Girlfriends Reunited (2020) - full transcript

Four single women reunite together after not seeing each other in so many years. When they meet they discover that they haven't changed much. While together they have wild parties, drinking...

- Ya'll I'm tired I'm
finna go sit down.

- I really love my grandma Ann

she is the best grandma ever

she made us some lunches today
just in case we get hungry

oh she makes the
best chicken salad

- Oh yes she do and that's great

that she makes chicken salad

because did you know I was
thinking of being a vegetarian.

- Kim you're picky
about what you goin eat

you are crazy about who you
go marry girl you had me dying

when that boy came up to you
and asked you for your number

and you looked at his
shoes and walked off.

- That was so dang funny
but I have my face all red

when someone comes to
me or my best friends.

I don't play that way.

- And it wasn't just
the shoes is it?

That boy penis was
hanging down so long

I was scared to look down

you know how am I
gonna go on a date

with somebody that can't
even pull his pants up

that is so embarrassing.

- Christie yo sure don't
play you the best bodyguard

we could have but you know what?

Grandma Ann is always
jelly don't lose your cool

think before you act.

- You remember that
time when that boy

let his dog off the leash?

And it started chasing
us down the street

and the next day Chris
still introduced him

to the Nutcracker?

Oh my gosh I was laughing.

- But it wasn't funny when
that dog was chasing us

my knees were on
point to the next day

he know better than
to mess with us again.

- You know he was
wrong for that too

what if that dog would have
bit one of my pretty legs?

I mean who wants a fashion model

with dog bites all
over their legs?

It could have messed my chance
of being the next top model.

- Well Chris threw away
his chance of having kids

he still walks funny all over

I kind of feel sorry for him
I hate to see people harmed

which is what my grandma Ann
says I should be a nurse.

- I was wondering what I
wanted to be when I grew up?

Stacey didn't you say
you want to be a model?

I like modeling too but I
think I'll just be an actress

or maybe even start
my own business.

- Kim now I can see you
being an actress for sure

the way your
personality just changes

are you still enrolling
for summer arts class?

- Oh yes acting is so passionate

did ya'll see the play
that I did last year

at school it was great.

- Yeah but there aren't
lot of female bodyguards

I think I might become
a police officer

Or maybe when we
get into high school

I'm gonna go into ROTC really
girl yes there's a whole bunch

of cute guys in that class
and they liked me too so.

- I don't know about that
Crystal 'cause you know

if you would have
been a police officer,

you would have got
suspended every week

because of your temper but you
know I have a lot of clothes

so maybe I should be
a fashion designer.

- But I'll look cute in
uniform but you right

maybe we should
all become models

and travel the world just to
get out of the neighborhood.

- The neighborhood
what you talking about?

You know when we get older

we're gonna look back
at these good old times

you know grandma Ann
always says never forget

where you came from.

- We have our whole
lives ahead of us

I'm sure we'll figure something
out best friends always

so as long as we have
each we gon' be A1.

- Talking about the neighborhood
there goes Jack B coming.

- Jack B come here Where
you think you going?

I know you see us right here.

- I am on my way
what's ya'll business?

Ya'll sitting around like we
do when we were five years old

where ya'll boyfriends at?

- You know we ain't
got no boyfriends

but you always got jokes
where your girlfriend at?

- Hey nobody has any
excuse or rights on me

I am a freelancer but
I am thinking about

who I'm gonna to
take to the prom

when I get in high school.

- Jack B that's too
far from here to there.

- Yeah right the
way I like every boy

within a mile radius is
pooling I see you for

I heard what Chris used do
to do he still walks funny.

- At least he's still walking.

He let his dog lose on
us I wouldn't be too mad.

- Now he did what I bet
that was funny as hell

I wish I could have really
laughed at that one.

- Yeah it's funny now
but it wasn't funny

when a dog was chasing us
I mean all I was teeth.

- I'm just playing baby
girl if I had saw that

I would have helped ya'll

that is if Crystal hasn't clear

the see ya'll in the
wedding rehearsal.

- I'm not hurt actually
I'm cool as fan

but hey some people
be asking for it.

- Why you look at lil
homie's shoes like that?

You know everybody don't
got swag like Jack B.

- I mean he's nothing
like you you know

we both know that and
did you see his pants?

I mean he was sagging
so you know every time

we look at you it's all good.

- You always feel like
you stepped out a magazine

so how you coming
with your record?

We heard you was talking with
dad to take you to the studio.

- It's all good they said
the gon' take me on Saturday.

I'm going to buy me a studio

when I get older and I'm going

straight to the top I'm
already writing a song for that

I got too much time.

- We know you had all that
going on but what can we do?

You know we love to model.

- Yes we do and we was just
talking about our futures

but instead I think I'm just
gonna start my own business.

- We can do whatever we put
our minds to never forget that

and as long as we work
together the sky's the limit.

- I hope we stay in touch with
each other after we graduate

'cause most times friends
lose touch with each other

if they don't go
to the same college

or even if they
just get out touch.

- They just happen
a lot especially

in the entertainment
industry one day you're home

then the next day
you're on a show.

- It's time for a group
hug I love you guys.


- Well ya'll do good
the dance is next week

we all going right?

- I will go but I'm
not really into parties

but just because there'll
be some cute guys there

i'ma show up and show out

- See that's the
problem with you Crystal

you always gotta show out.

- Hey that's just my
girl being herself

but you know I should go
I should be a cheerleader

because you know
I like to work out

and keep my body in shape

and you know dance
is like really fun.

- I guess I'll go to the dance

got nothing else to
do beside sitting home

with grandma Ann so count me in.

- Well I guess I'm there too
but I hope we do not rhyme

because I'm not feeling
messing up my hair

and I won't bear with it.

- Girl you so good that
you the only one there

who will be worried about

their hair being
messed up at a game.

Ya'll keep me laughing.

- Jack B just make
sure you buy us drinks

and popcorn and
whatever else we ask

for since you gonna
be making money now

share the wealth brother.

- I got y'all ya'll
just make sure

you don't keep my pockets on
broke I know how ya'll eat

oh and say hi to grandma
Ann and I said her

chicken salad is the bomb

I need to go say
hi to my grandma.

- Everybody love my grandma
Ann that's what's up

ya'll better help me
take care of her too

'cause she's sure growing old.

- I know right?

But she don't miss
nothing that's for sure

and ya'll I think I'm
gonna work in healthcare

ya'll already know I love
helping out the elderly.

- And you know we have a
lot of decisions to make

what high school go
to what man to marry

what clothes to buy
what shoes wear,

I just want to sit here and
enjoy the breeze right now.

- Yeah, y'all sit here
and enjoy the breeze

matter of fact it's looks
like it's about to rain

I can't get no mud on my shoes

I'm Jack B you know

I'm finna y'all go in the house

and watch a movie or something.

- Let's go in the house
and watch some movies

I saw something new just on TV

that new filmmaker
director has some

really cool stuff that
has been released.

- Okay let's go we'll
see you're on Jack B

oh and if you don't get the dash

just in case you
know where I'm at.

- That's what's up by
the way all these paper

I'm gonna be making
I'm may take all four

of y'all to the
dance two beauties

on each arm how about that?

- It's a date we will tell
you how much our dresses cost

our shoes and our
hair not to mention

the tickets for the dance.

- oh heck no I
gotta wash my pocket with

hanging with ya'll, ya'll
gonna keep me on broke.

- I don't know you guys
I may not go to the dance

now that I'm thinking about it

grandma Ann has to have
reservations about it.

- Because that's how you got
here your mom and dad went

to the dance
together didn't they?

- That is so not funny Crystal.

- Oh wait it is I mean
that is really funny.

- Well yeah we better get going

because grandma Ann
will be calling us soon

so see you later Jack B.

- See ya'll later my
girls one love, peace.

- Bye.

- Looking through these pictures

really makes me miss my friends


I remember when it was always

somewhere to go somebody to see

now every day it's
just as routine

as the next sitting
around after work

I've got to find those girls

I was looking through
the closet the other day

wow these clothes brings
back so many memories

and those shoes

oh yeah this outfit right here

this really brings
back a lot of memories

when I bought this outfit here

Stacey said girl you know
you can't wear any panties

with that outfit so girl
you just gonna be shaking

what your mama gave you
and twerkin' on the...

Yeah I had some fun
wearing that outfit

ooh and this dress right
here almost can be caught up

in a real situation one evening

I think I was on my way
going on a double date

the next thing I
know Kim pulls up

with my ex boyfriend's cousin

I mean even though he
was a cheater

I shouldn't have made
some wrong choices

dang can't believe I
kept this dress here

brings me back to
the night crystal

and I was at that concert

that guy really tried
to push me in his car

I mean torn shoulders and
ripped buttons

If Crystal hadn't been
packing her pistol

things could have got
really really ugly

dang I can't believe I kept
that oh and these heels

when I told Stacey
to buy me these heels

she said that means you
gonna be just walking

out of our lives
one day at a time

I thought she was just
being silly and joking but

now I see she was right

I really neat to find my friends

- Damn how many Stacey Johnson
are there on this thing?

