Ghost Story: Depth of Kagami (1959) - full transcript


Based on the Story
Enchou Sanyuutei
Written by Kouzo Hayama


Permita-me, senhor.

Voc?s tamb?m.

Por aqui, por gentileza.

N?o s?o lindos?



Meu Deus!
? Yasujiro!

Ela faria de Yasujiro
uma esposa ador?vel!

Ela ? muito bonita, n?o ??

N?o vemos voc? h? anos!
Voc? se tornou um belo rapaz.

N?o ? maravilhoso, Kiku!

Pai incorreu em ira do governador ...

e tivemos que vir para Edo.

Just when we were
wondering where to go...

...the Ejimaya owner took us in.

You don't say! As heir to
your father's estate...

...that must have been
very hard for you.

Many have it worse
than I do.

Kiku's been asking
all over for you.

But it's so nice
to see you in Edo!

Sato, I hear you're
getting married.

She's here looking for
a wedding kimono.

I see.

I'll talk to my boss and find you
something nice.

I just wore this once,
and look at it!

Shoddy merchandise like this!
You should be ashamed!

I'm sorry, madam, I have
no recollection of selling this.


I bought it from this clerk!
I'm sure it was him!



I'm very sorry...

...but he's just started here.
There must be some mistake.

I won't be made a fool of!
I'll take my business elsewhere!


...that girl Kiku is very sweet.
Perhaps we could...

...have her marry Yasujiro.

Yes... the Ejimaya would be
in good hands with them.

I'll talk to Yasujiro.


Come in!

Look who's here! Welcome!
It was nice seeing you last night.

We're here about
a wedding kimono for Sato.

Isn't that wonderful!
Please, step up.

Well, hello!

Sit down.

Thank you.


We're sorry to trouble you.

I'd be happy to help you
with a wedding kimono.

If you would.

Thank you.

You found it...


It's a lovely shop.


Here we are.

What do you think of this?
I recommend it highly.

Isn't that splendid!

It suits you.

Yes, Sato!

You think so?

Thank you very much.
We'll be fine from here.

I'm sure you're very busy.

Take care, then.

Thank you.


I meant to adopt Kinbei
and have him inherit this shop...

...but I'd rather see it go
to a married couple.

What do you say?

Kiku would be perfect.

It'd be a dream come true.

What?! You and me?


They want us to set a date.

They do?



Naka? I've come to do your hair!

Could you come back tomorrow?

All right, I will.

Good night.

If he makes Yasujiro
heir to the Ejimaya...

...all your hard work there
will have been wasted.

Damn him!

It's more than infuriating.

I've got to get rid of him.

Yes, make sure you do.

I'm waiting for you to keep
your promise and marry me...

...when you take over
the Ejimaya.

I know that.

A bride!


Thank you very much.

She's so beautiful!

Look at this rain!
Quick, get her inside!

Watch your head!


Enjoy yourselves, everyone.

Eat and drink your fill!

It's a village custom for the bride
to pour the guests a drink.

All right.

Here, honey, pour me one, too.

We're all waiting over here, too!

This bride's been torn open!



Shima! Why did you buy her
such a cheap rag?

You were given enough money!

Sir! I would never buy
inferior cloth!

I've been made a laughing-stock!
How can I face the villagers?!

What are you going to do?!

You'll return the money
I gave you for the ceremony!

And the wedding is off!



No excuses from you,
you old hag!

Young sir!

I never want to see you again!

Sir! Sir!

Sir! Sir!

What are you doing?!

Head Clerk...


How could you... this to me?

I didn't do it!

I hate you for selling me
a kimono like this.

I will...

...curse the Ejimaya
and drown myself in this pond.

And you will come...

...with me.

Stay away!



Be careful!

15 ryo?! That money would
feed both of you for a year!

I know.

It's lucky
he escaped with his life.

Perhaps I could help replace
the money that was taken.

Perhaps there's another way.

Have your father come see me.

My... father?!

I'll repay the money, sir.

I have a family treasure,
a Kunishige sword.

I think if I sell that
it will bring about 15 ryo.

There's no need to sell
a family treasure!

No, I must make this up
to you.

Watch your step here.

