Ghost in the Graveyard (2019) - full transcript

The town of Mt. Moriah comes under the thumb of Martha, a ghost who comes back to haunt the teens, who witnessed her death as children, during a "game" of 'Ghost in the Graveyard.'



I look back now

and it all seems like a dream.

A nightmare, really,

that I have never
quite woken up from.

To this day, she still haunts me

and I think she always will.

But back then we were just kids

playing a kids' game

and somehow

it all went wrong.

- Sally!
- Sally!

Come on, Sally.

We wanna go home, come on!

It's getting cold.

It's not funny anymore,
I wanna go home!

She's up here.

I wanna go home.




Come on, come out!

Sally, where are you?

Where is she?

It's not a game anymore!



This is not a game!

We're done playing.

Is she up there?

This isn't funny anymore!

Come out!

Is she up there?

Let's go find out.

Sally's it!


Here she comes!

Go! Run!



Only because I fell.

Yeah right.

Where's Martha?







Billy, come on!

Someone help!

Martha, come on!


Hey, Mr. Sullivan!

Thanks, Tommy.

Is she home yet?

- No, not yet.
- Hey.

She's gonna be okay.

Is she gonna stay this time?

Why don't you ask me yourself?

Look who it is.


It's good to have you home.

Welcome back.

Thank you.

Give me that.

Take her box upstairs.

You want some tea?

- I just boiled some water.
- Yeah.

All right.


You know, I always
liked that kid, Reed.

Oh yeah?

Yeah, you should call him.

Why would I call him?

Why would anybody call anyone

who cares that way
about someone else?

Okay, stop, you're crazy.

I'm just saying that, you know,

he stuck by you through
a lot of this stuff

and it ain't because
you guys are friends.

We're close friends but
we've just always been friends.




Sure, whatever you say but I'd,

I'd suggest you stop
staring at his picture then.

- I just found it in a box.
- All right.

- Just checking it out.
- I believe you.

I believe you.

Good luck with that.

Can you go away now?

Okay, goodbye.

Let's take the shortcut.

What're you, crazy?

I would never go through here.

Yeah, that little dead
girl supposedly haunts it.

My dad says there's no ghost.

Oh, well, then
if there's no ghost

why don't you ride through it?

Don't do it, man.

Come on, Tommy, don't
make me dare you, please?

I'm not afraid.

Hey, sweetie.

Did you happen to
get the newspaper?

No, I didn't, but I
did make the coffee.

Wow, it's nice having you home.

Oh, I got it.

- Hey.
- Hi, Sally.

Can I come in?

Yeah, of course, come on in.

Good to see ya.

Well hello there,
Mr. Hugglesworth.

Oh, hey, Mr. Sullivan.

How're you doing, Reed?

Good, good, you?

Good, good, how is everything?

Parents are doing fine.

You probably know
better than I do.

Senior year,

Sally's back, I mean,
what's not to like about it?

Uh, So I was thinking I would
take Sally to school today.

If that's all right with you.

That's very sweet of you, Reed.

Isn't that nice, huh, Sally?

Yeah, she appreciates it.

Guys, I'll be right back.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

We got this.

I'm on it.

You go out there
and be a kid, okay?

This is your last
bit of it, all right?

All right.

Bring it in.

Thank you.

All right, well, you ready?


It was great seeing you again.

- You too, Reed.
- Bye, Dad.

See ya.

Bye, Billy!

See you guys.

Freak show is back.

And she's all over Reed.

I thought she was
"Mrs. Innocent."

More like nine months
vacation innocent.

What's a girl to do?

These revelations
from the last chapter of

the Bible were given
to and recorded by

the apostle, John,

to warn of the occurrences
that could take place

in the final days.

The so-called "end times."

He will come like a
thief in the night.

No one knows the day and time.

Anyone who claims to
know the day and time

but in here we
have a blue print,

a map,

a key that could
unlock and warn us

of the coming apocalypse.


You're new to us here.

Why don't you pick up
where Edger left off?

"And in those days
shall men seek death

"and shall not find it
and shall desire to die

"and death shall flee from them

"and the shapes of
the locusts were like

"horses prepared for battle

"and on their heads crown of
gold and their faces like men."

