Giada in Italy (2015) - full transcript

Giada De Laurentiis spends an extended holiday in her birthplace of Italy.

Welcome to
the magical isle of Capri.

I've been coming here
since I was a kid,

and this visit
is extra special.

Jade and I are meeting up
with family and friends...

Cin cin.
Beautiful friends.

Whoo! cook...


Oh, my gosh.

It's gorgeous.

...share stories...

This was Nonno Dino's
pride and joy.

...and honor my grandfather
and his amazing life.

-Would Nonno Dino be proud?

Join me for a taste of Capri...

Yeah, baby!

...and a celebration
of food, friendship, and family.

Capri is a drop-dead
gorgeous island

off the coast of Southern Italy,
known for the faraglioni --

three massive rocks that rise
dramatically from the sea --

fresh Mediterranean-style food,
and a unique sense of style.

After all, this is where
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

was first spotted
in her signature Capri pants.

It's hard not to be swept away
by the glamour and promise

of what we Italians call
la dolce vita.

I've been coming to Capri
a very long time.

My grandfather has quite
a history here in Capri,

and we vacationed here
a lot as kids.

This is Jade's first time here,

so I want to share
all the places and foods

that my grandfather
shared with me.

When I think of my grandfather
and Capri, I think of seafood.

I think of pasta.

I think of lemons,
and so I thought,

"I want to create a menu
that has all of the elements

of the first things I think of
when I think of Capri."

My Nonno Dino, loved lemons,
and so do I,

so I'm making lemony crepes

filled with sweet,
creamy cheese.

When he arrived in Capri,

my grandfather always made
pasta with olive oil.

I'm dressing it up
with peas and prosciutto.

My mista salad is inspired by a
stroll through the local market,

and we'll kick things off
with fritto misto,

a fried seafood appetizer that
my grandfather often enjoyed

with a cocktail
during Capri's aperitivo hour.

To Capri.

The aperitivo hour is something
that's very special

to Italian culture,
but especially here in Capri.

It's a place to see and be seen,

and the fritto misto
is very popular.

It can be vegetables
along with fish.

It's a combo, but everything's
very lightly fried.

My grandfather
really loved that dish.

All I really wanted to do
on our first night in Capri

is give Jade a little taste
of what that would be like.

It's casual,
but it's sophisticated, as well,

so it's kind of bringing
that world together

and giving her a little bit
of a taste of it.

I'm just seasoning a little bit
of fine polenta flour,

a little bit of rice flour,
and some cornstarch.

The mixture is the perfect
combination for frying,

so just mix that together.

So I got some calamari

and some beautiful,
little shrimp.

Look at these guys.

We're gonna fry these guys up.

Just gonna toss them all.

I've already got
my vegetable oil nice and hot.

And we're gonna get
these guys in the fryer.

Don't want to overcrowd the oil,

so you're gonna fry
a little bit at a time.

We're gonna add some pistachios
'cause we're gonna make

a very flavorful mayonnaise
to dip it in.

So 1/4 cup of pistachios,

some grated Parmigiano --
about 1/4 cup of that.

Then we're gonna do
some fresh basil.

Got to have some fresh basil.

It's just the definition of
summer on the island of Capri.

And then we're gonna
do a little bit of mayo.

About a cup of mayo.


A little bit of olive oil just
to add a little bit of moisture.


...we got a lemon,
and we've got some garlic.

Just one garlic clove.

One garlic clove right in there,
a little bit of lemon zest.

First day in Capri,
you got to have lemon and basil.

A little bit of salt,

and we're gonna put this
all together and whiz it up.

Ooh, yeah.
Okay, let's see.

The fish is almost done.


That is good.

It's cheesy, and it's got, like,
that brightness from the lemon.

Look at these guys.
Look how pretty they are.

Ooh, that's hot.

And I just want to top them
with a little bit of salt

right when they're hot
so that it sticks.

Alright, I'm gonna start
frying up the rest of my fish,

and then hopefully,
I can start digging in.

Jade really has grown
to love calamari these days,

so I wanted to create something

that I knew she'd love --
calamari --

and something else
that's an introduction --

the little gamberi,
the little shrimp --

that you can fry whole.

They have eyes and tentacles
and all that,

something she doesn't
normally get at home.

So do you want
to try this one...

Sure. that
they're all fried up?

I want to try
this one first.

I'm gonna try
that one first, too.

Okay, so this is a mayonnaise
made with pistachio...

- Cheers.
- ...and lemon.

You don't want
any mayonnaise?

