Ghost Hoax (2010) - full transcript

Murder and madness envelop a pair of wedding videographers when they rig a hoax in a real haunted house. What is real? What is not real? Only the body in the morgue can reveal the truth about what happened in that house.


Go on-




Fuck a duck.

Big AND crazy.

Doesn't add up.

Come on, man.

What? I'd be freakin' out too if
I knew I was going to the chair.

I dunno.

He was scared of those pictures
or something.

We seen worse.

Remember the little girl
with her head cut open?

Yeah, that was bad.

Or that pregnant woman-

Yeah, but he acted different.
Like he seen a ghost or

That's where I seen
him before-on TV.


You remember-
we seen him on the news before.

'Bout six months back.
He caught a ghost on video.

No shit?

Yeah, it was a big dealin the
Valley for a couple of weeks.

He said he found a
real haunted house.

Said he had proof.

Maybe you're right.

What-'bout what?

Him. He's crazy.

Like I said before.

Big and fucking crazy.

** Whistling **

POPPA! What are you doing?

Didn't know where you'd got to.

I told you I was
taking a shower.

You were gone so long... I...
I've gotta go to bed.

Just gimmie a second, ok?
Go back to bed and I'll give you

your pills in a minute, ok?




Look for me...




Please come in, Dr Fratini-I'm
so glad you're here-Thanks

Not at all, Mrs. Tijeras. I
couldn't wait to come down.

I don't even know where
to begin- Come on in.

Like I was telling you over the
phone- It all started when my

Not yet, Mrs. Tijeras. We
have to set up the camera.

All this has to be properly
documented, you know.

OOOh-I'm so sorry. You're
scientists. I understan-

Oh no-just me. These two are
just camera people.

They're not involved in actual
scientific investigation.


Let's find a suitable room
for the boys to set up in.

Um... ok... There's the
kitchen over here...

We'll just go and get
the other bags, then.

Um... ok...

I dunno dogg, this don't
look like no haunted house.

Well, what the hell do you
expect a haunted house in the
Valley to look like?

I dunno... dark?


Yeah-and creepy.


Yeah and bigger-
like a mansion or something.

SHUT UP, Grover You have no idea
what we're looking at, here-do

If we play this the right
way, we won't have to do

another one of those god
damn wedding videos EVER.

What's wrong with weddings?

Jesus Christ, Grover.

I like weddings.
And bridesmaids.

Let's just get the rest
of the damn gear...

**Faint whistling..**

(sarcastic) Haunted house...

So, I all started-

Now? Is it ok to start, doctor?


Please-call me Maureen.
Go ahead and state your name

and then tell us
about your experience.

Ok, Dr Fratini-I mean-Maureen.

My name is Mrs. Teresa Tijeras

and my house is being haunted
by my late father,

Paul Roulet.

You know what-let's just take it
one step at a time, Mrs.
Tijeras. Can you give

me a description of the
occurrence that prompted you to
call me at the university?

Well, there's been weird
things going on in the house

over the past few months, but
nothing like what happened...

last week. Um... It was about
two o'clock in the morning and-

Excuse me, Teresa. Could I get
you to look into the camera.

No, I don't want that. Just
relax and look where you want to


Um-I'm sorry-um-It was about
three o'clock in the morning and
I was sleeping-

and I heard this noise-
there was this whistling-

No-yes-there was this...

So it was noise that first
alerted you to the presence?

There was this whistling-in
my ear- I wasn't very loud-

What was the tune?

The tune?

Yes. What was it whistling?

Let's come back to that, later.

We'll hold off on our questions
until you're done with the

(sarcastic) OK.

Oh... anyway... where was I?

The whistling...

Yes-thank you. There was this
whistling-by my ear- and then
the whistling stopped

and then suddenly I felt a sharp
pain in my side.

Like a jab-but I
didn't feel 'the hit.'

'The hit?'

Yes-like someone hiting me with
a stick, but I didn't feel

'the hit, ' I just only felt
the sharp pain in my side-

Is there a bruise?

Well, there was, but it's
gone now. I'm sorry.

That's alright-we'll just
recreate it with some makeup.

You look at little drained, Mrs.
Tijeras. Let's take a little

Tom, can I have a word with you?

What the hell was
that supposed to be?

Look, I just thought a little
bruise would be good for the
dramatization segment.

I don't think we're on the same
page here, Tom.

I've hired you two to document
everything that happens in this

But don't you want
it to look good?

I mean documentaries now a
days-the audiences want

to see something with a
little bit of a pizzaz.

I don't know how much more
clear I can be with you.

not making a documentary

and the people who are going to
see this want accuracy above all
else, or they will

not give us money to continue.

