Girl in Flight (2017) - full transcript

SILVIA, a determined eleven year old girl from a small town in Tuscany, boards a train alone going to Rome. When asked by a mother sitting nearby why she is alone, Silvia responds 'my parents are very modern and leave me to do as I wish.' Two months earlier with her family, we see Silvia's mother incapacitated by a severe episode of recurring depression, and her father is of little help. At her breaking point, after another negative response about a promised trip to Rome, Silvia gathers her things and leaves... alone. On the train, she meets EMINA, a smart, defiant 13 year old gypsy girl, and when they arrive in Rome's vast Termini Station, she follows Emina as she disappears down a dark stairway.


Mom, Paola and I won
the insect competition today.

I did a good job.

-Leave me alone, Silvia.

-I don't feel very well.
-Don't you want to hear about it?

You can tell me later.
Now get out and shut the door.

Go on, shut it.

-We have to win.

I found a caterpillar and a butterfly.

-I've got a colored spider.
-It's fantastic! Where did you find it?

I had to search
in all my friends' gardens.

I can't wait to see everyone's face!

We have more than everyone else,
and the best.

Have you memorized what they are?

Yes, I have a page for every insect,
but what kind of spider is this?

Don't know. A jumping spider?

Wait, let's check.

Here it is.

-Is this it?
-No, it's not that one.

Maybe this is it...

What's this one?

A locust.

During periods of drought,
locusts go from being solitary insects,

and group together to form
swarms of billions of individuals

that can cause serious damage to crops.

And this one?

It's a jumping spider.
It doesn't spin a web,

but it captures its prey
with a speedy and swift bite.

Good, I would say that Silvia and Paola

have the most complete collection
and the most accurate descriptions.

-Well done.

Silvia, come back!

I've told you time after time
not to go near the pond.

It's dangerous.

-Go play with your brother.
-It's boring playing with him.

Come on, Silvia! Do as you're told.

-She seems fine, doesn't she?
-I don't know.

She hasn't slept well the past few days.

I'm hungry.


Why don't you all come and see us in Rome?

-Yes, Auntie, we'll come!
-Not right now, though.

For a weekend maybe,
or the next holidays.

Yeah, Dad ! Let's go see Aunt Carla.
I want to see Rome.

Let's see how school goes first,
then we'll talk about it.

-Do you want a sandwich? Here.

This is Edoardo, my son.
He's not in a good mood today.

Come here.

We came to Pistoia for the hearing
of my divorce from his dad.

But we're not from here,
we're from Rome.

-Where are you going?
-To Rome.

-On your own?

I don't mean to be nosy,
but how old are you?


I wouldn't let my son travel alone
at that age.

My parents are very modern,
they leave me free.

-Hello, Dad.
-Is Mom up?


How do you feel?


Have you taken your pills?

Yes. But I still feel anxious.

Did you get up at all today?

-No. Yes...
-Yes or no?


Of course you feel anxious
cooped up in the dark all day.

It's not my fault I just can't get up.

Come on, get up now.

-No, please, turn off the light.
-C'mon, get up, Giulia!

I can't.

Make an effort if only for the kids.

Do you think I haven't tried?

I can't do it!

I can't believe someone can't get up.

If you could only experience
this illness, just for one day.

Just for one day.


I'll go and cook something.
If you want to eat, you can get up.

Silvia! Turn that thing off, please.

What have you done here? Is that a bruise?

No, it's a mole.

I've got some great stickers,
do you want to see them?


-Can I have this one?
-No, I can't.

It's one of my favorites.

Tickets, please.

Thank you.

We're in trouble, are we?

You're wrong. Give me a second
to look for my ticket.

What are you doing on your own
without your mother?


Come on, let's go back to your seats.

-At last! Where were you?
-Mom, she's lost her ticket.

-She hasn't got a ticket.

I don't believe it.
How can you let a child...

-These things happen.
-Not to me, I wouldn't allow...

I found it!

Dad, today, at school, my friend Paola,

Pass me the strainer.

-I won the insect competition.
-Well done.

You did your duty.

But seeing as I got good grades,
we can go to Rome now.

Do you think this is
the right moment to go to Rome?


Haven't you seen the state your mom's in?

-When can we go then?
-When she's feeling better.

-How long do you think that...
- Call her now, it's ready.

Mom, come on, it's ready.

No, Silvia. I'm not hungry.

