Gift (2013) - full transcript

John despises his father for being a failure in life. When John returns home to facilitate his father's funeral - his life comes to a turning point, as he discovers the true motivation of his misjudged father.

I didn't like my father.

Collection old paper!

Collection old paper!

Here. Take it, take it.

He was poor and unsuccessful.

Despite working harder
than all my friends fathers.

I didn't think he was very smart.

(You will be a GREAT MAN!
Just believe!)

Hey, it's... it's not for you.

I've never seen him as an inspiration.

Hey! What... What?

We're late for school.

Oh yah school.
Sorry, I'll hurry.

Now here's your pocket money.

Here's a bit of extra.

Time to pay your taxes.

From you.

This is from me.

Why are we not rich?

Who says we're not rich?

Being rich,

is not about,
how much... you have,

but how much... you give.

Somehow when you give,

you'll be happier.

I wasn't happy.

I didn't want to be poor
like my father when I grow up.

(Letter from The University of California)

I knew I wanted to be
more successful than my father.

Call me when you need more money.

Are you coming back
for reunion dinner this year?

No I'm not
coming home this year.

Yah, a new job here.
Maybe after the New Year?

We'll see?

I'm really busy now.

Okay, bye.

(Thank you for your donation)

(Thank you for your donation)

Thank you for coming, Mr. Lim.

I found these letters saying

that I've been donating money
to the Community Chest.

There must be a mistake.

I'll explain later. There's
someone who'd like to meet you.

Come with me.

Thank you for coming, Mr. Lim.

Your father had told us
a lot about you.

Your father,

he always made us forget
about our problems.

And reminded us about
our dreams and hopes.

But the kids here,
they all missed him.

And he's the only one who
could bring a smile to their faces.

I remember there's this boy...

He was really depressed.

And he didn't go to school.

Basically he'd given up on life.

But your father,
he read to this boy regularly.

This boy has now grown up
to be a really useful person.

Your father could have
retired comfortably.

He chose to continue working,

so he could help even more people.

He was a selfless man.

It's just that,

it's just that he didn't tell
anyone about his sickness.

Mr. Lim, I've been trying to reach you.

This is for you,
in recognition of your donations.

It has my name,

but I didn't donated.

It's your dad.

He didn't want you to know.

This is from you.

This is from me.

(Have a little HOPE)

(You will be a GREAT MAN!
Just believe!)

On my father's birthday,

I'll celebrate his life,

as he would have wanted it.

I could almost hear him say:

'Being rich, is not about
how much you have,

but about
how much you can give.'