Girl Missing (2015) - full transcript

What seems like a happy ending turns into a nightmare for a young woman thought to be the long lost daughter of a billionaire. She finally returns home and finds Haunting secrets looming in every corner of the grand estate which is soon to be hers. She also discovers that Not everyone in this dysfunctional family is happy to see her back.

Hi there.

My name is Gwen.

I'm here to help you.

Do you remember being brought
here to the hospital?

Could you tell me your name?

Or where your mommy
and daddy might be?

Here, do you recognize this?
You had this with you.

This was all you had with you.

It's okay.

Don't worry.

Go back to sleep.
Everything's gonna be okay.




How did it go at the gallery?

Well, I'm guessing
that they loved your work

and they're offering you
a year-long one-woman show?

Something like that
minus everything you just said.

They don't know anything.
Your work is brilliant.


Well, I gotta get back to work.

Any mail for me?

Junk box.


What the hell, Jane?

I just found a letter from
Social Services in the trash.

- Well?
- Like you didn't read it.

Why the hell was it
in the trash, Finch?

I didn't want you
getting your hopes up.

You know how these things go.

One time...

One time in 15 years,
there was a maybe, and yeah,

I freaked out when
it ended badly, wouldn't you?

It gives you no right.

I'm sorry... really.

What does it say?

It's a letter
from Gwen Marsh.

She wants me to meet her
in her office tomorrow at 1.

Yeah, I know.

I was holding onto it,
debating whether to show you.

And you clearly
decided not to...

To throw it away...
You decided.

I said that I was sorry.
So drop it.

Just don't get
your hopes up, Jane.

I don't feel like
watching another meltdown.

Good talk.

I'm sure
you're anxious to know

why I wanted you to come in.

I need to ask...

Has anything come back?
Any memories from before?


Please, indulge me.

No, nothing.

My first memory was
waking up in that hospital bed.

Why are we talking about this?

Jane, we've made contact
with a woman

who says
she knows you from before.


She says she's your mother.

it's me. I know you're there.


Finch likes to steal my phone
and make his own ring tone.

Do you want to just get it?

No, no.
Please, go ahead.

Here, let me show you something.

This is a picture of you
at age 9 from the foster home.

My God, look at Finch.

Yeah, you two always
were thick as thieves.

He's the annoying
little brother I never had.

This is from the woman

who thinks
she may be your mother.

Now we want to run DNA tests,

but we've done our due diligence

and Social Services believes
she really is your mother.

That being said, you're an adult
and you have decisions here.

You have a new identity,
a job, friends,

you've built a life.

What are you saying?

What I'm saying is
the choice is yours...

Whether you want to
meet this woman or not

is up to you and you alone.

If you decide
you don't want to meet her,

we won't release
any information about you...

Who you are, where you work,

where you live,
You can remain Jane.

I just have to ask, why now?

As you know,
because of your amnesia,

let's just say
your missing persons case

is an unusual one.

Also, for some reason,

the missing girl
was listed as deceased,

so she wasn't in the database.

That's why we never got a match.

Jane, I know
this is scary for you,

but I would not bring
this to you

unless I was very, very sure.

Why don't you think about it?

Call me tomorrow.

We can discuss it further.

There's no timeline on this.
The ball is in your court.


I don't need to think about it.

I want to meet her.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

I've waited my whole life
for this.

All right then.
I'll make the arrangements.

Is tomorrow too soon?

What will I say?

Just be yourself.

I'm not sure I know who that is.

Jane, this is Sylvia.

My God!

My. Come here.

You are so beautiful.

You're so beautiful, Savannah.

Savannah was the name
of Sylvia's daughter.

I can't believe it.
You're like a dream.

Sylvia had made a proposal
before you got here.

It took me a bit by surprise.

She would like you
to visit her home.

Your home. I'd like you
to come and visit your home.

It'll be several days
before the DNA results are in.

My advice would be to wait.

I'd love to.

Let's take a moment.
This is extremely premature.

It's not.
You want to come visit.

You should probably be
100% sure first.

You said they're almost certain.

Yup, I said almost.

Savannah, Savannah.
I can't believe it!

- I can't either!
- I don't think I can breathe.

I can believe it.

Excuse me.
Could you let me out?

