Girls Against Boys (2012) - full transcript

After a series of bad experiences with men, Shae teams up with her co-worker, Lu, who has a simple, deadly way of dealing with the opposite sex.

[water trickling]

Man: You okay in there?

[knob squeaks]

[distant horns honking]

[officer chuckles]

- Relax.
[distant siren blaring]

Well, it's just...

I've never done anything
like this before.

Like what?


whatever it is we're doing.

- Woman: What are we doing?
- l don't know.

l-l just, l never met
anyone like you before.

What do you want?

Tell me what you want.


If you don't tell me,
I'll be forced to improvise

and who knows
what will happen then.


what is it?

What do you want?

Could l maybe get
a glass of water?

[both laughing]



- Come here.
- Hold on.


Whoa, whoa.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

[officer laughs]

What kind of game is this?

- A really, really fun game.
- Yeah?

- Come here.
- Hold on.

[handcuffs clink]
- Hold on.

Whoa, whoa.
What are you doing?

No, no, come on.

- Mm-hmm. Do you know what this is?
- What are you doing?

No, no, no.
Don't play with that.

- These are really fun.
- Whoa, whoa, hey.

- Oh, come on, come on.
- No, you come on.

Oh, God.

It's gonna be fun,
l promise.


Where you going?
Come back. Come here.


What are you doing?

Hey, where'd you go?
Come back.

Officer: Come back.
Where'd you go?

Here, why don't you
take off the cuffs?

- Whoa, whoa. What was that?

Woman: What was what?

Professor: "Aida" walks a fine line
between post-feminist critique

and blatant objectification.

Images of schoolgirls commonly
associated with innocence,

perfection, and conformity
in Japanese pop culture

are twisted and inverted.

Severed limbs and shackles
play in stark contrast

to crisp school uniforms

and a pervading sense

of serene and subservient calm.

Women are depicted as playthings,

[professor chuckles]
or even as pets.

Now, in his series,
"Edible Artificial Girls,"

he shows teenage girls
as a pure commodity.

A snack food for men.

But are these images
a rejection of misogyny

or a celebration of perversions

that are found
in male-dominated art

throughout the world?

[girl sighs]


- Did you get my text?
- Hm-mm.


Wow. Okay.

Hey, you're still coming
to The Cave tonight, right?


- l totally forgot.
- What do you mean?

I'm sorry.
l made plans.

- But you promised me.
- l know.

And my friend
Tyler is playing

and l told him
you were coming.

Why? You know
l have a boyfriend.

Terry's not a boyfriend.

He's like, 45 years old
and he's married, Shae.

He's 35 and they're separated.

You need to be careful.

The guy's, like,
having a midlife crisis.

No, he's not.

All right,
I'll stop pushing.

But l still want you
to come to the party.

- l told you, we have plans.
- What are you guys doing?

We're gonna go see
the Martin McDonagh play

and then we're going
to the Hamptons for the weekend.

All right, fuck the party.
Can l come with you?

- No?


Have fun this weekend
and I'll see you on Monday.

All right.

- Bye, girl.
- Bye.

- Have fun in the Hamptons.
- I'll try.

Come here, Calvin.

- Come here.
[cat meows]

Over here, silly.

- There it is.
[knock on door]

[heels clicking]

What's the matter?

Did something happen?

l can't see you anymore.

Sarah and l are gonna
try and work things out.

What do you mean?

I'm so sorry, Shae.

But I've got to think about
what's best for Celice.


My daughter.

You have a daughter.

She's three.

You never told me
you had a daughter.

Well, it didn't seem
to matter at the time.

[keys jingle]

Terry: Shae, come on.

[door closes]


You're a beautiful
and intelligent girl, Shae.

What we've had together
has been amazing.

But we can't sustain it.

There's a million guys
out there your age

who'd kill
to be your boyfriend.

[door opens, closes]

[refrigerator door closes]

[alarm blaring]

[blaring stops]


[clicks tongue]

[voices overlapping]

[voices fade]

[door closes]

Woman: Come on, Gus.
What are you doing? Let's go.

