Giant from the Unknown (1958) - full transcript

In the 16th century a small band of warriors from the Spanish Ptolemy Firello expedition in California mutinies. Led by one of Firello's lieutenants, a huge, depraved giant of a man known as Vargas, the group heads off into the mountains to search for gold and is never heard from again. Hundreds of years later, a lightning bolt frees Vargas from a state of suspended animation underground and sends him out to terrorize a rural mountain village.

Sheriff's supposed to
be back with a body now.

Well I'm telling you there's something

mighty strange going on
around here.

First the cattle and
the horses ripped apart

then Old Man Banks is found dead

under mighty peculiar circumstances.

Just ain't natural.

Oh hold on, we don't know
yet how Banks was killed.

No, but I heard he was all
beat up

when they found him.

And how about Bill Johnson's cow?

Nobody's ever been able to explain

how it was mutilated.

And all the sheep that's been disappearing.

What happened to them?

Yeah and how about
Cooper's Chicken House?

If you've seen that place all
busted down

with dead hens all over the yard,

you'd be thinking the way we are,
I'm telling ya.

I saw it.

It looks like a Texas cyclone
hit it.

Now I ain't one to be
superstitious but

don't it seem strange
to you that these things

are happening only at Devil's Crag?

Ah, you're talking crazy.


Ah, here comes the Sheriff.

Good, now we'll find out
what really did happen.

What happened, Sheriff?

Coroners report show
Banks died as a result

of a brutal beating at
the hands of a person

or persons unknown.

Hey, cover him up.

Not a pretty sight, is it?

Oh, his body all torn apart

just like the animals we've found!

Okay Art, take him along.

Look here Parker, all of us
who live up at Devil's Crag

gotta have protection.

No human being could do that.

We think it's, well it's,

Well it's supernatural,
that's what we think it is.

And we want to get to the
bottom of this.


That's silly.

It ain't so silly, Miss.

If you've lived here
as long as most of us,

you'd have heard of the
legend of the curse.

Yes Siree.

You just talk to some of the
old indians

that are still around here.

They'll tell you what it is.

All white men die.

Listen you crazy Indian.

If you had anything to do
with this,

Let go of him Bert,
I'll handle this.

Joe, do you know anything
about this killing?

Nobody listens when I speak.

Everybody say Indian Joe,
Crazy Joe.

But you find out now.

The spirits of my people
return for their revenge.

Yeah, sure Joe, sure.

Now you listen to me.

I want you to keep your
inside information

from the spirits to yourself.

People around here are riled
up enough

without your jabbering.

Now on your way before I run
you in

on another vagrancy charge.

I go, but remember what I say.

People who walk on Indian
grave die.

You hear that, what'd I tell you?

You're right.

Yeah the old looney living up

in the deserted shack like a hermit.

Yeah, he may be crazy,
I ain't denying that

but sometimes crazy people
know more

than they get credit for.

He's got his answer.

What's yours, Sheriff?

If you'll simmer down long enough,
I'll tell you.

I'm handling this case.

First of all I'm putting
Devil's Crag off limits.

What about us?

Well I want you folks
who live near there

to be on the lookout and
alert for,

On the alert for what?

Well, be on the alert for anything

out of the ordinary.

Oh then you do believe
in the curse, huh?

I didn't say that and I don't
wanna hear

any more about it.

Till I clear this up,
everyone is under suspicion.

You'd all better be able to account

for your activities last night
when I get around to you.

In that case you better
start with Wayne Brooks.

He had another run in
with Banks the other day.

As a matter of fact I heard
the old man

ran him off the place with a shotgun.

I'll get around to him.

And the rest of you too.

All right, come on folks,
and break this up

and go on about your business.

Here comes Mr. Brooks.

I wonder if he's hurt.

Probably not.

Hello Anne, hi Charlie.

Where are you kids headed?

Well I'm taking sis up to the cabin

so I can get back to the
lodge in time for work.

Say have you heard about it,
Mr. Brooks?

I've been up in the
mountains for three days.

I haven't heard anything.

It was awful, Wayne, just awful.

What was awful?

Poor Harold Banks.

Found him this morning and he was..

Smashed to death.

Every bone in his body was broken.

I saw it.

That's terrible, how did it happen?

Parker said he was murdered.


Does he know who did it?

No, not yet.

He says everybody in
town is under suspicion.

He's over there.

He wants to see you.

He knows about the trouble
you had with Banks.

Yeah I guess I better
have a talk with him then.

See you later, Anne.

Come on, Charlie, we better go.

We're counting on that
protection, Sheriff.

Don't worry, you'll get it.

You wanted to see me, Sheriff?

Yeah, that's right.

I wanna have a little
talk with you, Brooks.

What do you know about the
Banks killing?

I just heard about him.

Where have you been
for the last few days?

Where I usually am, up in the mountains

getting more rock specimens.

Anywhere near the Banks Place?

