Ghost Child (2013) - full transcript

Struggling to come to terms with the death of her mother, Kim suddenly has to deal with a new mother in her life. Choon, Kim's father, brings home a woman one day and announces his decision to marry her. A series of mysterious and terrifying incidents start to occur at the family home after their return. Could it be the jealous spirit of Choon's dead wife that has come back to show her displeasure at being replaced? Or is there something more sinister? What unravels is a tale of unspeakable evil that threatens to destroy the family. What deep, dark secret is Na, Choon's new wife, hiding from them? Can Kim help save her family from complete destruction?

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Don't let her get away! Stop!

Stop! Don't run!

Stop! Don't run!

Where is it?

You dog!

Give it to me!

What are you doing?

Dirty foreigner!

None of your business!


I have money, take it.

This is your last warning.

Where is it?




Not bad, but I think you can do better.

Yong Chang.



Well done. Your mom will be happy.


Kim Tan.

She failed seven out of eight subjects.

She's ranked the lowest
in the entire school.

Shall we take a walk?

The principal thinks that
she'll lower the school's performance.

He wants a 100% pass rate
for the O levels.

Look at her,

she spends all her time daydreaming.

There will be another test next week.

It'll be her last chance.

If she fails, I'll have no choice.

Here comes the loner.

I heard she failed
seven out of eight subjects.

Heard her mom had cancer and died,

and her dad ran away to Indonesia.

She's actually an orphan.

You finally decided to come home?

Actually not, but I have no choice.

You're crushing my bones.

Let me introduce you to my family.

This is Na.

My mom.

My daughter, Kim.


-Let's eat.
-Let's eat.

Na is actually a very good cook.

The doctor has warned me against prawns.


Try this, then.

It's a traditional Indonesian dish,
ayam penyet. It's very tasty.

I don't like spicy food.

I didn't know Indonesians speak Mandarin.

Her mom's Chinese, father's Indonesian.

So where's Na going to stay?

With us.

In your room?

She's a guest. You can't expect her
to sleep in the living room.

Of course not.

I expect her to sleep in a hotel.

Can we talk about this later?

Seems like I'm not the only one
who disapproves of her.

I'll stay at the hotel.



Such a nice playground here.

Back home, the children play
in the sand and mud.

We just arrived
and you miss Indonesia already?

After such a good welcome?

Of course not.

Why is life so complicated?

Why can't we just be happy together?

You know,

I have not been around
Kim and my mom these two years.

Kim treats me like a stranger now.

I really want to be
a good son, a good father.

And of course, a good husband.

Once I sell my shares for the business,

we'll buy a new house

and our lives will get better, okay?

Go away.

Stop it, Prince.

Please take it away.

Prince, let's go.

Were you frightened?

You don't have to worry.

As long as I'm here,

I'll always protect you.

I didn't know you could be cheesy.

Let's go home, shall we?

Excuse me, how much is this?

You're not local? Where are you from?


Does your employer treat you well?

It's such a shame, you're so pretty.

Why choose to be a maid in Singapore?

Let me bring you to Sentosa this Sunday.

It's fun over there.

Why don't you give me your number?

Come and have your breakfast.

I'm late.

Hold on.

You must remember to eat your breakfast.

It's okay, thank you.

Are you okay?

I think I have a fever.

You said the same thing last week.

It's true. I really feel hot.

Then you should cool down in the pool.

-I really can't.
-Five laps.

What do you think you're doing?

She's really sick.

What are you? A doctor?

I'll swim for her.

Who do you think you are?

Being an orphan

doesn't entitle you
to any special treatment.

Tiff, it's Troy.
I think he's looking at you.

Did you know
he's Teenage Magazine's Hunk of the Year?

Are you serious? OMG!

Can you guys be cool?



Lim, I've been trying to reach you.

What did you say?

I said, I've been trying to reach you.

Sorry, man.

I'm not familiar with this stupid phone.

You know technology and me just don't gel.

Hey, Na, how are you? Still looking good.

Do you have some time?
We need to talk about the business.

Not now.
I'm on my way to an important meeting.

Lim, you promised to buy my shares.

It's been more than three months.
I really hope you--

Hey, Kong. How's the case coming along?


Hang on.

Sorry, I can't talk now.
Let's do dinner soon.

Na, you should come along.


Let's make another date.






You scared the hell out of me.

You okay?

I... I heard...

Granny, you're supposed to knock.

I did. You didn't hear it.

Have you seen my glasses?

They're on your head.

I'm really getting old.

Don't you think it's time
to let go of these toys?

Mom gave me this on my tenth birthday.

Keep this well.

What is it for?



Don't you feel that
strange things have been happening

since your dad's return?

You think Mom's spirit is back?


Take good care of this. Perhaps...

It might bless you for tomorrow's test.


is that you?

Are you trying to tell me something?

Do you ever feel like

somebody is watching you
when you're alone?

Have you ever felt
the hairs on your neck stand up?

