Girl of Dark (1961) - full transcript





As is widely known, following the widespread
enforcement of the Anti-Prostitution Law in 1958,

various red-light districts have disappeared;
however, streetwalking prostitutes,

or call girls that engage in prostitution and are
thus handed over to the police, are large in number.

With arrest numbers on the rise recently,
65 female care shelters

established across the nation
have been housing the culprits;

however, those that are weaker
and without vitality have been

relying on the shelters,
waiting for their day of rehabilitation.

The arrested individuals are divided
into 2 groups at the Ministry of Justice:

the malicious ones with a history
of offenses are placed in protective custody,

while the others are put
into the female care shelters.











The admission period is generally
on a basis of 6 months;

housework assistant, clerk,
factory worker,

dressmaking, shop staff
and other odd jobs -

these are all the possible directions
for rehabilitation.

Where is she from...?

Where did Kuniko
come from again?

I think she came from Odawara...

ah, yes - she was the partner of
a foreigner from Kobe.

The boarders here
generally have a low IQ,

but she has the highest -
a high school dropout, too.

Is that so?

Dr. Kitamura, could you show them
around the facility?

This way, please.

Put more effort into it - like this!

What's wrong, Kameju?

I've been zoning out a lot,
my chest has been hurting a bit.

Sorry, Doctor, but...
could you let me rest for a while?

- Very well. Off you go.
- It's menopause, probably.

So you've finally reached it?
Don't worry yourself about it.

- Finish up your work, then you can go.
- Doctor.

My apologies.

How is everyone separated
into the two groups?

They're divided into those that
have venereal disease, and the healthy.

- The baths and toilets are separated too.
- How many with venereal disease?

There are relatively few here,
but in some places, as many as one third.

A large social burden, too.

Hello, welcome!
Such a lovely looking bunch.

- Let's get going.
- What a pretty diamond!

- On your way now, Kameju.
- Here you go!

Thank you so much!
Please, make yourselves at home.

Who was that...?

She was in the red-light district until recently.
Her illness brought spasms, so

though we trained her as an odd-jobber
she was quickly returned.

Is she one of the
younger or older ones?

- She's the oldest here - 59 years old.
- 59?!


The ladies club were here.

I got this from them.

What's up?
You're faking illness, right?

Shut up, shut up.

Don't tell me to shut up, silly thing.
You don't have a fever or anything.

- Should I get you some tobacco?
- Hurry up.

You should have come too.
They were really pretty.

Wearing flashy French
dresses, you know.

- Snobs.
- Diamonds on their fingers and everything.

- I touched it with this hand.
- You got no shame.

It was really big though.

I've worn those
kinds of things before too.

It's good, right?

What's this doing back here?
You fallen in love with him again?

That's no good at all.
What an awful face he has.

Why do you have this?
What's wrong with you?

Us women have to
be stronger than that!

All men ever think
about is tricking women.

Stop it - that's enough!

You poor thing.

You idiot! You think it's
OK to sneak mouthfuls?

Here they come.

Only 65 yen worth of food expenses
are distributed daily,

so one has to work
enough to make ends meet.

Shizuka. What are
the side dishes today?

Daikon and chikuwa pickles.

That's something you made,
isn't it Macchan?

This room is...

Oh, there you are.
How is he? Feeding well?

What a cute baby!

Come here, come here...
you've gotten so big! So big!

Oh, I'm sorry...
I'm sorry!

Continue as you were, Toki.

Be a good boy, Sei-chan!

- Whose is that baby?
- It's hers.

Why is her child
with her here?

She's married, but she became pregnant
while engaging in prostitution to support herself.

The father is unknown.

What a foolish thing to do.

But children are innocent.
I feel sorry for him.

I'm faced with many different cases,
and although there are some I simply can't understand,

most of the time, it comes down to the struggles
of life, and tragic familial and social situations.

- It's not proper to constantly blame the women --
- But...

forcing someone
into prostitution is horrible.

I could never forgive
a man who does that.

Men have a lot of
problems themselves.

- Lots of them are what they call himo.
- Himo?

Hateful men who rely
solely on women for money.

Girls from that kind of household often come here.
- How terrible.


Everyone - the ladies club
have come to visit today,

to cheer you on as you work.

Face this way and
say your greetings.


The sewing machine subcontractors here
are paid 120 yen per day,

which is relatively good,
but there are few spots;

paper bag makers earn 15 yen - rather cheap,
but in these women's case,

allowing them to focus intently on something
is a terribly important thing.

They don't particularly
like it, however.

Yacchan - keep up
the good work, OK?

O-yuki, you shouldn't
be smoking these while you work.

I told you yesterday
too, didn't I?

You'll be punished next time, OK?

- Aren't you lonely, girls?
- Kamiya! Yo!

Stop it! You'll get caught up
in something terrible with those men.

But isn't a world away from men just horrible?

Don't be so weird!
It's not like you're Kameju or anything.

I want to just fly into a rage.

- Well go ahead, then.
- You're starting to sound like a teacher.

