Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay (1971) - full transcript

While traveling in Auvergne, two young women, Anna and Fran├žoise, unwillingly venture into the realm of Morgane, the Fairy Queen. Now, to go on living throughout the centuries, Morgane must obtain the souls of the ladies who cross her kingdom. To those who accept her pact she gives eternal youth and beauty. As for the ones that object to it, she lets them rot in the dungeons of the castle. Anna signs the pact but not Fran├žoise, determined to escape the all-female lesbian community of the Fairy's court...

To abuse our hospitality

To think unholy thoughts

To steal the talismans

To break your vows

You have heard the charges...
You have spoken

What is your defence?

Punish me. beat me.

Take away my perfumes.
Break my mirrors.

The sentence you already agreed to
will now be enforced

Stand up.

We spurn you.
You are no longer one of us


Let me go.
You don't exist...

You are just lifeless ghosts.
Your kingdom is not real

It's not real.

Do you hear me? It's not real!

My first job...

...after art school...

...I want to draw comic strips

With femmes fatales...
handsome young heroes

I can imagine.

You dried up old philosopher

It's hard being twenty

Philosophy can be all or nothing

- What are you drawing?
- You...


I'm starting my comic book

You're running through the forest,


I don't know yet

Look at this place...

Like the Middle Ages.

The place and the people

Like nothing's ever changed

Mulled wine, please

Me too. And could you fill our flask
with coffee?

They're horrible,
staring at us like that

- What's wrong? Looking for a husband?
- Don't joke. It's scary

Drink and go. Turn back.
Don't go through the village

And hurry

Why do you think he said that?

Superstition? Who cares.
Here's to holidays.

And who knows -
to love...?

He's gone

Right, we're off

There's no one about

I hope this is the right road

So do I

Taking the back road wasn't so smart

Turn on the radio

Dead. It was working fine a while ago

Just a weak signal round here

Perhaps. It's odd

- What's the matter?
- Haven't you noticed?

Didn't you check the map?

We've already been along this road

I don't understand

I'm sure this is the right way

What now?

Go to the next cross-roads

Almost out of petrol

I hope we find a garage soon

Here again?

I don't understand

Dead...Nothing there.
This really is the end

Try again!

It's dead

It's cold

Don't start crying

But I'm really cold

And it's so dark and quiet

- I'm here, aren't I?

We have to spend the night here?...

I'll get our belongings.
You try to light a fire

Don't bother. It'll choke us

Now we're in the wilds,
you eat like a savage?

We're women of the woods.

I hope it'll be sunny tomorrow

I hope so too

What's wrong?




You're looking for your friend?
Come... little slaves
are sharing more secrets?

Always complaining

Haven't I told you often enough
what I like?

Now that's nice to watch

To watch...

The source of a thousand
fleeting pleasures

Yet how deep and intense

Go and join them.

Sit down. Make yourself at home

Thank you. But...

No buts. You've only just arrived

I'm looking for my friend

She's lost in the forest
I know she'll be worried about me

- She's like my big sister...
- Now you're with me she needn't worry

No harm will come to you here

You're safe from the world

But I must find her

Best to wait here

She'll soon find you

All forest roads lead to the castle


Perhaps I should go back to that inn gloomy

You're friend isn't here

This place...

I don't know, but...

...since we left that inn and entered
the forest it's like a dream... of those dreams
that seem to last all night

Oh, you'll think I'm mad

Why so?

So many strange things
have happened

Things it's hard to explain

As though everything was suddenly
different... if we had entered
some fourth dimension

The dwarf...the men in the inn.
My friend vanishing...the boat

All so strange

Where am I really?

With me

But where?

Isn't that enough?

And the boat?...Is it some trick?


And the three women?

You know them well?

Who are they?

I said: Sylviane, Sarah, Yall

You don't want to tell me?

Perhaps not yet

And the dwarf, you know him too

I know you do.

You're tired Francoise.
You need rest

Come...don't be afraid

You are not happy?

Yet here am I,
always at your service

Who is it, each season,
seeks out your...guests?

It's Gurth...It's me

Gurth...poor Gurth...

Your torment will soon be over

Morgane will be yours...

...and Gurth, you will be master.

What is it?

It's strange here

And I'm worried about my friend

You'll soon feel better

I should go

If I help you, will you act
like a good little girl?

You know something?

I didn't say that

That's good

You see...Let yourself relax

You live alone here?

