Girl on a Bicycle (2013) - full transcript

Paolo (Vincenzo Amato), an Italian who drives a Paris tour bus, has just proposed to his true love, the German stewardess, Greta (Nora Tschirner), when the young French beauty, Cécile (Louise Monot) pulls up beside his bus on her bicycle - and, in short order, Paolo, following some very bad advice from his friend, Derek (Paddy Considine), finds himself with a German fiancée, a French "wife", two Australian children who call him "Papa", and his life upside-down.

♫ [Pop]

[ Horns Honking]

[ Man ]
♫ Send all the humdrum
day-to-day way away ♫

[ Woman ]
♫ And take a little chance
Let's play with happenstance ♫

[ Man, Woman ]
♫ So why not long shot?
You're never gonna know ♫

♫ You'll never, ever find out
if you don't let go ♫

♫ It just takes a moment ♫
♫ A moment ♫

♫ To change everything ♫

♫ Everything ♫

♫ Turn it upside down ♫

♫ It just takes a moment ♫

[Bell Ringing]

♫ To turn everything ♫
♫ Everything ♫

♫ Everything upside down ♫

♫ A better day
is right ahead of me ♫

♫ Why not let it begin?♫

♫ Follow every bit of destiny ♫

♫ I throw my sail
in the wind ♫

♫ It just takes a moment ♫

[Horn Honking]
[ Bicycle Bell Rings]

♫ To change everything ♫
♫ Everything ♫

♫ Turn it upside down ♫

♫ It just takes a moment ♫

[ Bicycle Bell Rings]

Ah, jolie!
Ah, oui!

♫ Everything upside down ♫

♫ Upside down ♫

[ Dog Barking ]

♫ Upside down ♫

[ Intercom Beeps]

[ Door Buzzes]

Buongiorno. Prego.




Buongiorno, sorella.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I am Paolo Moretti,

and I welcome you on board
of our tour of Paris,

which, by the way,
is a city that was founded
by the Romans...

in 54 Before Christ.

I will be giving you
the true story,

and not some old, boring
history lesson about Paris.

In fact, Paris is
the most Italian city
outside of Italy.



[ Beeps, Chimes]

[ Intercom Chimes]

[ Beeps ]



♫ [ Man singing ] ♫

This is the Arc de Triomphe.

It was built in 1836...

and is, of course,
modeled after the Roman...

triumphal arches
that still stand in Rome.

It's not really
a very good copy
of the Italian arches.

I mean, it's a-
Well, I wouldn't
say anything to the French,

because they like their arches
very much, and they would
feel really bad...

if they knew
this is a poor copy.

But if you really wanna see
a beautiful arch,
you must go to Italy.


[ Man ]
♫ Oh, last stop Paris ♫

♫ Looks like I'm here to stay ♫

♫ Looks like ♫
♫ I'm here to stay ♫

Check this out.

What is it, a mobile disco?

It's an engagement ring,

Paolo, I am overwhelmed.

I mean, I must
call my parents at once.

I didn't think
I'd get married again
after my third wife.

It's for Greta.

Well, I do hope
we can be friends still,

because I think
what we had together
was very special.

[ Mutters In Italian]


[In English ]
Does it feel hot in here?

Um, it might be
a little warm, yes.

No, I mean,
like, really hot--

like, uh, sweltering,
suffocating hot,
like a sauna.

Like you can barely breathe.

Maybe some cold water?

Yeah. Good idea.


Now I'm sweating.

[Clears Throat ]

So, I was thinking,

like, uh,

when you have a baby,
like the baby is sleeping,

and you want to
go for a pizza,

like the last minute,

you just can't
do it anymore, right?

They deliver.


Ah, they deliver.

Okay, Greta,

We've been living together
for three years, no?

Two months, 11 days,

seven hours
and four minutes.

You have an app in your phone
that tells you how long
you lived with a man?

No, not with a man.
Only you.

I got it after we met
on the Rome flight...

because I knew
that I would never
have to reset it.

That's nice.

Let's see.

- I have something to ask you.
- Mmm!

[ Paolo Clearing Throat]

But I can't
really breathe, so-
[ Clears Throat ]

I can't catch my breath.

take long, deep breaths,

and then ask
your question, hmm?

[ Breathing Deeply]

Very good.

And now we need to
get organized here.

Is there maybe something
you wanted to give me?



- Maybe you wanted to kneel?
- I know. I'm sorry.

[ Diners Murmuring ]

Push the button.

It's beautiful.

May I?


Greta, you are my life,

and I want to ask you,
with all my heart,

if you will marry me
and be my wife.

This is how much I love you.


I would be
very, very happy
to marry you, Paolo.

[ Diners Murmuring ]

It's such
a beautiful restaurant here,

and it's so lovely of you
to bring rne here
to propose to me.

But would you
maybe prefer pizza?


They deliver.

[Video Game Sound Effects ]
[ Paolo]
No. Why?

[ Greta]
Why? Why?

Why this motorcycle?
Why? Why? Why?

- Who are these people?
- Okay, pause. Pause.

- No, no.
- Pause.


Okay, go.

By. Nice.

Still no by.

Who's this?

I don't like
this game anymore.

Because you're bad.
And I'm good.

And now-—


Talk to me in Italian, please.

Come on.
Work that Roman magic on me.

I'm not from Rome.
I'm from Palermo.

I heard about that.
And now let's hear some Italian.

I don't want to
talk Italian.

Talk to me in German.

Yeah, right.

Paolo, seriously.
You can't make love in German.

Why not? I mean, like,
German people make love
in German all the time, no?

The only thing you can do in
German is make sure everything
is in the proper order.

Eins, zwei, drei, vier,

and then you come together.

Well, I don't want to
talk Italian.

[ Groans ]

Talk to me in German.
I'm tired of talking
Italian all the time.

Say some beautiful
German words. Come on.

I don't know what I'd say.

Just say the first thing
that comes to your mind,


[ Clears Throat ]

More German.
Louder. Louder.

Louder? Okay.

[ Speaking Italian ]



Hey, guys.

Show me.

Ah. One minute,
s'il te plaît.

There is a diamond
there somewhere. Yes?

That's not just
the reflection of the light?

You're impossible.

Paolo is a bus driver.
He saved a year for this.

I was just joking,chérie.
It's a beautiful ring.

And I couldn't be happier
that you're in love.

All marriages should
start out this way,
uh, before-

- Before what?
- Nothing. You should enjoy it
while it lasts.

Especially with an Italian.
[Speaking Italian ]

Did I tell you
you look radiant today?


You're lit up
with love,

- Why is he doing this?
- He's French.
He can't help it.

They think
they invented love.

Uh, it's true. We did.