Stop complaining and get to work.

I'm exhausted already.

Take care of yourselves.


I bet they've all got husbands.
I'm so jealous.

We don't know what their husbands do, though.

They ought to come down on the men,
rather than blame us all the time.

You're right.

The Public Employment Security Office says
there's a job as an assistant at a grocery store.

What do you think?
Want to give it a try?

I think you working a job outside will be
a great encouragement to everyone.

Also - the women from the Ladies Club today said they
wanted to introduce you to a good workplace.

What do you think?


Seems Kuniko got a job -
she'll leave tomorrow...

But they said they liked Chieko too.

Yes, I'm not surprised...
it was like they saw you as a little sister.

You're the oldest here, Shizuka.
You'll get out the soonest.

- Then you can get all the men you want.
- Men? Give me a break.

I just want to relax
and drink beer.

In three months,
I'll be able to embrace my lover.

What kind of man is he?

He's a handsome student -
with gold buttons.

Well until then, you need to
get your illness healed up.

If you leave and pass it to him,
he'll never look at you again.

Aren't you sick too, Kameju?

Ridiculous. It's not an illness.
All my digestive organs are sunk down to my belly.

That's because you were
working for a long time.

Way back in the olden times.
It must be strange to continue into your old age.

Don't act like you're an adult,
like the rest of us.

- You're an old woman, not an adult.
- You brat.

- Where are you going?
- The toilet.

- I'll come and give you a hand.
- Get off me.

I can wait for you by the entrance--
oh, dear...

- That's inji! You're just doing inji.
- Be quiet.

Out of the way, small-fry.

Ready? Here I go!



You went to the toilet to see a man?

Kameju! Who ran away?

- Yoshimi!
- Yoshimi?

- With a man!
- Hurry, hurry!

- Sorry...
- It's OK, she'll be caught...

Why are you being so rough with me?
She's who you should be out catching!

Ouch...ow, ow, ow, ow!

I said "ow"! Get off me!
How dare you treat your patients like...

- I know.
- Don't just say "I know". Ow, ow, ow...

Ouch! That hurts!


Please calm down and be quiet.

Terribly sorry for
being such a bother.

- Don't do that.
- Sorry.

Stupid pig.

If you go, Kuniko,
I'll be so sad on my own.

What's with your blubbering?
It's not like you, Chieko.

- Will you come back and see me?
- Of course. I'll be close by.

You'll be able to leave soon, too!
Do your best.

Not that soon, I bet.

Here, I'll give this to you.
This, and this too.

I can't wear this flashy stuff
if I'm to become a shop assistant.

- Wear this, too.
- You don't mind me having it?

It's late - you'd better sleep.
You've got a long day tomorrow.

Time for bed!

So...what's that "T"
up to these days?

- Cooped up somewhere.
- You'll be in trouble if he appears again.

Be careful.

Why? Nothing to do
with me anymore.

It's not like I'm all by myself.
I won't get anywhere thinking like that.

What's this?

Thanks very much.

Pleasure doing business.

- She's beautiful.
- She's pretty cute.

- Welcome.
- Welcome.

What are you gawping at?

- So your father died?
- Yes.

And? What's your mother doing now?

She's remarried.

So that's why you've
come to Tokyo for work?

And what did you do
before you came here?

- You don't have to be so nosy...
- But...

a live-in worker
becomes like family, right?

I worked as a household helper
out in the countryside.

We've got 2 children here.
They help out at home and at the shop.

Well then...

come on in.

After something?

This'll be your room.

Here's the futon - use this one.

Ah, it's dirty.

Clean this up as well -
there's a washing machine over there.

Bleach it white, use a lot of clothing
starch, and iron it well - OK?

It says "Kome" on
this moving-in notice.

That's her - so her name's Kuniko?

Quit fooling around.

Thank you very much.

Mom! Mom!
Yuko fell in the mud...

Again? Dear oh dear...
come on, take it off.

Where do you think you're going?
Could you fix him up?

Dear me, dear me...

There's some soap there -
use that.

Such a hopeless matter how
many times I change your clothes...


- Kuniko!
- Coming!


Everyone's out on delivery -
sorry, but could you deliver these goods?

Can you ride a bike?
Ah, good.

- Um...where to?
- Ah, that's right...

Come here, I'll show you.

I'm sure that's what Komeya said.

Shiragiku Ladies Dormitory...

- So, before she was...?
- That's right.

That's why she's so voluptuous.

- She's very pretty...
- I'm back.

Could you go and pick the children up?
They're playing over at the Sahara family's house.

Draw a bath when you get back.
Hurry along now!

Dear...she's a girl
from the red-light district!

They didn't tell you that at the Public Employment
office? They've really given us a handful...

Or maybe you knew
about it all along?

Don't be silly.

Well, let's let her go,
and find another one somewhere.

If there's one that'll
agree to 2500 yen...

- Just have a look, will you?
- No!

Alright, stop mucking about
and get to bed!

Quit making your mother mad -
hurry up and get to sleep!

