Gibraltar (2013) - full transcript

A story centered on a man who works as an informant for the French border patrol.



UK overseas territory

UK overseas territory



AREA: 2.5 square miles






14 km
Distance Spain to Morocco


The consumption explodes

$1,684 IN SPAIN



1,425 disappearances
related to drug trafficking

ONLY 10%

October 1987

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Are you happy?

What a question.

I'm fine, thanks.


What's that look for?

I feel I'm getting to know you.


I'm OK.

But I can't pay the loan on the boat.

It's too much.

The interest rate keeps rising and...

I'm confined to harbor now.

And your bar?

It's doing OK.

With this recession on, I can't complain.

It'll be OK. I'm a big boy.

They can't do champagne.

Daddy's home...

Everything OK?

We just woke up.


Want to see Daddy a bit?

Give her to me.

- Come see Daddy.
- Got her head?

Yeah, I've got her head.

I know the figures look bad.

We're having...

cash-flow problems but...

with a loan, I'll pay my suppliers
and make a fresh start.

Mr. Duval,

you're asking for 100,000 francs.

I can't grant you that.

It's up to my superiors.

Like I said, 100,000 is impossible.


Can you take an important call
for me tomorrow?

It'll be around 9.


Mr. Duval?

- Who is this?
- Redjani Belimane.

I work for French customs.

Can we meet?

- Are you there?
- Yes.

I said "customs". Not the IRS.

- What would that change?
- No idea. You tell me.

Nothing to tell.


- So let's meet.
- Why?

A friend of yours thought
you'd be interested...

OK, let's meet.

Very good...

5 pm on Puente Mayorga beach.
See you tomorrow.

Can you see to the trash?

Come here, you.

What was that call about?

A lifebelt to save you.

Who's Belimane? What does he want?

A customs officer.

A real over-achiever.

He covers the Atlantic coast.

When are you meeting?

Tomorrow, in theory.

I'll go with you.

A customs officer?

Can I see your ID?

I need to check what he told me.

A dormant shipping company...

Two voluntary liquidations...

Bailiffs, the banks...

I see why you came to Gibraltar!

But you left France

with your bank's funds.

What is it you want?

A lot of people frequent your bar.


You hear things.

To do with drug trafficking, you mean?

For instance.

Sorry, I'm not a rat.

A notifier.

We call them notifiers.

What's in it for me?

Not a salary,

but a bonus for each shipment captured.


10% of every haul.

To cover the debts
on the bar and the boat.

Like at a casino.

The bigger the stake, the more you win.

That might happen to you
if you hope to get rich.

You understand?

Can I think it over?

Until tomorrow evening.

The offer stands till then.


So you can reach me.

What have you gotten me into?

It's all up to you.

The boxes are full of cigarettes.

A couple of deliveries a week.

They supply the whole coast.

What are the cops doing?

Know where that is?

Neither Gibraltar nor Spain.

Neither Britain nor Spain
wants these urchins

stirring up shit.

So they turn a blind eye to the traffic.

I'm weighing anchor tomorrow, Marc.

When you notify customs,

be like those kids:

never on one side or the other.

Always between the two.

That way, you won't get snuffed.

Shall we go?

I may have a way to get us a little air.


Tell me.

A customs officer made me an offer.

A customs officer?

A sort of customs cop. All I know is...

I feed him information for money.

It's simple.

Information on trafficking in Gibraltar?

They're looking at guys at the bar...

What'll you do?

Rat on all the traffickers
who pass through here?


What is all this?

I'm just telling you.

It's an opportunity.

Isn't our life good enough?

Come on...

Marc, it's tough at times but that's OK.

We're good.

The three of us are together.

You wanted a boat? You have one.

We have this bar.

It's not much but it's ours.

You'd risk it all
for a little more money?

The bar isn't ours. The boat isn't mine.

We can't pay the loans.

That's what our life is.

And I'm sick of it.

Clara, face the facts.

This isn't the life we dreamt of.
It's not what we left for.

Do as you want, Marc.