"And they had the hair
as the hair of woman"

"and their teeth were
the teeth of lions"

"and they had
breast plats of iron"

"and the sound of their
wings were as the sound"

"of chariots and horses
running to battle."

"And they had tails
like scorpions"

"and they had the power to
hurt men over five months."

"And the king over them was
the angel of the bottomless pit"

"whose name in
Hebrew tongue is..."


It's pronounced "Beelzebub."


"And in the Greek tongue
his name is Abaddon,"


Hi, Sally.


You look great.

Oh, thanks.

Is everything okay?

We wanted to welcome you back.

Are you better?

What do you mean?

You know what I mean, Sally.

You've been away.

Everyone knows where.

I'm not sure what you're
talking about actually.


I'm trying to be sincere here,
I'm trying to be friendly.

Yeah, I'm just saying, Zoe,

that everything that
everyone's saying isn't true.

Okay, I wasn't in a
psych ward or rehab

or juvie or whatever.

It's not true.

Okay, we weren't
saying that you were.

But can I ask, where were you?

I'd sort of rather
not talk about it.


a couple of us are going up
to the woods after school.

Me, Karen, a few others,


You know, me and Reed
are kind of a thing now.

No, I didn't know that.

Well, I guess there's a lot
you don't know about Reed.

Some things a pen
pal just can't do.

Anything else, Zoe?

You and I have a lot in common.

There's no reason we
shouldn't be best friends.

Just come, it'll be fun.

I don't know.

I kinda of have a lot of
stuff I need to do at home.

So come after.

We'll get high, we'll
tell some ghost stories,

we'll get high.

You do get high, don't you?

Just think about it, okay?

We'd really love
to see you there.

Yeah, I'll think about it.

Well, we'll see you later.

The bike stopped initially
right at Martha Shaw's grave.

There was a chase ending
near the north entryway

where he was bludgeoned by
a blunt, circular object.

Probably his own damn baseball.

I want that damn
baseball, T, you hear me?

And there was a single
set of bare feet

that dragged the body
into the mausoleum

where the body was desecrated.


A sick individual, sir.

What do you think,
like witches or?

Some kind of ritual, satanic
in nature, I don't know.

Just get all that
photographed, okay?

Yes, sir.


Our favorite.

Want me to keep an eye on her?


Starting to think that's
a really good idea.

Why are you even
friends with her?

She thinks she sees ghosts!

She's crazy!

Leave her alone, Zoe.

And what're you
gonna do about it?

Get your big brother
to beat me up?

I don't need my big brother.

Oh, so you want some too, Sally?

I'm not afraid of you.

Well maybe you should be.

You're freaking weird.

Oh, look, she
tripped on a ghost.

Ghost in the graveyard,
one, two, three.

Ghost in the graveyard,
can't catch me.

Nova Scotia?

Sally, you ready?

Yeah, just one sec.

Ready? Come on.

Poor little Tommy.

He was my paper boy.

I heard the police
are investigating her.



Think about it.

She shows up again and
this little kid is killed

at Martha's fucking grave.

I didn't think of that.

Did you see her with Reed?

I can't stand that bitch.

Aren't we supposed to feel
bad for her or something?

She thinks who she
is, that's for sure.

Yeah, that's what
I want to know.

Who is she and what
is her fucking deal?

Think about it, she gets
back and this kid is murdered.

I mean, part of him left
on the freaking grave, man.

I know you guys are friends

but you got to admit this
is some pretty freaky shit.

No, no, I know Sally.

At her core I know she's good.

I mean, I know that.


No freaking way, man.

Speaking of which,

thought she was coming tonight.

Yeah, so did I.

You okay?


You want a beer?

So hanging out with
Zoe tonight, huh?

Didn't she used to
make fun of you?

Just saying,

I don't know why you're
hanging out with these girls.

Okay, Billy, I just wanna
be apart of the group.

I just want to fit
in with everybody.

You know?

Not trying to be this freak
who keeps seeing a dead girl.


Gets sent away to
wanna be protected. Like.

Everybody thinks I was in like
a psych ward or whatever, so.

I mean, it doesn't
even matter like.

We were all kids,
so, it's whatever.

I just...

I just wanna be normal.

But you're not.

You're special.

Oh my God, Billy, stop!


Oh my God!

Oh my God, did you not
see her standing there?


No, I didn't see anything.