- Daddy!
- Alright! I'll just put you to bed myself then...!

What a bother you all are!

Don't use the hand towel
while you're inside, OK?

And while you're at it, sharpen the
scourer and clean the bathtub.

"They say that small mouthfuls lead to
rehabilitation, but now I know how difficult it is.

Working for meals and lodging, they pay
me 2500 yen for a full day's work.

Minus the 1000 yen allowance payments, I
earn less than 10,000 yen per year.

When I think about how much
I used to earn, it seems stupid...

but it's my dream to have a
proper job, and become independent."


Yoshimi Kamikura has arrived back.

Come in.

You can't keep coming
in and out, Yoshimi.

I won't say anything this time.

You're just in time - we
received a letter from Kuniko.

We were reading it all together.

In you come.

"I'm trying my absolute hardest to lead an
honest life, like everybody else in the world.

I truly hope that the others in the dorm
find their paths to rehabilitation as well.

I hope you are well, Mrs. Nogami,

and please do pass on
my wishes to everyone.

Read this to everyone!"

Do they know that
she was in a rehab center?

It's not written, but
I'm sure they don't.

With a name like Shiragiku Ladies Dormitory,
it's possible they thought it was a maid organization.

But the important thing is that Kuniko
is working hard to forget her past life.

- I'm sure there are hindrances, however.
- Mrs. Nogami...

I couldn't stand fussing over
some stranger at my age.

- Keep me here 'til I die.
- Why is prostitution so bad anyhow?

It'd bother the men if we stopped.

That boyfriend of yours is no good.
Letting you sell yourself like that...

Might as well if it's a man I like!

What are you all talking about?

It's like you're treating it like someone else's problem -
why don't you treat yourselves with respect?

Mrs. Nogami!

I'm going to write to Kuniko!
Tell her to keep up the good work.

That sounds good, Chieko!

Make sure you give
her lots of encouragement.

- Yes.
- Yoshimi,

Kameju will be glad you're back!

Please, Lord -
let Yoshimi come back!

I beg you! I beg you, please!

- I --
- Kameju.

- How are you feeling?
- Yes, fine! Just fine.

Thanks to Kokkuri-sama,
I'm feeling much more together!

That's great. You can go
back to everyone soon.

- Really?!
- Yes.

- I'll really do by best this time.
- Please do.

Thank you!

I really want to get out of
here as soon as possible, Kuniko.

There are too many crazy people in here.

I miss your simplicity, your neatness!

What's that? A love letter?

Who from?

I'm curious.

Here, eat this.

Do you want to go cycling
with me on the next public holiday?

Jogashima is really great.

We can ride right around it.
The sea looks very pretty there.

- Kuniko!
- Yes!

Get out of here, or I'll be scolded!

- You'll come, won't you?
- Hurry!


Not on your life.

- Kuniko!
- Yes?

- Do you know where my purse is?
- No.

That's odd, I was sure it was
in the drawer under the mirror...

What's wrong?

I can't find my purse.

- Is this it?
- Oh! Why'd you keep quiet about it?

Get suspicious only after
you've had a good look.

I put it away because it'd
been left out in the bathroom!

Well it's not like
there's a thief around!

I'm just going to
the department store.

- Take care of preparations for tonight.
- Yes.

By the way - are you
separating the laundry?

The clothesline and the basin
aren't the same, are they?

Be careful, alright?

There's nothing to worry about.
She's a pushover.

Could you come here
for a moment, dear?


You work hard, Kuniko.

If you work too much,
I'll be in trouble.

She's right, you know.

You were beautiful when you first came,
but you're all haggard now.

You should take a break!

- I don't smoke.
- Really? Sure you do!

You know, I heard
from this guy that...

- you were...
- Were what?

- I didn't say anything!
- I felt a lot of respect for you after I found out.

- You did a great job of reforming.
- So what?

What are you up to?
Get back to work!

What's with all this chit-chat?

Hey...what happened to
preparing for dinner?

You knew about the Shiragiku
Ladies Dormitory, didn't you?

Yes. From the
Public Employment office.

I want to quit.


Everyone treats me like an idiot,
and your wife is weird.

I won't work in a place
run by these people.

Just be a little more patient,
and keep your temper in check.

What's more, if you work in
a respectable place like this,

you'll regain the
trust of others - right?

It just needs a bit of patience.

We'll be in trouble if
you just up and leave.

It's important to have dinner
ready when she gets home - okay?

She'll be easy to handle if
we just butter her up a bit.

But she's one of those women
that slept with foreigners!

No matter how hard she works,
there's no telling what she'll do.

She's just a child!

I don't like it.

- You're worrying about it too much.
- No I'm not.

Well, I guess it's our job as
citizens to rescue people like that.

That's why you should
just keep an eye on her!

I won't put up with her any more!

Let's not fight over something so small.
It's time for bed.


We're going back home tonight,
so I'm leaving the shop to you.

Nobody might come, though.

- Yes.
- Here's your pay.

My husband is weak,
so don't tempt him, OK?

We're leaving! Hurry up!