They don't call it
German kissing, do they?

François, I'm horribly sorry
I ever showed you the ring.

You need help.

Um, Want to have a drink
with me when we get to--

Where are we going
today, Fritz?

Munich, I think.

[Speaks French ]

So how about
a drink in Munich?

♫ [Jazz] ♫

♫ I made up my mind ♪

♫ Leave it all
back far behind ♫

♫ No trouble or grief ♫

♫ Gonna be dead by me ♫

[ Bicycle Bell Rings]
[ Bell Clangs]

♫ I said no trouble
or grief gonna be ♫

I mean, I had to
literally, like, guide him
through the whole proposal.

You guarded him?
No, I didn't guard him.
I guided him.


[Chattering ]

I worry about you
and Paolo chérie.

You do?

Because men prefer
women who are, um-

How shall I put this?

More French.

No, François.
You prefer women
who are "more French,"

and who will say
"Oui, mon amour.
Oui, oui, oui."

And they're gonna
put their arms around you
when you walk,

and they're gonna
hang on your every word,
and they're gonna say,

"Whatever you want, sweetie.
Just say the word, hmm?"


Maybe there is something
I could be able
to do for you right now? Hmm?

Paolo and I are just fine.
You don't have to worry.

Enjoy our hotel.

Hi, Gerd.

[ Clears Throat ]

Will that be
one room, or two?


[ Mouths Word ]

You know what this means?

This is your last chance
for a fling.

It's not gonna happen.

- Paolo is Italian, right?
- Mm-hmm.

Italian men think
that "fidelity"...

is the name of the woman
who lives across the hall.

They can't help it.
It's genetic.

I'm gonna go to
my very own room now. Danke.

I'm gonna soak.
I'm gonna try to forget
what you've done to rne today.

I'm not finished yet.

No, no, no.
No, no, no.

No, no, no. Just--

I've known Paolo
for three years now,

and he's just not the type
who will get attracted...

to the first good-looking
woman that passes by.

[ Snores ]


[Bell Tolling]

"George peeked inside.
He was trying to see
what was making the swirls,

when all of a sudden"--

"The chocolates began
coming out
faster and faster.

They sped by him so quickly,
they seemed to be running
on legs of their own."

D' accord?

[ Paolo ]
And this is
the famous Louvre Museum.

Once a royal fortress
in the 13th century,

now it's considered
one of the most famous
museums in the world.

Not difficult.
I mean, they got all these
Italian paintings.

They got Leonardo,
they got Michelangelo,

Caravaggio, Giotto,
et cetera, et cetera.

Many of which, by the way,
were stolen from Italy.
Huh! What are you gonna do?

[Bell Tolling]

Beautiful doesn't even
begin to describe her.

She was like, um,

She had, uh--
She was radiating in light.

Am I missing something
here, brother?

Aren't you
getting married
to Greta?

She smiled at me.

Well, she's been
waiting three years
for you to propose.

I'm amazed
she didn't yodel

Not Greta.
The girl on the bicycle
smiled at me.

Which Beethoven?
I don't know, man.
One of his operas.

Look. You gotta forget
about this girl on the bicycle,
Paolo, all right?

It wasn't just a smile.
[Car Alarm Chirps]

I've gotta get this girl
out of my head.

I know, I know.
Yeah. You have, right?

So let's say good-bye to the
beautiful girl on the bicycle
with the gorgeous smile, right?

See you later.
Ta-ta. Adios. Ciao.

Ta-ta, ciao, ciao. Done.
Away from my head.

She gone?
She's out of my head.

I promise.

Very good.
She's out of my head. I'm never
gonna mention her anymore.

Well done.
I'm done.

[ Moaning ]

[ Bicycle Bell Rings]

Okay, are you waving
at me, Paolo?

I was stretching my arm.

No, you were waving at me.

I wasn't aware I was waving.
Like, I don't know. Maybe I was
caught up in the moment.

I won't wave anymore.

Can't call her.
Her husband's
back in town for the weekend.

Did I tell you
she waved at me?

Who? Oh, don't tell me.
The girl on the fuckin' bicycle.

Can't call her.
She's dead now.
I waved back.

I also waved at Greta

Greta was
on the bicycle, too, was she?
I thought she was in Munich.

I'm talking about yesterday.

Me and Greta--
we were having sex,
and I waved.

Hmm. You were having sex
with Greta while you were waving
at the girl on the bicycle?


Greta was on top of me.
I thought it was the girl
on the bicycle, so I waved.

can I ask you something?

Have you gone
totally fuckin' bonkers?

You think I want this?

It just happened.

This girl has possessed me

- I don't know if you noticed.
- Oh, yeah. I've noticed.

[Woman ]
Come on, let's play
Let's go outside

Okay, sweetheart. Now,

all you have to do
is remember to wet the soap
and hold it in your left hand.

I'm right-handed.

[ Gasps ]
[ Man Groans]

[ Man Groans]

- Cécile.
- Yeah?

Do you think
you can grip the soap
just a tiny bit tighter?

- Yéah,yeah,yeah.
I'm so sorry.
- Excellent.

[ Groans ]

Merde! I'm sorry.
I lost my grip.


I'm sorr--
Are you okay?

[ Chuckles ]

You think this is funny?

No. So,

can we all behave
like professionals here?

- Mm-hmm.
- Good. Thank you.

[ Laughing ]
I'm ready.

[ Exhales Deeply]

- [Chuckles]
- Are we done now?

Because, you see, it took
two hours longer than I expected
to do your hair and makeup,

and we only have this studio
for one hour more,

so we really need to
get this done now.

- Yeah.
- Good.

♫ Come away with me ♫

Now let's see that face
of being in paradise.

♫ So long
We'll see you soon ♫

Now hold it.
Hold it tight.

Don't let it slip!
Oh, merde!

Get that soap, Cécile,
and get it now!

I'm so sorry. Stupid soap
is in here somewhere.

No, no!
No, don't-
[Splash ]

Got it!

[ Muttering In French ]

Nobody's going to buy
your stupid soap anyway,

'cause they won't be able
to hold it in their hand
for two seconds, dummies!

[ Director ]
Yeah, good-bye, Cécile!
Yeah, yeah, good-bye!

Look, man. This one's
a piece of cake, right?

Meet the girl
on the bicycle.

Why? I'm getting married
with Greta.

I love her.
She's perfect for me.

That's why you've
gotta meet her, right?

'Cause no girl,
not even some beautiful
girl on a bicycle,

could ever measure up
to your fantasy of her.

Are you sure about this?
It's my speciality.

I don't think
it's gonna work.
Trust me, right?

The rub is to get
her telephone number.

Numéro de téléphone,
s'il vous plait.