Come on, we're waiting for you.

No, leave me alone.

-She's not coming.


Giulia! Come and eat!

No, I said no.

Yes, you will! Now get up!

You can't force me! Let go of me!

Go fuck yourself then!

Go and eat!

Well, what are you waiting for?

Come on.

Are we nearly there?

Yes, it won't be long now.

Where will you go when you get to Rome?

I don't know.
I think I'll see some sights.

I want to go for some nice walks.
I want to see everything.

-Do you have a place to stay?

I could stay with my aunt and uncle.
They live in Rome.

-But I'm not sure.
-Sweetie, Rome is a dangerous city.

A young girl like you,
walking around on her own...

Your parents are really something.

It's madness!

Do you want to stay with us tonight?
We live in the Boccea area.

Where is Boccea? Is that in the center?

No, it's in the outskirts.
But we take the underground.

-No, I don't want to trouble you.
-You won't.

I don't like you being on your own.
Think about it.

All right, I will.

No, sit down now. We're nearly there.

-We have to go and do something.
-No, I said stay here.

-She's going!
-But you're not!

I can't bear this anguish anymore.

I can't bear it.

-Please, Pietro, help me.
-Yes, yes...

I feel so terrible.

Calm down now.

I need help.

It's too much, Pietro.

I want to die.

Don't say that.

I'm just a burden to you all.

That's not true. They just have
to find the right treatment.


-Take me back to the clinic, please.
-All right.

-At least they can treat me there.
-All right.

Mum's not feeling well,
I have to take her to the doctor.

Don't stay here, okay.

Go and play in the garden.

-Where are you going?
-To Rome.

-Do you live there?

You're not 14, are you?

-What's it to you?
-I'm just curious.

-I won't tell anyone.
-I'm nearly 11.

Are you still up to mischief?

-Me? Do you want to see my ticket?
-I've already seen it.

But you and your brother
need to behave yourselves.

Thank you.

That boy wasn't your brother, was he?

-Why are you traveling alone?

-Why, aren't you traveling alone?

But my brother's waiting
for me at the station.

And I know my way about Rome.
Tell me the truth.

-Swear you won't tell anyone.
-I swear.

-On your mother's life.
-I don't swear on those things.

I'm not telling you then.


Please can you help me solve
this math problem?

I can't, Silvia.

Why can't you?

Because my head's not working.

But I can't solve it by myself.

I've told you, I can't.

Try and solve it yourself.

I already have, but I can't!

You didn't even go to parents' evenings.
Everyone else's parents went.

Do you want to walk around Rome with me?

I'm busy today.

-What music are you listening to?

Can I listen to it?


-Hello, Dad.

-Is Mom home?

But we have to be patient with her,
she's not feeling well.

-I don't want her to go to the clinic.
-No, don't worry.

They've changed her medication,
she'll be fine.

-It'll just take time.
-How long?

I don't know.

But we mustn't bother her, okay?

You mustn't trouble her
over silly things.

You're grown up now.

Do you understand?

Let's go and do some shopping.

Lasagna? Your favorite?

-The special kind?


What can I get you?

-I'll see to it, Pietro, leave it.

Okay, I'll head off then.


-What do you want?

-And you?

Silvia, come inside.

Come here a minute, Mom.

Look how sweet they are.
There are six of them.

Yes, but come inside now,
it's cold out here.

-Are you feeling better, Mom?

I'm feeling better.

Can we all go to Rome this weekend then?

I don't know. Ask your dad.

Do you want to go, though?

Ask your dad, okay?


do you remember you promised...

that we could go to Rome?

When are we going?

-I don't know, Silvia.
-But you promised me.

-We'll go.
-But when?

-When I've got time.
-Mom's feeling better now.

Tell him! It would be great
if we could all go to Rome.

Eat up.
Dad said he doesn't have time.

-But Auntie's expecting us...
-Silvia, that's enough!

I'll tell you when it's a good time.

Now can we eat our meal in peace?


Silvia! Don't forget your gym class!

Yes, I'm on my way!

Hurry up or you'll be late.

I'm going.

Wear your scarf, it's windy outside.

-No, not the scarf!
-Yes, wear your scarf.

Or you'll catch a cold.

-All right. Bye.


Well, Silvia, are you coming with us?

I think I have to go my own way.

Be very careful then,
there are a lot of bad people about.

Don't worry. If I have to,
I'll stay with my relatives.

