Ghost (2019) - full transcript

The story of the film follows Karan Khanna, a politician of Indian origin in the United Kingdom, who is accused of killing his wife. He tells his lawyer that a spirit committed the murder and should be tried.



Did you get it?

Here it is.

Thanks, Mel.

This is the last time,
you’ll be thanking me.

I can't get anymore medicines
for you on this prescription.

Really sorry, boss.

The pharmacist said the
prescription's quite old.

I'll figure out something
when I need more pills.

This will be enough for the time being.

Your cast came off two weeks ago.

You have no problem walking either.

I don’t think you are in pain.

Boss, I think you are addicted to them.

You're addicted to morphine.

Mel, I asked for a
painkiller not a mother.

I am sorry…

I didn’t mean it that way.


Good morning, John.

Where sleeps thy missus?

Back in my bed Sim, back in my bed.

For now, she decided to
end the games and play house.

Well, that’s good to know.

If you need me to pay her another visit,
it’s on the house for you.

Did Sid call when I was in court?

No, he didn’t.

What’s my first appointment?

Well, it was Freddy Owens.

But I have pushed it back an hour…

Due to an urgent request.

Urgent request?

Bob Anand.

Karan Khanna’s election
campaign manager…

He has requested an
urgent meeting with you.

I see.

Thank you, David.
- Thank you, ma’am.


Yes, of course.

Well, I'm sure you
are aware why I am here.

I am.

I can say with certainty
that Karan didn’t kill his wife.

Mr. Anand, in all these years
my career has certainly taught me

that in this day and age,
no one is innocent.

Even those who look innocent.

But Karan is.

And I can prove that.


Karan was with me,
the night Barkha was murdered.

I had organised a fundraiser for him.

Many well-known and
powerful people attended it.

Karan had a drink too many.

I'd suggested him not to drive.

And to stay at my place instead.

He was in my house till morning.

I see.

But Mr. Anand,
this is just a statement given by you.

How is it a proof?

It is possible that you
are lying for Mr. Khanna.

I am just his campaign manager,
not his friend.

Both he and I will lose reputation,
if I lie for him.

Fine, I'll believe
you for the time being.

Ms. Singh,
elections take place in two months.

Opposition will certainly
exploit this scandal.

If this matter escalates, he won't even
get a chance to contest the elections.

His political career will
end even before it begins.

Karan has come a long way, to be here.

To become an MP is his dream.

He actually wants to do
something for his community.

And I guess this is not
possible while he is in prison.

That's why I have come to you.

Look Mr. Anand,
I am not promising anything

but I'd like a
meeting with Mr. Khanna.

And after that I'll decide whether
or not I want to take on this case.


I’ll be waiting outside.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

'Inmates of Cell B,
C, D who are not engaged in any work'

'are ordered to assemble
in the assembly area.'

'I repeat.'

'Inmates of Cell B,
C, D who are not engaged in any work'

'are ordered to assemble
in the assembly ground.'

Behave yourself!

They have handcuffed me.

It's surely not necessary
for this meeting.

Trust me.

It’s too soon to trust you.

If you think that I have…
- What I think doesn't matter.

What I can prove is what matters.

What do you mean?
- Mr. Khanna

I mean it honestly
makes no difference to me

whether or not you
have murdered your wife.

But it would certainly make
a difference to your defence.

So it'd be better for you, if you honestly
tell me what happened that night.

Because if the prosecution
knows something I don’t know

then it could become
a big problem for you.

I am not lying.

The truth is that I am innocent.

I didn’t kill my wife.

Police got this footage from
the CCTV camera in your house.

You went home at two on
the night your wife was murdered.

You left home again at four.

And then, went back at half past six.

Police has arrested
you on the basis of this.

I know.

Then you also know that Bob's alibi
won't work because of these photos.

So you see Mr. Khanna,
the truth isn’t what you believe in

the truth is what you can prove.

I spent the night at Bob's.

This is not me.


Then we'll tell the jury
that he's your evil twin

who got separated at a fair in London.

You think this is funny?

You are the one who thinks
that both the law and I are a joke!

I am helpless here, the facts are such.

The more truth I tell you,
the more you'll think that I am lying.

You have no other option
other than to tell me the truth.

Our home is haunted by a spirit.

Barkha and I,
we both have felt its presence.

That spirit killed Barkha.

My wife…

she was killed by a ghost.

I told you, you won't believe me.

If you think a ghost
has killed your wife…

Well, I can't argue with that.

I mean, I too haven’t seen God.

But that doesn't mean there is no God.

But unfortunately Mr. Khanna,
law is applicable only to humans…

And not to ghosts and spirits.

So you see, I can't help you.

You need a black magic expert…

And not a legal expert.

Ms. Simran…

There comes a point in everyone's life

when they need someone
to believe in them.

Even one person is enough.

