Girl Hell 1999 (1999) - full transcript

Two maniacs go on a rape spree, brutally battering their victims with a baseball bat repeatedly before raping them and then battering them again until their victim is dead (hence the title of the film)... but this time they picked the wrong girl..she extracts a harrowing and bloody revenge on the people that violated her

A Japan Video Distribution Production

In Co-operation with
Space Elephant

Yoko Satomi

Shiina Nagamuri
Kana Sakurai


Check that out.

What kind of guy do you think
rides in that?

We can be damn sure he's
no honest person.

You think so?

Are you going tonight too?
For this?

I'm not going.

Why the hell not?

Tomomaru Murai
Yuusuke Kimura

Eh? What...

Well, let me just ask you this.

Do you have any romantic experience?

What's that?
What are you talking about?

Ordinary stuff, like taking
a girl out on a date.

Oh, you mean like going to see a movie,
or things like that?


Of course not!

I knew it.

Shit like that is such a
pain in the ass.

I can't understand why a guy would
get hung up on one girl.

It's best to bang as many
chicks as possible!

I'm tired of rape already.

Natsumi Harada
Kazuhiro Sano

So then, you don't even care whether
it's an old hag, or a middle school girl?

Nope, not at all.

You're a fucking pervert.

That last one looked like she had
to have been in her fifties...

That's the beauty of it.

It's easier to have my way with them
when they lack the strength to resist.

Are you an idiot?

Does it really matter?

You just stick your dick in; there are no
big differences between any chicks.

Man, I can't believe you!

Even if I'm about to fuck
an old hag,

I just picture the face of that
Hirose girl in my mind,

and then I can get it up,
no problem.

My friend, I think the problem
is you lack imagination.

Taishi Takemoto Go Okuno
Salmon Sakeyama

I want to lead a more happy
and fulfilling life,

while I'm still young.

What are you talking about?
You've done horrible things up till now.

I know.

That's why I want to stop and live a more
honest life from now on!

Are you sure you're alright?
You're acting weird, Kenji.

You're the one who's weird.

No, there's something really
wrong with you man.

Oh, I get it. So have you fallen
in love with some girl?

For real!?
Well, tell me about her.

Written and Directed by
Daisuke Yamanouchi

You're so cute!

("baba" = "hag")

I've brought something for you.

Hey, Haruko, you eat some too.

This is no good.

Haruko, you're staying a little baby,
no matter how much time passes.

Alright, fine.
Do you want to have some milk?

Go on - drink a whole bunch.

Hey, don't spill it!

You're so pretty.

Hey, don't stare at me like that!

Um, do you mind if I keep that?


Um, I'm referring to that tissue
you're using right now.

Can I have it?

Fine, but it's gonna cost you.

Eh? But you were gonna throw it
away anyway, weren't you?

That's true. But if a guy tells me he wants it,
I would be stupid not to sell it.

Alright, I understand.

How much?

An extra 2,000 Yen.

Um, I'm a 17 year old girl looking to do some enjo.
(enjo kousai = compensated dating)

Er, I have long hair,
and I'm a little bit chubby.

We'll decide on the price after
we meet in person.

Okay then, I'm waiting for
you to contact me.


What have you been doing
all this time?

I was by the river side.

You were at Babaras
place again?


She's totally bat-shit crazy.

I had a lot of extra bread,
so I took it to her.

Look, I finally bought it.

Wow, that's really nice.

I knew it! It's different when
you're actually using it.

Don't you think the difference comes
from the material?

Well, never mind.
What's up with you?

What happened to your bike?

I parked it and someone
stole my seat.

Where did you park it?
At school?

No, under the bridge.

But why would somebody steal
something like that?

There are a lot of ways in which
it could be used.

Since it belongs to a cute
girl like you, Misaki.


A weird guy's been hanging
around lately...

I have to be careful myself too.

Oh, so you've come home?

How about at least saying
I'm home to your father?

Hey, don't ignore me.

Are you doing that shit again,
you crazy girl?

