Ghost Stories (2020) - full transcript

The winning team of LUST STORIES unite to tell some spine - chilling tales. Ghost Stories is a 2020 Indian anthology horror film, consisting of four short film segments directed by Karan ...

Were you sleeping?

I went to bed late last night.
I didn't hear the alarm go off. Sorry.

It you're running late, take a taxi.

I'm listening.

Get a taxi. I'll pay for it.

-I'll see you tonight.
-Do you promise?

Yes. Send me the address
when you get there.


What are you wearing? Send me a photo.

Come see for yourself.

-I'll be waiting.
-I'll be there.

I'm Sameera.

Nurse Mamta sent me in her place.

She told me where to find the key,
so I could let myself in.

If you need anything, let me know.

Yes, Mamta, ma'am...

-Are you there?
-I'm in her room.

There must be a grey file somewhere.

-Can you see it?

Browse through the patient's history.

She has dementia, memory lapses,
type 2 diabetes...

It's all in the file.

-I was told she had a stroke.
-She had a stroke two years ago.

Her left side
has been paralyzed ever since.

Her medication is marked.
It's on the table.

Check it.

-On the table where the TV is?

Keep checking her sugar levels.

She needs insulin
half an hour before she eats.

-Where's the insulin?
-Check inside the small fridge.

Give her 60 ml of water
every half an hour,

or she'll get a urinary tract infection.

Wasn't her urine bag changed?

Her son was supposed to be there
for the last two days.

He probably didn't change
her diaper either.

-Is he still there?
-No. I haven't met him.

He told me he could only stay
for the weekend.

The patient keeps drifting
in and out of consciousness,

so she keeps blabbering the same thing.

Let her ramble on. Just do your work.


-See you.

I'm pricking your finger.


aren't you eating properly?

Your blood sugar level has dropped.

Shall I make you something to eat?

My son is sleeping. You'll wake him.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Someone's at the door, Mamta.

I'm not Mamta. I'm Sameera.

There's no one at the door.

Your son?

He's already left, Aunty.

That's why I'm here.

Someone's at the door.

Aunty! What happened?

How did you fall?

I didn't fall.

Where were you trying to go?

There's no need to jump out of bed.
Come on.

If you need something, call me.

Hold on to that.

If something goes wrong,
I'll be held responsible.

Let me see. Are you hurt?

And the other hand?

This address will take you
through my heart and straight to heaven.

Here's my plan...

I'll be racing over.
I'll be there in an hour.

Sorry, honey. It's not looking good today.

I'll have to stay home.

I'll call you tomorrow.

Who's there?

How did you sit up?

Call my son.

I don't have his number.

He's at home. He's hiding.

His friends are coming over
for lunch tomorrow.

Do you know how to make
Kashmiri pulao, Mamta?

And caramel custard...

in the big dish.

There wasn't enough
the last time, remember?


I remember.

It's time to rest now.

You have guests coming tomorrow.

Come on.

Be careful.

Bathe me in the bathroom today, Mamta.

Why? What's up?

I want a proper bath today.

This is a proper bath.

How are you?

-Did you sleep well last night?
-I'm working.


What is it?

-Had breakfast?
-Why do you care?

Don't get mad. I was stuck.

Why? Were your feet glued to the ground?

You know how it is.

No, I don't. Explain it to me. In detail.

-What's the matter now?

Say it. Say, "I had to stay with my wife!"

Baby, we're almost there.
We just need a little more time.

Wait a little--

"A little"?
Two years have already gone by, Guddu.

How long must I wait?

Set a date now!

There you go again.

Forget about that.

When will my life start?

Time is flying by,
and I'm cleaning up shit and piss.

As if your work is my fault...

If you'd showed up last night,
I wouldn't be saying all this.

-You are the only thing on my mind.
-Then why are you stuck somewhere else?

Forget about all that.
I'll take you to Khandala.

Sure, let's go to Khandala.

I'm just good for "room service"
in your eyes.


don't talk like a whore.

You sound so cheap.

I know what you're going through.
I'm sharp in that way.

Put yourself in my shoes.

Have I gone anywhere
in these past two years?

My family is nagging me
to have another child.

Am I a machine?

It's not that easy, Sameera.

This isn't just a fling for me.