The last thing in the world
we want is 'pizzaz.'

Ok-ok. Yeah-you're the boss.
I'll just document. No pizzaz.

I'd appreciate it. Now that
we've straightened that out,

Im going to go find Teresa.
You go find your sound guy.



What the fuck, slackass?

Hey. Whoa.

Huh? What?

You know what-

What are you doing in here?

Oh yeah my pal here-
wasn't feeling so good so uh-

I heard something.

I don't think we
should be in here.

Why not, Teresa?
What happened here?

This is Poppa's room.
This is where he stayed.

How long?

Only two months. He hardly ever
left the room, thank god.

Were you close to your father?

Oh god no. I hadn't seen
him since I was five.

And then he just
showed up here...

and... died...

Have there been any
unusual goings on or

incidences in this room
since your father passed?

Sometimes I hear noises.

Late at night I'd hear a song-a

a record he used to play-
over and over again.

But when I get up-

The record player
would be unplugged?

Oh no. I never get
up to go check.

What? Why not?

Because I smashed that record
into a thousand pieces the day
after he died.

I only get up to lock my door
and try to get back to sleep...

Well, what do you think?

I don't know. Seems a
little fishy to me.

I think she's genuinely
scared of something in there.

What-you don't think she's doing
it just for the attention?

She doesn't seem the type. She
wasn't all that forthcoming

about any of the incidents. I
believe she is really afraid.

Yeah, I guess...

And what about you friend?

What? Grover?

Has he ever displayed any
kind of sensitivity before?

Only when he's working
on some chick.

No, I mean like sensitivity to
psychic phenomenon.

Naw. He's just all hung over.
Working on some puta last night-

- kept him up all night...

Hey Grover, what was
last night's name.

Your momma.

I don't know.
Something's going on with him.

He's just going to break your
heart, Maureen.

I wasn't talking about that.

But what about your group?

They going to come
do more work in the-

I mean-did we get
enough on tape?

I'm not sure. After you send me
the copies of the footage,

then I'll show them to the board
and they'll make a decision from

Well how long's
that going to take?

Who knows? Tomorrow-two
months from now...?

They're very picky about what
they decide to fund and

right now we just don't have
a lot to show them.

I told you it wasn't a sure
thing. You understand.

Yeah... sure...

Look, I think we have something.
I just wish we had something

I'll call you when
I know anything.

Yeah... I'll see you later...

We all done for the night?

What-you got plans
tonight or something?

Yeah, I'm going to
the bar with a girl-

Not tonight, rockstar. We're
gonna work us a little graveyard



Get that sun gun ready.
She's almost there.


Good fun.


Tom, it's Maureen.

Something happened at the
Tijeras house last night.
Something big.

What, did Teresa freak
herself out again?

I don't think this is her
imagination. The occurrence she
is describing

is a little too vivid to
dismiss. She's absolutely

I'll take your word.
Not my field.

Just see if you can get a
hold of Grover and get all

your camera equipment ready
to go as soon as possible.

She wants us to spend the night.
She doesn't want to miss it.
She's afraid-


Of course tonight. We don't want
to miss out if it happens again.

So... you want us for
another shoot, then?

Uhhhh-that's the idea.

Well, your people come through
with the budget...

You'll get paid, Tom. I'll
pay you myself if I have to,

but we need to get
some better footage-

We need better footage?

We definately need something
better than we have now.

Ok, ok. I'll find Grover and
we'll we'll be there at eight.

We've got a deal.
See you there. Bye.

That was quick.

OW-What the fuck!

Rise and moan, slacker.
We gotta get our shit together.


We got us another job tonight.

WHAT??! Weak, dogg. You're
fucking with my love life now.

So, will all this equipment
scare off the ghost or...

We just want to be ready should
there be another occurrence

You want it to come back?

I'd like to know what we're
dealing with. I'm setting up
some machines that monitor

the atmosphere of the room-stuff
like air pressure, temperature,
and humidity.


A sudden change in the
atmosphere of a room can

indicate the presence
of paranormal activity.

So we can tell if
something's there.

That something MAY be there.


Tom doesn't think we're going to
see anything tonight. He's quite
the skeptic.

But you think something's
going to happen?

I'd say there's a good chance...

No... I don't want him to...
We can't do this-I can't...


Teresa-Teresa-It's ok. It's ok.
Nothing bad's going to happen.
We're here for you.


Ninety percent of the time
nothing happens the first night
of investigation.

There's nothing to be afraid of.
We've got it all under control.

I'm sorry, Maureen-

It's ok. We're all nervous...

Let's start some tea
and we'll sit down...

Hey stupid.


Tie this on the front of that
rocking chair over there.


