Girls After Dark (2018) - full transcript

A private investigator is hired to track down a missing girl on the run from a mysterious Silicon Valley corporation.

- What's
going on down there?

- What's wrong?

- You know, we could try
some girl-on-girl action.

Maybe that'll work.

- Sure, no problem.

- Where do you want us?

- Over there on the couch.

- Okay.

- I was renting an
office above the liquor store

at 278 Mercado Street.

The rent was 1,600 a month.

I had one desk, three chairs,

and a carpet no cat would have kittens on.

It was Thursday and I was
expecting a new customer

who had called me earlier.

- Clyde Cooper?

- That's me.

- Vincent Donovan.

- Good to meet you.

- Likewise.

How long have you been in business?

- Long enough.

- Well, tell me more.

If I'm gonna throw my money at somebody,

I like to know who I'm throwing it at.

- What do you want to know?

- You an ex-cop?

- No.

I worked for the District
Attorney as an investigator once.

But I got fired for insubordination.

I test high in insubordination.

- What kind of investigations
do you specialize in?

- Whatever the cops don't touch.

- I see.

- What about you?

What's your story?

- I used to be a lobbyist.

About a year ago, I left
D.C. to invest in technology.

- What kind of technology?

- We're a startup.

We help other startups to start up.

- Sounds like money.

So, what can I do for you?

- I want you to find this girl.

- She's beautiful.

- The love of my life.

Didn't last long.

It was intense,

but somehow I didn't realize
it because when I was with her,

it was like I was possessed.

Since she disappeared,
I've been a nervous wreck.

- You want a drink?

- Sure.

I met her at the View
Lounge at the Marriott Hotel

in San Francisco.

Went there with an old
buddy of mine, George,

works in electronics.

So we went to the View for some drinks

and there we met a couple
of divine looking chicks.

One thing led to another and...

Well, I really connected with this one.

Her name's Denise.

We spent a few days together.

And then about a week ago, she
stopped answering my calls.

I was worried because I gave her money

and I thought she might've
overdosed on pills.

So, I went to her house
to see if she was okay.

She didn't answer the door,
so I went around the back.

Denise, it's Vincent!

Open up!

- Who are you?

- I'm looking for Denise.

- I am Denise.

- I'm looking for another
Denise, Denise Morgan.

- I am Denise Morgan.

And who are you?

- You sure it was the same house?

- Come on, I'm not that senile.

I spent three nights in there.

$2,000 down payment.

You find her, there'll be more.

- I can't guarantee any results.

- Fair enough.

See what you can find out.

- Okay, but I'm gonna
need a few more details.

Once in a while, right in the
middle of an ordinary life,

love gives us a fairy tale.

Love can be magic.

But in my business, we
don't believe in magic.

- So, Vincent told me that
his girl's gone missing.

- Yeah.

- Is she okay?

- No, that's why I wanted
to ask you about your girl.

- My girl?

- Vincent told me you met these two girls

at the View Lounge.

They seemed to be friends with other.

- Yeah, I mean, I thought so.

But I do not know what happened to 'em.

I mean, it was kinda just
a one night stand for me.

- Did you ever get her number?

- No, didn't really ask for it.

- You have any pictures of her?

- I'm not what you call
the sentimental type.

- George was a dead end street,

so I had to rewind the tape,

go back to where the drama started.

The lounge at the Marriott Hotel.

What kind of a crowd do you get in here?

- Mostly locals, Silicon
Valley crop, you know?

Business people.

- What about immoral young
ladies digging for gold?

You get any of those?

- You mean hookers?

- Yeah.

- Yeah, we get those, too.

You looking?

Who's this?

- She's a runaway.

Her daddy's looking for her.

- I don't know, man.

A lot of women go in and out of here.

Can't remember 'em all.

Wait, let me see that.


You know what?

She looks like a girl
that was here last night.

That was a redhead, though.

- A redhead?