And I thought, perhaps,
you are that one person for me.

Goodbye, Mr. Khanna.


Is anyone there?

Mr. Khanna, we can still save your wife.


Look at these photographs.

This incident took place last night.

Karan thought he
was having a nightmare

but these marks were
on his body when he woke up.

Mr. Anand,
you know that we cannot prove anything

in the court on the
basis of these photographs.

I am sorry.

I am not asking you to prove anything.

I am just requesting
you to believe Karan.

If you cannot fight this case
then at least help him get bail.


But I need some time to think.

Thank you.

That means a lot.

I haven't said yes as yet, Mr. Anand.

All I said is I’ll think about it.

I know but for now,
that’s more than enough.

- Hi.

We have a table in
the name of Sid Sharma?

Oh, yes, of course.

He is waiting for you
at a table by the window.

Allow me to show you.

He is right over there.

Thank you.
- You’re welcome.


I’m so sorry I’m late.

You won’t believe
I got such a strange case today.

I actually wanted
to discuss it with you.


It’s fine.
- I got late because of it.

Let's order first.

We can talk later.

Sid, are you okay?

No hi, no hello.

I didn’t even get
a proper courtesy kiss.

You jumped straight into ordering food!

I don’t have time for
all these formalities.

I need to go back to court.

I need to review a lot of cases.


Even I go to court and have cases, Sid.

And I know that you're
one of the youngest judges

and I am just an ordinary lawyer.

But you can't be so busy that you
can't spare time to make a phone call.

I don’t have time for all these things.

Please, Simran.

Let's finish lunch so that we
can go back to our respective offices.

What’s wrong with you, Sid?

Why are you so upset?

You have even started ignoring
my phone calls and messages.

What changed between us suddenly?

Fuck, Simmi!

Not again!

I am so sorry.

I can’t do this anymore.

I’m leaving.


Did you just walk out on me?

Why are you so upset?
What have I done?

From the time your dad died,
you are using pain as an excuse

to justify your morphine addiction!

It’s crazy.

You have no clue about
the pain I feel, Sid.

You don’t know how deep my pain is!

That is the point.

That is the point, Simran.
I have no clue.

But, as your boyfriend, I should.

I don’t know what screwed you up.

Whether it was your parents divorce

or the fact that you have
issues about being the only child.

But you don’t share anything with me.

I share everything with you!

I am…
- Sid, I tell you everything!

I am talking about
your feelings, Simran!

I am talking about your feelings!
You don’t share them with anyone!

You know what?

you are an emotional miser.
That’s what you are.

You are scared of falling in love…

Of sharing your feelings,
of opening your heart to anyone.

You have built a boundary
around your heart.

"Do not come closer
than this to Simran."

Then you dare to ask,
why I am walking out on you?

That’s not fair, Sid.

I share everything with you.

You know it.

If that were true,
you'd need me and not these painkillers!

Do you think that I am lying?

That my pain is just an excuse?

I see no wounds or
signs of pain on your body.

Frankly speaking,
it is quite difficult to believe you.

So now, you don’t believe in me?


You know what, Sid?

I thought you'd always believe
in me that even if the world doesn't.

But I guess, I was wrong.

I am the one who was wrong, Simran

to waste my emotions
on a girl like you.

I am sorry to say,
but you are a lost cause.

A bad bet.

And I am not going to waste
anymore of my time on you.

'There comes a point
in everyone's life'

'when they need someone
to believe in them.'

'Even one person is enough.'

'I thought you'd always believe
in me that even if the world doesn't.'


Mr. Anand, let's prepare for Mr.
Khanna's bail.

Thank you.
Thank you so much.

You’re most welcome.

Mel will coordinate with you.
- Yeah, sure.


Is someone there?


are you still here?


Is someone there?

Who’s there?

Your Honor,
Mr. Khanna has been a model citizen.

He’s a public figure and his life
is pretty much out there in the open.

The court will do its due
course in removing

the allegations made against him.

But, until then,
he has responsibilities to fulfill.

Your Honor,
Mr. Khanna is a citizen of Britain

and a responsible electoral candidate.

He will be representing his
constituency in the upcoming elections.

His assets, his businesses,
his earnings all are in this country.

My client is not going anywhere.

He will be here to face the challenges,
levied against him.

The crown is of the opinion that
Mr. Khanna might

after he has been released
try to hamper the investigation.

Talk to witnesses and such.

If it pleases, Your Honor,

my client has agreed for
the state to record

all his telephonic conversations.

He has also agreed to
waive his right to privacy

to make the honourable court
believe in his honest intentions.

Mr. Khanna is it true that
you have resigned from

your candidature and the elections.

Has the party already
selected your replacement?

Mr. Khanna the CCTV images
show that you were clearly at home

he night of the murder.

Where did you come from
and where did you go, Mr. Khanna?

