Giant Little Ones (2018) - full transcript

Two popular teen boys, best friends since childhood, discover their lives, families, and girlfriends dramatically upended after an unexpected incident occurs on the night of a 17th birthday party.

- Hey.
- Shhhhhh. Quiet.

Here, catch.

- Good morning.
- Babe,

- see you at school.
- Okay.

See ya, Franky.




We did it six times.

- Six times?
- Uh-huh.

- All the way?
- Yep.

No way.

Right to the wall.

Reach. Reach.

Who calls the law
of conservation of energy?

What's up with those two this morning?

Energy cannot be created...

Call of the wild.


are you with us?


These girls want it
just as much as you guys do.

You should hear them
talking in the bathroom.

Cil included.

Cil has got a seriously fine rack.

I would do her in a second.

Glasses on.

- You need to get laid.
- Tell me about it.

Okay, now pay close attention,

'cause this is all
gonna happen very quickly.

- Wow. That's so cool.
- Duuude!

It's like magic.



Franky, is there
something wrong with me?

What? No, you're great.

Is there someone you like better?

No, I'm totally into you.

I was thinking I could stay
overnight at your place

after your birthday party.

I can tell my parents
I'm staying at Jess'.

That'd be awesome
if you could stay over.

You can make yourself bald
doing that, y'know.

- Can not.
- You can. I read it online.

"Bald teenage girls".
It's an epidemic.

Shut-up, weirdo.

Come on, we're gonna be late for class.

Hey, don't wear him out too much, Jess,

- he's competing tonight.
- Ballas!

He's gotta save his strength.

You're so dead, Franky!

Fast in bed
does not mean fast in the pool!

Come here!

That is so beyond childish.

I dunno.

I think it's kinda cute.

Alright, here you go, boys, let's go!


On your marks...

Why don't you fucking grow up?

Oh, I'm sorry, Michael, did that hurt?

Fucking moron.

Anyway, you probably like it.

Isn't that the kind of thing
your type likes?

You know what I wonder, Connor?


I wonder why you prance around
in your underwear

whipping the ass of another guy.

Is there something
you're trying to tell us?

Fuck you, faggot.

If you wanna go there,
I'll get you kicked off this team

so fast you won't know
what fucking hit you.

You won't know
what the fuck hit you, bitch.

- Hey, chill out, Connor.
- You chill out.

Hey, back the fuck off.

Whatever, man.

We're cool.

You guys should remember
you're on a team together.

Okay, thanks, "team captain".

Happy birthday, my beautiful boy.

Mom, it's Saturday.

Yeah, but I have to get to the studio,

and I wanted to say
happy birthday first.

I can't believe how big
my little boy's getting.

Mom, gross,

his bed's probably totally
covered with his nasty boy goop.

Shut-up, Ho.

I can hear you in here.
It's disgusting.

Bullshit, it's your vibrator
that makes all the noise.

Oh, as if, creeper!


Happy birthday, douche bag.

- Thanks, Sis.
- You're welcome.

So what did you poison this with?

You'll find out.

It's so gross.

I'm only doing this 'cause
it's your birthday, alright?

- Deanne, you'll be home at eight, right?
- Uh-huh.

Ah! C'mon!

Hey, we've discussed this,
no Deanne, no party.

FYI, I'm not totally psyched

to be baby-sitting you and
your douche bag friends, ya know.

I'm giving you some leeway tonight,
Franky. Use wisely.

This isn't gonna be some big blowout,

where all the kids do drugs
and puke all over the house.

I'm gonna be home at one sharp
and it needs to be wrapped up.

- You going on a date tonight?
- Maybe.

Yes. Double date.

Rebecca and Jerry's friend.

He's supposed to be nice. I dunno.

Don't forget to reply to your father
about dinner tomorrow night,


He thinks
I'm influencing your decision.

He's just been paranoid.

He wants to see you
on your birthday, Franky!

Just answer him, okay?

You have nice lips, mom.

Thank you baby, so do you.


Hottest single mom out there.

Watch out.


Hey, birthday boy!

- Franky.
- Hey!

You ready for your party?

Pretty much.

There's muffins in the kitchen,
just help yourself.

Okay, thanks.