Numéro de téléphone?
S'il vous plait.

S'il vous plaît.
Yeah.Numéro de téléphone,
s'il vous plaît.

Numéro de téléphone,
s'il vous plait.

Numéro de téléphone,

s'il vous plaît.

[ Paolo]
Under the golden dome
is buried Napoléon.

Napoléon, you have to know,
was Italian.

His real name was
Napoleone di Buonaparte.

Now what you're now seeing,
that building over there with
the big hole in the middle-

that is the world-famous
Arc de Triomphe.

Now there's two of these
in existence, and a lot
of people don't realize this.

There's one here in Paris,
and the other one
is in Las Vegas, Nevada.

[ Man ]
♫ Oh, last stop Paris ♪

♫ It looks like
I'm here to stay I

♫ I'd rather be walking
on the Champs-Elysées ♫

[ Paolo ]
And this is
Notre Dame Cathedral,

which was started
in the year 1163...

and finished
in the year 1345.

182 years
to finish a church.

I mean, in Italy,
we build them almost overnight.
But what are you gonna do?

♫ Last stop Paris
Looks like I'm here to stay ♫

♫ Looks like I'm here to stay ♫

♫ And I'll be settling down
for coffee ♫

♫ Or should I say a café?♫

♫ Strolling along the Seine ♫

♫ Oh, last stop Paris
I made up my mind today ♫

♫ Last stop Paris ♫

♫ There's nothing more
I can say ♫

♫ Last stop Paris
Looks like I'm here to stay ♫

[ No Audible Dialogue]


[Very Faint]
Numéro de téléphone,
s'il vous plaît.

[ French ]

[ French ]

[ Italian ]

No, no, no, no, no!
[ Italian]

[ Italian ]

Now you'll be seeing
the real Paris that almost
no tourist has ever seen.

Ahead of us,
you will see the sewing shop.

Very good if you need sewing--

if it's not August,
and if it's open.


Hi. It's me.
Call me back, Schnute.

What are you doing?

Paolo always calls me
at lunchtime if I'm not flying.
He hasn't called.

We're now passing a wine bar.
They have wine.

They also have free peanuts...
if it's not August,
and if it's open.

Well, suppose that
just this one time
he decided not to call.

Nothing bothers an Italian
more than a plan.

Show him a schedule,
and he swats at it
like a mosquito.

I think
I'm gonna call him again.

[ Beeping ]

[ Man ]
[ Passengers Murmuring ]

Hmm. Maybe
there's a good reason
he's not calling.

What's a good reason?

He's dead?

No. Mm-- Mm-mmm.

No. No, please,
give him a break!


You don't understand,

Your cell phone
is your relationship.

You go from e-mails to texting
to actually talking.

[ Beeps ]

He's probably just
taking a nap on his bus.

[All Scream ]

[All Exhaling ]

[ Italian ]

Café, croissant.
Buon appetito!

Well, you got a chance
of seeing a different--

[Chattering ]

Where did you go?

Huh? Sorry?

Numéro de téléphone,
s'il vous plait.

Brava, brava.
Numéro de téléphone,
s'il vous plaît.

[ Chuckles ]

- What?
- [Horn Honking]

Au revoir.

- [Horn Honking]
- [Screams]

[ Crash ]

[ Horns Honking]

[Chattering ]

[Line Ringing]

♫ [Cell Phone Ringtone: Rock]

I ran over the girl
on the bicycle, man.

Excellent solution.
Fast and final.

I didn't kill her.
Well, that's too bad,

'cause that definitely
would have solved the problem.

You manage to get
her phone number?

No. That's why
I ran her over.

Oh, well, that should teach her.

If she refuses next time,
throw her off the Eiffel Tower,
or maybe drown her in the Seine.

Eventually, she's got to
give you her phone number.

Very funny, man.
Her name is Cécile.
Cécile Laurent.

- You spoke to her?
- No, I'm at the hospital.

I heard the nurses
say her name.

Also, I've been fired.

I can't marry Greta
without a job.

Find me another job.

Excuse me.
Gotta go.

Uh, how is Cécile Laurent?

We only can give out information
to immediate family.

Are you her husband?

Yeah, I'm the husband.

She has a broken leg
and a broken arm,
but only minor fractures.

She'll be fine
in a few weeks.

We have her on strong
pain medication, so she's
a little drugged out now.

But you should be able
to take her home soon.

Take her home soon.


Once you find someone
to take care of her,
you can go back to work.

Do you want to see her?

I'll be back.




Ah, my sweet,
dear children, eh?

You were right, Maman.
Papa speaks English.


Time to go home, everybody.

Let's go in.

Hold the door.
Hold the door.

Very good. Oop.
Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.

All right.

Let's do it!



I'm hungry.
Me too.

Okay. You can go get
something to eat.

I'm six years old.
I'm five, Papa.


Okay. Let's get something
straight right away.



Okay, Julien and Claire,
I'm not sure
where you got this idea,

but I'm definitely
not, uh--

not, uh--

Not what?

I'm not, uh-—

I'm not sure
what there is, uh,
to eat for dinner.

Where is the kitchen?


Where is the food?

[Julien ]
Maman didn't buy it yet.
She buys it on her way home.

Now I'll go buy
some real food downstairs.
You play.

You left your phone
in the locker?

He left his phone
in the locker at the depot.

What time will you be home
for dinner tonight?

No, Greta, the thing is that,
um, the union decided to do
this thing at the last minute.

I don't- It's a meeting
that, uh, I don't know
how long it's gonna last.

But probably
it will last a long time.
I mean, I don't know.

Well, okay, then I'm just gonna
put your dinner in the fridge,
and you can microwave it?

Brava, perfetto.

He has a union
meeting tonight.
[ Chuckles]

Greta, who's there?
Nobody. Just a friend.

He's one of the pilots.
You haven't met him.

Okay. Bacio.

Paolo took me here
the first night we met.

I love it here.

If you ever
want to find me,
here's where I am.

And I don't believe
for one second that he left
his phone in his looker.



[ Sighs]

I'm happy you're back home.

Me too,
although you were away
a very long time.

Too long.
You should stay here
and not kill dragons, Papa.


takes a long time
to kill dragons.

And if you don't
call me "Papa," that
would be good. Thank you.

- We can't call you "Papa"?
- We can't call you "Papa"?

No, you can call me Papa
if you want,
but not so often.

I mean, at least
until we get to know
each other. You know?

Could you say the story
of how you killed the dragon
when we go to bed?

Bed. That's a good idea.
When do you go to bed?

- After dinner.
- And our bath.

Hmm. Okay, if you want to know
the whole story about
how I killed the dragon,

finish your pasta
very quickly,
and go get your bath.

