Ghost Coins (2014) - full transcript

Ton and Jack are two students who're infamous for making video clips in which they challenge and even insult superstitious beliefs. As their viral clips rack up more and more views, they ...

Look at this.

Tor, hold up.


Think I would run away?

Is there anybody around?

No need to spice it up.

But we really saw it.


"2 days earlier"

Hello everyone.

Today, I'm proud to present you the award...

the gold medal Science Project of the year.

And as usual...

It's been the same person for 3 years in a row.

And that's the pride of our school...

Torboon Pathumvanich.

Ton, your brother keeps winning.

Is he collecting the coins
for the slot machine?



Can I have it?

Can I say no?

Come on, please, please, please.

One more.

"Bee, hurry to go home?
Let's go out somewhere."

First love is hard to forget

Much love is hard to forgive

Since you are my first

So it's hard not to love

Oh, seriously?

My house is on the main road,

why did she use me as a shortcut?

"Jack, do me a favor?"

Come closer, come closer.

Too close.


You are quite funny, huh?

- It's our special event today.
- Yes.

As we know, everybody wants to be rich.


So, today we will show you...

""How to cheat the slot machine."

Come on, I'll show you something.

- Here.
- Wow!

I got it written down, outstanding.

Things like this take time and skill.

We have the best here.

Let's see if we're gonna hit a jackpot.

Here, over here.

Let's go!

Wait up. Wait, wait, wait.

We'll sure get it.

Coming up.

Keep spinning, there. Stop!


Cha-ching, cha-ching.

Pick them up.

Oh wow!

Got it! Got it! Got it!

- Pick them up
- We made it.

So many of them.

Isn't it awesome?

Plenty of them.

Oh? Oh?

How is it going, brother?

Scared the shit out of you?

Chicken shit.

What the hell are you doing?

Here, I'm telling you.

New activity for our next episode.

I assure you, the view counts
will skyrocket.

Ton, why do you bring me here?

Let go of me.

Come on.

Turn around.

Here we are back again as requested.

Welcome to our show "Ghostbutler"






That's correct. "Buster".

- We are going to get the ghost busted.
- Hey.


We are going to get the ghost busted
or get busted. Stay tuned.

Ton, uncuff me.

Oh yeah, and we have a very special guest.

It's going to be a big hit.

Here, our golden boy will sacrifice himself,

by getting his hand cuffed
with a corpse for half an hour.

You know, so brave.

If we get less than one million likes...

We won't let him go.

A million?

Planking clip just hit 100,000 likes.

- You want a million?
- Yeah.

200 will do, look at him.

What the hell are you playing?

Ton, you know I have to go back to help dad.

No, we don't play.

I'm doing it. Screw your dad.

Jack, I think it's enough.

Let's go home.

I think this is too much.

Too much?

How about when he used you, Bee?

He took the credit, and he dumped you.

A guy like him, this isn't enough.

Ton, uncuff me!

Do you hear anything?


What? A ton of what?

- Wanton? What?
- Ton!

Or Udon?


Jack, you have to let go of me?

You want to be smacked?

Wait, wait, don't mess with Jack.

Jack is a giant's slayer.

- Shit.
- What?

What the hell?

Be gentle with my dad's car.

What's wrong, Ton?

I don't know.

Jack, go check it out.

Why me?

Because it's your dad's car.


Nothing's here. Let's go.

You've got some nice cars.

Why take this crappy one?

It starts haunting already.

Let's shoot out here.

You want to avenge me, Bee?

Please, Bee. Let me go.

Three, four!

- Ready?
- Yeah.

As shown on GPS, to get there...

it's about 3 kilometres.

But if we cut into the woods,

it's less than a kilometre.


Are you sure?


Let me go now!

If mom knows, you're in trouble, Ton.

Screw your mom.

Oops, your mom too.

I mean, screw your dad. He's not yours, is he?

Give me the key.


Hey, why are you so rush?

You don't pay what you did.

What did I do?

What to do with you?

Stop being a smart ass.

You can fool anybody, except yourself.

If you are really good, don't use girls

and take the credit to yourself.

I'm your brother, I feel embarrassed.

She volunteered.

Shut up!

Bee devotes to you.

Look what you did to her?

And you know,
if I talk to the teacher about this

you'll lose your credibility.

What do you want?

Come here.



Not too far to the cemetery.

There are enough graves for you to dig.

Take it!

Take it!

And cuff your hand to the corpse.

Are you out of your mind?

I think you two are crazy.

We did worse.

It's Tor.

Are you gonna take it?

Help! Help!


What was it?



Ton! Ton!

Hey. Wait for me!

Help! Help!



What are you doing?

What's up?

Why do you look so pale?

It's just child's play.

Come on here.

There is more fun out there.

- Come on.
- Let's go.

See something?

They say it's haunted here.


It's chill in the air.

Hey, what do we do with him?

Let's go home.

How come?

We haven't reached the best part yet.

Let's do this, hold it.

Heads or tails?

If you don't chose, I will.