- No. Mm.
- Mmm!

What do you think?

Really good.

You know what it is?

They have a little crunch
from the polenta.

It's really good.
That's what you
want it to be.

You want it to be super crunchy.
Come on, let's see.

Brava, Jade.

It's good, right?
Oh, my gosh.
That's really good.



Next, it's pasta time.

Can't come to Capri
without pasta.

Aglio e olio,
peas and prosciutto.

My favorite.

It's a dish that
reminds me of my grandfather

and all the great times
we shared in Capri.

I can't really come to Capri
without making a plate of pasta.

My grandfather used to love the
aglio e olio and peperoncino --

very simple, also very fast.

I just got here.

I don't want to spend hours
simmering a sauce.

I think of Jade, and I think
of what she would love,

and she loves
peas and prosciutto,

so if I make it crispy
with some salty prosciutto,

I get more color,
more flavor,

and I get my daughter
to love it.

I'm adding some salt
to the water for my fusilli,

aglio e olio,
peas and prosciutto.

This is how pretty they are.
Look at that.

They're fusilli lunghi,

so they make them long
and they make them short.

Jade really likes them,
so I thought, "Why not?"

Now, while those cook,
I'm gonna make the sauce.

Put a little bit
of olive oil in the pan

'cause what we're gonna do is,

we're gonna fry up
some prosciutto.

So, I'm adding a couple
of other ingredients

to really turn it
into sort of a full meal.

Plus, the prosciutto
here is so good.

There we go,

and we're gonna get it in
the pan and start frying it up.


So while that cooks,
I'm gonna start on the garlic.

So this particular pasta dish
takes a lot of garlic.

You'll find it a lot in Rome,
depending on the region.

A lot of people just use
whatever's left in their fridge,

and they dump it
in the aglio e olio.

We're just gonna flavor
the olive oil in the garlic.


Prosciutto is crispy,
so we're just gonna put it

right on the plate,
just like that.

Drain out any
of the extra oil.


And more oil.
Here we go.

So, now, we're gonna
take all the garlic,

throw it right in there,

a little bit
of red pepper flakes.

Now, if you want it super spicy,
you can add more.

And peas, glorious peas.

And some salt, seasoning it.

All you really want to do

is create a golden tan
on the garlic,

and the peas, you're just
warming them through.



Let's see here.



Perfectly al dente 'cause
you want to finish it in here.

The frying pan is where Italians
like to finish their pastas.


There we go.

So we're gonna add
the Parmesan cheese

right to the fusilli.

Look how pretty this looks.


Get a little bit of pasta water,

put a little bit on top
'cause the pasta water

will help create the sauce,

and then...some tongs
to mix it all together.


Take the prosciutto.

Dump it right on top.



A little more cheese,
and my pasta is done.

I got to make a mista salad,

and then for dessert,
some crepes.

Jade and I
just arrived in Capri,

an island in Southern Italy

that's near and dear
to my heart.

We're here for a big
family celebration

to honor my grandfather.

But for our first night,
I'm treating Jade

to a taste of everything I love
about this magical island.

Alright, dude.
We got to get some stuff.

One of the most exciting
things when I come here

is to be able to go
shopping in the markets

and just cook
with local ingredients.

right from the tree.

These are gorgeous.

I always make a mista salad --

a very simple salad
using all local ingredients,

from lettuce to fennel
to pomodorini --

little baby tomatoes --

and making a simple
garlic vinaigrette.

Instead of croutons,
I'm making fried capers.

Capers grow
like crazy in Capri,

and they add a nice,
salty crunch to a salad.

I fry them for a couple minutes
until brown and crispy.

Now for the dressing.

To make it extra special,
I roast a whole garlic head,

cut off the top,
drizzle with olive oil,

sprinkle with salt,
wrap it in foil,

and pop it in the oven
at 350 for 45 minutes.

So I've roasted my garlic,
and it becomes really soft,

and it becomes super sweet
when that happens.

Just squeeze it right out.


Garlic is in, so to the garlic,

we're gonna add a couple
teaspoons of Dijon mustard

for a little kick.

A little bit of salt
and extra virgin olive oil...

...and one of these
great lemons from around here.

Just a little bit of lemon
to brighten it up.

And here we go.

It's nice and thick.

Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Okay, so the dressing is done.
I'll just leave it here.

Grab my tomatoes and my fennel.

You'll see that,
on most menus here in Capri

and really all over Italy,
make really simple salads.