Hey, 'Tash.

I'm waiting for Ballas.

You know Ballas and I are going
uptown to get booze for tonight.

Natasha, you're totally welcome
to come to my party tonight

if you want.

Franky, why on earth would
I want to come to your party?

Just offering.

Do what you want.

Yeah, I will.

Hey, man.


Let's go.


I thought you liked Cil.

I mean she's nice, but...

she doesn't have anything to say.


Well, have you ever noticed the way

she twirls her hair?

Yeah, she's got nice hair.

She doesn't want Mr. Nice Guy.
She wants Mr. Guy Guy.


it's your birthday.

She's hot and she wants
to spend the night!

It couldn't be more perfect, Franky!

Am I right

or am I totally right?

You're right.
Just stop doing that, please.

Is everything ready for tonight?


Everything's ready. It's all ready.


It's all good.


We're not doing it without condoms.

Of course we're not, of course.

I have condom's, yes.


I don't think
I'm gonna need all these.

Got you something.

You wrapped it and everything.

Only the best for my bro.

What the...

It's a flare gun.

Bought it off Trevor Hallis.

Stoner stole it from his dad's boat.


Thanks, bro.


Hey, how you getting Cil
in here anyway?

The window. Oh shit.

That reminds me,
I gotta take the screen off.



You know how to use 'em?

Yeah, I'll figure it out.

We were just about to go!

That's so not fair!

Why? Why?

It's one time!

Just say no.

No! I'm already here.

- Just hang up.
- Why?


What're you doing Franky?

Hey, just...

trying to...

take this screen off.

Franky, I have to go home!

This was supposed to be our night.

You're 16.

It's ridiculous
how they still monitor you.

I know! She's ruining my life!

- Where's Franky?
- He's right here.

- Oh my God.
- Hey.

Franky, Mom's on her way,
let's go! Now.

Come on everyone, let's go.

Oh shit.


Party's over, go, go!

Everybody's gotta go!

Go! You guys gotta go!

- Get down from the tree!
- Go, go!

Hi, Mom.

- Hi, Mrs. Winter.
- Good party?

Pretty good.


Lots of pizza.

Yeah, lots of pizza.

Hey! Who is that?

Get outta here or I'll call the cops!

Little late to be out?

What's that?

It's a little late to be out, isn't it?

Not really, no.

Here's your boyfriend.

Hey, come on.

Who are these dicks?

I don't know. Come on.

What're you girls whispering about?

Fuckin' losers, man.

Fuck it, dude,
we should get outta here, okay?

Get those fuckers!

Go field, field!

Left, left, left!

This way, you freak!

That is...

Holy shit.

Man, that is sick!


Hey, just wait a second.

Ballas, wait!

"Sorry about last night :(
Too bad we're still virgins :(:(:(".

Never would have happened...

It never would have happened
if we weren't wasted.

See my chain and heart?

You know, the one Jess gave me?


Fucking lost it last night, man.

She's gonna freak if she finds out.

Keep an eye out for it, okay?



He sent dessert for you and mom.

Franky, probably now is a good time
to grow up and quit being such a jerk.

Probably now is a good time
to mind your fucking business.

- You're making this worse for everyone.
- Who asked you?

- Hey.
- Hey.

Are you gonna break up with me?


Oh, God.

I thought... nine-thirty
on a Sunday night,

why else would you be here?

No, I just wanted to see you.

That's nice.

I was thinking about how
our plans got messed up last night.

I'm still so pissed at my parents.

I was thinking...

maybe we could go to the park.

The park?


To have sex?


We're not gonna have sex
at the park, Franky.

What are you thinking?

I don't know, I just thought maybe...


Sometime this week.

One night, when we
can be alone at your place.

My mom...

She's decided you're a bad influence.

Maybe she's right.

Kiss me then.

Let's give her something
she can really worry about.

Get some rest.

You look tired.

- Night.
- Night.

Where'd you go?


Nice girl. Don't mess that up.

I never got the chance to ask you
how your date went last night?

I spent the whole night...

hoping the restaurant would
catch fire, so I could flee.


Not so good then.

Not so much.

Sounds like your party
was the place to be.


Somebody better will show up.

