Ghost House (2004) - full transcript

Pil-gi has never forgotten the words of his deceased father's will "you must have a house of your own." There not having been a single member of his family who has owned a home for the last 3 generations, Pil-gi slaves for 10 long years to earn the money to finally buy a house for himself. Working as an engineer by day and as a special service taxi driver for drunks who can't drive their own cars by night, it's undeniable that he's earned the right to have his own home. Ecstatic about his accomplishment, he cries out with joy, "dad, I bought a house, it's all mine. Now, you're finally happy up there, right?" But just as his dream comes true, it turns out that there's someone or something else that holds claim of the house, and it mercilessly tries to drive him out using the actual house itself. Among other things, a couch and a kitchen knife, guided by the ghost, attacks him. And as the bizarre attacks begin to intensify, the image of an actor on TV warns him to get out of the house. Pil-gi is thrown in a desperate state of shock and disbelief and thinks to himself, that "this is too much! I've worked like hell to earn this house, and now this is happening to me?" It's a pitiful site to see that he finally is forced out of his "dream house" and has to spend the night at a motel all because of a ghost that won't let him stay. Finally, with true determination, he decides to make a stand and declares an all out war against the 'ghost'

Where the hell are you hiding?

Come on out,
ghost or whatever you are!

You scared of me or what?
Did you run out of tricks, huh?

Let's go head to head.

All right, let's put an end to
this today. Either you die or I die!

What's with this guy?
Is he crazy?

You wanna play games with me?
Come out!

I know you're here!

Let's finish it!
Come out, now!

How come he's isn't afraid!

I'm gonna get you, ass!

You think you're scary?
What a joke!

Next time you're gonna have to do
a whole lot better, got it?

Wanna try strangling me again?

I'd rather watch a scaring movie
than see you!

I'm gonna teach you a lesson!

A lesson about what?

What's it this time?
Man, you're really something!

You did this to the couch
the other night, remember?

What a hopeless girl you are!
All right already!

If doing this make you happy,
go ahead.

I can't believe this!

Who's at the door?

Don't ask me!

What are you filming
horror movie or something?

What's with the costume?

It's too bad.
All that effort for nothing!

Who is it?

Answer me!

You, PARK Pil-gi!

How come you haven't
called me for a week?

Well... I was just...

Are you hiding something.

No way! You know me.

Your girl is pissed off!

- I'm on vacation starting today.
- Oh, you are?

Hon, Soo-kyung, wait!

Oh, she's turned on so easily!

Please have her keep her shirts on!

You're lucky!

Look at her ass!
She's dying to have sex.

Never mind me,
just have fun!

Oh, please, no...

I saw you two doing
it the other day.

You're a crack at it!

I'm soaking in sweat,
pull the covers off.

- No, If you do I'll...
- All right, goddamn.

Soo-kyung, no more, please.

I told you, stop!

Forget it then.
I'm going home.

Hey, I am sorry, Soo-kyung.

Sorry, don't get the wrong idea.

It's not what you're thinking.

Open the door, honey.

Don't take it the wrong way.

This is killing me!

Open the door.
Let's talk about it, okay?

Soo-kyung, honey...

I'm really sorry.

Calm down.

You're so pretty!
Oh, my angel!

What's this?

Oh, I get it.

Since when have you seen
me wearing red panties?

So you've been with some
other bitch in this house!

No, it's all a misunderstanding.

You've cheated on me, damn!

Listen to me!

- It's not how it looks!
- Then what is it?

Just calm down!

You said you loved me,

and so how do you
explain this shit!

Wait, please listen to me.

This is so irritating!


I can't believe this.

You bastard, we're finished.


I'll kill you...


That's the bitch's name, damn!

- She's an LG.
- An LG?

What's that?

There're 2 kinds of ghosts...

One is an LG, meaning
'Lingering Ghost'...

who can't leave the place that
they lived before for some reason.

And the 2nd one is an FG,
meaning 'Floating Ghost'.

And the one in your
house is an LG.

Are you serious?

All right then, tell me how to deal
with this LG, FG or whatever.

First you have to listen to her story

about what makes her
linger around the house.

