming from?
-Hey! -Yes, I'm com...

Kids, soon we have to be homeward-bound
again, but for now we'll celebrate.

Three more over here.
-No, four!

I'd like to donate one, too.

I don't want anymore to drink.

It's pretty here.

Don't tell me we're depriving
guests of the house.

Everyone out!

If we didn't have to go back
to the reformatory...

-Let go of me!

Hey! Let my friend up!

I should inform the cops.
This is a disgrace!

Look, she ripped my chain.
She wanted to steal my watch.

With such activities you'll lose
your reputable clientele.

Ran away from the reformatory!

And you act up like that here! Taking
liberties all night. Pack of whores!

Come on, Elfie! You don't have
to bawl because of that.

Did you expect anything else?

For amusement. We scum are good
enough for that.

Later, you spit at us.

Girls from the reformatory.

You are insulting our guests!
You get out of here! Take a hike!

Come on, let's go!
-I'm coming. -Then get a move on!

There's no point.

Drive away and forget this evening.
-No. I say, "See you again"!

Shouldn't we have waited for Ursula?
-Bullshit! She probably got trapped.

I'm sure she found herself a squire who
brought her here. -There's a light!

Come on in.


Where is Ursula Schumann?

Hey, Elfie, Ursula still isn't back.
I hope nothing has happened to her!

Nonsense. She ran away.

Child, child, child.

Girl, why did you not tell
that at the trial?

I couldn't reveal that, Mrs. Hardtcke.
I couldn't do that to my mother.

But now...

Since mother is dead, he
should find out.

From now on we will have different
method, I can guarantee you that!

You can thank these girls for
causing you all this trouble.

Now I see what happens when
one doesn't handle you sternly.

Ursula! Ursula!

I talked the others into it.

I ask you to punish me alone.
-That's not true!

I was the first one to say I wanted to
run away! -Nobody talked me into it!

Me either!
-I just wanted to see my mother.

Ursula Schumann is going into
detention right away!

And the rest will be decided by
the child welfare office.

Now get to work.

Man, did you see their wide
eyes when Ursula walked in?

Where can she have been hiding?
-She must have been with her dude.

What is with Ursula?
Has she been released?

No. -But she was
standing in front of my door last night.

She wanted to talk to you.

What does she want from me? Should
I perhaps wangle the girl's release?

Her and her mother.

Her mother is dead.

She loved her mother very much.

But she sent her own mother to jail.

For your sake, Mr. Breuhaus.

Have you never thought about who
notified the police that night?

The police. The robbery squad?


Ursula called the police.
From your store.

And she kept it secret during the trial?
-Her mother was not supposed to find out,

that her own daughter got her put
behind bars with this phone call.

But everything spoke against... One had
to assume that Ursula...

And so I don't understand how
she nevertheless...

My trust in Ursula is so great.
That girl can do no wrong.

Nobody can look into another's
heart, Mr. Breuhaus.

But when one knows a person...
-I know what you're trying to say.

When one loves a person,
trust must come first.

Love is trust.

It doesn't work with benevolence
and understanding alone.

Now we see the result of that. The
girls do with us what they want.

They simply laugh at us. And why? Because
they know they have you to support them.

Well, somebody has to make sure the
girls are protected. -From whom?

From us?
-From lovelessness and lethargy.

-Of respect, is what I mean.

Lord, the light of my life,
love these little flowers!

Flowers need love, and the patience of
a gardener. -They need spankings!

And you are the governess?
-Our girls have to sense toughness!

Unyielding discipline. One can't just
tread them with kid gloves.

And what do you achieve with that?
Hatred, or pretense.

And what have you achieved, with your
moonlight sonatas and study groups,

and your psychological methods? Nothing!
You're merely undermining authority!

We're lucky the girls came back at all.

Even Ursula Schumann. -But the girls
don't even have the intention to bolt.

How do you know that?
-Are you perhaps colluding with them?

Madame Superintendent?

Madame Superintendent!

Have you heard? Heidin is leaving.
-Nonsense! I don't believe it.

Who says? -She's already packing her
suitcases. -Maybe she's going on holiday.

I don't believe in that holiday.
-Kids, don't let yourselves get caught.

If the Sarge catches you smoking...
-Why the hell shouldn't we smoke?

It's just harassment.
They don't give us any smokes.

Man, you have real tobacco?
-When I was in care the first time,

we smoked the seaweed from the
mattresses. Give me a drag. A puff.

Man, close the door!
-If one catches us here, it's over!

Is that true with Heidin? -Of course,
but we won't let it happen.

We are here, too. -All of this just
because they snuck out at night.