Can you wait here
with Edoardo a minute?

-Where are you going?
-I'll be right back, sit down.

You're not coming with us then?

No, I have to go.
I'll see you around maybe.

-Great. Bye then.

Are you sure you haven't seen her?

What can I tell you?
I see a lot of people.

Think carefully, please. A young girl...
wearing a light blue jacket.

Eleven years old, but she looks older.

-What does she look like?
-She's 11, but she looks older.

She's quite tall, wearing a blue jacket.

-She has a mole on her eyebrow.
-A mole, blue jacket...

Yes, she bought a ticket
from the machines,

and she came to ask me
about train times.

-Where was she heading?
-To Rome, on the 14:30 train.

-Are you sure?



Hi, little girl.

Do you want a lift?

You mustn't be afraid of me.

-Look, it's the dirty old man!
-What do you want?

-Leave my cousin alone or else!
-I don't even know your cousin.

Yes, you do, you asshole!
And you wanted to screw her!

-Me? You're crazy!
-Shitty pedophile, get out of here!

Ooh, you're scaring me!

-Fuck off!


-Let's go, the bus is here.
-Don't stay here, it's full of jerks.

-Where are you going?
-To Piazza Navona.

-Is she following us?
-So what?

-She's following us like a puppy.
-We met on the train from Florence.

-What do you want?

Get lost then!

-Can I come with you?

-I want to see Piazza Navona.
-No, we've got things to do.

-None of your business.

We need to make some money.

-Give that back, it's mine.
-No, it's mine.

Liar, you pulled it off my wrist.

You're the liar,
it was a present from my dad.

Look at the gadji,
she stole Emina's bracelet.

She's got guts, eh?

Can I come with you then?

Yeah, come on.

-How much do I ask for?
-Anything, just ask.

-What's your name?

-I'm Silvia.
-Go on!

-What will you do?
-Keep an eye on things.

-Excuse me, can you spare any change?
-No, kid.

-Can you spare any change?
-I'll check, but tell me something...

-You're not a gypsy, are you?
-No, but I work with them.

-Why do you work with them?
-They asked me to help them.

My grandmother is very religious
and says we have to be generous...

I don't have any coins,
take this and spend it wisely.

Thank you, thanks a lot.

Bye, little one.

Excuse me, can you spare any change?

Can you spare any change?

How much have you made?

-Not bad.
-It's our money.

-No, it's mine.
-Whose idea was it?

-Who taught you to do that?
-It was your idea and you taught me.

-But I'm the one who made the money.
-Hand over the money, and no fuss.

I need this money.

You don't, your parents have money.

No, they don't. I need it.

We have to take that money home.

All right, I'll share it with Emina,
then you can sort it out yourselves.

-It's nice here.
-I often come here.

-Can I carry on helping you?

-Why did you steal my bracelet?

Some kids at the camp taught me,
but Mom doesn't want me to.

-Do you like it?

My mom gave it to me.
Here, you can have it.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

I wanted to be a lawyer, but it takes
too long, so I'll be a hairdresser.

It's a nice job being a lawyer.
You should try.

It takes too long
and where would I get the money?

I don't know, maybe a scholarship.

-What do you want to be?
-A singer.

But my brother says I'm tone deaf.

So I think I'll be a doctor.

That's a nice job, too.

-Where are you going?
-Back to the camp for Uncle's party.

-What are you doing?
-Nothing, I'll stay here on my own...

-Don't you know anyone in Rome?

-Do you want to come to the party?
-Yes, I'd like that.

-But where will you sleep tonight?
-I don't know.

-Can I come then?
-To the party, yes, but not to sleep.

My mother would make a fuss,
she'd ask about your parents.

Think up some brilliant idea then.

-Who's this?
-A school friend.


-Is that all?
-I swear, that's all.

I'll talk to you later.

-Good evening.

-Where do you live?
-I was born in Pistoia, near Florence.

But I live here now, in Rome.

-Are you enjoying the party?
-Yes, it's nice.

Is your mother picking you up later?

-She wants to sleep over.
-I'm talking to her.

I don't want any problems with
your mother, I need to talk to her.

Have you got her number?

Yes, but she switches her mobile off.

She works late, she's a nurse.

It's fine by me, but I have to talk
to her, I don't want any problems.

-We did it! I kept this for myself.

Now help me choose
a name for my daughter!

-I like Pearl!