And then?

You weren't able to win the
fight against the ghost, so...

Now it's time to negotiate.

Whether human beings or ghosts,
communication is key.

None of you can imagine how I feel!

You don't know how I feel...

I didn't do anything.

Hello, please sit.

How cruel!

He needs to learn a lesson anyway.

Why are you so late?

Well, today is KIM's memorial day.

So we had a meeting at his house.

Have you drunk a lot already?

We just started.

Hey, let me pour you one.

Today it's on this boy, so feel free
to have as much as you want.

Hey, I didn't say that.
We're splitting it.

You didn't really help anyway.

"Need a conversation"?

An idiot could've said that!

Okay, I'm gonna give it a try.

But what do we talk about?

What the...!

Are you a bat or something?

It's embarrassing to
see you doing this crap!

You're blushing!

I bet, you must've been practicing
all day to surprise me!

Not really.

Listen, give it rest
and let's talk it out.

I don't want to.

Can you call this
'ghost's self respect'?

Come down, already.

So tell me, what is it
that you want me to do?

That's simple.
Get out of MY house.

You're definitely confused.
It's MY house.

You wanna see the contact?

Or, if you go to the
registration office,

you'll see that the
owner's PARK Pil-gi.

- This is MY house, period.
- Is it?

Then convince me that it is!

I don't need to.

Just stuff you face pig.

What? Watch your mouth.

You don't have any idea
how to show respect?

You started it, jerk.

Jerk? You're really pushing
my buttons. I'll kill you!

You think I'm scared?
What an idiot, I'm already dead!

Crazy ghost!

The negotiation's finished!
That's it!

I'm not making any concessions!

I've never heard of such
a lousy ghost!

Stop eating! I paid for this!

She's not worth giving a try.

What's her story?

She just kept saying
"This is MY house".

And she's sharp with
cursing and swearing.

She must've lived a terrible life!

- And she's even worse than you!
- What the f...!

All you do is talk about
patience and communication.

Sir, this isn't exactly in
accordance with the designs.

Take it easy, it's perfect.

What the...!

She must want revenge
or something, right?

Whatever, I don't give a shit.
I'm not scared any more.

Then find a way for
you to live together.

Ghosts are friendlier than humans,
in a way.

It's not time for joking.

Rumors are going around that
my house is haunted.

A TV station even called me
to cover the story.

Nothing happened?
NO ghosts?

That's unbelievable!
You look good.

Hey, kid, slow down
on the sweets.

Who're you talking to?

You have a younger sister
who died, right.


- She's sitting right there.
- Where?

What's your name? Sook-ja?
Sook-ja, right?


She's sitting there feasting
on chocolates.

Hey, sweets can spoil your teeth,
so slow down, okay.

Oh my dear sister.

You got a habit of spying on
girls taking baths?

Who me? What are you
talking about?

I'm no pervert!

My husband will come home
any day now, so...

It makes me sick.

Even a ghost changes dresses?
So funny!

This really pisses me off.

You take a bath almost every day.

Think about the water bill I pay.

You don't ever pay a cent of that.

You just idle away time having fun.

And you don't even consider
the living costs!

Don't you have any moral ethics?

What's the use of taking a bath

if you're a goddamn ghost?

According to the project number
60385's plan, we should...

Hello, this is PARK Pil-gi.
That's right...

You wanna buy the house?

Sure, and you've already seen it?

Then why don't we do the
paper work tomorrow?

Don't worry

a thing about how much over the
market price it is.

It would've been so much better

if you all moved out of
these shacks earlier.

Fuck, I'm fed up with
this worthless shits.

Just sign the contract, now!

I don't have time forever!
Hurry up dammit!


You gotta stop popping up out
of nowhere like this.

What are you doing?
What's this?

Give me that.

Do I have to report every
single thing I do to you?

None of your damn business.
I'm just...

Just what?


I'm moving out.

So you should pack up
your things, if you got any.

They're going to build
something here.

- What did you say?
- I'm moving out.

And they're going to
demolish this house?

Well... they're going to get rid of
the house and build a hotel.

It'll be nice.

