Gimme the Loot (2012) - full transcript

When a rival gang buffs Malcolm and Sofia's latest graffiti masterpiece with a replica of the NY Mets home-run apple, they're determined to get spectacular revenge - by tagging the real Mets' apple. Over the course of a whirlwind two-day heat wave, these tough teens from the Bronx must hustle, scramble, and steal to execute the scheme that will make them the most famous writers in New York.



- Oh, shit!
- Hey!

Yo, Champ, get out of here!

Pull out!
Pull out, Champion!

Now! Now! Now! Now! Now!

# Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy

# Get ready, everybody

# Let's shimmy

# All the shimmying
that we do #

Right now, it's time for our
latest tales from the street,

and I'm here with my man
the legendary Speedy.

What's going on, Base?
How you doing?

I'm good.
How are you?

- Chillin', chillin'.
- All right, cool.

So what's this crazy-ass shit

that happened out in Queens
last week?

Yeah, so me and my boy Rox,

we go out to Shea Stadium
to catch a Mets game, you know,

but for us, it ain't even about
watching the Mets.

We bring in these cans

'cause we trying
to bomb the apple.

Why are you trying
to bomb the apple?

Explain what the apple is
for everybody.

Well, anybody who's living
up in this fine city knows

anytime someone on the Mets
hits a home run,

this goofy-ass apple
pops out of the-

pops out of the stands,
and everybody goes crazy.

It's corny,
but I'm a fucking Mets fan.

- No, fuck the Mets.
- Don't disrespect the Mets.

All right, all right,
it's your show,

so I'ma let that slide.

But seriously, yo, you know,
I mean, we've hit walls.

We've hit subways before.

But if you hit the apple
when it pops up,

the whole crowd sees it.

Everybody watching on TV
sees it.

All of New York
will see that shit.

That's gonna be, like, forever.

We had to wait until about,
like, 4:00 in the morning.

We go over there
to center field,

we hop the fence,
and there it is-

boom, the apple.

You know,
I'm right underneath it.

I can see it.
I can touch it.

We're ready to go,
and then, man,

flashlights are all over us.

There was mad cops,
so we just bounced, right?

I'm running one way.
Rox is running the other way.

I think I'm in the clear,

but, like, I had to-
I caught a charge.

You gonna try to bomb
that apple again?

Hell yeah, I'm gonna try
and bomb that apple again!

Yo, I'm a constant opportunist,

so if the situation arises,
then hell yeah.

But honestly, even if it's not
Speedy or Rox that do it,

somebody's gonna bomb
that apple,

and they gonna get mad props
in the game.

Their names are gonna ring out
in our world.

# Ah, the shimmy
is what's happening

# To everybody

# Shimmy

# Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy,
shimmy #

A'ight, yo, let's go.

Buffing our shit?

Who the fuck
they think they are?

Yo, that's what I'm saying, man.

I gotta get me
one of those Queens boys, man.

You gonna get you one of them
Queens toys and do what?

I'ma fuck-yo.

I take care of my shit.
You don't know.

Gus, let me get two slices.

You know, I don't know.

What, you a gangster?
What, you a thug now?

When I need to be.

Yo, don't let me catch
one of these motherfuckers

buffing our pieces.

I'ma come up behind 'em
with some GoodFellas shit.

They not gonna see it comin'.

Put, like, two
in the back of they head.

Easy, just-

First of all,
nobody in they right mind

is gonna give you a gun.

It's not funny.

And second of all,
if you gonna shoot somebody,

you shoot them in the eye
like a fuckin' man.

Be the last thing they see
before they drop,

not like them fuckin'
"GodFellas" pussies.

Yo, whatever, as long as they
get got, yo, I'm fuckin'-

Stupid-ass Mets fans, yo.

I'm tired of them and that
fucking buffing our shit

with that dumb-ass Mets logo.

And I'm really sick

of that fucking corny
blue and orange on everything.

That shit... that shit is...

We gotta do something.
We have to.

All right,
listen, listen, listen.

So this is what we gon' do.

Don't your brother
train some boxer

that work at Shea Stadium?

You mean Citi Field,
where the Mets play at?

Citi Field?

I'm not calling it
after some stupid bank.

It's called Shea Stadium.

And do you know
the nigga or not?

- Who?
- "Who?"

Fucking Pedro or some shit?

Yeah, yeah, Pedro,
he works, like, at Shea, like,

off-game security when the Mets
is out of town and shit.

But who the fuck cares?
Fuck Pedro.

- And fuck the Mets too.
- Fuck the Mets.

That's exactly
what the fuck I'm saying.

So look,
this is what you gon' do.

You gonna call Pedro.

He gonna sneak us in.

We gonna bomb
that stupid-ass apple.

Then when they get a home run,

everybody gonna see our names
on that shit, right?

And who gonna be on our dick?

Them Queens niggas.

Yo, you fucking crazy!

No, I'm fucking serious.

Yo, that's brilliant.
That's brilliant.

Yo, we gonna be so famous
off this shit.

We gonna be legends.

They gonna make a fucking statue
of me in Central Park,

holding a spray can,
holding my sac like this.

You're retarded.

And I'ma get so much ass
off of this, Sofia.

I'ma get so much pussy, like...

If I never got pussy before,
now is the time.

Like you said,
never got it before,

and you never gon' get it.


All right, Pedro,
we gonna get it done.

We gonna get it done.

We'll meet you at the stadium
Friday morning.

All right.

Yo, good looking, Sal.

Okay, take care, huh?

You too.

Yo, what happened?

You already know
I got it done.

Come on.

We just gotta do it before, like-

we gotta do it
by Friday morning,

'cause they come back.

A'ight, that's, like, what,
two days?

- That's no problem.
- Word.

Why don't we just do
that shit now?

Oh, 'cause he-
no, he not around today.

We can't do it today.

But, um, yeah,
everything's good.

He was like, just-
you know what I'm saying?

Just show up, you know,
just meet him across the street,

and we gotta give him $500.



Where the fuck
are we supposed to get $500?

I... I thought we would
bless this nigga, like,

with some weed or something,
but fuckin' $500?

Look, you don't understand, man.

This nigga owes so much money.

He fuckin' heard about
a fix on a fight

at the Blue Horizon in Philly,
and guess what.

I don't give a fuck.

This nigga bet the wrong guy.

How you bet-how you gonna bet
the wrong guy?

What kind of stupid shit is that?

How we gonna get this paper?

Well, for starters,
Ronaldo owes me $80

for that custom,
and I got deliveries.

Well, you gonna have to steal
them deliveries.

I'm not stealin' from Donnie.
That nigga'll kill me.

You not stealing from Donnie?

What, you scared
of Donnie's rich ass?

Don't be a fucking pussy.

- Man,
it ain't even about that.

Yo, so-yo, my fuckin' mom's
getting on my nerves, man.


Look, my bad.

I'm just saying, like,

she ain't trying
to give us no loan.