God I gotta find my friends damn

damn that look like
Stacey right there

damn let me click on
this about information

damn Stacey you
looking good girl.

- Trends and things

- Hello yes good afternoon ma'am

I'm tryna reach one of your
employees my friend Stacey

it's really important
that I speak with her

it's like I really miss her
do you think you could connect

us with one another please?

- What do you want?

Who do you wanna
to speak to ma'am

is this an emergency
call Because we are
really really busy

and I really don't
have the time.

- Yes ma'am it is an emergency
I need to speak to her

I haven't seen my
friend in a long time.

- First off I don't even
think I have an employee

by that name secondly baby
this is not a social connection

my people are paid to
work not talk on the phone

So i'ma need you to check your
Facebook again or whatever.

- Listen ma'am, it is
not gonna take that long

all I wanna do is exchange
contact information with her

you know what just give
Stacey my information

and have her call me please
listen I was on I'm on Facebook

and I show this as her
current employer okay?

Can you please just
put her on the phone?

I know this is the right store.

- Look I'm done being nice it
ain't no damn Stacy here lady

I need you to go back
and check your Facebook

and make sure you get
your facts straight

because I don't even think I
have an employee by the name

- Ma'am you know what?

Your ass is one rude ass okay

let me tell you something
okay you know what

you don't have to put
Stacey on the damn phone

I'ma come down there and
I'ma find Stacey my damn self

as a matter of fact I'ma
unfriend y'all on social media

because your customer
service stinks

I can't talk to my damn friend

I'ma come down there and
i'ma find them my damn self

- Wow so many memories

Now all I got is these pictures

to take me back to
the good old days

man I miss my friends I
wonder what they doing

fabulous four is what we
used to call ourselves

and now here I am just
sitting over here all alone

with nobody to talk to and
nobody to call a friend

this just isn't right there
used to be a time when me

and my girls kicked it all the
way from uptown to downtown

I'm talking till the sun
came up man I gotta find them

there gotta be a way
for me to find them

the book yeah social
media got to the way

all I gotta do is just
google their names

and something's
gonna have to pop up

but this is a new year
and I'm in my prime

and I'm not gonna spend
it like some old hag

I need to be living
it up with my girls

all the stress I'm under
I can use a wild night

of partying or drinking or
maybe just the night out

with the groupies with somebody
besides some horny Chad

I wonder if any of
them are married

you know we would always
talk about finding Mr. Right

well there's only
one way to find out

and I'm gonna make sure I
get my girls back together

so we can live life
and have some fun

I gotta check the whole damn

I'm damn sure I'll
find somebody there

- Oh my gosh what is
wrong with this car?

Damn car is always.

Calm down Crystal just find
your calm it's gonna be okay

- Hello baby need
some help oh shit!

- Hold on don't you
walk up on me like that

and who the hell are you?

- I'm just here to help
baby down put the gun down.

- Look I do not need
your help unless

you can help me with this
smoking ass car over here okay?

- Well I do know a little bit

but damn why you got
the gun out put it down.

- Oh my God Crystal

- Carolyn?
- It really is you!

- How you doing?
- Oh my God!

- Oh my God it's good to see you

- I haven't seen you in
ages do you need any help?

- Well yeah it looks
like I need some kind

of assistance with
my car running hot.

- Jack B?

Oh my god I can't
believe it's you Jack B.

- Crystal

Jack B you know who I am

Carolyn tell your
friend who I am.

- You remember Jack B.

- Oh my gosh Jack B
that is you oh my God

I'm sorry for pulling that gun

out on you but look
you don't have somebody

walkup on me you
gonna get blasted on

you can't be doing that.

- I know hey I haven't
seen you since Crystal

got into the fight with
the dj at a barbecue.

- Oh my God Jake B

- yeah

- How's life treating
you what you been up to?

- Well it's been
treating me fine

till I got a gun
pointed at at me.

- Ah don't do me like that
'cause you know I'm crazy so

- Hey you know her
- can you forgive me?

B I see a lot has changed.
You're looking real nice.

- Well thank you I get
better with age just like

a fine wine but instead
of paying attention to me

you need to pay more
attention to your car.

- I see you still got
jokes just like before.

- Yeah he does.

- But anyway I came actually
to catch up with Carolyn.

- Wow!

- Yeah it's so good to see
you We got so much catching up

to do Jake B we
see you later okay.

- All right.

- Girl come on.
- Okay whatever.

- I know!

- We got so much to talk about.

- We really do.

- Girl I'm telling you it
has been crazy these last

- All right we'll be
outside when you get here.

All right see you later.

Girl I just called
Roadside Assistance

so they should be
on their way now,

now back to you girlfriend
- Thank you.

What have you been up to?

Have you seen Stacey and Kim?

- Girl no I haven't actually
I was sitting at home

thinking about the
good times we had

and decided to roll
through the hood like look

I gotta find somebody look
up here and you come running

girl I tell you it's so
good to see you though

- I know I was so excited
seeing you outside

I didn't know what was
going on out there.

- So what about you,
you stay with grandma?

- Yeah I mean I really want
to make it our business

to find Stacey and Kim too.

- That would be good.

- I wonder if they married
I'm not I'm not married

don't have any kids Just back
in my grand mum's house again.

- Girl tell me about it
well we in the same boat

I'm still single no kids nothing
just a overbearing career

that just got me so
tired and disgruntled

you know it's so crazy how stuff

never turns out the way you plan

remember how we were
always daydreaming about

what our prince
charming will look like

- Yeah girl I remember.
Well hell

girl I found nothing that
look like my prince charming.

- Me either.

- Just a few you know
fly by night affairs

but I'm tired of that - Me too.

- I want somebody who's just
for me you know what I mean?

- Yeah I know - Just me

- exactly what you mean.

- And that's it I'm
tired of playing

these games with these
minions you know?

- Yeah. It's crazy.

- It is.

- We deserve so much better.

- Yeah It is so good
seeing you Crystal.

- It is.

- Girl let me even tell you
about the men I've been dating

most of the men I meet
are either married

or some real dulled just
some real riff raffs.

- I'm so sick of it.

- they do

- I know I'm just sick of it.

- Oh this is let me see if
this Roadside Assistance

Hello okay we'll be
right outside okay

- They are already?

- They're outside already
i'ma walk you outside

you have got to give me your
number before you leave.

- Girl sure today turned
out to be a good day.

- I know.

- After all oh so exciting.
- I was so excited to see you!

- So good to see you.

- Give me your number for sure.

- Okay yeah sure sure sure.

- We have got so much
catching up to do.

- Yes we...

- Hey you when you leave tonight

I need you to get those
boxes from the back

and put them up for me thank you

- Hey you What you don't
know my name

- Trends and Things no
return on final sale.

- Oh you must be the person

who was talking all that
smack to me on the phone

you know I don't know how

you make any sales
with that stinking

attitude that you have

you know what I didn't come
up here to talk to you anyway

I came up here and I sure
as hell ain't come up here

to buy anymore this
cheap ass clothes.

I came up here to
find my friend Stacey.

- Oh my God where is
the security guard?

- Where is she?

- These people crazy as hell

and I told you she
does not work here

and you still bring
your ass up anyways

after getting smart
on the phone with me?

- Oh Stacey is that you?

- Oh my God!

- Look at you!

Oh my God Stacey it's
so good to see you!

- I cannot believe it's you!

- Oh God I am so
glad I came up here

because that one over there
said you didn't work here!

- I'm glad you came anyway.

Look at you I was
just talking about you

Crystal and Carolyn.

- You have not aged a bit!
- Kim and Stacy

now why the hell - Jack B!

Are ya'll acting a damn fool
- Oh my

- up here in this store?

- Wow You too it's
so good to see you.

- Yeah I had it going on.

- You look great.
- Yes.

- Look at you! Hell both
of ya'll look good shit.

One of ya'll gonna be my woman.

- Jake B the old one - I know

still never changed.

- Hey you're
motherfucking right.

Man I think the last
time I seen ya'll

was at Crystal's party right?

- Oh yeah.

- Where she got the barbecue

and she got into a
fight with the Dj?

- Oh yeah I remember.
- Yeah wow.

- Oh I know is overworked.

- I don't even know who
the hell my employees is

I need to take a
really long lunch

you guys need to come on
and check out all right.

- What the hell wrong with her?

- I'm so tired of her oh
- mental issues

- Either way look.

- I don't even know how
you put up with this.

- Look i'ma catch ya'll later

all right. - Okay

- okay I gotta go

glad seeing you all.

- Good seeing you
- Bring your head in the face!

- You still crazy as
hell the same old Jack B.

- I'll see you I gotta go.

- We'll see you.

- Oh my God girl.

- I'm glad to see you too.

I'm tired of working
in this damn store

oh she don't appreciate
anything I do.

- I can imagine.

- Nothing at all!