You can wait for your husband
in a brand new hotel.


I'm sorry. I understand.

No way!

He was my first and only true love
in the 28 years of my life.

And this house was our dream.
It was everything.

Congratulation on your wedding!

Sorry for such a small wedding.

What're you talking about?
I couldn't be happier.

I'd be so happy living
in a house like this.

- You mean it?
- Of course.

This is... OUR house.

I was going to tell you
once it was finished, but...

Lunch break, come and eat.

- It's great.
- Hurry up.

I'm starving.

I love this house.

When the house is finished,
let's take a trip.

A trip?

It's been three years and we still
haven't gone on a real honeymoon, so...

Really? But you know
I don't mind.

- All right, never mind then.
- No, let's go!

What luck, a typhoon hitting during
our honeymoon. I'm so sorry!

It's fine. I like sound of rain,
and besides you're with me.

Let's eat.

- Well, we have a house now and so...
- So...?

I want to have a baby.

Thanks, honey.

What's going on?

Hey, driver!

What's happening?

Hurry, give me the stretcher.


Hurry up, we're losing her!

Mister, can you help me
find my husband?

Oh, please...


Hurry, move.

If this house is gone...?

Please don't let this gone,
what happens to my husband?

I'm begging you.

You can sell it,
but this house has to be here.

I sincerely sympathize with you,
but there's nothing I can do.

Don't cry.

And how can you be so sure
you're husband will come?

If he were alive,
he'd have come earlier.

If he were dead, he'd have come
as a ghost like you.

I'm sure that he's
coming dead or alive.

So don't sell it to this company.

What should I do?

Only if I could see him...
just once!

Then I'd be happy and move on.

You've got to be kidding.
You said yes over the phone!

You want more for it, is that it?
I'll pay 10 million more.

It's got nothing to do with the price.
I just changed my mind, that's all.

Sorry, but try to find somewhere else.

I'll be going.

Well, we've got a problem.

We've already made a contract
with the hotel owner.

Rude son of a bitch!

PARK Gi-tae...


He's not on the obituaries,

so he couldn't
have been on the bus.

He was on the bus I bet, and how
could he have not come, if he's alive!

Please have a look at it again.

Does that mean you know one of
the survivors who were on the bus?

Well, yes and no...

Is it possible this record is wrong?

Well to be honest,
I would say yes.

In cases like this, victims are
taken to ER's all over the place,

and sometimes information
can get mixed up.

And I wasn't in charge of it, so...

What should I do?

Come this way.

You little brat!

Come down from there,
come on.

Hurry up, and come down.

I didn't do it, I swear.

It's mean to play tricks on people.

Did you see the mess you
caused at the police station?

I don't know what happened to you,
but this isn't right.

You might be having fun, but it
causes people a lot of trouble.

You belong to the ghost world
and you can't interfere here.

Yes, sir.

Don't do it again. Promise?

Good boy, now go home.

- Good- bye.
- See you, kid.

I asked all the ghosts around, but...

no one knows where he is.

He's not listed on the obituaries.

He could be hanging around
the accident site,

waiting for his wife?

The accident site?

Some ghosts

just hang around the place
where they died.

He could be waiting for
his wife to show up.

PARK Gi-tae, if you're here,
come out. I wanna see you.

I'm looking for Gi-tae,
Yon-wha's husband.

PARK Gi-tae.

What's he doing here?
Is he looking for any of us?

Hello, guys!

You can see us?
Are you a shaman?

No, not really.

But I'm here to find a ghost.

PARK Gi-tae... wasn't he the
one sitting behind me?

I haven't seen him for 2 years.

No, that ghost went after a girl
who was here for a picnic.

Is it that guy who was
sleeping in the back seat?

Was it him?

No, he was sitting
with a lady, his wife.

Then could it be the couple
sitting in the middle?

I remember we had to wait,

'cause the man came back late
from the rest area.

No, I was sitting in the middle,
and I didn't see any couple.

How do you know?

Yu were changing seats all the time,

looking for the most comfortable one.
How selfish!

Selfish? Me?

Calm down.

I was reading a newspaper.

Hello... what?

