Girlhood (2014) - full transcript

Oppressed by her family setting, dead-end school prospects and the boys law in the neighborhood, Marieme starts a new life after meeting a group of 3 free-spirited girls. She changes her name, her dress code, and quits school to be accepted in the gang, hoping that this will be a way to freedom.


Bye, girls.

Bye, girls.


Hey, Farida!

Shut your mouth.

Come talk.




Hi, Marieme.

How's it going?


Coming to see my brother?

No, he's coming to see me.

I'll be seeing you.

Yeah, see you.


It's me.


She's left already?

Yeah, an hour ago.

What's in the pasta?

I tried something new.

Salmon and red pepper.

Salmon's good.


Want more?


You washed her?


Eat up, Mini.
Then you can go to bed.

Don't want to.

Want a dessert?


Then you go to bed.

No. Don't want to.

Come on.

Let her unwrap it.

Scrub hard.

Keep going-

Want to spit?

Seen Djibril?


He's shut up in his room.

Wearing a bra?


They've grown, huh?

Gimme a break.

They're showing big time.

- Let me see.
- Got nothing to do?

Show me, Bébé, I'm serious.

- No...
- Stop.

- Let me see.
- Stop.

They've grown so much!

Let me see.

I don't want to. Get off me.

- Stop!
- Let me see.

Has Djibril seen?

I don't think so.

You've told Mom?


Just wear baggy T-shirts.


Gimme a break.

Go to bed, I said.

Let me finish the game.

Not vocational training.

Your grades are too low.

I'll repeat the year.

We've done that already.
You can't do the year three times.

You have to move on.

To high school then.

Here's a list of vocational courses
and schools. Take a look at it.

No, I want to go to high school.

That's not possible.

Please... Please.

Let me go there.

I can't.

It's not my fault.

I swear it isn't.

So whose fault is it, Marieme?

Tell me.

Is it my fault maybe?

No, it isn't. But let me go there.

There are good vocational courses.

They'll help you find a job faster.

You'll be able to leave home.

Leave home? That won't happen.
You don't realize.

Realize what?

Tell me.

Is there something I should know?

Take all this. Look at it.

I don't want to.

I want to be like others. Normal.

It's a bit too late for that.

Hey, you!

Come over here.

What're you doing?

I'm leaving.

Wanna sit with us?

What for?

You look cranky.


I'm interested.

What's your name?


Lady... Adiatou... Fily...

Wanna come to Paris?

I'm talking to you!

I'm not interested.

She's not interested.

You don't know what you're missing.

Get lost.

What a nerve!

Worse even.


What's new?

It's cool.

- Always with your crew.
- You too.

- Right.
- Always together.

I hear you clashed with some girls.


That's what they said.

Hold on a second.

What did they say exactly?

That you guys chickened out.

Chickened out?

We chickened out?!

We'll waste them any time.

You got that from the chick
always doing selfies?

Doing duck-face in her bathroom.

- Caidy!
- That's her.

I must be dreaming.
We'll settle this fast.

Seeya, boys.

Seeya later.


Let's hit Paris.


Check her out.

So you wanna come?


Maybe we changed our minds.

Scared of me?

Scared of me or what?

She's really wearing that?

Leggings are ancient.

Leggings are totally 2008.

You're such kids...

Gimme a break.

What are those pants?

- Weird pants!
- What's her game?

Your sister.

What's her game?

That chick's bag is worth 500.
Beautiful leather.

You said it.

Red and flashy.

Hate her shoes though.

You said it.

This is ok.

This is perfect for you, Fily.

I'll buy it for you.

Are you serious?

She thinks I'm a flowerpot.


Can I help you?

No, thank you.

Why're you following her?

You do that with everyone?

Think we're here to lift this crap?

Think we've no money?
That we're losers?

What d'you know, shop slave?

C'mon, let's split.

You big kid!

She got me so cranky!

Adiatou went like this...

Fily did like that.

Poor cow.

Check 'em out.


Those chicks...

Who's she chupsing?


- Who you talking to?
- You!

Who you talking to?

She's totally crazy!

Got a problem? Wanna settle it?