I'd like to walk from here,
if that's okay.

Yes, ma'am.

- Hello, miss.
- Hi. I'm Jane.

I'm Theresa.
The estate manager.

This is incredible.

I'll get the bags.

So what exactly
does an estate manager do?

I flush a lot of toilets
that never get used.

There she is!

Theresa, can you believe it?

No, ma'am.

So, what do you think of
your childhood home...

Not too shabby?

It's unbelievable!

Gwen never told me that...

What? That I was filthy rich?

Yeah, guilty as charged.
Do you recognize anything?

That's all right. Come on,
I'll take you to your room.

This used to be your own
private balance beam.

My God,
you scared me to death.

Even Theresa
couldn't keep you off of it!

- So I knew Theresa?
- My God, yes.

She's been with us for 30 years.

She runs everything...
The staff, the maintenance.

She's family, really.

Is my father...?

Robert passed away, sweetheart.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Yeah, we're all sorry.

Look, there's a lot of stuff
that I need to tell you

that you have to know
about your childhood,

all the years
that you've been missing,

and I will.

Well, this is you.

Double set of doors.

Yeah, your father
had them installed

in all the upstairs bedrooms.

If he heard the first door open,

he'd have time to grab a shotgun

before anybody came
through the second one.

Did he have enemies?

All billionaires
have enemies, darling.

I'd hate to be the help.

Well, what do you think?

I love it!
It's wonderful!

That makes me so happy.

Well, you must be really tired
after your drive,

so why don't you freshen up
and I asked Theresa

to put a little something
in your closet just in case.

There she is.

Carlo, this is my daughter

My God, you told me
she was pretty,

but you are gorgeous!

My God!

So nice to meet you, Savannah.

It's nice to meet you, too.
Are you a friend of Sylvia's?

You could have mentioned me.

The little thing has
so much on her mind already,

I didn't want to throw you
into the mix, too.

Yeah, I'm just a boy toy.

This is my husband Carlo.

I guess there's no reason
he can't be both.

Should I bring dinner?

Yes, Theresa.
Thank you.

That would be great.

Let me finish the story!

So I'm looking up
at this huge yacht, right?

Who do I see?
Who do I see?

Sylvia and Robert
looking down at me,

drinks in their hands,

and I'm not joking here,
I swear to God,

Robert looks at me and he yells,
"Do you need any help?"

What did you say?

I cup my hands around my mouth

and I yelled as hard as I can,
"No, I'm fine.

I'm just looking for the number
of a good plumber...

Kind of sinking here."


Yeah, years later after
Robert passed away,

you know, me and Sylvia
stayed pretty close,

and, um, well,
the rest is history.

- I love you.
- Aw!

It's time for dessert.

Happy birthday, Savannah.

And many more.

I'm so sorry.
I'm so embarrassed,

but I've never really
celebrated my birthday before.

I don't know when it is.

I do.

Tell her.

It's today.
Today is your birthday.

Today is the day that
my little Savannah was born,

and I just thought
that we had, I don't know,

a lot of making up to do.

Happy birthday!

Thank you.

Happy birthday, honey.

I don't know what to say.

Don't say anything.
You just make a wish.

Make a wish for something
you really, really want.

Okay. Are you two
gonna weep all night,

or are we going to have
some cake and champagne?

- We're going to have some cake.
- Blow them out. Come on!

Blow, blow blow!

I'll help you.

No signal.

Sorry, Finch.

Hey, sweetheart.

It's not a birthday,
not officially,

until you get
a birthday present.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

It was my mother's
and her mother's before that,

and you used to love this.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

I'm really sorry because
I think there's one missing.

I know.

Excuse me?

I love it!

Thank you.

I think that you
should really consider

staying with us a little longer.

I mean, we're just
getting to know each other.

Yeah, that sounds great.

- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.

Give me a hug.

You sleep well.

A consortium
of Republican senators

proposed a ban
stating that it was time

to reign-in spending
and focus on a balanced budget.

And now to a local girl

who's search for
her long-lost mother

is paying big dividends.

Has more on the story.

A young woman
abducted from her home and presumed dead

just may have found
her biological mother

after 15 years.

Sylvia Knowles,
the widow of deceased

publishing mogul
and billionaire Robert Knowles,

has been reunited
with the young woman

whose name has been withheld

at this sprawling estate
on Lake Superior.