Your dad sent this dessert home.

If you don't eat it tonight,
put it in the fridge.

- Goodnight babe.
- Night.

Hey, you guys, come on in, join us.
Back here, let's go.

Everybody join in.

Okay, I want you to listen up.

It seems some of you

have forgotten that we have
strict anti harassment policies.

Members of a team treat
each other with respect.


Michael has requested that

he have access to the change room
without some of you being there.

I don't like this divisiveness
that it brings to the team,

but if

Michael and some of you
are uncomfortable,

then it might be for the best.

We've spent a lot of time
and energy building this team,

so cut the crap.

Okay, Michael and anyone else
who wants to, you can go now.

Anyone who wants to wait,
go ahead and wait.

Everybody in the pool,
ten minutes, let's go.

Reach! Reach!

Stop taking breaks over there,
let's keep going!

I'm going to hang out with Jess.

Hey, just so you know...
I just got my period.


Well, it's not like we'd do anything
with your mom and sister here, anyway.

I know.

I just wanted to kiss you.


Oh my gosh, that's so cute.

I want a dog like that.


What're you doing?

Moving lockers.

- What for?
- Why the hell do you think, Franky?

- Take this.
- Ballas, what's going on?

Do you have any idea
how this feels for me?

- Don't play innocent. We know.
- Quiet.

Now I know why you didn't
wanna have sex with me.

We haven't had the chance yet.

Stop lying.

I just gotta focus
on school and swim team.

Hey, are you fucking for real?

- Stop it.
- You stop it.

It's over, Franky.

Who the fuck are you?

I'm his girlfriend! Who are you?

- Both of you guys, shut-up!
- Priscilla!

Ballas, come on.

Just leave it, Franky, okay?


You gotta own it.

Own what?

That you're queer.

I'm not queer.

Come on,

you and Ballas did something that
straight guys don't normally do.

Show up tomorrow

head held high,

middle finger salute raised...

'hello and fuck you',
to anyone who says shit

and they'll realize
they can't get at you.

Look at Walter Tang.

That dude has been wearing
mascara and like

more jewelry than the queen of
freakin' England since seventh grade

and no one says shit about it,
because he owns it.

What is that?

It's a sock-cock.

Tube sock wrapped in elastics.

Stop grabbing it, please.

Why... why do you have that?

Because it feels right.

I'm a girl who likes to pack, so what?

You're getting weirder by the day.

Well, apparently,
so are you, bro, so...

Now I know why you guys...

walk around with your hands
in your pockets all day.

You're holding your dicks.

No, we're not holding our dicks.

Yeah, you are.

This is such bullshit.

Hey, you missed your turn, Franky.

Get out and wait 'til we're done.

I thought...

I thought it was supposed

to be socially acceptable
these days for kids to experiment.


I'm sorry, isn't that what people say?

We didn't experiment.

Well, your father suddenly decided
he was gay, so, who knows?

He didn't suddenly decide!

Well, he certainly wasn't gay
when I married him!


Anyway, he's coming over tonight
to talk to you.

You told him?

Of course I told him.
He's your father.

Just 'cause daddy's gay
doesn't mean Franky is.

- No shit, Deanne.
- I'm not fucking gay.

Nice one, mom.

Shut it!

You know, I have a pretty good idea
of what you're going through.

I mean, we've both had friends
turn against us.

The thing I realized...

If you're gonna say you realized
they weren't your real friends,

please don't.

Well, that is what I realized.

You two were very close.

What's the deal with all
the cushions on your couch?

I'm sorry?

All those cushions on

on your 'designer sofa'.

I mean, how do you even sit on it
with that many cushions.

It's kind of ridiculous,
if you ask me.

How is it you know
so much about my couch

when you've refused every
invitation to come to my home?

Deanne showed me pictures.

Not that I cared.

Talk about gay...



Couches aren't gay, Franky.

Okay, whatever, it's just a word.

Yeah, that means homosexual,
not whatever vague meaning

people pretend to give it just
to pass off their homophobia.

Oh my god, you should write a book.

You should read a book.

The one I gave you for instance.

Yeah, it was boring.

Franky, your whole attitude
is getting boring.


- Franky!
- I didn't ask to sit out here.