You're cracking me up!

Shut your mouth and
come over here!

If you're real girls,
cross the tracks.

No, you come over here, dumb-ass!

The tiny one's got a big mouth.
Get lost!

Fucking bitches!

Fuck you, skanks!

Look at squirrel face!

We'll screw you, you're dead!

- They're wacko.
- Crazy.

You drew your knife?

She'd have eaten through glass!

She's having a blast!


She'd have eaten glass!

She was hungry for Fily.

I swear...

She was making death threats.


Follow me.

Check it out!


Squat now.

She's into it.

Give it all you've got, Marieme.

Now play dead.

Strike a pose.

Your phone's so chill.

Wild, huh?

Where d'you get it?

A friend gave it to me.

It fell off a truck?

Yeah, probably.

- Can I have it?
- In your dreams!

It's only a Galaxy S3, bro.

- Ok, girls?
- Yeah.


I'm going to high school.

That's good, honey.

Hand it over.

- You haven't got 10 euros?
- No.

- You have.
- I haven't.

You have.

Go on, check.

I have plenty of time.

Hurry or you'll be late for class.

All right...

What? Get lost now!


Hold this.

- There's enough.
- Even for drink?

For the room and booze.

All set. Let's have a party.

- We'll have a blast.
- Wild.

Check out the TV!

I'm in the middle.

I'm gonna kill you!

You have three seconds to move.
I'll count...

She's crazy!

Look at her with her hot body!

The bathroom's so chill!


The mirror!

The bathroom we've got!

I'm telling you, I use it first.

No way!

Bubble bath right off.


Drink a bit.

The candy tastes of liquorice!

Seen that?

Not answering?

Who is it?


What's up?

It's my brother.

Don't answer, ok. Turn it off.

Turn it off!

Enjoy this.

Come here.

You have to do what you want.

Look at me.

You do what you want.
Say it.

I do what I want.


I do what I want.

Something for you in my jacket.

- Shall I open it?
- Go on.


Vic as in "victory".

- Your dress suits you.
- Thanks.

You're beautiful!

- You too.
- I know.

How d'you feel?

Really beautiful.

Don't push me.

You left the anti-thefts in!

They make holes after.

Fily, show us your outfit.

Come out of there.

Come on, Fily!

Fily, come out!

Come out!

A big leopard!

What's so funny?

Big boots with it!

You look beautiful in a dress.

It's a nice change.

Use lipstick.

And heels, not boots.

Not those big riding boots...

Let me try.

With you, it dies.

You can't win every time, Lady.

I win, make no mistake.

She's out of it, bro!

Hold on...

I can't do it. I give up.



You ok?

You come this way a lot.

It's my way home.

It's a detour.

No, it's not a detour.

And you came over to me.

Think I come on purpose?


Why? To see you?


You think so or you hope so?



I have to go.

He's my friend.

Yes, I know.

I can't. You understand?

I understand.

I should go.

Yeah, you should.


Sit down.

Don't turn off your phone.

You know you don't do that.

Think I find it funny?

Having to tell you this?

Use your mind.



- You're awake?
- Yes.

Where were you?

Close the door.

You're beautiful!

I'm taking a shower.

How do I look?


Let's go then.

C'mon, time to move.

I wasted you, slut!

It's over now, get lost!

Get lost!

Are you ok?

Get off me!

Excuse me...

- Hello.
- I'm Asma's daughter.

Asma? She's down there
in the meeting room.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.


You're late.

Not my fault, it was the bus.

Hurry UP-

You're Asma's girl?


I can hire you for the summer.

Mum told me.

Ok, you start tomorrow.

- Ma'am...
- Yes?

Tomorrow, you tell my mother
you were mistaken.

That you don't need me.

Stay with me.

I can't.

Why not?

I have to meet the girls.
I'm already late.

When can I see you?

I don't know.


I'll try.

Stop it.

Brought your sisters?

Ma dumped them on me
to look after.

- Trouble...
- Come on, Awa.

Who does she get that from?

You behave any old how at home.

Awa, stop it!

Where were you?


We've been waiting ages.

What're we doing?