Mrs. Knowles could not be
reached for comment.

- Hey, Jane.
- The young woman reportedly has no memory...

It's me.

Of her time
before the abduction.

Look, I know
things are a little sour

between us right now,
but I want to talk to you.

You are on the news.

It's crazy.
Call me, okay?

But she might just be
Minnesota's newest billionaire.

Let's all hope this fairy tale

comes complete
with a happy ending.

Good-bye, Finch.

In other news,

the city council has
determined the construction...

I probably should have
warned you about that.

You always loved this spot.

I just buried
your favorite dress,

a lock of your hair,
some ballet slippers.

It's all that I had.

This must feel
really creepy for you.


Come on,
you don't even have a coat.

Let's go.

This way.

Does anyone else live here
besides Theresa?

Um, we have some people
come in a few times a week

to help out, but no one else
lives on the grounds. Why?

I saw this little girl,
and I was just wondering

if she was the daughter
of someone who worked here.

No. You must
be mistaken.

That's weird.
Yeah, she was...

Just standing around by herself.

No, nobody.

I mean, we are somewhat
of a tourist attraction.

Maybe some kid
just jumped the fence,

but I don't think
I'll call the police.


- Is that Carlo?
- Yes. Look at him.

Theresa, could we possibly
have tea in the drawing room?

- Of course.
- Thank you.

I'm terrible!

after the third time I asked her,

she agrees to go out with me.

Yeah, your mom plays really
hard to get, I gotta tell you.

You have to
understand that it was

long after your father passed.

Yeah, yeah,
yeah. I'm an idiot.

I'm sorry.
I keep forgetting

the timeline for you must be
quite difficult.

Yeah, Robert died, and...

a few months after,
you disappeared.

It was all very tragic.

I don't even know how
I would have gotten through

losing your father and then you

so shortly after
without this guy.

He's been such a great
friend to me,

but more than anything,
more than all that,

he's like a monkey.

He's so funny.

- You are, darling.
- I am a funny monkey.

How did Robert die?

I'm sorry to tell you this,
Savannah, but...

Robert killed himself,

in this house.


Robert had always
been a little paranoid.

Kept a loaded revolver
in his desk for protection.

Ironic, isn't it?

He was still alive
when I found him.

Couldn't speak, of course.
There was so much blood.

By the time help arrived...

he was already gone.

I can't imagine what that
must have been like for you.

It doesn't matter.

You know why?

Because I've got you back.
My little girl is back.

You're my miracle.

Were we close...

Robert and I?

My God, yes!
He fawned over you.

Well, you know, he travelled
quite a bit, he was...

gone sometimes
for months on end.

And you and I?

I know it's a strange
question to as,

but, were we close?

Of course we were.

Don't get me wrong, my darling,
you were quite the handful.

I could barely get you
to stand still.

I hear you're quite the artist.


Well, this room gets
the best light ever.

I know your father
would be thrilled to know

that you're working here,
and you know what, so would I.

If you decide to stay,

you'd never have to worry
about money again.

All this would be yours...

You'd never have to work
another day in your life.

Well, I like my work.

Of course you do,
because you have pride,

and you have talent,
and I respect that.

And so would your father.

- Thank you.
- For what?

For finding me.

Good morning, gorgeous.

Hey, sweetheart.
How did you sleep?

Not that well.

No. I'm sorry.

You don't look so hot.
Are you okay?

Yeah, fine.

Actually I just wanted
to make a phone call.

My cell doesn't seem
to have any reception,

and I should check in
with my roommate.

it's the house out here.

We're too far out
to get really good cell,

but feel free to use
any of the house phones.

- Thank you.
- We have a few.

Hey, Carlo and I
are going into town later.

Do you need anything?

No, I'm just gonna
make that phone call.

No? Okay.

Do you want your breakfast?

No, thanks.

Take your coffee.

See you later, honey.

Yeah, hello?

Hey, Finch.

Jane, I've been trying
to get a hold of you!

Sorry, it's been
a crazy couple days.

I bet.
Did you get my messages?

No, I haven't had
any cell phone service.


What about WiFi?

I have access to the internet
in the study.

The study?

Yeah, things are
pretty medieval.