Listen, Clara...

Just trust me.

It's Marc Duval.

How do we do this?

When you have info, call me.

I wanted to ask you if...


- Well?
- This is good.

If it pans out, I'll be your handler.

Here's my home number.

Call me whenever you have anything.

We communicate by phone

for greater discretion, OK?

Is that all?

I thought we'd...

talk a little...

What for?

We covered everything.

- Mr. Nichols.
- Belimane.

How can I help?

What are you French up to in Gibraltar?

I spoke to the Spanish.

They confirmed the tip-off came from you.


The Spaniard shouldn't have fallen
for this minor deal.

He was part of a bigger operation

that we've been working on for months.

The Spaniard was carrying
125 kilos of Moroccan hash.

Maybe that's minor for you. Not for me.

You have an informant in Gibraltar?

I want his name.




Can you come to see me?

- What is it?
- Can you or not?

Hold on, you want me to come to Paris...

Please, I need you here.

- Call me when you arrive?
- I promise.

- You're sure?
- I promise, OK!

National Customs Intelligence
and Investigation Department

Redjani? It's Marc Duval.

I have to come to Paris tomorrow.


We're meeting next week.

It's family business. Can I see you?


I also wondered...

Could you pay me a week earlier too?

Of course.

- No problem.
- Great.

See you tomorrow.

Someone for you.

Can I help you?

- Are you the owner?
- Yes.

Can I take a look at the table?

Go ahead.

- I lost something the other night.
- What?

My wallet.


Fucking bad luck.

Like my friend.

Customs arrested him.

A Spanish friend.

He often came to play here.

You must've seen him.

We were always at this table.

I don't know who you mean.

You know what?

I don't think it's bad luck.

What do you think?

I don't think anything.

I mind my own business.

If I find your wallet,
I'll put it aside for you.

What's your name?

Come back any time. On the house.

See you soon.


What's that?


Show me.

The fucker.

He's my husband.

Look what he does to you!

Pack your things, sis,
and come to Gibraltar with me.

I can't.

Why not?

He's taken my passport.


Is it an advance?

This isn't 10%.

Hold on...

I'm not fucking stupid!

- Let me explain.
- I saw the news!

This isn't 10% of your haul.

We owe you that.

I swear you'll get it.

My superiors appreciated your work

and gave you a number.

You're an official notifier now.




Screw your numbers and brownie points.

You know I agreed to this
to pay off my debts.

I'm taking big risks.

A guy came to threaten me.

- Who?
- An English guy,

the Spaniard's pal.

What did he want?

He's suspicious...

He knows about me.

- I'll set up protection.
- No way.

That'll only make it worse.

He had a name?

Bobby Sims.

What do we do about my money?

As you've been noticed,
I suggested you for a delivery.

I don't do deliveries. That's ridiculous.

Paid a million.

It's safe. You're working for us.

My boss, Mr. Gallois.

Have a seat.

- You explained?
- No, not without you.

We're in contact
with Morocco's biggest traffickers.

The Katamas.

We buy 1,200 kg of cannabis from them.

We'll meet in Tangiers.

We load it onto your boat
and take it to Antibes.

Then we meet our clients.

Two English guys,
one of whom is Patrick Bowen,

a top dealer from Liverpool.

Once they take delivery of the shipment,

we nail them.

Is that a problem for you?

Yes, I'm ready to be...

a notifier, as you say, but...

I'm not a dealer.

I don't do that.

It's dangerous. Sorry.

It's less dangerous
than fleecing your bank manager.

I'll back you up.

What do you mean?

I'll be on the boat for the delivery.

Hold on a second...

Pay me what you owe me first.
Then we'll talk.

100,000, as agreed.

That's settled?

May I ask you something?

Go ahead.

What you just talked about...

It's not legal.

I don't get it.

Why are you doing it?

For publicity, Mr. Duval.

A big drugs haul and a few arrests

show people that customs matter
as much as firemen.

I sent the plane tickets to your hotel.

This job...

One million straight up?


The Frenchman.