Give my best to Grandpa and Grandma.

I'll get Mother to
organize another helper.

Remember last night's talk, OK?

- Yeah, yeah...
- We're off, then.

Take care.

What's wrong?

The shop's closed today, so
how about you go relax somewhere?

Here's some pocket money.

You can have time off until dinner.
Off you go!

She's a handful, alright.

Today's the day
I say goodbye to that place.

What's with that haircut?
Something bothering you?

I thought I said
to be back by dinner.

- Have you already eaten?
- I don't want anything.

You have to eat something!
You'll get ill if you don't.

I haven't eaten either -
it's too sad to eat alone.

- Should I make something?
- No, I'll fix up something.

Go ahead and sit down.

This will do.

Your wife won't be pleased.

It's my day off today.

Don't worry - there's plenty
more in the shop.

- Would you like some beer?
- Whiskey, thanks.

Alright, whiskey then.

Here you go - whiskey.

Are you sure?

Don't stare at me like that.

Really? I'm not so
sure about all this...

So that's what
you're really like.

How exotic.

Here, have some.

- Wait--!
- Quite cowardly for a man.

You've been a big help to us
since you came here.

Is that so?

My life is just full of pain.


Can't be helped, though.
I dealt with Western bread, after all.

Western bread? Oh, you mean
specializing in foreigners...

At a military camp in Kobe.

What am I saying? You'll hate me
if I talk about that kind of thing.

It's fine once in a while.
I work a pretty regular job,

so I never hear
of that kind of thing.

- Right?
- Right.

I bet your wife would be
shocked to hear such a thing.

She's just a boring
old naggy wife.

- Why would you say that?
- Ow...

I'm so jealous...

I sleep in the room
right above yours at night.

It's so painful
I can't sleep sometimes.

Sorry about that.
Here - let's drink some more.

I'm all tipsy now!

- I need some water...
- Shall I get some--?

Hey, Mr. Takagi...

won't you spend
the night with me?


I can't!

Scared of your wife?

I'll keep it a secret.

Hey, wake up!

Hey! Wake up! They're due
home any minute. Please!

Why? Don't be so cold!

Give me some water.

Here, take this.

What's that?

It might not be enough, but...

I'm no hooker.


Hurry up and
get dressed! Please!

I'm begging you! Please, get up!

Yes! Coming!


Hello, thank you for calling.

"Midwife"? No, you've
got the wrong place.

This is the Takagi Grocer!
Of all the nerve...

- I'm back.
- Oh, welcome back.

You're quite early.
Are you by yourself?

- Where're the kids?
- I dropped them off.

- Where's Kuniko?
- Huh?

In the back, I think.


Something happened
last night, didn't it?

Don't be a fool.

What a disgraceful thing to say.

Hey, you! What happened?

Are you leaving?

Aren't you going to answer me?

If you're that worried, maybe you
should ask your faithful husband.

- Good morning.
- Hi.

Good morning.

Nice knowing you.

Take good care of your wife,
won't you, Mr. Takagi?

- Do it for me.
- Kuniko...



Everything'll turn out OK, somehow.

My first coffee in months...
it's so delicious.

This is all I have now.



Chitose, Tachikawa...

I miss the scent of
the men I gave myself to.

I need to sleep somewhere tonight
and get my thoughts together.

The streets are the place for me.

There's so much freedom here.


Thank you.

When the police called,
I never thought it'd be about you.

You have to try a little harder!

All of us are counting
on you the most.

You're a handful.

You must be exhausted.

Let's talk it over
after you've calmed down.



Just ask her if there's
anything you don't understand.

- Work hard, OK?
- Yes.

You'll live at the dormitory -
the curfew is at 10pm.

Sleeping somewhere else without a reason
is forbidden. We take things very seriously.

Kimiko - this woman here will be
working with you from today.

- I'd like you all to show her the ropes, OK?
- Pleased to meet you.

You can help with
product transport today.

Be careful.


Dear Mrs. Nogami.

I'll be sleeping in an
all-women's dormitory from tonight.

I'm not going to hide
what I was this time -

I'll just tell them straight out.

Everyone seems to be very easygoing.


- How about we swap boyfriends for a bit?
- No way!

Mine's no cheater.

But he went on a date
with Mitsuko the other night!

It wasn't a date! We just walked
through the park then had tan-men.

He says he wants to date
lots of different people.

Introduce me to one of your
army guys, Kimiko! I'll be very grateful.

Don't be weird.

This must be pretty new to you -
you just started, after all!

You already
writing a love letter?

You're quite the fast mover!

Everybody has a lover or two.

Quit yabbering and be quiet!

- What's your deal?
- It's late.

I used to work in the red-light district -
I'm from the Shiragiku dorm, just over the hill.

I'm a graduate now, though -
I've been rehabilitated.

I look forward
to working with you.

I know someone that
wants to be introduced to you.

What do you mean?

I told them that
I was sure it'd be fine.

Don't back out on me!

Think it over, OK?

Really? Are you sure?

How many months?

