Ghost Squad (2018) - full transcript

After a group of girls get murdered, they come back as ghosts and seek revenge.

"Dear Dad, happy birthday."

"You're always so kind to me..."

You know, for example...

you see things in front of you, right?

Yeah, so?

You believe they exist, right?

Duh, they do exist.

Like this glass.

Don't you think there are things
you can see that don't exist?

You can't see things that don't exist.

I knew you'd say that.

You're making no sense.

I'm sorry.

Do you see someone sitting by the window?

Not a soul.


But, I see a girl sitting there.

That girl.

She's bleeding from her head.

She's preparing a gift.

Cut the crap.

She's crunching paper.

Does she even know she's dead?

Oh gross, blood is mixing with her drink.

Hey, cut the creepy stuff.

Have you gone nuts?

Think that way and we can't date.

Why not?

Because I've seen people
who don't exist since childhood.

We wouldn't get along.




Screw that!

Then, you pay this time!

I've always paid.

What the...? The ghost's surprised!

It was my first time
to see a surprised ghost.

What a face she made.

I'd never seen a ghost eye to eye before.

Maybe you like ghosts
more than people now.

And that guy, a total dick.

I suppose.

I talk about ghosts,
and can tell if someone is nice or not.

But I only meet guys like that.


No wonder you've got a guy phobia.

For sure!

After I ditched him and went home...

I'm home.

Rika! Why are you late?

Dad, I'm so sorry.


You've been ignoring me.

I feed you and you dare avoid me?

I got pissed at work
and punched my boss because of you.

I got fired!

It's your fault.

If something happens, you're responsible!


Don't forget it!

Sorry. I'm sorry.


Open up!

I'm sorry.


I'm so sorry.

Forgive me.

See? It was only natural that my mom left.

What an ass.

I admire you for
putting up with a father like that.


All things considered,

it won't be strange I want to die, right?

No. It's natural to want to die.

It's not weakness, right?

No one would blame you
if you killed yourself.


I've made up my mind to die.


So I went to work, to kill myself there.

At work?

Then that awful Yuri came in.

Oh come on, loafing around again?

Go serve some beer.

I'm outta here.

I'm sorry.

What a dope.


Then a bigger dope came in.

The man-turd showed up again?

Persistent guys suck.

Hey. Take my order.

Hey! Take my order.

The place overflowed with reasons to die.

She came as if drawn by them.

I'd no idea what she wanted.

But as she'd come all that way,
I knew the situation was serious.

Then what? Don't tell me he had a knife?


Suicide is acceptable,
but getting murdered is lame.

Yeah, utterly different.

Strangely enough, I wasn't afraid to die.

No, you must live!

Stand there and you'll get stabbed.
We can't have that.


It was a cute girl.

But when I looked closely,
I saw she had no body.

Must have been a ghost.

I'm Akari. You mustn't die.

Otherwise it'll spell trouble for us.

That means?

Live by a whisker on the verge of death
and we can move about.

Only then can we help you.

On the verge of death? Like this?


Yes! You're on the border
between life and death.


My friends will go bonkers with me!

Come on.

What do you want from me?

We'll fight to protect you.

We're the Ghost Squad.

I'll slice you dead!


Ghost Squad


Diarrhea... out!

Must... not... eat...


Bottoms up!

He's out of the picture.

That's one you owe us.

To celebrate,
I'll kiss you like a puppy.



Get off...

What happened after that?

Death by ghost, no?

It was weird.

When I awoke, I was at home lying down.

My wrist had been treated.

But how?

I reckoned the police
would have called father.


Did someone contact you?

I'm going out.

I guess the police didn't call,

but he's an ass to ignore you.

It's always like that.

He's been avoiding me ever since
he got divorced.

I looked for Yosuke's body
and blood at the restaurant.


What's up?

I'm sorry!

If you're planting a bomb,
I'm calling the cops.

It's nothing like that!

Then, why the floor?

I'm sorry.

If you don't mean it, don't say it.

Because of you, I work twice as hard.

I'm sorry.

Don't you have a skill or something?

I see ghosts.

Really? Go home.

I'm not worth living.

When someone actually points it out,
I feel the only thing to do is die.

Though I want you to desire death,
you can't die completely.

You can talk?

The closer you get to death,

the more we can talk and move about.


You mean I'm your energy source?


But if your body dies,

we turn back into spirits
and roam the Earth.