- Yeah, she was with a girlfriend.

One of our regulars was hittin' on them.

- Who was that?

- He's a nice guy.

He's the President of the
American Plywood Association.

- You got a name?

- Lakshay, or something like that.

Thank you.

- Finding Mr. Lakshay was easy.

Whoever was visiting him

didn't lock the door on the way out.

- I just want you
to check, because his car's

been parked on the street
for the last two days

and I haven't seen him leaving the home.

- Oh, actually sir, my name is Doron.

Doron in Hebrew means gift from God.

You got that?

No, no, no.

No, no, no, that's not gonna fly.

I'm not going down on the price.

Who cares where they're coming from?

What do you want, birth certificates?

Yeah, I can send you more pictures.


Okay, I will.

Cheap son of a bitch.

Okay girls, we're gonna
take more pictures.

Take off your clothes.

He want to see you naked.

- Ms. Morgan?

- Yeah.

- Clyde Cooper, private investigator.

- What's this regarding?

These people are sitting on my sofa?

- Yeah.

Was there anything missing
from your home this morning?

- No, I don't think so.

What did these people do in my house?

- They had an affair.

- They broke into my
house just to have sex?

- They didn't break in.

The woman in the photo, she had a key.

- She had a key?

- She told my client
that this was her home.

- I don't get it.

- Neither do I.

Where were you at the time?

- I was out of town visiting
my sister in Colorado.

- Does anybody else
have a key to your home?

- No, nobody.

- All right, girls.

She's Katyusha.

She will be your driver.

You take it from here.

I check my email.

- Hello, ladies.

My boss is really looking
forward to meeting you.

You're gonna have to put these on

not to damage your wrists.

My boss wants you in mint condition.

Such smooth skin.

Feels like silk.

- Did they hurt you?

- Oh, we're fine.

How did you find us here?

- Piece of cake.

- You're all packed up?

- What's your name?

- Ruggero.

- Hi, Sonya.

- I'm in a motel with a customer.

He wants to know if we could
all get together tonight.

- I don't know.

Which motel are you in?

- No phone calls.

- That was my friend.

- I don't trust your friends.

You're still in a very
dangerous situation, young lady.

Many people are looking for you.

- How you doin'?

- Good.

- How can I help you?

- I have a question.

- Okay.

- Girl locks herself out of her house,

loses her keys.

- Mm-hmm.

- What's the procedure?

- What do you mean, procedure?

- I mean what kind of proof do you need

to let her back into her place?

- I just ask for a photo I.D.

Check her I.D. and go about my business.

- That's it?

- Yeah.

- What if it's a fake I.D.?

- Look, man.

As long as the picture matches the person,

I go ahead with it.

- Okay.

You seen this girl?

- Naw, she doesn't look familiar.


- Have you seen this girl?

- I wish I had.

- No, doesn't look familiar.

Not every day you see a
pretty girl like that.

But I had a customer this
morning who was in her league.

- Really?

What did she want?

- Hmm, lost her keys, locked
herself out of the house.

- You have an address?

- Who is asking?

- Santa Clara Police Department.

- 627 Falcon Street.

Couple of blocks north in Cupertino.

- Thank you.

It looks like there's another girl in town

with the same M.O. as Vincent's girl,

and she just moved in,
into somebody's house.

- So, when are we gonna
get the new passports?

- Somebody's workin' on it.

Where are you now?

- Just found a new safe house.

- Oh, yeah?

For how long?

- Two weeks.

The owners are on vacation in Europe.

- Good job, girlfriend.

- I gotta find me somebody.

I need money.

I really need money.

Well, I...

I will, absolutely.

No, of course, yes.

- Ms. Alexa Smith?

- Yes.

- Tom Armstrong, Santa
Clara Fire Department.

- Someone is at the door.

I'll call you right back.

What is this regarding?

- Well, your house is scheduled

for a fire safety inspection, ma'am.