What are you driving at?

Answer the question.

As a matter of fact I walked
across his property

about a week ago.

Saved me a half mile climb, why?

Banks run you off again?

Maybe he saw you trespassing
and took a shot at you.

Maybe you lost your temper and,

Maybe I didn't even see the
old buzzard.

Can you prove that?

Oh come off it, Parker.

You don't think I've got
anything to do with this.

Tell you I haven't seen
Banks in over a week.

Pine Ridge?

But Dad, this is just a
wide spot in the road.

Well I guess there are no
beauty parlors

or movie theaters but I'm
told the lodge

is very comfortable.

I hope so.

Why don't you get off my back, huh?

I will.

When I think you're in the clear.

You wanna arrest me
now or do I have time

to go home and get a toothbrush?

I had you pegged for a wiseguy

ever since you came up here.

I'm not finished with you yet, Brooks.

Don't plan any more trips.

Well don't forget my razor blades.

Could I see your
operator's license please?

I beg your pardon, Officer.

Is there anything wrong?

Your driver's license please.


What's the matter?

Mr. Cleveland,
there's an ordinance requiring

a warning flag on anything
protruding from a vehicle.

I'm sorry Officer,
I forgot about the tent poles.

I'll take care of them right away.

Are you staying in town?

Only over night.

My daughter and I are
heading into the mountains

in the morning.

Quite a lot of gear you have there.

Are you planning to camp
around here?

Yes, you see I'm an archeologist.

Weren't figuring on poking
around Devil's Crag, were you?

Devil's Crag?

Now look, Officer, I don't know

where I'm going to be working.

I'm not familiar with the area.

Thanks so much, I can manage now.

Oh no, let me put
them in the car for you.

Thank you very much.

I thought I recognized you, Sir.

You're Professor Cleveland,
aren't you?

Well yes I am.

And you are?

Well you don't know me, Sir.

But I attended some of your
lectures at the university.

I'm Wayne Brooks.

Well, I'm certainly glad
to see you again, Brooks.

This is my daughter Janet.

Hello, Mr. Brooks.

Pleased to meet you, Miss Cleveland.

I see you've already met nosy Parker.

Mr. Cleveland,
some pretty gruesome things

have been happening around
here lately.

In fact we just had a violent killing.

For your own protection I'm
advising you

to be on your guard at all times.

Especially be very careful
who you associate with.

And don't forget about the flag.

But of course, I'll attend to it.

You know it sounded as though
he was warning us about you.

Uh, it's kind of a
private feud between us.

I'll explain sometime.

Looks like you're
planning to stay a while.

Yes, I'll probably be
working in this general area

for perhaps a week or more.

I spent a lot of time around here.

I know these mountains
like the back of my hand.

Maybe I can be of some help
to you.

Splendid, I just might
take you up on that.

Staying at the lodge?

Why yes we are.

Good, the food's wonderful there.

If you be my guest tonight,
I'll promise you

the best steak you ever had.

After canned beans for a
week that sounds wonderful.

Enough Janet, I don't think,

Brooks, we'd love to join you.

Mr. Brooks is my father.

My name's Wayne.

Okay, Wayne.

It's a deal?

It's a deal.

Oh Mr. Brooks.

Oh hi Charlie.

Say fix us up with three of
Mrs. Don's

special steak dinners, will you?

Okay, Mr. Brooks.

Well Anne was wondering what time

you were going to Menden
Junction tonight.

Oh Charlie, I forgot.

I can't make it tonight.

It's a good picture,
wish you could go.

No, not this time, Charlie.

I'm sorry Parker gave you such
a hard time

this afternoon, Sir.

I suppose he was only doing
his job.

Over doing it as usual, Professor.

I could see that you two
don't like

each other very much, do you?

Oh, Parker's all right I guess.

Except for his bull headedness.

We just approach things differently.

I think he's taking
advantage of this opportunity

to throw his weight around.

As you know, a rancher
was killed last night.

Yes, that was a terrible thing.

That's not the only
thing that's happened.

Quite a bit of livestock has disappeared

or been ruthlessly slaughtered.

You see all these
killings have taken place

near Devil's Crag.

Since no logical answer's
been found,

some of the people are
getting a talk

about the ancient curse.


There's an old Indian burial
ground near Devil's Crag.

Quite a few arrowheads,
pottery and a few bones

have been found up there.

A few descendants of the
tribe that once lived here

is still around.

They talk of a legend.

Someday the evil spirits will rise

and destroy the valley.

Have you ever been up
to this Devil's Crag?

As a matter of fact I have.

And even though it's out of
my line

I've uncovered quite a few
artifacts up there myself.


Well I'd like to see them sometime.

Of course.

Though I don't think you'd
find anything of value,

you're welcome to blow with
them anytime.

Well splendid, this
might save me a great deal

of time and effort.

You mind my asking what it
is you're looking for, Sir?

I'm looking for a giant.