I gotta say it sounds like

you hit
the motherlode there, Jane.

Yeah, I think
it's a little too early

to be thinking about
my inheritance.

There's something off
about this place.

What do you mean?

Well, for starters,

my father apparently
killed himself in the house.

And there's something else...


You're going to think I'm nuts,

but I've been seeing things.

Seeing things?
Seeing... Seeing what?

A little girl.
I feel like I know her.

So what? A
little girl lives there.

No, that's just it.

I seem to be the only person
who sees her,

and whenever I try
and talk to her,

she just disappears.

You know
how this sounds, right?

That's not all.

I'm having dreams about her.

Pull it back, Jane.

Exactly what is going on there?

I don't know.

What if this girl is
the real Savannah Knowles?

I mean, the grave, the dream...

What if she's trying
to tell me something?

You're seriously not making
any sense right now,

and it's starting
to freak me out.

I'm sorry.
It's just a lot, you know?

This house and hearing
about my Dad and Sylvia

and there's a new husband



He seems like a nice-enough guy.

Yeah, Carlo Fracassi.

Yeah, he's actually the guy
I wanted to talk to you about.

Since you left,
I've been digging

through the Knowles'
family history.


All right, check it out...

Sylvia isn't the first rich
widow Carlo's been married to.

Are you sure?

Yeah yeah.
He was married in his 20s

to a woman in her 60s.

She died suspiciously.
He got nothing.

There were lawsuits
and blah, blah, blah.

You've got to be kidding me.

Look, I know how badly
you want this to work out,

but just be careful.


I have to go.
Um, I'll call you later. Bye.


I thought you were
going to town.

No, we postponed.

We want to wait until
we can all go, you know?

I don't know why,
but this room gives me the creeps.

I guess it's all those guns.
Your father was quite a hunter.

I'm a pacifist myself.

I wouldn't know what to do
with one of these,

not even if you paid me.

Do you like to hunt, Savannah?

Um, no.

Isn't this strange?

What is?


This is your house,
you grew up here,

and one day
it's all gonna be yours,

even the crappy phone service.


That must be a lot
to take in?

Your head must be spinning.
I mean, think about it...

People all over the world
killing each other for money,

and all you had to do
was just show up.

It's kind of
like winning the lottery, no?

I think I will go
get some breakfast.

Of course.

Find me!

Can I help you?

Theresa. I was just...

Um, taking a self-guided tour.

With a knife?

Have you been down there lately?

No, actually I haven't.

Um, I need to go into town.

Do you think you could have
a car come get me in 30 minutes?

Of course.
He'll be waiting outside.

Thank you.

I'm so sick of
Mother and Father

fighting all the time.

I wish our family
was more happy.

I don't want Daddy
to leave again.

Something's wrong with Daddy.
I think he's sick.

He won't play.

He doesn't laugh anymore.

I hate Carlo.

I call him Mean Carlo.

'Cause that's what he is...
Mean, mean, mean!

My heart is broken.

My Daddy is gone.

I can't believe how sad I am.

All I do is cry.

I hate it here now.

I hate them all.

They're here.

Your car is ready, Miss.

Thanks, Theresa.
I'll be right down.

Yes, ma'am.

Savannah, can I talk to you
for a moment before you go?

It's important.

Of course.

I wanted to talk to you about
your Dad and the estate.


This is really hard for me.

It's all right.

When your Dad passed,
there was some speculation

about the manner
in which he died.

The police thought that maybe
foul play was involved.

The police questioned you?

Yes, they did.

Wouldn't even let a woman
grieve in peace.

And Carlo?

They questioned him, too.

He was so upset about it,
he doesn't even talk about it.


Nothing really.
It's none of my business.

Yes, it is your business,
that's why we're talking.

When your father died,

he left the entire estate
in a trust for you...

Only you.

Assuming I'm Savannah.

Of course you're Savannah.
It's very obvious.

I'm sorry,
but I just don't get it.

Why would he make a trust
or whatever it's called

and leave it all to me...

You're his wife.

Remember that part of him
being very fond of you?

I don't know.

Weren't you upset?

I didn't even know.
He did it without me knowing.

That's the way Robert was,
always full of little tricks.

But you know what,
I don't want you

to concern yourself
with all that.