That wouldn't be my fault.

What about the guy you tortured?

Did you take his life?

I guess he's in the hospital somewhere.

You look annoyed,
but we just followed your lead.

Hold on, what do you mean?

Well, if it isn't the girl
who's most drawn to you.

Not again!

Stop, please.

Someone, help.

Oh, gross.

Stop it, come on.

Help, someone!

Sorry, but regular folks can't see us.

Even if you call for help,
people will simply think you're crazy.

No way...

When emotionally shaken,
Akari can't tell if she's human or puppy.

Get real.

There isn't a thing I can do for you.

Not true.

Through you, we can get revenge
on those who killed us.

That means?

Is this...

We are the ghosts of girls
unduly murdered in our teens.

Unless we even our grudges
against the ones who took our lives,

we can't rest in peace and go to heaven.

Who could be this cruel?

To even the score, we need you.


Rika. Are you okay?

Sorry to keep talking crazy.

Most people would get mad.

Thank you for listening to me.

You're my one and only friend.

Don't be sorry. Your story isn't crazy.

It's important.

Without you wanting to die,
I can't get close to those who killed me.

Besides, I'm not your best friend.

What's that?

I'm haunting you.

I am the ghost of Yoshie.


So the ghost I saw before was...

This can't be happening.

Gosh, I'm beat.

Sit here.

Yeah, thanks.

Hey, that's my friend's seat.
Don't be rude.

I don't see anyone.

She's here!

My very best friend!

You have no friends, Rika.

I created an illusion in your mind.

Why would you do that?

By creating a fake friendship,
I wanted you to help with our revenge.

Treating me like an idiot.

Taking advantage of someone's feelings,

that's low even for a ghost.

I'm really sorry.

As a ghost,
I sympathize with your solitude.

I know what it's like
to wander in eternal darkness.

If you don't care to live,
use your life to help us out, please.

We have regrets,

but our spirits want to go to heaven.

Revenge's okay, but you can't kill anyone.

Of course!

Our goal is to make them feel sorry.

We'll do it in chronological order.

The world of ghosts has a hierarchy!

Who's first?


I am. I was killed in the Showa era.

Part of my memories remain.

Such as...

Huh? What?

I was a girl named Keiko Furukawa.

I was excited that day,

thinking about the tie I was
going to give my dad for Father's Day.

I was on my way to meet him.

Then it happened.

A bike approached and hit me on purpose.

While Dad was waiting, I was taken away.

- What are you doing?
- Shut up!

Give it back!

Shut up!

Wake up. Don't pretend to be dead.

I'm the son of a yakuza.

Don't you try to run away.

I was desperately protecting
Dad's gift.

My memory stops there.

It's him.

The murderer was your neighbor?

It's no coincidence.

Everything is connected, led by fate.

How can he live a normal life?

Why isn't he in jail?

What is it?

My animal instinct
scanned the course of his life.

She's back to normal!

He was arrested after the incident,
but released ten years later.

That's too short!


He was a minor at the time.

Juvenile Laws protected his human rights.

After he did that to her?

Screw the Juvenile Laws!

Ya lookin' at me? Huh, ya big galoot.

And me, I'm roaming around,
suffering in agony.

Calm down.

We don't have a strategy yet.

Don't freak out.

I've been dealing with the regret of
being unable to give my gift to Dad.




Ghosts can't touch people.
We pass through them.

Watch out!


We can only touch those
with special spiritual abilities.

What was that? Energy?

That felt strange.

You did that on purpose!

Sorry. It's a misunderstanding.

Lying whore.

What are you doing, messing with me?

It's a misunderstanding. Sorry!

Hold it!

We should help her, shouldn't we?

No, our goals come first.

I'm so sorry.

I'm taking you to the cops.


We warped.

Yoshie, let me in.

This is our chance at revenge.

I need you to be on death's edge.


To do that... Do this!

Yoshie, get your hands off.

It's okay!

Just do it!

Going somewhere?

What the hell, bitch?

Sorry. It wasn't me.


Yoshie, why?

I need him to want to kill you.
Otherwise, no revenge.

Gotta make him want to kill her more.


Take that!

The final blow!


I'm seriously going to kill you.

When you're near death
we can enter the world.

Ready, Akari?

Yes, I got it!

Have a knife.

Now, the revenge begins!

Say hello to my little friend!

Please, don't.

You said you wouldn't kill.

I'll just hurt him a little.