- 3 months.
- Why don't you tell him?

He'll just say that it's
not just him that I've been with.

He's just a coward!

So you're just going to
give up and let him get away with it?

Let's get him for it. We'll extort him
for everything he's got.

- Kuniko.
- There's nothing you can do...

Stop crying!

You must know a cheap doctor, right?
Say something to her!

This is no good.

- Poor Mitsuko...won't you help out?
- We can't let the others know.

And don't forget to
turn off the electricity switch!

Keep everything completely
clean and tidy - got it?


- How's the work going?
- Fine.

I'm sure you might not
be used to it, but do your best.



About what I asked
the other day - are you in?

What do you mean "in"?

Don't make me lose face -
he's really keen!

This guy. He says he'll pay 2000 yen
if you just hang out with him once.

- Why don't you do it?
- Don't play dumb.

You're the professional, right?


You've got a visitor.

Where are you taking me?

I'm busy. If you've got
something to say, say it.

You turned down
all of our invites, didn't you?

You're Kimiko's boyfriend, right?

So are you, and you.

Her friends'll beat you up
if they see you here.

Don't be a bore. We don't want
anything to do with those hussies.

- Isn't that right?
- Sure is.

There's no harm in you having
a little fun with us this time, right?

What do you say?

You don't have to be so shy.

- You were one of them before, right?
- Don't touch me!

Guess you guys must have
the guts to party with me.

Don't just stand there, then!
Get your money out.

You know how much it'll cost you
to have this girl for a night?

I've got a little tattoo right here.

It gets a little scary when
it hasn't been touched in a while.

Wanna take a look?

If you're cool with 3 people
becoming 5, let's go.

You decided on
an order, right? Who's first?

Come on!

You go.

No way...I'm outta here.



Way to let me down.

Us innocent girls are
just trying to enjoy our youth.

I said I'd find the right guy
for you if you wanted, right?

Ungrateful woman.

Those three are our lovers!

Don't get me wrong -

I don't play lovers
with filthy perverts like that.

- Just go after guys with more cash.
- Yeah!

- Can't change a leopard's spots, after all.
- That's right.

I've slept with all kinds of guys.
Sorry they didn't make the cut.


You girls slept in again, didn't you?
You'll be late if you don't hurry.

- Come along!
- Yes, ma'am.

Let's spread the word - so she
doesn't get her hands on our men!

Fucking filthy whore!

Toriko, get her legs!


It's alright - it won't kill you.

Just a little burn.


Kimiko! You OK?

Mrs. Nogami...!

Mrs. Nogami...

Mrs. Nogami...

Hey...hey, wake up!


What happened?

What's going on?

Kuniko! What's happened?

Kuniko! Kuniko, what happened?

Mrs. Nogami, what happened to Kuniko?

God damn it...

- What's going on?
- Be quiet, now.

It's late - all of you off to bed.

Good night, ladies.

Is Kuniko alright?

She's just fine - there's no need
to worry. Off to bed, now.

- Is she really OK?
- Yes, she is.

God damn it...
I can't give up like this.

Those workers and I are
working the same job, aren't we?

I only sold my body in the past
out of lack of money.

But those women sell their bodies
despite already having jobs.

Why doesn't anyone say anything?

It angers me as much
as it does you.

But peoples' bodies are
not products, Kuniko.

Selling your body and making it
into a business is a terrible thing.

- How is it terrible?
- Well...

It's only natural to sell
men the things they want.

Office workers, and even you, sell your bodies
and your minds and get a salary in return.

That's true.

That's why pleasure quarters
were permitted until now.

But it's against the law now -

so what was permissible before
is a crime now!

Today the law makes good
something that was bad yesterday.

The opposite can also be true.

Adulterers were crucified in times past.

But affairs are all the rage now--

That's not what I want to ask!

What does "bad" really mean?

Is prostitution really as bad
as everyone says it is?


I don't know terribly well, either.

But just look at the women here -

even if they get a job,
they just come straight back.

They can't do something
a normal person would do.

Just sleeping with men won't do you
any good - no matter how much you're suffering.

They just end up choosing to sleep around,
despite the job options that are available.

I just don't think it's what
a respectable person would do.

But there are people that are forced to do it
to survive, no matter how bad they think it is.

Those factory girls can
survive without having to do it,

and they wear that fact with pride -
tormenting people like me in the process.

Damn it!

- What are you doing?
- Damn it all!

I'll kill them! All of them!

- Let go of me!
- Don't be foolish! Stop it!

You'll go to prison if you kill them!

We take issues of public
morals very seriously here,

but if what you're saying is true,
it'll become quite a nuisance for us.

Perhaps there was some
fault on Kuniko's part?

No, not at all.

Kuniko has a steady job.

This was just a romantic matter,
like the other women have had.

In any case, we can't be silent at times
like these, so we'll be taking it to the police.

The police?

Please - won't you consider
settling this just between us?

I'll take responsibility
for the workers themselves,

and I can pay damages to Kuniko.

This is not about money.

We are doing our best to
help her rehabilitate into society.