Are you alright?



Your old school uniform looks really
good on Keiko, doesn't it?

Hey, Misaki...

What, sister?

I bet you think I deserve this.

You're happy about what's
happened to me, aren't you?

Sister, why are you
saying that?

I care about you.

Then why don't you help me...

when that man is doing horrible
things to me?

I know why: you're scared.

You don't want him to
do it to you.

So you just stay quiet and let him
do with me as he pleases.

That's not true.

You've always been the same way.

I was prettier than you,
and better at studying,

so Mom loved me the most.

You were always jealous of me,
weren't you?


I bet you feel really good,
now that I've ended up like this.

Stop, sister!
Stop, sister!

Misaki? Misaki?

Hmph, so she feeds a homeless woman?

Be careful with your choice
of words, fool.


Say 'volunteer'! Volunteer!

It's 'volunteers', not 'feeds'!

Whatever, isn't it all the same?

What are you doing?

It's 'volunteer'! Say it!

I got it! Volunteer! Volunteer!

She has a reputation for being a
really nice girl in the neighborhood.

Some years ago,
her mom ran out on her.

Right now, it seems she's living with
just her dad and sister.

Her sister was involved in a traffic
accident or something.

She survived, but it seems she's
become a hideous monster.

- A monster?
- Yeah.

What do you mean?

She's bed-ridden and she can't
leave the house,

so few people have ever
actually seen her,

but I've heard she has horrible
scars all over her body.


Yeah, and she's bed-ridden,
so she just shits and pees her pants.

The younger sister has to deal
with that too.

I'm a bit impressed.


It's nothing.

I've been thinking I can't just
keep living like this.

A real man would help a girl like her,
who's having a lot of problems.

If I start going out with that girl,

I can make amends for all
that I've done.

I'll work honestly and make her happy.

Don't you think she's waiting for
just such a guy to show up?

You don't really think so, do you?

I do! I do! I'm sure she is!

Look: Harukos all cleaned up.

Here you go.

That's good.

You're a good mother for Haruko.

You're so cute!

You're so cute!

You're so cute!

You're so cute!

Stop it now!

Misaki, what is your intention?

Stop it! I'll stab you!

What is your intention?

Pointing that knife at your father...

Do you understand what you're doing?

Are you really gonna stab me?

You're gonna stab your own father?

A scumbag like you is no
father of mine!

I am your father!

Then how could you do such
horrible things to me and my sister!?

Would you guys even have
survived without me?

Huh? Would you have survived?

You're so fucking ungrateful!

I'm the one who's taken care of you guys
since you were abandoned by that woman!

Didn't you point the knife at the wrong person?

Point the knife at that woman who abandoned you
and your sister to run off with a young guy!

That's not true!
She left because she was afraid!

She thought she was gonna end up being
killed by you! She couldn't help but leave!

Fine... then why did her co-worker
disappear at the same time? Huh?

I was utterly disgraced.

People called me the stupid guy
who's wife eloped.

That woman ran away.

From me, from her girls,
from everything!

She abandoned us all to run off
with a young man!

Don't you ever try this
sort of thing again.

Next time... I will kill you.

Um, excuse me.

Excuse me.

Um, here. Take this.

Wow. So he wrote
"come to Ichino bridge after school"?


How nice.
You pretty girls are so popular.

This is a problem for me.

It'll be fine!
You're already 17 years old.

You should at least have a boyfriend.

I think it'll brighten up your life for sure.

Well? So what was
he like? Cool?

I'm not sure.
I didn't get a good look at him.

Won't anything good ever
happen for me?

Nothing ever goes my way.

I'd be better off dead!

Yes? Yes, that's right.

Uhm, I want to be paid at
least 15,000 yen.

Eh? Is that fine with you?
Thank you so much!

Uh, well then, let's meet at the
parking lot on Nagasakiya.

It'll be okay.
I'll come wearing it.

Sorry, I've got some work.
See you tomorrow.

See? She's not gonna show up.