That's all I'm saying.

I feel you.

But I know one thing.

You can sell-
you can sell

the rest of those cans
to fuckin'- to the Kaps.

I know you want to do that.

Yeah, I could do that.

Yeah, I bet.

Don't worry about my shit.

Why don't you focus
on your shit

and gettin' your shit

- Listen, I'm focused on my shit
all day.

- Oh, you focused on your shit
all day?

So why you going
the wrong fucking way?

You supposed to be going
to the train station.

- Oh, shit, you right.

I'll see you later, yo.

# Lord, send it on down

# Straight on down

# O Lord,
let the Holy Ghost

# Come on down

# Whoa, send it on down here,

# Straight on down

# O Lord, let the Holy Ghost
come on down #

Yo, Lenny, what's up?

Malcolm, wow.

It's good to see you, man.

Word, you too.

They got you workin' short pack

Yeah, yeah.

They downstairs?

Yeah, yeah, you could go.

All right, watch your head.

All right.

Appreciate it.

- Motherfucker
from down the block, man,

and he talkin' about going-
garbage cans and shit.

Yo, what's good?

Look at this motherfuck.

Where the fuck you been?

- Yo, I've been bombing
like crazy, yo.

Did you see that shit I did
on the-um, on the Brooklyn?


- Yo, a'ight, just load me up
on some deliveries, then.

I'll sell all that shit today.

Nah, man, we good.

Come on, Donnie.

Fuck you, man.

Go pick up cans or some shit.

Listen, you come in Monday.

You work a whole fuckin' day.

Then maybe we'll talk.

- Man, look.

Yo, I need to borrow some money.
I need, like, $500.

But, look,
it's an emergency situation.

Get the fuck out of here.

- Don't worry.
I'll work it off.

- I ain't seen you
in fuckin' three weeks.

You come in and ask for $500,

Yo, look.

Yo, this is-
- Fuck you.

Come on, man.

This is fucking
life or death, man.

Well, you're gonna be dead.

- You're gonna be dead,
so dress warm.

Yo, you a Yankee fan?

What about you?

Get the fuck out of here.

- You heard him.
Get the fuck out of here, man.

You're fired.

- Fired?
- Fired.

- Get the fuck out of here,

That's why Ike Davis
sucks mad dick.

Nigga, fuck both of y'all.


Jeter swallows, motherfucker.


# Either that
or a 50-cent ho #

You set, Malcolm?


They baggin' downstairs,

so they said give me, like,
ten of yours.

Well, I don't have ten.

I got five.
You want 'em?

- That'll work.
That's good. That's good.

- I mean,
I just have one delivery, so...

All right, word.

All right, here, turn around.

All I see on these streets,

is guys wearing flip-flops.

It's fucking disgusting,

It's not a joke.

I mean, what the fuck
is this city coming to?

Back in the '90s,

you would have never seen a guy
wearing flip-flops.

I mean, if a woman wants to show
her pretty toes, fine.

I don't recommend it, but...

You want to go to the beach
in flip-flops, all right.

It's a pass there, but...

What's the address?

- Yo, it's this girl-

She's Donnie's sister's friend
from high school.

I don't know.
Private school girl.

Where does she live?

She's all right.

Yo, Malcolm,

could you just chill
for a second?

You know,
I'm really bored out here.

It's fucking hot as shit,
and I just-

just want to talk
for a second.

- Yo, it's not even like-
it's not even like that.

Look, Donnie just chewed my ass
about how slow I am,

and I'm just trying
to speed this shit up.

Yo, fuck Donnie.

Chill and talk to your boy Lenny
for a second.

Yo, I gotta jet, man.

Like, come on.
I just need the address.

All right.

It's 34 East 1 Oth Street,

A'ight, what apartment?

- Six.
- A'ight.

I miss you, man.

Thank you.

- Be good.
- Peace, Lenny.

- What's up?
- Hi.

Hot out there, huh?


- It's hot outside.
- Yeah, it really is.

Um, is Ronaldo upstairs?

Yeah, I guess.


# Ronaldo #



Oh, come on, nigga.
You still asleep?

No, I'm depressed.

Why are you depressed?

They discontinue Fruity Pebbles?

She dumped me.

- Now, you know that girl
was just fucking with you.

You know
that shit wasn't serious.

- I can't stop thinking
about her.

I don't know
what I'm gonna do.

- You gonna give us
that 100 bucks

for that "Ronaldo loves Alyssa"
custom we made you.

That's what you gonna do.

It's "A-Lisa. "


- No, get it right.
And it's 80 bucks.

So then give me my 80 bucks.

I love her.

You love her?

You out your mind, son.

- Yo, I never gave her
this shirt.

You could take it.

- Uh-uh.
What do I want with this?

- I don't know.
Resell it or something.

Resell it?

Nah, it don't work like that.

What am I supposed to do?

Find some other herb
named Ronaldo

who's fucking your girl?

I don't think so.

Hey, look, I can't pay you.

Look, you can keep the custom.

Give it to Alyssa
to try to win her back.

It's "A-Lisa. "

- You need to get over this shit
and go find some other girl.

I can't, though.

I got no money, I got no job,
and I got no girl.

I got nothing!

What about your kicks?

- Yeah, I got my sneakers.
Big whoop.

- Nah, I'm saying,
run your sneakers.


- Look, nigga,
you owe us money,

and we need the cash now,

so I'm taking your sneakers.

But those are my favorites.


Yo, what the fuck!

Bitch, why the fuck
didn't you stop them?

I don't care.

Call your fucking friend.

I don't have a phone.

Call your fucking friend.

I don't have a phone.

You don't have a phone?

What the fuck is this
in your pocket, then?

Oh, you don't have
a fucking phone?

So what the fuck is this, then?

- He doesn't have a phone,

- Oh, he don't have
a fucking phone.

Okay, and since you didn't have
a phone,

I guess I'm not robbing
your ass, then.

- I'm sorry.
- What the fu-


# I believe

# I believe

# I'll go home #


Take off your shoes.

I'm in the bathroom.


You're not Donnie.

Who are you?


Sliced my toe really badly.

Does it hurt?

Yeah, like hell.

I'm sorry.

- It's okay.
It's not your fault.

Come in.

So who are you?

I'm Malcolm.

Oh, okay.

- You just asked me who I am.
That's my name.

- Come in. Come in.
Into the bedroom.

Where's Donnie?

Come sit over here.

- I don't know.
He must be working.

Look at my toe.

It's really bad.

Yeah, it is.

You should put some Vaseline
on that or something.

My brother's a boxer,
and they always use that for-

- Vaseline?
- Yeah.

- No, it needs, like,
hydrogen peroxide or something.

Whatever works for you.

- You know, you don't exactly
seem like the Donnie type.

I mean, I work for him.

And we go bombing together
sometimes, but that's about it.

Like terrorists?



Nah, yo, like graffiti.