Even though she may have the chance to
return to society, the world simply isn't that kind.

This matter is one case
in point. It's a terrible shame.

- An awfully sad thing.
- Terrible.

Come here.


Listen to me.

You've certainly embarrassed
yourselves this time.

You ought to be the most
ashamed, as their supervisor.

I'm very sorry.

Excuse me, but - how can you call
yourself a supervisor?

No human could have done such a thing - you'd
have to be an animal to do something like that.

We're going to take this to
the police, and get to the bottom of it.

Who wants to talk first?
You? You? Or maybe you?

I don't like the look on your face.

I'll bet it doesn't take much
for you to lash out. How awful.

I'm embarrassing myself. I hope they don't
think we're both the same kind of female.

- People like you need to...
- Please, ma'am -

if you'll permit me,
I'll set them straight.

Everybody apologize
one-by-one. Kimiko!

It was you, right? Go and
apologize to Mrs. Nogami.

So you're Kimiko.

Why don't you go to
the rose garden, Kimiko?

They might be better
company for you than people.

The owner's desperate to help out -
she rings here all the time.

Chieko's decided on a job, too.

You could live together
and help each other out.

It'd be a relief for me, too.

- I'm starving.
- Come in.

Here are the new dorm residents:
Harada, Kishi and Yamashita.

- In you come.
- Thank you.

- There are 3 new residents.
- Think about your next step, OK?

This is the dormitory superintendent,
Mrs. Nogami.


- Hey.
- Hi.

We'll be your counselors from today.

If there's anything on your mind,
you can tell us anything.

Be happy that you've been brought
to this rehabilitation facility for ladies.

It's our job here to look after people like you
and help you start a new life.

Firstly, the most important thing
is to obey the rules.

Smoking is only permitted
in designated areas.


- I'm beat.
- I'm starving.

OK, OK. You can take a nice rest
tonight after you've eaten.

- I'll be at rest, alright.
- And don't forget your valuables.

We're done for!
A right scary bunch just moved in.

The heck are you saying?
We ain't done for.

Listen! The one with the big hair -
she stabbed one of her johns.

She stabbed someone?

They're bad with alcohol.
One drink and they fly off the hook.

- Leave it alone, would you?
- Leave it? I'm terrified!

Having hoodlums like that in...

Kameko! It's been a while!

Come with me for a second.
Out the front.

- Here is fine...!
- What've you been up to?

- You been tattling about us?
- Not a thing.

- Speak up!
- Listen...

After living with you I got worried
about leaving my mother alone, so...

Why didn't you come and visit us
once in a while, then?

- After everything we did together.
- Thanks for helping me out.

I thought you'd lost it. Thought you'd been
checked into the loony bin.

- How 'bout saying something, huh?
- I'm sorry...

Just speak up
if you don't like us here.

As if I'm going to eat this shit.

Gimme a glass of sake.

Comin' right up.


What is this shit?

Mrs. Nogami! Mrs. Nogami!

They're fighting!




Yoshimi! Wait!


Wait for me!

Yoshimi! Don't leave me here!

"We hereby pledge to strive
toward rehabilitation."

"We hereby pledge to strive
toward rehabilitation."

"We hereby pledge to abide by
the regulations of the Shiragiku Ladies Dormitory,

and shall preserve purity
of both our minds and bodies."

"We hereby pledge to abide by
the regulations of the Shiragiku Ladies Dormitory,

and shall preserve purity
of both our minds and bodies."

- Mrs. Nogami!
- What's the matter?

Kameju...Kameju has...




You're forgetting something again.

Handkerchief, wallet...
you're even forgetting your license.

- You mustn't forget important things like that.
- I won't.

Ah - Ms. Sugimoto!

I'm so glad you made it.

Come on in.

Dear, this is Kuniko Sugimoto.

- Pleased to meet you.
- Hi there.

He's heading out to give
a university lecture today.

- See you later.
- Take care.

Come with me.

I made these up for you
while I was waiting.

Thank you!

How is it living in that room
joined to the temple?

They're very nice to me.

- Thank you for organizing that too.
- Not at all.

And the friend you're living with?
Where does she work?

The school cafeteria at Asahimachi.

Is that so? How splendid.

It must be fun working
and owning your own place.

I'll make sure to help
you out however I can.

I'd like you to feel
comfortable working here.


Ms. Sugimoto is here.
I was talking about her the other day.

This is Tsukasa Hayakawa.

- Show her the ropes, would you?
- Sure.

You're different
to what I imagined.

I won't go easy on you
just because you're a woman, though.

I understand.

Don't go around touching things.
Break the bud and we're in trouble.

"Dear Mrs. Nogami.

Thanks to you, both of us
have found wonderful jobs.

We hope to take this new opportunity to
work further toward our rehabilitation, starting today."

- I wonder what the girls at the dorm are up to?
- I wonder.

- No thanks. I'm going to quit.
- Why?

Saves me money. I don't want to get
cravings when I'm at the garden, too.

Are there lots of
other workers there?