If you have,

perhaps the spirit of someone you know

is trying to contact you.


I am going to share a secret with you.

How to...



First, you must close all your windows.

Make sure that it's tight.

Light four candles.

Then, drip your blood

into a small dish
in the middle of the candles.

Lastly, at the exact stroke of midnight,

look into the mirror
and say the name of the dead person.

Say it...

three times.

The dead person will appear in the mirror.

Tan Ailing, Tan Ailing.

Tan Ailing.

Are you okay?

Why are there so many candles?

Keeps me awake.

Don't stay up too late.

There's a test tomorrow.

You really need to pass.


Good job, everyone.

Kim, you did very well today.

You beat the team captain.

Very good.

I think she deserves
a big round of applause.

Make sure to pass me your consent forms
once they are signed.

Tiffany, lead the cool down exercise.

Yes, coach.

I want to have another race.


No parents to sign your consent form?


Make me.

If I win,

you'll apologize to me
in front of everyone,

and you'll not use that word on me again.

And if you lose,

you'll swim one lap in the pool.



What happened?

Are you okay?


I had a cramp.

You made a deal.

You have to apologize.



Who's that?

-Give me back my clothes.
-Come and get it!


Troy, what are you doing? Troy!

Wow, hero man!

Shut up, now, guys.

Is that you?

Mom, are you in this room?

What's wrong?

There was something under that blanket.

Were you having a nightmare?

I'm sure I saw something.

The thing moved, it moved.

Things haven't been right

since your woman arrived.

I'm sure it's Ling that isn't happy.

Don't be ridiculous!

Even Kim thinks so.

It's late and you're tired.

Go to sleep now.

How's your mother?

Just fell asleep.

She keeps insisting the house is haunted.

What do you think?

I mean, I have wanted to move

to a bigger place since we came back.

But Lim is not returning my calls
and he's never home.

It's really upsetting.

Sometimes I wish that

he would disappear
from the face of the earth.

I really wish I could help you.

You want to help me?

Feed me a piece of that.
That would really help.

Ninety-three marks? That's amazing.

The amazing thing is

she has the exact answers
as the girl sitting beside her.

Are you accusing
my granddaughter of cheating?

I didn't say that.

Did you?

Na! Welcome, come in.

Choon, have you seen my jade necklace?

The one you're always wearing?

I don't remember taking it off at all.

-Have you searched your room already?
-I've searched everywhere.

I'm sure it'll turn up somewhere.


I know you won't want to hear this,

but ever since Na came,

things have been missing
and strange things have been happening.

Mom, Na is not that kind of person.

How much do you know her?

At least I know she would never steal.

Mom, you're tired.

Please go and lie down.
I'll help you search, okay?


I don't drink.

Can you just buy Choon's shares?

I can.

But I won't.

Why not?

He worked so hard in helping you.

Helping me?

He would be nothing without me.

Now that the company has expanded,
he wants out?

Not a chance.

But you promised him.

Promises are nothing.

If you give me a little incentive,

anything is possible.

I'm giving you one last chance.

Do you want to help him or not?

You're giving me a chance?

I would never buy back his shares,


I'm dead.

I'm sorry to have wasted your time.

Let's stop this stupid pretense.

I know your type.

What do you want?

You can't give me what I want.

Why do we come to school?

We cannot skip school, what to do?

Teachers treat me like I'm clueless

But let me tell you what's freaking cool

And that's somebody in this group

He's thinking of hot girls

Yes, Troy, I am talking to you

Hey, bro, I know you're horny

But we know who she is

Did you know that Kim's father
just married an Indonesian maid?

That's a really good way of saving money.

That's not funny at all.

You know they say

when dogs howl,

it's because they can see ghosts?

Is that true?

I'm sorry. I was at the market,

and I felt faint. Luckily, I managed to--

You switched off your phone?

Yes. I mean, no.

It was low on battery.


I just want you to be honest,
just be honest.

What do you mean?

I found this in your jewelry box.

You think I stole it?

I just want to know the truth.

Be honest. Please.

I'm not a thief.

Then why is this inside your jewelry box?

I don't know.

I swear that I didn't steal it.

I'm sorry.

Promise me,
there'll be no more secrets. Okay?


I'm pregnant.

You're pregnant?

Who's that?


Have you guys heard

about the huge tree
at the back of the school gate?

I heard that
there was a secondary four girl

who was found murdered under that tree.

And her spirit still lingers
and haunts the area.

After she died,

the cleaner said

to put a pair of red shoes

at the spot where she was murdered.

And you have to put it like that.

That's the only way
her spirit can move on.

And I actually saw this fetus
filled with blood lying on the ground.

It was crying so badly,
as if it was looking for its mom.

Suddenly, it just turned around
and stared at me.

Until today,
I can never forget that incident.

Did you all hear about the girl

who committed suicide last year?

Yes. In the library.


she didn't commit suicide.


You believe such a stupid story?