Hold on.

Hey, keep it down.

I told you,
I won't sell the house.

No negotiations, period.

Are you threatening me?

It's my house, and I won't
sell it! So what?

Don't think you can
threaten me, shit!

Mind your own business!

Line up just like the night
of the accident!

- Sir... I am af...
- Shut up.

What if the ghost is here?

Don't worry a thing.

Even a ghost wouldn't
dare attack me.

Hurry up, moron.

Over there.

Hurry up. Make sure to hit
the kitchen too.

What are you doing? No!

Did you hear that?

Hear what? Stop standing there
and finish the job.


Get the hell out of here.

Oh, no!

Get out!




I'm happy you got yourself such
a beautiful house, sorry I'm late.

No, that's all right.

Dad, I missed you so much.

Don't worry, this house
has a strong frame,

so all you'll have
to do is remodel.

It's time to say good-bye.

I wish you and your
new family happiness.

And Yon-wha, get along
with my son, all right?

Let's take a look.

It would've been disastrous
if the fire spread to the woods.

I'm sorry to see
your house so damaged.

You should've sold the house

when you could've
gotten more for it.

See what stupid
decisions lead to.

By the way,
I know it's terrible timing,

but there some bad news.

- Is that right?
- Yeah.

This is to inform you that

this house addressed
at 43 Jangsungop was not built

in accordance with Art. 9

and 12 of the construction

In accordance with Art. 69
of these regulations,

this house is ordered
to be demolished.

One last thing.

It takes effects as of today.

Considering that the fire
here today violated the law...

not to mention that it is haunted,
it's best if this house is demolished.

I don't give a shit. I'm going to keep
this house no matter what.

You officials are taking bribes, right?

Watch your mouth.

- Get the hell out of here.
- PARK Pil-gi!

All right, but let me
tell you something.

I've been in this fucking
business for 20 years.

Remember, I'm one of
the top 10 bastards

in this country for demolishing
houses, right?

You think you win
a war against me?

If you walk away now,
I'll pay for your moving expenses,

but otherwise, you're done for.
Got it?

The deadline is midnight.

You think...
this is going to help?

It will! I'm willing to risk
my life protecting this house.

Don't worry,
I'll make sure nothing happens.

How about...

giving the house up.


I don't want you to get hurt,
my husband may not come.

That's enough.

Just talk with the man
who wants this house, and you'll...

I'll what?
I'll do or get what?

I'll never give up this house.
It's MY house.

And YOUR house... too.

Hey, I don't want you to get hurt.
Just walk away.

Cut the bullshit.
God dammit!

That jerk's a real pain
in the ass!

Sorry, asshole,
you want this house?

Then come and get it.

Don't hold back.
Just do what you got to do.

- Go!
- Yes, sir.

Tear it down, now!

Crush it.

Tear to pieces.

Come on, man!

The cute girl in red shoes will leave.

Now, let's move.

One more song, please.

Fuck! Put the fire out.


Be careful, the house might
catch on fire!

Don't worry I used to be
pitcher at school.

So I helped friends

throw firebombs at demonstrations.

You see, just trust me.

What are you doing
standing around anyway?

I'm helpless out of this house.

The only time I actually need
your powers, and you can't help.

His father dying wish was
for him to have his own house.

So this boy worked like hell

to buy a house,
and he finally made it.

But, as fate would have it
the house is haunted.

And, as it turns out,

that house was everything
to the ghost and her husband,

but when the house
was completed,

she died and
her husband went missing

on the first and only trip
they ever took.

And she has been there...

She yearns to find out
what happened to her husband...

and forever waits
there for his return.

But a greedy
contractor is determined

to demolish
the house any time!

We have two choices,
we can stay here and enjoy our songs...

Or rush to aid of those poor kids.

They're resisting like hell!

In the end, there's nothing he do.
Tear it down!

Yes, sir.



I can't hold on much longer.
Get out!

Let's go, hurry.

Hurry, it's getting
more dangerous!

- I can't believe this.
- That's strong concrete.

This can't be happening.

There's no way!
Ram it harder.

What's wrong with this?

It's ghosts.