- Hey I'm not paying
you to stand around

and reunite with your girlfriend
my dresses are out of order

the shoes are ridiculous
and it's paper everywhere

up in here chop chop

- She need her ass fixed
- you know what

okay right

she is you know what you right

You are absolutely right
you don't pay me enough

and so now it's time for
me to clock out so anyway

- No you're not clocking
out. You're gonna get here

you're gonna do what
I just told you to do

or you can get off
my clock for good

- So you really wanna act salty

for this little 7.25 an hour
Okay Kim she don't know me

- Stacey she don't.
She really don't know me.

- She does not.
- Baby hey

It's not my job to know you

and I'm not trying
to get to know you

either do what I'm
telling you to do.

- Huh!
- I can't believe.

- or you're fired.

- Oh hell no You know what
don't even worry about it

you don't have to
fire me because I quit

you don't appreciate me
in this damn store anyway.

- Okay so oh you quit?
Let me go get my stuff

you quit?

I don't give a damn

Okay hurry up and get your stuff

get your stuff and get
the hell out of here

I'll stay and I can do
all this work by myself

- Yeah do it yourself.
- Flyers still messed up,

dresses still a mess,
- Do it yourself.

Shoes are ridiculous paper is
Do it yourself

- Damn friend oh my God

I didn't mean to get
you fired Stacey.

Damn but that job is dumb
and she is stupid as heck

man you okay?

- Girl.

- Here girl here oh
my God you okay Stace?

- I'm good it's all good girl.


- You know what you
just don't worry

about working there no more

you ain't gotta worry
about that job Stacey

you could come on
and work with me.

Okay - Okay cool.

Because you know what
she won't be able to deal

with you anyway she
wants she does not know

what she's getting into
- she sure don't.

- 'cause you got some
cray cray in you.

- She sure don't.

- She don't wanna mess with you.

- Girl I'm so glad you came
anyway but enough about that job

I was looking for a
new new one anyway

what have you been up to?

- Girl busy working. girl

I was just thinking about
you Crystal and Carolyn

don't you remember us
in the old neighborhood?

- Yes I could.

- Could nobody stand a
chance up against us honey

at grandma Ann's house nobody

- Nobody I mean
that's what you call

that real sisterhood man - Yeah.

I mean today like nowadays
with these fake friend enemies

out here. - Tell me about it.

Acting like they're your friends
but they backstabbing man

I can't wait to get back
with my girlfriends.

- Me too.

- Man i'm so glad to see you.

- I'm so glad to
see you too girl

look we gotta go find
Crystal and Carolyn

yeah we got to but I don't know

where we could go to find them.

- Hey Stace I got an idea girl
why don't we drive around in

that old neighborhood where
Carolyn's grandma used to live

you know we could drive around

and ask around in
the neighborhood

maybe we'll get a phone
number for Crystal or Carolyn

What you think?

- Yeah that's a
good idea we can do.

- Okay come on.

- But

- But what?

- I don't know if I wanna
go to grandma Ann's house

you know how she is
she never liked me.

She always said I was trouble.


- Girl she said we
were all trouble

but you know,

even though you were
the craziest one.

- You ain't lying.

- No you know I'm kidding.

- You not lying and you know

what grandma Ann
wasn't lying either

- Who is that
knocking at my door?

They had better know I watch

my story during the
damn time of day.

- It's me grandma I
brought some groceries.

- Oh that's my baby I've
been missing that child

oh hold on child my knees
aren't what they used

to be I move kind
of slow these days.

- I just came back home grandma
to buy you some groceries.

Look who I brought with me.

- Oh Lord.

- Come on in Crystal.

- That child done got old
but I would know that face

anywhere Carolyn what you
doing with this girl you know

she ain't nothing but trouble.

- Grandma!

Crystal never intended
to stay in any trouble

we just got reunited
a few days ago

and we've been hanging
tight ever since come on in.

- Do I have put my
house sofa bell up on.

- No

- Cause if I do she's shit out

of luck without a pearl that.

- Grandma I see
you haven't changed a bit

but luckily I have and I haven't
been in any trouble since

it's just so good to come back
and reconcile with Carolyn

oh my God and It's so good
to see you so help me what

are you gonna let me in the
kitchen so I can get you

this groceries?
- She got some groceries.

- Aw bring them groceries
down in here child.

- Come on grandma.

- Damn child my saucy chicken
ain't what it used to be.

- Yeah.

- Yes I had to make you happy.

- Aaw thank you put that little

unwashed ain't gon
be any goddamn water.

- Why you got it so
dark in here grandma?

Ooh you've got to lighten up.
- Yeah 'cause guess what

ain't nobody paying my
damn light bill but me.

- Yeah you right about that shit

I've known shit bills over here.

- Well I got you
dolls oatmeal cookies.

- Let me see what
you got me child.

- Yes and then I also
I have these little

peanut butter crackers.

- Ooh yeah ya'll
know I love them

but my teeth ain't
what they used to be.

- So just a little
peace offering you know

to smooth the blow 'cause I know

I'm sure I gave you a little
rough time throughout the years

but I promise you
I'm so so sorry

and I'm so for everything
you've done I really am.

- And they won't ever.

- You want me to get the
door for you grandma?

- Now who is that? I ain't had

this much company in years

I sure hope they'll
clear the house

- I hope so too

if anybody deserves to win
I know it's you grandma.

- I know I've been
waiting on my check.

- Let's see who this is.

- Oh my god!
- Oh my god!

Come on in oh my God!

I am so excited to see you two.

- I know you not there

girl who that at the door?

- Come in here come in here
Crystal come see who it is.

- Girl you be kidding me.

- No - Uh huh.

- Oh my God!

Oh my gosh Kim

Stacey oh my gosh you
ladies look beautiful,

- Kim and Stacey oh my gosh
- wow

- It's so good to see ya'll.

- Yeah girl We're
back together again

I knew we would find ya'll.

- Wow

- Oh my gosh we got so
much catching up to do.

- I know. Come on in come on in.

Have a seat and make
yourselves at home.

- Good job oh my goodness.

- I can't believe we're
back together again.

- Yes in the same house.

- Yeah 'cause I
know it was time and

must have ya'll helped us again.

- What the hell is
this commotion about?

- Promise it won't be long.

- You know I watch my story
during this time and place.

- Look grandma Kim and Stacey.

- Hey grandma Ann it's
me Stacey remember

the one who used to fight all
the time Changed woman now

but you looking good
really good look at you.

- Hey Grandma it's Kim remember

the one you used to
call the instigator?

- Grandma you looking fabulous
grandma look at you. รบ

- It's so good to see
you girls reunited.

Oh this a day full of suprises.

- Listen do ya'll
have time to talk

we really need to catch up.

- We need to catch up.

- Oh yes.

- Okay so I want to
know the business okay?

- Me too.

- Look y'all know that I
never had no business right

and I still don't.

Okay I wanna know what's
going on with ya'll come on.

- Okay well look.

- Wait I'll go first.

- All right.
- Ya'll wait.

Does anybody have husband, kids?

- Mmh mmh No.

- 'Cause I haven't
found Mr. Right

and I sure as hell
don't have no kids so.

- Well I can tell you this I
am single as I don't know what

and I thought I have found

Mr. Right until - me too.

My fiance called me talking
about let's do a threesome.

- What?
- Ooh.

- Man can you believe
they were swingers?

- No ma'm.
- Let me tell you,

they better swing right
by me with that BS.

But I'm gonna tell you right
now no I don't have any kids

I only got two cats.

- And that's okay.

- Oh girl that is a mess.

- I mean as far as for
me I mean I just do a lot

of shopping online after
work and that's just about it

I mean the last fool I
dated it had the nerve

to be a compulsive
gambler he stole my money

and took it to the
casino and lost it all

- Oh after that it was a wrap
I had to let him go girl.

- Wow.

- I mean I watch
a lot of lifetime

and drink wine so I
fall asleep at night.

- Damn that is messed up though.

- But damn I guess
we all are struck out

well look I don't
have a man neither

because the last relationship
I was in was terrible

and I'm being terrible
honey with a capital T

I don't eve want
to talk about it

'cause every time I talk about
I get mad all over again.

- Oh me too.

- But no I'm not married
and I don't have any kids

I was hoping to have at least
two or three kids by now

- Me too.

- But no move like
that happened so

- Yeah.

- Damn I see why ya'll
got no damn husbands

you talk too damn much I'm
gonna let ya'll get reunited

and stuff so my baby could
quit walking around mopping

but tell ya'll what get
your assess outside.

Yeah just like when
you were children

get your asses outside.

I can't watch my stories

and yell put asses out.

- Ya'll follow me out.

- Yes out get your
asses outside.

- Yes ma'am.

- hey Crystal

don't you take your ass out
there and get in no trouble

'cause I'll burn
your ass out no more.

Get your ass outside my house

Hell her mama
won't even bail out

that dude my damn had
to bail her ass out

shit shitting me I won't
gon bail her ass out again.

I'm back with my granbbabies so.

- That was right
on what the hell.

- I know can you believe that?

- My grandmama hasn't
changed at all.

- I cannot believe.
- Not at all.