You know, spray paint,

writing on walls,
climbing buildings.

- I know what graffiti is,

I'm not an idiot.

Um, look, I need a 50.

My wallet's in the other room.

Oh, I'm so broke.

- Yeah, I see you got, like,
a lot of cameras in here.

My uncle, he bought me a camera
just like that before.


I broke that shit, though.

It was a nice one too.

Got a nice big flash
on the top.

Hey, do you have $10?

I don't, actually.

I'll tell you what.

I'll give you $60

if you smoke me up
out of your stash.

- I-
- Here you go.

I'm gonna go get my bowl
from my mom's room.

- Why is your bowl
in your mom's room?

Oh, she doesn't care.

And she's in Nantucket
for the weekend anyway.

What the fuck is Nantucket?

Holy shit.

Let's smoke this.

- Word, come on.
Let's do it.

So, uh, where's Donnie?

Is he golfing
with that asshole Ben Brogan?

Donnie does not golf.

Yes, he does.

You didn't know that?

No, 'cause it's not true.

I don't know what to tell you
other than the fact

that he was on the varsity
golf team at Oornell.

Get the fuck out of here.

I'm not kidding.

- Yo, my boys found out
about this shit?

You don't understand.

This nigga Zerox golfs?

That's fucking retarded.


Yeah, that's his tag name.

That's ridiculous.

- Yo.
- Yo, Malcolm.

Where Champion's spot at

You mean the impound?


- Wait, you going to sell
the cans?

- No, we gonna talk about
our feelings.

- A'ight, it's on 134th,
right by the underpass.


- So have you ever traveled

I've been to Florida.

- That's not bad.
It must be nice.

I've never been to Florida.

Where have you been?

I've been to India.


- Yeah, Oosta Rica,

Paris, all over Italy-

like, three times in Italy-

elsewhere in France.

That's crazy.

- There's still so many places
I want to go, though.

I mean-

- But, shit,
you got a head start on me.

- Yeah, well,
I'm sure you'd like it.

What are your favorite foods?

- That's easy.

What flavor?

Vanilla milkshakes.

Nah, fuck vanilla.
That's wack.

No, vanilla's fine.

I don't like chocolate and get
shit for that all the time.

- I'm more interesting
than that.

I like...

Mint chocolate.



What's your favorite food?

- Uh, that's easy,
two favorite foods:

oysters, cherry pie.

Oh, three: champagne.

- That's-
champagne is not a food.

All in combination.

The best meal.

You a drunk.

Yo, Champion, what's good?

What up, girl?

What's poppin'?

- Damn, still doing
that nursing home scam,

robbin' them old ladies?

That's fucked up.

- You gonna question me
on how I feed my family, man?

This is how I feed my kids.

If I gotta scam the old folk,
I'ma scam the old folk.

Right, right.

Yo, I need my cans.

You need all the fucking cans?

All my fucking cans.

- What the fuck
you about to get into?

Don't worry about it.

What you scheming on, man?

- It ain't got shit to do
with you,

so don't worry about it.

Just go get my cans.

- You gonna watch how you
fucking talk to me too, man,

before I make you go back
outside and come back in,

start this shit
all over again.

- Will you please
go get my cans?

A'ight, that's better, man.

One minute, mama.

Fuck up my work habitat.

Yo, you got all 25?

- Yeah, bitch,
I got all 25 fucking cans!

And you got my five montanas?

- Yo, listen, I ain't touched
your fucking bag, man.

Take yo' shit, man.

Let me see.

A'ight, a'ight.

Yo, Champion,
I got this cell phone.

It's brand-fucking-new.

You gotta buy this shit from me.

I don't do cell phones, man.

Put it back in your pocket.

Trying to set me up
or some shit, man.

- Ain't nobody trying
to set your ass up.

- You want to get rid of it,

Go right there-
172nd, Rosedale.

Little corner store,
close to the corner, man.

Go right there to the back.
They got you.

They always send that shit back
to they country, man.

- So they give you the money
straight up?

No bullshit?

- Yeah, man,
I'm schooling you right now.

I'm schooling you right-

You don't know everything
in this fucking-

You a young girl!

- Whatever.
- Fuck, man.

- You don't know everything

- Still got a lot to learn.
- Shut up.

- Fuck, I'm trying to help
your dumb ass.

- Shut the fuck up,

- Fuck wrong with these fucking
young uns today, man?

Fucking think they know-

they fuckin' don't know
they ass from they elbow.

- Yo.
I want-

- You gotta do that shit


So you just gonna give me
my money here?


What the fuck?

What, you call this nigga
from the back to lock the door?

I didn't call nobody.

- Just give me
my damn money, then.

What money you talking about?

- What you mean,
what money I'm talking about?

You saw me go in the back,
knock on the door,

and give this nigga
a $200 phone.

You know you saw that shit.

- Yo, you need to go home
with all-

- Don't try to play me
like I'm stupid.

And this nigga right here,
what, you a bodega bouncer?

Punk-ass nigga
hiding behind a door.

A'ight, just give me $50.

$50 for what?

For coming into my store?

- No, $50 for the fucking phone
I gave him.

- I don't know what phone
you talking about.

- You know what?
I'm sorry.

Just give me $30.


Don't fucking act stupid.

You know what the fuck
I'm talking about!

You need to go home.

Fuck you!

And fuck you too,
both of y'all bitches

hiding behind
a fucking plastic door.

You want to scrape me
for a fucking phone?


Scrape that shit, bitch.


You know that's real, right?

That's fucked up.

No, it's a good one.

See how many teeth he has?

That's how you price a skull,
number of teeth.

That shit is sick, okay?

That can't be legal.

It can't.

Probably isn't.

Here, sit.

- Don't know if I trust you,


Have you met
Donnie's girlfriend?

Yeah, I know Eleonore.

She cool peoples.

She's, like, a hippie and shit.

You can't be a hippie, okay?

What you mean?

- It's, like,
an olden times thing.

It's like saying
she's a Victorian courtesan

or a Mayan princess
or something.

Anyway, he cheats on her.

So what?

- No, but he cheats on her
with, like, vagabonds.

What the fuck is vagabonds?

Vagabonds are...

Well, okay.

So this one time,
Donnie and I

were getting cash
out of an ATM,

and there was
this old Hispanic woman

cleaning the floor-

like, the janitor or something.

And she was really old
and really fat.


And Donnie picked her up.

No way.


He picked her up,
and he took her home,

and he fucked her.

In his own bed!


Yo, you serious?

I really wish I wasn't.

It's disgusting!

He sleeps with, like,
semi-homeless girls.

- Yo, oh, my God.
He fucks old ladies.

That's crazy.

You don't even understand
how much shit

I'm gonna give him for this.

Shit, this is gold.

Here, do you want some?


- I-
- I, uh-

- Go, go, go, go.

Um, no, you first.

- No, no, no.
Just go.

Mine was really dumb.

Mine was worse.