Let's do something new. Ok, Lady?

C'mon, I have an idea.

I can't concentrate!

Shut up!

In two shots!

This game's totally swaggy!

You're so happy it's crazy!

You saw that? Two shots.

Two shots, for you.

- I see you coming.
- What's up?

Play it straight.

Play it straight, it's no big deal.

- I'll play to the left.
- No, there's a tunnel.

Shoot straight into it.

Let me explain something...

Go on.

You've got eyes?

What's that? A track.

It's not a track.

It's a track.

Don't start!

If I want to play it that way, I will.

I played 15 shots in the tunnel,
you use it too!

- No!
- Go on.

I'm going left.

She wants to go left.

- What's her problem?
- The rules.

Look at the game.
There's a tunnel.

- Give my head a rest.
- She can play left.

- Don't start!
- She's too much.

The tunnel's there for a reason.

There are rules so play the tunnel!

- Calm down.
- I am calm!

Know what?
I'm gonna play it.

So do it.

I'll show you how to play crazy golf.

I'll show you.

Yeah, carry on.

She got you!

Fucking leave me alone.

No kidding, you're crying?

No kidding?

You're crying?
She's not kidding!

You don't do that...

It's no big deal. Stop crying!

Every time...

It's ok, stop crying.
Don't get so upset about it.

Hey, Lady!


We ain't their bitches.

Whassup, Abdel?

Whassup, you ask?

- What is this shit?
- What?

- Seen the video?
- Sure I have.

- In the raw!
- It's gone viral.

We've all seen the video,
seen it all.

On all fours, too.
On all fours in her bra.


You and your big mouth.
She fucked you over in the end.

You shame us all, dumb-ass.

Playing the warrior in the 'hood.


You're just a chick.

You thought you were hot stuff,
you chick.

You got what you deserved.

Get lost!

Outta the way!

Her hair's gone and you follow!

Don't talk to us.
Stay on your steps.

Let's go waste her.

No way.

How do we look?
We have to react.

Shut your damn mouth!

I'm the one who decides!

You act smart but what do you know?

What do you know?

Her hair...

Her dad cut it off.

Not ordering?

I want something different.

You always get the same thing.

Yeah, I'm gonna change.

Her phone's off.

It's ok, she'll come back.

See them checking us out?

They're talking about us.

Know who you're talking to?

Quit acting smart.

Who are you anyway?

No, who are you? C'mon, tell me.

You're there,
you think you're hot stuff...

Who are you?

You're a girl short, right?

Where is she? Say it.
Why're you scared?

Whassup? Something weird?

Watch it, they'll cut your hair.

- Come on, if you can.
- Bald bitches.

Why'd she get her hair cut?

You don't know?

Cause she got beaten up.
You make too much noise.

Even if we make too much noise,
what's your problem?

What's your problem with that, huh?

You're not even clean.

So we're dirty. And?

Don't even talk to me,
acting smart there.

Don't talk to me.

My girls'll waste you.

You need someone?

She needs someone, poor thing.

That dumb-ass is off my radar.

I'm not even talking to you.

Enough. Have a good evening.

C'mon or I'll kill someone.

Dumb bitches.


A girl's calling you.

How's it going?


How's tricks?

- Great and you?
- Great.

- Where've you been?
- Introduce us.

He's so cute!

- Like his mom.
- Beautiful!

Hi there...

It was tough at first.

But it's better now. I'm happy.
It's cool.

Isn't Lady here?

No. She's sick.

Kiss her for me, ok?

I haven't seen you guys in ages.

Yeah, ages.

Let's catch up.

Have a good day.

Who's she?

She was the fourth one.


- Before what?
- Before the baby.

How's things?

- Good. You?
- Cool.

What's Adiatou doing?

She's on her way.

Always late.

You seem tense.

Lady has to kill her.

Don't worry, she will.

Here she is.

Whassup, girls?

Let's move.

What about Lady?

She'll meet us there.

Lady isn't here.

She isn't coming.
I set the appointment.

She's done in.

I know you said not to react.

But I did it for you.

Stop it.

You know who you did it for.

You did it for yourself.