Just the couple, and
a man named Hayakawa.

They're not as easy to get along with
as you, but they're really nice.

- Same as at my job, too.
- Really?

Listen, Chieko, let's keep
a log of our expenses, OK?

I wonder how much
food will cost us...

Won't know until we try it out.

Well, doesn't this place look wonderful!
I'm glad we didn't throw out this old closet.

- Thank you for renting it out so cheap.
- Don't mention it!

Here - I made this for you.

- Why, thank you!
- It looks delicious!

Let me know if
you need anything, OK?

- Good night!
- Thank you - good night!

She looks just like my mother...


Seconds, please!

Two menchi-katsu!

Seconds coming right up.

You're one of a kind, you know -
and elegant to boot.

- Really?
- What did you do before this?

I was a dancer.

- Amazing.
- Seconds, please.

- You sure eat a lot.
- Seeing you got my appetite going.

Little brat.

Seconds please.
Welcome, take a seat.

Look - this flower's called "Virgo".

This is "Hallow".

This is "Happiness".

This is "Pure White".

"First Love"!

The Professor's wife also
does this work sometimes.

They're a lovely couple.

Was it an arranged marriage?
Or perhaps they married for love?

That's got nothing to do with roses.

You must be starving.
I made your favorite.

Smells great.

Where's Ms. Sugimoto?

Still out there, I guess.

Ms. Sugimoto? Ms. Sugimoto!


- Let's eat inside together!
- Alright!

So how is she doing?

She's working very hard.

- Here, take a seat.
- Yes.

- Well? Think you can handle the job?
- Yes.

- There's still a lot I don't know, though.
- Not to worry -

Tsukasa will show you
all you need to know.

Make Kuniko a grade-A student,
won't you, Tsukasa?


What's the plan for the afternoon?

Off to the market.

Put these in your room.

I can have them?
Thank you very much!

You don't have to
be so grateful.

- Good morning.
- You'll catch a cold.



Good morning.

You're soaking wet!
Here, change into this.

It's fine - it's too
flashy for me now.

Are you sure?

It might be a little small.

You look fabulous -
like a college girl!

I thought you'd give up early on,
but you're really giving it your all.

Just like a wild rose.

Wild rose?


They stick it out through thick and thin -
that's why they bloom so beautifully.

Your perseverance will give bloom
to a wonderful flower.

I look forward to seeing
what kind of flower it is.

I wonder when it'll bloom, though.

You usually have to wait a year.

- But you'll be around until then, right?
- If they don't make me quit.

As if that'd happen!

Mr. Hayakawa, I was more...

Look at you working so hard!

It's been almost a month -
how time flies.

My husband and Tsukasa are both delighted at
how good of an assistant you've become.

There'll be another rose garden
built in Ooiso soon -

we'll be getting busier then, but
keep up the hard work, OK?

- Yes.
- Here, drink up.

Thank you.

They look beautiful!

Alright - break time?

I'd like to see your place sometime.
What do you say?

Why not?

I promised my friend that
I wouldn't date any guys. about
getting married, then?

Getting married?

I'd always wanted to
ask something like that...


You're home early.

What happened to your hair?

My boss at the cafeteria said
my "flashy hairstyle" distracted the students.

- So I just cut it off.
- I like your snap decisions.

- You look like a student.
- Really? It's cute, isn't it?

- I'll put on dinner.
- I'm starving.

I'll make udon for us tonight.
Can you put the stove on?

Wait a minute. about
getting married, then?

I'd always wanted to
ask something like that...


there's a student I'm friends with
that wants to come over one day.

Do you think it's possible to keep our secret?
If we don't tell people ourselves, I mean...

Who knows.

But there are times
when you do want to tell somebody -

when you know
they'll forgive you for it.

I wonder if I'll ever
meet somebody like that.


I'm sensing something about you.
- Like what?

Something's a little off.

What are you on about?
Quit your muttering and get to bed!

You're too sleepy to make sense!

- Are you going out?
- Yes.

A letter from Tsukasa's hometown arrived -
he has to go back for a while, it seems.

I'm just going to do some shopping.
Take care of things, would you?

Take care.

I'm back.

Good afternoon.

- You look a little pale. Are you tired?
- Not really.

So you're going back home?

That's right.
For four or five days, probably.


Will you marry me?

I want to tell people
back home about you.

- I can't, I...
- Why not?

You know where I was
before I came here, don't you?

Yeah, I do. But what's that
got to do with anything?

I've been violated, and toyed
around with by so many men.

I'm not the kind of woman
that deserves a man like you.

Just being treated so kindly
is more than enough.

It made me so happy.

Why do you beat yourself up so much?
Who cares about the past?

You're a wonderful woman,
as far as I can tell.

So, give me a straight answer.

It would make me so happy -
I'm begging you!

You'll marry me, won't you?

But...your mother would be opposed.

- And so would Mr. and Mrs. Shima...
- No, they won't.

All you need to do is
follow my lead.

Some may oppose it,
but we'll fight through it.

Why did I do
such a stupid thing?