I bet you mine was worse.

- You will lose that bet.

- Well, in that case,
it's a bet.

And if I win,

you have to give me free weed.

- I don't know about that,

Come on.

All right.

- Okay, now you have to pick

If I win...

You gotta give me
your necklace.

- What?
No way.

Um, look around.

Pick something else.

- There's a lot of stuff
in here.

What do you want?

- If I win,
you have to give me...

A kiss.


I was going to ask you

if you've ever written your name
in the sidewalks...

Not that I recall.

- When they pour
the wet cement in

and it's all new?


- I've done that,
with a key.

And I have my name in sidewalks
all over the city now.

I was thinking
that's sort of like graffiti.


- Anyway,
what were you gonna say?

I guess I should leave.

"I guess I should leave"?

Wait, that's terrible.

That's so much worse
than mine.

- I know.
I won.

I guess you did.

Hang on one second.

So weird.
Donnie's here.


- What's the matter?
- He comin' up?

- Yeah, he's in the elevator.
- Fuck!

The top lock.

- Where's your phone?
Fuck it.

That's my number.
Call me, all right?



Where the fuck is Malcolm?

I don't know.

- I got this.
I got this, yo.

# It began with an energy
similar to intensity

# Brought by greater divinity

# Saw our missions

# Same with this energy

# It's just rippin'
and killin' me

# My tango went

# Body moving frivolously

# Yeah,
I be standing visibly

# Yo, music is my life

# And just the choruses
are cold

# This rhythm is in my veins

# And for it,
there's no antidote

# Yo, music is my life

# And just the choruses
are cold

# This rhythm is in my veins

# And for it,
there's no antidote #

- Shit.
Let's go.

Yeah, yeah.
What up?

That's right.
Score, score.

- Check.

Yes, you did.

What up, Al?

How you doing?

They letting you play today?

Keep your head up, kid.

Oh, yeah.

Superstar got the ball.

He don't want it.
He don't want it.


Who's talking now?

You, obviously!

You, obviously!

- Shut up.
Get off the court.

- You talkin' all that shit,
like you nice...


- Knowing damn good and well
you ain't nothing.

Talking shit like you can dunk?
You can dunk?

Let me see something.

I got 5 saying
you can't dunk right now.

- I can't dunk?
5 what?

5 cash?
- 5 cash, right now.

Right now. Come on.
Talk that bullshit.

Talk that bullshit.
Come on.

$5, easy.
Your boy gonna-

- Okay, shut up.
Let me dunk, then.

- 5 right now.
We'll see.

We'll see.
Money talks.

Money talks.

Yeah, but you shut up.

Get the hell out of here.
Get the hell out of here.

Bullshit, man.

Out of here, boy.

I'm tired of him, son.


What's up?

- What's going on?

What you doing here?

I'm looking for you.

You looking for me?

- Yes, you.
- What's up?

I need to push some cans.

So we all business now?


Oh, all right, I got you.

Let me get this for you.
- Thank you.

- Yo!
What's up, y'all?

Yo, you smell that?

- What you talking about,

Ah, summer, baby,

when everything in this city
smells like ass.

You know what I mean?

The dogs smell like ass.

The streets smell like ass.

The food smell like ass.


Whoo! Damn, girl,
you smell like ass too.

- Your fucking breath
smells like ass,

so please get the fuck
out my face.

Oh, I know it.

Yo, I heard you and your man
were beefing

with them WKO cats.

He's not my fucking boyfriend,

and who the fuck is WKO?

- Kapo.


That's what them dicks
is callin' themselves?

- Yo, regardless, I heard
you was fuckin' with they turf.

Fuckin' with they turf?

Nah, they go around
buffin' my shit,

and I'm fucking with they turf?

Fuck them niggas.

- Yo, you shouldn't be bombin'
in their hood

if you can't handle the heat,

- I can handle
every fuckin' thing I do.

- A'ight.
- Shut the fuck up.

- A'ight, a'ight, a'ight,
my bad.

I'm just trying to look out
for you, a'ight?

I wouldn't want
my future wifey's face,

you know,
gettin' all scuffed up-

Dude, come on, son.

Fuckin' asshole.

- Get out of here.
Stop acting all foul, son.

Yo, her mood is foul, man.

- Yo, you the one
comin' off foul, son.

Yo, what's good?

You left your dildo at home
or somethin'?

- Why, you need it
to thrust it up your ass?

- Wow.
Look, look.

Just tell your man to stop
fucking with those cats.

- I keep telling you that's not
my fucking boyfriend.

- Oh, really?
Why not?

What's wrong?

He ain't giving it to you right
or somethin'?

I think you need some of this
circumcised prize, baby.

- Yeah, keep humping
the fuckin' fence,

'cause that's the only pussy
you'll be getting.

God, son.

Why's he gotta go hard?

Extra, man.


Yeah, Woodside King Orew.

Something like that.

Toys, total fucking toys.

- Yeah, they got some weak game,
but they a'ight.

They solid customers, though.

They buy from you?

They don't rack their own shit?

Fuckin' bitch-ass niggas.

I fuckin' knew it.

- They just kids-

They'll get theirs.

Don't worry about it.

I'm not worried.

You're not worried?

- No, I'm not worried.
Do I look worried?

Sofie, you look worried.

I ain't worried about shit.

- You should've saw you
back there, acting all crazy.

Yo, what's up, man?

We chillin' with my boy RX,
in from Philly.

From north Philly, right?


Hitting all the freight trains
out there.

Legendary, legendary shit.

You can check him out online.

Check him out
in old graff mags, man.

He's been around for a minute,
for sure.

- You racked all these cans
in one week?

- Something like that.
I had to step my game up.

Look, I got these sneakers.
I gotta sell these shits.

I don't know if you can do
somethin' with them or...

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Where you got these at?

- Long story. I can't even
get into that right now.

- Yeah, so, like,
$70 for the kicks is good?


- No doubt.
I got you.

So that's $60 for the cans.

And I got you with $70
for the kicks.

But wait, I don't have change,
so just take $80,

extra $10 for you.

It's cool.
Don't worry about it.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Thank you very much.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

So you should come over later.

Oh, word?

- Yeah.
- For what?

Oh, we're having, like-

It's gonna be a lot of people,
not only you and me, of course,

but it's gonna be a lot of us
just chilling,

so I think you should
come through.

- Thanks for the invite,
but I'm kind of busy tonight.

- Ah, really?
- Got some shit to take care of.

- I mean, you can come anytime,

Oh, anytime?


I mean, so after that,
even if the thing is done,

you can just come over,

- Oh, okay.
- Yeah, so...

- Just-okay.
All right.

I'll see you then?

I'll think about it.

Oh, you'll think about it?

Yeah, I'll think about it.

I'll see you later, Sofie.

All right.


Yo, baby, what's good?

- Yo, fucking check
her pockets.

Yo, calm the fuck down.

This bitch is crazy.