Can you think of anyone
that could’ve killed your wife?

Folks, yes Mr. Khanna will answer
all of your questions just not today.

Please, contact the office
and we will do the necessary.

Oh my! I’m sorry, I’m…

Simran! Simran Wait, please…

Sorry you had to see that.

So this is the reason

you didn’t want to
waste your time on me.

You were questioning my truth

because you don’t have
the courage to share yours?

You are overreacting, Simmi.

Whatever we had,
it's all over now.

As we are no longer in a relationship

I can do whatever I want in my life.

You know what?

You’re right.

Go and screw her!

That's what you deserve.

Why this drama?
- No drama.

I came here only to take my things.

I have left the keys upstairs,
in the room.

And you say that
I am an emotional miser.

That I don’t share my feelings.

That I don’t share my pain.

Those painkillers are
more dependable than you are.

They don’t reduce my pain

but they don’t give me
any pain either.

Oh, hello Simran!


Simran, I cannot give this
medication from this old prescription.

It’s just that I’ve had
no time to see a doctor and

I’m just in a lot of pain.

If you could just give me the pills.

Simran, you’re a lawyer,
you know the law.

We can get into a big trouble for this.

I’m sorry, I can't…

Thanks for nothing, Richard.

Leona, I need you to find Mel.

Are you okay?

Wherever the hell she is!
Whatever the hell she is doing!

Bring her to me.

Yes ma’am and there’s
someone here to see you.

Not right now Leona, I just…
- Hey, Simran.

Mr. Khanna…

I apologise for showing up without
an appointment but I just wanted to

You’re so…
- Sorry.

Are you okay?
- It’s It’s fine.

You don’t look so good.

I…I just can’t breathe.

Please call for the ambulance.

What do you need?
- I'm just a little tired.

I… I just need to breathe.
- Okay, just…

I just can’t breathe.

Breathe.. I am...

I was in my office…

And now…

What happened to me?

Doctor said it was
a withdrawal attack.

Overuse of morphine
resulted in addiction.

You suffered from severe
withdrawal when you didn’t get any.

I take morphine for pain.

My father passed away
a few weeks ago.

Then I met with an accident.

I sprained my ankle.

I take morphine to manage the pain.

I know this kind of pain.

But in my experience medicines
only heal bodily wounds on the body

and not those on the soul.

You suppress your emotions, don’t you?

I have witnessed many
kinds of pain in life.

You should that my
pain recognises your pain.

Sometimes strangers can understand
things that people close to us cannot.

"So many things that
I haven't shared with anyone…"

"I wish to share them with you."

"Why do my eyes seek you?"

"Our souls have bounded."

"I have started following you."

"You are my path, and my destination."

"You are the one I need."

"How do I say that to you?"

"I ask you to surrender yourself to me."

"Our souls have bounded."

"I have started following you."

"You are my path, and my destination."

"You are the one I need."

"How do I say that to you?"

"I ask you to surrender yourself to me."

"I feel restless."

"I have no patience left…"

"I feel so impatient."

"Breathe life into me…"

"My life is at risk."

"I too am a part of you…"

"Don’t hide it from yourself."

"If I am a fragrant flower…"

"You are my garden."

"Our souls have bounded."

"I have started following you."

"You are my path, and my destination."

"You are the one I need."

"How do I say that to you?"

"I ask you to surrender yourself to me."

"I have no control over
myself from the time I met you."

"Your mesmerising
eyes have bewitched me."

"I hope God will pardon me…"

"When I called out to Him,
by mistake I took your name."

"You are the happiness
that'll stay with me forever."

For the first time in my life,
I have a house of my own.

After my parents got divorced

I kept shuttling between mom's house,
dad's house and hostels.

Thank you for helping me find this one.

You’re welcome.

Isn't it strange,
you came to me to save your life

but instead ended
up making my life better.

I never said it,
but I'm really grateful.

Thank you.

Happy to help.

Is this a trick to force
me to fight your case?

Well I am a politician,
so I'm bound to have a hidden agenda.

I guess, then it’s a deal.

I'll make sure you don’t go to jail.

And you'll make sure I
don’t end up in the hospital.


In legal parlance, we call
it to prove beyond reasonable doubt.

According to the law, till it's
not proven beyond any reasonable doubt

that the accused is guilty
of the crime, he cannot be punished.

We just need to create enough
doubts in the prosecution's case.

The onus of proving the murder
falls on the prosecution and not us.

But we need to understand
prosecution's case for that.

You're right.

But first,
you need to give us your statement.

From the beginning till the end,

Don’t filter out anything, no
matter how minute you might think it is.

Absolutely no secrets.

On paper, Barkha and I…
we were a good match.

Barkha was getting a chance
to lead an expensive lifestyle.

'And it was the right move
for my political career as well.'

'It was Valentine's day,
I clearly remember.'