Thank you.

What the?!

You old goat!

This sword won't pay his debt.


How could you... this to me?

It wasn't me! It wasn't me!

No! No! No!

Pull yourself together!

Get me some water!


I don't want
that cursed thing here!

We'll sell it later.
Put it in the closet.

There. 50 ryo.

And my shop as security.

It's due a year from today.

I expect this contract
to be honored.

It will be. And I ask
that you tell no one.


What is it?

My father said he'd be here
by now, but he hasn't come.

Yes, he is a little late.

He's an elderly man,
and the way is dark...

I'd like to go and see
if all is well.

Yes, do that.



Who did this?!

Who would do
a horrible thing like this?!

As of today, our bonds
are those of parent and child.

You will be as blood-kin to me.

Now you are married,
I hope you will feel the same.

I will carry out my filial duties
to you and to the Ejimaya.

Father, Mother... I will work
to set your hearts at ease.

You must be tired.

You're up late.


Have some tea.

Thank you.

Isn't Yasujiro home yet?

He said he'd be late.

He did?

Shall I rub your shoulders?

Will you?

So is Yasujiro
taking good care of you?


Father! No!


No! You mustn't!

Who's there?



Sir! What's the matter?

Over there!



Perhaps your eyes
deceived you, sir...

No, I'm sure I saw...

There's nothing there.

What is it?

Oh, that's the new maid
I asked last week to come.

My name is Naka.
How do you do.


You're going?

I'll be gone ten days. Work on
the old man while I'm away.

Leave him to me!

I feel jealous already.

Now, now... the Ejimaya
is riding on this, remember.



How are you feeling, Mother?

I've been fine all day today.


...what do you think of
that maid, Naka?

What do you mean?

She acts like a whore.

I don't like her.

Naka! Come here!

Now I see why Jiemon's been
acting so strange!


Come with me!




Hello! Is anyone here?!

Who is it?

I've lost my way... could you
please let me spend the night?

If you don't mind staying
in a house like this...'re welcome to stay.

Thank you!

How unfortunate for you!

Come sit by the fire.

I will.

One who comes upon
a wretched hovel like this...

...can only have been
brought here by fate.


Is anything wrong?

Do you live alone
out here in the mountains?


I had a lovely daughter
who died.

But what still eats at me... that she was murdered.




She was murdered!

Murdered by you...

...with those hands.

You sold a kimono like this,
and trampled down a life!


Kinbei, too! I'll send you to hell!

Ejimaya! Feel my vengeance!

You saw me, Kinbei?

It was poor dead Sato...

...who got you lost
in these mountains!

This is her revenge!



In Mourning

When the 49 days of mourning
is over, you'll be my new wife.

Oh, I'm so happy!

I should get out there.
We don't want people talking.

Hurry back.

I feel strange tonight...

I won't be long.

Young sir, you called for me?

These accounts don't add up.
Why not?


Oh, that...

That's the master's
spending money.

As I'm sure you're aware,
Naka needs money now and then.

Humor him.

I see...

All right, but I'd like you
to record the money he draws.

Young sir...

It's the master who's made
the Ejimaya into what it is.

Is it for an adopted son to say
how much he should spend?

You can't expect an adopted son
to be like your own child.

He doesn't respect what you've done.
He wants to run things his way.

He won't do that
while I'm still alive.

Be sure he doesn't.

He questions every penny
you spend.

I won't stand for it!

He's even spreading rumors
about me behind my back.

I can't bear it!

That's outrageous! Call him.

You called me?

I'm told you're getting above
yourself, and treating this shop... your own.

I wouldn't dream of it!

Who said that?!

That doesn't matter.

I'm turning all the accounts
over to Kinbei.

And you watch your tongue!

'Be patient', you tell me?

I have to be patient
every single night!

Can you do something
to get rid of them faster?

'More hurry, less speed.'

I'm being very careful
so the master won't catch on.

What's that noise?


Who's there?!


I think it's horrible
the way Kiku treats Yasujiro.

What do you mean?

You didn't know about her
and Wasuke?

Is Kiku carrying on
with Wasuke?

She certainly seems
to be trying to.

Two or three days ago
I found this.