- Okay.

Come right in.

- Thank you.

When was the last time you
had your sprinklers inspected?

I'm gonna have to take a look

at your inspection certificate.

- I don't remember where I put it.

- That could be a serious problem.

- Every problem has a
solution, Mr. Armstrong.

Would you care for a drink?

- Sure.

- Scotch okay?

- It's fine.

You mind if I take a
look around your kitchen?

- Why?

- Because most fires start in the kitchen.

Not that that should concern you,

because you're so hot, you could probably

start a fire anywhere.

- For a fire inspector, that's
a pretty good pickup line.

- I practice daily.

- You must meet a lot of lonely women

on your inspection tours.

- Don't tell me you're lonely.

- Why?

- It would take an army of bodyguards

to keep a girl like you lonely.

- You're really good at this.

- Cheers.

- Cheers.

What is your best pickup line?

- You're so gorgeous,
I'd drink your bathwater.

- You wanna take a bath with me?

- Get over there.

- That was not in the cards.

I was digging this chick.

These morons interrupted
a very nice conversation.

The way it was going,

I'd have had good news for
Vincent by the end of the day.

And maybe even found true love myself.

But that would be too
much luck in one day.

- You have
reached Paradise Inn Motel.

If you know your party's
room number, dial it now.

Otherwise, dial zero for the front desk.

- Hello, Alexa?

- Hello, this is John Hooper.

I'm doing a customer satisfaction survey

for the Paradise Inn Motels.

May I have your name, please?

- No.

- I drove to Santa
Clara to see Julie Baldwin.

She was a technician
at San Jose crime lab,

and a pretty good one.

- She let you take a video of her?

- I used my bodycam.

- Are you trying to make me jealous now?

- Trying to get you involved.

See the glass in her hand?

- Yeah, what about it?

- I want you to lift the
fingerprints off of it

and run a check for me.

Hi, buddy.

- How can I help?

- What do you have in room 12?

- Can't tell you.

- You can't or you won't?

- Private detective?

Your guy's name is David.

There was a woman with him.

I don't know her name.

They just left.

- They checked out, or.

- They didn't check out.

They'll be back later.

- Hello?

You okay?

- I need to recharge.

- Excuse me?

- I don't feel good.

- Now, if that were a
.45, I wouldn't argue,

but with a .22, I think a man
could get in a couple words.

- Down on the floor.

- Don't forget, you're a lady.

- I said, on the floor.

- I like that perfume.

What is that?

- Wake up.

Come on.

Come on.


- Snooping around motel rooms

is a bloody business, ain't it?

- What kind of car were they driving?

- 40.

- You work hard for your money.

I liked the blonde with the zapper.

She seemed to be a principle
player in our little drama.

It looked like I was dealing
with a network of hookers

and she was top banana.

The hardest part of it all was,

how am I gonna break this to Vincent?

How do I tell the man that the
love of his life is a hooker?

Or maybe she's not a hooker.

Maybe she's at the early stage of hooking

where a young girl's foolishness
becomes a form of grace.

Or maybe she's just a beautiful sociopath

who made Vincent lose his focus.

One thing about this type of woman,

they always make you lose your focus.

- We processed the glass
for fingerprints and look.

- What the hell is this?

- These prints are not human.

They have a silkscreen pattern.

- The girl was perfectly human.

- Well, maybe she was, but
her fingerprints were not.

What did you get yourself into, Cooper?

- I don't know.

What did you get on that
license plate I gave you?

- It belongs to a Loretta Berman.

1289 Valley Oak, Cupertino.

She works for the Peach Corporation.

- Peach Corporation?

- Mm-hmm.

- What's her position?

- Well, the company website lists her

as the director of the
marketing department.

- Yes?

- I'm looking for Mrs. Loretta Berman.

- And you are?

- Clyde Cooper.

- Do you have an appointment?

- No, but I'm pretty sure
she's dying to see me.