I hate putting up the
house but I am so sorry.

- She didn't mean any harm.

All these cheating men
we've been dealing with.

- Girl you know they

- man can't find the right one.

- Oh she done threw us out.

- You go on dates and it
turned out good at first.

- Dates?

- She right about that.
- Girl please.

- I'm tired of this.

- I'm tired.

- But I'm glad we're
all back together

again that's the best part.

- Yes - And you look so cute.

- Thank you.

- My precious babies you
prayed that so many moments.

- Grandma how long have you
been listening to us talk?

- Long enough for God to put
a message in my heart for each

and every one of ya'll.

I see four beautiful
women who hearts are gold

why ya'll so afraid to
fall in love with a man?

Ain't no man perfect. You
just got to have patience

and stop running
from your problems

and try to solve them babies.

- I mean you know
what you right grandma

but it's so hard to take
these guys serious these days

all they want is sex and money

and one woman?

Oh one woman ain't nearly
enough they wanna a wife

a side chick a girlfriend a
girlfriend who got a girlfriend

like really who finna
deal with all that

'cause I know me I'd
be doing my own thing

and I don't have
time for no games.

- Girl you are so right because
look let's not even talk

about the ones that
want a boyfriend.

- Oooh.
- Uh!

- Oh grandma I know you
old school I'm so so sorry

I'm not gonna say anything else.

Exactly I feel you on that.

You see grandma times are just

not the same like
they used to be

I mean It's hard to fully commit

to somebody who always wanna be

pleasing pimps out here
instead of being loyal husbands

I mean I don't have time for
that and I know y'all don't.

- I don't.
- I don't.

- Look didn't I teach out
anything about thinking positive

and having a positive attitude?

Now as long as you have
a negative attitude

and a cold heart, that's
what ya'll gonna attract.

You thought about the
law of attraction?

- I have.
- I have

- Each and every one
of y'all has the power

to change they world and
find true love babies

that is if that's what you want

but you got to go
out and find it

and quit sitting around here
complaining about it man.

- Grandmama you are
right. we're gonna go out

and do just that Look ladies
we're gonna go out this weekend

have us a good time.

- That's right enjoy yourselves.

- we can just throw
our backs all night.

- Okay now.

- That's is it babies

- That's right I'll say
that sounds like a plan girl

I say we go back inside
and go to Carolyn's closet.

Go borrow her clothes get all
her designer wear and turn up.


- I remember I used to have
all the fun and want you to.

- Get it grandma.

Ooh man.

- Let me tell
ya'll something now

if you ask me that is
if you ask me ask me

to club ain't nowhere
to go find no husband

ya'll got to church
young ladies.

- Ooh.
- Church?

- Church yes ma'am
church You know

I raised my Carolyn
in the church.

- Oooh been to church
and ain't found nothing.

- What grandmama?

- No man.

- Okay grandma look We
don't find a man at the club

we're gonna go to church repent

and maybe we'll find a
man behind our skirts.

- I'm telling you we'll
be in there screaming

Hallelujah Amen shababababab.

- Yeah.

- How you doing
now you my husband.

We got you grandma.

- All right look I'm
about to go into the house

to cancel all my on plans

- Oh hello how are you?
- How you doing?

- I'm here for some
reservations that I'm supposed

to be making up here for
the event that's supposed

to take place later
on this evening

can you help me out?

- Ms. Scott right?

- No not Scott I'm Crystal.

But so yeah I got some
friends coming soon

and I just wanna be ready.

We ready to get our room.

- Okay, so I see that you have
two double rooms for four?

- Yes that's correct So
they should be here shortly

you know any fun stuff
we can do around?

- Yes ma'am so if you
need around the city

just let me know I can point
you in the right direction

to anything ya'll would like
to do so just get at your boy.

- Oh, so you know what a fun at.

- Yes ma'am.

- You look like you
know what you doing?

Okay I'll keep that in
mind once my girls get here

best believe we coming
back by this front desk.

- Okay.
- All right.


- Nice to meet you Ms. crystal.

- Nice to meet you too Torian
Crystal not Scott Crystal.

- You know what
let me call Stacey

to let her know that I am here

So they won't have to
worry where I am at


Hello hey girl yes
I'm here this hotel

uh huh

girl we are about to
have some real fun

I cannot wait to see
y'all and there is a fine

male receptionist
and he talking about

he wanting show us a good time
ya'll better get here yes.

I know Well you know
what I'm gonna go ahead

and I'ma go ahead and i'ma
call Stacey and Carolyn

and let them know that we here
and I'm gonna go pick up some

wine You go ahead and
head this way okay.

All right.

Girl bye.

Stacy girl what you got going?

I'm here at the hotel just
waiting on ya'll to get here?

What time you think
you gon be here?

Oh okay that's cool well
the suite number is 223.

Girl you know I'm about
to go get some wine

you just read my mind I
just told Kim I was about

to go get some wine
so when y'all pull up

just give me a call like I
said the room number is 223

and hopefully I'll be
there when you get there

if not you know just wait up
for me okay cool all right bye

- Ms. Scott.

Ms. Scott.

Oh I'm finally gonna
meet her Ms. Scott.

- Ms. Scott. Jill Scott.

- Oop excuse me.

- Can I get your autograph?

- I'm sorry whom did you say?

- You are Jill Scott right?

- Ah off course I'm Jill Scott.

- I knew it was you Jill Scott.

I know a celebrity
when I see one.

- Thank you so much.

- Can I get a selfie with
you please for my baby?

- Off course you can.

- She gon be so happy.

- You got to hurry up girl
'cause you know these whatever.

- Come on.

- Oh my goodness

- Oh thank you so much.

- She's gonna be so excited!

- How old is your baby?

- She seventeen girl.

- Oh no wonder she
rocking that thing.

- Girl she sing all
your songs she has Afro

everything she rockin girl
These are promos I got you.

- Bye.
- Bye bye.

- Thank you so much.

- Have a good day love yes.

- You know you're no damn Jill
Scott get your girl get your.

- Do you know what that mean?

- You ain't no Jill Scott.

- Superstar I was hoping
to see that beautiful face

before my shift ended.

- Hey Torrian.

- Hey.

- Hey how ya'll doing?
- Hey how you doing?

- I'm doing good, you're
going on a ride today

- Yeah

- That's good.

- Hey so I need your assistance

is there any professional
masseuse around here

me and my girls we
feeling really tense

we need to unwind before
we get this show started.

- Yes.

- Well you know I've been told

I have like some magical hands

- Ooh ooooh ya'll oh.

- Oh boy we're not into
letting just anybody touch

our auras you know superstars
do it right ladies?

- Yes.

- Yeah.

- But you can't tell me
where the nearest nail shop

is Mr. Good Hands I'm
tryna get my nails redone

before our show so you know
where's the nearest nail shop?

- Okay ya'll got me I might
not be the best option

for a massage but I can point
you in the right direction

for a nail shop it's
like maybe three blocks.

- Okay.

- Now why is that at
did club last night,

ya'll was clowning dudes
who was tryna holla at you

but now now y'all this
dude put his hands on you.

- Wow really where the
hell did you come from?

- Right.

- You know what if I
didn't know better Jack B

I would think you're
starting to follow us.

- You sure know better
hey I'm Jack B baby

I don't need to
follow no damn dykes.

I'm here for the fashion
show thank you very much.

- I know that's right we about
to be in a fashion show baby.

- This is a little bit more fun
than I thought it was gon be

- Sure.

- We are about to hit the runway

and all four of us
are some showstoppers.

- Yeah.

- So what ya'll here
for the fashion show?

Ya'll just models and
not just celebrities?

- Why would ya'll
play me like this?

- Excuse me just models?

- We're celebrities.

- And that's okay and
besides we were just playing

around anyway but you
know what you dance

to the song get
played like a fiddle.

- Yeah you heard this.

- Yeah slow your
roll bro this group

of women just here
to have a good time.

- Yeah thank you Jack B.

- Don't you have a job to do?

- Oh I always got work to do

besides I can real celebrities
in the penthouse anyway

matter fact I need
a cigarette break.

- Okay.

- Did you say real celebrities?

- We are real celebrities.

- We are about to

- That girl did you see
her take picture with Jill

- exactly.

- Girl you a mess.

- Come on ladies we need to

- Beautiful.

- Look at this
beautiful building.

This is so nice.

- I think that's where
we gonna do the fashion

show right over there.

- And look at the stage.

- Come one we're all looking
good let us strut our stuff.

- We are looking
too good ladies.

- Ya'll saw how
the jealous females

were looking at us
when we came in?

- Ya'll know what
there's always gonna

be a jealous one somewhere.

- There's always.

- You know that.
You know this ya'll.

- I'm not feeding into no
more of that kind of behavior.

- Me neither.
- Sure.

- Anyway this is
about the fashion show

- Yes.

We gon kill this one right here.

- We are.
- Exactly.

- What you go do?
- Where's the paparazzi?

- Let's see what you got?

- Let's see what you got Kim.