Woman: You think it's in my head.
You think I'm crazy.

- It's not.
- Man: She's just jealous.

See ya, Jim.



[gears squeaking]


[bass music thumping]

[music playing,
voices chattering]

[music fades]

[door closes]

[music continues]

That'll be 28.

Do you wanna keep it open?

What can l get you?

Large Mexican Cosmo...

and your digits.

That'll be $82.

So many girls...

and so little time.

Are you fucking kidding me?



[woman yelling]
Brad... oh, my God!

Woman: That's so close.

l was wondering why
everybody was yelling.

- What are we doing?
- Woman #2: We're related.

[women laughing]

[music continues]


You okay?

ls it a guy?


You want me
to kill him for you?

[paper rustles]



My name's Lu.

Lulu, really, but you can
just call me Lu.


l know.

l started last weekend, but l--

l saw you upstairs
on Saturday night.

What are you doing now?

You wanna get a drink
somewhere, maybe?

[horn honks]

Driver: Hey, l get off at 3:00.
No takers?

I'm not complaining.



[dance music playing]

Oh, my God.


- How's it going in there?
- Great.

What do you
wanna do next?

Doesn't matter.
I'm just happy to be out.

l do like, work in sculpture,
you know?

Working with metal a lot.

- New friends.
- To friends.

- Good friends.
- Cheers.


[music continues]



[laughs, whispers]

Man: Make yourselves at home.
Beer, water, guys?

- Something to drink?
- Lu: Beer.

Beer... please.

- Beer.
- Beer it is.

What are these guys' names again?

- I'm Eric.
- Eric.

And this pretty young man
is Simon.


And that guy over there
is Duncan playing DJ.

Dude, none of that
gay '80s shit tonight, man.

Lu: You guys live here together?

Just me and Duncan.

You two lovers?

- No, we have separate bedrooms.
[music plays]

Would you like to see them?

Lu: Maybe after you
open this beer.

[bottle pops]

[thunder rumbles]

♫ Confusion in her eyes
that says it all ♫

♫ She's lost control ♫

♫ And she's clinging
to the nearest passerby ♫

♫ She's lost control ♫

♫ And she gave away the secrets
of her past and said ♫

♫ "I've lost control again" ♫

♫ And of a voice that told her
when and where to act, she said... ♫

[thunder crashing]
♫ "I've lost control again"... ♫

It's almost tomorrow.

♫ And she turned around
and took me by the hand and said ♫

♫ "I've lost control again" ♫

♫ And how I'll never know
just why or understand, she said ♫

♫ "I've lost control again"... ♫

l should go back
in the other room.

♫ And she screamed out,
kicking on her side, and said ♫

♫ "I've lost control again" ♫

♫ And seized up on the floor,
l thought she'd die, she said ♫

♫ "I've lost control"... ♫

What are we doing here?

♫ She's lost control again ♫

♫ She's lost control ♫

♫ She's lost control again ♫

♫ She's lost control... ♫

[thunder rumbles]

[knock on door]

Simon: Hey, are you okay in there?

Yeah, I'll be right out.

You've been in there for a while.
Uh, are you sure you're okay?


[water running]

[bolt clicks]


[Shae groans]

What-- what you been
doing in here?

Just sitting.

You want me to get you
a glass of water?

l think l need to go home.

Oh, okay.
I'll walk you.

It's okay.

No, it's no problem.
l was gonna leave anyway.

[thunder continues]
- Taxi!

Beats walking.

[Simon murmuring]


It was nice meeting you.

Thanks so much
for getting me home.

Can l come up?

I'm really tired.
l just want to sleep.

We can sleep.

Seriously, nothing else.
l promise.


[keys jingle]

l actually have a boyfriend.


Hey, can l get
your number at least

so l can call you sometime?

l already told you,
l have a boyfriend.

l just want your number.

How about you give me your card
and I'll call you?

Yeah, bet you say that
to all the guys.