'Not because it was Valentine's day,
but because that's when it all began.'

Who is it?

Er… thank you.

I don’t know.
He delivered this.

What is this?


That's quite a romantic gift.

Yes, it is romantic.

Do I know this generous person?

No, no one you know.

In fact, I too don’t know who sent it.

That's great.

You have such a big admirer
and you don’t know who it is?

You didn’t ask the
one who gave it to you?

I asked, but he did not say.

He just gave it and left.

It's obviously some
secret admirer of yours.

Good, at least someone knows
how to express love on Valentine's day.

And you are starving for love.

I know all your excuses.

My husband doesn't
spend any time with me

and so I spend time with other men.

How dare you!

What are you trying to say?

That I am having an affair?

Do you think I am a fool, Barkha?

Do you think I don’t understand

why are you so distracted these days?

It's obvious that there
is someone else in your life.

You got married to me to
take your political career forward.

A married man is more acceptable than
a bachelor is, in an Indian community.

You got married to me
only to please your vote bank.

And you are pulling the love card on me?

I didn’t force you.

You too wanted a life full of luxuries.

There is a ghost in this house, Karan.

There is an evil spirit
which wants to kill me.

It wants to kill me.

I'm really scared, Karan.

It wants to kill me.

I'm really scared,

I know, you won't believe me.

I know that you are speaking the truth.


I too have felt the spirit
you are talking about.

I hear someone laugh and then…

And the bloodstains…

And then, that scary face!

Karan, there was nothing
on my arms when I slept last night.

And I had these marks
when I woke up in the morning.

We'll have to find a
solution for whatever this is.

'Barkha and I tried hard
to find out whose spirit it is.'

In the name of the father

'What did it want from us?'

and the holy ghost.

'But we failed to learn anything.'
- Bless this house.

'I thought of getting
our house cleansed.'

'To get rid of all impurities.'

In the name of the father
- 'And I did just that.'

and the holy ghost.

'Everything seemed fine
for a few days after that.'

'But then…'

'That morning when I came back home

it was too late.'
- Bless this house.

Barkha was dead.

Why didn’t you two leave that house if
you were facing so many problems there?

We thought about it.

But then…
- I told him not to do anything

which gives media an
opportunity to joke about.

"MP runs from Ghost!"

All these kind of headlines
are not very helpful, are they?

'Bob, I want you to talk
to Karan's party leader.'

'His support is crucial for us.'

Had I been guilty, I would have swiftly
resigned and saved the party any scandals.

But, I’m innocent.

We do believe in your innocence. We do.

But, times are tough, indeed.

Indeed, times are tough. Indeed.

But, I have an idea,
should we all agree.

Excuse me gentlemen,
I have to take this.

My apologies.

I was saying, should we all agree

I have an idea to
get us out of this mess.

If we tell the media…
- Hello. Be home at seven.

Karan Khanna is a
decent and righteous man.

He has honestly worked hard
and earned this name and status.

And you want to make money
because he made a mistake?

Mr. Anand,
decent men don’t make such mistakes.

I told you,
a million pounds is not a small amount.

It's not something found
lying around in the house.

I need time… to arrange for it.

Then arrange for it.

You have 24 hours.

After that, I'll go to the
media and expose Karan Khanna.

24 hours.

This can’t be happening.

This is not possible.

- Yes?

Is this institute closing down?

Are you an Indian or a Pakistani?

I am an Indian.

Same here, I'm from Birmingham.

So you've been working
here since many years?

Yes, I have.

Do you… recognise her?

How can I forget her?

We are closing down this
institute because of her.

'Hi, this is Karan Khanna.'

'Please leave me a message
and I'll call you back.'

I know who that evil spirit is.

I'm coming over to your place.

Then we will go to meet Simran.


We are gathered here to say
farewell to Bob Aanand.

And to commit him into
the hands of god.

In the name of the father,
son and holy ghost.

Lord, our god,
you are the source of life.

And you we live and move,
our being.

Keep us in life and death.
And by your grace,

I know who that evil spirit is.'

'I'm coming over to your place.'

'Then we will go to meet Simran.'

I don’t know why
is this happening to me!

Where did I go wrong?

What do you mean by
where did you go wrong?

Barkha gets murdered.

I get accused for it.

Now Bob gets killed.

It's like bad things
keep happening around me.

Karan, what happened
to Bob was an accident.

Come on!

He calls us saying
that he knows everything

and the next thing
we know is that he is dead.

I guess, you’re right.

Don’t worry, Karan.

We will find all the answers
when the time is right.

How can I not worry

when the circumstances are
making things so difficult for me!

Karan, no matter how
dire the circumstances are

we can’t let them affect our lives!

It is so easy for you to say that!

And what is that supposed to mean?

You've already decided that
we cannot use the truth in the court.

And whatever you've done so far has
anyway not helped the case much either.