- Ooh I don't think I should
be showing all this thickness

maybe tie up my cover up ladies.

- Girl don't start tripping

'cause you know
you looking right.

- Thank you girl.

- Well I may not
wear this cover up

'cause ya'll know I love to
show all myn sexiness

- Yeah girl 'cause we're about
to shut this party down yeah.

- That way.

- Okay there's gonna be
pretty lose booty up in here

so Carolyn don't be acting
like we going to Church

'cause there ain't gonna
be no prize

- Ain't nobody
thinking about Church.

- Ya'll another plan is

don't go to the pool party with
your hooks all over the pack

'cause the last thing you gotta

be thinking about
is settling down.

- Girl pump your brakes Look
we're going to this pool party

to have some fun
if we find a man

we like then we just find a man

if not we'll be having
fun like old times girl.

- Not exactly all the times
girls because we do not need

to be getting in no altercations
with anyone especially

not with our sexxy
bathing suits.

- Yeah you right.
- Girl you right.

This party gon be
shut down real quick

we gon end up Facebook Live

that gon be so embarrassing
I can't be on live

I cannot I cannot.

- Girl look I sure hope they
gon have security at this party

'cause I ain't got time
for no mess tonight.

- Me neither.

- Go ahead and
google the address.

- Girl say no more and if
party lying ya'll we're gonna

have to come up with a plan B

'cause do not plan on
coming back inside.

- Me neither.

- So make sure ya'll got
on some comfortable shoes.

- I know I do.

- I'm wearing my heels anyway

I'm wearing my heels I'm
taking my flip flops with me.

You know I got this.

- It's pool party time ladies

we about to turn up and have fun

- Whooooo!
- Yeeeeah

- Hold up excuse me did you
just say wannabe look a likes?

Girl don't nobody
wanna look like you.

- Girl why you acting
and talking to me like

you know me or something?

- Yes ma'am. I'm talking to you
and if you keep offending me

you gon have to call
911 with me go ahead.

- I'ma tell you something

you don't want no
smoke at all baby

- Is she trying to start
something with Crystal?

- I don't know who you are
and no I don't want no smoke

I didn't ask you
for no cigar babe

- Why are you even talking to me

- In the hood I got no time

- Yeah you better walk on off.

- Crystal, what the
hell is going on here?

- What's going on?

- Is she trying to start
something with you?

- Nothing nothing ya'll
calm down

- Hey ladies how ya'll doing?

Don't worry about her
she's just one of my girls.

- Girl I'm telling you.

- Baby you're gonna
drown no baggage.

- No no no I'm not
gonna drown nobody.

- There's no backing
down on that.

- We ain't gonna drown nobody

we got a lot of events coming
up and ya'll gon be partying

and I'll get paper so you know

just have a great time
I've got drinks on the way.

- Okay we could use
more drinks okay

- We gon do the shots.

- Ya'll need anything
ya'll see me talk to me

and don't worry
about the damn woman.

- Oh we moved on from that.

- I need another
one of what I have.

- Don't worry.

- Yeah make sure you
get me one of this.

- Can I get a round over here

for these beautiful
ladies please?

- Make sure mine's tequila.

- And I got a martini.

- A shot of tequila it is.

Girl I know it's
tequila right here.

- Ya'll get no jello shots.

- I want another
tequila sunrise.

- I love ya'll

- I need a tequila with
no sunrise you hear me

- We're all sexy
and black ladies.

- Okay

- You know reat
minds think alike.

- Yes we do.

- It's all good ya'll
for real we need

to trying to heat up this party.

- We get hold on it look
like we got some haters

- Oh so now you can speak
how ya'll gon pull up

and speak to a
celebrity like myself

- Celebrity

- You are the one
who start to play

when I was just on the phone

I will tell you something girl
nobody wanna mess with me...

- Look lil mama, you bettter
find somebody to play with

'cause this is not really
what you want real talk.

- All right then Congratulations
honey on your album release

but honey we did not come
here to get into any fight

with anybody we came to
have a good time okay?

- Thank you thank
thank you so very much

i'ma tell ya'll something

- Girl please you better
get on up outta here.

- Come on Crystal.

- Girl please.

Yes let's go.

- Let's go.

- Hey.

How you doing?

Good to see you.

- Good to see you.

- Okay, now y'all so what
club are we going to?

'cause I am not
looking for no thugs

or none of these no good guys

who are looking to
cheat and freak later.

- Me neither
- Like for real for real.

- That's exactly what you
gon get if you wearing

that outfit going out
showing all that ass

- Girl I am showing
just enough ass.

I don't know what
you talking about.

- Hey ya'll remember when
Carolyn used to wear nothing

unless it was skin tight?

Girl this is nice.

- Thank you.

- Oh my God you
should have remembered

when she's the hot all
her clothes in the car

'cause she didn't want
grandma Ann to see.

- How she went to Bible study
and we were at the club.

- Yes

- I see some stuff
changes some stuff don't.

- Ya'll a trip But whatever
y'all I know my shoe game

is still on point. - Yeah

- I'm gonna be dancing the
night away in these heels.

- I can't I know that's
my lack of

- But child we gotta
remember what grandma

said like she said
because last time I caught

that charge I was dealing
with a Sagittarius

and then a Scorpio so

their law of
attraction is serious

hopefully I find
me something like

a Aquarius.

- Ooh Okay.

- Pisces or something you
know something real cool.

- Yeah.

- Exactly cause I'm gonna to
have at least see a six month

health check on this bitch

because it's like Sodom
and Gomorrah out here.

- I know right - Shit

- And I better not catch nothing

'cause if I do it's gonna
be a problem with me

and my knives that we
gonna have to address.

- Girl I know you are not
talking about shooting

nobody already we didn't
even get to the club yet

you better remember
what grandma said.

She's not putting her
house up to bond us again.

- She's not better believe that.

- Shoot but look ya'll remember

that time when somebody
sideswiped my car?

And then they thought

they was gonna get away with?


Girl look come on zip me up.

- 'cause I ain't go time to
be raising a grown ass man.

- oh who whole dress is this?

'Cause i'ma have to change
- you're right it is cute

my outfit.

- I should have known
it is beautiful.

- Thank you very much honey
but no I don't think so

excuse me I need
to put my makeup on

Ya'll been over
here long enough.

- Okay

- Let her get ready
'cause we almost ready

you know she gonna take
a whole another hour.

- Right.

- Scootchy schootchy thank you.

'Cause I did not get
the mirror either.

- Oh those are some
cute shoes too.

- Thank you girl it took
me forever to find them

I was like me and my
girls about to go out.

- Ooooohh

- Thank you it took me time.

Girl I've been looking
for these shoes.

I said me and my girls
are finna go out.

- I know that's right.

- It's a cute shoooooe!

- Hopefully will find
that somebody around here.

- I know right but look ya'll,
we just stick to the plan

and when we go to the club all
of us will find a man Okay?

- I know this

- Now we stick to
what grandma said

you know her advice
about us being married

very soon we'll be
planning weddings

some will have a fiance - Yeah.

Some type of relationship
going on or something.

- Yeah.
- But romance in this city,

girl please I doubt
it ain't nothing

but goons and thugs around here,

but I do got something
to put in the air.

- What's that your ass?

- You know that can
go on the air too

but something that's
gonna have you cloud nine.

- Okay now puff puff and pass.

- Do you hear me - Hey Crystal.

- We ain't even gon be worried

about no man when
we done with these.

- Make sure you
spray that around.

- Are we..

- Oh yeah.

- Okay y'all need to
get up and get dressed.

- Oh shit this is the
bitch from the pool party?

- Yeah

- Come on don't even
worry about her.

- What she doing here.

- Don't even worry about her.

- Find me a fiance.

- They may be fine and sexxy
but honey ya'll better check

that ring finger because
a lot of them aren't

even bothered to take it off
and let me tell you something,

they are the simps okay.

- Follow the rules.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- I'm finding this type
of couch nice and thick.

- Oh no somewhere nice
to sit is all cool

but only boring people
sit at the table.

I'm ready to begin the turn up.

- Oohh hell no ya'll remember
the last time Crystal got lose

the Dj put the spotlight on her.

- All we saw was ass and

- You gon change.

- Look over there ya'll we
will never find a man

- Something I'm talking about
girl the devil is a lair

and there will be
absolutely no disturbing

of the over here.

- All right Stace

- Stacey we all gonna be
on our own best behavior

- Get in there.

Ya'll I see a really sexy
brother looking over here.

- Oohh

- Girl is he looking at me
I think he looking at me.

- He looking at me girl.

I think he looking at me.

Let me get my chapstick.

- Lord have mercy girl you thick
as peanut butter on a spoon

I just wanna lick it up girl
how y'all ladies doing today

only Yo let me buy
ya'll two drinks

one before and one
after the festivity

that I believe big
Dan can take all

of ya'll with same dancer.

- Wait a minute
what did you say?

I think you better
take your nasty ass

cock-eyed ass back over there
where you came from honey

Because what you think
you see over here

is not the business bye.