A giant?

Well one that's been
dead for over 500 years.

Oh, for a moment I thought
you were,

That I was crazy archeologist?

Well if some of my colleagues
knew what I was up to

I'm afraid that they'd agree
with you.

The truth is that I am
writing a definitive history

of Bartolome Forelos.

He was a Spanish
conquistador that explored

a great deal of what is now California.

My history will be complete

only when I learn what
happened to the Diablo Giant,

his band of renegades.

Diablo Giant?

Devil Giant?


Yes, that was the name
that was given to Vargas,

one of Forelo's lieutenants.

I have reason to believe that he

and a band of his men
known as the Diablo Brigade

deserted Forelo and headed inland

in search of Indian gold.

Why do they refer to
this Vargas as a giant?

Well fragmentary accounts at
the period

relate that he was,

well he was a man of
extraordinary size.

But why the nickname
Diablo, Devil Giant?

Well as a matter of fact,
very little is known of Vargas.

You see, Forelo suppressed
accounts relating

to this officer.

But from his name I'm sure
that he was a brutal degenerate

and depraved man who disgraced

and almost ruined the expedition.

I'd like to hear more about him.

And I wish I'd never heard of him.

I hope that steak is as
good as you say, Wayne.

If you two are going to
talk shop all evening,

I'll have to be fortified.

I must apologize for my daughter's

lack of interest in scientific matters.

She was dropped from
the unscientific branch

of the family tree.

And right in to a pile of old bones.

What a horrible fate
for such a pretty girl.

Now there's a man who
knows the right thing to say.

I can see that this
conversation is headed away

from scientific matters.

So I will make you two a proposition.

Look out, he's a sly one.

Now I promise not to say one word

about Spaniards, relics or
bones throughout dinner.

It's a deal.


Look out, here it comes.

If you will show me your
Indian artifacts afterwards.


Professor, my laboratory's
at your disposal.



Oh, he's a sly one too.

If you allow me the pleasure
of escorting your daughter

to Menden Junction tonight.

Sounds fascinating, what's there?

A double feature.

She has my permission.

After dinner,
I'll change into my field clothes

and meet you in the lobby.

Well Mr. Brooks,
you said you weren't going.

Now don't worry Charlie,
we'll give you a lift.

Oh that's all right, Mr. Brooks.

Anne and I can use the station wagon.

Well, here's to the
success of the expedition.

Well wait, not with the water glass.

It's bad luck.

Come in.

It's only a small field lab

but it's adequate for my work
up here.

It's pretty complete, very complete.

Over here, Professor.

My Indian relics are in here.

Oh that's a fine collection
you have.

Sorry they're not cataloged.

That's all right.

That's perfectly all right,
I could manage.

What is it, Janet?

I'm afraid my little
mascot frightened her.

Sorry I didn't think to warn you

but he's quite harmless in there.

Well it was silly of me.

What a curious animal.

In more ways than
you can imagine, Professor.

You see that ugly little fellow

is the leading character
in a thesis I'm preparing

on a subject of physical antiquities.

Physical antiquities?

You mean that this animal is
related to an extinct species?

It is extinct.


It's the only one in existence.

Here's the reason why.

I found that lizard
sealed inside this rock.



That animal has lived
in suspended animation

for countless centuries.


I don't believe it.

I have read similar reports.

Well next thing you'll be
telling me

there really is such a thing
as suspended animation.

That animals or even people
could live indefinitely.

I hadn't thought about it
that way

but under proper conditions
it might be possible.

Well all this is very interesting

and I would like to discuss
it at length sometime

but right now,

Right now you're dying to
get back to your Indian relics.

You know sometimes I think
she can read my mind.

Professor, the laboratory is yours.

Come on Jan, we don't
want to miss any part

of that double feature.

Have fun, Kids.

Janet, wait!

Come here quickly,
I've discovered something.


But what is it, Dad?

Looks like a cross.

That's exactly what it is.

Only this particular cross
was made by an Indian

hundreds of years ago.

So it may be a clue to
exactly what I'm looking for.

I don't follow you, Sir.

Well don't you see?

This shows that the ancient
Indians in this area

were influenced by Europeans

long before the earliest
recorded white settlers arrived.

Possibly by the very band of men

that I've been looking for.

It sounds logical Sir.

What's your next step?

Well it's time to load
up the shovels again.

Well I would like to follow
up this lead

as soon as possible.

Can you tell me where you
found this cross, Wayne?

I'll do better than that.

I'll take you there myself.

Splendid, when can we get started?

Not tonight, Professor Cleveland.

No, no, not tonight, Dear.

When can you be ready?

Tomorrow morning soon enough?

Fine we'll meet at the lodge

for an early morning breakfast.

I'll take some of my equipment along.

It might come in handy.

I'll pack it in your jeep tonight.

We'll be going above the snow line

and sometimes it hits unexpectedly.

Where are you taking us, Wayne?