I cannot win against this spirit

but I can at least prove
my innocence in the court

which unfortunately you cannot!

I approached you because Bob insisted.

I told him that we need a wicked lawyer.

A lawyer who knows how to
get things done by bending the rules.

I don’t think you’re
the right lawyer for me.

I see.

So, now I’m not right.

You know what, Karan? You’re right.

You should find another
lawyer for yourself.

And leave my house immediately.

The dark shadows in my
life will ruin your life as well.

I am willing to stay away from you

because if anything
happens to you because of me

then I won't be
able to forgive myself.

"My heart seeks permission
to beat next to yours."

"To live for you."

"To die for you."

"My heart seeks permission
to beat next to yours."

"To live for you."

"To die for you."

"I will be by your side as your shadow."

"Just give me the permission
to lose myself in you."

I am tired, Karan.

I am tired of these
uncomplete relationships.

"From the time I saw you, I have known…"

"You are the one I desire."

"I have forgotten who I am,
all I remember is you."

"Please let me surrender
my heart to you."

"My heart seeks permission
to cross all limits."

"To live for you."

"To die for you."

"My heart seeks permission
to beat next to yours."

Hey you guys! Stop that!
- "To live for you."

"To die for you."

"I will be by your side as your shadow."

"Just give me the permission
to lose myself in you."

I am a little broken

I control my feelings…

before they start controlling me.

I can understand how
strangers feel but

I am unable to share my
feelings with people close to me.

This incomplete girl

who fears to confess her love…

Will you welcome

such a girl into your life?

"My heart seeks permission
to beat next to yours."

"To live for you."

"To die for you."

"I will be by your side as your shadow."

"Just give me the permission
to lose myself in you."

Simran Singh, right?

I am sorry for making you wait.

I was in the school discussing
the syllabus, took a little time.

No problem.

I haven't been waiting for long.

Come. Please take a seat.

Thank you.

From what I have read about you,
I know that you can help me.

You know quite a lot
about supernatural, right?

No one knows a lot about supernatural.

If anyone claims to,
then he or she is lying.

Supernatural itself means
something beyond ones' understanding.

I am a psychic. I get visions.

On the basis of that,
I help me people as much as I can.

Okay, so let’s begin.

From what you told me over
the phone I've learnt that

you wanted to meet
me to seek help for a client.



Oh, my God!


I think I can see something.

A house.

Quite a big house.

No, it's not a house, it's a hotel.

Yes, it is a hotel.

Far away from here, out of the city.

It's name is War


The hotel's name is The Warrington.


Is everything alright?

Do you remember,
I had mentioned a psychic?

I met her.

During the session,
we learnt a hotel's name.

The Warrington.

Then I went there.

After barely managing
to convince the manager

I got access to its CCTV footage

of the night when
your wife was murdered.

Let's take a look.

You had said that you
spent the night at Bob's place.

It is not what you think it is.

I can explain this.
- What will you explain, Karan?

What will you explain?

That she too is an evil spirit?

Who after having a
good time in the hotel

went to your house
and murdered your wife?

Is that what you’re going to say?

No, this is me, but…
- Just stop it, Karan.

I had told you, you'll suffer
if you'll hide anything from you.

But I was wrong.

I am the one who suffered a loss.

My feelings, my trust…
you just…

It would be better if you
take your case to another lawyer.

Someone who is as deceitful as you are.



Wake up, Simran.

I want to talk to you.

Simran, please.

A new clue has come to light in
Mrs. Barkha Khanna's murder case.

Mr. Karan Khanna, who was already
in trouble for his wife's murder

has now got stuck in
a much bigger scandal now.

As you can see in this clip Mr. Khanna

was in Hotel Warrington with another
woman on the night of the murder.

It is obvious that Mr. Khanna
didn’t visit a private hotel

so far away from the
city to discuss politics.

Let's talk to our
correspondent Nitin Rawat

who managed to get
hold of this CCTV footage.

As a reporter it is our responsibility

to bring the truth to the people.

Politicians like Karan Khanna
get elected by public votes

and then they shy away
from their responsibilities.

So it becomes important
for us to find out the truth.

Mr. Khanna, your lawyer
is late up to a full 15 minutes.

Please tell the court if
your lawyer has left the case

or if you have appointed
a new lawyer.

Your Honor,
I’m sure she will be on her way…

I’m sorry,
Your Honor, I’m so sorry.

The tubes were on strike
and the cab took forever.

I just spin all around town.

My apologies.

You're lucky it's an
acceptable excuse, Ms. Singh.

Otherwise, blaming the
traffic is a bit of an old one.

Now, with your permission,
can we start the proceedings?

Yes, Your Honor.


Thank you for coming here today.

I'm… I'm very grateful.

I didn’t want to.

But then I thought
if I deceive you now

then it makes me just bad as like you.