- Hey, how about a kiss?
- Whoa.

Huh? Can l just-- can l at least
get a kiss good night?

One kiss and I'll let you go.

No, you-- you really
need to go.

You think you're
fucking better than me?

You're hurting my wrist.
Stop hurting my wrist.


Who do you think you are,
you fucking slut?


No, no!

Where the fuck
do you think you're going, huh?

Get your fucking hands down.


You like playing games?

- Huh?



- Simon: Fuck!
- Help!

Come on.

Come on...!


[muffled yelling, grunting]

Simon: Let go.

Hold still.
Lie still.

[groaning, crying]

[Shae screams]

[phone ringing]

[sharp gasp]

Woman on phone:
Avery, Armstrong & Kaczynski.

How may l direct your call?

Diane Marshall.

[line rings]
- Assistant: Diane Marshall's office.

Hi, it's Shae.

ls my mom available?

She's not available right now, Shae.

Can she call you back?

No, l really need
to talk to her.

She's in a meeting right now,

but l can have her call you
when she's out.

Or you can leave a message
on her voicemail if you want.

Do you want to leave a message?

[line rings]

You've reached Diane Marshall.

Please leave a message
and I'll call you back.

If you need
to reach me immediately,

please call
my assistant, Jessica--

[phone rings]

You've reached Karen.

Leave a message
and I'll call you back.

Celice: Daddy did it.

[knock on door]
- Sarah: Daddy did that.

Oh, my goodness.
What a beautiful braid.

[footsteps approaching]

What the fuck
are you doing here, Shae?

Please, l just need
to talk to you.

Sarah: Who is it, baby?

You can't just--

Come on.

What the fuck are you doing?
You can't just show up like this.

Okay, what?

What's going on?
What'd you wanna talk about?

- Never mind.
- l can't do this anymore, Shae.

I've told you already.

l have a family back there.

It's not fair on them.
It's not fair on you.

You okay?

Come on,
I'll take you home.

[motorcycle engine revs]

[inhaling deeply]


No, Terry.

Hey, come on.
This is what you wanted, no?

- You wanna fight me?

You wanna fight?
Come on.

Go, please.

[table cracks]

[table bangs]

Stop it! Stop!
Get the fuck off me!


l don't know what you
want from me, Shae.

- l really don't.


I'm sorry about the table.


I'm sorry.

[door opens]

[door closes]

[phone buzzing]

[Calvin mews]


[phones ringing,
officers chattering]

Man: I've always been interested...

l need to speak to someone
to report a crime.

Well, you've come
to the right place, sweetheart.

What sort of crime
would you like to report?

l was assaulted this morning
by a man.

Did you call 9-1-1?

- No.
- Why not?

l don't know.

Well, you look fine to me.

Uh, you need to fill out
some paperwork

if you want to file a report.

It's down the hall.
Processing. Room 112.

Can l help you
with something else?

He told me
to fill out this paperwork.

Excuse me?

Come with me.

Marshall, number 73.



[papers rustle]
- Can l help you?

l was gonna ask you
the same thing.


Lu: Don't be sorry.

Sorry's a sign of weakness.

You should project strength.


Do you wanna fuck me?


You heard me.

l asked if you
wanna fuck me.

You're married, right?
So what were you looking at?

- I'm sorry, okay? l was just--
- l asked you a question.

What if l said l want you
to take me someplace

and fuck me?


Someplace with a little bit
of privacy.

l just wanna fuck.


So this Simon fella...

you met him at the bar

and you took him
back to your house with you.

Did this guy have a last name?

[loud slurping]

Man: Come here. Come here.

Come here.


[handcuffs click]

Oh, yeah?

Where you going?

Come back.

Where'd you go?
Come back.

What are you doing?


Hey, come back.

Hey, why don't you
take off the cuffs?

- Whoa, whoa. What was that?

- What was what?
- What are you doing?

What are you doing?

[handcuffs rattling]

Officer: Um...

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
No. Don't fuck around.