Tangiers, Morocco

3 tons of cannabis resin.

A huge haul made in Antibes
yesterday morning

by French customs.

The only problem is,

according to information
from an informant,

the drugs
were apparently brought from Morocco

by French customs officers.

An inquiry is underway.


The magistrate has sent for me.

Your plan has blown up in our faces.

I'll do what I can. Keep a low profile.

Trim the sails.

How much did we owe him?

A million.

Make it 500,000.

How do I tell him that?

Say it's his fault.
He's compromised. Like you.

Fucking incredible!

You only pay me half and then...

How do I get on a plane
with all this cash?

I'll call Orly. They'll let you through.

And the x-rays in Spain?

X-rays are for luggage.

If we wrap you, you'll be OK.

- If you what?
- Wrap you.

The British want to see you.

They claim we undermined them

by arresting the Spaniard you gave us.

I take the rap for that too?

If you agreed to see them
it could help us both.

I won't do it.


- Finished?
- Almost.

I'll be discreet in this!

Mr. Duval?

I'm Officer Nichols,
of Her Majesty's Customs.

Agent Carlyle and I

would like to make you an offer.

Do you recognize this man?

He's a customer at my bar.

He lost his wallet but didn't find it.

An unlucky guy.

In a few days time,

Bobby Sims will invite you to dinner.

He'll introduce you to an Irishman,

John Wexford.

That man will ask you to transport drugs.


And you'll accept.

Why would I?

For money, Mr. Duval.

A little bird tells me you're trying
to smuggle in half a million.

So what'll it be?

It's OK, I'm back. I'll see to this.

That's me.

It's about a missing ton of goods.

What goods?

What do you mean?

Seen what time it is?
This is a restaurant, OK.

Antibes, Mr. Duval.

Take the ferry to Tangiers tomorrow.

You'd be wiser to come, Mr. Duval.

Or we'll have to fetch you.

They'll kill you if you go.

If I don't, it'll be worse.

What's going on?

Talk to me!

Don't worry, you're safe.

They come here,
where your daughter lives...

A father doesn't do this.

Mr. Duval, we'd like an explanation.

He wants to know why his goods
were seized

and why you weren't arrested.

I don't know.

You know, I...

A guy came to my bar

with a delivery job. I accepted.

You didn't see he was from customs?

No, I didn't see that.

Did you? You sold him a ton of cannabis.

Why were you in Iraq and Syria?

I used to be a trucker so...

I'd go where I was sent.

Iraq, Jordan, Syria...

A few countries, that's all.

You're a liar and you're scared.

Yes, I'm scared. You wouldn't be?

- I'm not you, Mr. Duval.
- I'm scared but I'm not a liar.

I'm not.

None of this has anything to do with me.

I delivered the goods, got paid
and left again.

I swear.

If you don't believe me,
ask your guy who was there.

He checked the goods, got paid
and left like me.

Mr. Duval...

That's a serious claim.

If you want to leave

safe and sound, tell the truth.

It is the truth. It's the truth!

I swear it is.

Believe me.

You say our man got paid?

Know what he said?

You left with the customs officers
and the British.

That's a lie. It's a lie!

Fucking liar!

I left?

Liar! It's not true!

We knew about him.

As for you...

A good job you came.

What's this blood?

- What happened to you?
- It isn't mine.

It's Redjani, can we talk?

Sure we can talk. What about?

What's going on?

I can't talk now. Call back in 5 minutes.

When it rings, don't answer.

Where were you?

What is it, Belimane?

Just checking that I'm OK?

I'm not OK.

I nearly got iced yesterday.

I had a damn gun pressed to my head.

They came here, to my place.

I had to go to Tangiers
to explain about the 1,200 kg.

About your shit schemes.
On my fucking own!

- Why didn't you tell me?
- Why?

Because last time,
you taped half a million to me!

Then shopped me to the British

before I landed, that's why.

I don't trust you or anyone else now.
Got that?

I'm sorry.

That wasn't the plan.
But I wasn't informed.

So who was informed?

Who do you think?