- I'm six years old.
- I'm five.

Maman bathes us.

Well, probably
not tonight.

And I was in the mouth
of the dragon.

Then I put my feet like this
and my arms like this,
and I kept the mouth open.

Then I took my sword,
and I plunged it
through his tongue...

and hit all the way down
to his throat.

And the dragon
wanted to spit fire,

but he couldn't
because of my sword.

And then all the fire
went into his sinuses,
and then he had to sneeze.

And so he wanted
an antihistamine,

but he couldn't
ask for antihistamine
because he couldn't talk.

So he was desperate.
And then I saw him become puffy,
puffy, puffy, puffy, puffy-

And then he sneezed, boom,

and he sneezed me
out of his mouth.

So I was free
all of a sudden.

I look at him,
and he goes like--


An enormous sneeze.

And all this
nasal mucus there.

And then he...
dropped and fell-
[ imitates Thud ]

In this giant puddle
of nasal mucus,
and he drowned.

And he was dead.

- Bravo!
- Bravo!

It was easy really.

Shh. Good night.

mother wakes us up
at 7:00 for school.

7:00? Okay,
I'll wake you up at 7:00.

Good night. Sleep.

[ Creaks ]

[Line Ringing]

Moshi-moshi yourself.

You don't know
in what kind of shit
you put me in, man.

Cécile has two children.

Well, there you go.
That ought to do it.

No, they think
I'm their father.

- Now why is that?
- I don't know why is that.
They just do.

Who cares why?
I mean, they think I've
been away chasing dragons.

So did you, uh,
rescue the princess,
or you gotta go back to get her?

No, the princess-
she took so many pills,
she's like in a coma.

Where are you, man?
I'm on my way
to Greta.

And, by the way,
if she calls you,

you have to tell her
that we were at a union
meeting tonight- me and you.

Oh, we got a union now, have we?
That's all I could
think about, man.

So now put clown
your stupid guitar,
and find someone...

who can take care of
Cécile and the kids.

Any specific qualifications?

She should not be beautiful
and not ride a bicycle.

[ Beeps ]

Oui. Yeah. Um--

We are looking for
Rue Saint-Jacques.



It's on the left,
at the next--

Why don't you speak to me
in French, eh?

Do you know how much money
I've spent having
French lessons?

Right? No one
in this city will speak
a word to me in French.

I've had three
French wives, man.

Not one of them
would speak to me in French.

Do you know
how maddening that is?

[ Sighs]

[ Birds Chirping]

[ Beeping ]

What time is it?

I'm going jogging.

Wait. Didn't you just go out?

Yeah, but I really didn't
get enough of a workout.

L-- I want--
want to do more.



What are you thinking?

I don't know, Paolo.
What am I thinking?

It's true.
I really wanna go jogging.

[ Sighs]

[ Door Opens]

Bonjour, bambini.

Time to get up.
Come on.

E uno, due...

e... tre!

Now you're up.

You don't have
any clean clothes?

[Toilet Flushes]

[ Exhales]

[ Knocks]


Feeling better?

You hit me with your bus.

Yes, I know.
I'm really sorry.

I am Paolo.
Really sorry.

Why are you in my apartment
if you hit me with your bus?

Well, because
I'm taking care
of you and the kids.

Not for long, because
I have to find a job.

What's that?

- The telephone.
- Yes, thank you. I know.

- But why are giving it to me?
- So you can call someone to
help you until you get better.

I mean,
take care of the kids.

Like who?

I don't know.
Your parents?


- You hit me with your bus.
- Yeah, I know that.

But there's gotta be someone
gonna be able to take care
of you and the kids.

I mean, I don't know.
Like, uh, you have an uncle,
an aunt?

Uh, uh--

Do you have someone
from Facebook?

No. Uh, what about
your ex-husband?

No. He's not my ex-husband.

We were never married, and now
he's living in Australia with
his wife and two children, so-

I can't believe
you hit me with your bus.

Well, and I can't believe
that you haven't
told your children...

that their father
is not coming back.

- Okay.
Let's try something new.
- Yeah. Excellent idea.

Maybe you can
get me some breakfast.





Excuse me.
Why do the- the kids
think I'm their father?

I know the answer to that.
Because that's what
you told the nurse.

Now can I get
my breakfast, please?


I didn't tell the nurse
that I'm their father.

[ Chuckles ]

I told the nurse
that I'm your husband.

You told her that?
But why?

Ah, so you could
get my phone number.
No, no, no, no.

You kept asking me
for my phone number.

- Why were you doing that?
- Why was I doing that?

A friend of mine.

I told him, uh, that I saw
this beautiful girl
on a bicycle" you-

and he wants
to meet you.

He has a thing
for, uh, beautiful women.
I go get the breakfast.

Oh, I thought
the number was for you.

No, it wasn't for me.
Why would I need
your phone number?

By the way,
I'm engaged to get married,
just so you know.

Okay, then why did you tell
the nurse you were my husband?

Because I had to find out
how you were.
That's it.

- Why?
- Because I hit you
with my bus.


You're still eating?
Finish up. We have to
leave in five minutes.

There's always so much
pressure around here.

"Get out of bed."

"Finish your breakfast."
"Go to school."

It's not good for my nerves.

Huh. If you really wanna see
something that is not gonna be
good for your nerves,

try not to be ready
in five minutes.


[Chattering ]

Ciao, Julien.

Bye-bye, Papa.

Au revoir, Papa.
Ciao, Claire. Bye.

[School Bell Rings]

[ Cécile ]
Ah, Paolo.

I called for you,
but you weren't here.

I was out doing laundry.
The children have
no clean clothes.

- What are you doing there?
- I'm trying to get
to the bathroom.

- I've been holding it forever.
- Hmm.

Are-Are you going to help me?


[Toilet Flushes]


Paolo, I've been
in this gown forever.

I really need you to help me
get on some clean "clotheses."


In the armoire here,

on the left side
is a bra and panties.

Now. Done.

Yéah, no, not done.
My breasts go
inside the bra.

They're not inside the bra?



Now can you--

No. I'm not
gonna do your panties.

There are some scissors
over there
in the sewing basket.

You have to tell the children
I'm not their father, okay?


I'll tell them
as soon as you
bring them back from school.

Well, we should
break it to them gently.

Julien is under
a lot of pressure.

I'm afraid that
if we do it too quickly,

I mean, it's gonna be bad
for his nerves.

[ Chattering Excitedly ]

Uno, due.

E... stop!

Turn around!

I like marching.

Ah, you do, huh?
You do.

Can we do it all the time?

- Your bus broke clown?
- The motor started smoking.
The brakes started smoking.

There was black smoke
Sounds terrible.

Okay. Look at me.