[Lu laughs]

- Come on.
- You come on.

I'm serious.
This is not a game.

- I'm serious.
- Uh...

What-- what do you want?
What do you want?

- What do you want?

I'll do-- oh, fuck--
I'll do anything you want.

No, I'll do anything you want.

Fuck. Oh!

Please, please.

Please, please, please,
please, please don't hurt me.

Please, please, please.

[gun clicks]

Aw, fuck.

Oh, God, no.

Oh, God, no.

Oh, God.

Please, please,
please don't do this.

Please, please.

I'm begging you,
please don't hurt me.

l have a little girl.

- l have a little girl.
[muffled gunshot]

[officer gagging]




Lu: We'll need
to deal with it ourselves.

- "Deal with it"?
- Get our own justice.

- What do you mean?
- Close.

For starters...

we go back to those guys' house
and find out where he lives.

Men are easy to manipulate.
It won't be hard.

if they don't cooperate,

l have a gun.

You have a gun?

l thought it might be useful
to have one.

Where'd you get a gun?

From a guy l met
who was a cop.

You met a cop
and he gave you a gun?

l can be very persuasive.

So, we go visit Eric and the Duncan guy
and find out where he lives.

Then we just
go to his house.

Piece of cake.

[intercom buzzes]


l have to go
to the bathroom.

♫ Oh, yeah ♫

♫ l got the time ♫

♫ Oh, yeah ♫

♫ l guess I'm doing fine... ♫

ls your friend Simon here?
We're looking for him.

No, he went back to Brooklyn.

ls that where he lives?

Red Hook.

♫ You were slinked
and dressed in pink... ♫

[bottles clink]

Do you have an address?

- An address?
- Yeah. I'd like to talk to him.

Talk to him?

What are you,
a fucking parrot?


♫ This could be love again... ♫


♫ l got hope... ♫

So you gonna tell me
his address or what?

l don't know his address.

Eric might,
but he's not here right now.

Should be back in a bit.

- So...
[door opens]

Why do you want
to talk to Simon so bad?

[Lu chuckles]
Oh, we don't want to talk.

Duncan: Oh.

Lu: You think that's funny?

Simon said you two
got freaky last night.

Maybe you're looking for...

a little more action?



♫ This could be love ♫

♫ This could be love... ♫

[Shae panting]

He's dead.


Are you okay?

♫ Oh, yeah ♫

♫ When you hold me tight... ♫

- Lu: Shae?


I'm fine.

Lu: You sure you're all right?

[water running]

♫ ls this the thrill? ♫

♫ I'll wait until ♫

♫ You say
this could be love ♫

♫ You say...
this could be love ♫

♫ Oh, yeah ♫

♫ Yeah, this could be love ♫

♫ This could be love ♫

♫ This could be love... ♫

What do we do next?

Wait for Eric, l guess.

You sure you're all right?

♫ This could be love,
this could be love ♫

♫ This could be love. ♫
- I'm fucking starving.

Lu: Riboflavin.

Shae: 15.

Lu: Mm. 25%.







Vitamin A?


- 35%.
- Mm.

Folic acid?


Hundred percent.

No shit?

From now on,
I'm only eating Cap'n Crunch.

Four bowls a day and you got
a well-balanced diet.

Crunchinate me, Cap'n.

You might need a steak
every once in a while for protein,

but for vitamins and minerals,
the captain's got you covered.

[door opens]

Lu: Guess how much vitamin C
is in a bowl of Cap'n Crunch

as a percentage of
the daily recommended allowance?


Hundred percent.

They must add that.

Are you kidding?
They add all that shit.

Unless it's
in the Crunch Berries.

[keys jingle]

Do you have an address
for where your friend Simon lives?

He lives in Brooklyn,
in Red Hook.

Yeah, we got that much already.
We're looking for an address.

Your boyfriend
thought you'd know it.

He's not my boyfriend.

Well, it's none of my business,
really, is it? Fag.

What the fuck
is wrong with you?