Give me a year.

Then we can spend
our entire lives together.

Can we be together tonight?

Let me check.

I'll let you know.

There's no staff here.

I'll put Aunty to sleep.

Of course, you're an expert at that.

The room here is better
than any hotel room in Khandala.

You're killing me.

So, come, then.

I will. See you.

Don't ditch me.

No way, honey.

I'll be waiting.

Who are you waiting for, Sameera?

So, you know my name?

I had a brooch just like this one.

I was young once, too.

I used to get many gifts.
But it doesn't matter anymore.

All the things I once valued
are lying in a corner, unloved.

It's easy to say that
when you have everything.

Don't you have everything?

I was abandoned
at the Mysore railway station...

wrapped in a rag.

I grew up in an orphanage.

I had nothing then,
and I have nothing now.

You're breathing, aren't you?

Your limbs work, don't they?

The world is your oyster,
as long as you have life.

-If I had any life left in me, I would--
-What would you do?

I would not wait.


Someone's at the door.

Why did you come so early?

Will you complain about that, too?

She's still awake.
Turn your cellphone off.

Let me put her to sleep.

What's that stench?

That's my life.

Is Armaan here?

No, Aunty. It was the neighbor's kids
playing pranks again.

Remember, Armaan came and left already.

You had lunch with him.

Kashmiri pulao and caramel custard.


His friends were here, too.


Just imagine,

if we had a house like this...

A house is all you dream about.

I told you I would buy you a house.

So, I will.

Did you hear that?

-What was that?
-You heard it, too, right?

Last night,
it felt like someone was outside.

How do you stay here?

I slept with the lights on.
What else could I do?

Are you scared?

Is that why you forced me to come?

Did I force you?

-I'm kidding.
-Did I force you?

I'm kidding.

Come here.

One moment.


I'm at the warehouse.

I'm coming. I told you I can't multi-task.

One moment.

How's Billu doing?

What the fuck's going on?

-She's awake.

Who wakes up like that?

-Let me check. You stay here.
-Are you crazy?

Let's get out of here. Let's go.

Are you scared?

No. My mood's shot.

My mood's shot.

Guddu, she can't even move.

There's something weird about this house.
Don't stay here.

I have to. I work here.
They will fire me otherwise.

I can't just abandon a patient.

Stay with me tonight.

No chance!

Guddu, please don't leave me alone here.

I'll tell you what...

Sleep with the lights on.

Keep your phone near you.

Call me if there's a problem, alright?

What are you doing?

Aunty, what is this?

-I was asleep.
-You were not asleep!

Aunty, please don't shout.

You'll wake up the whole apartment block.

Shouting won't help.

Your son left two days ago.

Do you think I'm a fool, you bitch?

I heard him outside.

There's no one outside.

-Please, there's no--
-Go to the kitchen!

He likes to hide.

Please, Aunty. You need to sleep.

Please have your medicine.

Where should I go?

Look for him in the kitchen.

Come on out, my son.

If I go and look for him,
you must take your medication, okay?

-I'll get you some water.
-He likes to hide in the kitchen.

-I'm going to the kitchen.

If I don't find him,
you must take your medication, okay?

I'm going to the kitchen.

Please leave. Take the child with you.

Please go.

Tell me, constable.

She's been dead for three days.

She must have dragged herself
to the kitchen, in search of food.

When the nurse arrived today,

she found the body.

-Have you taken her statement?
-She isn't talking.

Must be in shock.

-Does the old lady have any family?
-A son.

We've contacted him.

The asshole was supposed to have come
five days ago. He didn't show up.

He didn't turn up?

So, he let his mother die alone?

Yes. She died alone.

Drink your milk.

-I hope he wasn't any trouble.
-He's never any trouble.

-When did he fall asleep?
-About three hours ago.


will Auntie Neha stop loving me

when she has a baby?

Don't be silly.

She will always love you.

-Are you sure?
-Yes, I'm sure.

Now, sleep.

-I can't carry you anymore.
-But you carried me yesterday.

Now that the baby is growing...

the doctor says that I can't.

Come on.

You go on. I'll be there in a minute.

Are you feeling cold?


My darling child.

What is this?

Why didn't you finish it?

Open your mouth.

Open your mouth.


Open your mouth.