If you get heads, dig the grave.

Tails, skip a go.

Done deal.

Let's start the first grave.

Let's see.

Here, the golden boy. Come here.

Come on.

Come on here.


Come here.

Come closer, over here.

Look over there.

You've come this far, how do you feel?

How is it?

Not talking?

Well, not that he is frightened.

But he is overwhelmed by
what his brother does.

- It's really special.
- Yeah.

Which one is yours? Over there.

Ladies and gentlemen...

now, our golden boy "Tor"

has entered this holy place.

I can feel the energy

that is circulating around this place.

- Let's start.
- Do it.

Look, no tricks here.

What is it? What?

Finally! Finally! Finally!

We're the Ghostbusters!

What is it?

It's 'heads', what now?

It's 'heads', what now?

Dig it.

Got 'heads', go dig it.

Heads to go.

Let's go, hurry.

Go ahead.

- Hurry up.
- Go.

- What are you scared of?
- Go.

Move it, move it, move it.

Go, go, go.

We'd like to tell you,
we didn't pick the grave.

The grave picked us.

Wanna know what's next? Follow me.


'You scare me."

I'm just kidding.

Who's playing with you?

Come on.

Stick together,
you'll get lost wandering here alone.

Come on.

Let's go.

Thanks to all audiences for giving us a chance.

- We love you all.
- Tut.


Can't pull it.

Come, try it yourself.


Let's see.

Wait, is everything okay?

It's just an act.


Just for a laugh, nothing is wrong.


Hey, what are you doing there?

Come and help me.

Let's take this side.


Move away.



Come over here.

Why're you standing still? Come help me.

What're you waiting for?

Bee! Bee!

I'll go get Bee.

Stay down.

Oh man! That's expensive.

Don't take it.

"Ton, where did you bring your brother?
Back home now."

I think we should leave.

Why? Are you scared?

Shit. Bee has gone.

She doesn't want to take a revenge.

It's both of you.

Enough, I quit. I'm leaving.

Hey, I said I quit.

- Come here.
- Ton!

I don't want to continue, Ton.

Ton. I'm leaving.

Ton! Ton!

Let me go. Ton!

What's wrong with you?

You jackass!

Get your hand cuffed
with the corpse, I'll let you go.

- Come here.
- Ton!

I don't want this! Ton!


Let me go. Ton!


My leg! Shit!


Let me go!

What's wrong with you?

Let go.

Let go. Help me!

Tor! Help me!

Shit! Shit!

- Ton! What is it?
- It hurts.


Let go. I said let go!

What? Ton.

Tor. Run!


What's wrong, Ton?

Just come here.


What's going on?


Ton, where are you going?

Uncuff me first.

I don't have the key.

What did you say?

The key is not with me, it's with Jack.

We're back to the same place.

Tor, go fetch my phone.

There is no signal.


Where are you? Bee!

Hurry up.

What's wrong with you?

Do you think it's weird around here?


Where is Jack?

Don't know.

Didn't you see Jack?

Shit. Let's go.

Let's go, Bee.

Where are you going, Ton?

We have come too far.


Let's get in there.


What are you looking for?

It's safe here in the temple.

You can sleep anywhere.

Let's think about it tomorrow.

And my friend...?

Don't worry about the girl,
she is staying at the dorm.

Don't worry.

No, I mean the man.

The one that has a topknot.

We have people come by everyday.

Not so many I can remember.

Not so many I am accustomed to.

You can have a look around here tomorrow.

He might be sleeping here somewhere.


It was here before.

That might be another pair of shoes.

Or someone took it.

I don't want to wait till dawn.

Let's get out of here.



Still searching for him?

I think we've searched the whole place.


Stealing from the dead's mouth.

Doesn't he think she would come after it?

They are dead,
how would that count as stealing?

They don't need it anyway.

Stealing is stealing.


What's the matter?

Don't you see it's Jack?

No way!

Your eyes trick you. It's just a mattress.

You are hallucinating.

Let's go.

Why are you still here?

I bring it to you, my love.

Stop calling me that.

If you still call me by that,

I will never talk to you again.

Yes, reverend.

You should go back to live in your world.

You shouldn't stay here.

I will never leave the monkhood.

Until I repay what my father did.

How could you repay?

When you father...

Your father still commit sins.

It's about karma.

You can't pay back for others.

You will go to hell

even though you are in yellow robe.

Your father steals from the temple.

Steals donation money.

Yet you still protect him.

And how about me?

What did I do to irritate you so much?

Why am I neglected?

You told me...

After the Buddhist lent...

We would get married.


Nothing is forever.

I'd like you to let go.

If you don't leave a monkhood,

I'll make you.

So intense.

What's left there to hold on now?

I don't think the monk is involved.

She came to him.

He is faking.

Don't you see how she looks at him?

What's the matter with you?

I don't know.

Where are we going to find Jack?

I don't know if he ran home.

It's okay to stay a night at the temple.

Jack might got lost around here.

Stop being fussy.

Can you just sleep without a shower?