This is my vengeance.

I'll punish this man myself.

To do that,
Rika, I need your life energy.

May I inhale it?

They're kissing again!

It's not a kiss.

She's absorbing Rika's powers.

Look at her hand!

Thanks, Rika.

Thanks to you, I can extract revenge
by way of this exceptional weapon.

Forged from anger and hate...

the Meat Hammer.

What is that?

This is NOT happening!

The Meat Hammer will punish him.

He'll never repeat what he did to me.

A sharp pain in my Johnson.

It hurts so much!

This place is nuts.

It's not over yet.

Because of you, my future was ruined!

I can't see Dad anymore.

Worthless wad of scum.

Your future...

is pound cake!

A decisive blow.

Is he okay? He's not dying, right?

Men don't die
from something like that.

He can get surgery.

Keiko, are you satisfied?

My grudge is clear!


Rika, thanks for helping
with the first revenge.

A handshake.

Are you mad?

It's great she settled her grudge.

But I'll have to suffer
each and every time we do this.

Am I just some convenient human to you?

I admit it was like that at first.

But it's different now.

You're nice for a human.

A real pal.

That's right!

You think...?

I can't thank you enough, Rika.

Thanks to you, my dream will come true.

That means?

Once our revenge is accomplished,
we can move freely in the world.

I can get closer to Dad.

Ghosts can't approach
people they want to see?

It's bad karma, huh?

After I see his face just once,

I'll head to heaven.

A bit further. It's right over there.

There it is. My house.

I grew up there,

with Dad and Mom.

Dad, let's go together.

- It's cold.
- Yeah.


I'm home.


Wonderful! She looks well.

Dad, your tie is crooked.



Such a klutz.


Is that me?

They vanished!

It's a facsimile of the past.

We're seeing a kind of afterimage.

You've come home late.



Where's Dad, really?



Keiko, calm down.




It means there's no one here.


I wanted to see them
before going to heaven.

Sorry, but you can't go to heaven, yet.

Who's there?

I'm sorry but you haven't met
all the requirements yet.

You can't ascend yet.

Another ghost?

May I ask who you are?

I'm Naomi Ohishi from the
Lingering Ghost Control Committee.

I'm in charge of admissions
as well as coaching persistent ghosts.

They have a
bureaucratic system up there?

Say, your mouth is bleeding.

Do nothing you don't have to.

Anyway, I can't let you check out yet.

Why? I attained my revenge.

Just one of you did.




Hey, hold your horses!

What is this?

I'm projecting the scene
just before you were killed.

They made you their captive,
and three more guys showed up.

You were assaulted, raped, beaten
and then they killed you.

The guy you punished was just a small fry.

There were more?

Grab her properly!

Ow... Sorry, sir.

They did it as a group?


This isn't human behavior.

Stop that.

Keep it up and I'll kill your family.

Please don't do that.

Well, I bet you'll like this.

Guys, hold her properly.

Tell me to stop, come on.

They were arrested
for abandoning the body,

but since they were all teenagers,
they got off with a light sentence.

All of them have been released
and live normal lives.

That damn Juvenile Law again?

Unforgivable. The law must be changed!

Your mother died of heartbreak
four years later. Your father...


I haven't paid off anything.

It's too much.


It's all too much.

She disappeared!

Dad! A birthday gift for you.


I'm not your dad.

Dad! A birthday gift for you. Surprised?

She can't accept the truth
and has entered an escape loop.

It's your fault!

You hit her with
too much from her past.

It's my duty to tell the truth.

Besides, they are not irrelevant to you.

She's not breathing.

Guess she kicked it.

Now what, Yoshihiko?

Well, let's dice her up and bury her.

It's him!

My killer!

Look closely.

You guys get rid of her.

What a pain.

He's the one who took my life, too!

Dump her somewhere remote.

I ain't got time for this.

I'm too busy.


You didn't meet by accident.

You were led by
the magnet-like pull of grudge.

Until you rest in peace,
I'll coach you strictly.



And the human?


Very well.

Let the Ghost Squad training begin!

It takes grudge and love to retaliate.

Join with Rika and develop the skill
to cross the boundary between the worlds.

Pair the emotions of ghost and human.

You'll never get to heaven without it!

Chow time!

Want some?

Ghosts don't engage in eating.

We only remember its deliciousness.

We envy humans!

What the hell?

I'm sorry.

What the hell?
You gave me a boo-boo.