Franky, come on, man!

- Franky!
- What?



Were you two fighting?



I found this on the floor.

Someone from your party?


- Ballas.
- What?

We've been best friends
for most of our lives.

There's nothing you can't tell me.

Okay, whatever. Is that it?


What'd you tell Jess?

I woke up
and you were sucking my dick.


that's not what happened.


Hey, go home.

What's going on here?

Get the fuck outta here.

You went down on me.

Get the fuck outta here!

Get your fucking bike and go!

Fuck outta here. Get outta here!

What the hell's going on?
Come on, what's going on?

Franky, what's going on?

Why'd you say anything to her at all?


Okay, okay,

let's just all go inside.

Come on.



Ballas says you quit swim team.

Yeah, I was never really into it.

You do realize he's just doing
what he's always done, right?

Do you remember...

when the three of us
stole those strawberries?


And then when we got caught

how he denied being apart of it

even though his hands and mouth

were covered in strawberry juice.


when you two lit a trash can on fire?

Franky, he swore up and down
he wasn't with you,

until my mom finds the lighter
in his pocket.

Now he's saying he wasn't awake.

I mean...

Jess is running around making sure
everyone knows her boyfriend's straight.

People are writing shit on my locker.

Well, don't believe everything you read.

For example...

between you and me...

I never blew the seventh grade twelves
in the parking lot.


if you get bored or lonely or something,

I hear the Anime club
takes pretty much anyone.

And those doey eyes of yours
would be a huge hit.

"To Tash: Want to hangout?
Cool if you don't."

You're a genius.

I guess I never really
told you this, but, umm...

I like how you cut your hair
these days. It's very cool.


Let me see your tongue.

- Good?
- Yeah.

Do you remember the time
you puked on my parents' CD?

Yeah, that was from the flu.
But yes, I remember.

No way!

Yeah, I was bed-ridden
for three days after that.

- I even hallucinated.
- Really?

Yeah, I hallucinated once.

On 'shrooms.

- Really?
- Uh-huh.

I decided to go for a walk and

I saw this like this
amazing garden in someone's yard,

and I went in and this little
old lady was in there.

I was so high

that I was completely convinced...

the flowers were like smiling at me.

And then,
I look up at the old lady and

her cheeks turn into these like
two tiny bunches of little roses,

right in front of my eyes,
so I'm like freaking out

and then her face becomes
this one giant rose,

and the middle of it's like her mouth,
and it was like talking to me.

She was so nice, Franky.

I didn't want to leave

because I thought she was super lonely

and had no one,
like no family or anything.

Maybe she was.

Well, uh, no,

'cause after a while

she said her son and grand-kids
were coming to visit,

and that it was time for me to go,

and all of a sudden I realized
it was me that was really lonely,

and I started to cry.

She was really nice
about it though, you know.

She kept patting my back

and saying, "There, there, dear.
It'll be all right.

You'll see".

Now I've been thinking lately

I wanna find that garden again.

Tell her I'm okay.

Are you okay?

I mean...

you wouldn't think so.

I'm really sorry I didn't say anything
when you got back to school after...

you'd been away.

I really wanted to, but...

I just didn't know what.

You seemed kinda different.


I was different.

I am different.


Come on, I'll race ya.

I don't think I'm ready
for a race right now.

One sec, one sec.

It's probably my parents.

Yeah, it's my mom.

"With Franky, catching up on old times".

Oh, shit,

that was so sudden.

It's fine.

It's okay.

That's so embarrassing.

It is yours.

Alright. I should get going.

You know my mom
always worries when I'm out late.


- So you know...
- Yeah.

Wait up.

Right to the wall.




Can I walk to school with you?

If you want.


You do realize that together
we make one giant target, right?

I don't care if you don't.

I mean, it can't get much worse,
I suppose.

That's the spirit.

Yeah, I'm not ever
gonna do that fist bump...

Yeah, right.

Just so you know.

I guess I'll see ya later,
huh, faggot?

See ya later, ho.

Hey, what ya think
you're doing with Natasha?

What's it to you?

I don't like my sister being used.

Don't bother
with that big brother bullshit.

Look, don't bother using her just so
people think you're into girls, alright?