What the hell is with you? You
can drop the psychic act.
They're in the kitchen.


The space cadet schtick.

I'm still burnt from last night.
How long we gotta be here, 'til?

I told you this afternoon- we
are stayin' the friggin' night.

What? When'd you say that?
There's no way I'm staying.




I've just about had it with
you and your bullshit.

You are not going to
fuck this up for me.

You better start playing the
game otherwise you are out on
your ass.

You are out of everything.


Tom. It's your shift.

Oh my god.

What is it?

Oh my god! What is it?!

What is it?!

I can't believe it!




We did it-I'm still
in shock-we got it.

Well, we got something.

You were there. You saw it
with your own eyes.

Sure, I saw what's on the tape,
but, you know-could be anything.

Like what?

I don't know. Maybe a small
earthquake or a truck driving
by... or...

I checked-no reported
earthquakes and it was five A.M.
Did you hear

any trucks or cars or anything
on the road or in front of this

Well... no, but-

The camera stayed steady,
so it wasn't the floor.

I know. I know. But-

The humidity gauges spiked at
the exact time of the

And you saw something in that
chair. The camera saw something
in that chair.

It even rocked like him.

Rocked like him?

That's how... that's how he
used to rock- that exact speed.

Anyway, in my expert opinion,
we just may have in our hands

the first fully documented
manifestation in existence.

If you say so.

I do. Now, if you and Grover
wouldn't mind, you can

pack up the equipment while
I make a few phone calls.

Alright, Maureen. Alright.

Maureen-uh, Maureen.



Teresa keeps talking about her
Pop in that rocking chair.


So last night, before we woke
up, I had this dream

about some old man in
that chair.

What was he doing?

Just staring at us. He kept
looking back and forth between
you and me, laughing.

The President said he was
just joking and

very sorry for the
misunderstanding. Meanwhile, in
other news..

Who you gonna call?

It seems that one local
parapsychologist claims that she
has actual video footage of

the haunting of a house
in the West Valley

Britney Nakasumi has more
on that story. Britney?

This is Britney Nakasumi and
I'm standing in front of

Teresa Tijeras' house in
the west valley, the site

of an alleged haunting.
Parapsychologist Dr. Maureen.

Fratini claims to have video
evidence of the ghost.

So what's the ghost's name?

I think it's a little too early
to make any assumptions about
that. At this point,

but we're really excited about
the evidence we've gathered so
far in the case.

Is the ghost dangerous
to the neighborhood?

Not at all. See, it's
horror movie myths like that,

that myself and the
group I represent,

the National Parapsychology

We're really tring to dispelll.
We're looking for hard evidence-

Like the video tape?

Exactly. The video tape is
really just the first step in a
long process.

So, you're not
afraid of the ghost?

Well, I don't see how I can be,
given that the N.P.C.has just
given me full financial

backing to investigate this case
and even hire a full-time staff.

Tom Justman is the video
documenteur who actually
captured the ghost

on tape and hopes to be one of
those on her full-time staff.

I think it's the first ghost
ever recorded and that's

what really thrills me, Britney.
I started Justman Video

about three years ago to do
what I love to do:

To shoot the impossible. That's
what I do. That's who I am...

They ain't afraid of no ghost.

And what did Teresa Tijeras, the
owner of the house have to say
about all this?

I'm not so sure about-

All members of the investigation
are confident that

they will soon have further
undeniable proof of the

existence of the Spirit World
by the end of the year

or early next spring. Good
'ghost hunting, ' folks.

So, what can you tell
us about your father?

Uh... well... not
really that much...

How old were you when
your father left?

Oh no. My mother and I left him.

Oh, I didn't know. When did you
leave him, then?

My mother and I lef Baton Rouge
when I was about six years old.

We waited until he was drunk.
Momma- my mother said that was
the best way.

You were both terrified of him.

What my mother told me-
and what I remember

most of the neighborhood
was scared of him.

And why was that?

They... they just were...

I'm sorry-Could I get a glass of
water? Can we stop, please?

I don't get it.

Get what?

I was talking to her.

I'm sorry?

I don't get it. Why'd you take
him back in?


What? Look, it don't add up. If
he was such a creepy bastard
why'd she take him in?

You don't have to
answer that, Teresa.

I'm just asking the
obvious question!

I'm sorry...

He showed up on my doorstep
a few months ago...

He was dying... he was
desperate... sick...

Yes, hello?

That my little Teresa?

Yes, my name is Teresa Tijeras.
May I help you?

Don't you recognize me?
You don't know your own blood?

I'm sorry?

It's Poppa, ma
petite. I found ya.

Oh... Poppa...

I found ya!

It's... been... years...