Was it Gallois?

Answer me, Redjani.

Who else?

Gallois set up Antibes
then shopped you to the British.

Without telling me.

Gallois has a boss too, right?

Doesn't his boss care?

- You think the minister...
- The what?

You think the minister doesn't know?

You think Gallois acts alone?

So how's it going now?

The British mentioned Sims
and the Irish guy.

What'll you do?

I'll call you.

A traitor nearby

is like a lightning conductor
in the garden.

It stops lightning
from striking the house.

Let's get things clear.

I deliver and get paid,
no questions asked. OK?

Forget Bobby Sims.

With Gorbachev in power in the USSR,

the IRA has lost a source of funding.

Everyone deals in drugs now, Mr. Duval.

Even revolutionaries.

Drugs ask no questions
and can be turned into gold,

big bills, weapons...

I'm sorry but...

Who are you?


I'm nobody.

You're nobody?

A well-informed nobody.

I'm just curious.

I know you're here

with your wife. You have a baby,

a very nice boat...

Am I right?

Did Wexford talk about me?

The bales delivered to Scotland,

you knew what was in them?

Not really. Dried mint maybe.


the ones you delivered to Ireland

were indeed full of cocaine.

You're smart.

You screwed us, you Frog!

Only Wexford, his Italian supplier
and I knew the delivery point.

What the hell could I do?

If you'd told us,
we'd have protected you.

Sure, the way you protected Bobby Sims?

During the Scottish operation,

Bobby Sims got away, Mr. Duval.

The Irish tried to kill him

on John Wexford's orders.

What do you want?

There's no money here. No money.

It's in the bank, OK?

There's a safe upstairs. Let's go.

There's a safe.

Don't touch them.


it'll be OK.

I won't be long.

Stay calm.

My whole life's in here.

Help yourself and get lost.

Let's go away.

Don't worry, they won't come back.

Let's leave Gibraltar
and make a fresh start.

With what money?

I have to answer.

Wasn't this enough for you?

We met at John Wexford's.

I just heard he's dead.

I'm on the Sotogrande beach
every morning.

Sims came to your place?

Did he touch your family?

I can see to him if you want.

Wexford underestimated Sims.

Don't make that mistake.

He took all my money.

I need a job to make it back.

I understand.

But I don't know you.

I went to Ireland...

That proved nothing.

You had no choice.

So why did you bring me here?

I have a problem.

Maybe you can help.

I have a cargo ship, the Melor,
to deliver my goods

to Lisbon and Montreal.


A lot of goods?

It's an urgent order.

The Melor can't attract
the attention of customs.

How do I do it?

Register her in my name.

I do an overhaul

to justify moving her.


But you'll need a captain and a crew...

That's already seen to.

Here's what we'll do.

Meet the Melor 's captain in Madrid.

Is that agreed?

No, I'll get it.

Redjani? It's Marc.

Can you hear me?

Be in Madrid at 4.

I can't go there just like that.


If you want Wexford's coke supplier,
be in Madrid at 4.

- Who is he?
- No idea.

But his name's Mario.

I'll be there.

See you later.

Everything OK?

Who was that?

My wife. Clara. Since...

Since the attack, she's on edge.

She's stressed.

I can send one of my men over.

Listen... Your family's
under my protection now.

Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on them.


Your ticket.

The captain arrives in Gibraltar soon
to hire a crew.

I'm staying to sort some stuff out.

- See you when you get back.
- Fine.


We have no leads there.

Tell him to call me.

I've tracked Sims down.

He's holed up in a seedy hotel
in La Linea.

What do I do?

Is he alone?

He's with another guy.

Tell me why I'm here.

Listen, I talked to Mario.

He's doing a huge dope delivery
on his ship, the Melor.

They're carrying coke, cannabis, hash...

It's going everywhere.
Spain, Portugal, Canada...

I give you a major tip-off
and you don't care?

I don't know. How come he trusts you?

I earned his trust.

I'm registering the Melor in my name.

Why did you do that?

What's the problem?