Natasha and I used to hang out.

Yeah, right.


We got pretty close.

Are you not getting this?

Seriously, man,

- you need to report this.
- Ya mind leaving me alone?

You're not making this any easier.

Hey. Where're ya going?

Just bike ride. Won't be long.

Where do you think she's going?

I don't know.

Ballas, you have any idea?


She's probably meeting Franky.


Since when does Nat
hang out with Franky?

I think they've spent
some time together now and then.

She say that?


Is that true, Bal?

Yeah, I guess so.

I think this is it.

I swear it seemed bigger before.

Probably 'cause you were high.



Why didn't you meet me that night,

at that party, like we planned?

I didn't want to hurt Ballas.

I thought he'd feel...


What happened that night?

I woke up...


in a closet.

I guess they...

had dumped me in there and then...

threw my clothes on top of me.

The last thing I remember
was waiting to use the bathroom.

And it still is.

Ya know, you'd think it'd be better...

not remembering anything, but...

in a weird way it's just...

it's worse.

I'm sorry I wasn't there for you.

Franky, don't...

don't cry.

Can I kiss you?


would you still
want to hang with me if I said...

I might not ever want to have sex...

even touch like we did the other night?

It's okay if you don't want that.

I dunno,

I might.

Just what if it wasn't
for a while or a long time?

Then we wouldn't...

for a long time.

You'd really be okay with that?

Well, what are you talking about...
like twenty years?


Five... Four... three?

I don't know, you know?


months or weeks. You know, I dunno...

I dunno, just...

when it feels right.

I'm good with that.

You still wanna kiss me?


Race you.

Hey, you can't run with it!

Watch me!


I want my bike back, bitch.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I know it was you.

Carly, Franky,

thank you for taking the time
to meet with Ballas and I.

We felt we could probably
resolve this whole mix-up

pretty quick,
if we just spoke face to face.

Listen, you guys...

have been best friends
for a really long time

not to be able to resolve this.

I mean, honestly, I don't even
believe what's happening here.

Franky, Ballas has something for you.

That's $125 of his own money,

as payment for damages to your bike.

It was completely unacceptable
what he did, and he's sorry.


Well, thank you, Ballas.

That is really very good of you.

Do you have something to say, Franky?


And about Ballas' bike...

I don't know where it is.

- He's lying.
- Okay, you two.

We all know things have occurred
that none of us saw coming...

and clearly it's created
a lot of tension between you two.

- Excuse me.
- Sure.

But that's no reason
for all this enmity. Is it, Carly?

Absolutely not.

Things change, right?

even close friendships can change.

- That's life.
- Just give me a sec.

Now, Franky,

- Ballas has paid for the damages...
- I'll be right back.


I specifically told you...

Your dad's here.


- Good to see you.
- Nic.

Great that you can make it here.

As you can imagine,

I very much wanted to be
part of this conversation.

Naturely, naturely.

It's a shame the circumstances
aren't better, but here we are.



So, where are we?

I was just stressing to the guys that...

despite the tensions
that have arisen lately,

there's no reason we can't
resolve these things amicably.

I mean, they both know by now...

that life is not always
as we expect it to be.

Sometimes there's
unforeseen situations...

That's life.

Though perhaps not
the most critical issue now.

Listen, the point is Ballas
took responsibility.

He's paying for the damage
to Franky's bike. He apologized.

So, you admit to vandalizing
Franky's bike?

- I was there.
- Yeah.

I assume by offering your own money,
you feel somewhat responsible.

- I think we're past that, Ray.
- Nah, I'm just curious.

Did Ballas say why he did it?


I know it wasn't right,

which is why I'm paying for it.


the only thing I see missing here,

is a willingness on Franky's part
to meet Ballas halfway.

I have no idea where it is.


Franky, if you know
where Ballas' bike is...

It's not about the bike.

Don't complicate this
anymore than it has to be.

When he comes home from swim team
with a bloody nose!

Ray, as far as I know,

Ballas had nothing to do
with Franky's bloody nose.


I didn't touch him.

He's not going to return the bike.
Let's just go.


Hey, Ballas, come on, hang on.