Who could? I'm all dirty.

I'm not like you.

Damn healthy kid.

You should clean up.

So you can be clean a bit.

What was that?


What now?

Tor, are you not sleeping?

Why do you keep acting weird?

What are you looking for? Tell me.

I've lost something.


A coin.

Don't tell me that...

It was in my pocket earlier.

It's gone now.

You are a greedy bastard.

I told you not to take it.

You always ask for trouble.

What's the matter? Pick it up.

This ran out already.

Just get it.


Jack, why are you sitting there?

We are not supposed to be here.

God damnit.


What are they doing?

Leave them be.

Hey, that looks like the coin you stole.

I know, stop rubbing it in.

It's gone now.


It's Bee. How could she get here?

It's not Bee.

That's the woman that goes after the monk.

It's her, see?


What are you doing?

Errr...we are...

looking for our friends.

Please excuse us.



Get some rest.

Be careful.

You can drown in there.

It's difficult to be in a jungle temple.

Unlike those in the cities.

Why don't you want to go home?

You are a scandal for others.

Hey, who is that?

What is it now?

Ton, I think it's enough.

You are being paranoid. I am too, now.

To become soulmates in this life...

it's not a coincidence.

All of this is about karma

that we have done in the previous lives.

The relationship between parents, siblings,

friends, foes...


are meant to be.

If it's meant to be, no need to cry out for...

you will end up together.

But if it's not meant to be...

you part ways.

It's hopeless trying.

What are you doing?

Let go!

You let go of my son!

If you want a husband, go find it out there.

Don't be a distraction here.

At least I am not using the yellow robe

to cover my sin like somebody.

Who are you talking about?

Stop quarrelling.

Who's there?

Who are you?

Why are you following me?


Ton, you are bleeding.

Tor, your face.

This is too much.

Let go!

Let go!

Let go!

Tor, you can't be here.

Let's go. Go.


Don't you know what happened to you?

There are only dead people here.

Stop talking shit.

I are out of your mind.

Do you still think this is a joke?

It's the karma you did in the past.

What karma?

Bee, that's enough.

Shut up. I want to listen.

I don't want to be here.

What karma?

Whoever did it, repay it themselves.


What goes around, comes around.

You can't compensate for other's sins.

Well, if there are only dead people here.

Aren't we all dead?

I'm still bleeding, don't you see?

That's right, we are not dead.

And nobody is dead.

And I don't want to be here any longer.


Help me.


Help me.

Help me.

Help me.

Did you hear that?

Bee, did you hear?

What's wrong?

Something scratched my back, take a look.


What is it?

It's alright, just a scratch. Come on.

Tor, hurry up.

This way.

That's Bee.

Where have you been?

You left me.

Why did you leave me?

We can't stay, let's go.

Let's go.

Hurry up!

Ton! What happened to you?



It's me, Tor.



"Still waiting"



Where has Bee gone?




Paa, help me.

Help me.


What are you going to do?

Don't you see someone is drowning?

Who cares? I can't swim, you know that.

Tor, what the hell did you pick up?

Leave it. What are you waiting for?



Hurry up!

Hurry up!


Shit. Oh shit!




Damn it!



Oh shit.


You're still alive.

Are you ok?

We made it.

Was it just a secret channel?

Maybe or not?

"Ton, where did you bring your brother?
Back home now."

Shit, why is it still here?

Damn, it sticks to you.



Bee, are you ok?

Bee, what's wrong?


Let's go.

What are you waiting for, go!

Bee, go!

What should we do now?

Take the coin back, be done with it.

Back at the same place?

Do we have another choice?

Or the ghost will be with us forever.

You took it back then.

Do you think she'll let you go?



- Tor!
- Tor!

- Tor!
- Tor!

- Tor!
- Tor!


- Tor!
- Tor!

Let him go!



- Ton!
- Tor!

- Help me!
- Tor!



Stop it!

- Tor!
- Tor!

- Tor!
- Tor!




Are you here, Ton?


Are you here?




Tor, it's me.

It's me.


Is the coin with you?

I think you have to bring it back yourself.

Come on.

Where is Jack now?

Maybe he is really at the temple.



I'm sorry.

Sorry about what?

About what I...

Forget it.

I just did it for you.

Come on, get in.

Let's go.

Hurry up!

Go, Ton.

Ton, you had the key all the time.

Why didn't you unlock us?

If I did, you would run away.

Hey Tor, is that coin...?

It's still here.

Why didn't you return it?

We have done enough bad things.

We shouldn't have had her detained.

Let her go, change new one.

Are you out of your mind?

Would you come back for it again?

Do you think if Tor returns the coin,

Everything will be over?

What do you mean?

It's Jack.


Hello, Ton?

Where are you guys? I couldn't reach you.

I'm at the hospital.

I brought Bee here.

She was bitten by a snake.

She wouldn't make it,

if I brought her in too late.


Where is Tor? Is he alright?

Don't worry about him.

Just worry about yourself.

You almost died because of him.


This is all your plan, right?