Check that bitch-

Oh, shit!

- Oh, you suck dick for that,

God damn!

Yo, buff her, buff her.

- Don't fucking write
on my shirt!

Don't fucking buff my shirt!

Yo, do it, yeah!

I hope you enjoy that shit.

That's the first time
you ever touch titties?

That'll be
your fuckin' last time!

Yo, shut the fuck up!

- And tell
your little girlfriend

that we just fucked his bitch!

Fuck you.

No, fuck you!

Fuck all y'all Queens

Y'all will never bomb like us!

BX in the building!

Come to BX
and try that fuckin' shit!

Punk ass!

Oh, I know that's not

that skinny fuckin' piece
of Timon-looking...

You fucking set this shit up?

That's what the fuck you did?

Answer me when I'm fuckin'
talkin' to you!

- Whoa, easy, little girl.
I told you-

- Don't tell me
to fuckin' be easy!

- I told you don't fuck
with their turf, right?

- You fucking set this up?
You fucking did this?

Whoa, whoa, little girl.

Don't fucking touch me.

- I told you, stop fucking
with those cats, right?

- What, your mother taught you
to go around beating up ladies?

- Yo, first of all,
you ain't no lady, bitch!

Man, fuck you!

Fuck you too!

Get the fuck out of here.

# Well, I say, if it wasn't

# For the Lord

# How would I know?

# What would I do?

# Tell me, what

# What

# What would I do?

# Would I do?

# I want to know

# Oh, what

# What

# Would I do? #


I'm in love, yo.

I met this fucking girl

Oh, my God.

What the fuck happened to you?

Yo, shit gotta fucking end,

I'm tired of this shit, yo.

I'm fuckin' tired
of these niggas, yo.

I'm tired of them.

I'm gonna fuckin' kill
one of them, yo.

Their fuckin' moms
gonna be crying, yo.

- Your fuckin' mom's
gonna be crying

that she even birthed you.

There's, like,
12 of them niggas out there.

- Listen,
they just fucking with us

'cause I roll with a girl, man.

- Fuckin' with us
'cause you roll with a girl?

No, I think they fucking with me

'cause I roll with
a easy target like you.

Always talking shit.

- Look,
I'ma let that slide.

Listen, let's just keep our eyes
on the prize, man.

Once we bomb this apple,

yo, nothing they did
is gonna mean nothing, man.

We gonna fuckin' make history
in their backyards.

- Look, you need
to let that shit go.

We don't have
no fucking money,

we don't have no plan,
and if we did have some money,

you gonna give it
to some nigga

that you don't even
fucking know?

That's stupid!

- No, I'm telling you,
Pedro is good for it, man.

You don't know shit.

You're not even fuckin' wearin'


What the fuck happened
to your sneakers?

- I'm telling you
I got something big, yo.


- No, listen-
- No!

- Listen, remember the fuckin'
girl I was telling you about?

My love, Ginnie?

Listen, her fucking parents
got that bread, like,

that Nantucket money,

Look, and in her room,
there was this case, right?

It was a case full of jewelry,
full of-

Yo, I know how to get it.

You gonna have enough money
to move out.

You got five minutes.

- Yo, so all we gotta do
is get the key, and we good.

- So is there, like,
diamonds in there?

Like, can you give me
a little bit more information-

- Hell yeah,
there was diamonds.

There were fucking diamonds,
rubies, pearls-

So what's the plan, then?

- The plan?
The plan is, I seduce her.

The plan is, you seduce her?

You serious?

Nigga, you couldn't seduce
a prostitute

if you had, like,
hundreds all in your hands.

- You don't understand.
This girl is on my dick.

All I gotta do-listen.

All I got to do
is go upstairs, right?

Get her naked, right?

Fuck her real quick,
you know-

- Sucker, you think I want
to hear this shit?

- Why you gotta hit me
so fucking hard, though?

So did you even use a condom?

I ain't fuck her yet.

Wait, wait, hold up.

You telling me
you didn't fuck her yet

but she got you fucked up
in the head like that already?

It's not even like that.

- I thought you was harder
than that.

You fuckin' soft.

- Listen, I'm a gentleman.
- You ain't shit.

If I fucked her,

I wasn't gonna wear no condom
anyway, though.

- Oh, real smart, Malcolm.
Real smart.

- Whatever.
Oondoms suck, Sofia.

How the fuck would you know?

That one bitch that one time?

- Listen-
- She looked like a dude, son.

- Stop hating on my shit.
- Her name was "Man. "

- Stop hatin' on my shit
'cause you don't get no dick.

Her nickname was "Manny. "


The fact is, like,
everybody knows condoms suck.

You would think,
after all this time,

they'd have made
something better, like-

- How exactly do they wrap
your dick better?

Like, that's the dumbest shit
I've ever heard.

- Why does it have to go
all the way down?

See, that's what I'm saying.

Like, why can't it just
cover the tip,

let the shaft
get all the juices?

- That's fuckin' disgusting.
Shut the fuck up.

- I'm saying
they should just cup it.

- Oup it like what?
Like a little hat?

Like a fitted?

- Oh, no, but kind of-
no, like a yarmulke.

What the fuck is a yarmulke?

One of those little Jew hats.

I... I don't know what that is.

- Yo, the shit
that Mr. Donowitz wears,

the little black thing
on his head.

- Oh, the thing
with the bobby pins in it?


- How the fuck was I supposed
to know that's Jewish?

What the fuck you think?

He was trying to make
a fashion statement?

- I don't fuckin' know,
but all I know is,

until they start making
little rubber Hanukkahs,

I suggest you wrap your dick

or else that shit
just gonna fall off

and roll down a fuckin' hill.

- Nah, yo, I bet you
she's a virgin.


Virgins can have babies,


- We should just rob this bitch
straight up.

Fuck that shit.

Nah, I already told you,

I don't want
no face-to-face on this.

And plus,
I don't want to scare her.

- What the fuck you mean,
you don't want

no fucking face-to-face
on this shit?

You just met this bitch.
Fuck that bitch.

Look, you always sayin',

"Oh, we gonna be
the biggest writers

in New York City. "

Well, do what you gotta do
to make that shit happen.

- You don't even understand what
I just went through earlier.

I got this.

All I gotta do is wait for her
to come out her building,

act like I'm bumping into her,
like, "Oh, shit. "

She's going to invite me
back upstairs.

- With no shoes on.
- Whatever.

She gonna invite me
back upstairs.

You know what I'm saying?

And I'm gonna get up in it,
take the chain,

and be out, so smooth.

It's gonna be so easy, yo.

- Malcolm,
you are so dumb.

- You don't understand, man.
I got this in the bag.

That shit right there,
that shit remind me

of the thing that we did
with Scoop and Dash.


- Oh, yeah,
it does look like that shit.

Fucking crazy face.

that's they signature shit.

- Yeah.
I like that blue shit too.

- Tryin' to help
your weak-ass book out.