I'm sorry. I'm sorry I drove
you and your mamma away.

I was such a terrible,
mean man-such a fool...

I don't know what to say-

Don't say anything. I didn't
come halfway across the country

to ask for forgiveness. I came
to see you... one last time...

You're sick...

I'm sorry-I didn't mean
to trouble you...

No-no... Poppa. Come in... come
in and sit for a bit-it's ok...

It was ok at first. We
were getting along and

I made sure he took all
of his medications.

But then he got sicker. And then
he turn back into that man I
knew as a child.

Mean... terrible...

Justman Video. He-

Yes Miss Grazianni, we're all
ready to go tomorrow... of

of course... of course... yes,
we'll-... yes, see you tomorrow.


** Music**

** Love... love
in the trees...**

** Love... the birds
and the bees...**


Yeah-yeah-yeah! Tom-
Tom Justman of Justman Videos-

JUSTMAN! What's my father paying
you for? Get over here-We're
cutting the cake.

Yes-of course, Miss Grazianni-

It's Lackner now,
stupid. Come on...

It was HIM... staring at me
through the mist... IT WAS HIM.

You've just had a good scare.
It's alright,

really. It's probably
already faded... right?

What? Yeah, it's gone,
but we got the pictures.

Grover's watching to
see if it comes back.

Why won't he just stop. Why
won't he just leave me alone?

You have nothing to
fear from that face,

Teresa. We don't even
know what it means yet.

Nothing to fear? Don't you
understand? He's going to come

There have been very few
reliable accounts of an

occupant ever being physically
injured by an entity.

INJURIES? You mean that there
have been people who have been


What the...?


Can't you get rid of it?!

Teresa, I don't think you
realize the importance of this

I DON'T CARE-I want you to get
rid of it. I thought you could
help. I called

you because I wanted you to get
rid of it-I thought you could
help, Maureen.

We're doing everything we can to
try and understand what's
happening here-

RID OF IT. Can't you do

in the movies-say some spell or
something-like the Lord's

We're not exorcists, Teresa. I
never told you we were


I'm sorry. I must have
misunderstood... I don't-

I'm sorry, too. I should have
explained it better to you. I
forget that most

people only know what they see
in the movies. They only know
the mumbo jumbo.

Can you protect me from him...?


Why are you so afraid of
him? Is there something-

Jesus Christ, lady, it's just
the ghost of a little old man.

You act like he's gonna to beat
you to death or something...

When I was a little girl-
back in Louisiana-

in Baton Rouge... before Momma
and I left him...

Poppa used to blindfold me...

take me out to the shed when
momma wasn't home...

Poppa, don't-ow!





Poppa... Poppa...
Poppa...? POPPA!!!!

I'm so sorry, Teresa.
Tom had no right...

For no reason at all... I was a
good girl- I never did anything
wrong at all...


And he never say a word to
me-that was the worst thing of
all... not a word...

Tom didn't mean
anything. He's sorry.

Yeah-yeah, I'm sorry-really
I didn't mean anything-

It's not your fault. It's NOT
your fault-I should have said

something to you-I should
have let you know.

You have been nothing
but kind to me...

No-no, it's perfectly alright.
This is very personal stuff.
It's no one's

business but you own. You only
tell me what you feel
comfortable talking about.

I meant about today-about what
scared me in the mirror.

The face-

No-about what I saw in the
reflection. I haven't seen since
I was a little girl.


I know...


I don't knowl didn't
even feel it happen.

I'm scared...

I'm so sorry, Teresa. It is
clear to me now that you

are in physical danger.
Somethinghas to be done.

Like what? You said you didn't
know how to do an exorcisms.

Not like in the movies. I'm
simply suggesting we hold a real

seance with a real medium and
see if we can contact the

Sounds like the movies.

I have to talk to him?
I have to talk to Poppa?

No, I have a person in mind-

Whoah, whoah, whoah.
Can't you lead us?

Is there enough in the
budget for another person?

Don't worry, Tom.
You'll get paid.

Come on, Maureen-that's
not what I'm talking about.

I just think that
we can do this.

No, this is beyond my
abilities as a scientist.

I know a sensitive I've
used before and I trust.

Alright-whatever-If that's
what you want to do...

We'll hold it tomorrow.

Why not tonight?!

I can't get him that fast. You
can stay with me until we can

resolve this case... somehow.
You can help me do some

Thank you.

Thank God.

I don't know, dogg? I mean-maybe
we shouldn't...

What, are you dense? Her and
Maureen are going to get her

And then they'll leave.

We'll have the whole
place to ourselves.

Yeah-yeah-yeah-I know-I mean...
maybe something IS going on?

Like what?