I had taken the
responsibility to save you.

I am just fulfilling that.

Don’t consider it anymore
than a professional courtesy.

I am ready to accept every accusation,
but just hear me out once.

Just stop with the bullshit, Karan!

You know, what is strange

the body doesn't understand
infidelity but the heart does.

That’s why I’d rather
fuck than fall in love.

The world accuses Simran Singh
of being is an emotional miser!

She doesn't let anyone
close to her heart!

Why should I?

So that someone can
come and break my heart?

Why should I be emotionally
dependent on anyone

when I know that I'll have
handle my own emotions in the end?

Being alone and being lonely
are two different things, Karan.

I rather be alone than let
the need someone make feel lonely.

So, thank you for everything,
Mr. Khanna…

But no, thank you.

Is she the same girl
who was with you that night?


but where did you find this?

And how can she be missing?

She had said that…

After I found this,

I went and met Nina.

Simran showed me this picture
when she came to meet me.

After that, I started getting visions.

I saw Rachel lying dead.

And somebody,
whose face I could not see

was burying Rachel's
dead body in the forest.

There was some Christmas lights
in the background.

She was murdered during Christmas.

Two months after that,
on Valentine's day

the hauntings began at your place.

This means…
- She was dead before she met you.

It's time to bring
all the clues together now.

Only then will we find out the truth.

That night Bob and I
were attending a fundraiser.

'The fundraiser took
place in Hotel Warrington.'

'Bob got busy with some investors.'

'And I was alone in the bar.'

If a handsome candidate
is buying me a drink

does it mean he is
bribing the electorate?

No, I think it’s more
like serving the constituent.

Oh, it is exactly the
answer I would like to hear.

You sir, have my vote.

And you, my lady,
have got yourself a drink.

Arnie, could you get this lady another
round of whatever she is having, please?

Sure, sir.

Your finger is bleeding.

You seem to have cut yourself.

Oh, it’s nothing.

Cut my hand, trying to get
that damn can of tonic to open.

You should be careful.

That could get infected.

Perhaps you could make it better.

I’m sorry. I don’t understand.

Not serving the constituent now?

Going to let my poor finger to bleed?

You can keep the kerchief.

Enjoy your drink and make
sure you don’t drive home.

"It is such beautiful
and mesmerising starlit night…"

"How can I let you go?"

"Everything is what
it is only because of you."

"It is such beautiful
and mesmerising starlit night…"

"How can I let you go?"

"Everything is what
it is only because of you."

"Let all the secrets
stay hidden in the creases."

"Let the moments flow so
that you can feel the closeness."

"The same story reiterates."

"The feelings are the same as well."

"How can I let you go?"

"Everything is what
it is only because of you."

"The weather is conspiring against us."

"Slowly our desires come to life."

"You are the one who
adds fragrance to the night."

"You are the one who
makes the rains happen."

"How can I let you go?"

"Everything is what
it is only because of you."

'I was with Rachel the
night Barkha was murdered.'

'But I couldn’t tell this to anyone.'

'That's why at Bob's advice,
we made up a story.'

'But the truth is that
there are many things'

'about that night
that I don’t even remember.'

'How did I end up in that hotel room?'

'When did I leave from there?'


'When I came home, I found Barkha dead.'


It’s a case of possession.



Spirits can possess bodies because
that's how body and souls are related.

This is what happened to dead Rachel.

An evil spirit possessed her body.

And it used her to get to Karan.

Then the same spirit possessed Karan

and used him to murder Barkha.

Karan was possessed when
he came back home at two that night.

He was also possessed when
he left at four after murdering Barkha.

That is why he doesn’t
remember anything.

This is a very nasty spirit.

That's why it took you to
that hotel room and did all that

so that everyone thinks
that you were having an affair

and that's why you killed your wife.

It gave you a motive to murder.

But I don’t understand,
who would want to do this to me?

By killing my wife,
by trapping me like this…

Why would anyone want
to prove that I am a murderer?







I’m so sorry, Nina.

You too got targeted
by this ghost because of me.


You saved me.

Very evil spirit.



Sorry miss, this is a crime scene,
I can’t let anyone in around here.

I’m sorry.

It all began with the locket.

Locket is the secret.

Where have you kept that locket?

Do you recognise him?

Have you ever seen him?

Who is it?

Er thank you.

Yes, he is the one who
had brought the gift for Barkha.

Are you sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.

But where did you meet him?

What's wrong, dad?

Your mood seems off today.

All okay at the institute?

There is a case…

Of a girl.

It's quite a different case.

It has been troubling me, dear.

This girl makes me question
all my psychiatric knowledge.

Can’t understand.

Dad, why don’t you leave
your job at the mental asylum?

I don’t understand.
You have years of experience.

You can get a job anywhere you want.

In fact,
you can start your own practice.