Devil's Crag.

When I turned around, it was gone.

Something brushed against
the side of my face.

Something cold and damp.

Well this thing, whatever it was,

did you get a look at it?

No, it was dark as the
inside of your pocket

when it happened.

I couldn't hardly see nothing
at all

but something was there.

Did you hear anything?

Did it make any kind of a noise?

No, I was so scared
my ears were ringing.

I couldn't tell you what
kind of a noise it made.

You're gonna have to
give me more than that

to go on.

Well, it was there.

Something was there.

Hey, wait a minute.

I ain't half finished!

I want to tell you what else happened.

I went home and told the wife,

she said she'd heard funny
noises too.

So it just wasn't me.

Tell me when I get back.

End of the line, Folks.

We pull in there.

The burial grounds are just
near the side of those rocks.

Dad, Wayne.

What is it, Jan?

I just saw someone in those bushes.

It's just your imagination.

Imagination nothing,
I'm sure I saw a face

staring at me.

If it makes you feel any better,
I'll have a look.

It's probably just a deer.

These mountains are full of them.

Uh-oh, the long arm of the law.

Come on professor,
let's see what he wants now.

The minute my back is turned

you disobey my orders and
leave town.

No one's left town.

I have no reason to run away.

You have no evidence to hold me.

Until you can, I'll be camped
right here with Dr. Cleveland.

You know this area's off limits.

Now look here Parker,
I have every right,

Now just a minute Wayne,
let me handle this.

Sheriff, I have a permit here

from the Commissioner of
Public Lands to do my research.

Wayne here has been kind enough
to offer me his assistance.

I will assume full responsibility
for his presence here.

Dr. Cleveland, besides
conducting an investigation

of murder, it's my
responsibility to protect

the property and lives of all persons

under my jurisdiction.

By disregarding my orders,
you and your party

could be exposing yourselves
to a dangerous killer.

Yes, we're aware of that, Sheriff.

But we're armed.

And I'm sure that we can
handle any eventuality.

All right.

All right, I give up.

But don't forget I warned you.

As for you I'm telling you again.

Don't leave this county
without contacting me.

And that's an order.

That man has a badge instead
of a brain.

Well come on Professor,
we better get started

if we wanna get the
camp set up before dark.

Morning, Dad.


My, you're an early bird.

Ah, Wayne and I have been up
for hours.

Did you have a good sleep, Dear?

Well better than I expected to,
under the circumstances.

Where's Wayne?

He's out having a
preliminary look around.

He should be back any minute now.

What are you trying to do,
Joe, kill me?

I thought we were friends.

Shoot at rabbit.

Well you certainly had me scared.

That bullet came awfully close.

I not miss what I shoot at.

Why you here?

We're here in search of something.

You come to rob the graves of
my people?

No Joe, we haven't come to
disturb any Indian graves.

We're looking for a trace
of a Spanish Soldier

who enslaved your people many
years ago.

You're not touch graves?

I promise you we'll
not disturb the sleep

of your ancestors.

You're not like the others.

You always speak the truth.

I give you my word, Joe.

If you promise to do your
hunting somewhere else.

You are my friend.

This is bad place for you to be.

Only evil can come to you here.

We heard a shot, Wayne.

Is there anything wrong?

Ah just,
it was probably just a hunter.

I'm puzzled about something else.

I was up there a couple of
weeks ago

and since then a lot
of things have changed.

In what way?

I can't quite put my finger
on it but,

oh I got it, the storm.

I don't follow you.

I found a lot of disturbed
brush and toppled rocks.

I had a feeling someone
else might be here.

But the recent electrical
storm we had,

that accounts for a lot of things.

Good, you had me worried for
a moment.

Will you still be able to
show dad

the place you found the cross?

Oh sure.

The storm washed away
a lot of the top soil.

It'll make our job easier.


I'm anxious to get started.

Ooh, I see that you've
indicated an area

on this chart of Devil's Crag.


I found the cross right about here.

You'll notice I laid out

the entire area in a grid.

I purposely didn't include
the actual location

where Indians are known to be buried.

I'm certain we wouldn't find
what we're looking for there.

We can work systematically in
this area

using the metal detector.

Would your detector turn
up a lot of useless things?

Not at all, Dear.

I'm sure that Wayne is
counting on the fact

that the Indians in this
area used very little metal.

The Spaniards of course used
a great deal.

Now if we are fortunate
enough to unearth

some Spanish metal relics,
we'll know

that Vargas and his men were here.

That's right.

Well shall we get started, Professor?

What can I do?

Well since you've made the beds

you can wash the dishes
and tidy up the camp.

And then start lunch,
and plenty of it.

We'll be famished.

You men have all the fun.

No sign of the needle yet?


Needle, haystack?

A Spanish Giant who may
or may not have lived

500 years ago.

Yes but there was such a man, Janet.

The references all show that Vargas..

Oh Dad,
don't you know when you're lit?