- What makes you so sure?

- We met at a motel yesterday.

She showed me her dark side.

- Really?

- Has anyone ever told you
you have a gorgeous smile?

- Please. You think you're
so hip you can talk your way

into a safe deposit box?

Take your foot out or I'm
gonna show you my dark side.

- Take me to Loretta Berman

and you can show me
whatever side you want.

- Cooper.

- Mr. Snooper.

I was hoping not to see you again.

Thank you, Sarah.

What brings you here, Detective?

- How'd you know I was a detective?

- From the motel receptionist.

- Ah.

He was milking you, too.

- Sure.

- You like Klimt.

- I do.

One of my favorite painters.

- Well, I'm pretty sure you
and I are gonna be friends.

- Are you coming on to me, Mr. Cooper?

- No.

I just seem to get along
with women who like Klimt.

- So do I.

What do you want?

- Have you seen this woman?

A client of mine is looking for her.

- And you think there's
some connection between

her and the guy at the motel?

- She has the same M.O. as a girl

by the name of Alexa Smith.

And Alexa's friends with
that girl in the motel.

I need to speak to her.

- I'm afraid you can't.

- Why's that?

- My lawyer's advice.

I'm divorcing my husband and
that girl is my star witness.

I can't have her reputation tainted.

- She seemed pretty
intoxicated in that motel.

Was she under any heavy drugs?

- No comment.

- Where is she?

- That's none of your business.

- Actually, this is my business.

- Okay.

Then I want to hire you.

- For what?

- To steer your snooping
in another direction.

- Can't do that.

- Come on.

Everybody has a price.

- Yeah.

Reputation, too.

- All right.

What do I have to do to
get you out of my hair?

- You put me in touch with that girl.

- I told you I can't.

- That's too bad 'cause I can
be a real pain in the ass.

- So can I.

- Yeah, essentially, we
started from scratch.

You should've seen it a month ago.

- It's a nice space.

- Uh-huh.

It's gonna be my new office.

- Who's the girl?

- That's my assistant Claudia.

- Now, about Denise.

Did you notice anything unusual about her?

- Like what?

- Well, I'm assuming you
slept with her, right?

- Yeah, so?

- I'm checking out this other girl.

Cut from the same cloth.

Ran her fingerprints and I came up with

some strange silkscreen pattern.

- No kidding.

Plastic surgery's gotten that far, huh?

- I don't think this is plastic surgery.

- Trust me.

I know two guys that can do magic.

I'll ask them about
that silkscreen pattern.

- Um, Mr. Donovan.

I apologize.

The landlord can't come until later,

so I'm going to get some lunch.

Would you like a sandwich?

- Sure. What kind of

is the least fattening?

- A half sandwich?

- The usual salad.

- Clyde Cooper.

Of course.

On my way.

Vincent was a perfect example
of how blind love can be.

He could've dated an
alien from outer space

and think her fingerprints were

the newest fad in plastic surgery.

In fact, what he was saying
to me was fuck the truth.

But in cases like this,
the truth fucks you.

- Ah, PI Cooper.

That was fast.

- I didn't do more than 90.

- We checked his cell phone

and your number was in the recents.

Your business card was in his pocket.

- Am I a suspect?

- No, not really.

But let me just ask one of these
umbrella questions, Cooper.

Just to set the stage.

Would you say you were
strictly legal in this picture?

- You know me, Frank.

I just paid the guy for some information.

- How much?

- 160.

- His wallet was empty.

- How'd he die?

- Ah, it's hard to tell.

This whole setup is supposed
to make me think he overdosed,

but I wouldn't rule out homicide.

- Why's that?

- Look at his arm.

Does that look like a
shot of heroin to you?

- The police were
trying to cover all bases,

but I personally thought
the guy just overdosed.

Last night, he scored
a nice chunk of cash.

It was reasonable to assume he
bought a shitload of whatever

and pumped it into his arm.