Along with fighting skills,

it's also important to know
the criminal's present situation.

Occupation, address, and family make-up
provide clues to weak points.

Yoshihiko Kaneko.

One month after killing Keiko,
the scum killed Yoshie.

Currently, he is jobless and
borrows money from peers.

True trash.

That ass still lives.

When your lips overlap,
the wall between worlds collapses.

You can then hold the knife.

Now kiss. Go!


I can't kiss her...

I mean, I don't love her.


It's important to pair your heart's
wavelength with that of your partner's.

You behave by emotion alone.

Tear down the wall around your heart
and feel the love!

The love?



I got it. Oh, boy!

How come I can't hit it?

I know I'm a ghost,

but I must crush my enemies
without Rika.

Did you have a dream?

Not at all.

In junior high
I took hip-hop for two weeks.


I didn't have talent so quit right away.

You can still do it.

I can't.

You can because you're alive.

Unlike us.

That's true.

When I was alive, I took ballet.

I studied from childhood
and entered many competitions.

I was supposed to show an older relative.

That's so great!

And then?

And then...

The day...

before the competition...

I was killed!

The day before the ballet competition

I met my relative Akira
to go to the animal clinic.

So your dog isn't well?

The clinic over there is good.
Let's go together.

Really? Great.

Isn't tomorrow the competition?


I'm practicing hard.

Let's go on home.

Well, looky here.

Ya got a minute for us?

Sorry, can you let us through?

Heading somewhere?

We're going home.


No rush.

The night is still long.

After that, we were taken to
their hideout and severely beaten.

What? Please don't.

It's punishment
for flirting in front of us.

Do it.

Stop. Please.

One and a two...

It's your turn, next.

Here, your last supper.

Shove it.

I'll be with him shortly.

Before that,

I will dance for him and my dog.

Then I knew,

when next I'm born,
I don't want to be human like them.

I want to be a puppy.

After that, Akira went to heaven.

Whereas I...


One and a two...

Please touch me.

Hold me tight.

I'm scared because I don't
know what I am anymore.

I'm not a person, a dog, or a girl.

I'm not supposed to exist, but I exist.

It's okay.

You're here, right now.

Thanks for being kind to her.

You're the only one she can touch.

"High school girl murder case"

Keiko's murderer,
Chikara Mase, the leader.

Two weeks after this,
he was at the scene of Akari's murder.

Yet, he wasn't prosecuted
due to lack of evidence.

He did 13 years in jail for Keiko's
murder, was released, and got married.

A murderer got married?

He got divorced later.
He lives with his sole daughter.


He runs a bar in Tokyo. The address is...


He has a daughter and a bar?

He stole our future yet has a real life?

How can that be allowed?

How about I work at his bar?

If I get close to him,
it'll be easier to retaliate.


For real?

You said it, Rika.

Your help is crucial
for us to get near him.

If I can be of assistance...


It's time for my shower.

I can't touch water,
so... an air shower!

So nice.


Feels good.

It's wonderful.



Splash, splash.


Water, water.

Air bathing!

Love, huh?

Dad! A birthday gift for you. Surprised?

Yeah, I'm damn surprised!

I called about a part-time job.

Ah, that was you?

It's odd that
someone wants to work here.

The owner will be back soon. Wait there.

Owner. She wants a job.

Like I give a shit.

Sales calculations are off again.

I know you're pinching.

That hurts, owner.

Don't call me owner!

At times like these,
look your father in the eyes.

Fuck you. Spoiled brat.

Surprised to see he's my dad?

I guess so.

After Mom ran out,
he's been taking it out on me.

He's utterly hopeless.

Same as mine.

Really? That's a coincidence.

Unlike this place,
I'm always yelled at, at the bar.

How would you feel if something
bad happened to your dad?

I'd feel relieved.

Do you know someone who'll do that?

No, just asking.

I gotta go.

It's ironic.

I used to walk here
with someone I'd fallen for.

If only that day hadn't come.

Yes, 7 p.m. at Ranzan.

I'll tell you why when we meet.

Rika. Where are you going?

I'm sorry. I got a part-time job.

No one wears a backpack to work.

Don't go.

I have to.

It's your father's order!

I'll cut ties with you if I have to.

My friends are waiting.

What's that?

Don't give me that look.

Satisfied? I'm out of here.

There is no way you've made friends.

Dad! A present for you.