You're never going to prove it.

But we're so close Janet,
I'm sure we are.

And I feel that after three
summers of disappointment

you ought to give up.

Dad, I've had all I can take.

All right.

I guess it was just a dream,
an obsession.

I suppose I'm just a crazy
old fool.

And I was so sure, so sure.

Oh I didn't mean to hurt you Dad.

But you've got to admit it
looks hopeless.

Ah, we'll finish out today's work

and then go back to camp and
start packing in the morning.

I am sorry Dad.

I still think you're the greatest.

Thanks, Dear.

Thank you, it was just a
long gamble and I lost.

It's just as simple as that.

Ah, coffee.

Wayne, coffee break.

Thank you.

How do you operate this gadget?

I still don't hear anything.

You hear a tone only when the detector

is near something metallic.

The closer it is,
the louder the sound.

It might be fun to try.

I think I'll do it a while.

Be my guest.

You can start over there where
I left off.

Wayne, I've decided to give
it up.

Well we gave it a good try.

We'll go back to camp right away.

There's no reason to
postpone the inevitable.

I'm sorry, Sir.

I'll go get Jan.

In trouble, Jan?

It's not as easy as it looks.

No it isn't.

Specially since you strayed
outside the area we charted.


Come on, I'll help you back.

Oh dear, my compact.

I left it on the log.

Oh I'll get it.

Professor, Professor Cleveland!

What is it?

I'm getting a very
strong reading over here.

I think I found something!

Well Dad,
you ought to be very proud.

Yes Dear, I am.

There can be no doubt
about my theories now.

When I publish my findings,
I'm sure

that we will have added a new chapter

to the history of California.

Well what's the next step?

Well I'd like to leave
here as soon as possible.

I'm very anxious to get
these relics to the museum.

There is only one thing that
I regret.

Oh, what's that?

That we could find no trace
of Vargas,

the Diablo Giant himself.

Oh no, here we go again.

Oh no, no.

I proved my point.

They were definitely members
of his band.

Even I wouldn't think of
stretching our luck that far.

Obviously he wasn't
buried with the others.

You know there's
something that puzzles me.


Why were they all
buried so close together

and in their armor?

Well it's my belief that they
all died

about the same time.

Probably as the result of an epidemic.

And that the Indians or their survivors

buried them along with
their personal possessions.

If you say so.

Well if we're going to get started

I better have Wayne give us
a hand.

It looks like those storm clouds

are headed our way.

Have you seen him?

Yes he's out doing some
field work of his own.

What do you say we join him

and see how he's getting along?


Professor, I'm glad you're here.

How are you doing?

Remember my telling you that
a recent electrical storm

caused many changes around here?


Well I think I've located
where the lightning struck.

It must have been right here.

The most amazing thing has happened.


The portions of this
formation are now identical

in every way with that rock
I showed you at the lab.

The one that held the lizard
in suspended animation.

That's one storm cloud gathering.

We better get back to
camp before we get soaked.

You two go ahead.

I'll be along in a minute.

The Diablo Giant's axe.

Professor, Janet!

I don't understand it.

I don't understand it,
it was here last night.

It was very dark, Wayne.

I'm positive it was right here.

I even held it in my hands.

Could some hunter just have
happened to stumble on it

after you left?

In that storm, not a chance.

Even if that were the case,
he'd have to be hunting

with a crowbar instead of a gun.

I pulled on that thing as
hard as I could.

It didn't even budge.

I was standing right here.

Well, easy Wayne.

Let's look around,
maybe there's a clue.

If you saw an axe, it must be here.

Perhaps there was an earth slide.

I think I found something.

I'm hitting metal.

It's him.

It's him.

That's the Diablo Giant.

It's him.

Look at the size of it.

I didn't dare hope.

I didn't dare hope that
we'd find Vargas himself.

But Dad, wait a minute.

Are you sure you have found him?

What do you mean,
of course we have.

This must be his armor.

But that's just it.

If this is Vargas' grave,
where are his bones?

That's right.

Wayne, this doesn't appear
to be a burial find.

How do you account
for the impression here?

Oh no.

Oh no, you don't think
he could still be alive?

If he were it could
explain a lot of things

that had been happening.

That's impossible, he's been
dead at least 500 years.

So was that lizard I found.

Well that's different.

A lower and less complex
form of life perhaps,

but a human.

Oh no, it's,

it's just impossible.

I wonder.

It's just unbelievable.

Vargas really was a giant

Holy mackerel.

Uh oh.

It's your friend Charlie Brown.

I'll get rid of him.

If news of what we found gets around

we'll be stampeded by rubber
necks and souvenir hunters.

You're right,
we'll let you handle this.

Come on Dear.

Hi Charlie.

Jeepers, Mr. Brooks, what is it?

The suit is Spanish armor, Charlie.

Over 500 years old.

We just found it.

It's what the Professor's
been looking for.

