Girl in Golden Gate Park (2021) - full transcript

Evicted from her San Francisco apartment and stranded in her car near Golden Gate Park, a woman makes a secret plan to defend her right to stay in the city she loves.

Day 1.

I'm staying next to the park.

My plan starts now.

Our goal is to help provide
quality, affordable housing

for all of San Francisco.

These high-density units
are the best way to achieve that...


Wake up!

Leave me alone!

You're good.


Yeah. You are.

What are you talking about?

You're good.

How's that?

I saw you.

Saw me?


Saw me where?

With the tourists.

What tourists?

By the fountain, the museum.

I wasn't by the fountain.

Yeah, you were.

You must think I'm someone else.

You're good at what you do and
you don't bother anybody.

I like that.

You took some jewelry.
A gift box from her purse.

Look, I don't know
what you're talking about,

and I wasn't by the fountains, all right?

I don't work for anyone.

I didn't do anything.

The ring's in your pocket. A gold ring.
I watched you throw away the box.

You're making a mistake.

I just got this.

Same group.

You stole it.

- Lipstick?
- Yeah, from a shopping bag.

It's expensive.

Maybe I should tell
the security guards about that.

Maybe I should tell them about the ring.

What do you think?

I wasn't at the museum. I've been reading.


I don't work for the park.

Or the museum or the police.

I just walked up from the beach.

- Then how did you get the ring?
- What ring?

In your pocket. That one.

I don't have a ring.

Then empty it.

Show me.

I'm not a thief.

Day 5.

I'm making progress.

I've met someone.

I think she might be able to help.

Where is he?



Chapter 3, preparation.

You've defined your goal
and stated it as precisely as you can.

Now, you prepare.

This is a critical moment,
and must not be hurried.

The more you rush toward your goal,
the slower you will achieve it.

Let me say that again.

The more you rush toward your goal,
the slower you will achieve it.

Instead, meditate and visualize.

Define exactly what is needed
in terms of skills and resources.

Begin with the most simple and important,

then list them in order of priority.

These are the foundation of your journey

and must be acquired,
regardless of the time needed.

We've all been told
about the importance of patience,

but in this case, patience
is the beating heart of your purpose.

How do you know where I live?

If you're worried about how good I am,

come watch me.

Tell me what you want, and I'll lift it.

Answer the question.

Then I'll pick something.

I want another lipstick.

Something more bold.

Why would I want
to watch you steal lipstick?

I'll get you a new t-shirt, too,

from the gift shop.

How did you find my apartment?

I'm living in my car across the street.

I saw you.

You're living in your car?

Yeah, for a little while.

I do what I do alone, all right?

What you do is limited.

I have something better.

And that's why you're living in your car?

What, you think your top-floor apartment
can't be taken away?

My name's Jean.

Let's just talk.

How much do things
and places matter?

A bracelet that belonged to my mother.

A family home.

My father always said
I take too many risks.

Powell Station.

Maybe he's right.

Success occurs when persistence
crosses paths with opportunity.

You must make a simple
but profound commitment to your goal.

You must persist until you succeed.

Repeat that aloud.

Change another 100, please.

Hit the curb, baby!

Success occurs when persistence
crosses paths with opportunity.

You must make a simple
but profound commitment to your goal.

You must persist until you succeed.

Repeat that aloud.

I will persist until I succeed.

My father had a lot of books,
recordings, and magazines about success.

When my father talked
about success, I always listened

because I knew how much he loved
and wanted to help me.

I could never tell him
about the goal I have now.

Please welcome
our president, Chris Moore!

Thank you. Thank you, everyone.
It's a pleasure to be here.

The main lesson I've learned
in business is this:

change is the only constant in the market.

You either control change,
or it controls you.

I want to thank Jill Anselmo
and the entire project staff

for pulling this release off
three months ahead of schedule.

We are bringing true and important change

to this industry and to the city!

Congratulations, everyone! Well done!

You can't do that.

- What?
- At the fountains.

Why not?

- You're going to draw attention.
- To what?

What else did you take?

So you didn't see anything?

I don't know what you did,
but you can't be there.

You have to vary the location.

But how's anyone going to know?

Because it's too much.

People will report things.