I really don’t understand
why are you going through all this?

If you are done with this interrogation,
can we start ordering?

Of course.


A jewellery box?

Wow dad,

such a big red heart in your possession
a day before Valentine's day?

What’s going on?

It's nothing.

Oh come on! Don’t lie,
who is the woman?

It's not mine.

It belongs to someone else.

I just need to

deliver it to that person.

It means your dad gave that
locket to Barkha at a patient's request.

There is a connection between
Barkha and that patient.

Bob knew it.

Perhaps that's why he was
returning from the asylum that night.

Yeah, that makes sense.

And the next day…

Here we go 'round the Mulberry bush

the mulberry bush,
the mulberry bush.

Here we go 'round the Mulberry bush

the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush.

Here we go 'round the Mulberry bush
- Hey! Hey you! Stop!

the mulberry bush,
the mulberry


Here we go 'round the Mulberry bush

the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush.

Here we go 'round the Mulberry bush

the mulberry bush,
the mulberry bush.

Here we go 'round the Mulberry bush

the mulberry bush,
the mulberry bush.

Here we go 'round the Mulberry bush

the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush.
- Excuse me, who are you!

Here we go 'round the Mulberry bush

the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush.

Here we go 'round the Mulberry bush
- Who are you? What do you want?


Here we go 'round the Mulberry bush

the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush.

Hey you!

Stop! Stop!

Get down! Get down!


Your dad used to write
his studies in his journal?


If he has treated that patient then

he surely must've written
something about her in his journal.

But that journal must be at the asylum

which has closed down now.

No, he used to often write in
them 'till late in the night at home.

So, it is possible that
the journal is at home.

Are you okay?

I am okay.

I just can't find my prescription.

I don’t have anymore pills left.

Why do you have my prescription?

You're trying to save my life.

So, it is my duty
to try to save your life.

You know that

I could have another withdrawal
attack if I don’t have them.

Who will fight your
case if that happens?

I don’t care about the case.

I cannot risk your life for this case.

"We are meant to be together forever."

"Even death cannot do us apart."

"I have decided to make you mine."

"I don’t care how to
world punishes me now."

"We are meant to be together forever."

"Even death cannot do us apart."

"I have decided to make you mine."

"I don’t care how to
world punishes me now."

"Whenever my destiny is decided"

"God will make sure
to make you a part of it."

"We are meant to be together forever."

"Even death cannot do us apart."

What is the matter, officer?

We have an arrest
warrant for Mr. Khanna.

I’m sorry officer,
but I think you’re mistaken.

Mr. Khanna is out on bail.

And as matter of fact, I am his lawyer.

This lady is Rachel Bingley.

She was last seen on video footage,
with Mr. Khanna.

We have reason to
believe that Mr. Khanna

killed her and left her in the woods.


That’s absurd.

You cannot arrest him on the basis of…

Please miss

we have a warrant from the magistrate.

If you want to argue it,
you can go to court.

If you don’t come along quietly,
I will charge you for resisting arrest.

Officer, this is not…
- Simran, it’s alright.

I think it would be better
if I go with them for now.

You will have to go
to your dad's house alone.

That journal is very important for us.

Let’s go, officer.

Please, miss.

'18 January, 2019.'

'I got a very strange case today.'

'Patient's name is Sonia.'

'Sonia Mehra.'


Why are you crying, Sonia?

I want my locket.

It's quite precious to me.

There are some rules here.

You aren't allowed any jewellery here.

I am not crazy, doctor.

I forgot to tell you something.

Do you know whom did I meet yesterday?

Your "Mrs. Khanna".

You are lying, aren't you?

I'm telling the truth.

Which newspaper are you representing?

I am not representing any newspaper.

I am Dr. Singh.

I have been trying to contact
you since quite some time now.

Er yes, Mr. Singh, I got your emails.

But you know, it’s election time
and we have been running really busy…

Yes, of course, I understand.

That's why I had to resort
to use this press meet to approach you.

My apologies.

I just need three seconds from you.

Actually, Mr. Singh, this
is a really wrong time, otherwise I…

Just three seconds.


I wanted to know whether
you recognise this girl.

Do you know her?

Well, no.

This is the first time I am seeing her.

Who is she?

What do you think, doctor?

You will approach her
about her private affair

on a public platform
and she will acknowledge it?

Look Sonia, this makes it quite difficult
for me to decide who to believe in.

It's obvious you'll believe her, doctor.

Because I am crazy.

But I do want to believe you.

Just tell me your story.

How can I believe you
if you won’t tell me anything?

" By teaching me love,".

"won't you turn your back on me?"

"Keep your hand on my heart and say".

"You'll never leave me".

"If you love someone else,
I will die".

'Everyone thought that
Barkha and I were friends.'

'But we were more than friends.'

'A lot more.'