Well gee, that looks like gold.

It is.

Charlie I'm gonna ask
you to do me a favor.

Sure, Mr. Brooks, anything.

I don't want you to tell anyone

about what you've seen up
here today.

Gosh, no one?

No one, not even Anne.

Why not?

I wanna keep it quiet for a
few days

till we can finish our work.

Otherwise the whole town
will be streaming up here

and we won't be able to get
anything done.

Oh I see.

Sure, Mr. Brooks.

It'll just be for a few days

then you can tell everyone
about it.

Jeepers, will they be surprised.

Oh, I guess I'll go on back
down then.

You know I haven't seen a
rabbit all day?

So long Charlie.

Remember what I told you.

You bet, so long.

I have a little more
work to do on my notes

before I go to bed.

Are you two ready to turn in?

It's a funny thing.

It must be this mountain air
or something

but I'm not a bit sleepy.

Neither am I.

You know we've been working
so hard

I haven't had a chance to
show you

how beautiful these mountains
really are.

Come on Jan, there's
something I wanna show you.

Where are we going?

It's not far, come on.

Well do you think we ought
to go out there in the dark?

It's bright as day in the moonlight.

What do you think, Dad?

I think you better run along, Dear.

See, you're trapped, come on.

Well what do you think of it?

Oh Wayne, it's breathtaking.

I knew you'd like it.

You know something,
you ought to go

out the moonlight more often.

It makes your eyes even more beautiful.

Well thank you for
those kind words, Sir.

You have no idea what a
relief it is

to hear something besides
bones, armor, giants.

I sometimes forget I'm a woman.

I haven't forgotten.

What's the matter?

I thought I heard something.

You sure?

I didn't hear anything.

It's probably just me.

I don't know why I've been so jumpy

ever since we first came here.

What do you mean?

Well I may not,

I just don't think we did right

in disturbing those graves.

Oh I know it's all for science

but somehow I have a feeling

that no good can come of it.

How can you say a thing like that

when something very good
has already come of it?


I met you.

I had no idea you knew almost
as much

about women as you do about rocks.

Now what's that supposed to mean?

Oh, just that this
isn't your first exposure

to the spell of the
moonlight with a young lady.

I've been working on my
thesis all year.

Besides, there aren't
any young ladies up here.

Well I've heard that Anne Brown
isn't exactly an old hag.

Charlie's sister Anne?

She's just a good friend.

Well I'll admit she's a little
older than Charlie, but,

well they're just a couple of kids

that live by themselves
since their folks died.

I often visit them.

I said them.

Well since Dad and
I will be leaving soon

you'll be able to resume
your visits to them.

Oh I get it.

It's not just the digging
you're anxious

to get away from.

There's someone waiting for you

when you get back to the city.

Does that answer your question?


I think we'd better be
getting back.

Shame to waste all
this wonderful moonlight.

There'll be other moonlight nights.

Good night.

Good night.

I was worried about you, Wayne.

Where's Janet?

Ah, she's turning in.

Tomorrow's gonna be a
busy day for all of us.

Jan, what is it?

Are you all right?

Dad, I heard something
moving around out here.

Then there was a crash.

I grabbed the gun and it went off.

See anyone?

No I didn't but I heard footsteps,
heavy footsteps.

I'm sure I did.

Oh Daddy, I'm scared.

That's all right Dear,

we're gonna find out what it is.

It's gonna be all right, Dear.

Professor, Professor!

The giant's armor, it's gone.

I don't understand, who could have?

Whoever it was did a good job.

Helmet, breastplate, medallion,
everything's gone.

And look here.

Is that a footprint?

It is, it's twice the size of mine.

What could it mean?

I don't know.

Janet, get your clothes on.

There's gonna be no more
sleep tonight.

I'll put some wood in the fire.

In case our intruder decides
to return,

we'll be ready for him.

But Sis, I don't think it's safe

to leave you alone up here.

Oh nonsense, Charlie.

We need the money you make at
the lodge.

You better get there before
they fire you.

The Sheriff says it's
dangerous up here.

I tell you there's
nothing to worry about.


No buts.

Now get along.

I can take care of myself.

Anyway I got Dad's rifle here.

Oh it's, it's you, Wayne.

I'm afraid I'm getting a
little jumpy.

We all are.

Where's Janet?

She's in the tent.

I wanted her to get a little rest.

Good, she needs it.

Sit down Wayne,
I wanna talk to you.

You know I've been sitting in there

desperately trying to arrive
at some logical explanation.

Now did you notice any
unusual occurrence

about the large armor?

Did you notice that it
was better preserved

than the others?

Say, that's right.

I have thought this over carefully.

And I have come to the conclusion

that there is some unusual
and unknown substance

in the earth up here that
acts as a preservative.

Some high incidence
possibly of tannic acid

from oak leaves or from some
other organic substance.

At any rate,
something which sustains life.

Now your lizard in the
rock is a case in point.