- Please, girl.
You ain't all that.

- Nigga,
so why you jacking my shit?

- Whoo!
Guess who it is?

My wifey wants another delivery.

- Good.
Go get that fucking necklace.

That's not all I'ma get.

You know what "delivery" means?

Do you know what-
It means dick.

I'm about to get some pussy,
with dirty socks on.

Ha! Out!

- What the fuck?

You must be the drug dealer.

Yeah, where's Ginnie?

What's the magic word?

I... I don't know.



- It's not "um. "
It's not "I don't know. "

- Look, I need to see her.
She has my shoes.

- You think she's cuter
than me?

She has my sneakers.

You have no shoes.

Yeah, I know.

Where's your shoes at?

She has 'em.

- Well, you should probably
take off your socks,

'cause Ginnie's mom's
not gonna want you

bringing the street
into the house.

Wait, but you have on heels.

I'm a lot cleaner than you.

Follow me.

Here's the drug dealer.

Everybody say,
"Hello, drug dealer. "

Hello, drug dealer.

What's up?

Donnie's not here, right?

- Why?
You scared?

Nah, just...

Yo, you got my shoes?


Donnie took them.


- Anyway, we need 100.
Money's on the table.

- All right, I got two 50s,


So what you been up to?

- I'm good.

I'm all right.

That was fast.

I called you, like,
two seconds ago.

You're not stalking me
or anything, are you?

- What?

I was just doing some deliveries
in the neighborhood.

Was it on Bethune?

Was it that asshole Benny
on Bethune?

Um, I don't know.

I think-
I think it was on-

If Benny shows up tonight,

I'm not talking to him,
no matter what.

You're not either.

No, not a word.

Is Benny the blond one?

No, no, no.

That's Aaron Childs.

- That's your blondie.
- Yup.

That's your boy,

which, I can't believe
that you like him.

- It's just that we've known him
way too long.

He's not that bad.

He's a monster.

- Hey, don't offer him
any product.

- Aaron, like, called me out
on it all of a sudden.

- I mean, of course,
have some.


- No, I'm all right.
I'm all right.

I was just joking.

Don't be that way.

- Nah, really,
I'm-I'm really cool.

I'm good.

You're really cool?

He's really cool.

- That's not what I meant.
That's not what I meant.

Yo, did I tell you

that I'm gonna bomb
the Shea Stadium apple?

- I think it's called
Citi Field.

What's the apple?

- Oh, it's like,
when the Mets hit a home run,

it's, like, this big, goofy,
like, plastic apple

that comes up; it's crazy.

- And you're gonna draw graffiti
on it?


That's so stupid.

That's fucking retarded.

No, it's not.

I'm a Yankees fan, so...

My dad's a Yankees fan.

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

Good-bye, drug dealer.

It's Malcolm.

Excuse me.

say good-bye to Malcolm.

- Bye, Malcolm.
- Good-bye, Malcolm.

- Yo, whatever, man.

- "Whatever"?
We love you.

Girls, say, "We love you"
to Malcolm.

We love you, Malcolm!

Oh, well.

We should bring him
to Betty's party.

That would be a riot.

- And, like, I wanted
to feel sympathetic,

except, the whole time, he was,
like, complaining about...

- So you get the necklace
or what?

- You know
I take care of my shit.

Let's rob this bitch.

Oh, shit.

Nigga, where you going?

Why you mad?

Now that I think about it,
you was gone only two minutes.

Still ain't get
your sneakers back, mm-mm-mm.

- I don't know, but he needs
to get the fuck out here.

Believe this shit, man?

These fuckers ain't got
no vanilla Dutches, man.

They call this shit
a cigar shop?

Come on.
We gonna go to this newsstand.

- What you think?
You didn't tell me-

Like, you didn't give me
an answer yet.

- No, but I think-
I like what I hear, man.

Sofia, you follow that bitch.

Once she leaves her spot,
keep a eye out.

Let us know
when she's comin' back.

Me and Malcolm sneak in.

I pick that lock, easy-easy.

Champion saves
the motherfuckin' day.

- "Champion saves
the motherfuckin' day"?

Nigga, don't forget
this is me and Malcolm's deal.

- What the fuck?
Y'all jewel thieves now?


- So what the fuck
you wasting my time for?

Why you calling me up
with this bullshit, man?

Yeah, that's what I thought.
Don't worry.

We gonna-I'm gonna break you
off a nice cut.

- Break us off a cut?

- Come on. Keep it up.
- Fuck this shit.

I'll do it my fucking self.

- Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.
Fuck that.

Look, when we pawn that shit,
we'll give you 20%.

- 20%?
Nah, I pawn 'em; you get 20%.

- Nigga,
you out your fucking mind.

Fucking crazy-ass nigga.

- Hold up.
Let me get a Dutch.

You got vanilla Dutch?

- No Dutch.
- No Dutches?

Come on, let me explain
something to you, man, a'ight?

Y'all get locked up?

Five years probation.
Y'all coming home the next day.

No need to worry.

Me, I get locked up?

Three-time predicate-
I'm going down.

So if I'm gonna rob
a rich white bitch,

believe me, I'm gonna take
my proper cut.

Fuck it.

We'll give you 50%,
but that's it.

- That's what I'm talking.
That's what I'm talking.

I like that.
- A'ight.

- A'ight, I'ma keep
one of them stones, a'ight?

- Keep one of them stones?
- For my bitch.

- Nigga, that's coming out
your cut.

- Nah, you can charge that
to the game, bitch.

Just don't fuck it up.

I'm Champion, baby.

Champion never fucks up.

I don't understand, like,

why we don't just
burst in there.

What's wrong with you, man?

You stupid or something?

Calm down.

- Well, turn on the fucking AO.
I'm hot, nigga.

- The AO drains my gas,
and I'll be damned-

I'm not turning on my car.

Well, turn on the radio.

- Damn, bitch,
the radio broke too.

What the fuck?


Yeah, Ma,
I can't talk right now.

No, I've been working.
I've been working.

Nah, me and Sofie-

me and Sofie
are helping this guy out.

but I can't talk right now.

I'm gonna call you back,
all right?

All right.

What the fuck are you doing?

Jerking off
in the back of the fucking car?

No, yo, I got stickage, yo.

What the fuck is stickage?

He knows.

It's, like, when your balls
and your dick

stick together, like...

I ain't never heard of that.

You better go
to the fucking doctor.

No, I don't need a doctor.

I'm all right.

- Who's that stinking
like that?

Why would you hang your
funky-ass socks in the window?

- Stinking up the car, man,
for real.

- No, that's them funky-ass TVs
in the back

stinking up the car like that.

- Listen,
them shits work, man.

So hook that shit up!

You ready?

We gonna do this shit
right here.

All these buttons...


Come on.

This is what I came here to do,

Come on, man.
Stop playing, man.

Oh, shit, easy as fuck, man.

Come on, man.
Hurry the fuck up, man.