Listen, I know you've been
spending time with Natasha lately,

and I don't know what that's all about,

or what your intentions are, but...

it's important you understand
that she's been through a lot.

I know.

Franky, It's very important to me
that she be treated

with utmost care.

Me too.


Hey, thanks so much, Nic.
Appreciate it.


- Night, Ray.
- Night.

Hey, dad.

Hey, sweetheart.

You should go now.

Deanne, would you let Franky know
I'd like to speak to him?

I'll be in my car.

- Okay.
- Thank you.

- Night.
- Night.

- Goodnight Carly.
- Goodnight.

Listen, I gotta be in Berlin for work

for about a week.

You should come along.

I'm just really not in the mood
for travelling right now.

I don't like leaving you behind
with what's been happening.

- I'll postpone.
- You don't have to, I'm fine.

Nobody asked you to be there tonight.

I didn't think the absence
of an invitation...

was a good enough reason
to not be there.

Especially considering

some of the smart moves
I see the adults making.

What was your swim coach thinking?

Segregating the changing room?

- That's what Michael wanted.
- Yeah?

Michael should never have been put
in that position, in the first place.

I'm curious,

How many of you chose
to change with Michael?

I didn't count.

I have homework.

So what are you two up to tonight?

We went to Franky's, we're
gonna play scrabble with Carly.

That sounds fun.

We should do that sometime.

Do you really think he's into you?

You know, I think he's just
using you to prove he's straight,

and you're the only one
stupid enough to fuck him.

I don't fuck him, Ballas.

Just give him the occasional blow job.


I guess we have in common, don't we?

Big bro.

Get out of my room!

What the hell's going on up there?


I was just talking to her,
and she freaked out.

Hey, Franky.

What are you doing, man?

I thought you were hanging
with my sister tonight.

Where is she? She is inside?

My place.

That's right!

She's playing scrabble
with Franky and his mom.

That's so nice.

Hey, where's your dad?

Is he too busy getting fucked
by his boyfriend to play scrabble?

Hey, what do you got there?


I wanna see what you got.

It's pretty good. Let me try.

Want some?

- Want a little bite?
- Come on, pass it.

No? Here, it's fucking good.

You and that little slut
are fucking pathetic.

It's you that's fucking pathetic.

Where the fuck is my bike?


Fuck it!

Insurance company's gonna buy me
a new fucking bike.

It's not gonna look like this
old fucking piece of shit.

What do you got here?

Root beer. My favourite.

It's my favourite, Franky.

You know what? It looks better on you.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

What the fuck are you so afraid of?

Shut your fucking mouth.

Ballas. What are you doing?



Hey, stop.


Hey, he's had enough.

Ballas, hey!

Jesus Christ, Dude, get off of him!

Fuck you!

You fucking asshole!

Oh, Franky,

I'm so sorry this happened to you.

I'm gonna change my flight
and come home.

No, you don't have to, I'm fine.

I'll see you when you get back.

I should go, I need to get cleaned up.

Okay, tell your mom
I'm gonna call her back, okay?


I love you, son.


"Tash: Please, call me. Can I
come over? Hey, are you ok?"

Oh, buddy...

What did you...

I'm okay.

You actually look good.

Oh my God. What the hell?

Fucking Ballas, man.


What're you doing here?

I just cut class
to see how you're doing.

Fuck 'em, right?

That's right.

Wanna watch TV?

New sock-cock?

No, actually, it's a strap-on.

I bought it online
with my mom's credit card.

Do you think it's too much?

It's pretty big.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

It's pretty big.

Hey, Franky?


I need you to tell me if it feels real.

Mm, no.

No, I'm not gonna touch that.

Dude, come on,
how else am I gonna know?

Just this once, okay?
For a pal. Please?


Come on.

- Come on.
- Okay,

I'm doing it, okay?


I don't know. Sort of.

It's when it's between erect and soft.

There's like not very many people
I could ask to do that.

Like actually none,
when it gets down to it.

Okay, whatever.

You're welcome.

Hey, Franky?


Can I see yours?

- No, no.
- Why not?

'Cause that's weird.

That's not weird.
How is that weird, dude?

Really weird.


It's just like smaller than I was expecting.


I don't mean... I'm not saying
it is small. I'm just saying...