At first I was reluctant
to accept that theory

but I do now.

Go on, Sir.

Well acting upon this supposition,
Vargas and his men

arrived here and were
stricken with an epidemic.

All of the men died.

But not Vargas.

His unusual strength sustained him

but he fell into a deep coma.

Now the indians mistook this
for death

and buried him at a spot near
where we found the armor.

Now, fantastic as it sounds,

I believe that his body has
been preserved for centuries.

And during that electrical storm,

a bolt of lightning struck
near enough

to rekindle a spark of life?

But Wayne, if what
you're saying is true,

well that means,

Yes I know.
The battle axe,

the armor, it must have been!

I know, I know it sounds impossible.

But it's the only
possibility I can think of.

There's just one other possibility.

It's possible that someone's
just trying

to frighten us away.

The first thing to do is get
into town

and alert the Sheriff before
there are any more murders.

Tonight, but the road is so dangerous.

We'll have to chance it,
there's no time to lose.

Don't anybody move.

Drop that gun belt.

Who's there?

Who is it, what do you want?

It's Parker, Sheriff Parker.

Thank goodness it's you.

Put your hands out in
front of you, Brooks.

What is the meaning of this, Sheriff?

You're under arrest.


This is ridiculous.

Since when is murder
ridiculous, Miss?


Parker, this time you're
going too far.

I haven't even started with
you yet.

Well this is a very
serious charge, Sheriff.

Who's he accused of killing?

Anne Brown.

I just came from there.

Oh no.

Oh Wayne I am sorry.

Sheriff, I haven't seen Anne
in over a week.


Then how do you account for this?

Well that's the medallion.

Well that came from,

I know where it came from.

It was clutched in the dead
girl's hand

and her brother Charlie
identified it.

That's right, even after you
made him promise not to tell.

But I can explain that.

You can do your explaining in court.

I tell you I haven't left
this camp.

But I can tell you
something that might help.

Hold it.

Remember anything you say
may be held in evidence

against you, let's go.

Sheriff, you're making
a terrible mistake.

We were just getting some
evidence to present to you

which will help clear up all
these crimes.

You can make your depositions
for the suspect

at the hearing.

Until the court decrees otherwise,
he's under arrest

for the murder of Anne
Brown and Harold Banks.

Come on, let's go.

Oh Dad,
Wayne couldn't have done it.

He's been here with us all night.

Well of course not, Dear.

That Sheriff is just as
stubborn as Wayne said he was.

We've got to do everything
we can to help him

but first I have to make a
plastic cast of that footprint.

Otherwise, no one will
believe me.

I tell you I had nothing
to do with Anne's death.

While we're standing here,
the real killer's

still on the loose.

Everyone in the valley's in danger.

Can't I make you understand?

You don't know when you're beat,
do you kid?

I'm not beat, I have witnesses.

What about you?

Listen Parker,
I know you don't like me

but this is much more important.

If anything happens while
you've got me in custody,

like another killing,

it'll be just as though
you had done it yourself.

Outside of being the laughing stock

of the entire county,
you'll have to live

with the memory of it for the
rest of your hard-headed life.

All right, you started something,

suppose you finish it.

Someone entered our
camp tonight and stole

some valuable things
including the medallion.

Now whoever did it must
also have killed Anne.

Indian Joe's shack is just
down the road.

Lest I miss my guess,
we'll find the rest

of the stolen things there.

Indian Joe,
what's he got to do with it?

I'll tell you on the way.

It'll just take five minutes,
what do you say?

I'm crazy for letting
you talk me into this.

Just don't try anything.

One false move and I'll
blow your head off.



No sign of him.


No light either.

That doesn't mean he's not here.

He's got eyes like a cat.

There's your alibi.


Where are you?



Oh Dad!

I don't like the looks of this.

Before I left there was
some talk of a lynching.

Stay here in the car.

I'll find out what this is
all about.

Where's the Sheriff?


He is alive, he's taken Janet!

Quick, climb in.

But what about the Sheriff?

Don't worry, he'll follow.

After him, Men!

I want that murderer dead or alive!

I've gotta get these handcuffs off.

Come on, Professor.

Go ahead Professor, hurry!

Parker will be right behind us.

Stay here and tell him what's happened.

Men, fan out into a half circle

and don't get over 20 yards apart.

Right, Sheriff.

Don't worry Mr. Cleveland,
we'll find him.

Bud'll stay here with you.

Thank you.


Are you all right?

Oh Wayne, Wayne!

Get her out of here, quick!

I don't know what to say, Wayne.

I read this thing all wrong.

I'm sorry.

Forget it.

We've got work to do together.

Fair enough.

Right now, if you've got any suggestions.

Well he's been hanging
around our camp here.

He might come back just by instinct.


Anyway this'll make a good
base for our operation.

As soon as I get the Professor
and Janet off to town

we can get started.

Well Sheriff, the key?