Just fuckin' with you, Ric.

So, do you have an address
for Simon or not?

[sirens approaching]

[Lu tapping]

Focus. Over here.
l asked you a question.

You're totally weird.

He lives in a warehouse
in Red Hook

down by the water
at 609 Halleck Street.

- l don't know the zip code.
- That's okay.

ls-- is that a gun?

l mean, is it--
is it real?

Jesus fucking Christ!

- No, please, wait--
[gunshot fires]


[buzzing continues]

[spits, coughs]

- What the fuck are you doing?
- We're gonna cut you up.

Okay, okay. Stop fucking around
and untie me.

- See, the problem is bleeding.

Once we hit a major artery,
the party's over.

Are you fucking crazy?
Untie me.

We need, like,
a tourniquet, right?

Like, if we tie it tight right up here,
we cut it anywhere down below.

Okay, stop fucking around
and untie me.

Okay, all right.
You've made your point.

All right?

Look, why don't you just untie me now?
You can just walk away.

Okay? Just untie me now
and we'll call it even.

All right, you are fucking crazy.
l don't know what you're thinking.

Look, just let me go now
and l won't press charges.

l won't-- we won't--
I'll just let it go.

Just untie me
and we can talk about this

like rational fucking people.

You're not gonna fucking
get away with this shit, okay?

So just untie me now
and you can leave.

l swear to fucking God,
if you don't fucking untie me--

you fucking untie me right now.

You fucking untie me right now!


[Simon choking]
[faint splattering]

Oh, fuck.

[Simon groans]

Let me go! No!

[muffled yelling]
No! Let go of me!

Lu: Let's get this show
on the road.

What the fuck? God, no!

No, no, no!

Don't fucking do it.
No, no, no, no.

Don't fucking do it.
No, no, no.

No, don't fucking do it!
No, no!

[saw whining]
[muffled screams]


[whining stops]


[muffled yelling]

[saw whining]


[whining stops]

[faint plop]

That's it for the feet.
You wanna do the arms?

Lu: What's the matter?

- Lu: What?

- Please.
- Lu: Please?

- Please.
- Please what?

- Please don't.
- Don't what?

Please let me go.

Oh, you got someplace
you have to go?


By all means go.

- Come on, Shae.
- Wha-- what?

- Oh, thank God.
- Simon has someplace he needs to go.

Go on, now.
Run along.


Aw, you look beautiful.

What do you need
those feet for, anyways?

l could use a chicken parm hero
right about now.

How about you?

Fucking bitch.

ls that him?

Hey there.

[car alarm chirps]

[Lu whistling
"Take Me Out To The Ball Game")

[keys jingle]

[car door opens]


Shae, come on.
What are you doing?


No, no, no, no.
Not here.

Let's take him somewhere
outside the city.

[horn honks]

- Shae!
- Shut up!

[train clattering]

♫ Sunshine came softly ♫

♫ Through my a-window today ♫

♫ Coulda tripped out easy,
but I've ♫

♫ A-changed my ways ♫

♫ lt'll take time, l know it ♫

♫ But in a while ♫

♫ You're gonna be mine,
l know it ♫

♫ We'll do it in style ♫

♫ 'Cause l made my mind up ♫

♫ You're going to be mine ♫

♫ I'll tell ya right now ♫

♫ Any trick in the book,
now, baby ♫

♫ All that l can find ♫

♫ Superman or Green Lantern
ain't got ♫

♫ A-nothin' on me ♫

♫ l can make like a turtle
and dive-- ♫

Terry: What are you doing, Shae?
What's all this about?

Shae, what are you doing?



You've every right
to be angry with me.

But l thought
you understood me.

l thought we had
an understanding.

What the fuck are you doing?

This isn't you, Shae.

This isn't you.

l know you.
Look at me.

Shae, look at me!


Please, l beg you.
I'm a decent guy.

l beg you not to do this.

I'm so-- Shae.

I'm a--
I'm a decent guy, please.