-What do you think?
-I don't like Pearl.

-No, darling.
-I say Rosa!

-What do you say to Vanessa?
-Yes, Vanessa might do. What do you say?

-What about Luna?
-Yes, I like it! No, Vanessa!


-A round of applause!

Lovely name! I like it!

Come on.


-Quiet, you'll wake everyone!
-There's a big rat outside.

-I need to go to the toilet.
-Stop whining.

-Come with me.
-No, I'm scared.

-Then let me sleep.
-No, let's go.

Yes, but that's not good enough.
You have to try harder.

Ma'am, we're doing our best.

-I'm going to Rome tomorrow.
-Now what?

The lady who met Silvia on the train
said she was going to relatives.

Let's hope she does. Can we count
on your sister and her husband?

-Yes, if you need anything in Rome.
-I need to ask some more questions.

I knew it! It's all my fault!

No, it's not your fault.

-Yes, it is my fault!
-It's no one's fault, you know Silvia.

-We have to go to Rome.
-I'll go, all right?

You stay here with Michele
in case Silvia comes back.

I can't just wait here on my own.

I hope we'll have found her
tomorrow, or have some trace.

I can't stay here, I beg you.

All the police patrol cars in Rome
have a photo of your daughter.

And you can decide whether or not
to inform the press and the TV.

-You don't want to work anymore?
-I don't want to.

What will we live off?
You're not stupid, are you?

-No, you're stupid!
-I'm stupid? How dare you!

You're old enough to help out now.
Now go out and earn some money.

-What's wrong?
-It's my mom.

-Why does she do that?
-Because we're always short of money.

-What about you?

I've got some left over from yesterday.

-Do you want some coffee?

-Have you got any milky coffee?

Are you any good at school?

I don't have time for school.
I have to work.

Your parents should go to work.

-You have to go to school.
-They would like to work.

But... because they're gypsies,
no one wants them.

That doesn't matter,
you have to go to school.

They're all assholes at school.

Ignore them. Concentrate
on your studies. You're clever.

-I'm bad at Italian and essays.
-Show me one of your essays.

This is one I started
but I haven't finished it.

-Let's finish it now then.


For example, in Italian
you write "run" with two Rs.

-Here too?

-Here you need an "I", the subject.
-You see? I always get it wrong.

Come on, let's finish this essay.

I can't think of anything.

Talk about what you'll do
when you grow up.

Start with "When I grow up I want
to be a lawyer," and say why.

I had a dream last night,
that I lived in Miami...

with a rich and handsome boy
like Daddy Yankee.

-Who's Daddy Yankee?
-The singer you heard on the train.

-Then what?
-We had beautiful children, like him.

My daughter was like a princess.
We were happy.

Do you live in a nice house?

Yes, it's got everything.

And it's cozy.

It's got a nice garden
and it's in the center near the shops.

You're lucky to have a house
with a bathroom and heating...

I often close my eyes
and imagine I'm in a house.

But then I wake up in the morning
and I'm still in a camper.

You must come and see me then,
and you can stay at my home.

Are you leaving?
Do you want to go home?

I don't know.

-We're working nearby today.
-I want to see the center.

My mom wants us to go there.

If we earn a lot, we can go to the center.

If we earn a lot...

Excuse me, can you spare anything?

-Just a few coins.

Can you spare a few coins?

Can you give me something?

Can you spare some coins, please?


Can you spare anything?

Can you spare anything?

-Have you got any spare cash?
-No, I don't.

-We haven't got any money. Sorry.

-I need it.
-I mean it, we're broke.

What's up?

I'm fed up.

I want to go to the center
to see the Mouth of Truth.

Can you spare a few coins?

-Can you spare a few coins?
-A few coins?

Have you got any coins?

-Have you...
-Here, we'll give you some money!

-Call your friend over.
-Come on, they'll give us something.

-Get out of here, fuckin' gypsies!
-What do you want?

-You're no gypsy. Why are you here?
-Leave us alone.

Shut up and keep your hands off her!

Let go of her! She's not one of you!

-Are you okay?
-He almost crushed my foot.

Why did he want to run us over?

-Does your foot hurt?

Enough work for today
Let's go to the center and have some fun.

-No, I have to make some money.
-We nearly got run over.

-We haven't made any money.
-But it's Sunday today.

-You just don't get it.

Let's go back to the camp.