Come here.

You iced the Vigneux chick?

How d'you know?

Tell me.

I wasted her.

Want to be Brazil?



Is Ismael in?

He's asleep, what else.

Let me in.

Who is it?

It's Vic.


Keep going-

Turn over.

What is this?

Go home.

- You're here.
- I'm different.

- Different?
- Go home now.

Let go!

When I tell you something,
you obey.

Who are these girls?

- You care?
- Yeah, I do.

Stay away from them, ok!

Oh, yeah?

Look at me when I talk to you.

Go home.

I'm talking to you!

You hit me?

You hit me?
You're just like him.

Don't touch me.

Let's go home.

- I'm going.
- It's just starting.

- I'm going.
- Why?

That's how it is.

- See you tomorrow?
- We'll see.

Your braids suck.

I'm sick of them.

Sit up. I'll undo your chignon.

Come here.

Will you go back to school?

I don't know.

That suits you.


Fetch Mini from school.

It's not time yet.

Go anyway-


Don't worry.

No, I'm not moving.

Let go!

- No!
- Go or you'll get it too.

I'm not leaving you.

Let go!

Marieme, open up.


You did it?

How do I look now?

You fucked like a slut!
Like a slut!

You thought of ma? Of the family?

How'll I look?

Know what people'll say about you?

Look at me!

- Sorry.
- You slut!

I didn't order this.

He did.

It's bad drinking alone without eating.


I know who you are.

I don't know you.

Sorry. Vic.

Got problems?

No, I'm ok.

I fought a chick.

It's nothing compared to her.
She suffered.

Where d'you live?

Le Clos-Francais.

My 'hood. Need a ride back?


Strong and alone.


Can I watch TV?




- Where are you going?
- To do the shopping.

What's that bag?

I'll be right back.

See you later.

See you later.

Wash her and I'll be back.

A shower or a bath?

A bath.

I know your brother.
He's a good guy.

He's tough on you for your own good.

You'd rather he let you screw up?


Well then?

If you're with me,
he won't move, I swear.

How old are you?


No jail at sixteen.

You get reform school.
Mountain biking,

jet ski...
A break from the project.

That's cool.

It's cool, you've understood.

I like you.

I mean it, I like you.

That your bag?


Already left home?

No choice then, kid.

What do we say?


What're you gonna do?

- I have a plan.
- What plan?

A plan, ok. Don't ask.

I'm asking.
What's the big mystery?

I saw Abou. He offered me a job.

We know Abou's jobs,
especially for girls.

It's not that.

He asked me to sell for him.



- You can't do that.
- I need cash.

- You're screwing up.
- I am?

I'm screwing up?

I don't need your permission.

Maybe you're jealous he didn't ask you.

- Abou rates me.
- In your dreams.

Where's the dream?

Wanna tell me where my dreams are?

You need to wake up.

You're going nowhere.


He's putting me in a 'hood
far from here.

What else can I do?

Carry on working as a cleaner?

And get hassled with my rep as a slut?

I should do that?

Should I?

Come here.

Make me laugh.

I've some hot gossip.

- What's it about?
- Who?

- A diva.
- Who's the diva?

- Lady.
- I'm warning you.

It's not her real name.

- Shut your mouth!
- Your name's not Lady?

It's not her name!

My name's Lady, it'll be on my grave.

Ever been to her place?

Her mother never calls her Lady.

What then?

I arrive, I say, "Hello, madam".

I'm warning you!

- What's up?
- Let her tell it.

No way.

- Let her talk.
- What's the problem?

What's wrong? Tell us.

I ring, she opens the door.

"Hello, I'm here for Lady."

She said, "Say what?"

"For Lady."

She said, "Her name's not Lady.

Her name's Sophie."

Sophie! No way!

Lady is Sophie.

Unbelievable. Sophie.

Ok, erase it.


What is this shit?

See, girls called Sophie have a temper.

Sophie. Delighted...

I'll gag YOU-

You can't gag me, Sophie.

Take your necklace off.

Take your necklace off.
I'm serious.

At least it's a famous name.

People know it.

Remember when we went to Disneyland?