Please, l beg you.
l beg you.

We can't let him go.

l can't do this.

- Shae.
- He didn't do anything.

Lu: Everybody did something.

Get in the car.

[car door closes]

Girl: There. Right there.

[crickets chirping]

[sobbing softly]


It doesn't make me
feel any better.


What we did to those guys.

Those pigs?
Are you kidding?

They deserved it.

Maybe, but...

it doesn't make me
feel any better.

It kinda seems
like you enjoyed it.

Men are all the same.

The only thing that stops them
from acting like pigs

is the fact that they're cowards
and they're afraid of getting caught.

Did something happen to you?

Like, when you were a kid
or something?

You mean, was l molested
by my stepfather?

l don't know.

l don't have a stepfather.

Just asking.

When l was about five years old,

my dad started letting his friends
have sex with me for money.

They'd get me drunk
and tell me

it was what
my father wanted

and if l loved him,
l would do it.

And l loved my father,
so l did it.

But he never paid
any attention to me.

He barely even spoke to me.


When l was seven,
l got chlamydia.

That's when my mom realized
what was happening.

l think she
knew all along, but...

it was easier for her
to pretend that she didn't.




My childhood was fine.
It was great, actually.

Lighten up.

Why do you hate people
so much?

Why do you want to
hurt people?

'Cause l can.

Come on, Shae.
It's what people do.

They hurt each other
to make themselves feel better,

stronger, more powerful.

That's the way the world works.

it gives me a rush.

Tell me you didn't feel it.

[car engine starting]

♫ Thrown like a star
from my vast sleep ♫

♫ l open my eyes
to take a peep ♫

♫ To find that l
was by the sea ♫

♫ Gazing with tranquility ♫

♫ 'Twas then when
the Hurdy Gurdy Man ♫

♫ Came singing songs
of love ♫

♫ Then when
the Hurdy Gurdy Man ♫

♫ Came singing songs ♫

♫ Of love ♫

♫ "Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy ♫

♫ Hurdy gurdy-gurdy,"
he sang ♫

♫ "Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy ♫

♫ Hurdy gurdy-gurdy,"
he sang ♫

♫ "Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy ♫

♫ Hurdy gurdy-gurdy,"
he sang... ♫

[students chattering quietly]

Girl: You're so stupid.

Girl: No, she's okay.

[bag drops]

So what happened to you
this weekend?

l called you like,
five times.

ls everything okay?


What's going on with you?
Are you okay?

I'm fine.

How was your weekend?

Professor: Early feminist works criticize

the western
intellectual tradition

for its objectionable
depiction of women,

its misogynist theoretical

and its generally inadequate
representation of female voices.

In the late 1970s, however,

a hermeneutics of suspicion
arose from feminists

who began to feel that gender bias
could be revealed

by one's perspective
on the nature of reality,

in one's style of thinking,

in one's approach to problems,

quite apart from any
explicit gender content

or attitudes towards the sexes.

Do you think it's an accident
that the word "hysteria,"

from the Greek "hysterikos,"
meaning uterus,

was originally conceived
as a purely female complaint?



What you doing?

l-- l was, uh...

l was-- l was just going home,
l guess.

What are you doing?

l don't know.

Kicking your tire.

- Sorry.
- No.

Please, kick it.
Kick it all you want.


Do you want to--

[phone buzzing]
- Do you wanna do something?

- Sure.
[buzzing stops]

Do you want to go for a ride
or something?

Don't l need a helmet?

- I've got a spare.
[buzzing resumes]

So where are we going?

- What's that?
- It's some clam.





[people chattering]

Can we play?

Hi, guys.
Get some balls.

You guys got your balls?

And 10 and 13

- and number 15.
[bell rings]

- Man: We got us a winner.
- That's me.

Man: 15 is the winner.

- I'm so excited!
- 15.

Yes, l was.

- Well...
- Well...

[both laugh]

- l had fun today.
- Yeah, me, too.

Thanks so much
for coming with me.



I'll see you at school,
l guess?