My fucking life
flashed before my eyes.

I'm sorry, she was
standing literally

- in the middle of the road.
- You almost killed us!

God, okay, I'm...


It's all right.

"And I beheld when he
had opened the sixth seal"

"and there was great
earthquake and the sun"

"became black as
sackcloth of hair"

"and the moon became as blood"

"and the stars of heaven
fell onto the earth."

"Untimely figs when she is
shaken of a mighty wind."

"And the heaven
departed as a scroll"

"when it is rolled together"

"and every mountain and island"

"were moved out of their places."

Ghostly Whisper: Sally.

"And the kings of the
earth and the great men"

"and the rich men and
the chief captains"

"and the mighty men
and every bound man"

"and every free man"

"hid themselves in the
dens and in the rocks"

"of the mountains."


"And said to the
mountains and rocks,"

"fall on us and hide us
from the face of Him."





The face of who?

I'm sorry, what?

Who's face are they hiding from?


Incorrect, Sally.

Anyone know who man hides his
face from in this passage?

Yes, Zoe.

Is it God?

Yes, Zoe.

It is God.


Thanks for picking me up again.

Yeah, of course.

Do you always visit her?


I like that.

But there is something I'd
like to talk to you about.

Is it Zoe?

Yeah, how'd you know?


Let me deal with her.

I just, I think it's best if
she heard about us from me.

We've hung out a
bit over the past.

Mm-hmm, yeah, okay.

She hasn't always
been the nicest to me.

But I do think everyone
deserves a second chance.

Even Zoe.

You both deserve it.

You look...

There's something different.

Like a good different?

Yeah, like a great different.

Why, thank you.

I guess.

Is there anything else?

Well, yeah, I mean,

you're a great friend.

You're nice to everyone

and I don't know how you do it.

What else?




You know, all those
letters you wrote.

All those promises you made.

Really great penmanship.


Miss Erlock.

Hey, Sally, what
brings you here?

Well, actually,

my dad asked me to do a
little research for him.

Like family tree stuff,

war records, police records.

Hopefully not a lot of those.

But yeah, just
marriage certificates,

birth certificates.

I'm sorry, honey, but
I'm not allowed to give out

that information to minors.

You're gonna need your
father's permission.

Oh, really?

I mean, I can call
him right now.

He knows about
all this stuff so.

Well, I suppose
I can do something.

You're just gonna need
to give me a few days

to get everything together.

Oh my gosh, thank you so much.

You have no idea how much
this means to me and my dad.

Okay, great, I'll
see you in a week?

Sure, Sally.

Thank you so much.


It's me.


Charlie, I'm glad they're okay.

This whole Tommy
Farkus mutilation,

the ritualistic element.

She's starting to ask questions.

I know.

I think it's time to consider
all the possibilities.

Even the worst.

You're right.

Look, bud, I got to go.

Thanks for the coffee.

All right.

Thanks for stopping by.


Look, I'm gonna set
a patrolman outside.


He's one of us.

If you need anything,
don't hesitate.

Great, thank you.

I can always count on you.


Only my friends call me Zo.

What's up, Jade?

I found what you
were looking for.


Yep, I know where Sally
Sullivan was that whole time

and believe me, it's good.


There's something else.

Sally and Reed were kind
of writing to each other

while she was away.

You can go now, Jade.


What's up, T?

Sally, you're back in town.

I am, yeah.

Back in good old Mt. Mariah.

Heaven on Earth.

Back a couple days
and already bored

of home sweet home, huh?

Sounds about right.

Well, it's called
teen angst, I guess.

Sort of a right.

I mean, you would know,

you graduated like 15
minutes ago, right?


Apple doesn't fall too far
from the tree, does it?

Yeah, I think she
kinda got you there, bud.

That wouldn't be
the first time either.

Well, I think I've
worn out my welcome.

Charlie, I'll look
into that item for you.

Sally, welcome back.


All right, thanks bud.

See you later.

So what was that all about?

Oh, I'm thinking about putting
some security in, you know,

and he's got this
little side business.

What're you doing?

Just dropping by.

Came to say hey real quick.

All right.

Well, make yourself cozy.

Actually, I wanted I ask you.


Where was I born?

What makes you ask that?

Well, I always
thought I was born here

in Mt. Mariah, right?