It's in the past.

I just don't want you to be
overly worried about anything.

Why would I worry?

It's just that
when you disappeared,

there was a dispute
about the trust

and now that you're back,
the only thing that would

prohibit you taking control
of the estate again...

Would be if something
were to happen to me...


Don't say that!

Once you've settled,

you might want to consider
just reviewing the documents.

I mean,
it's a heavy weight to bear.

I just... I don't get
what you're asking.

Our lawyer thinks
that now that you're

so happily returned...

that possibly we should
remove the trust

and put the estate
back into the family.

The family being you?


Family being us.

I just wanted you to have
all the information,

and then you can do with it
what you want.

Can we talk about this
another time?

I really have to get into town.



Call me so I know
you got there safely.

There she is.

I thought Theresa
called me a car.

I sent it away!

Come on.
At your service, my lady.

Come on. Seriously.
It's really cold.

It looks like a storm is coming.

Those are some bad clouds.

Were you seeing Sylvia
while Robert was still alive?

I'm not really sure
what you mean.

I mean, were you having
an affair with Sylvia

while Robert was still alive...

before I was taken?

Savannah, where are you
getting all this?

Just trying to get
my timeline straight.

Look, after Robert died,

yes, me and your mom,
we grew pretty close,

but then after
you were kidnapped,

that was a little bit too much
to handle for her on her own.

But it was years before,
you know,

we became more than friends.

That's the truth.

Look, I'm a very lucky man
to have your mom.

I love your mom,

so I'm not going to apologize
for being there for...


I'm so sorry.

Yeah, this bridge goes out
from time to time,

but there is a ferry that leaves
from Kingston every few hours,

and the last one just left.

Try again tomorrow?


All right.

Where have you two been?

I tried to give Savannah
a ride into town,

but the bridge is out again.

Well, it's nice you had
a little quality time.

More like a third-degree.

- Jane.
- Hey.

I'm reading the articles
you sent me.

This is not good.

I'm telling you, something's
going on in this house.

Jane, there's something
I need to tell you.

I need to tell
you something first.

I found a room in the basement.

Okay. What about it?

Like a cell.

Someone was kept prisoner there.

Someone very young.

Mysterious little girl,
right, right.

What if she was killed?

Okay, okay.

And who do you think killed her?

Carlo. We both
know he's bad news,

but Sylvia can't see it
or doesn't want to see it.

She's just so crazy
in love with him,

and I don't know how to
get through to her.

Jane, get the hell out of there.

I can't.

I'm stuck here
until at least tomorrow.

I need to know
who that little girl is.

She's trying to
tell me something.

There's no little girl!

I know what I saw!

You're not hearing me!
Damn it!

Finch, are you drunk?

You can't see what's happening.

I mean, you can't see
what's happening

right in front of you.

What are you talking about?

That little girl,
that house, your mother...


You can't remember.

I'm aware I can't remember.

That's what
I'm saying! You see...

You... you are remembering,

but it's like your brain
can't process it, you know?

Really, Finch?

You're projecting
your childhood.

- You're the expert now?
- Well, it's something.

I mean, that's why
you're seeing things, Jane.

- Look, Finch... I've got to go.
- I'm telling you,

you're totally losing it.

Like a full-on mental breakdown.

Excuse me?

You're just a lost little girl
trying to find her mama.

We're done here.

But it's too dangerous.

It's too dangerous.

Good-bye, Finch.

Jane, Jane, wait. No.
Jane, Jane, listen.

What? Do you want me to come
home, to run back to you?

Do you want to go back
to the way things were

when it was just you and me,
like nothing else matters?

- I can't do that!
- You don't mean that.

I'm sorry.
That's just the way it is.

You don't mean that.

I want my childhood back.

I want my family.

Listen, I...

I have to tell you something,
Jane, just listen.

Who are you?


Sylvia, I need
to speak with you.





Help! Somebody help!

Somebody help!





Sounds like
you're awake in there.

What do you want from me?


I mean, I do need you
to sign those documents...

in triplicate.

You'll see that there are
multiple copies.

What is this?

It essentially
releases any hold you have

on the estate and puts
everything in Sylvia's name...

which happens
to be my name also.

Where's Sylvia?

Forget Sylvia.

I want to talk to Sylvia!