Maybe you wanna come to this thing
we're having for Halloween

on Thursday
down at The Cave?

My friend Aaron's band's
gonna be playing

and I'm gonna DJ.

Yeah, maybe.

Well, cool.
l mean, only if you want to.

No, l definitely--
l definitely want to. I'm sorry.

When is it again?

Uh, it's-- it's Halloween,

which is Thursday.

You said that.


Good night.

[motor starts]

Where were you?

Jesus Christ, you scared me.

What are you doing
in the dark?

[exhales slowly]

[water runs]

- So where were you?
- l went out with some friends.

- What friends?
- Just some people.

Girl people or boy people?

School people.

What are the names
of these people?

Are you kidding?

I'm just wondering
since l made dinner

and I've been
sitting here waiting

for four and a half hours.

l was just wondering
where you were.

Did l know
you were making dinner?

Did we have a plan?

Lu: l wanted it to be
a surprise.

So how was l
supposed to know?

If you knew,
it wouldn't be a surprise.


l just thought you'd come home
and it would be a surprise.

So you've just been
sitting in the dark?

For hours.

You're crazy.


[water running]

So who were you with, then?

I'm just curious.

Can't l be curious?

Are you hungry?

Do you want me to heat you up
something to eat?

No, I'm good.

lt'll only take a minute.

I'm not hungry.

What are you doing
for Halloween?

I've got some school stuff,

but maybe we can hang out
this weekend.

♫ Into your skin ♫

♫ Your mind ♫

♫ Inside your mind ♫
♫ When you come in ♫

♫ Into your skin ♫

♫ When you come in ♫

♫ Your mind... ♫


I'm trying to work here.

Oh, excuse me.
All right, I'm sorry.

- I'll be very well-behaved.

[music continues]

♫ Inside ♫

♫ Your mind ♫

♫ Inside ♫

♫ Your mind ♫

♫ Inside ♫

♫ Your mind ♫

♫ Inside ♫

♫ Your mind ♫

♫ Inside ♫

♫ Your mind ♫

♫ Inside your mind ♫
♫ I'll treat you to the cold pole ♫

♫ But the pole is only
biological need... ♫

[music continues]

♫ It's in your skin ♫

♫ Your mind ♫

♫ When you come in ♫

♫ It's in your skin ♫

♫ Your mind ♫

♫ When you come in ♫

♫ Your mind. ♫


[popping, crackling]

Man: Dudes, fireworks on the roof!

Come on,
fireworks on the roof!

That was Lycaon Pictus,
you'll be interested to know--

--play a track from
their new upcoming album.

The track is called "Yes, l am."

[man pounding on glass]

- On the roof.

[music playing]



- Not so much.
- No?

- Bathroom?
- Oh, it's just down the hall.

Okay. Be right back.

All right.

Hey, Shae?

I'm really happy you're here.

l mean, I'm just-- I'm really glad
you came, you know.

Me, too.


[feedback blaring]

♫ Yes, l am ♫

♫ Cowardice, avarice ♫

♫ Somebody betrayed us ♫

♫ Yes, l am ♫

♫ Ludicrous, furious ♫

♫ Somebody betrayed us ♫

♫ Yes, l am ♫

♫ Terrified, full of pride ♫

♫ Somebody betrayed us ♫

♫ l long to get my hands ♫

♫ Around my neck
and make them suffer... ♫

[music continues]

[fireworks popping]

[water running]

I'm sorry, baby.

You understand,
don't you?

You're not mad at me,
are you?

l did it for us.

[blade scrapes]

Lu: Come on, baby.

Don't be mad.

l did it to protect you.


You believe me, right?

How about l make us
something to eat?

[sword clatters]

Everything will be okay.

You'll see.




You cut me really good.




[inhales deeply]

[bar patrons chattering]

[door opens]




l-l didn't mean to--

You okay?



It's stupid.

Woman: Do you have a cigarette?

ls it a guy?


[exhales slowly]

[instrumental music playing]

[music stops]