- And she speaks for all of us
so you might wanna take your

ass over there
before my girl Stacey

hit your ass with
a left right left.

- Yeah.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Oh wo wo wo wo

- Hold up you need to
stop right there okay?

Matter fact go back to
the little twilight zone

you came from 'cause we don't
see what you see okay goodbye.

- Well well well

out made the friends group
how many was it again?

- What's up Jack B?

Look at you!

- How ya'll doing?

- We good.

- I can see ya'll together here

let me buy ya'll
something to drink.

- Okay.

- yes can we get
some drinks please?

- Yeah

- All right.

- Treat us to whatever you
want as long as you buying.

- to Jack B tonight.

I mean hey we ready to
toast hand me over a drink

- Thank you.

- I needed this.

- I think I'm need another too.

- I'm ready to toast everybody.

- So what we toasting to Jack B?

- Yeah what we
toasting to Jack B?

- Wait a minute ain't
nobody toasting to love?

- I mean yes.

That's what we came here for.

- Oh well I'm not a party
pooper so I guess we will toast.

- Yeah I know they do
not toast they turn up.

- Turn up.

- Time to turn up.

- Hell no ya'll ain't even
in my pockets like that.

I said one toast for
one motherfucking toast.

And it is still being round
up here's what we gon do.

We gon take this to the gig

and then I'm gonna get
the hell out of there

'cause ya'll tripping,

unless one of ya'll wanna
come to the club me.

- Oh.

- I think i'ma wait here.

- You know what this is never
good and you looking good.

- Let's finish ya'll.

- That is strong.

- I'm okay I don't think I
need another one after that.

- Whooo!

- I needed that.

- You finish that ah ah ah ah.

Yes okay.

- I'm going to the dance now.

You looking all expensive and
smelling kinda good I think

we should shake a little
something on the dance floor.

- Yeah shake a little something.

- Shake something?

Shut the hell up.

- No need to not just
say shake something.

Tell them I said no damn
shake something no more.

I can tell that ya'll
ain't been in the club

in a long ass time.

- I guess we haven't.

- There you go.

- I hate clubs now
but for old times

- Let's just toast
to new beginnings.

- To new beginnings

- Yeaaah.

- Whoooo this is
exactly what I need damn

- Yeah

- Yeah look here ladies
I'ma get on down.

I'ma let ya'll enjoy ya'lls
night Crystal we'll talk later.

- When?

- We ain't got time for no damn

and my damn feet already
hurt in these heels.

- Whooo!

- I've got time for
only what I will enjoy.

- yeah me too.

- We wanna hit the dance floor.

- Yeah we do.

- Girl the last time

- but one thing I know,

your're looking so beautiful.

- When I first saw you I thought
you were a real

but then I smelt your
breath you smell like booty

Jeez go get a peppermint

or a tic tac or something
then come holla at me.

- Oh my goodness.

- Ooh look at that
nice brother coming.


- Okay.

- I'm on keep bringing it.

- Hey how you doing.

- I'm doing all right,
thanks for asking

just here celebrating
with my ladies tonight

we just having amazing time.

- Uh huh.

- I wouldn't be
a great bartender

if I didn't ask you to dance.

- Okay dance.

- Once I'm let out
let's swing by my place.

- Oh no uh ah I may
look sexy and all

but I'm quite reserved
and the last thing I wanna

do is go home with a
stranger at the club okay?

- Okay.

- Did you get?

- Scared oh no he did.

- Then

- Hell no Who do you think I am

oh you think of my
sexy lips and all

but all lips aren't good
lips so take your ass

on some nasty ass.

- All right but if
you change your mind

you know where to find me

- Oh my gosh.

- These men.

- And about to go say it to the
next chick who will hear him

- I mean look at the
tall glass of

- We need some more drinks.

Can we get some
more drinks please?

- Are you ladies tonight?

- Well hello there how are you?

- My name is Crystal
these are my friends:

Kim, Stacey and Carolyn.

- Hey how are you doing?

- hear you play.

- So is there a special
song you guys wanna hear?

- Maybe you can play me a little

- Whooooo!

- I'm so glad we got out tonight
We really needed this night

I just wanna chill out
ya'll and just have some fun

you know what I mean?

- They're bringing us
another round of drinks?

- What?

- Okay.

- That's what I'm talking about.

- Ooh girl you make
this just right.

- Thank you.

- Know what I'ma definitely
have to go to the restroom

before I finish this.

- You got five minutes or we
gon come in there and get you.

Five minutes.

- No don't put me on
the timer I got this.

- We're coming right behind you.

- Come on now.

- Five minutes.

- Okay!

- We got your back
girl we got your back.

- Wow really Jack B?

You're over here with this slut?

While you got all this
over there really?

- Who you calling slut?

- You slut

the same slut who was at
the pool party

- You gon handle this?

- What what what.

- He gotta handle nothing baby.

- What you wanna do?

- What the fuck is going on?

What are you doing?

- Give me a game plan or I will
shoot this motherfucker up.

Let's go!

- Let's go.

- Oh, goodness.

Oh my gosh.

What was I thinking
drinking like that night?

I can't keep doing this I
got this damn show coming up

I gotta stop this I got
so much more to worry

about besides a damn man Carolyn

Carolyn get up get up shit.

- Oh I hope I got some
coffee in there 'cause

my head is spinning me. I
need some caffeine bad girl.

- Did we drink the
whole entire bar?

Carolyn girl do you have
any aspirin or something?

- Who has seen
seen my phone damn?

Hey ya'll seen my phone?

Anybody see my phone?

I sure hope I ain't leave
it in that damn club.

- Girl I hope you
didn't lose your phone

'cause you gave that cute
guy your number last night

and he was more than willing
to give you a call girl.

- Where's my damn pho-

give me my phone.

- Ah ah I didn't
hide your damn phone.

I have a damn phone
right over here.

We were probably doing all
kinds of shit last night.

- Who knows?

- Getting into

- I need to find some
breakfast in there.

I mean somebody needs to go in

and see if it's some
breakfast cause I'm hungry.

- That's sounds good.

- I'm sure I got
something there to eat.

I'm hungry.

- You ain't gotta tell
me twice I'm hungry too.

- That's right I get some
toast and some coffee okay.

See if she got some turkey in
there if not turkey some food.

- There should be some
rice some strawberry.

- Some coffee and toast.

- Hey Stace.


- We giving out
orders what you see?

- Girl I see some turkey
bacon, some eggs, some fruits.

- Ooh yeah that sound good
to me so we're gonna go out

or somebody's gonna cook
some caramel

- Stacey what's up
with the breakfast?

- Stace, Stacey come here.

- Yeah?

- You remember that guy that
walked us through the car?

You remember what
you said to him girl?

- Girl no what did I say?

- Girl you told
homeboy to put some

eggs on his feet and beat it.

- Damn girl

- That shit was so funny girl
homeboy ran down the street

that shit was funny girl.

- Girl we had way
too much to drink.

I was just and I'm here so

that's it I didn't fell
like hiding from nobody.

- Leave her mess.

- Oh my gosh.

Let me tell y'all.

Speaking of cute guys did ya'll
guy see Jack B last night?

- I'm sure you did.

- Our brother was
looking so good.

- Or was it just me
just because ya'll know

when I be on the alcohol
I be trippin' sometimes.

- So it's probably just you.

- Oh no he was kind
of sexy last night

who was he looking
at was he looking at

I know he was he
looking at one of us.

- Well I kinda of remember

that he was flirting
with Crystal.

- He was tryna talk to Crystal.

- You know what I do recall a
brother being all in my face.

And you know he was
looking so good.

I just don't think
I can date nobody

from the neighborhood,
you know what I mean?

- Look Crystal
it's nothing wrong

- Crystal there's nothing wrong

with dating a guy
from the neighborhood.

- No.

- Just look at it like this,
you already know who he is

you know who his people
are go for it girl.

- I agree with you
totally Carolyn.

You know what why
not keep it close.

I mean at least
that way you know,

it ain't gonna be no
Sodom and Gomorrah.

- I think huh you
never know these days.

- Right.
- Yeah you're right.

- So we're talking about

- Let go check on
the turkey bacon

'cause I'm hungry.

- Yes.

- I mean who's got
something coming up next?

- You know what I
was just saying,

I got this little fashion
show thing coming up

and we can use some extra
models what ya'll think?

- Oh girl I will love that
I have the extra models here

and I know you can
stretch our stuff

you already got a pshhh.

- I've been trying to get
my own boutique started.

I got a lot of nice
clothes I can show you.

- See what I'm talking about?

- And I'm ready to strut
my stuff on the runway.

- And Kim I know
what she coming with.

I know what she coming with.
Come on. Show your stuff girl.


Oh yes honey.


- Okay who's next?

- Well Stacy waiting up on that
bacon up in there

- So i'ma get with my
coordinators this week,

and I'll let them know
that I got some, fine ass,

female models who's gonna
rip that damn stage apart.

So when ya'll come,

ya'll got to make sure
ya'll your A game.

Which I know ya'll gone do.