Like the welts on her arms?
We didn't do those, did we?

You're worrying about the welts?

Yeah-they're weird, right?

She's nuts. I mean, she probably
just did it to herself.

I mean look...


See? I told yah.

That's the good tequila.

She's a drunk. See, she drinks
and she falls

and then she falls against
things and gives herself welts

as she's stumbling around her
precious little haunted house.

That's all...

I don't know. It
seemed pretty bad.

Were you born a sucker or you
just drink until you were stupid

Go try the back door.

I'm not going to hop
that fence again?


What up, dogg?

What in the fuck do you
think you're doing?

Back door was open, man.

You want to spend
the night in jail?

No man, it's ok. Nobody saw me.

Let's keep it that way. Come on.

Lift it.

Lift it HIGHER.



Oww! Jackass!

What we gonna do
with the real table?

Sell it. Get some
return. Buy a new toe.

I said sorry.

Now hold this.
Don't drop this one on me.

Grov-Oh, what the fuck?

What the fuck?

What's your problem now?
Had to raid a panty drawer?

Aw no. You KNOW I'll kick your
ass if you've been smoking that-

What the fuck?!


Dude, did you feel that?

Feel what?

OK-so I was coming outta the
bathroom and something brushed

past me. Something that wasn't
there, man. I'm not kidding.

Tell me-you been in
the bathroom until-?

Yeah-I had to take a piss.
Can we go now?

Yeah... yeah-we just gotta...
get the table...

before the neighbors... Yeah...

That was the best sleep
that I've had in weeks.

Thank you, Maureen.

Sure. No problem.

I'm sorry, everyone. The medium
will be here soon.

He usually sleeps
during the day.

Yeah, 'cause
seances take place at night.

That's right. Why're we having
this during the day? Aren't

Did you want it at night?

No... I was just saying-

I'm sorry. I only meant that I
think people would be more

comfortable if we had it during
the day and a little bit more

Right-yeah... No parlor tricks.

You don't have to worry about
that. I trust this medium

What he does is no magic act, I
assure you. He's the real McCoy.


Sorry Mo-couldn't help myself.

And here I was telling everyone
you were legit.

Depends on the pay.

More money-the more sparkle-
the less legit.

And how much is it today?

Day's a little R and D favor for
little Mo, here.

We've worked together on
a number of occasions.

You've worked on cases
like this before?

Not exactly. From what Mo says,
this spirit is a tad aggressive.

I only had time to give him a
brief rundown.

What's the chicken
for? You do voodoo?

This kind of work
makes me hungry.

Takes the protein
right outta me.

What's going on down there?

That's where Teresa's father,
the one we want to contact, used
to live.

There's some serious mojo
coming from down there.

How come we're doing the seance
up here and not down there?

Teresa... has a hard time
going into that room.

I need her to be comfortable
enough to focus.

Ok-makes sense.

And besides it's better
to shoot... up here...

So... we ready?

Fine. Let's all relax
and hold hands...

How relaxed do you have to be
for this?

Everything is alright, Mrs.
Tijeras. You're in a safe room.
Everyone close your

eyes and think of a safe
place-think about the safest
place in the world.

Now just keep thinking
about that safe place

and we're going to
hum a single note.

'Om' is pretty easy and doesn't
sound too stupid. I'll start







Jesus! Orlando!


Breaking news and more footage
has been sent in from our
ghostbusters case...

A violent seance and a collapsed
medium. Is this a ghostly
attack? News at 11.

What in the hell
were you thinking?

This-this-FOOTAGE. This-complete

You worried about a
few news spots-?

Where do you get off releasing
this footage to the press? How
could you?

Whoa. Back up there-

His family saw that spot.

He knew what he was doing.

And that's supposed to
mean what, exactly?

It means I think you're being
taken for a ride, 'Mo.'

You son of a bitch. You don't
know me, you don't know

Orlando, and you don't know
what you're talking about.

What I know, lady, is that me
and Grover've been working on

for six weeks now and we
have yet to be paid.

This is about the money? Is that
why you pulled this stunt?

You're not listing, lady. I
didn't pull anything, here. I
just ain't been paid-

The Council was just about to
send me a check, but after that
news spot, I

don't know if they'll even take
my calls. You may have ruined
our chances.

UNTIL I get paid, this footage
belongs to me and Justman.

Video and I'll will do whatever
the FUCK I want with it.

You are some piece of work, Tom
Justman. Don't you have ANY
compassion for anyone?

For who? The con artist Orlando,
or drunken Teresa?

I'm going away for a week or two
to go to Baton Rouge for
research. When I come

back, I will pay you, you will
hand over ALL the footage, AND

You gonna take that
Orlando with you?