♫ [Pop] ♫
♫ I need a piece of apple pie ♫

Good night, huh?

♫ Take my hand,
and walk with me ♫

♫ There's so much beauty
here to see ♫

Julien, come on.

♫ Shining, shining ♫

♫ So inviting ♫

Little bit.

♫ All the world ♫

[ Groans ]

♫ I'm happy as can be ♫

Uh, no, no, Paolo.

It's gonna take a while
because there is,
like, a traffic jam now.

It's rush hour.
I'm completely surrounded
by cars. Everything is blocked.

♫ Everything is going my Way ♫

♫ So listen to me say ♫

♫ I'm happy as can be ♫
♫ Happy ♫

♫ Happy ♫

♫ [Whistling]

♫ Happy, happy ♫

Paolo found somebody else.

He's never around anymore.

Leaves early in the morning,
comes back late at night.

Well, I'm kind of
in the middle
of something right now.

Can we talk about this
another time, please?

What am I supposed to do?

Well, you're
supposed to make sure...

that everyone's got
their seat belts fastened...

so I can get this machine
up in the air.

I don't care
about their seat belts.

Let them just
bump around a little.

If we crash,
we're all gonna die anyway.

We're just gonna die
in our seats.


tell him
what you're feeling.

Ah. But don't
accuse him of anything.

If you accuse us,
we just deny it anyway.

You do?

Listen. I'm just gonna
make sure that everyone's
in their seat belts now. Ja? (yes?)



[Groans ]


Bonne nuit, Papa.

Bonne nuit, Papa.
I love you.

I love you too, Claire.

Me too?

Of course.

I don't know why,
but I love you too.

Now sleep.
See you in the morning, huh?


I have to
go to Greta now.

It's the anniversary
of the first time we met.

And I'll be back in the morning
to take the kids to school.

Thank you, Paolo.

I told the children that
I left my phone number
on the table for them too.

But I told them
not to call me unless
it's a real emergency.

And happy anniversary.

Thank you.
A domani, huh?


♫ [Pop]

I One night in Paris ♫

♫ With a man I barely knew ♫

I I'm lost in a moment
(Test la vie J”

♫ C'est la chance
C'est l'amour ♫

♫ [Vocalizing ]

We are in luck.
The owner of the restaurant
is from Sicily.

So we have to return this,

♫ C'est la chance
C'est l'amour ♫

It seems that,

since you proposed to me,
you're different.

More distant.

Like maybe you've
changed your mind?

I need to be reassured.

My friends keep telling rne
how Italian men
are unfaithful...

and see nothing wrong
in having more than one woman
at the same time.

Some Italian men
are like that. Uh--

Some French men
are like that too.

And some American presidents
and professional golfers.

Okay, so this is
how you reassure me?


This is how I reassure you.

That does help.

I really don't have the energy
for more than one woman
at the same time, you know.

I barely have the energy
to lift up this glass.

Well, you were
up half the night...

and Went jogging
in the morning.


Come here.

[ Sighs]

I should spend
more time on the floor.


Because you are even
more beautiful upside down.

Why did you bring me here
the first night we met?

I had invited you
to my apartment.

I know.

I didn't want to go
right up to your apartment
like that.

When we passed here,
I wanted to stop,

to talk to you,
to look at you.

I wanted to make a memory.

I was already
in love with you.

♫ One night in Paris ♫

♫ With a man I barely knew ♫

♫ I'm lost in a moment ♫
♫ C'est la vie ♫

♫ C'est la chance ♫
♫ C'est l'amour ♫

♫ [Singing] ♫

Well, I guess that does it.

Our night is over.

Not quite.

♫ C'est l'amour ♫

[ Moaning ]


Oh, don't, don't,
don't, don't.

[ Moaning ]

What if it's an emergency?
[ Moaning ]
What? No. No!

[ Groans ]

- Pronto?
-[ Julien ] Papa?
mother cried all night.

I could not stop her.
Can you help us?

- I'll be right over.
- You'll be what?


I'm sorry.

Really sorry.

It's Derek.

He's very sick.
He's vomiting.

He has high fever.
He may go to the hospital.

Why doesn't he call a doctor?


He did. But...

he's all alone
until the doctor comes.

It might take hours.
I have to be there.

See? It's an emergency,

No, no, Paolo.
You have to understand.
I have to finish sex.

I've been trying to finish it
for over a week now.

When I walked down the aisle
in the plane yesterday,

Elke asked rne why my knees have
been shaking so badly lately.
You have to finish!

I'll be right back.


[Line Ringing]

♫ [Cell Phone Ringtone: Rock]
Do you know what time it is?

I don't know.

- Why are you waking me up?
- Because you're very sick.

Oh, I'm sick, am I?
What's wrong with me?

I don't know.
Uh, you got the grippe.

You've been throwing up
all over the place.

You're waiting for the doctor,

and he's not coming,
so that's why
I'm there with you.

Oh, you're here, are ya?

Look. l had to
tell Greta something.
We were in the middle of sex,

and the children called.

Actually, almost, uh--

We were at the very end
of sex, you know.

You stopped sex just before
her orgasm to answer the phone?
Are you crazy?

Derek, listen to me.

Tomorrow you can't
go to work, okay?

Tell them you're sick.
Just cover me on this, okay?

And if Greta calls,

just cough--
a lot.

[Sobbing ]


[Sobbing Continues]

Go to bed now.
Go to bed. Come on.

Where do you go at night?

Well, sometimes
I have to work at night.
That's my job.

What do you do?
I'm a night worker.

Go to bed.
You have to go to school
in a few hours. Come on.

[Sobbing Continues]

- Cécile.
- Did you have
a nice anniversary?

Come on.

Come on. Sit up.

Cécile, can you tell me
what's wrong?

My life is what's wrong.

Can you be
a little more specific?

I have practically
no money.
I have no job.

I have a broken leg.
I have a broken arm.
So I can't get a job.

And also,
without a broken arm and leg,
I couldn't get a job...

because things
always go badly,
and they always fire me.

My children have no father.
I have no husband
and no lover.

And now I don't even
have a bicycle anymore.

I'm sorry about that.

And you don't even
love me, even though you
hit me with your bus.

Oh, God--

Look, if Italians
loved everyone they hit
in a traffic accident,

they would have twice
the population of China,

You see?
You don't love me.

Wait a minute.
You don't love me either.

Well, I don't love you.

But how do I know that?

Yes, people tell each other
they don't love each other all
the time when really they do.

And say they do love each other
when really they don't.

Look, Cécile.
I'm engaged to Greta.

And I'm in love with her.
Really in love.

I can't keep running
back and forth like this.

And it would break her heart
if she knew that I'm living
virtually with another woman.