The receptionist is dead.

- How did he die?

- He was murdered.

Execution style.

- How do you know this?

- Detective Frank Barrett
is an acquaintance of mine.

Called me in as a person of interest.

Receptionist had my number.

- What did you tell them?

- The truth.

They're gonna be contacting you, too.

We gotta make sure we're on the same page

because if our stories don't match

we're gonna be in a king-size jam.

- Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

- You're welcome.



Good brakes.

- What the hell are you doing?

- I'm trying to hitch a ride.

- Rolling in front of my car?

- I have an emergency.

- What emergency?

- I have a plane to catch.

- A plane?

- About five miles up the road.

- Okay, hop in.

- Step on it.

- Okay.

- Fuck.

- You missed the plane?

Do you need a ride back?

- Yes, please.

What was your name?

- I'm Bobbi.

- Bobbi, you're a gem.

- Thanks.

By the time I got back to
my office it was nine p.m.

Time for a drink and meditation.

I had to congratulate myself.

I just won the award for
biggest idiot in town.

While I was having my tires replaced,

I called Public Records at City Hall.

I found out that Loretta Berman
had never filed for divorce.

She was married to a woman named Sarah.

The woman who met me at the door

in the red dress and killer heels.

- Mr. Clyde Cooper?

- Who are you?

- They call me Ruggero.

I came to collect a set
of car keys you stole

from an associate of mine.

The undertaker.

I gotta tell you, I'm a bad motherfucker.

- Does your mother know
what you do for a living?

- The bookshelf was cheap,

but the door's gonna set you back $280.

- Don't get jumpy.

I heard you're a cool cat.

- You heard wrong.

I go to pieces over nothing.

- I have a nice little
proposition for you.

May I reach into my pocket?

- Don't pull out a gun.

I'd hate to kill you before
you pay for that door.

- A thousand dollars for
doing nothing at all.

And if you continue to do
nothing for the next few days,

I'll come back and give
you another thousand.

- And for who am I doing
all this nothing for?


Loretta Berman?

- Loretta who?

- Loretta Berman, Peach Corporation.

- Never heard of her.

- Who's your boss?

- A man who would rather
spill money than blood.

But he's also a man who
does not mind spilling blood

if he has no other choice.

- You tell Mr. Blood Spiller
I have a conflict of interest.

- You'll regret this, Cooper.

If you manage to live
that long, of course.

I'm sure we'll meet again.

- Uh, who the hell was that?

- Small fish acting like a big fish.

What are you doing here?

- I was passing by.

Any progress finding my girl?

- I'm working on it.

- I miss her, Cooper.

Last night, staring at the
ceiling thinking about her,

I couldn't close my eyes.

I have such vivid memories.

I cannot sleep.

I think I'm possessed.

- I can see that.

You want a drink?

- No.

Tell me you have something.

Give me a glimmer of hope.

- Well, I have something.

I wouldn't call it hope.

- Good looking girls.

What about 'em?

- They're all wearing the same necklace.

- Oh, yeah.

- He better give me my money back!

I'll find him!

I'll peel his skin back!

I'll break his legs!

- Ah, Cooper.

You got my message.

Okay, folks.

I'll talk to you later.

- We'll talk soon.

- What's this about?

- You're in deep shit, pal.

The chief wants to suspend your license

and throw you in the slammer.

Follow me.

Come here.

Sit down.

What do you know about that guy?

- Nothing.

- That guy had a hidden camera
in the front of his house

and it shows you going in.

Why are you lying to me, Cooper?

- Because if I told you
what I was doing there,

you'd ask me to write a book about

what I was doing in there.

- Instead of writing a book,

why don't you give me a good synopsis.

And try to focus on the hookers

that you've been dealing with.

The hookers are on the camera, also.

Walking out of the house
with the dead man's iPad.

- I'm not dealing with them, Frank.

I'm looking for one of 'em.