We were walking to the castle.

I stopped and I watched you.

You were happy.

You were beautiful.

I told myself that was a perfect moment.

And I'd never forget it.

All set?

Where's my gear?

In the back.

Stop fucking staring!

I'm not staring.

Yeah, sure.


Bring a slice of pizza, please.


Playing extra time.

Even with 45 minutes extra,
it's over.

We've won.

Know the neighbor?

The one hot for me.
She came back earlier.

- To borrow some sugar.
- And?

I need to spell it out?
She's into me.

That's three times in a week.

Three times she borrows stuff?

- Monica.
- Chill.

Maybe you're imagining it.

Let me touch your hair.

Monica, I'm starving.

Get off me.

I get a buzz when you touch me.

I look like I'm kidding?


Get your hands off.

I'm a romantic.
Know romantic guys?

I'm not big on romance.

She adores me.

You need to lay off the weed, man.

It's bad for you.

Screw Monica.
I want that girl from your 'hood, Vic.


That one I like.

- Which one?
- Lady.

Who's she? I don't know Lady.

She's way hot.

I went to her store to see her.

Where's she working?

I don't know.
Some store near Fontaine.

It's a place for chicks.

I came off as a pervert, a guy into...

I mean, I'm no panty-sniffer.


Introduce us to your hot friends.

That chick's incredible.

I don't see her anymore.

We'll go and you can introduce me.

You can go on your own.

What's your problem?

The din you're making!

They're screwing up my feet.

Come here.

Climb on.

Go on, climb on.

- Hurry, it's freezing.
- Look in your useless purse.

Good night then.

Good night.

It'll be busy tonight.

Be discreet.

No problem.

There's some for you.


It's better now you're here.

You mean you eat?


A real domestic goddess.

Old Abou knows his stuff.

Sure. I'm not like you.

Think you're not a bitch?


You're his bitch.


Playing the guy
doesn't mean you're not a bitch.

At least I live with it.

How's it going?

What's new?

Big party at Abou's Saturday.

Yeah, a big, big party.

You don't seem too keen.

I'm not going to Abou's.

Why aren't you going?

It's opposite my brother's.
No way.


Come here!

You're pretty today.

Cut it out.

What's up? I'm being nice.

You're pretty today.
C'mon, be nice.

Stop busting her balls, man!

I know her, it's ok.

Say something.
I said you were pretty.

Go on, answer me.

You're hurting me.

- I'm nice, right?
- Thank him.

Thank me.

Say, "Thank you".

- You deaf?
- Thank him and go.

Thank me, ok.

Thank you.

That's good. Now scram.


- Been waiting long?
- A while.

It's busy here.


I really don't like this place.

Who cares? It's mine.
That's what matters.

I love you.

What is this shit?

What is this shit?

Why're you doing this?

First your hair...

Now you hide your breasts...

Wanna look like a guy?


Why're you doing this?

I've had enough of this.

Go ahead, there's a hooker next door!

I'll drive you home?

What about Abou's party?

You didn't wanna go.

Let's go.

You're sure?

Yes, I'm sure.

Which block's yours?

That one.

Come on.

You won't dance with me?

C'mon, relax.


Relax, baby.

- Let go!
- What're you doing?

Don't touch me!

Kiss me, ok.

- Kiss me!
- Let go!

Who's the boss here?

When I tell you to kiss me,
you do it!

Who d'you think you are?

This is my place. I'm the boss here!

- You slap me now?
- Abou, chill.

Let go of her.

Get off me, you assholes!

When I say dance, do it!

Lower your eyes!

I've left Abou's. It's over.
I quit.

I wanted to call you.

To apologize for last time.

It's ok.

I was a jerk.

Stay here.

Stay with me.

If we're together,

no one can say anything.

You move in here.

We can get married.

Yeah, sure.

You're kidding?

The problem's gone if we marry.

The problem's gone?

Yeah, you're a decent girl if we marry.

A decent girl?


I'll be your little wife?

Then you give me a kid.

And that's my life?

Why not?

What's your life now?

You'd marry me?


I can't.

I don't want that life.



Who is it?

Who is it?