No...with my people

"With my people" the olden days?

Yes. And I have some friends

They live here with you?

They have to live with me

Friendship is a serious matter

Just a moment,
I'll be right back

It's for me?

Don't you like it?

Very much.
But it's an evening dress

Go on, try it

It's not really suitable for walking

I have to go through the woods,
back to that inn

Why do you have to?

I was sure you knew him

They're ready?

Yes, mistress

May the food please your eyes

May it suit your taste

May it profit you

They are faithful and useful

Chosen for their beauty and loyalty

Don't you agree only beauty and
loyalty should rule the heart?

Intelligence is always relative,
whereas beauty, friendship

- Like you and Anna...

What's wrong?

You said her name
as if you knew it

You told me about her

I never mentioned her name

I must have guessed it

You know something.
You must tell me.

Always Anna.

I'm sorry...

But you have these girls here

You told me they were friends

I said they were useful...

nothing to do with usefulness

Gurth, pour the wine

And love?

I like this word.
It's warm. It's soft

Why do you smile?

The way we're talking,
reminds me of student days

And beauty. Life should belong
only to beauty

That's why you should live forever

That's a bit much

No. Because you are beautiful

Now that I know you, I would be sad
if one day you should die

You have a cure for death?


What do you think?

She speaks wisely

Her eyes are clear

Her body is young

And you, Gurth?

I asked you a question. Look at her

She is beautiful, mistress

Is that all?

Intelligent too

Is she the one?...


Night already?

When we sat down it was mid-day

Here times passes
according to our wishes

I wished for night

You wished for night?

Perhaps I have magic powers

I don't understand

I should be showering you
with questions

Everything is so strange

Are you afraid?

No, no. I follow logic

That's the worst sickness

Here you can be cured of it

You're already
on the road to recovery

I will explain to you the boat...

...the sudden night...

...the forest where you were lost

All the many things that trouble you


The perfumes of the Orient
may supply what logic denies you

Is it a hookah?

- Yes. Have you ever tried one?
- Never

Draw gently and hold the smoke

What a strange feeling

A mixture of tobacco
and essence of roses

If Anna could see me now

Tomorrow one of my servants
will take you to your car

Leave us alone now

Alone with her?

Ought we to?

Go now.

To your rooms

Not going to the party?

One day you'll be sorry

I think he's in love.

- Sad lover who knows no jealousy
- Off with you.

How soft your voice is

The air is silky...

Anna sleeps with me in the barn...

I am and another

She is looking at her

She takes her hand

Francoise is in a trance

Morgane loves her lips

She is leaning over her

Will she forget about us?

Take her away

Send the servants to get me ready.

Gurth finds good guests

You must be pleased with him, mistress

Hurry up.

Give us time, mistress.
We're almost finished

Aren't you happy?

We seem happier than you

We'll soon start the ceremony

All is ready?

All is ready, master Gurth

You know very well
you are forbidden to watch

Give me the casket.

Help me. I can't take any more.

They're trying to drive me mad.

What do you want of me?

Have you thought about my proposal?

Do you accept?

Do have another suggestion?

- So, is it really that difficult?
- The price is too high

But I give much in return

Immortality and beauty
are not enough?

How many women
would already have agreed?

Quick. Speak to her

Do you want to eat....
sleep with these crones?

To suffer their jealousy,
their hatred of your youth...

The way they torment all newcomers?

Do you want to live
with these damned souls?

You are afraid?

Do you accept?

I don't know...


Hurry up.

Accept...and you will receive
eternal happiness

Death is for the old and ugly

Here you will forget the word exists

From tomorrow an eternal today

Whosoever enters here can never leave

But don't be afraid.
No harm will befall you

Don't fear for your soul

We are not devils...

That is something invented by man
to scare man

Here you are in another world...

...a world of enchantment

Of magic...

For we do exist...

Morgane, our mistress,
gives you a choice

If you refuse you grow old
with the other fools who doubted

You will end up as dust

Accept and become one of us

An initiate among initiates

You will be a spirit

I'm thirsty


When I have finished
you will give your consent

Today I give up my soul... you may continue our magic work
down the centuries

I receive in exchange
beauty and eternal life

I solemnly promise
never to leave your kingdom...

...never again to seek the cold light
of reality...

...never again to speak to humans

I agree to all you say,
I beg, I implore

Wait! Don't answer in haste


...if you lie you will be banished...