You are such an asshole.
Not that you'd care,

but he's still in the
hospital, unresponsive,

and if he doesn't come out of it
soon, he's going to end up in
the psych-ward.


Good thing she doesn't know
about the website.

Justman Video-

Oh-uh-it's Teresa.
Is Maureen still there?

No that-

That Maureen has just left.

Oh, I missed her.

What's up?

Well, I'm staying at her place,
you know, until...

Well, Grover is here and he
wants me to go with him to my

I- I just don't know. He
says he's figured out what's

going on. He says he has a
plan I just don't know.

Maybe Grover's on to something.
Tell you what-

I just don't know...

Let's meet over at your place-

Do you really think it's safe?
Maybe we should wait for

We'll leave at the first sign of
trouble. I'm sure we can handle
it. Trust me.

Well, maybe-

Great-we'll meet at your
place in about a half an hour

I'm sure Grover knows
what he's doing. Bye.

Grover, what the
fuck are you doing?

Mrs. Tijeras, I think I know
what caused Orlando to have his

You do? What?

The ghost-I don't think it liked
him. I think it prefers Grover.

You mean... it's in there now?

Oh yeah-the spirit is letting
our young friend channel it.

Oh god, no.

Oh no-it's ok.
He's done this before.

He has? I didn't know
he was a medium.

Oh yes. Grover-he's got a
natural ability- powers we don't
like to broadcast.

Maureen doesn't even know.

Oh god, she's on a plane, isn't
she? Maybe we should call her-

NO-We can handle
this without her.

But he-can he...?

Convince the ghost to
cross over? Yeah-maybe,

but we're going to
need more time.

No. I-I can't stay.
I want out. I-I can't-

It's ok. It's under control now.
I'll show you.

It's all right, Teresa. It's
really under control now.

**lt's buried in the backyard.
It's** ** buried under the

Oh god, he singing that record-
that record that I smashed.

YES-there's something buried
in the backyard-something...

Something the spirit
wants us to see.

That's it. Poppa was always in
the backyard. I couldn't imagine
what he

was doing back there. He
was burying something.

There's something back there
that he still wants.

Yes and we have to dig-

I have to-I have to-

I have to-I have to-

Who knew you had it in ya?
Nice work.

You sure pulled that out
of your ass, but Bravo.

And that thing about the
backyard-pure genius.

We're gonna have a whole
shoot without Maureen and be

able to spruce it up to
our hearts' content.

You know, she's gonna pay us
double and hire us back.

Here's the spare keys to the
place. Do whatever with them-I
don't care.

I'm going to go stay at
Maureen's place, ok?

She said I could stay...
Well... you heard her!

Well, yeah but-

I'm sorry. I have to go. Call
me-call me when it's gone, ok?

All clear. She's gone.

Earth to Grover. You in there?

Huh? What?

She's gone. We're home free.

Dude, what the fuck am I
even doing here?

Just shut up and listen. We have
to get in the backyard and rig
it and get

it on tape before Maureen gets
home. After that it's gravy,

Yeah... yeah...
what are we doing?

Never mind. I'll take care of
it. I gotta go get some stuff.

When I come back, we'll be
ready for tomorrow night.

Yeah... tomorrow night...

What? You smoke two bowls
just to get into character?

No. Maybe. Dude, I don't even
know what I'm doing here!

Stoner. Fine-whatever works. I
got some shit to do. I'll meet

you back at the place later-I
gotta go pick up some stuff.

** Whistling**

**Music-vocals in French**

What do you want?

Hi, I'm Dr. Maureen Fratini and
I'm writing a book on local

history and I wanted to know if
I could ask you a few questions.

Local history? Go ahead.

Oh, uh... ok.


Have you lived in
this house for long?

One or two years.

Did a Paul Roulet
used to live here?

I don't talk about
no Paul Roulet.

You knew him?

I told you, I ain't talking
about no Paul Roulet.

Oh... well, he's
passed away, you know?

Where he die at?

At his daughter's
house... in California.

Daughter? Didn't know that
some-bitch had no daughter. She
bury him?

Um, cremated, I think.

Creamated, listen, did she
put them ashes and scatter

'em on the crossroads- Or at
least throw 'em in the river?

Why would she do that?

Ain't y'all got no sense
out in California?

That's what you do with
a bad hoo-doo man.

Witchcraft? He
practiced witchcraft?

Lady, if I'm guessin' right, you
ain't writin' no book on local

history. You're out here 'cause
queer shit been goin' on.

What do I do? I mean, you got
him to leave-but he wasn't...

Me and my brothers just took
back what he stole from our
momma, God rest her soul.