You mean you want it for yourself.

That's right.

Look, I gave you the ring.

Sell it, move on.

I'm not ready yet.

So what, you just stay on the street?

I've got something to do.

Well, do it somewhere else.

Keep your fucking ring.

Yeah, I know.

It was. I'm sorry,
I'm not interested in...

Yeah, I don't want to.

Don't call or text this number again.

Don't fucking call me!

It's dangerous being in the car.


Those guys
could've gotten to you easy.

I've got something.

What do you mean?

A gun?

That's worse.

Do you have a phone?

Let me give you my number,
in case they come back.


for stopping them.

How long have you had
your apartment?

A couple of years, barely.

They're trying to get me out.


Lease thing.

They want more money.

Apartment next door's three times as much.

Go to the tenant's union.

Yeah, I have.

Where are you from?


That's the problem.

What's the other thing that you've got?

A rich woman.

This is San Francisco...
rich people are everywhere.

I know her.


I'm going to take something from her.

Something valuable.

What's that?

Miss Moore?


I can't believe.

I'm sorry. You wouldn't remember me.

My name is Jean. I worked as a temp
briefly in one of your offices downtown.

Oh, okay, okay.

What are you doing out here?

Oh, I live on Lincoln.

I'm just going to catch a bus.

It's just great to see you.

I really admire what you've done
with tech and development.

Well, thank you. Just lucky.

No, it's a lot more than that.

But I don't want to bother you.
I should go.

No bother.

You look great, by the way. Really.

Well, thanks.

I'm sorry. Sorry to bother you.

No, no.

I have to catch a bus.


I wonder
if she even remembers my family.

She's probably shielded
by lawyers and managers.


I got you something.

What do you mean?

To thank you.

Come on! You can add it
to your collection.

Like it?

You okay?


I don't know, you just seem...


- Break for lunch?
- No.

You're not hungry?
It's past three.

Stop worrying about me.

I'm not worried. I want a drink.

So we're just waiting?

Yeah, and serving these.

Why? What will this accomplish?

It'd due diligence. And it's pressure.

Come on, let's just go get something.

I'm paying to resolve this.

- We're trying.
- How?

More pressure, isolate them,
maybe hire some contractors,

start some work, create some issues.

Has there been any movement
since we upped the buyout?

What are they saying?

They don't want to relocate.
Ties to community and all that.

Look, they've been there for 20 years,

and they feel like they should get more.

They're renters!

This isn't a fucking charity!

You know what?

- Withdraw the offer.
- No, wait.

If they take it, then we're done!

And if they don't,
they'll have more legal fees.

I need to get started by November.

- It's better to wait these things out.
- We have our own community to control.

Yeah, but the optics...
a lot of people are being displaced.

I'm sick and tired of waiting
on everything in this fucking city!

Look, look. You don't have to go
to the other extreme.


Can you close this out or not?

Are you sure you're all right?

Do your fucking job!

Have contractors start work
and withdraw the offer.

Let's play a game.

We'll both work today
and see who takes the most.



Meet me by the fountains.


Okay, smooth, you took the keys.


Now, get out of my apartment
and bring them back.

No, I don't think so. It's safer here.

I mean it. Bring me the keys.

You can stay in my car if you want.

Fuck you.

I don't think you should talk
to me like that.

Get out of my...

Who won?

This isn't what we talked about.

Who won?

Fine, you did.

Go to the door, I'll buzz you in.

Safely home.

Don't worry, I didn't take anything.

Just the towel.

And some wine.

Have some.

I don't think so.

I won, didn't I?


You won.

I like your place.

The colors.


And the view...

Not bad for a thief.

I'm not a thief.

I've got a business, online.

You mean... all this?


Like I do in the park but online.

You sell a lot?


And so...

what does the winner get?


Not when you win like that.

- That doesn't seem fair.
- Fair?


My home, my rules.

I think there might be some other rules.

Like what?



When I was a little girl,

my parents took me to Golden Gate Park
to play and have a picnic.

It was my first time in the park,

and I'd never seen
any place so beautiful.

The huge trees that seemed even bigger
to me because I was so small

swayed in the ocean breeze.

There were flowers
and sharp colors everywhere.