If the ship's caught with the drugs,
you take the rap.

But I...

I can't take the rap. I work for you.

- Mario's not real.
- He is.

- He's not in any file.
- He's real!

He's meeting my flight.

- What time?
- 11:30.


Give me the box.

Here. For you.

For me?

Turn it over.

"As a last resort,
always lie, never betray."

It's very kind but...

if it's a life commitment,
I'd rather give it back.

It's just a gift.

What for?

You're doing this

for your family.

That's a good thing.

I respect that.

If you respect me that much...

try telling me your real name.

My friends call me Claudio.

My home is yours now.

I'll leave you.

What's wrong? Look at me. What is it?

I keep wondering if you'll be back.

- Call this a life?
- It won't be for much longer, OK?

You're safe here, you understand?

Marc! We're staying
with a drug trafficker.

This is how you care for your family?

I know.

But you have to trust me.

I have one last thing to do.

Then we leave together, OK?

Look at me.

Trust me.

Everything's fine.

Just fine. Look.


His name's Claudio Pasco Lanfredi.

He's close to Pablo Escobar.

So there's...

a big bonus?

One of Europe's worst traffickers
and you only care about dough?

I need it.

He's dangerous.

Are you sure?

Once I set things in motion,
I can't stop them.

There's no turning back.



- You're not making my life easy.
- You've got a nerve!

Mine was supposed to be easier
if I came with you.

But I had a knife at my throat.


You don't even know his name.

His name's Claudio.

You know he's a drug trafficker?

Yes, I know.

But he's honest enough
to admit he's dishonest.

Unlike you.

I don't owe you anything.

You only just met him. It's absurd!

What would be better?

- Banging some snitch?
- Shut up!

Hands off!

Playing the big brother now?

You're lecturing me?
Too late. You were never around.

- So don't tell me...
- Never around?

You never came when I needed you!

You thought giving me money was enough?

Is that it?

Look at me.

You're so low.

I'm sorry.

Don't come between him and me.

Get lost.

Meet Philippe. He's French like you.

Philippe handles the goods.
You, the ship.

The ship can sink,

you can drown, get eaten by sharks,

but my goods have to stay safe.

Got that?

All right.

If you need to reach me...

I'll check the hold.

- Are the goods loaded?
- Yes, we were waiting for you.

Something wrong?

What's your game with Cécile?

It's not a game.

- I feel good with her.
- You do?

Claudio, she's my sister, OK?
You're worlds apart.

I'll never endanger her.
You have my word.

That's not the problem.

It's not possible.

Marc, you're my friend.

With all due respect, Cécile is a woman.

Neither of us needs your permission.

I have to go.

Come here.

Not too much onion in the sauce.

Where were you?

I went into town.

Is your wife happy?

Yes, this is paradise.

And the baby?

How is she?


I'm going to have a baby too.

My life sucks, basically.

You can't say that.

No, I know.

What I want is a family like yours.

But I know raising kids is difficult.

Are you religious?

I think religion is important.

I don't mean God.

But rules. You see?



It's Marc.

Mr. Duval? We have a problem.

We're still in Lisbon.

You should be on your way to Montreal!

It's Philippe.
We broke down but we fixed it.

The first delivery went well.

But customs here
want to inspect the holds.

Can you help or do I call Mario?

I'll see to it.

Play for time. I'll call you.

- What's wrong?
- Everything's fine.

We wait.

I have to go out.

Go back to sleep.

Redjani, it's Marc.
I'm in deep shit here.

What's up?

If Portuguese customs find the drugs
before you do, I've had it.

What do I do?

You have to help me.

I'll see what I can do.
Call back in 15 minutes.

Who told you to call the Portuguese?

This is where you leave the game.

Order Duval to leave Lanfredi's.

Got that, Belimane?

All right.

UK Customs Office Gibraltar

What's going on?

We're leaving?

I'll take you to a hotel
and pick you up later, OK?

Where will you be?

One last thing to see to.

- When'll you be back?
- Soon.

I don't know.

If I don't come back,

use this, OK?