Rika, you've rebelled against your dad.

You're growing up.

We felt you were calling us.

Finally, it's time for revenge.

I called the criminals to the bar.

It's a sign from God.

Let's go!
We'll get revenge for us and Keiko.

Good luck!

Promise me. No...

No killing. I know.

But, instead...

We'll beat them to a pulp!


I thought you were off today.

I was told to come in.

What's up?

My friends will come. There'll be chaos.

It's cool. I'm used to crazy customers.

That's not the point.

It's the old version of Yoshihiko,
the guy who killed me.

Been a while.

Look, some chick called me here.

What's it about?

How the hell would I know?

Maybe your pop's gonna blackmail me

about the incident with the kid.

Don't you know?

I'm a killer in the famous
high school girl lynching case.

So is your pop.

If you're gonna make
crazy accusations, leave.

Not just that.

I've killed other women too.

It's a secret only your dad knows.

He wanna make it public?

He's King Asshole for sure!

Yoshie, not yet.

I'll tell everybody your pop's a killer
and get his bar shut down.

I'll off you too!

Two or three more don't much matter!

You wanna die?

Get off.

I don't mind dying, but not by you.

Fucking bitch!

Hey, Yoshihiko.

Hello, sir.

Hungry, right? I got some takoyaki.

Newcomer, you ain't eaten, right? Here.

For me?

He's actually kind.

We're turning transparent. Why?

It's spiffy.

His sudden kindness has made
Rika lose her fighting spirit.

If this continues, we'll vanish.

Rika, hang in there!


Oh no!

I hear you work at
the other restaurant with Yuri, too.

Thanks for being her friend.

Sure. Same here.

We're fading faster and faster.

Don't be taken in
by his cheap kindness.

Get your resentfulness back.

We're fading away.

The weapons disappeared.

Unarmed and naked.

We'll be back.

Oh no... What to do?

What's up?

No, nothing.

Yuri, go and do some shopping.


I'm gonna party with some buddies.

Go get snacks.

Get going.

You stay put.


Someone called us here. You, no?

Who me?

Yeah, who are you?

A snoop from a crime website?

A bereaved of the girls we killed?

None of them.

In any case, you're blackmailing us.

I'll film it and give it to the cops.

An asshole after all.

I don't know your connection
to the girls we killed,

but let me say this.

The murders weren't our fault.

They seduced and tempted us.

It was them, not us.

The lawyers said so.



That's impossible!

Sounds good to me.

Got it?

They died because they asked for it.

How dare you.

You've no idea how they felt.

Even if I die,

I'll bring you down.

What's she doing?

She's choking herself!

We're back!

Thank you, Rika!

I'll get her power and
a tool by kissing her!

Rika, I love you.

Rika, here I come.

What's with this girl?

She's squeezing her neck
and moving her tongue.

Totally nuts!

By swallowing lots of love, I got it!

The Ghost Machine Gun!

What's happening?

What the?

It's a girl we can't see!

It's a bore if only Yoshie goes wild.

I got something too!

Grudge Dog!

He's here to bite ass and chew dog bones!

Bite as hard as you like!

A happy puppy!

Lookin' good. See how panicked they are!

Miserable toads! I feel great!


He's not Dad.

What in time's name?

You'll never escape. Never!

You can see me.

It means you're getting close to death.

I won't forgive you. You took my future!

Are you Yoshie?!

That's right!

When alive, I had
a boyfriend named Tamotsu.

We both believed we'd be wed one day.

Huh? Tamotsu?

You resented how I'd refused you.

You stalked then stabbed me
more than 20 times,

keeping me from Tamotsu forever.

You two-timed me!

Two-timed, three-timed?

I don't recall being your girlfriend
in the first place!

Anyway, I can't allow you
to remain in this world!

Mom, go for it.

Yoshie, no! No killing!

It's impossible!

I have to do it
otherwise I won't get rid of my grudge.


Damn it!


Owner, what's all this?

It's nothing.

I'll never ever forgive you.
Not you, never.

Something's touching me!

Wait, Dad!

Dad? Where?

Wait, coward!

Get bent!

Ghost whore!

Yoshie, no!

That is?

The happy couple you terminated.

It's the last thing you'll see
before rotting in hell forever!

Why? Why did you kill him?

If you take his life,
you're the same as them.

His family will be sad.

Stuff your high-minded lecture.

You're a living soul.

You've no idea of
the emptiness within us with no future.