There were strange,
unknown birds flying above,

and paper kites that floated on strings.

A band played nearby,
and hundreds of people passed

of all different types

with different accents,
and languages, and faces,

talking, and laughing,

and walking dogs, and riding bicycles,
and eating ice cream.

My father gave me a small red ball,

and we played together,

tossing it back and forth.

For the first time, I had
a wonderful feeling of belonging,

like my parents, and I, and everyone

were swimming in a stream of golden light.

The park was magic.


How's business?

You disappeared.

Just took a drive.

Where to?

My old neighborhood.
Thinking about things.

You all right?


last night was good.

Yeah, it was.

Where are you?

The park.

Can I see you?


don't feel obligated.

I'd just like
to talk to you, about things.

I don't know.

I need to keep my mind clear.

What, I'm confusing you?

A little.

But that's good, right?

I'll call you later.


Miss Moore!

Looks like we have the same route.

Call me Chris, please.
You're making me feel old.

No! I'm sorry.
You're not old at all.

Yeah, right.

How are you?

I'm good, Chris. How are you?

Just checking out the new exhibit.

Great stuff.

I know, amazing work. I love it.

Hi, this is Vicky from Canyon Winery.

We have a shipment from Chris Moore,
and it was returned to us.

Can you verify the address on 10th Avenue?

Thank you.

Yeah, I've been trying.

And I do some consulting with the board,
so I'm out here a lot.

Oh, okay. Makes sense now.

Are you busy?

You want to grab some coffee,
talk about the exhibit?

Oh, no worries if you're busy.

Yeah! That sounds great.

I've got some time. Thank you.

Have you been upstairs? The tower?

Sure, it's beautiful.

It can get crowded, but let's try it.

Okay. Great.

Are you okay?

Want some?

No, I'm all right.

Something happened?

I'm making progress.

What kind?

How long have you been doing this?

Taking things?

A few months, since I had to.

Yeah, I can tell.

You're the professional.

It's more of a necessity.

I do a lot of things.

I can't seem to earn enough.

Even with the internet.

It's like the things I care about
are taken away little by little.

The changes everywhere, it...

it's like a cancer.

But I should stop this or leave.

Did you ever get caught?

A couple of times.

I made mistakes.

But it didn't go far.

And this is enough for you,
with your business?


It's not.

I was thinking you could stay
at my place for a couple of weeks

while you look for a room.

You liked last night.

It's not that.

We don't have to do that.

I'm just offering you two weeks.


Why trust me?

Two weeks.


I need you to do something.


Stop someone. Rob them.

That's not what I do.

- I don't want to ask, but...
- Who?

A woman in the park.

I need her phone and keys and some time.


I'm going to break into her home.

Why? Who is she?

She and her company,

they evicted my father
from his apartment, my family's home,

when he was very sick.

He was dying.

We called her,

wrote to her,

asking for a little consideration
of what he was going through.

But she never answered. Nothing.

Just legal notices harassing him,
forcing him out.

So you're going to rob her house?

What good will what do?

It'll help me.

Help you? How?

I didn't want to involve you.

She's rich.

Won't the house have a security system?

I'll get the code,

but I need the keys and phone.

How will you get the code?

I'm going to dinner with her.

And then I'll get her
to take me to her house.

You're seeing her?

I have to.

I need the code.

I need to know the house and the security.

How did you meet her?

I told you I've been planning this.

Won't she suspect? What about cameras?

I'll be covered.

And there won't be any proof.

But she has to be delayed.


Three minutes, early in the morning.

As soon as I get the code,
we'll take her phone and keys.

It's isolated where she walks.

I don't...

God, is this needed?

I don't know, I'm not sure.

I don't know...

if I can.

There she is. The gray coat.

And she does this on the same schedule?

Yeah, most days.

She's helping with some kind
of tech planning and expansion.

What about her downtown offices?

She usually goes later in the day,

but downtown, she's never alone.

What about bystanders?

She's here early,

and there's usually no one.


Chris, how are you?

Hi, there. Are we still on for tonight?

Absolutely. I bought a new dress.


Are you sure I can't pick
you up at your place?

No, I've got a couple of errands.

I'll meet you there. Seven, right?