Now a little bit of fennel,
and this is really the way

I grew up eating salad,
super simple.

You want to peel it
a little bit.

There we go.

And then slice it up.

And I love it.

There we go.

We'll put that on the salad.

I found some great Treviso.

Now, Treviso has
a bit of a bite to it,

and as you can see, it makes
for a really colorful salad,

but you could do any kind
of lettuce that you like.

I'm gonna dress it.

We'll toss it.

Then we'll add a little bit
of Parmesan cheese

'cause I got to have
a little Parmigiano.


And instead of grating it,

we're just gonna do
what most people see --

little shavings
of Parmigiano over the top.

And then, last but not least,

we're gonna take
those beautiful, crispy capers

and just toss them
right over the top.

They add a nice
sort of tangy bite.

That's it.

Insalata mista is done.

It's so pretty.

I mean, Jade,
this is why we come here.

Okay, boo boo,
are you hungry?


It's perfect.
Hey, look.

Oh, my gosh.


It's the
Parmesan cheese, baby.


When you're done,
we can go upstairs

and make some crepes
for dessert.


Cin cin.
Cin cin.

To the vacation.

Capri is the land of lemons,
and when life gives you lemons,

you make a sweet
and decadent dessert.

Jade and I
just arrived in Capri,

and one of the first
things you notice

is the glorious aroma of citrus.

It just gives me
the biggest smile on my face.

Capri is, after all,
the land of lemons.

They're everywhere
and used in almost every recipe.


So, for the first night
with Jade,

I'm inspired by a dessert
I once had at a local restaurant

built under a canopy
of lemon trees.

I love something that's called
delizia al limone,

which are these soft,
little sponge balls,

and they're filled
with lemon curd

and topped with lemon cream.

They take a minute to make,

and I didn't want
to spend that much time,

but I know Jade loves crepes,
so I could get the same texture

from the crepe that I can get
from that dessert that I love.

So let's make the filling.


Almond mascarpone filling.


So we've got 1/4 cup
of mascarpone in there,

1/2 cup of heavy cream,
also known as panna in Italian.

Do you want to sprinkle some
sugar/zucchero in Italian?

All of it?
Yeah, yeah,
all of it.


And then a little bit
of vanilla extract.

Do you want to do that?

Smell that.
Smell how good that smells.

Madagascar vanilla beans.

Go ahead.
Tell me when.


I'm just -- Let me.

I'm just kidding.
I love doing that to you.




You want to sprinkle
the almonds in there?

So we have some
chopped almonds.

There you go.

Okay, so you just want
to fold the almonds into it,

and now we've got
a nice filling.

You want to taste it?

Okay, go.

Is it good?
That is really good.


Let's get started
on the crepe batter.

We have 3/4 of a cup
of flour in here.

You're gonna
do the eggs?

So three eggs
and 1 cup of milk.

I am gonna add
a little bit of butter

to my crepe pan
and get that melting.

You're gonna like
these Jadey-wadey.


Should I wash my hands
in the back?
Yeah, sure.

A little bit of sugar.

2 tablespoons of sugar
to sweeten it up,

a pinch of salt,

and a little bit
of vanilla extract.

Hey, Jadey,
will you grab me a lemon,

so we can
zest it in here?

I'm just breaking up the eggs
here, mixing it all together.

Just a little bit.

Just be careful
of your fingers.

The aroma is just phenomenal,
so we don't need a lot.

The butter's melted.

Okay, you ready?

Okay, a little bit
of the batter

right into our buttered
nonstick pan.

There you go.


Yep, all the way.
It might need...

that'll be alright.

Grab these.
These are our plates.

Grab these beautiful

We're gonna top up
with some blueberry,

and we've also got
some powdered sugar,

which is Jade's favorite.

And, of course, we also have
some melted chocolate,

and I think
we can flip it.



Okay, so why don't you
grab the filling.

And I'm gonna make
another crepe for myself.


So what you do here

is you're gonna flip it
like that, right?

You can spoon
a little bit more there,

and you're gonna
flip it again.




Blueberries around it.

And you can top it,
yeah, wherever you want.

This is the creative part,

Look at that crepe, Jade.


I want
a little bit of this.



You put that,
some blueberries.

Look what I'm gonna do.

'Cause I don't want
powdered sugar.

I want chocolate.

Oh, my goodness.

How is it?

I think this is
the perfect ending, hmm?

Really good.
The perfect ending
or what?

We've had our pasta.

We had our seafood.
We're good to go.

Tomorrow, we have to
get some gelato, okay?