But she doesn't know
you're here?

Where does she think you are?

Well, depends.
But definitely not with you.

I don't know
what to do, Paolo.

What do I do?

I know you're
going through a hard time.
I'm really sorry about that.

But everything will be fine.

Life is just
a series of accidents,
and that's all it is.

You are on a plane,
you hit some turbulences,

the stewardess
falls in your lap,

you take her home,

and three years later
you're getting married.

You drive your bus,
you hit a girl on a bicycle,

you don't fall in love with her,
you fall in love
with her children.

It's just
a series of accidents.

You never know
where it's going.
But it's going to be okay.

You love my children?

I really didn't mean to.
I'm sorry.

You should go home
to Greta now, Paolo.

So, could you help me
get out of my clothes?



Paolo, it's 7:40!

[ Murmurs]

The children were
supposed to be up at 7:00.


[School Bell Rings]

BYE. Papa.
BYE. Papa.

Presto, presto! Dai. Dai.
[ Woman ] Les enfants,
vite, vite, vite!

[ Chimes, Beeps ]

♫ [Cell Phone Ringtone: Rock]

[Coughing ]

No, no, Derek, it's me.
Stop coughing.

- I need a favour.
- And what's the favour?

Well, I need to spend
more time with Greta.

I can't keep
leaving her like this.

I need you to watch Cécile
for me tonight.

I'll be back in the morning,
I swear, so you can
go to work, okay?

- I thought I was sick.
- Well, you'll be better
at 4:30 this afternoon.

That's when you meet me
at the café across the street
from Cécile.

It's 20 Rue Saint-Blaise.
Okay? Gotta go.

[ Beeps ]

♫ [Cell Phone Ringtone: Rock]

All right.
I'll do it. But this is
the last thing I do for you.

You'll do what?

[Coughing ]

Are you all right,

[ Imitating Vomiting ]

Yeah. Are you throwing up?

- Yeah. I'm throwing up. Yeah.
- Hmm.

Let rne talk to Paolo, please.
I tried his cell phone,
and I got voice mail.

- What?
- I want to talk to Paolo.
Put him on the phone.

Uh, he's out, uh,
getting me medication
to stop me from being sick.

[ Imitating Vomiting ]

- You are lying.
- I'm not lying.

Listen. I don't know what's
going on with the two of you,

but I will find out.
You can bet on it.

Yeah, all right.
I'm coming.


Oh. Poor baby.

[ Door Closes]

What are you doing?

I've come here
to be with you
until Paolo gets back.

He left in the middle
of the night because he didn't
wanna leave you alone,

so as soon as I heard
that you're alone again,
I rushed straight over.

No, I meant the knitting.

Ah, this? Um--

You know, we have no way of
knowing how long it's going
to be until Paolo gets back.

So I thought
I might bring along
something to pass the time.

And I've learned
how to do this ages ago,

but I never continued,because
I didn't find the time, and so
I was like, "Why not now?"

- How are you feeling?
- Uh, not too good.

There's a doctor
coming right over.

So you're gonna
have to go right away, love.

- Right away?
- Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, he only sees
private patients,
so you can't be here.


I think I have to
use the bathroom.

No, you can't.
I can't?

No, it's- it's broken. There's
one in the café over the road.
Go and use that one.

Wait. Weren't you just
throwing up in there?

Yeah. That's why it's broken.
It's all stopped up.

You don't wanna know
what come out of me.

Derek, What's going on
with Paolo?

I know that you know.
Just tell me,
and I'll leave right away.

Right away?
Like a bullet.

All right. I'll tell ya.

But Paolo swore me
to secrecy, right,

'cause he didn't know
how to tell you this.

But this is
the absolute bottom line,

no holds barred,
God's honest truth, right?

Paolo is gay?



You have to be French
to do this.

You're sure
you don't want a fork?

Okay. Hmm. Whatever
Paolo's keeping from you--

and I can guarantee
it's not that he's gay--

there's only
one way to find out.

- You have to follow him.
- Don't be stupid.

I'm not gonna follow him.

Paolo is my fiancé.
I trust him completely.

Just out of curiosity,

if I were
going to follow him,

how exactly would I do that?

♫ [Singing In Italian]

Now you have a bicycle.

I love it.
I didn't even know
they still made these.

No, I got it on eBay.
I rode it all the way here.
It's fantastic.

They say it goes
40 kilometers an hour.

Thank you, Paolo.

I'm glad you like it.

But now I have to go.
I have to get the kids.

Ah, when I get back,
I cannot stay,

because I really
have to be with Greta.

Derek will be here
with you, okay?

Ah, the Derek
who wanted my phone number?

Ah, I finally
get to meet him.

Perfect. Ciao.


[ Engine Starts]

[ Engine Revving ]


[ Chuckles ]

[ Screams ]


[Applause ]



Oui. Uh--

♫ [Julien And Claire
Singing In French ]

There you go.
Are you all right there?

All right.

[ Chuckles ]

You all right?

Oh, pardon.




[ Man Screams ]
[ Paolo]
You just killed me again.

Why do you keep doing that?
We are on the same team.

I'm sorry.
Did I do that?

I must have
pushed the wrong button.
Restore yourself.

Okay, but shoot at the red guys.
We are the blue team.
We are in-

You just did it again.
You pushed me
off the ledge!

You know how many times
you killed me tonight?


All right.
We don't have to play.
No more.

Stop this game.

Actually, I wanted
to continue something...

that we started yesterday,
and we didn't finish.


Paolo, not tonight.

[Alarm Clock Beeping ]

What time is it?

Go back to sleep.

Where are you going?

I'm going jogging.
Same as always.

Ja, ja. (yes, yes)
Same as always.

[ Door Opens, Closes]

[ Dog Barks ]

[Toy Squeaks Loudly]

[Cécile Moaning ]

Oh, yeah!
[ panting, Moaning ]

- What the hell are you doing?
- What's it look like
I'm doing, man? Go away!

Stop it.
The woman has a broken leg
and a broken arm.

Well, it don't seem
to bother her, does it?

Well, it bothers me.
You'll make it worse.

I'm not making it worse.
We've worked it out, and she's
doing just fine, ain't you?

Yeah fine-

I go away?
Stop it.

- There are children
in the other room.
- The children are asleep-

or at least they were
till you came in here
and started shouting at us.

Derek, you were supposed
to be taking care of Cecile.

I am taking care of Cécile.

Yeah, he really is
taking care of me.

Ah, really?
You know this man has been
married three times already?

Yeah, I know.
I can tell.

Stop it. Stop it.


Come on. Out! Out!

[ Cecile ]
Okay, you better go,

Out! Out!
All right, all right.
I'm going, I'm going, I'm going.