I opened a safety deposit box
at the bank.

We had a technical problem.

We fixed it but Portuguese customs
wanted to inspect the hold.

Marc said he'd handle it.

Two hours later it was settled.

Where are you now?

Two days off Montreal.

That's perfect.

See you when you get back.

It seems you laid a hand

on the family of a friend of mine.

Is that true?

Which of the two whores do you mean?

If this English bastard had let me,

I'd have given them a second slit
under their chins.

No need to be so predictable.

Would it change anything?

Lanfredi's flying his jet
to New York. We're onto him.

What'll you do?

Listen, I quit. We're leaving Gibraltar.

I'll keep you posted.

What's the big rush?

What's wrong?

You know what's wrong.

Your brother works for French customs.

He's a snitch.


Are you on his side or mine?

- Answer me!
- He's my brother!

Give me the gun.

Burn everything.

I thought we were friends.

I trusted you.

I protected you and your family.

And what do you do?

You screw with me.

No one screws with me, get it?

No one!

Look at me, I'm the last thing
you'll see, you piece of shit.

What should I do?

What should I do now?

Tell me.

What should I do now?

You know what I should do.




Get out of the car.

Get out of the car!

Hands up.

Hands up, I said!

It's OK, they'll let you go.

They can't keep you.

Do as we said, OK?

You... You French?

The Canadian authorities weren't happy

that you tried to get

six tons of cocaine into their country.

They've demanded your extradition

and my government has agreed.

You'll be tried and imprisoned
over there.


Call French customs, please.

You're number two
in a drug trafficking network.

French customs
can't cover you any longer.

If I'm number two, someone's number one!

I'm not talking to you.

No more talking.

Now in prison,

he's a leading drug trafficker...

A landmark haul for Canadian customs
that stopped a ship

with 5,400 kg of drugs...

You wanted to move fast

and screwed up.

His arrest is all over the news
in Canada.

They're making an example of him.

I can't let this happen.

No one's asking you.

Go over there
and make sure he doesn't talk.

No one can know.

We'll never know the truth!

- Bring him home and free him.
- There's an election coming up!

So, no.

We erase every trace of this.

Ronald Reagan is satisfied
with the treaty...

I know how you feel.

You don't.


Be very careful,
you could lose everything.

I've finished.

Your son's moving a lot today.

I'm going to the school. Finish packing.

As soon as I get back, we can leave.

I'm going.

Gallois has a boss too, right?

Doesn't his boss care?

- You think the minister...
- The what?

You think the minister doesn't know?

You think Gallois acts alone?

What are you after?

I want my husband.

Dorchester Penitentiary
New Brunswick, Canada

You did it?

We gave your wife the money,

plus the bonus you asked for.

Now I want the original recording.

Hold on.

First, how's my sister?

She was arrested with Lanfredi.

They had nothing on her.
She's back in Paris.


When do I get out?

You'll have to plead guilty.

- Why?
- I'll explain.

You're a trafficker for them. Number two.

What is this shit?

Have you lost your memory?

I work for French customs. For you.

Did you tell the Canadians that?

Bring Lanfredi here instead.

I'm rotting away here!

He works for US customs.

He did a deal with them. He's free.

The Canadians won't free you
without an admission of guilt.

They'll want you to do time in France.

I'm not paying for everyone.

You're forgetting I have that tape.

I can finger you, Gallois,
the minister...

Yourself too.

If you want to wage war
on French customs, go ahead.

I'll do it.

You'll get 15 years.

Just plead guilty, Marc.

In 2 weeks, you'll be in France.

My boss will transfer your file.

You'll do 3 months
but afterwards you'll be free.

3 months?

3 months.


After pleading guilty,

Marc spent over 10 years in jail,
mainly in France.

Released on parole,
he continued his struggle

for the recognition
of the work that he did.

After recovering the tape,

French customs never paid
the full amount to Clara Duval.

Claudio Pasco Lanfredi continued
to traffic drugs

until his arrest in June 2010
by the Spanish authorities.