- Come on.
We're on six now.

- Six?
We on seventh, man.

Yo, we walked up six flights,

so we on the sixth floor.

- We on seventh, man.
You start from two, man.

- What the fuck you mean,
"start from two"?

One, two, three...

- Nah, nah.
- Four.

- You know what?
Come on.

We gonna start from scratch.
We gonna start from scratch.

I ain't gonna rob
the wrong house, man.

No, this is it.

- Come on.
We start from scratch, man.

- No, no, no, wait.
- Let's do it.

Come on.

I don't feel like fuckin'
walking all the way down.

- A'ight, youngster,
pay attention.

A'ight, simple shit.

Ground floor, second floor,
third floor, fourth floor,

so on and so on.


All right, get to stepping.

Come on.
I ain't got all day.

- Why none of these
fucking people

got numbers on their doors?

- Fuckin' white people
don't take no stairs, man.

You ain't tell me there were
gonna be two locks, man.

Look at the size of that
motherfucker right there, man.

- I mean, you said
you could do any locks.

- A'ight, let me do my thing
right now, man.

Shut the fuck up.

Let me show you how I do it.

this is what I do, a'ight?


Yo, fuck it.
You got a phone?

Let's Google that shit.

Google how to pick a lock.

- What, you trying to play me,

like I can't do my job,

Think this is a fuckin' joke,

Think I'm here
for fuckin' nothing?

Trying to do this shit, man.

Give me a fuckin' minute, man.

You see me sweating, man.

You ain't tell me

this motherfucker
wasn't no Concept lock, man!

You ain't tell me about this
motherfucker up here either!

- What the fuck does it matter
if it's a Concept lock, like...

- Artie's Locksmith, that's
probably the only motherfucker

that can open that motherfucker
right there:

24-hour service.

Not me, man.

This right here is-is-
I can't-

I can't do it, man.

This shit right here is-

You can't do it, for real?

- I could do it, man.
I just need enough time, man.

# Tonight

# Tonight I feel cold inside

# Tonight

# Tonight I want you
by my side

# Tell me what to do

# Tell me what to do
to feel better

# Tell me what to do

# Tell me what to do
to feel warmer

# The night

# It makes me feel strange
tonight #

- Yo, what up?
Where is she?

- She-
she's coming back.


And I think she made me.

- Made you?
Made you do what?

- Made me.
Like, she-she saw me.

- Look, I don't think it works
like that.

She doesn't even know
who you are.

That's not the point.

- Fuck that.
Don't let her come.

Like, you have to stop her.

- All right.
All right!

Yo, excuse me.





My bad.



Yo, Malcolm.

What's up?

I lost her.


Did you get in?

Uh, hold on.

Malcolm, don't put me on-

- Ma, Ma,
I can't talk right now.

Yeah, I'm sorry.
A'ight, I gotta go, bye.

- Malcolm.

- What the fuck?
What happened?

- What the fuck-
what do you mean, what happened?

I fuckin' told you.
I lost her.


Yo, we gotta hurry up.

- Hey, what's the problem,

Listen, she's-

Nigga, she on her way back,
like, now.

Like, we gotta
fucking hurry up.

This fucking shit, man.

I'm a professional, man.

That's not how I do things,

Come on.
Let's bounce.

We gotta get the fuck
up out of here, man, but...

What the fuck, man?

- You gotta step
your game up, man.

Come on. Let's get the fuck
up out of here, man.

- Yo.
- Hey.

So where she at?

She on the roof.

- How the fuck you know
she on the roof?

- 'Cause I followed her
in her building,

and she went up to R.

Where the fuck you been at?

- Oh, you know, I was just
getting my nails done.

What the fuck you think?

I was running
like a fucking track star

trying to get down here,

- Oh, you can't keep up
with the white girls?

- Shut the fuck up.
I don't know this fucking area.

The fuck is she doing?

- Oh, shit,
this bitch is going in?

That's the ghetto
swimming pool.

- Let's go grab
her fucking keys.

You crazy?

Gonna take us, like,
ten minutes to get up there.

She not gonna be in there
that long.

I'm telling you,
that shit is crazy cold.

Crazy cold.

How you know?

- Listen, I know all about
the ghetto swimming pool, Sofia.

I'm a ghetto swimming pool

- You don't know nothin' about
no damn ghetto swimming pool.

- For real, man,
that shit is dangerous, yo.

Did she eat or drink anything?



- No.
I don't fucking know.

I'm tired.
I'm hungry.

My feet fuckin' hurt
from running.

I got to pee.

You not asking me
if I ate or drank anything.

- Yeah, but you're you,
and she's, you know...

- She's what?

Yeah, she's pretty.




You know?

But, yo,
that ain't even my type, though.

I don't even like chicks
like that, man.

- You said you was in love
with her, Malcolm,

so, you know,
it is what it is.

- You know
I just be talking my shit.

Like, just-

You know I'm more into girls
like-you know, like you.

Like me?

Like what,
some weird-looking bitch

that, like, isn't pretty,
that isn't fly,

that doesn't climb
into fucking water towers?

- No, I didn't mean it
like that.

I'm just saying I like girls
that are more, like,

you know, tough.


tough like a fucking dyke?

- No, Sofia.
Yo, listen.

You know-you know, I think
you're fine as hell.

Like, I'm-I'm mad you even

making me tell you this
right now, like...

I was just trying to make you
feel better, man, a'ight?

I know I piss you off
all the time.

But, you know,
that's just me.

You know, I just be trying to-
I don't be trying-

Shut the fuck up, Malcolm.

I know what the fuck you mean,

like when you be fucking
with somebody,

trying to make them feel better,

but instead you make them feel,
like, ten times worse,

so it's cool.

Yeah, man.

Like my mom,
she used to think

that I was scared of flying,

so she would tell me, like,
I have higher chances

of dying in a car crash
than in a plane crash.

And I'm just like,
"What the fuck?"

Like, now I'm scared
to ride in cars now.

Yeah, like that.

- Man...
Or like wet dreams.

- Wet dreams, Malcolm?

What the fuck?

- No, like they always
telling us in phys ed.

They always telling us, like,

it's normal to have wet dreams,

But, like,
I don't have wet dreams.

Like, I don't come in my shorts
in the middle of the night.

But all my parts work,
but, like-I don't know.

Maybe something's wrong
with me.

- That's disgusting.
- I know, yo.

- No, I'm saying
you're fuckin' disgusting.

You don't say that shit
to a lady.

- Oh, now you a lady and shit?

Yes, I am a fucking lady.

And, what, you think

you gonna get that white bitch
talking about,

"I don't come all wild
in my shorts at night"?

- I mean,
I don't come in my shorts,

so, I mean, that's a benefit,
if anything.

A benefit?

Look, my fucking point is,

you don't say that shit
to a female.

It's manners.
You're mad disrespectful.

All right, man.

You gonna be all right.