I told you it was impossible.

A girl that lovely can't be wooed
by the likes of you. Give it up.

Maybe she couldn't even read
what you wrote her...

because your hand writing's
so shitty!

I'm deeply wounded right now.

Hey, stop man! It's no use taking
out your anger on me!

Alright, I've got it!
We'll get revenge!

We'll pay her back in spades!

So let me down, man!

Go on, Haruko!
Drink a whole bunch!

Fuck her up.

What's that?

Lemme see it!



Don't touch me,
you dirty bitch!

You're fucking insane!


Scum like you really make
me furious!

This is filthy!
What have you done, bitch?!

You really are a fucking pervert.

Um, are you Misaki Tsukamoto?

I'm sorry. It seems I've startled you.

I'm Nakahara, from the prefectural
education committee.

Is your mother here?

No, she's not...

When will she be back?

Um, my mother doesn't live here.

Oh, well then, excuse me.

Don't worry about it.

Can I have a little bit
of your time?


It's about a scholarship.

- At my home?
- Yes.

Uhm, that's not a good idea.
There's a sick person in the house.

Oh, I'm sorry - I didn't know.
Don't worry too much.


Well, my car's parked right over there -
we can talk inside.

I'll make it brief.

So... say what you've
got to say.

I have several things
to apologize for.

First of all, I'm not somebody from
the education committee.

This is so annoying...
I don't want any newspapers!

Who the fuck are you guys?

I have no intention of harming you.

Muraki, give me the thing.


It was a huge inconvenience,
wasn't it? I'll give it back to you.

And, you can have this.
It's my way of apologizing.

What is the meaning of this?

You have only your little sister to
blame for this. You monster!

It's embarrassing to say this,

but I've been entranced
by your beauty...

from the first moment
I laid eyes on you.

So that's why I couldn't
control my feelings.

Um, I'm afraid I can't
accept this.

No. Please take it.

I've done an awful thing to you.

No, it's unnecessary.

You've already given me
back what is mine.

I stripped that off your bike.

You probably hate me for it.

Fuck yeah!
Well, how's her ass?

It's wet, and very hot!

It's okay already. I don't understand you,
but just don't do it anymore.

And I really must give
this back to you.

No, I want you to have it,
no matter what.

Even if you don't really
need it for yourself,

spend a bit of the money
on your sister.

How do you know about
my sister!?

Sorry, I've investigated your background.

I know all about your sister and father.

You need to move out and get away
from that man as soon as possible!

If you don't mind,
I'll help you out!

I don't want help from a
weirdo like you! Excuse me.

Open it!




Somebody! Somebody!

What's the matter?

Sister! Sister's dead!

It's gonna be okay.

Let me go!

Hey there, remember me?

Yo man, you sure she's alright?

Say something! Come on!
How do you feel about this?

If you're upset, then scream!

Gimme one good scream!

Do you want to drink my piss?


Why? What the hell is she saying?

There's no more left.

What are you talking about?!

Fuck! This isn't enough to
get me going!

Resist me at least a little bit!

I can't get a hard-on like this!

Start acting like you hate it!

Try and resist me!


I can't get it up!

That's enough, Kenji.

It's no use.

Unless you're holding down a screaming,
struggling woman,

you can't get a hard-on.





What's wrong?
It's me!


Where's Haruko?

What happened to Haruko!?

Mother, are you doing this again?

Are you going to abandon us again?

That's so selfish!

It's too selfish!

Do you like that guy so much?!

Is he more important to
you than us?!


Why are you always abandoning us?

Do you hate me that much!?

I thought we had an agreement.

I promised I'd be a good girl!

I've been... very well behaved!




Mother! Mother!



Written and Directed by
Daisuke Yamanouchi

Yoko Satomi

Shiina Nagamuri
Kana Sakurai

Tomomaru Murai Yuusuke Kimura
Natsumi Harada

Taishi Takemoto Go Okuno
Salmon Sakeyama

Kazuhiro Sano