By the way, you left
the door open all night.

The kitchen is a mess.

And the motorbike
that I just bought her
is on the floor. Huh?

And why there is, like,
jelly smashed all over
the kitchen door, huh?

Who do you think
is gonna clean
all this up, huh?

[ Scoffs ]
Out. Vai, vai. Out.

Basta. Get out.

Je reviens
tout é l'heure, mon chéri.
I'll be back.

Tout à l'heure.
Tout à l'heure, my ass.

- [Sighs]
- You're gonna be late
for work.

Oh, shit.

Sorry I can't hang around.
I've gotta go
and meet my, uh, broker.

[Chuckles] In 10 minutes.
It's very important I make it.
You know what I mean?

Where is he?
And don't tell me
he's having his nails done.

Second floor.

Door on the left.

I don't understand.
I mean, I thought
you didn't want rne.

You've got Greta, remember?

I know.
I don't want you,

but I don't like the idea
of Derek having you either.

He's the one
who got me into all this.

It's not fair that
I take care of the children,

like I do the laundry,
I do the cooking,
and he shows up for dessert.

[ Knocking ]

I told you
to go away!
Shh! The children.


May I come in,

[ Paolo]

I know it's possible to jump
to the wrong conclusion here.

Really? What conclusion
would that be?

Well, you know--

Actually, I don't, do I?
Uh, would you mind putting on
some clothes, dear?

I'm finding this
really distracting.

- I can't.
- I beg your pardon?

I can't put on my clothes.
I have a broken arm and leg.
Paolo dresses me.

See how easy it is to jump
to the wrong conclusion?
I told you.

Let me introduce you.
Uh, this is Cécile.

It's a girl that
I ran over with my bus.

And, Cécile, this is Greta.
We are getting married. So--

Oh, it's nice to meet you.
I heard a lot about you.
I really like your dress.

Yeah? Shut up.
What conclusion, Paolo?

Well, uh-
[Julien ]
Why everybody is waking me up?

I sleep late
on weekends, Papa.
Me too, Papa.

Did they say "Papa"?

No. I don't--

Is he your father?


No. Can we go somewhere else,

talk about this thing--
about the "Papa" thing too?

What conclusion, Paolo?

No. Don't speak in German,
because I don't understand.

I don't understand.
[ Italian ]
I don't understand.

[Sobbing ]

[ Italian ]

[ Paolo Speaking Italian]

[Children Sobbing ]

Shh. Shh.
[ French]

Bambini, bambini, bambini.
No, no, no.
It's okay. It's okay.

Sometimes, you know,
grown-ups get angry.
But they get over it, huh?

Can we talk?

[ Greta ]
Go away.

I really need to talk.
I can explain everything.

Those are not my children.

Cécile is not my wife.
Come on.

Go away!

I really want to--

Go away!

[ Knocking ]

I lost her.

I lost her.
Well, I'm sure
she'll turn up.

I mean,
she can't get that far.
She's on crutches.

Greta threw me out
of my own apartment.

So now I need to stay here.



Excuse me.

You can't stay here, mate.

Obviously I can't go over
to Cécile anymore.

I can't see the children,
and they already
lost one father.

The kids are all right, man.
They're resilient, you know.

Ah, really?
And Cécile?
What's gonna happen to her?

Well, as you've
probably noticed,

we seem to be
getting on all right, so...

I don't mind
taking care of her.

What about your job?

Well, that's
the interesting part.

You know, Cécile-
she ain't got a penny
to her name, right?

So I called Claude
at the depot and made him
a little proposition.

For a modest
financial settlement,
Cécile won't sue the company.

But only on the condition
that you're rehired,

and I get time off
to take care of her.

What did Claude say?

"Merci" and"Oui."

- Really?
- Yeah.

[Chattering ]

He's married.
Or at least
he's living with someone.

She's really,
really pretty.

And he's got two kids.

They're the cutest kids
I've ever seen.

They could have been
genetically engineered,
they're so cute.

He's not married
with two kids, Greta.


Because when an Italian
cheats on his fiancée,

he doesn't get married
and have two kids.

It's more casual.

I'm not marrying
Paolo, François.

You are marrying Paolo.

I'd even go
to the ceremony myself...

if weddings didn't
make me break out
all over in a terrible rash.

I have something to tell you.

I've been thinking lately...

that it will be good...

if I could care about someone
the way you care about Paolo.

I'd like someone
who would just break my heart
if I ever lost her.

It's very hard to find.

It's very hard.

He lied to me,


People do that.

And it hurts.

I can see.

So, give him a hard time
for a while,

make him suffer,
but then find a way back.

You know what,

If you could ever get
control over your hormones
for even 10 minutes,

you could make some woman
feel really special.

Not me.
But someone.

My life is adrift.

It has no anchor.

All because of a girl
on a bicycle.

I'm gonna give you
the secret of life, Paolo.

Let's hear it.

There'll always be
a girl on a bicycle.

That's it?

Yeah. That's it.

But my life
has no anchor.
Yeah. I've heard.

And speaking of being
chained to one place,
like, for example, my sofa,

Claude said if you ain't
back driving that bus tomorrow,
you're fired- again.

Oh, and by the way,
Julien and Claire are wondering
what happened to their father.

- Papa! Papa!
- Bambini!

[ Chuckles ]

Ah, belli.

Ouch! You're hurting me!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Where's Derek?


Well, I asked Derek
if I could come
myself today, because--

because I wanted to see you.

And also because, uh,
I have something
that I have to tell you.


Julien, Claire,

I'm sorry--
really sorry--

but I'm not
your father.

- I know that.
- Me too.

- You know that?
- I'm six years old.

I'm five.

You don't look at all
like my real father.


You knew this
all this time?

Why you didn't
say anything?

'Cause I like to have a father,
even a pretend one.
Me too.

Come here. Come and sit
with me a second, huh?

We won't see you anymore,
will we?


We won't see you anymore,
will we?

Of course you'll see me.

I can be, like, um,
an uncle.

Uncle Paolo.

I mean, if you like that.

Okay. You can be our uncle,
but you need to stop
fighting dragons.

I have stopped
fighting dragons.

You don't look like
you stopped.

You look like
you got hurt.

Well, it's true.

I did get hurt.

But not as much
as I hurt the dragon.

I didn't mean to hurt her,
because she's
a very good lady dragon.

Did you say you're sorry?

Yeah. But she's hiding
in a cave.
She won't come out.

When she gets hungry,
she'll come out.

That's true.

When she gets hungry,
she has to come out.

Then you need to catch her,
like all the other dragons.

But this time
don't let her go.

You know what?

That's what I'll do.

I'm going to get a fast,
beautiful horse.