-Emina, wait!
-No, you walk faster!

I said wait!

-I want to see the Mouth of Truth.
-You go if you want, I don't.

-Why not?
-I've more important things to do.

-So have I.
-What? To see a stupid monument?

It's not a stupid monument. You're stupid!

-No you, stupid gadji.
-I will, you're the one who's stupid.

Your mother doesn't even love you
or she'd give you the money.

Because yours does!
You're loaded it seems. Get lost!

Emina told me to tell you
she's not angry with you.

She's pissed off with the whole world,
not with you. Okay?

-Can I use your cell?
-Cell or landline?

Landline, but I'll be quick.

We are unavailable right now,
leave a message after the beep.

Jump on, I'll give you a lift.

Come on! Are you sure?

I said turn that light off
and close the door, get out!

Silvia, that's enough!

-I'm sorry, I was stupid.
-So was I.

Those assholes in the car
really pissed me off.

Tomorrow we'll go and visit
that place you said.

It doesn't matter if you can't,
I can go on my own.

-I'll come too. What's it called?
-The Mouth of Truth.

We'll work in the center,
then go to the Mouth of Truth.

-Know where we'll go today?

To the amusement park,
we'll have great fun at the Twister.

Okay, let's go.

Are you okay?

-Your eyes look strange.

-I'm fine.
-Jump on.

-Do you know how to ride this?


Listen, Silvia, I like you,
but you can't sleep here another night.

I haven't spoken to your mother
and I don't want her to be angry.

I'm sorry, but she works
long shifts at the hospital.

She said to say hello and to thank you.

She wanted to call you,
but she didn't have time.

You can't stay out at night
without your mom's permission.

I'll comb your hair too, okay?

-You've got pretty hair.

-Is that okay?

-Shall we go?

Emina, get me some cigarettes.

-I'm going to dance, are you coming?

-Don't be so shy all the time!
-I'm not coming.

Come on, have a go!

Come on!

Let's go get some chips.

Some chips and a Coke.

I have to buy Mom some cigs, but I've
no money. Can you lend me some?

You never change. An orange soda
and a packet of cigarettes.

The orange soda to take away.

Now for the news of the child who's
missing from home. Her name's Silvia.

She's ten years old.
The police believe she is in Rome,

but the investigators
haven't ruled out anything...

-Is that you? You're on TV.

Her parents are asking if anyone
knows her whereabouts...

-When did you run away from home?
-You were on TV.

-She doesn't want to talk, okay?

There's a fire in the camp!

The neighbors set fire to two huts!

They said we've kidnapped a gadji girl,
and we're thieves!

Emina, if you take Silvia home,
your mom will kill you.

Are my parents okay?

Yes. But your mother's scared
they'll accuse her of kidnapping.

-Muhammed, wait!
-What do you want?

-Where can Silvia sleep tonight?
-I don't know.

-I'd better go.
-No, wait.

-Let's take her to the old camper.
-Didn't the police tow it away?

No, it's still there. No one will
bother you, they say it's bad luck.

-Why is it bad luck?
-It belonged to a fortune teller.

-She cast curses on people.
-Where is she now?

She's dead.

Let's go.

Come in, it's okay.

Here's a blanket, so you won't get cold.

-I don't like this place.
-My brother says it's safe.

I trust him.

Why don't you stay with me?

My mother would kill me
if I don't go home.

She's angry enough as it is.
Won't yours be angry?

-No, she won't be.
-Why not?

-Because she's often unhappy.
-Can't you make her laugh?

-She never laughs when she's down.

Because she's depressed.

She sometimes feels better,
then we have good times together.

But then she has a relapse. Two years
ago she swallowed a bottle of pills.

I found her at home,
I thought she was dead.

They took her to the hospital,
she wasn't dead.

I prayed all night for her not to die.

I'm sorry. You have to help her.

I try, but she pushes me away.

What's the rest of your family like?

I have a dad who doesn't say much,
he works in a bank.

And a younger brother, Michele.

I bet they're angry
and they're unhappy without you.

I don't know...

-They're assholes then?

-What have they done?

I swear on my mother I won't tell.

You have to say "I swear on my
mother's life I won't tell anyone."

I swear on my mother's life
I won't tell anyone. Well?

I haven't run away from home.

They were supposed
to bring me to Rome.

But even when Mom was feeling
better they refused to bring me.

-So I came on my own.
-You're crazy.