Well, if you don't believe in ghosts,
you won't mind going there alone.

But it's locked.


I'm a librarian.

What's the reward?

A kiss from Troy.


Who's that?


Is someone there?

Am I that scary?

Why are you sitting alone?

I like to be alone.

You like someone?



Kelly? Is that you?


Who's that?

Did you hurt Tiffany?

What do you want?

Please, I beg you.

Please, leave. I'm really scared.

Kim, what happened?

Are you okay? Kim?

It hurt Tiffany.

It's coming after me now.

It's okay.

Ling, Kim is young and ignorant.
Please don't blame her.

Please let us live our lives in peace.

May you rest in peace.


Stop bothering us.


Yes, I'm Choon.


Okay, thank you.

What's wrong?

Lim, he's dead.

How did that happen?

They said it was an accident.

Be careful, those are my fengshui flowers.

Ladies, welcome to our new home.
Please follow me.

The house is beautiful.

You like it?

Yes, very much.

Follow me.

It's really beautiful.

I want to give my son the best.

How would you know that it's a boy?

My intuition.

It tells me that it'll be a boy.

I'm really happy for you.

Everything is finally going well.

This house, your new business.



Do you think I deserve all this?

Why? Thinking about Lim?

But it was an accident.

I don't know why,
I can't help but feel bad.

Remember what I said?
I wished that he would disappear forever.

Do you think I had cursed him?

What happened?

It just kicked me.

Baby, don't bully Mommy, understand?

He's really kicking you.


Let me help you. Go have a seat.

It's okay.

Go, go sit.

Thank you.

How is it?
My cooking skills are okay, right?

Not bad, it's really good.

Really? I didn't see you eat at all.

I am!

You want to try?

Okay, guys.

I'm really grateful.

Thank you for this opportunity
to work together.

Let's hope this project
will be very profitable, okay?


Come, let's eat.

Let's go.

Look how cute he is.

He'll be as good-looking as me, won't he?

Yes, he's the most beautiful baby.

Look, the baby's head,

heartbeat, hands,

and legs. It's very healthy.

What happened?

What's wrong?

Nothing, the baby just kicked me.

He'll grow up to be a soccer star.

-This is a photo of your baby.
-Thank you.

Look, he's so cute.

The hands. You can see it so clearly.





She suffered a stroke
and she's partially paralyzed now.

Will she get better?

With physiotherapy and willpower,
I believe so.

Thank you.

Mom, your favorite
jade necklace is with me.

You look so beautiful wearing it.

I'm sorry.

I've worked so hard all these years

in the hopes that you'll have

a better life.

So you must get well soon,

you understand me?

I'm sorry.


Granny, what's wrong? Are you okay?

Is there something you want to say?



"Dou you"?

A small child spirit

invoked by a witch doctor
from a dead human fetus.

Kept in a jar or an urn.

They need to be fed sweets and biscuits,

sometimes blood,
to make them more powerful.

They behave like children

and the owners give them toys
to entertain them.

May act according to their own will

and steal from others
to help their owners.

It can protect or harm and even kill.

Intensely jealous

and extremely dangerous
if they get out of control.

It's you. How could you do this?

What's the matter?

She caused Granny to be in this condition.

How could that be?

She has a toyol.

She's using it to harm us.

What are you talking about? What toyol?

You got nothing to say? Feeling guilty?

You're being very disrespectful.

I know where she's hiding it. There.

Apologize to your Auntie Na right now.

Where did you hide it?

I said, apologize right now.

Why do you choose
to believe her instead of me?

Because you're talking rubbish.

You said she hid
a toyol inside the vase. Where is it?

She obviously hid it somewhere else.

Enough of your nonsense.

I want you to apologize.

I said to apologize right now,
do you hear--


She's telling

the truth.

I've thrown it away.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

The man that I married...

had turned into a monster.

And the pain this monster inflicted on me

had numbed me over the years.

After I lost my baby,

his luck changed for the better.

Money started flowing in like water.

But it meant nothing to me.

I was dead in my heart.

You better steal it
or else I won't feed you.

Go and steal
our neighbors' money. Understand?

He had taken my baby's fetus

and used it to create a toyol.

He made the toyol steal from neighbors

and help him win at gambling.

People found out after a while.

This is a falchion

I'll cut you into pieces
if you don't tell me where it is.

Where's the ghost child?


Where's the ghost child?


Where's the ghost child?

Where's the ghost child?

Tell us! Where is it?

I couldn't bear to leave it.

It was still my child after all.

This thing killed Lim?

I only wanted to help you.

Even after it hurt my mother,
you kept quiet?

What kind of woman are you?

A woman who loves you with all her heart.

How can you say you love me
when you keep such a secret?

You promised me that
there would never be any more secrets.

It's been good these few months.

I didn't think that--










Let's go!


Come on, where are you?

I'm not afraid of you! Come on out!


Let her go.

Take me.

And my baby.