She goes by the name of Denise Morgan.

Although, I'd bet that's
not her real name.

- Is that her?

- Yeah. Although, in
all the pics I've seen of her,

she's wearing a blonde or a red wig.

- Well, we found this
video on Lakshay's phone.

And it was sent to him from a burner.

- You think it's
organized prostitution?

- Well, it sure smells like it.

So you better keep me posted

if you want to stay out of jail.

The chief isn't kidding, you know?

- Cut the bullshit, Frank.

If the chief wanted me arrested,

you wouldn't be talking to me in here.

So why don't you just tell me the truth?

That organized prostitution
is an embarrassment

for the department and you'd
like for me to help you out.

- That's what I just said, didn't I?

- There you go.

I'll see what I can do.

By the way, this Lakshay guy.

Why'd he do himself in?

- According to his doctor
he was a sex addict

with a bad case of chronic impotence.

So he put himself out of his misery.

- Online you can
dig up all kinds of dirt.

All kinds of pimps who
sell all kinds of meat.

Some of them have fancy names
like Exotic Escorts Agency.

Some others just use proxies.

Smooth operators like Loretta Berman.

- Meow-meow.

- Meow-meow to you.

- Who are you?

- Clyde Cooper.

Who are you?

- I'm me.

- What's your name?

- Raya.

- You from around here, Raya?

- Yeah, around here.

- Me, too.

Where'd you go to school?

- I don't want to talk about that.

- You have beautiful hands.

- You like my hands?

- I do.

Let me see 'em.

Such soft skin.

Fingertips like silk.

- You like the feel of my skin?

- I do.

Tell me more about yourself.

- What do you want to know?

- Do you know Loretta Berman?

- I do.

She owns this house, but she
doesn't really care about it.


- So you're house sitting?

- I love her.

- In what way?

- Do you know what love is?

- Yeah.

- That's how I love her.

- You must miss her.

- Not really.

I'm a professional lover.

- It's a lovely profession.

- Where'd she go?

- She's over there.

- Fuck!

- I told you.

I have no idea where Alexa is.

- Then you wait
here until she shows up.

- You said you'd find me a passport.

Where is it?

- I'm not giving it to you
unless Alexa comes with you.

- You son of a bitch.

Give me that passport.

- Where'd you get that gun?

Put that gun away.

- Give me the
passport or I'll kill you.

- Ruggero.

Long time.

- Oh.

So it's you again.

I told you to stay away from all this.

- Hard of hearing.

Turn around.

Put your hands up.

- You're on the wrong
side of the table, Cooper.

- That's too bad.

It's my best side.

- I feel sorry for you.

You make me sad.

Real sad.

- Buy yourself some flowers.

Turn around.

- You have no idea who
you're dealing with.

- I have imagination.

Turn around and put your hands up.

Peach Corporation is
running a prostitution ring.

And you're the madam.

That's a hell of a poker face,

but you're playing with a
marked deck, sweetheart.

- You know, you really shouldn't put us

on a collision course, Cooper.

You'll regret it.

- It's clear to me that
you knew this girl.

But you didn't ask me how she was

or where she was for that matter.

- Well, because.

- Because you knew she's dead.

What did you do with the other girls?

- You're just a private snoop.

You don't have the
authority for any of this.

Where are you going?

- I'm going to go speak
to Detective Frank Barrett

of the Santa Clara Police Department.

He's got all the authority I need.


- Do you still want to go to the police?

I'm so not who you think I am, Cooper.

- And who exactly would that be?

- Maybe one day you'll find out.

- Why do I get the feeling
that you need my services?

- They seem to be beneficial.

- And what would they be so I can

be specific on the invoice?

- Just do what you have to
do, but keep me in the loop.

That's all.

- Hey there, partner.

Welcome to my place.

How can I help you?

- Looking for Charlie.

- Charlie?

Last time I checked I'm Charlie, man.