Yes but that doesn't help
me. What I need to know-

He was old and he didn't
have no time for no

hoo-doo on us. But now
that he's dead, I gotta

go dig up the backyard
and make sure he

didn't leave nothing of
himself buried here.

I don't understand.

I ain't got no more time
for no more questions.

You best go check that
backyard in California.

Make sure he didn't bury
nothin' of his self.

Out there. 'Cause if he did,
that'll show 'em the way

back from where the bad folk go.

And I ain't have to explain
where that place is, do I?

What the fuck, dude?

Where the fuck were you?!

What-I must have dozed
off, or something.

What, here? Did you sleep here
last night, asshole?


What the fuck were
you on yesterday?

Nothing dude-I swear.

God damn you, Grover. If it
was worth kickin' your ass...

It's cool dude, it's cool. I'll
go get the rest of the stuff.
Just don't freak out.



Where you want this stuff?

Over here, genius.

No so close to the camera!

Hey, sorry.

Think for once. Christ.


I didn't get much sleep last
night. Kept having these wacko

Fuck your hangover, jerk. We got
to dig a hole six feet deep,
fill it

back in, and set up a pipe
system for the fog machine
before sundown.

What time is it?

Time to fucking work, slackass.
Pick up a shovel-LET'S GO!!!

I think that's deep enough.

Lemmie see the tape measure.

Hey asshole...

The fridge is stocked, bra.

You already had more
than enough yesterday.


Now, get the box and
bury it, fucker.

I think it's about time I sit
on my ass a little while.


Hello-my name is Tom Justman of
Justman Video and it's about
midnight on November

21st in the backyard of the
infamous Tijares House in
Reseda. And, as you can

see, there is a strange mist
coming from this one patch of
dirt, here. To my

knowledge, there are no gas
mains or sewer pipes running
beneath to account for this.

Our resident parapsychologist,
Doctor Maureen Fratini, is out
of town tonight.

I could have used her here to be
on hand and utilize her
expert... ah...

ghost handling techniques, but
we can't wait. We're just going
to have to

investigate and take advantage
of this phenomenon-do the best
that we can...

Grover, we're going to have to
move fast. Turn off the damn
camera and help me dig.

1 A.M., Pacific Standard. This
is Tom Justman again and this is

What's your last name?

Cleveland, bra.

No it's not.

I'm gettin' it changed
when I get some money.

Anyway, this is Tom Justman
again of Justman Video and we

have just uncovered what appears
to be a small box behind

the infamous Tijeras House.
The lady of the house, Miss.

Teresa Tijeras, said that she
observed her late father,

the man we think is... uh...
come back from the grave

and is... active in the house-

She observed the... uh...
suspect, burying something-years

ago-back here behind the
house-OWWW! Knock it off, jerk!

What, dude? I didn't do nothin'.

Yeah-we'll something jus-OUCH!

Something just bit my leg!

What? For real?

Yeah-something just really
friggin' bit my leg-OWWW.

Dude-get 'em off-get 'em off!

What? I can't see-WATCH IT-


Tom? TOM? T-








stop it...



What about Maureen?

She's... down... in the hole.


She wasn't supposed
to be in there...

She wasn't supposed
to be there...


Don't know.


I know where there's
some hard stuff.

This'll help.

We couldn't-a done
nothing else, right?

Not that I could tell.

They'd never believe us...

Guess not.

I don't fucking believe it.

Everyone thinks
she's in Louisiana.

SHE WAS... Wasn't she?



Hey-it's going to be all right.
We just gotta stay over

here and watch over the body-
make sure it stays hid.

No... no-fuck that-

Just 'till the dust settles.
Just 'till we can smooth it all

Yeah... yeah? Maybe...
maybe we should.

We gotta get rid of
that footage, too.


With the camera. We
need to destroy it.


No. We gotta keep it.

That's our ace...
Ace... in the hole...

That's our trump card.

We gotta keep...

We gotta keep...



God damn it.



Oh God...

Fucking Grover...

What the fuck?


It's just me.

Hair of the dog never tasted...
Hair of the dog never tasted so

You need to calm down.
You're all worked up.

They matched the bruises.
Something bit me with those

You hear what you're saying?

They matched, damnit.
That don't make no sense.

There's nothing under the sink.

Not even the jar's under there-
nothing but that rubbing


The one I used to wipe down the
mirror so you couldn't see
anything in the fog?

How about that?

Just shut up and fill me.

My fucking nerves are all shot
and my head is going to explode.

I just-I just don't know
what we're going to do.

Gotta go.

Oh, hey...


You're wondering what
the hell I'm doing?

Uh... well...

We were digging... in the
backyard... and we hit a sewage

So... we had to come in and take
a shower and wash our clothes.