I even want to kill his family.

All of them!

Someone with a future
can't even begin to comprehend.

It's just too cruel.

Sorry, but my revenge is done.

I'm going.

I'll get a glimpse of him,
and then go to heaven.

Keiko and Akari's revenge isn't done yet.

Like I used you, I used them too.

Even one mistake can
keep us from heaven.

I can't accept that.



You can touch me? Can you see me?

I have spiritual ability like Rika.

My dad's an asshole, but spare his life!

His daughter?

Then I'll kill you first.

I know how hard it is
to see someone special killed!

I know something
more terrifying than death.

Stop, you fiend!

You're the ones who made me a fiend!

Feel the burn.

Next up is the daughter!

No! She's nothing to do with it.

Out of my way.

I want his family involved
so he knows how it feels.

It's wrong!

You'd betray me?

You phony!


Rika, are you okay?


I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.

My body...

Dad, let's go get cake.

She's getting weak.

Now's my chance.

No good. Akari, let's go.


Stop, Dad. Leave them be.

- Quiet!
- You're the bad guy here.


It's started again.

Something happened to Rika.

Not my business anymore.

At least he's happy.




What happened?

Rika! What is it?

I did it with Grudge Dog!

Calm down!

Shit, nothin'.


Are we having a party?

No way!

Keep your guard up.

They're tough li'l dead chicks.

They're weak now, eh?

Let's get us some ghost poontang.

Hear that? We can't lose.

But we can't fight like this.


I still think...

it's wrong to kill.

Life is precious.

It is. Especially yours.

To me...

all your lives are precious.


Rika, you can't die yet.

Dad will be sad.

That's exactly right.


She's too good to die.

That's why I'm back.


Weren't you heading to heaven?

I can go another time.

Anyway, is there a way to revive her?

There is a way.

Absorb a year of
a human's life and transfer it to her.

Without killing them.

That will save her?

Come on out, monsters!

Not much time. Standby for action!

Alright! Payback time!

Where are they?

Come out bimbo beasts!

Not here.

Where are they?

What the fuck?

Come out already.

They're here!

I'm sucking out one year of your life.

I'll help myself to one year of your life.

What is it?


A year of your life. Give it up!

We got the big fish.

Hi, Dad.

Spooks can't be bullet-proof.

Try and shoot this if you can.


Can you do such a shameful thing
in front of your mother?

You must have been a good kid.

Shit! You bet I can!


Buffoons like you are rotten to the core.

That's right.

I thought so too.

Death is not the greatest punishment.


Please help!


It's enormous amounts
of guilt and a feeling of regret.

It's the weapon used
to punish criminals in hell!

The Holy Gun!

It is employed on those
with no sense of guilt.

It produces a feeling of guilt
that makes it impossible to enjoy life.


The source of sentience,

the Baby Gun.

Watch out!

Oh Lord, what have I done?

I'm sorry.

Forgive me for raping and killing.

By all that's holy!

Forgive me!

Something's moving me!

One, two, three!


Akari, Keiko. This is true revenge.

Thanks. Let's do it.

Learn the seriousness of your crimes!

Finally, my revenge is complete.

Mine too.

At last.


Transfer the life force you've collected.

Rika, you can't die.

Was it a dream?

It was no dream.


Glad to have you back.

It wasn't a dream.

As proof, see?

Dad, I'm moving out.

We will never meet again.


You've done unforgivable things.

Don't leave me alone like this.

I'm sorry...

I'm sorry...

So sorry...

The cruelest thing is
to be abandoned by one's family.

It's his fault.


Excuse me.


My daughter used to come here.

Do you know which seat was hers?

Your daughter?

What did she look like?

She was like...

At long last...


Happy birthday.


So wonderful.


We'll be going now.

You can finally go to heaven.

Thanks to you.

Put 'er there.

We can't touch anymore.

It means your life force has returned.

Even when I'm in heaven,
we're still best friends, okay?

I think of you as my best friend too.



Let's go.


Thank you. Bye!

I hope you'll be happy!

Be happy!

Rika, be happy!

Thank you!

Be happy!

Good luck, girls.

Enjoy your happiness.

It's time for work. Let's go together.


Let's live the day to its fullest.

Even if the body dies,
human emotion lives on.

While some live as if dead,

it's still wonderful to be able to
get hurt, be sad, and feel joy.

Live your life.

Appreciate each and every moment.