Good girl.



It's fine now.

What's fine?

There was a sharp pain in my belly.
But it's fine now.

What happened, Auntie Neha?

Why aren't you asleep?

I was just looking at you.


Dad says you look just like Mom.

My darling child.

That's for your uncle and this is for you.


What are baby birds called?

Baby birds...



What do they eat?

Chicks eat...



-Auntie Neha?
-What's up?

Is there a chick inside?

Why did you take the egg?

-Can I see it?

The egg hatches on its own.
Then the chick emerges.

If you break it, the chick will die.

You never touch a bird's eggs.

Is he asleep?

No. He's watching TV.

Let's go, Ansh.

If you're running late,
he can sleep over here.

You don't live here alone, you know.

His bag...

Bye, Auntie Neha. Good night.

Put your seatbelt on.

Sorry means nothing.

This will happen to you one day, Neha.

Someone will take your child
away from you.

You'll never be a mother.

I've told you so many times
not to touch the birds' eggs.

If you touch them, the birds abandon them.

But you just won't listen.

That's the third time now.

What if someone did this to you?

I only looked at it. Then I put it back.

Auntie Neha!

Auntie Neha!

Auntie Neha?

Now Auntie Neha will only love Ansh.

Ansh, are you still awake?

The train was four hours late.

The auto driver dropped me
four kilometers away.

He said it's a ten-minute walk
to Smalltown.

I've been tramping along for half an hour.

Just a moment.

This job will kill me.

How are the kids?

Give her a massage.

-Son, is this Smalltown?
-Turn off the light if you want to live.

If you see something, do not move.

When I tell you to run, run.


Come in!

He's come with the rescue party!

Whom have you brought home, you idiot?

He talks.

They keep changing every day.

If he was one of them,
would I still be standing?


-Let's go!
-Where to?

Where is your rescue party?

-What rescue--
-Didn't you meet my cousin Chunkey?

Who is Chunkey? Who--

Why are you shushing me?

What's going on?

The power is out, there are no people...

They drop you off four kilometers away.

No cell service!

What's going on?

Call your elders.

Go on. Call your father.

Now, he's going to die, too.

Put it away, child.


You'll hurt someone.

Where's your father?

You'd better not meet her father.

Then take me to your dad, son.

They ate his father.


that's no way to speak of your elders.

Is it?

It's true. He got eaten.

"Ate him"?

Who ate him?

Her father.


-I need to meet an adult.
-There's no one left.

Let me go, child!

Please, child.

Please, child.


Was that your father's voice?

He's hungry.

What's the point of screaming now?

They ate up all of Smalltown.

"Ate up all of Smalltown"?

I'm the last one left alive.

We are the last two left alive.

Chunkey was around till yesterday. But...

He left.

He went to the highway
to bring the police.

I told him not to go. But he went anyway.

He thought Chunkey sent you to rescue us.

But you can't.

What is he saying about your father?

That he ate up everyone in Smalltown?

-He never tells the whole story.
-Who started it?

Who started it?

Her father ate someone first.


the Bigtown police chief, then her uncles,

and then all of Bigtown joined in.

Then the Bigtown people
developed a taste for us.

Bigtown? Where the train dropped me?

Where else?

Bigtown is where you get off
for Smalltown.

Smalltown is part of Bigtown.

How is that possible?

Don't you come to Bigtown
to finish school?

Where else would we go?

Aren't you folks born at Bigtown hospital?

Yes, because we don't
have a hospital here.

Shut your mouth.

Shut up!

The milk is two days old. It's a bit off.

If you've been here for weeks,
how did you get the milk?

There's a cow shed out back.

He does the milking
when he gets the chance.

Don't they eat the cattle?

-The Bigtowners?
-Yes, them.

They prefer the flesh of the Smalltowners.

Why don't they eat him...

when he goes to get the milk?

He's hard to catch.

You feel less hungry if you do this.

How do they eat people?

Like that.

Uncle, I'm going to go get milk.

Don't be afraid.

Just remember this...

If you move, they can see you.

-If you speak, they can see you.

All of us will go outside together, now.

To the highway.

We'll call, use WhatsApp...
It will all be fine.

-That's what my dad said!

-That's what my dad said!
-What did he say? Listen to me.