- Don't touch my hand,

- I'll touch your hand
if I want to.

Don't fucking touch my hand.

Nigga, you soft.

- You ain't so tough after all

- I don't know
what you talking about.

Yeah, mm-hmm.

- Yo, she's been up there
for a minute.

She has been.

I don't know.

The water level
isn't always that-

it ain't always high,

and that ladder don't go
all the way to the bottom.

- Yo, I'm telling you,
this bitch is fuckin' dead.

Hey, don't say that shit, man.

- What you mean,
don't fucking say that shit?

That bitch is-
she's fucking dead.

- Nah, maybe she got out
when we was talking and shit.

She didn't fucking get out.

That's gonna fuck up
they water system.

Little fuckin' bitty pieces
of flesh

all cut up
all in they water.

- Yo, that's not fucking cool,

Don't say that shit.

- Don't tell me
what's not fucking cool.

I'm telling you-

- A'ight, man.

Nobody ever gonna find her.

# Oh, the Lord
is my shepherd

# The Lord is my shepherd

# I shall

# I shall not want

# He maketh me

# Lie down

# Lie down in green pastures

# He leadeth me

# Beside

# Beside still waters

# He restoreth

# Restoreth my soul

# I know He

# He restoreth my soul

# He leadeth me

# In the paths,
oh, yeah

# In the paths

# Whoa, of righteousness,
yeah, Lord, yeah

# Whoa, righteousness

# For Your name's sake

# For His name's sake

# I know for His

# For His name's sake

# Yet though I walk

# I've got to walk
through the valley

# Through the valley

# Of the shadow of death,
oh, yes

# Of the shadow

# Of the shadow of death

# O Lord

# I'll fear no evil

# I know Thou art with me

# Thou art with me

# Thy rod, Lord, yeah

# Thy rod

# I know Thy staff

# I know that they
sure gon' comfort

# I know He'll comfort

# O Lord

# I'll be able to say amen

# Amen

# I'll be able to say amen

# Oh, amen

# Say it
just a little louder #

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Pedro.

We got it.
We got it. We got it.

A'ight, so we'll meet you at
the stadium tomorrow morning.

All right.

You think it's gonna work?

- Yeah, all you gotta do
is put a dollar on the top,

put a dollar on the bottom,
cut up some newspaper,

put it in between.

That shit'll look legit.


Yo, he having a party?

- I don't know.
Something like that.

I don't even know.

Oh, well, look who it is.

If it isn't my favorite bitch.

- Yo, chill the fuck out, yo.
- Oh, shit, yo.

- Chill out.
- Shakes, my man.

I'm only kidding, man.
- Show some fucking respect.

- A'ight, a'ight, you got it.
You got it.

You got it.

# Roll it up, light it up,
pass that

# Roll it up, light it up,
pass that

# Hit the bud

# Hit it

# I found a way to heat up
in a cold world

# I told a girl,
put her feet up

# Let her toes curl

# Oh, girl needed pleasure
through the pain struggle

# Never approach the game
as if the game loves you

# But the game loves you #

- Yo, good-looking
on the sneakers, man.

I been walking around
in my socks all day.

- You know I got you, man.
Come on.

Yo, what's good
with you and-you and Sof, man?

You trying to bag that
or what?

- Nah, nah, that's my partner
and shit, you know?

- You sure? 'Cause y'all seem
real close, man.

Nah, nah, nah, we-

- I'm trying to make my move,

I'm gonna make my move tonight.

- Nah, nah, you good.
You good. You good.

I'm good?

I see.
I see.

Man, do your thing, man.

You ain't got nothing
to worry about.

I got you, man.
You're my boy, yo.

- So your boy Pedro
is good for it, huh?

# I am blessed

# Oh, I found

# Found Jesus

# I found Him

# Jesus

# Oh, yeah

# Jesus

# I am blessed

# Oh, I found

# Found Jesus

# I found Him

# Jesus #

- I'm telling you,
fuck that guy, yo.

Yo, he fucked us up,
I'm telling you.

And, look, I need your help

in this situation downtown
I got going on.

I got into some shit,

so I need your help
in smoothing it out.


Fuck, man.

Are you serious?


All right, all right,
all right, all right, look.

I'll make it up to her,
all right, man?

All right, I gotta go.

Yo, I fucking missed
my mom's birthday, yo.

- What you mean, you missed
your mom's birthday?

You mad ungrateful.


Fuck that shit, yo.

I gotta get some flowers for her
at least.



Hi, papi.

Um, your flowers
are absolutely beautiful,

but what kind of plant
is this right here?

This is snake plant.

Snake plant, right?

So is it gonna get big
or stay small?

So big?
Oh, okay, no problem.

They're beautiful.

I was just curious,
but thank you.

That shit was kind of fun.


You did good.

Nah, give 'em all
to your mom.

It's her birthday and all.


- All right, well,
I'll catch you later.

# Any day now

# I shall be released

# They say that everything
can be replaced

# They say
that every distance

# Is not near

# Ooh

# But I can remember, yeah

# Everything

# Ooh

# On the face
of the people

# Who put me here

# I see my light

# Come shining

# Come shining

# From the west

# On down to the east

# Down to the east

# But any day now

# Any, any, any day now

# Any day

# Any day now

# I shall be released

# Be released

# Ooh

# They say that everybody

# Needs protection

# They say

# They also say
that everybody

# Got to fall

# Ah-ooh

# Ooh

# But wait, I believe
I can see my reflection

# Ah-ooh

# Ooh

# Somewhere so high
above the wall

# Ah-ooh

# I see

# My light come shining

# From the west

# Way down to the east

# Down to the east

# Ooh

# But any, any, any,
any day now, yeah

# Any day now

# Any old, any...

# Any day now

# Hey

# Any day now

# I shall be released

# I shall,
I shall be released

# Hey, hey

# Understand somebody

# Somebody in a lonely crowd

# I shall be released

# And somebody
who say to me

# That they are not to blame

# I shall be released

# Ooh

# All day long,
all day long

# I can hear that voice
so loud

# Ah-ooh

# Crying out
that he been framed

# Ah-ooh

# I see, I see, I see,
I see my light

# My light come shining

# Come shining

# From the west

# Way on down to the east

# Down to the east

# Ooh

# But any, any, any,
any day now

# Ooh

# Any, any day,
oh, hear me now

# Ah, ooh

# Any day now

# I shall be released

# I shall,
I shall be released

# Any day now, any day now

# I shall,
I shall be released

# Soul

# Got happy

# Soul got happy

# Oh, yes, sir

# I stayed all day

# All day

# My hand got stuck

# Hand got stuck

# To the gospel plow

# The plow

# I wouldn't take nothin'

# Wouldn't take nothin'

# Said
I wouldn't take nothin'

# Wouldn't take nothin'

# Oh

# For my journey

# Oh, yes, sir

# Right now

# For my journey right now

# Listen

# I believe, yeah #