- See you later.
- Wait a second.

- You're forgetting something.
- What?

You'll flunk if you
forget your head.

- Wait!
- What?

- Have some chocolate.
- Thank you.

- Can we come over during summer break?
- No.

- Why not?
- There's someone scary living at my house.

But you're living with a woman!

I have a husband. Sorry!

- Liar.
- Let's go.

- See you!
- Later!

- It's me, Hayakawa.
- Come in.

Thank you - please, come in.

She's looking a little better -
she's just resting up now.

They said to give her these every 5 hours.
The fever will go down tomorrow.

Thank goodness.
I'm glad it didn't get any worse.

I'll go get some coffee -
could you look after her?

How are you feeling?

Much better.

You mustn't be out late -
you can go home.

I thought maybe I gave you a fever,
blurting out something like that...

You'll come back, won't you?

You don't believe me?

I'll be back at the earliest, 3 days.
The latest, 5 days.

Just around the time you'll
be all better. Rest up, OK?

Something to eat?

What a nice guy Hayakawa is! Must be
splendid to have him nurse over you.

I might be happier dying like this.

That doesn't sound like you!

Eat this and get some
energy back into you.

Life is fun because we're alive.
Dying is boring.

Want some chocolate?
I got it from those students.

They still think
I'm a child like them.

Gives me the creeps.

Hey, Chieko.

Why did we both
do that kind of thing?

The more I try to forget how we
were living, the clearer I remember it.

No use worrying about the past.
Just do what you can in the present.

Why, you said the
same thing the other day!

Just hurry up
and get better already!

I'll hold off on eating
this until you do.


Hey, Cherry.
Long time no see.

Nice little hiding place
you have here.

You haven't changed a bit.

It's been hard times for me.

Nobody meets with me,
or brings me anything.

How are you?

You and I broke things
off a long time ago.

Don't be so cold, now.

I've got a job offer for you.

How'd you like to
make an easy fortune?

The red light has been put out, but you
can still earn some cash with just one phone call.

They told me to
get together 2 or 3 girls.

You're my number one.
What do you say?

What's so good about
living in this old rut?

Stop it.


I don't do that
kind of work anymore.

You've still got an ounce
of reason though, don't you?

Come here, Cherry.

Don't give me that face.

You've still got my initial right here.

Please - I'm trying to
start over here.

Just do this one thing
for me - go home.


You mean go empty-handed,
after looking all over for you?

Let me stay here tonight.
I'd like to talk things over with you.

- Kuniko?
- Yes!

There was a call from the garden.
They said to come right away, if you're well.


A letter from Tsukasa's mother came.
I'd like you to read it too.

To whom it may concern -
thank you for taking care of Tsukasa.

According to my son,

I have been made aware that
he plans to marry one Kuniko Sugimoto.

Though now reduced to poverty, the Hayakawa family
is a descendent of the Matsudaira clan,

a long-continuing
esteemed family line.

You may be aware that
two of my sons died in battle,

and that Tsukasa is
the sole remaining heir.

It terrifies me to hear that his bride
may be a former red-light woman.

Whatever Kuniko's
present lifestyle may be,

we do not wish to dirty
our long line of ancestry.

I was surprised
to hear about all of this.

We don't object to the
two of you getting married.

But Tsukasa's family are
distant relatives of ours,

and I can't bring myself to
cause suffering to that old woman.

I should have told you
when you started -

Tsukasa's parents have an
arranged bride for him back home.

It depends on how he feels, but...

if you get married, he'll be
ostracized from the family by his mother.

You and Tsukasa
are both good people.

But marriage brings many problems...

People living in the countryside
can be difficult to deal with.

Cheer up, won't you, Kuniko?

We'd love for you to keep working
even if Tsukasa doesn't.

You can still talk to us
about anything, alright?

Where did she go?

- No news from the dormitory?
- Nothing at all.

I'm sure she'll
come home soon, though.

I hope she wasn't taken away
by that odd man from the other day.

She would never...

It's no good. There's no helping us,
no matter how hard we try.

- It's like they always told us.
- No...

I'm sure it's not like that!

Don't worry - I'm sure Kuniko will be
back soon. She knows you're waiting.

Poor Kuniko -
she was doing so well.

But that's impossible, Tsukasa.

Your family will never
forgive you for marrying her.

She's not marrying my family.

This kind of thing
is very difficult, you know.

We'd like to help out any way we can,

but this is something you
have to think very carefully about.

Mrs. Nogami, I apologize
for causing you concern -

but I would like
to be alone for a while.

I'd never realized how disgraceful
my past has been until now.

However, I've been blessed by the chance
to meet people that can see past it.

The kinder they are to me,
the more embarrassed I feel about my past.

I don't despise the world - I hate the me
that was placed in those circumstances.

I want to become a purer version of myself,
for the one person that gave me encouragement -

the one person that purified me.

My memory of him
will be a lifelong treasure.

No matter what
may lie ahead of me,

I hope to cling to this purer
version of myself, with his memory in my heart.