Thrown to the old women

I agree

Now let her drink is the love feast

If you are here,
do not resist its call

You are here
because you were born to be

Give me your soul
and I will give you light

You come to me, as to the mountain,
because you were summoned

Give me your earthly thirst,
I will give you inner peace

Give me your strength,
I will help you conquer all

For your forgetfulness, I give you
a key to the greatest secrets of all

Give me your book of hours,
I will open up the gate of spells

You want something,
my pretty one?

Now you are one of us...

- Mistress, Francoise has gone.
- Francoise is here?

Come... keep her here

Charming little fool,
you thought I'd let you go?

Go on, tell me more...

She is looking for the boat

In vain...

They will soon come for me...

The water is deep...

She is still searching...

Now she is at the water's edge

The boat is bewitched

I have to swim across

The water is like ice.

Farewell, Morgane.
Once across I shall be free

Exhaust yourself, little siren

My lungs are bursting

My muscles are giving up...

Swimming is hard

All is quiet...

No-one saw me escape

Now she's in the forest...

Leave me now

With all this running,
you must be thirsty...

Don't you want to rest a while?

You can't do this. I hate you.

Little bird,
if you try to flee the cage...'ll hurt your wings

Each tree, each coppice, each log
is a bar that guards my domain

How pale you look

You've been running all day long...

...for nothing

Did you think I would let you go?

If you want I will teach you my magic

I will build for you a palace of ice

Show you how to make a rose bloom
from a dead log

How to get wherever you want
at any time

If you like, I will teach you
the language of the birds...

...of the wind...

...of the sea

If you want, I can teach you
so many things...

It will soon be night

They are walking slowly

She is almost out of strength

Morgane is talking to her softly

What's she saying?

She is making promises

How her hand strokes
the new girl's shoulder

Our mistress is taking too much care

For once her promises may not be lies

What if Morgane replaces one of us?

Over my dead body

She'll never take my place.

We could speak to Gurth...

Yes, that's an idea.

I feel we are stronger now than ever

We can be rid of both
Gurth and Francoise

Perhaps it is still too soon

It is time to visit the mistress

Wait in your rooms!
Tonight she sees no-one

Why this sudden change?


Which of us do you want tonight,

I want to be alone

Are you expecting someone?

Who did you have in mind?


Francoise, perhaps

How dare you.

Are you jealous?

We are

What unspeakable audacity.

Get out

I'll speak to him

You seem sad

Leave me alone

That's not like you

Is it Morgane?

We too are sad

We deserve better than this

You have charge of Francoise...

Why not let her escape?

But the talismans...?

Everything's changed
since she came

Francoise is scared of Morgane

But...we can help

And the talismans...?

We could look the other way...
Just this once

Don't you think?

Don't scream.

- What do you want?
- Do you trust me?

I don't know

Could you?

How? I don't know you...

I'm a prisoner here

Morgane is not evil

No, but she's cruel...
and you love her

So what?

She makes fun of you.
Humiliates you

You're nothing to her

She is the Mistress now,
it's true

But one day I will be Master

Then no-one can steal
her love from me...

...not even you

I'm not interested

I just want to get away

That's why I'm here

You'll help me?...

That's my plan


Yael, Sylviane and Sarah
guard three talismans

With them you can
break the spell

But how?

Tomorrow Morgane holds a great feast

Sylviane will wear the necklace

Yael has the tunic in her room

Gurth has been to see her

She's still afraid of Morgane...

It must be done now,
before it's too late

I'll deal with Francoise

You can help me

And the topaz globe?

I'll bring it with me.

I bid you welcome, mistress...

The mistress will be here soon

Why do you look at me like that?

Can't I admire your eyes?

How long have you been with Morgane?

I don't know... I've forgotten

For ever, perhaps

I think you're beautiful

Morgane won't like that.

You are perfect

You please me greatly

That makes me happy


What is that?

Go and see

See what befalls those
who displease me

Don't worry. You will never upset me

I bid you welcome, mistress

Will you read it to me soon?

It's not finished yet

It never will be.

It's not fair, she always wins

Not this time.


It's good to see you again

I was so worried.
Now we're together, everything's fine

Yes, we'll be all right here

Yael has promised me I can draw...

We're new here

Right now the others seem
a bit distant

But they're nice

You can't want to stay here.

A promise is a promise

I've promised nothing.

Did you not swear the oath?