- Because this is how ya'll do.

- You know what I'm saying?

- Yeah.

- Now come on 'cause I'm hungry.

- Come on girls
let's get In here

- Take that turkey
bacon I'm smelling.

- It's already buring

- You know all that music in
the background sounds familiar

Where the hell are y'all at now?

You know, we have we
have not had a chance

to just sit down
and talk just yet.

So I'm looking forward to see
y'all tonight at the summit.

Oh really?

Okay tell me this Crystal.

How was your attitude
last night was you A1?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

just like you was in the club

all your new job
asked was for that

Cause ya'll acted a damn fool

you know what I'm just
gonna text you the address

Okay see y'all tonight and
remember dress to impress.

- You got some crazy going
on all the time Jack B.

- Hello Cherish how are you?

- Hey everyone, Ava cherish

did you take care
of up that business?

- Yes Mr. Branson
everything is taken care of.

- I like that.


- Mr. B

- What's going on with you bruh?

- Chill chill working

- Jack B holding it down it man

you good man?

- I'm good man.

- Thank you Jennifer

what's happening everyone?

- Thank you for having us
man you know I really enjoyed

what you did with
his artist profile

you have taken their music
to a whole new level.

- Yeah well I love working
with creative minds

music is the soul of society
music can make everybody

- Yes.

- But everybody
can't make music.

That's what pushed me
on a whole new level

Chachin Records it's
about to take over baby

- Exactly.

- And I definitely like
working with you Mr. B

I mean you're the greatest
producer in the world

in my opinion thank you
for the opportunity.

- Oh we definitely are
about to make a major impact

plus I got some movie
deals on the table

with RIP Entertainment Fields

so opportunity is
always knocking

it's up to the artist
to open the door.

- Boom and I definitely plan
to seize the opportunity

I mean my music
means the world to me

- Motivation and Talent

- Yeah.

- What more can I ask for
I'm loving this Jack B.

I like how you represent.

Gives the artists a whole
new experience outside

of being in the
streets all the time.

- About to take over the world.

I mean you the greatest
produce in the world.

Your music sound like
nothing in the streets.

And I'm ready for
what comes for me.

- I'm loving your enthusiasm

you make sure you hold on
to that your release party

it's gonna be a big
point in your career

I'll make sure I'm there

we roll like family
at Chachin Records.

- Yeah baby nothing but love.

- Nothing but love.

- Blessings on blessings - Yeah

we're about to take over yes sir

and that's real

yes that is real

Know what else is real
the loyalty that we share.

But speaking of
loyalty I gotta go.

I have another engagement
another client to meet.

- So I'll talk to you later.

- All right man. I'll
halla at you later.

- Thank you.
- Peace.

- Number one record in
the world Mr.B Already.

- Take care of yourself.

- Take over.

- Oh I hope we're gonna
be on those

- I know right

- I hope we meet some
cute guys up I here.

- Shoot Jack B.

- Everybody knows you do not
go to a club looking for a man

you go to the club
looking for a little

Hey zip up Now listen
Ya'll come to the summit

there's gonna be a
lot of professional
men who will

- Anyway pump your
brakes jack B.

I mean you always fascinate us.

I mean mid your own business
let us do ours okay?

You're right you're right
you're right my bad my bad.

Let just share fun okay?

Can we do that?

- I can

- I can do that.

- Can do that.

- I can do that.

See you later on Jack B.

- Bye.

- Hey


- No

- Ever?

- Yeah

- Can I take a pic with ya'll?

- Oh sure

- Yeah

- Come on girl.

- Got it.

- Aaw that is so cute!

- You must be that hotel
clerk from upstairs?

- Yeah she is.

- Thank you so much
for all your help

you've been very helpful.

- Yeah.

- It's nice to meet ya'll.

- Nice to meet you too.

- You guys are my
favorite group.

- Aaw.

- Thank you.

- We'll be sure to tell our
celebrity friends all about you.

- Okay.

- And tell them we have.

- Phenomenal service here.

- Okay nice to meet ya'll.

- Nice to meet a fan.

- We really appreciate it.

- Oh my God that girl
really think we celebrities.

- We ain't even gon have
to play by the rules.

- So before we bring out the man

we are going to bring out
another one of our artists

he goes by the name
of Vorracco Drama

- Yo give it up for my guy.

- Now give it up
for Vorracco Drama.

- So now introducing
artists of the evening

I'm gonna bring up
one of our producers

from Chuchin records give
it up for producer Jack B.

- Whoo thank you
thank you so much

thank you Jennifer

thank you so much she's
goofy don't ya'll agree?

They say it girl if
you don't belong to Ron

at pajama playlist
your own biscuit..

I will make you a bad one
I'll make you

Hey and I ain't trying
to end up in a hospital

Jennifer I was just playing
baby I'm just playing

for real In the hospital

You know a fun fat about me?

I mean a fun fact about
me, I'm a big ass freak.

Morning, noon and night
that I gotta

I'm just playing ya'll
I'm just playing look okay

I just wanna take the time to
thank you all for coming out

thank y'all for coming
out to support me

it just really touches
me when hood comes out

and represent you know
it just means a lot to me

Now without further ado
let me bring out the man

the CEO of Chachin Records

now ladies and gentlemen

put your arms together, give
a warm welcome show your love

for the one and only
Mr. Rob Branson.

- Jack B thank you brother.

To Magic Johnson

Come on ya'll sing with me

- Ya'll know how we do
the weather is nice ya'll

looking good and you know the
party don't stop especially

when one of our best new
artists is about to drop

show your love for Debra Jay

- All right, all right.

- Thank you guys thank
you so much I am Debra Jay

and I just wanted to
come out here tonight

to thank you all so
much for your support

it is such an
awesome opportunity

and I want to thank
you for coming out

to our industry
summit thank you guys

You know Chachin
Records is doing

really really big things right?

- Yes.

- So we are looking forward
to ultimate success.

- Ultimate success and
progress is how we roll.

- All right.

- And listen ya'll
make sure ya'll

support Debra Jay's new project

we worked hard on
Debra's project

to give you guys fresh new sound

and we really did
today one thing

we got some major major


things going on
with this record.

- Yes everybody so please mingle

and enjoy Debra Jay's
new single everybody

and we will be passing
out a now a free sample

of her upcoming album.

Please ladies and
Gentlemen enjoy.

- Enjoy and support.

I will be in the building for
a while so any artists around

that wanna come hard at me do
not hesitate. Come hard at me.

- All right.

- Enjoy ladies and gentlemen.

- Oh we really have
been enjoying ourselves.

- We go back really long.

- Is this not

- This is some amazing artwork.

- This is a nice wall.

- We got to kind of
figure out our stopping

before we leave this mall we
didn't buy by anything yet.

- I'm thinking about going
back to get that cute dress.

- Yeah you need to.

- Yes it was really cute.

I think tonight we
should do something

really simple kind of sexy.

- Yeah.
- Let's have that.

- Yeah.

- Let's get on that
cute little dresses

and shoes and just go
out and have drinks.

- Let's do some fine dining.

Have some fine dining tonight.
- Yeah.

- Let's treat ourselves ladies.

Lady a good steak,
salad, some wine.

- Light naked potato.

- I'm actually ready
for a drink right now.

- Me too.
- Always.

- Always ready for a drink.

- What are you talking about.

- We should come up
with something real fun

before you know
before we get done

kicking it for the weekend.

- But in the meantime I'm
really ready to chill ya'll

we've been all over the
place. I'm gonna play.

- I think we should just
have a girls night out

whereas you know how do
you just go out there

a little drink go back to

- With cocktail dresses

- Yeah we can do that.

- All right.

- Go in Carolyn's closet.

- Oooh Okay y'all can

- Just a second okay ya'll.

- Okay.

- She got an
important phone call.

- Where are you going?

- I bet I know who is from to.

- you make sure you
come right back okay.

- I was just about to tell
her the same thing whereas.

- Why are you always
trying to figure out

what I'm doing and where am at?

Where are you I'm by the
rear stairs and don't see you

oh I see you I'm coming over now

whenever you come
in to check without

Hey I'm chilling with my girls
man girls and you know how we


it's good to see you always.

- It's good to see you.

- When she get missing in action

you know she finding somebody.

- I bet it's Jack B calling her.

She got up from
this table too fast.

- Listen ya'll I was thinking

we have some male
dancers come over

so since she always
thinking about Jack B

- Ooooh

- We gonna have some
male dancers come over.

- Girl that would be too fun.

- What ya'll think?

- Girl I think that is

- I need entertainment in my
life so I can you use that.

- you got thumbs up for me girl.

- Me too girl.

- You down with that okay.

- We cannot tell Crystal though

we can do that Set her up since
she always want to lap dance

instead of going out
tonight like she think

so we have the guys
come over tonight.

Just so cute and stuff
and do our thing.

- Is it that new male dancer
club they got it downtown now?

- Is it the new one?

- I think it is.

- Is it

- look I don't know. either
way it go we're gonna

have them come over
and have them around.

- So they gon come over?