No, actually you were born
in Canada of all places.

We were on vacation

and you decided to
come into this world

a littler earlier than expected.

You're our little
Canadian goose.

I thought your mother
would've told you that.

No, I don't think she did.

I don't really
remember Mom, so...

Do you think she's still alive?

Yeah, I know she's still alive.

I feel it in here.

Excuse me, do you
have any rat poison?

Yeah, just this
way, follow me here.


Yeah, Dad, actually
I got to run real quick

but I'll see you later.

Oh, okay.

All right, I'll see
you around dinner.

What do we got there?

That's a nice shovel,
good choice, I like that.

That's a prime digger.

Hi, Sally.


Can we talk?

About Martha.

Dad, I'll be back.

What do you mean
you've seen her too?

Sally, everyone knows
you've seen her, don't you?


I mean, the difference
this time is I believe you.

I've seen her too.

The truth is, I've
seen her before.

At first I tried to
deny her existence.

I would shut my eyes
and wish her away.

I was afraid they would send
me away like they did to you

or I would be labeled
crazy like you were.

But now something
has changed in her.

She's become more menacing.

She wants something
from me I think.

Something from us.

- She said...
- Wait.

She spoke to you?

She said, "Beelzebub is here."

Oh my God.

I've heard that
name in my dreams.

Sally, that wasn't a dream.

That's how the dead speak to us.

She wants something
from me, I think.

Or something from us.

Sheriff's office.

Hey, Charlie.

Oh, she does?

Yeah, the black
circle's been called.


Of course, Charlie.

Very good.

All right, goodbye.

What's up, everything okay?

I think it's time.


Hi, is Zoe home?

Why not come in and we'll see?

I could just call her real
quick on my cell, it's okay.

Sally, please come in
and I'll make you some tea.


Don't move,
I'll be right with you.

Did Zoe know you were coming?

I thought so.

She did?

And she didn't tell me.

What is that you're
readying, Sally Ann?

You feel drawn to it, no?

It calls to you, yes?

I was just looking at it.

We are so
misunderstood, Sally Ann.

Sally Ann?

Isn't that what they call you?

Are you gonna get the kettle?

You have such beautiful
hair, Sally Ann,

like your mother did.

May I touch it?



What's going on?

We were just getting
to know one another.


Do not mettle with things
you don't understand.

What's going on?

You should go.


Hey, you coming in?

I can't, I got to run.

But come here a second.



Missed you.


See you.




Oh my God, Zoe, you
scared the shit out of me.

What're you doing here?

I'm sorry, it's just
that the door was open

and she was crying, so...

Did you not see
me on the street?

I didn't.

What were you doing
in the street?

You're right, though,
I shouldn't have.

- No, it's...
- Here.

It's fine.

She seems to like you.

Yeah, she does, doesn't she?

Martha was like the closest
thing I ever had to a sibling.

Are you close?

You and Billy?

Yeah, we're close.

My whole family is.

With everything that we've
been through, I'm sure,

I wouldn't have gotten
through it all without them.

You're so lucky.

Martha's family was basically
raising me until she died.

My mom is, well,
she's always been

a little less than ideal.

I know people talk about her.

Talk about us

and it's mostly true.

And I hate her for it.

But don't think I don't
know what people are saying.

What about your dad?

Just like your mom.


You know, Zoe,

I think that together, somehow,

you and I can
really help Martha.

Thank you, Sally.

I should probably
put this little one to bed now.

She's so perfect.

Say goodnight, Lily.

Come with me.

Goodnight, angel.

Okay, Lily, time for your nap.


There we go.

I love you.



You've been hanging
out with Reed.

Have you guys done it?

Zoe, what?

Have you done it?

Look, you're in on this
plan to free Martha, right?

I've actually been doing
some research of my own.

Okay, remember that name

I kept hearing in
my dreams a bunch?


Isn't that such a creepy word?


You shouldn't say it so much.

It gives it power.


So, this name that
shall not be said,

is one of the six fallen
angels sent to Earth

to disrupt His, God's, balance

to turn the world
against his 11 tribes

to end his earthly family.

Are you okay?

That's good, Sally,
that's really good.

What does Beelzebub want?

What I think that it
wants is you, Sally.


I think there's something
really special about you

and somehow this demon is
working its way through Martha

to get to you.