This is between you and me,

Now sign the damn document!

And then what's going to happen?

You're going to let me go?

Of course I will let you go.

Why wouldn't I?

You'll still have to
get rid of me.

Of course not!

But your sweet little mother,

well, she will die
if you don't sign it,

or if you ever even consider
going to the police about this.

You got that?

I'm pretty confident

we're gonna find
an agreement, Savannah.

I can't even imagine
how horrible it will be to...

to lose your mother
all over again.

Anyway, take your time.

No rush.

You can stay in there until
you're ready to be sensible.

Just like old times.

And if nature calls,
there's a bucket in the corner.

What are we gonna do now?

Come on, let's go!

Well, come on, girl, hurry!

What the hell is going on here?

I've always been suspicious
of those two,

but who are you?

They say I'm Savannah.
I don't remember.

I don't know who I am.

How do I know you're
not just another gold digger

out for Mr. Knowles' money?

I guess you don't!

Come on.


Mrs. Knowles.

What's going on?

Carlo said that you left?

Carlo locked me in the cellar.

Didn't you know?

you're breaking my heart.

Stop calling me that!

I'm not your Savannah!

Who the hell is buried
in that grave, Sylvia?

Everything I've
ever told you is true.

I swear.

The only thing I never
told you is that Carlo,

he's not well.

I'm scared of him.

You should be, too.

- Where is he?
- He's upstairs sleeping.

Are you sure?


Get me out of here.

Sweetheart, I will.
I'm your mother.

I would never hurt you.
I got this.

I need the keys.
Stay here and be quiet.

I'm calling the police.

Damn it!

I'll try the one
in the living room.


Come back!

I love you, Daddy.

Isn't she getting big, Syl?




While your father
is away, it's all me.

You got it?

Come here, hun.


Stop it.

Don't fight it!

Stop. Just go to sleep,
honey. Go to sleep!

I have the keys.

It was you!

You tried to have me killed.

What are you talking about?

Your own daughter.


It was Sylvia.

I remember!

Mrs. Knowles!


We have been together
for so many years.

This is what you think?

I honestly don't know
what to think anymore.

I hate you!

Do you have any idea the things

that I have had to do
to protect what's mine?

And you just thought that
you would flounce in here...

With your three bags of hair,

pretending to be my daughter
after all these years

and just ruin my life?

Do you think I'm going to
let that happen?


that would never happen!

I did not take Savannah's life.

She took mine!

Come back, boo.

Mommy wants to talk.

You should have stayed
down there.

It would have been much easier.

Don't fight it.

Don't fight it.

Don't fight it!

I don't want to hurt you,
but I have to.

I don't want to...

Just don't fight it.

Don't fight it.

Just go to sleep.

Go to sleep.

Go to sleep.

Go to sleep.


I buried you too shallow
last time.


Hey, it's me.

I know you're there.

Is this a bad time?


All right then.

Go ahead.

- Who's there?
- I'm used to it.

I'll just hang here
and wait. No big deal.

You do what you got to do
while I wait.

Who's there?

Hey, it's me.
I know you're there.

Is this a bad time?


All right then.

Go ahead.

I'm used to it.

I'll just hang here and wait.

No big deal.

You do what you got to do
while I wait.

Go ahead.

All right then,
go ahead, ignore me.

- I'm used to it.
- No one's gonna find you this time.

I'll just hang here and wait.

No big deal.

You do what you got to do
while I wait.

No one is going to find you!

it's me. I know you're there.

Is this a bad time?

That's it?

You hit like a girl!

The police will be here
any minute.

Okay. Okay.
We'll make tea!


We'll make some tea!

Who are you?

I'm Savannah.



I'm really... sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I didn't mean that...

Any of that mean stuff,
I really didn't.

I'm glad that you're here
because we can talk about it.

Come here!

Come here!

You're so big!

You are such a brave girl.

You're mama's little girl.

My little tiny baby girl.

Who's my wonder mate?

Who's my joy?

It's okay.
You're okay.

You're so big.

You're a big girl.

I'm sorry to interrupt.


You're supposed to be
taking it easy.

This package came for you.

You need to be resting.

Does it still hurt?

Only when I breathe.

And you?

I'm getting there.

Give it time.


Thank you.