What can I do for you here?

- A friend of mine told me you
specialize in US passports.

- Which friend is that?

- Ruggero.

- I'm listening.

- He told me you were
working a couple passports

for some high-end hookers.

Last night, he texted you
to cancel one of them?

- How'd you know that?

- I saw a text on his
phone after I killed him.

Where are the passports?

- Look, man.

I don't know about any
passports, all right?

- Where are the passports?

- I don't know anything
about any passports.

- Let's try this again.

Where are the passports?

- I gave them to the other guy, okay?

- What other guy?
- I gave 'em to George.

He's with Electronics.

- George in Electronics.

- Yeah.

- Great place.

Vincent, Cooper here.

I think I know where your girl is.

- Can I help you?

- I'm looking for George Hoffman.

- He's not here at the moment,
but he'll be back soon.

- I really need to speak to him.

- You can wait for him in the office.

Come in.

This is Nina.

- I thought your name
was Denise, not Nina.

- Oh, have we met before?

- Vincent's looking for you,

but he said your name was Denise.

- It was, but now I'm Nina.

- Why's that?

- My passport says so.

- Where are you traveling to?

- We're leaving for Hong
Kong in a few hours.

- What's going on in Hong Kong?

- George said he was going to introduce us

to some very important people there.

- They're called VIPs.

- What is this behind your head?

- Oh, that's my charging cord.

I have to get fully charged
before we get on the plane.

- May I have a look?

- Sure.


- Are you a robot?

- Uh-huh.

- You, too?

- Yes.

- And you were created
by the Peach Corporation?

And I was afraid to tell
Vincent his girl was a hooker.

Now I have to tell him she's a robot, too?

Come to think of it,
they must all be robots.

Alexa, Sonya, Raya.

All of them.

Appliances made in Silicon Valley.

And Loretta, she must be the one in charge

of the product line.

Keeping it secret.

Now, some smartass figured he
can sell these dolls overseas.

Peach Corporation must have a very

lousy security department.

What happened?

Did you escape?

- We ran away.

We didn't like it there.

- You're George's girlfriend, right?

- Yes.

- Did he know you're a robot?

- Yes, I told him the
first day we were together.

- Did Vincent know you're a robot?

- No, I never told him.

- Why's that?

- He never asked.

- Why'd you leave him?

- Oh, because I like to be with Gaya.

And also because George introduced me

to some of his other friends.

- Where'd you meet these friends?

- Hotels, motels.

- Did they know you're a robot?

- Stop calling me a robot.

I hate this word, it's so demeaning.

- We have personalities, you know.

- I'm sure you do.

Did you meet these friends, too?

- Oh, yes.

We made love to all of them.

- We're designed to make love.

- Are you?

- Yes.

We can make love to you too if you like.

- Oh, we're extremely good lovers.

- What else are you designed to do?

- Nothing.

All we can do is make love.

- Sorry, ladies.

This is way past my kink zone.

So, who are these VIPs in Hong Kong?

- World-class experts.

They'll teach us whatever we want.

- Yes, we want to learn other things.

That's why George is
taking us to Hong Kong.

- I don't think so.

- What do you mean?

- I'll tell you what I mean.

When you arrive in Hong Kong,

George will most likely sell
you to the highest bidder.

They're gonna put you
on a table, open you up,

and see what the Peach
engineers put inside you.

- How do you know?

- I'm a fortune teller.

- What is a fortune teller?

- A man who can tell
what's gonna happen to you.

- Hmm, that sounds sexy.

- We'll be there in one hour, all right?

So, what I need you to do...

What the hell's going on here?

- Not a smart way to
approach an armed man.

- Okay, no problem.

- Hey, wake up.

Wake up, come on.

What the fuck is this?

What is this?

- It's a bodycam.

- What's it recording on?

- The cloud.

- What's the fucking password?

What was that?

I couldn't hear you.

What, you need a little help?