I'd go home if I were you.

Aren't you having fun with me?
Don't you want to be my friend?

I am your friend, but we can't
stay at the camp together.

The police are looking for you,
your parents are waiting for you.

You have to go home,
Mom's furious, hurry up.

-I have to go.
-Why do you have to go?

Why are you leaving me all alone?

I have to go now.
I'll come back tomorrow morning.

My stomach hurts.

Put this on. If you're scared, touch it.
It'll give you courage.


-How did it go?
-Awful, I dreamt of the sorceress.

-It worked then, didn't it?
-I don't know, I think so.

-You keep it then.
-Do you really think it works?

-What about you?

I'll get Grandpa to make me another one.


-Have you anything to hide your face?
-Yes, I've a scarf in my bag.

-What are you doing?
-I'm hungry.

A "bomb", please.

You're the kid I saw on the news!

-What's up?
-Run! He recognized me!

Come on!

Hurry up!

I'm going home.

Go on then.

-Remember to come and see me.



So, are you sure they didn't
force you to stay in their camp?

Yes, I'm positive.

Tell me again.
How did you end up in the Roma camp?

I made friends with a young girl.

When I told her
I didn't have anywhere to sleep,

she said I could stay with her
if we could persuade her mom.

We managed to persuade her
and I stayed with them.

-But they didn't hurt you?

-They didn't force you to steal?

-Are you sure?

-Where's my daughter?
-In there, calm down.

-Down here?
-Wait, the inspector's on his way back.

My darling!

Where have you been?
You're all right, aren't you?

What happened to you?
Where have you been?

-I'll tell you later.
-I want you to tell me everything, love.

Didn't you think about us?

Did it never cross your mind
to call us?

-Answer me.
-I called home once...

But you weren't in.

Don't you know my mobile number
by heart?

Yes, you do.

Okay, we'll talk about it later.
Come on.

They pushed in.

It's okay, never mind.

-I'll have a tea, what about you?
-A "bomb".

-A bomb?
-That's what they call donuts here.

There are too many people here,
too much chaos. I can hardly breathe.

What's new then?

I don't know, I'm feeling miserable.

I haven't seen you around,
you've even stopped coming to the gym.

You know what? I'm so depressed.

I don't feel like going out,
people depress me.

And my favorite restaurant's
closed down. I could commit suicide!

Forgive me,
but why are you talking like that?

Do you know what it means
to be depressed?

Do you know what it means to miss
a year of your daughter's life

because you're a patient in a clinic?

You try every antidepressant
there is, but nothing works.

You don't know what it means.

I'm sorry.

Yes, Pietro.

Yes, everything's fine.

I'll put her on.

-It's Dad.
-I don't want to talk right now.

He's been trying to talk to you all day.
Come on!

Mom, I don't want to, please!

Will you ask him
if we can stay a bit longer?

You ask him. Go on, you talk to him.

Mom, please!


She can't talk right now.

Listen, we're staying here
until tomorrow afternoon, okay?

Yes, don't worry. We'll be home soon.

Don't worry.


Thanks, Mom.

Thanks... but you'll have
to talk to him sooner or later.

-It bites your hand off if you lie.
-Does it really?

Try it.

Ask me a question!

Will you promise me
you won't run away again?


Put your hand inside.

You were lucky.


do you love me?

Of course I love you, darling!

Put your hand inside.

Did you see?

Where have you been all day?
What have you done?

You haven't brought any money.
What's going on?

-I need to study for school.
-School can wait.

-I'm going to school and that's that.
-Go, go on then!

Did you know there are some
nice frescoes in Villa Farnesina?

I can't wait to see them.

-I don't feel well, Silvia.
-Let's sit on the bench, Mom.

Your hands are all sweaty!

-I'm going to faint!
-No, Mom!

Don't faint.

That's better. Now I'm sitting down,
I feel better.

I'm sorry, sweetheart.


why are you always ill?

I don't know.

But there's got to be a reason.

I don't know the reason.

Go on!

Go and say hello to your father.

Go on!

-Hi, Silvia!

-Why didn't you take me with you?
-I decided at the last minute.

-Can I come with you next time?

What was Rome like?


-Did you see it all?
-More or less.

I hope it was worth it.

I went to see the Mouth of Truth,
with Mom.

I asked her if she loved me,

and she said yes.

And you? Do you love me?

Of course I love you.

Come on, let's go!