Through Martha?

This is like insane!

I'm not special, Zoe.

I'm no one.

To free a pure
spirit like Martha

a pure spirit must
be sacrificed.

A blood sacrifice.

A sacrifice like what?

A sinless creature.

Like a rabbit?

I don't think that'll do it.

Think bigger.

A six foot tall rabbit?

What are you,

Okay, I don't know,
what're you talking about?

Think fucking bigger.

Well, if you and Reed
haven't done it yet...

So you didn't fuck him.

You are a virgin.

Are you saying you
want to sacrifice me?


but not like kill
you or anything.

We just need a spill,

well, we need to spill your
virgin blood on her grave,

say some chants

and then she's free, I
think, and you will be too.

It seems simple enough.

Zoe, are you...

I'm sorry, are you insane?

Spill my blood?

Not a lot.

It's you it's after.

Not me, not Martha,

not Tommy Farkus.

Whatever you are, it wants you.


You don't have to
tell me your secrets

but you will help Martha!


Ow, Zoe, you're hurting me!

- Hey.
- Ow.


I just feel the myth rumbling,

like there's this
disjointed energy.

Charlie, look, I think
it's time we tell her.

She needs to know, and Billy.

That's the end of
everything I know, Dale.

I mean, my family...

ends just like that?

Look, we knew
this day was coming.


You've done your job, you've
done a fine job, Charlie.

She's my daughter.

I know and everybody's proud.

No one could have nurtured
her better than you have.


It's time.



And we've got another round.

- Cheers, man.
- Thank you.

Let me know if I can get

you guys anything else, yeah.

Dad, what is it?

There's more to Sally
than meets the eye.

Dad, what're you saying?

She's, she's, she's
not entirely your sister.

Excuse me, what?!

I've been fearing this
day for years but it's here

and the time has come for me
to tell you about your family.

To tell you who you
are, where you're from.

Who I am, who Sally is.


you're freaking me out, okay?

You're Charlie Sullivan.

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

- Yes.
- Yeah?

You work at the hardware store.


What do you mean,
"who we really are?"

Since the beginning of time,

there's been a battle
being waged on this earth

between good and evil.

Well, your family is smack
dab in the middle of it.

I don't fucking believe this.



And Mom?


So you've been lying
to me this whole time.

Are you even my dad?

Is this even a real family?


And Sally's my daughter

and the time has come for
you to help protect her.

The time has come to
put on the armor, son,

because we're going into battle.

Let's do it.

The shit's about to hit the fan.

I need you, son.

You got me?

I got you.

This is gonna be a long one.

All right.

What do we got here?

"Hellraiser," that's easy.

Got that.


Lily, you're supposed
to be sleeping.

Let's go to bed, okay?



Oh my God!

Oh my God, no!

Oh my God, oh my God!

Oh my God!

Oh no, oh my God!


Look, look, slow down, hold on.

Okay, look, Onus is dead

and Sally was seen fleeing
the scene into the woods.

Well did you check the house?

What about Lily?


What the fuck?

Dad, help me with this!

Oh, sweetheart.

Oh, come here, sweetie.

Yeah, she's okay.

She's okay, she's okay.

You take her.




You said it yourself,
desperate times.

Nobody gets my baby.

Let's do this.


She's coming for you.

Zoe, hey.

Can I come in?


I mean, I got soked, so...


You wanna get high?

For old times' sake.

Seems like you and
Sally have been

spending a lot of time together.

Looks like her and I
have a lot more in common

than I even imagined.

She sees ghosts.

So do I.

It's okay.

You don't have to say anything.

Do you know what it
means when I do that?

I think so.

It means

that I want you to...

I'm so glad you found her.

It's no problem at all, Charlie.

I can't thank you enough.

It's my job, just doing my job.

My daughter
means everything to me.

Okay, thanks.

So thanks for keeping a lookout.

I'm gonna let you go in.

I appreciate it, yeah.

All right.


Hey, sweetie.

Dad, what's going on?


Dad, I need to know...

There's something that
you need to tell me.

Something else that you've
been keeping from me.

Oh God, this is
harder than I expected.

Dad, I found my
birth certificate.

Oh, sweetie.

Am I adopted?

Why do I not have a last
name on my birth certificate?

It's complicated.