Yeah, a raw deal for everyone.
-Shut your mouth!

That's not the issue. We have
to show that we're sticking together.

No free time anymore. Reform school
girls aren't real people, don't you know!

Jeez, if the boss sees these shards!

We from the Child Welfare Office
won't stand in your way.

If the girl behaved well
in the institution,

then she can certainly be
released based on new evidence.

But she'll remain under the
care of the welfare department.

What does that mean? Regardless?

Even if she's completely innocent?
-Well, the girl has no parents.

She's a minor. What'll become of her?

Where should she go when
she's let out of the institution?

What if she got married?

Do you think she would find someone who
would take her in his arms just like that?

A girl from the reformatory?

Besides, we would look at her
suitor very carefully first.

He would first have to have a discussion
with his future father-in-law.

And with the child welfare office.

But as I said, I'm afraid she won't
find anyone. -I will marry her.

You, Mr. Breuhaus?

You can't scare us with the
workhouse anymore either!

It's nothing but a change of residence.
-That's right.

Supervision the whole day! There's
someone on every corner watching.

It starts when we get up! Until
we crawl back into bed!

You watch us eat, you watch us work,
you watch us play, you watch us sleep!

Even in church! -We can't even go to
our dear God without supervision!

Nobody cares that we are people, too.
Just like those on the outside.

The only one is Heidin!

She at least has empathy.
She knows how a young person feels.

If you all don't get back to
your work right away,

I will have all of you locked up.

Imprisonment. That's your education.

They won't rip our heads off.

But Ursula. -But why? She
did the same thing as you.

Just because you guys came
back a few hours earlier?

Her situation is a lot worse.
-You can't forget that.

What do you think they'll do with her?

I'm betting on a workhouse.


Please send me Ursula Schumann.

Does the girl know already? -No, I'd like
to tell Ms. Schumann that myself.

Well, that sure is a windfall.

One out of thousands.

It doesn't happen every day that a girl
from the reformatory gets married out.

You know, Mr. Breuhaus, when one, like
me, has been stuck in this job 20 years,

everyday new cases... It becomes
a pattern damned easily.

One forms a scab. Yes, but, once upon
a time I envisioned it differently, too.

To be here with young people. I mean...
-We don't simply deal with youths here,

but rather with girls who have done bad
things. Often very difficult cases.

What is in those girls' heads?
We experience it daily.

Deviousness. Malice. -But don't you
also have to think of the other side?

Which is in every one of these people.
-Sometimes truly submerged.

The good.

But you're right.
We should build on that.

Ursula Schumann, go
to the superintendent.

You'll like it here.
-Ursula Schumann, go to detention now!

Haven't you noticed yet that
you don't belong here?

We want nothing to do with murderers!

You know that ony your youth
kept you out of jail.

May I? I'm Halbes. Go ahead.

Let go of me, or I'll scream!

Ursula is at fault for everything.
She drove me half-crazy.

I only later realized that she wanted to
avoid going home with me after the opera.

I would have loved to keep her with me.

Now I'll die in jail.

Ursula! Ursula!

The whole house is standing on its head.
I don't know what the girls are planning.

They're all saying Heidin is leaving.

They're saying you're going
to a workhouse.

Hey! Ursula! Say something!

Ursula! I'm so scared!

What's going on?

Excuse me, gentlemen. I just have
to see what's going on.

What's wrong with you?
-Ursula, Ursula!

What's wrong? What is it?

Something happened in detention.
Ursula's not answering.

My God, where is she? The
window is broken!

What for? What's my purpose
on this Earth?

To live, Ursula. Live.

I don't want to live anymore.
-You're still so young.

Just try it one more time. Life
can be nice, too, believe me.

There's no point.

You're getting released.
You'll be free.

There's a person who loves you.

It's the most wonderful thing for
a woman to be there for someone.

Yes, I thought you were
Halbes's accessory.

But now I have come to you.

But not everything is clear.

Think about the story of the Kannon.

She was aggrieved.

So she went to an island and wanted
no one to see her anymore.

No, that's not the end of the story.

One day she smiled again,

and went back to the people.

And we have to wait for that.

And we want to wait for that.

Do you still remember the night you came
to me with Ursula Schumann's file?

You were right. The girl is innocent.

Yes, but we almost caused ourselves to
be laden with a great fault.

The life of a young person,

which, because of us...

Help me.

This morning I still thought it was
either you or me.

Don't we want to try it together?
The girls need you.

And so do I. Help me.

It has to be different from now on.

Upbringing is Love and Trust

Subtitles by BobbyFletcher/Radial/Oliver L.
for KG and SMz.