- Something's going on!
- Evil spirits.

Come down you bastard!

Are you all right?

There's nothing to be afraid of.

Just do your job, men.


Oh, sir.

I am not too late, am I?

The house was almost done for!

Just do what you came to do!

All out attack!


It's nothing.
Stand your ground.

What took you so long?
We almost lost everything.

Fuck, what are you doing?

Snap out of it you assholes!

No, this can't be happening.

Are you all possessed
or something?

You won't believe what I had to do
to get the ghosts support force here.

That bastard!

Don't lay a finger on it!
This is my house!

- Are you Yon-wha?
- Yes?

I heard someone call your name
desperately at the hospital!


I don't know if
he's still there, but...

The man next to my room,

called out "Yon-wha" a lot.

Excuse me, is there a patient
PARK Gi-tae registered here?

Well... not sure,
just a moment.

It works.

Great, it's walking fine.

We'll carry this bear
with Yon-wha in it.

- No, it won't.
- Why not?

She won't be able to
survive in it long.

A woman's body would be
the best for this.

It was perfect.

Who is it?


What's going on?
Are you okay?

I was worried to death!

Come on in.

The bastards did this!

Why didn't you call me?

My boss JANG helped me
out so everything was okay.

Isn't that right?

I didn't do much,
but he's really lucky.

What if the jerks come back
to get revenge?

No way!

He was thrown in jail for fraud

and forging official documents!

I feel terrible, look at this!

Nothing's left. We are going to have
to start all over again.

And it's going to take
a lot of money, right?

Well, what's done is done,
so we'll just have to save up.

We should have that jerk
compensate us for the costs!


What was that?

Nothing. What're you
talking about?

I felt something.

What? Do you feel a pain in your
back or something?

I know there's something going on
that you're not telling me about.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Pil-gi, just tell her the truth
and ask her to help.

Soo-kyung is too strong willed so...

it won't work unless
she's willingly supportive.

Hey, you'd better tell me the truth.

This way.


Why not?

Do you have any idea what
time it is? Come back tomorrow.

We can't come back tomorrow.
I need to see him today.

You can't talk to her like that.

Let's just come back

It doesn't seem
possible tonight.

You've waited so long,

what's another day?

I've waited so long already,
I can't wait any more minute.

I have my reasons, so please make
an exception this time.

What's more, he's in intensive care,
only family can see him.

I sure he doesn't have any family,
so how are you related?

He's my husband.
I'm his wife.

Come to the front desk.


Where are you going?

- Let's go up this way.
- What?

- We have no other choice!
- No, Yon-wha.

You know how much
I'm afraid of heights.

Fine, I'll go by myself.

- Hey, come down!
- Oh my god.

Are you all right?
I can't believe it!

Are you all right?

I told you not to do it.

Your body's that of a 60-year-old man,
JANG, don't forget it.

- Pil-gi, you go.
- What?

- Hurry.
- No I won't.

I'm telling you to go!

- I told you this was a bad idea!
- Grab his hands tight!

It's him, right?

Is it him?

Oh, Gi-tae...

Are you all right, sir?

Honey, at last I'm here.

So, this is why you
couldn't come home.

Sorry, I'm so late.

I should've looked for you earlier.

I'm gonna get the... why?

I couldn't let go, thinking that
you might come back to me some day.

And now, everything's fine.

Nothing matters anymore,
we're together again.

I wouldn't be here if
it weren't for my friends.

How can I ever thank you?

It was our pleasure

Please find a good place to rest.

Thank you

I'll never forget
what you've done for us.

Are you PARK Pil-gi?

We're terrified.

This ghost or monster
whatever it is, is killing us!

It's an LG.

An LG?

It's one of two kinds of ghosts,

and LG means 'Lingering Ghost'...

It's kind of technical,

I'll brief you when
I get the job done.

Have some cold water.

Wow, it's really cold.

I'll tell you what, I'll finish
the job before it warms up.

Whether ghosts or human, having
a conversation is most important.

I don't know what your story is
for living in this house.

But let's have a talk, man to man,
man to woman, or whatever.

No, help me,
not the chicken again!