But nothing's happened, right?

No, uh... nothing...
nothing yet...

I won't be but a moment-I just
came by to get up a few things
and then be on my way.

Ok-because, we were going to
dig, in the backyard-like Grover

And... in the backyard...
Because... ummm.

We were in the-nothing
to-Grover's tip-you know...

bad after all. Nothing
back there but pipes.

Have you heard anything from Dr.
Fratini? Maureen?

Uh... no. Should I?

I don't know.

But she's still in
Louisiana, right?

Wait, Grover is in-

Well, I guess I'll get out of
here and let you do your work.

I never did like that girl.

Maybe if we dig her up and-

That's not a good idea.

But what if-

We can watch her here.

No-they'll find her.

Not if we stay here.

But we can't stay here forever.

As long as it takes.

This place... maybe
this place is cursed.

Such... misery.

Life is misery.


Everything just rots. Everything
you do is rotten.

Life is mold. It festers until
it's eaten everything else.

But we had something here.
This was our break.

It always seems that way. It
always seems like things are

your way-things are finally
happening. And then it's all
done in an

instant and you realize
it was all an illusion.

But in that moment, you'd do
anything to forget and prolong
that illusion.

Maybe you need the drink.

I've had my fill.

But we can't just
forget about it-

Just try

Maybe if we dig her up-

No. That's not a good idea.

What if-

We can watch her here.

No-they'll find her.

Not if we stay here.

But we can't stay here forever.

As long as it takes.

**Record player-Music
in French**

Turn it down.

** Record player-Music
in French**


**Record player-Music
in French**



** Record player-Music
in French**

Christ man...

** Record player-Music
in French**

Christ, man...

** Record player-Music
in French**

What the...

** Record player-Music
in French**


Fuck this.

Come on, god damnit. Come on.

Damnit-come on!



Oh my god...

Sleep well?

Where the hell have you been?
Where the hell have you been

Nowhere. I've always
been right here.

We gotta get the fuck outta here
Grover- this place is screwing
with our heads.

I feel just fine. But you look a
little poorly today maybe some

get the fuck outta here...

If we go, who will
watch over the body?

I don't even care anymore.
You know Grover, maybe-


Maybe we should-


Maybe we should turn
ourselves in. You know?

It was an accident, right? They
could see it was an accident,

But you killed her-they'll
see that you killed her.

I didn't even see
her-something was...

What are you doing?

The video tape. We didn't
look at the video tape.


Tom. Tom. That tape's not going
to show us anything.

I just wanna see-I gotta know
what happened.

FINE. If you want to see
yourself kill that girl all over
again, suit yourself.

Does it excite you?

Fuck off.

You're really fucked up over all
this, aren't you? The tape's

going to confirm what the cops
are already going to know about

My name is Tom Justman...
of Justman Video...


Didn't do nothin'

Yeah, well something just-OUCH!

Something just bit my leg.

Stop the tape, Tom...

What? For real?

Yeah-something just
bit my friggin-OUCH!

Dude... Get 'em off...

MURDERER... that's all you are
and that's all you'll ever be...




Stop it.


Stop it...


Stop it...


Stop it...


Don't answer that...

I think I-

Are you out of your mind?


I have to...

I have to confess...

I can't...

I said fucking, 'no.'

It's the police. Do not answer
that god damn door-you hear me?

Get away from that door!

It's about time,
sleeping beauty.

Look Tom, I know we've had
some... communication issues,

but we're all on the same
team, right? We all want-

Jesus, you look sick.

Anyway Teresa called me,
and she left me a message.

She told me all about Grover and
the trance and the dig.


Said something was buried in the
back yard-in his trance.

But... in the back yard...


Did you find anything?
What happened?


Where is Grover?

YOU... But you were in-

In Louisiana-yes. I
came back early.

I found out some very
strange-disturbing- things about
Teresa's father.

I don't even know if they're
true. I need to know-

what happened? Did you find
anything in the back-?

You did find something-You
got it on tape?


What about me? Who
are you talking to?

She's... down... in the hole.

I'm what?!

It was an accident.

I didn't mean to-I didn't mean
to do that to you.

Please Tom... don't...

I don't know what you are,
but we can't do this anymore.

I can't stay here, anymore.


I'm so sorry.



Why, Tom?

What he ever do to you?

He stealin' company money?

Maybe he wanted a bigger salary.

He doing your girl?

Maybe you were doing his girl.

You kill for kicks? Do yah?

Maybe you liked it.

Yeah-he liked it...

'Cause he's a murderer.

This piece of shit ready to see
what he done?

Looks like.

Go on...

Look -at 'em!




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