What happened to Mom?

They got her.



you know that I love you more
than anything in the world.

I held you the day
that you were born

and I have loved you ever since

more than any father could.

But yeah,


you're right.

You were given to us,

to raise and to protect

and to love.

Who am I, Dad?

You're Sally Sullivan,

the daughter of Charlie Sullivan

but you were born for
something much bigger.


you come from a long,
long sacred bloodline.

You're one the
descendants of Mary.

Yeah, that Mary.


that's why we've had to hide you

and that's why
they're after you.

Who is?

The bad guys.

But all of them have
one thing in common,

and that is they have the hand
of Satan on their shoulder

and his words turn
in their ears.

Does Billy know about this?

Only just now.

You have to know...

That all the good that has
ever been done on this earth

rests upon the
safety of your family

and they're after us.

And the closer they get to us,

the closer we get
to the end of days.

Like in Revelations?


"And in those days shall
men seek death and not find it"

"and desire to die."

"And death will flee from them."

The night that Martha died,
that was supposed to be you

but they didn't
wanna just kill you,

they wanted to sacrifice you.

And baby, if that had happened,
I don't know what I'd do.

It'd be the end of the world.


you're my daughter

and you will always
be my little girl.

Now I have something for you.

This actually came with you.

This is yours.

This was blessed by Mary in
France after she fled Jerusalem

from the very hands that
are chasing after you.

This is your family heritage.

What're you gonna do?

I'm gonna go kill some witches.


whatever you do,

do not leave this hospital.

You understand that?

I do, yeah.

- You promise?
- I promise.


Okay, I love you.

I love you.

Are you okay?

- Sally!
- No!

Sally, you need to come with me!




You're not gonna believe this.

Now what?

Sally Sullivan just escaped
from the emergency center.

Yeah, no shit, Sherlock.

Plan on doing some work today?

Shit's about to go down
and I think I know where.

Get your weapon.



Reed, oh God.

Oh God, help us.

Reed, Reed.

Reed, buddy.

Dear God, no, no.

Reed, Reed.

I'm gonna get you out of here.

Come on.

What is that?

What is this?

You believe in the devil?


Look, I don't know if
you're a religious man or not

but if I were you,

I'd let the good
sister, here, bless you

before you go in there.

In the name of the
Father and the Son

and the Holy Ghost, Amen.

Bless you, my son.

In the name of the
Father and the Son

and the Holy Ghost,



you head for the mausoleum,

I'm gonna head down
for the crosses.

And radio me if you need help.

You got it?

All right.

God is with you.

God is with you both.

Is anybody there?!


Hello, is anybody in there?

Kill her.

Game's over, bitch!

Oh my God, Zoe?!


Oh no, oh my God, I killed her.

Oh my God.

Dad, no!


Oh my God!

And you shall know me,

for I shall cast out
demons in His name.

And I shall speak in
tongues of angels.


I rebuke and bind thee, Satan.

Just die, Sally.


Sally, get away, that's not Zoe.

And you shall know me, Satan,

the Lord, thy God,

and you shall reside at
the foot of the cross

for all days until
you are summoned

and you shall be cast
into the bottomless pit.


This belongs to you now, Sally.

All right, take it.

Everything's gonna
be all right, okay?

I promise.

Everything's gonna be all right.

You did good, kiddo.

Thank you, Dad.

You did so good.

Oh, I'm so proud of you.

I love you.

I love you.

Keep this always.

This is yours now.

- I'll be right back.
- I'll see you later.




Thank you for always
believing in me.


You okay?

You wanna go home?

Told ya you were special.

Take us home.

Zoe liked to say

the dead talked to
us in our sleep.

I hope she was right

because Martha often came to me,

talked with me,

but from then on, only in the
night when I was dreaming.

Never would I see her face again

running amongst the heather and
vine of Mt. Mariah Cemetery.

Others claim to see her

and the truth and the
fiction of what began here

in our little town became
blurred with the passing years.

Most made her out as some demon.

And that was sad.

But I knew she was an angel
sent by God to protect me.

At the time,

I thought this was an end for me

and the events
surrounding her death.

But the reality was

this was just my initiation

into a lifetime battle
the forces of evil

as I sought to discover
God's plan for me

and my place in His kingdom.

The reality was...

it was just the beginning.