-Dad said--
-Listen to me.

This isn't a jungle!

That's for our safety.

Damn your safety.

He likes this.

What they eat, what they don't...

What they can see, what they can't...

Bringing the milk is an excuse.

When they ate his parents,

he watched them being eaten.

Don't trust him, Uncle.

He never tells the whole truth.

You're from Bigtown.

Why didn't you eat him?

I saw my dad eat them.

I had come to Smalltown with him.

I saw it happen.

I've lost my appetite ever since.

I don't feel like eating.

Come in.

The cow is dead.

It had been starving for weeks.

If he can go out, why can't we?

You won't make it out alive.

Be quiet!

You scrawny little pest.

Enough with this nonsense!

To hell with this!

To hell with this!

This infernal job.

"Ate my dad!

Eat raw onions, drink spoiled milk!"


Where can I find
the Block Development Office?


Don't move!

There's something wicked happening
out there.

The kids are in danger, sir.

Why are you here?

-Please don't leave us.
-Get inside.

-Get inside.

Just get inside.

Bolt it.

Is everyone crazy here?

I just told a man what's going on.
He just upped and left.

-Told whom?
-Is there a blind school here?

The teacher was here.

The Principal!

From here?

From Smalltown?

Some Smalltown people ate others, too,
so they would be spared.

What do you mean by "spared"?

They don't eat those who also eat.

First, they lose their sight.

Then they can't hunt on their own.

This is where my dad
ate the Geography teacher.

That was the first time.

It all changed after that.

Why did he eat him?

Her father has a temper. That's why.

Why did the teacher have to say,

"This is a school,
not the Bigtown parade ground."

Why did your dad have to say we need
Bigtown's permission to live in Smalltown?

Dad is a councilman in Bigtown.

-You need his permission.
-So, your dad--


Dad, please don't eat us.

We'll have to stay here from now on.

We're human.

They are animals.

We have higher intelligence...

They are on guard.



You're a smart kid, right?

You know everything about them.

What was it you said?

What was it? If we move...

They see us.

What else?

If we speak...

They see us.

What else?

If we eat...

We'll smell of her.

Perhaps they will believe we've eaten her.

They don't eat those who also eat.



They ate the children!


What happened to him?


They ate my kids.

Who ate them? Who did?

Tell us what happened.

-Calm down.
-They ate the kids.

-Where are your kids?
-Back there.

Here? In Smalltown?

This town has been empty
for a month, Uncle.

Are you alright? Are you lost?

Come on, eat.

You need to build up your strength.
Come on.

This is a Bigtown delicacy.

What brought you to Smalltown school?

I had to file a report.

Too many kids are failing.

That's Smalltown kids for you.

Even their Principal
has moved to the Bigtown school.


The syllabus has changed.

The town looked as if it had been burned.

If you play with fire,
you will get burned.

Don't mention Smalltown.

The boss lost his daughter
in the troubles back there,

despite him being a councilman.

Don't worry.

You're safe.

You're with us now.

Do you like history?

Bigtown was once a touchstone mine.

It was the capital of the whole state.

Of course, sir.

We will be great once again.

I'm very attached to this house.

Well, direct questions
always intimidate me.


No matter what the answer is,
it always seems like an excuse.

I learned on Facebook
that you have a lot of friends.

I saw on Instagram
that you are very beautiful.

-On Twitter, I found out that you...
-That I...


let me tell you,
people who seem super bright,

are extremely stupid
in their personal lives.

Shall I elaborate or will you run away?

I have all the time in the world.

So, my first boyfriend...

Let's just say that
he's made his home in rehab.

I was thinking of cheating on him.

But I found out about his affair first.

Direct question.

But it's my turn now.

Shall I elaborate or will you run away?

We were just about to send out
a search party.

I don't know about the two of you,
but, Ira...

I love your parents.

Anyway, take all the time you need.


And when you do decide,

then all we have to do
is ask for Granny's permission.

Unfortunately, she died 20 years ago.

So, how will we get her permission?

I'll talk to her.

Remember, I promised
to attend all of your weddings.

Isn't it very quick?

Why the big rush?

Good fucking?

Hey, listen.

But a talk show with a dead granny
is a bit of a freak show.

No, it's not like that.