Then I'm gonna catch her,
and I will never
let her go, huh?

But you need to be careful
for her fire.

That's true.

I do have to be careful
for her fire.

- You ready?
- Ready!

Uno, due!


Uno, due.
Uno, due.

Uno, due.
Uno, due.

Cover your head!
Uno, due.
Uno, due. Uno, due.

You're sure? Milan?

Milan, Italy?

Greta Huge?

Yes, I'm the husband,
of course.

Paolo Kluge. Yes.

What time does
the flight leave, please?

Is it gonna be on time?

I know
it's a German airlines, but--

Danke, danke, danke.


[Woman On P.A.
Speaking French ]





[ Man On P.A.
Speaking French ]

[ Man On Recording ]
lch liebe dich. Danke.

Isn't that Paolo?

[Speaking German ]

Oh, my God!
He's stalking me.

I can't believe
he's doing this.
Maybe you two should just talk.

No. No, I'm not ready.


I can handle it.

[Speaking German ]


[ Woman On P.A]
Passengers, please proceed to
Gate C1 for immediate boarding.


Hey! Hey!

Signore! Hey!

Un momento!

[ Greta]
Marta, close the door!
Un momento!


Can we talk?

Please, can you take your seat?
Please. We must push back.

Come on, Greta.
All right.

Seat 17C, on the aisle.
Thank you.

Come to my seat later.

[ Intercom Chimes]

[ Frangois ]
We have been cleared
for final approach...

to Charles de Gaulle Airport
in Paris...

and should be on the ground
in 10 minutes.

Flight attendants,
prepare for landing.

I'm sorry, sir.
You have to get out of there.

The captain can't land
unless everyone
is in his seat. Sir?

[ Paolo]
I'm not coming out
until I talk to Greta.

Uh, Paolo,
you have to come out.

[ Paolo]
Then get Greta.

She doesn't
want to talk to you,
so come out so we can land.

♫ [Singing In Italian]

- [ Knocking ]
- Paolo.

You have to
get out of there now!

She wants to know
what you want.

Well, first of all,
tell her that I love her
with all my heart.




I'm here.
Say what you gotta say.

Cécile and I are not married.
I haven't been living with her.

We haven't done anything.
Nothing at all.

I hit her with my bus,

and I got fired.

She had no one to take care
of her and the children,
so I had to do it.

So I get them up in the morning,
I dress them up,

I took them to school,
I cook for them,
I put them to bed.

But they are not my children.

Their father left
a long time ago.

Paolo, open the door,

Why do the children
think you're their father?

Because Cécile has been
telling them that their father
one day will show up...

and he would speak English.

So when I showed up
at the hospital...

after I ran her over
with my bus,

they thought
I was their father,

and they were happy--
really happy.

I couldn't tell them--
I mean, the children that--


I miss the-- I--

I miss the Fürze.

I want-
I know I never wanted to
have Fürze, but now I do.

I want Fürze
to call me Papa...

and really be their papa.


Kurze means small children.
Fürze means farts.

No, that's what I mean.
I want lots of little farts
running around.

[Sighs Deeply]

Is that all true?
All of it?

Why didn't you
tell me the truth
from the beginning?

Because I was afraid
you wouldn't understand.

And because Cécile is so--

- Are you in love with her?
- No.

I'm in love with you.
Only with you.


With all my heart.

[Speaks German ]

That was really good
German, Paolo.

Now can you please come out
and sit back in your seat?

Not until you tell me
you're gonna marry me.

You lied to me so much.

I know, but...

if love doesn't have
the power to forgive,
what kind of love is it?

Please come out
so we can land.

- Are you gonna marry me?
- I need time to think.

♫ [Singing In Italian]

Why is he singing that song?

He says,
"When you are far away,

I look on the horizon,
and words fail"-
[ Chuckles]

"And, yes, I know that
you're with me- you, my moon,
are here with me,

my sun,
are here with me,

with me, with me, with me."

♫ [Singing In Italian]

♫ [Continues]

♫ [All Singing In Italian]
Famous Andrea Bocelli song
"Con te partiro"

♫ [Continues]

[ Knocks]

Okay, I will marry you.

♫ [Singing Continues]

[Cheering ]

[ Squeals]


All right.
And here we go.



Et voilé.

Merci, Derek.

[ No Audible Dialogue]

[ Screams ]

[ Crash ]

♫ [Singing] ♫

[ Man ]
♫ It just takes a moment ♫
[Woman ] ♫ A moment ♫

♫ To change everything ♫
♫ Everything ♫

♫ Turn it upside down ♫

♫ It just takes a moment ♫
♫ A moment ♫

♫ To turn everything ♫
♫ Everything ♫

♫ Everything upside down ♫

♫ Send all the humdrum
day-to-day way away ♫

[ Woman ]
♫ And take a little chance
Let's play with happenstance ♫

[ Man, Woman ]
♫ So why not long shot?
You're never gonna know ♫

♫ You'll never, ever find out
if you don't let go ♫

♫ It just takes a moment ♫
♫ A moment ♫

♫ To change everything ♫

♫ Everything ♫

♫ Turn it upside down ♫

♫ It just takes a moment ♫
♫ A moment ♫

♫ To turn everything ♫
♫ Everything ♫

♫ Everything upside down ♫

[ Man, Woman ]
♫ A better day
is right ahead of me ♫

♫ Why not let it begin? ♫

♫ Follow every bit of destiny ♫

♫ I throw my sail
in the wind ♫

[Woman ]
♫ It just takes a moment ♫

♫ It just takes a moment ♫
♫ To change everything ♫

♫ Everything ♫

♫ Turn it upside down ♫

♫ It just takes a moment ♫
♫ A moment ♫

♫ To turn everything ♫

♫ Everything upside down ♫

♫ Upside down ♫

[ Man, Woman ]
♫ Upside down ♫

♫ [Singing] ♫

♫ [ Man singing ]

[ Man ]
♫ Oh, last stop Paris ♫

♫ It looks like
I'm here to stay ♫

♫ I'd rather be walking
on the Champs-Elysées ♫

♫ I'd rather go shop
the Bon Marché ♫

♫ Maybe after the Louvre
or the Musée d'Orsay ♫

♫ I love a French cabaret ♫

♫ Oh, last stop Paris ♫

♫ Looks like
I'm here to stay ♫

♫ Looks like
I'm here to stay ♫

♫ And I'll be settling down
for coffee ♫

♫ Or should I say a café? ♫

♫ Strolling along the Seine ♫

♫ Oh, last stop Paris
I made up my mind today ♫

♫ Last stop Paris ♫
♫ There's nothing more
I can say ♫

♫ Last stop Paris ♫
Looks like I'm here to stay ♫