This fucking gadget.

How about one more, huh?

- Okay, okay, okay, okay.

- What's the password?

- I'll give it to you.

- What is it?

- You need a pen.

It's complicated.

- Let's go.

- One,



fuck you.

- All right.

Girls, I'm gonna have to
ask you to step outside

'cause this is about to get really ugly.

- No, we want to watch.

We like to learn.

- All right.

Thank you.

Where is my friend Ruggero?

- He's in my trunk, dead.

- What?

- He killed one of 'em.

- You killed my friend because
he killed a fucking robot?

Goddamn it.

What, what are you doing?


- You should be careful with that.

- Shut up.

- All right.

But could you cut me out of this?

We're friends, right?

- Shut up.

We have to think.

- Do you know how to use this gun?

- Yeah, I watch television.

- Shoot something.

- I don't think that's
what she had in mind.

- You seem far too relaxed.

You shouldn't be.

- Okay.

I know what you're thinking.

We human beings are pathetic.

We have all this
technology to cure cancer,

and colonize Mars, and make
the world a better place,

but instead, we make a boner
pill and robobots for sex.

It's shameful.

- This is not what I was going to say.

- Why didn't you want to
make love to us, Cooper?

- Um.

- You said we were out of your kink zone.

- You think we're substandard creatures?

Some inferior robotic race?

- No.

No, I do not think that.

- Are you a racist?

- No.

- You are a racist.

You didn't even want to touch us.

- That's because I have a girlfriend.

I didn't want to cheat on her.

- That's a lousy excuse.

- You're right.

And now that you have this
gun pointing at my face,

I think we should reevaluate.

I think she'll understand.

- What the fuck?

Girls, why did you do this to me?

Gaya, untie me.

We gotta get to the airport, now.

Nina, come on.

- Don't listen to him, girls.

He's lying.

There's no way you could
walk through security

with all those electronics
and batteries inside of you.

- Why are you lying to us, George?

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

No, no, no, no.

We're not going through security.

I got a private plane for you girls.

- Yeah, who owns the plane, George?

Who are you selling them to?

- Don't listen to this guy.

He wants to send you back to the factory.

- That was fun.

Do you have any more bullets?

- Sorry, honey.

That's all I carry for fun.

- Hey, buddy.

- What the hell was that?

- Vincent.

- Denise.

- I've been missing you so much, baby.

- I missed you too, baby.

What's going on here?

This is a sad day for me, Cooper.

A very sad day.

I fell in love with this thing.

- Yeah, I wouldn't take it too hard.

There's always version 2.0.

- Are they gonna put them
on the market anytime soon?

- I would think so.

Why make robots if you're
not gonna sell 'em?

- Okay.

Hey, Cooper.

Great job.

You're a soldier.

Why don't you stop by my office tomorrow?

I've got quite a fat check for you.

- How fat?

- I think it'll make you smile.

- I don't smile easy.

- I know.

- All right.

But tell your troops to get
this body out of my trunk.

- What body?

♪ Take the bluff or fold
it's all the same to him ♪

♪ Depends on what you hold ♪

♪ You can play all night as
long as chips are flying ♪

♪ He's within your sight ♪

♪ And then it's bang, bang ♪

♪ A hired gun goes down ♪

♪ And it's bang, bang ♪

♪ In this tired town ♪

♪ And the old regrets to
take you straight to bed ♪

♪ Only bang, bang ♪

♪ Now you're dead ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Take the shot or pass ♪

♪ You never know what might
be hiding in your glass ♪

♪ Ready to take aim ♪

♪ It's just like every other
night before the same ♪

♪ And now it's bang, bang ♪

♪ A hired gun goes down ♪

♪ And it's bang, bang ♪

♪ In this tired town ♪

♪ Only old regrets do
take you straight to bed ♪

♪ Only bang, bang ♪

♪ Now you're dead ♪

♪ You're dead ♪