- Yeah.

- Man you got connections
like that girl.

- Yeah.

- Thought you was
the innocent one.

- Well I try to be
for grandmama's sake.

- So what's going on?

- Well last night I was
thinking and I realized

every time that you see me with
a woman you start tripping.

- Mmh

- And I wanna know what
the hell is going on.

I mean.

I know you, try and get
flirty with me and things

every now and again but I
thought you were just playing.

You know.

- I mean Jack B why else
would a woman act that way?

I'm like damn.

Is she really serous?

- Well it's just that
because we've been friends

you know how those things
can go and it's just like so

yes I'm feeling you and
it's just kind of hard

to say that I'm felling
you Jack B you know

so there you have it

I'm feeling you.

- Okay to be honest with you,

I'm kinda feeling you too.

- Really

I am.

- flattery.

- Flattery?

- At the same time
it can be crazy

but anyway this
is what we gon do

How about we just try to see

you know just try it out
just try and see if it works

I mean it shouldn't be that hard

I mean we've know each
other for all our lives

- Well I think I can do
that but there is one thing

lets keep this on
the low for me 'cause

my girls and you
know how they be like

I just.

This is our last night and
I just want to chill out

I don't want to get anything
maybe after that this.

- Ooh okay now you're
trying to hide Jack B.

- Oh I would never hide
you I would not do that

so it's just kinda you know.

- Okay don't go there right now.

- Don't go there
right now because

right now I'm on an
important call so.

- Okay I get you.

- I just want don't want you

to bump into them
and they will be like

ooh there go JB Crystal

but it was nice to see you

I thought you was coming
up here to chop my head off

about something You know I'm
always the one in trouble.

- Mmhmmh sometimes you
need your head choped off.

- It was nice seeing
you see you later.

- All right see you too.

- All right.

- Mmh mmh

I hate to see you go but
I love to watch you leave.

- See what I'm talking
about right there.

You play too much.

- Bye.

- Only thing is we gon be in the

- Hey shhh.
- Okay

- Oooh these clients
will not leave me alone

I am on vacation.

- Client what client

- which client are
you talking about?

- Some new client calling
about this just work stuff

I don't want to talk about
it what were we doing again?

- We need to leave because we

- we all need to
leave and get dressed.

- Make sure you get very cute.


- Yeah.

- Ya'll know, okay.

- Cute girl go extra cute.

- We're about to have a blast.

I'm gonna go back
and get that dress.

- Okay let's go.

- Girl just wait trust me.

You're gonna enjoy
yourself tonight believe me

- Your vodka is going low honey.

- Hello there fellas

don't ya'll think ya'll a little

too overdressed for this party?

- We got

- Party has just begun ladies.

- Have fun ladies.

- It's about to
get hot over here.

- Oooh oh my God.

- Whooo.

- Kim isn't that the
girl from the pool party?

- Oh shit What the
hell is she doing here?

- Pool party did she say

- Hold up.

I need ya'll need
ya groove on but

What the hell are
you doing here?

- I'm not here for you?

- Then who ya here for?

- Not you!

- 'Cause this right
here is my lil party.

- You remember that woman

- Go girl.

- What woman I that got?

- I could beat each
and everyone of ya'll.

- Everybody chillout.

What is she doing here?

- Nobody invited her.
She's here's now.

- It's out last day together.

- I'm sorry but she
wanna be our friend.

- No negative.

- Nobody invited her
but she's here now.

- We ain't gon let us
ruin her night all right?

- What the hell is
going on out here?

- Hey.

- Why are there

- Fuck all that.

What the fuck is
going on around here?

- They are having fun.

The fun has begun right here.

- Excuse me what's
going on over here?

- Whatever's happening?

- About?
- Not you.

- Oh hell yes we're
what the fuck was that?

- You know what I ain't
got time for this.

- What the fuck I just saw
you're all over that dude.

- Jack B I'm here having fun
with my girls I told you that.

Every time I'm having fun
with my girls you pop up.

I'm on vacation...

- I see girls I see niggas
what the fuck is this shit?

I half dressed ass these
motherfuckers almost naked.

- I'm so sorry about
what happened in there.

I was

- I really

- What did I do now Jack B?

- What the fuck is this?

- I'm having fun with my girls
what you mean what is this?

- I seen motherfucking
half-ass dressed

motherfuckers up in there.

- Yes but and that's
exactly why I said

that we'll have to keep
this on the down low

because this is the last time
we're spending time together

and I don't want things to get

- Fuck that fuck that.

It's supposed to be us right?
Why the fuck are you all

upon an undressed
ass motherfucker?

- I mean I'm with my girls

and then you go
popping up like always.

- Because I've been
calling your ass

all get but you don't
be answering your phone.

- The music's too loud
the music is too loud.

- That is no goddam excuse
don't you got

- Okay you know
what you're right

let's just let's just start
over let's just start a fresh

we can both go inside and
enjoy the party together.

- I won't go in there
with no half naked

ass motherfuckers shit

and I couldn't sit here and
watch them loving on you

hell no I aint going in there.

- Well what do
you want me to do?

I mean I can ditch the girls

but I'm sure they
ain't gonna like that

especially to be with Jack B.

- Okay.

- So how about you
just come inside

and just act normal
just chill you know.

- No.

- I won't be on no guys as a
matter of fact when you come in

I'll just stick with you hang
like buddy You know how we do.

- No I'm gonna get a fuck out
of here you can do whatever

- Okay.

Thanks for
understanding I'm Sorry.

- Have fun but don't
don't have too much fun.

- Okay.

- You hear me?

- All right everybody
hold up hold up ya'll

listen stop

- Damn wassup?

- I really really
appreciate all of this

it has been amazing.

- It sure has uh?

- Mmh mmh.

- We heard you.

- We saw you over there we know

how amazing it was for you.

- It was but ya'll I have
something to tell ya'll.

- Okay what is it Crystal?

- I'm in love with Jack B.

- I knew it.

- I knew it too.

- He's so amazing
and he's so caring

I know y'all see him hounding

me everywhere we
go he just pops up

he always has me on location

He's just so protective of me

- Is he in love with you?

- You damn better for sure
know he in love with me.

- From what I saw over
there on the couch

wait a minute we get
none of that from here.

- I mean we haven't even..

- We happy for you Crystal

- Okay we love you Cristal.

- I'm so glad ya'll
challenged me about Jack B.

- Girl we knew from day
one that you liked him.

- We know you loved
him from day one.

- Crystal what's next.

- I know but I'm ready
to go to wherever he is

and ya'll like can
enjoy the party.

- Okay we gon enjoy that.

- I, m gonna enjoy
all the strippers.

- You go enjoy Jack B.

- You go enjoy the
guy with the eye.

- Bye.


- Jack B wait

wait Jack B

I'm so sorry

about I just wanna be with you

- I don't care about that

I care about you

- I'm so glad we finally

you just don't know how long
I have been waiting for this.

- Ya'll your birthday didn't
it sure did.

- It wore me out.

- you know what I really
appreciated that the party.

I had some fun.

Like some real fun.

- I can tell you that you did.

- oh rescued by my Jack B

- You remember that time
you went to the club

lil Scot tried to talk to us

he had the nerve to ask me

to go to the bathroom
for a quckie.

- Ya'll this was
exactly what I wanted

this is exactly what
I was looking for

When I found you
all just to chills

and be with my girls without
kicking like old times

- Grandma Ann really
misses y'all too

she wants ya'll to stop
by and see her again.

- Oh she knows we hers.

- She loves her some
Stacey, Kim, Crystal.

- We will be back to see her.

- These clients are about

to drive me up the
wall this week.

- We're gonna miss
ya'll so much.

- I can't believe
it's coming to an end.

- We gotta keep it social.

- We definitely gotta keep it

- We cannot let what

- I reveled a lot of
stuff trying to find ya'll

I went through a lot of stuff

- Hello,



Just chilling with the girls

of course ask me
whatever you wanna ask


- What's going on?

- Smiling ear to ear?

- Yes

- Oh my gosh.

Oh my gosh I am so excited.

- What?
- What?

- I'm gonna call you back.

- What's going on?

- Oh my gosh Jack B
wants to marry me.

- Oh my God

- This is so exciting

- I'm so excited.

- And this took forever.

- How would I have known?

- We gotta get our
dresses cleaned

- Wait a minute wait a minute

- No way.

- Wait a minute
you don't have it?

You know how it is though.

- Ya'll know

- What if it's not
there when you

- Girl give us

- I'ma just this

- What?

- The way I feel it.

- oooooohhh

- Okay all right.

- We are so happy for you.

- Okay look we gotta
dress shopping.

- We gotta look everything.

- I'm so excited.

- Look make sure I'm a
bridesmaid okay make sure...

- Crystal we all gon
all be maid of honors.

- Oh this is all
happening so fast.

- Listen, we all gonna
be maids of honors.

- Of course.

- I'm so excited.

- Her ass might be pregnant.

- You are not pregnant

- Not yet.

- I'll miss you all so much.

- We'll miss you so much.