Dhruv was very attached to his granny.

Well, I just hope a new relationship
will change old habits.

Shanti Ma, what a beautiful wedding!

Ira looked gorgeous.

I couldn't take my eyes off her.

Me too.

Granny always said,
never trust a woman with a sharp nose.

"Sharp nose"?

You mean, sharp intentions?


Only Granny can tell us that.

Come on, go to bed.

I always listen to this song
when I'm happy.

Is this some kind of role-play
or are you playing the blushing bride?

You were such a tiger at my house.

-What's happened now?
-But this is my house.

Yeah, so what's different?


Sorry, I didn't hear you knock.

Yes, the wedding ceremony was nice.

Granny says good night.
Say good night to her.

To whom, Dhruv?

To whom shall I say good night?
I don't see anyone.

No, don't be upset, Granny.

She's new here.

She'll understand soon.

You just had to say good night.

Sorry, my dear.

She is asleep.

You should get some sleep, too.

His mom is a corpse, his granny is a ghost
and your husband is a dick.

I'm telling you, I heard a noise...

like a walking stick...

It's an old house, babe.

It's full of creaks and squeaks.

-How did the door open?
-The breeze.

It was the breeze, my darling.

You're imagining things.
There are no ghosts.

Sit down and talk it out with him.

I got held up at the office.

I get a little over-sensitive
about Granny.

I know you love your granny a lot.

And I want you to know,
that since we've met,

it's been amazing.

I've fallen madly in love with you, Dhruv.

Me too.

But I can't figure out
this Granny business.

I mean, you having a relationship
with a dead person.

Granny is not dead, Ira.

Please have some faith, for your own sake.

All this will affect our relationship.

Why don't we buy a new house?

Somewhere close to here.

Our own life, together.

Our own memories.

New home, new relationship, new energy...

So, when?

Only Granny can tell us that.


We were just talking,

and Ira thinks we should move
to a new place.

It will be close to here.

And for a change,
I'll come over to say good night.

That's not true, Granny.

Just give her some time.

This is Granny's room.

Yes, I was just taking a walk.

There's a huge garden outside.

Shanti, how long have you worked
in this house?

As many years as I have teeth in my head.


Then you must have known Granny
really well.

Really well.

What was she like?

She is an amazing woman.

She has enchanting eyes.

People are enthralled by her.

-And Dhruv?
-She loves him more than life itself.

Dhruv is her life.

Even after her death?

What happened, Shanti?

What happened?

Dhruv and Granny

used to play a game every evening.

What was the game?

And one evening,
Dhruv pushed Granny accidentally...

and she fell down the stairs.

The fall broke all her bones.

Her knees gave way.

She could neither sit nor walk.

All she did was lie in bed.

She'd only let me see her.

She allowed Jesus into her life.

She adopted a new religion.

Despite all her pain and depression,

she would muster all her courage
each night and leave her bed.

Clutching her cane,
she would visit Dhruv in his bedroom...

just to hear those two words...

How did she pass on?

She didn't pass on.

She only died.

But how?

I did a full background check.

Respected in the community,
a thriving business,

and there's a road named after Granny.

She didn't pass on.

She only died.

Granny's not dead, Ira.

If you are here, show yourself.

Sorry, I was a little distracted today.


Granny didn't come here to say good night.

Why didn't she come?

She must be asleep... finally.

Never joke about Granny again.



for the first time in 20 years,
Granny didn't wish me good night.

Are you alright?

I'm leaving for work.

What is it?

I have this weird pain in my stomach.

Lie down.

It will all be okay.


It's hurting a lot.

It's alright.

It's alright.

Lie down.

Try to sleep. The pain will ease up.

Go to sleep.

Want to hear a story?

Shall I tell you a story?

I never finished telling Granny's story.

What happened was,
the pain kept increasing with the years.

Just like this.

Granny couldn't take it anymore.

She begged me to put an end to it all.

How could I refuse my boss's request?

She told me to grind some castor seeds
and mix it into her breakfast.

Yes, in her breakfast.

So that no one would find out.

And I did as she said.

I can see you.


Because, now, you are in my world.

Dhruv is a very good boy.

...I used to go in the mornings.

Just release me from here...

Dhruv didn't do anything wrong.

These people had no faith, either.