- That's it.
- Okay, great.

Thanks for the call.

- See you then. Bye.
- Bye.

This is Tricia.

- Hi, it's Chris.
- Hi, Chris. What's up?

We had a temp working for us
in the last year or so.

Her name is Jean Nash.
Can you pull her records?

Let me check.

No, but if it was through an agency,
then we don't start a file.

It's on a contract.

Do you want me to call the agencies?

Wait a minute, we have people working
in our offices, and we don't have a file?

No, they're employed
by the agencies.

What about confidentiality issues?

They're usually not involved
with anything sensitive.

You can't be sure of exposure.

No, but they are
licensed agencies.

This is completely unacceptable!
How many people is this?

- I'm not sure.
- Well, find out! This is unacceptable!

- So...
- What's next?

Another drink?


But we need some place
we can hear each other.

Are you sure?

I feel like I'm talking too much.

Oh, I love it.

You've had some amazing success.

Come on, you're making me feel old again.

No, stop saying that.

You look incredible.

You can succeed, too.

You can do whatever you want.

I need to set some goals.

You're inspiring me.

I mean, how did you get into development?

I don't know much about that.

You know, I did a lot of stuff
before I came here

in San José, in Sacramento.

But it's opportunity.

This is gold-rush time.

You find places that can be transformed,
and you leverage what you have.

Look, do you want to see my place?

I just renovated, I've got some good wine,

some party favors.

Party favors?

That's my goal.

Or we could go to a club.

You're driving. You choose.


Well, I picked the restaurant.

You decide.

Party favors.

Party favors it is.

Can I have some water, please?

What happened?

I got it.


I got it.

Are you all right?

Did you have sex?

Are you serious?

The whole thing disgusts me.

You didn't look disgusted
in the restaurant.

What? You were watching?

I need to understand what's happening.

I had to get into the fucking house.

And I found drugs in your car.

My car?

Is that what this is about?

- What are you taking?
- Nothing!

Those were my father's!

Wait! Just wait!

Are you going to do this or not?

All right.


You don't have to.

You're not the only person
who's lost something.


What do you mean?

I'll do it.

There are a couple of valuable things...


I can get them for you. You can sell them.

It just has to be fast.

We can't hold on to anything
or bring anything here.

Of course, not.

I don't even want any of it.

What will you do after?

I don't know.


Take a drive?

Where to?

I don't know.

Lake Tahoe maybe.

I used to go there with my parents.

They're both gone?

A vacation.

Want to go?



The water's cold, but it's so blue.

We could swim way out.

All right.

I kept this for you.

You're giving me a ring?

I already did.

I thought you have
to get rid of things fast.

This one's for luck.

You can sell it after.

So we'll go to the park in the morning?

Wallet, phone, and keys.

- What? What are you...
- You heard me!

Give me your wallet, phone, and keys.

- What, keys? Just take my...
- Shut the fuck up and do it!

All right! Just don't touch me!


Just take it and go.

Get on your knees.

- What? Why?
- Do it!

Don't move.

A woman's been shot at 9th and Fulton,
in the tunnel, in the park.

Send an ambulance.

9th and Fulton.

What's happening with your house?

What bothers me most
is that I lost all my family photos.

Everything that made it feel like my home.

Things from my parents.


What about Jean?

I checked all the agencies,
I haven't found anything.

Could she have used a different name?

I don't know.

Maybe a married name?

I don't think so.
Did you search the phone number?

Yeah, no records on that either.

What about people at the agencies
with the same last name?

There are a few, but...



Jean? Is that you?

Jean. Hel...

Jean, will you call me, please?

You should take this money.

It's yours.

Call me.

How are the treatments?

Good. I'm glad.

Hey, I forgot to tell you,
I got a new place.

By the ocean.


It's great.


Okay, well, I'll call you tomorrow.

I love you, dad.




Yeah, burning the house,
that was bad.

I know my dad wouldn't approve.

But fuck it, I feel better.

Now she knows some
of what my family went through.

And I made a vow to myself
that no matter what happens,

no matter what changes,

this is my park and my city,

and I will never leave it,

and no one will ever take it away.

I will persist.

This is my home.

This is my home.