It's not.

It changes sizes.

Depends on the temperature and stuff.

And it's cold in here, so...

You see, I would not have known that,

I would not have known that,

and this is very educational for me.

That's awesome.

Besides, you wanna know something?


about a month ago, she told the girls
that she thought it was big.

- Really?
- Yeah, dude.

Why else do you think all these bitches
are so upset that you might be gay?

- I'm not.
- Okay, whatever.

Anyway, Franky,
I need to touch your thing.

- No.
- Why not?

- You promised me!
- When?

I'm not asking you to cut it off
and give it to me!

- Don't even joke about that...
- I'm sorry.

How else am I gonna know
what a real one feels like?

I just need to know
for my peace of mind. Okay?

Please, please, come on!

Come on, man.

Come on, please.


Oh my God. Okay.


Hurry up! You're not
cracking a fucking safe!

Right, yeah, okay, um...

Is it getting bigger?

- No, it's not getting bigger!
- Why is it getting bigger?

- 'Cause you touched it!
- Yeah, but it's me, it's Mouse.

Well, it doesn't know who it is, so...

- Well, how big does it get?
- Oh my God.

- Show me! Come on!
- No! No.

Is it like more than eight inches?

- Hey.
- Hey.

Sup, Deanne?

Nothin' much.

Oh, God, Franky.

The bus was a little quicker
than I thought.

- Am I too early?
- No.

Come on in.

Yeah, just down here.

This is it.

It's a great view.


it was definitely a selling point.

Does it hurt?

A little.

I suggested we remove
some cushions, but...

he didn't go for it.

It looks pretty comfortable, actually.


I'm making pasta.

Figured that would be easier
for you to chew.


Got your favourite sauce here.


Brendan had to work tonight,

so he won't be able to join us,

but he wanted me to say hi.

You want something to drink?

I've got, um...

OJ, soft drinks, apple juice.

Some wine?

Why not?

I guess you're old enough...

to join your old man
for a glass of wine, right?

Oh, hey, I've got something for you.

Come. Follow me.

I got you this.

Just try it on.


I mean, we could get it altered,
but how does it feel?

- Feels good.
- Yeah?

Check it out in the mirror.


- You like it?
- Yeah,

it's cool.

Style is so personal, you know,
but I had a hunch,

and I'm glad I got it for you.

You really like it?

Yeah, I like it.

You look sophisticated.


So how'd you meet Brendan?


Brendan works for a company

that my company partners with sometimes.


He asked me out to coffee one time,
after a meeting...

I said, um...
"do you wanna talk about work?"

And he said...

"actually no,
it was more of a personal matter",

and I realized
the way he was looking at me...

he was actually interested in me.

So I said no,

I have a wife,

and he never mentioned it again.

But, I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Every time I saw him after that,

it was like being hit by a giant wave,
and swept out to sea.


that went on for a few months,

and then I asked him out for coffee.

He said yes, and...

that was it.

I told your mother that evening.

How could you not know all those years?

Well, I fell in love with your mother.

We wanted to have a family,
just like everyone else we knew.

I still love your mom.

Just different now.

The thing that happened
with me and Ballas...

It felt normal at the time.

It was only afterward that things got...

We got scared.

If it's possible
you didn't know all those years,

then maybe I don't either.

I suggest you just pay attention
to who you're drawn to,

and not worry too much
about what to call it at this point.

You know?

I don't want to make
the same mistake you did.

I don't think of it
as a mistake, Franky.

Not marrying your mother.

You and Deanne. Brendan.

None of it.

It sounds like you had a sexual experience
with somebody you really loved.

Could be that simple.

You're a good person,


You're a fine young man.

I'm really proud to be your dad.

Come on.

Come on, let's go eat.

What do you want?





Look at you.

You look actually kinda badass now.


Yeah, I think all the girls
are gonna be hot for you again.

You wanna walk me to class?


Got it?


Welcome back.

Grab a board, jump in.



- Okay.
- Okay.

And... the seat.

Is that dad out there?


- Dad, hi!
- Hey!

Oh my god,

did douche bag have Ballas' bike
the whole time?

I knew he had it hidden somewhere.



What have you done?