I see you got back all right, huh?

Thanks for letting
me come along, Sheriff.

I wanna do everything I can
to help.

You're a big help Charlie,

by driving the Clevelands
into town

and bringing these supplies back.

Did you manage to get everything?

Yes Sir.

Shotgun shells,
rifle ammunition, box of flares

and I got George to come
along too.


Where's the food?


I ordered it at the lodge
and I forgot to pick it up.

Look, I'll go back and get it.

Forget it.

We need it,
we'll send back for it.

Fellas, grab this stuff and
take it over

to our advanced base.

And what do you want
me to pack, Sheriff?

Well not a thing, Charlie.

See I want you to stay
here and guard the camp.

But gee, you're on his trail

and I wanna be there.

No, you stay here.

If anything happens and you
need help,

fire one shot as a warning signal.

Have you got a gun?

Yes Sir.

I'll guard the camp with my life.

Good boy.

We got him spotted.


He's headed for Box Ledge.

There's only one way down
from there.

We got him trapped if
we get there in time.

Give me a hand, we'll get the flares

and pass them out to the men.

Let's go.

Keep together, Men.

We've got him trapped.

Watch your step!

Don't take any chances!

We're almost at Box Ledge now.


We'll have to get closer
to get a shot at him.

Better kill the flares.

He can see every move we make.

You're right.

We're closing in, Men.

Put out those flares.

Stay close behind us.

I saw something move up there.

Look out, take cover!

He's boxed in up there all right.

It's too dark to get a bead
on him.

I think I can fix that.

Have your men stand ready.

We'd better get these men
back to camp

and take care of these wounds.

We can get a fresh start in
the morning.

Bill, you stay here and stand guard.


See that he doesn't get past here.

Here they come.

Where's that first aid kit?

Right over there.

Oh Wayne, are you all right?

I'm okay.

Did you get the giant?

We've got him cornered now.

You aren't angry with
me for coming, are you?

Dad and I thought we could help.

I brought some coffee and sandwiches.

I'm glad you're here.

Some of the boys need medical aid.

You must be exhausted,
let me get you something.

Give the boys a hand, I can manage.

Mr. Brooks, let me go
back up there with you.

No, you stay here Charlie.

It's a man's job out there.

It's no place for a kid.

I've got more reason to go
after him

than anyone else.

If only I hadn't left her alone.

It was my fault,
you just gotta let me go.

It wasn't your fault at all.

Stop thinking that.

Try to forget her for the
time being.

We've all got a job to do so
that what happened to Anne

doesn't happen again, understand?

So snap out of it.

It's only that,

I'll make some more coffee,
I'm sorry.

Go on Mr. Brooks, I'll bring
you some coffee right away.

Don't want anyone complaining
about the service, you know.

That's more like it.

Thanks Charlie, I'll be over
here with Dr. Cleveland.

Oh Wayne, do you think
he's badly wounded?

No, it's hard to say.

Some of us must have hit him.

He's still dangerous.

I'm sure if we can get close enough

with a clip of rifle bullets,
we can finish him off.

Hey, watch what you're doing!

Gee, I'm sorry.

Can I help, can I do something?

No thanks.

Can I spill you some coffee?

You know what I mean, Sir.

No no, thanks Charlie.

I've had enough.

Thank you Sir, thank you very much.

He's taking it pretty hard.

Yes he is.

Is Parker planning on making
another attack tonight?

No, it's too dangerous.

We'll wait until daylight.

Man's job, huh?

I'll show him.

Wake up, Bill.

Who's out there?

I don't know.

All our men are here.


Where's Charlie Brown?

That crazy kid.

Come on Parker, we gotta find him.

It's Bill.

Charlie, you shouldn't
have tried it alone.


I had to do it, Mr. Brooks.

For Anne's sake.

Easy Fella,
we'll get you back to camp.

I tried to empty a whole clip
onto him.

Like you said.

But the gun jammed.

I got him though.

Hit him three times.

He just kept coming, kept coming.

He's badly hurt.

You better go back to camp
for help.

I'll stay here with him.

I'll be right back.

Don't waste time.

The Giant.

What about the Giant?

He's headed up to the old mill.

Well just take it easy,
we'll get him.

No, you gotta go now.

If he gets across the dam,
you won't find him.

Go now.

Will you be okay?


It's almost daylight,
I'll start tracking him.

When the Sheriff gets back,
tell him to follow, understand?

Good luck.

Are you all right, Wayne?


Just a little tired.

That was a close one.

Yeah, I guess it was.

Will you help me recover the body?

It's of immense scientific importance.

Sorry Professor, but that's impossible.

You see that river empties
into a volcanic crater lake.

No one's ever been able
to find the bottom of it.

Well in that case the
world will just have to take

our word for it.

You think anyone will ever
believe this?


No, come to think of it
I don't think they ever will.

Well I suppose the youngsters
are waiting for us.

Wrong again, Professor.