'I will wait for you tonight
at Kawara Bridge.

'Think on how I feel about you...

'... and please be sure to come.


As of today, you and Kiku
are divorced.


Sir! Why would you do this?!

You need not know.
She dishonors the Ejimaya.

She does?!

Kiku, what have you
been doing?!

Sir, I apologize most humbly
for Kiku and for myself.

But divorce...

Do you defy me?
You're adopted, I remind you.


Whatever may have happened,
the master goes too far.

Where will you go?

Back to my parents' house.

Don't do that.

I'm sure the master
will regret this.

Perhaps I could handle this
for both of you.

The owner of this tea-house
is a friend. He won't harm you.

Help out here for a time...

...while I arrange for you
to come back.

I will.

I haven't the words... thank you for this kindness.

I'll bring Yasujiro
when I have the chance.

Wait here, and don't worry.

You're a bad man, Kinbei.

I ask only one thing...

Take good care of her... only you can.

For some reason these days
my eyes keep blurring...

That's from this, too.

What's that?!

A middle-of-the-night doll.

I found it when
I was cleaning Yasujiro's room.



He's angry because you drove
Kiku away... he's put
a spell of blindness on you.

After all I've done for him!

I'll stand for no more!



How could you... this to me?

Give him back!

Give me back my husband!

I see... now even you...

That's terrible!

I'm blamed for things
I haven't done.

The Ejimaya owner
has always been greedy...

...but to drive out an adopted son
sounds like madness.

Since his wife died,
he's completely different.

Since he married
that maid Naka?

I have to pay back
the money I borrowed.

Shall I speak to him for you?

Thank you.

Be patient until
things clear up a little.

I will.

Thank you.

Hold on, Kiku!

Hold on! The midwife's
on her way!

Hold on!


Damn! I didn't know
she was pregnant!

Look at what Kinbei's
gotten me into!

She won't be able to work!

Kiku, isn't it wonderful!
It's a boy!

It is?

Yasujiro! You have a son!


Oh... hello.

Do you want to know
where your wife is?

What? Do you know
where Kiku is?

You can see her if you like.

Really? Yes, please!

Just promise to pay me
15 ryo and you can see her...

...right away.

15 ryo? Why?

I gave Kinbei 15 ryo
for her services for a year...

...but she was pregnant.

She started to bulge even before
I'd had any work out of her!

Did she have the baby?!

Yes! Now what do I do?

I see...

15 ryo...

I'll pay it.

Give me two or three days.

The Ejimaya sent you away.
Can you get it?

Yes, I think so.

All right, then.


Could I see them just once?

The sooner you get the money,
the sooner you'll see them.

So it's Kinbei
who's done this to me...

Working behind my back
and smiling all the while...

What a thing to do!

He's made you both
into his playthings!

I'm taking the money here
to the Ejimaya today.

I won't be gone long,
so you wait here.

I'll find you the money.


Thank you!

He'll never raise 50 ryo!

The Shimanoya will be mine!

Why not let Kinbei run that shop?

I'd rest easier
if we adopted him as a son.

Perhaps you're right.


The Shimanoya owner...

What? He's here?!

Damn him! I never thought
he'd pay me back!

Sir...'s too soon to give up yet.

We're going to kill him.

If your way doesn't work,
we'll have this in reserve.

Nothing will go wrong.

I'm sorry to take so long!

You're treating me so well!

The master's late, isn't he.

He'll be here soon.

This is nice and hot...

No, I'm fine, thank you.

Oh, don't say that!

Well, if you insist... thank you.

One more...

No, really...

Don't be like that!

Is something wrong?


You planned this, didn't you!
Damn you, Ejimaya!

Yasujiro? What are you
doing here?

I want to talk to Kinbei.
Is the Shimanoya owner here?

I think so.

That's good.

I'll be happier with him here.

What do we do with him?

Dump him in Kagami Pond.

No one ever floats up
out of there.


The Shimanoya owner!

So now you know...

I guess now we can't
let you live.

Damn you, Kinbei!

I'll send you with him.

Our family sword!

Then you should be happy
to die by it.

So you killed my father!

Kinbei! Pull yourself together!





You've killed Naka!



The End