You must have...

What did you promise?

My soul - the same as you did

You've been staring at her
a long time

I used to know her...once

- She really loved you?
- And you destroyed her.

It was her punishment

She broke her vows

You are cruel.

I'll stay...I'm fine, really...

I have never been so happy before

It's wonderful... want for nothing

I do as I please

Everything is fine

I'm happy

Please, listen to me

- Gurth will help us escape

We must go, Anna

You can have all the books you want

You can write

It's pretty here, don't you think?

But what do you like here,
the luxury?

The luxury?'s what I've always wanted

We are in the kingdom of the fairies

A place only children can find

Where everything is possible

Please stay

You'll say nothing?


To Morgane...

About what?

You see? There's no problem

Anna is one of us

You can see her as much as you want

She is still your friend

Let the feast begin.

- This celebration is in part for you
- For me?

And for Anna, she has given me much

Indeed she has

Tomorrow you'll see my kingdom

Tomorrow? If you want...

You seem very sad

Why should that concern you?

If I must stay here...

...can we not be friends?

Morgane is very jealous

We're doing nothing wrong

No, of course not

Do you think that...


Kiss me again, and again, and then

Give me one of your most delicious

One of your most amorous

I'll give you back four,
hotter than embers

Do you complain? I'll ease your pain

By giving you ten more
of the sweetest kind

Mingling our oh so joyous kisses

We exult in each other's pleasure

Thence forward,
an alternate life shall ensue

Each in himself and in his love
will live

Allow me, my love,
these few moments of folly

I always suffer
when living chastely

And could never be yours

Without these few forays outside me

Who's she?

She has lived here a long time

- Do you like this room?

- Would you like to change anything?
- No, it's perfect

May I?

Please don't touch...

What is it?

A special talisman

You are everything to me mistress

Say that again with more feeling

You are everything to me mistress

Now he is getting personal

Because you're in my heart

I'm like a dog and you are my master

Dog, indeed! So, down, Gurth!
Be my dog

Perhaps one day I might bite

Try and stay amusing,
if I tire of you...

One day...

Come on, say it

No, not yet. It's a surprise

Sarah, fetch Francoise

You never hear me when I speak

That's all I hear.

- Well, one day...
- Quiet. You begin to bore me

- One day,
- Enough.

Well?...Come on

I will surprise you
by becoming your master

The necklace. It's been stolen.

Francoise has taken the tunic.

How could I have known?

Forgive me.

We've been deceived

We'll sort this out later

Francoise, I know you are here

You see us, but the tunic
renders you invisible

The necklace gives you
power over the boat...

But without my topaz globe
you can never leave the forest

Now you are my prisoner.

Come back and I will forgive you

Or else...

You were to be a princess...
and you still could be

Come back

How else can I ask you?

Don't you know who I am?

If you'll regret it.

Which of you is to blame?

Well, Gurth?

It's him, I know it

It's him, I saw it

It's him, I sense it

I set you free. You know
what you must do

You have not the right.
There's the law.

I am the law

You thought you were master?

You shall be

Master of beggars.
Master of tramps

See how kind I am? For you I have
a special sentence

For having given invisibility,
you shall lose your eyes

For telling the secret of the boat,
you will lose your tongue

For having shown the way,
you will lose your legs

She is listening.

See how she thanks you...
she does not come to save you

Take him away!

Francoise! You can hear me can't you?

When I catch you
I shall drink your tears.

Now go.

At last.

I have to get back.
She knows I've gone

Not so loud, she'll hear

- I must help you
- Listen! She is playing with us

She has not kept her promise

Even if you give up now...
she will kill me

When things cease to amuse her
it's always the same

I cannot live without her.
And you cannot live here

I will give you this ring.
It's my ring of life

Thanks to it I've lived a long time.
A very long time

Without it, I will die

But dying now will be a blessing

I can't.

But I want to die.
Not for you, for Morgane.

Thus will I escape
the cruelty of those three

I can't do it

I don't have time to persuade you...

With this ring you
must touch the log...

...near where you leave the boat

My horse will come for you

He will lead you
to the portals of the human world

He will take you across the border
of the real and the imagined

Call Morgane!
I will plead for you.

It's too late. Take the ring.

Take it.

No, Gurth. I'll wait here for them.
They won't harm you

Quick, something's happened

We must warn Morgane

Keep the tunic on

Your desire to return
was enough for me to find you...