'Barkha's marriage to her husband Karan
was just a convenient arrangement.'

'She was in love with me.'

'At least that's what I thought.'

'Elections were closing in.'

'One day when Barkha left my house'

'I saw Karan's campaign manager
Bob Anand waiting outside for her.'

'Bob had pictures of
Barkha and me together.'

'He had evidence of our love.'

'Barkha said that Karan has
threatened to embarrass her publicly.'

'She was very scared.'

'She wanted us to stop
seeing each other for some time.'

'She would leave Karan and
come to me once the elections end.'

'I knew that Barkha
was leaving me and choosing

Karan's money and power instead.'

'After all,
when she married him for his money'

'so how can she leave him for love?'

'But I am not the kind of
a girl who gives up so easily.'

'I told Barkha that I'd call a
press conference and expose the truth.'

'I would expose Karan and her.'

'But before I could do that,
the three of them got together'

'and played a very dirty trick on me.'

'They used their influence and
got me locked up in this mental asylum.'

'Now who would believe a crazy girl?'

'Even if I tell the truth
at the top of my voice'

'everyone will think that I am lying.'

Sonia, if this is what
has really happened to you

then it is indeed so wrong.

If you think this is wrong

then please let me go.

It is not so easy.

We cannot let patients just leave.

We need run some tests.

It will be too late by then.

Too late for what?


I want to kill all three of
them before the elections take place.

I want to murder them.


Will you let me go or not?

Will you let me go or not?

I want to kill them, doctor.

Please try to understand.

'20th January, 2019.'

'Sonia Mehra has left me
with so many unanswered questions.'

'Is Sonia mentally stable or not?'

'How can a girl who wants
to kill others be of a sound mind?'

What are you laughing at?

At all of you.


You want to keep Sonia
confined here, right?

You won't be able it.

Why won't we able to?

Because she is about to free
herself from all confinements.

Oh, really?

She is my pupil.

This is the least I
could have done for her.

I told her,
all the restrictions apply to the body.

Souls are always free.

If she wants to seek
revenge from her enemies

then she will have to risk her body.

As the body loses the battle here,
the soul shall triumph there!

'22nd January, 2019.'

'This is the darkest day of my career.'

'Sonia Mehra seemed quite
calm since the past three days.'

'I had started to believe
that the worst is behind us.'

'But I didn’t know
that I was horribly wrong.'


This time I haven’t come
here to ask you any questions.

I have only come here
to give you something.

Er… what is this?

I had a patient, Sonia.

After her death, she wanted…

You to have this.



Who is it?

Er… thank you.

My God, this is unbelievable.

It's extraordinary.

We need to find a way out of this.

Sonia is taking her revenge.

Barkha, Bob and now Karan.

We'll need to get Karan out
of prison in order to save his life.


We have no way to save
him while he is in prison.

Believe me, Simran.

Neither did I know
about Barkha and Sonia

nor did I have any
involvement in separating them.

Bob did this to save my campaign.

I know.

Barkha didn’t want
Sonia to approach you.

That's why she lied
that you know everything.

Now I am being accused of two murders.

What I thought would be
a few years of imprisonment

has now changed into
lifetime imprisonment.

Or even a death sentence.

Nothing can happen to you
as long as I am here, Karan.

Don’t you trust me?

You are the only one I trust.

A lie is a lie.

It doesn't matter whether
there is a human or a ghost involved.

We will have to expose the
lie using the power of the truth.

What do you mean?

I mean we have no other option left now.

We will have to tell
the court about Sonia.


I know you've asked me
not to say anything personal…

But I think it is important
to say this today.

I love you.

Perhaps, even more than I did before.

Please, don’t fight that spirit.

Someone who hates me
so unabashedly and intensely

can only be defeated by someone who loves
me just as unabashedly and intensely.

And you perhaps don't.

I don’t want you to
risk your life for me.

Simran, have you starting doing drugs?

This is so absurd!

No judge would give such a ruling.

Law doesn't permit that.

I know, Sid.

That's why I have come to you.

I have gone through
every feasible option

nothing except for the
truth can prove Karan's innocence.

What do you want from me?

Spirit possession is
a well-documented theory.

And in many countries,
Church has openly accepted it.

It is also mentioned in the Bible.

We will attempt to prove
spirit possession in the court.

And how will you prove that?


You will perhaps need to
send a summons to the spirit.

Something like that.

I am sorry

I cannot be a part of this craziness.

Oh, come on Sid!

It is possible if you talk to the judge.

After all, you're a judge too.

And we are not asking
anyone to change the law.

We are just seeking permission
to show everyone the truth.

Can't law do even this
much to save an innocent person?

You are in love with him, aren't you?

That's why you are doing all this.

Did you get the pill?

Yes, ma’am.

But with great difficulty.
That too just one.

I guess I will save this one for later.


It’s Sid.



You have the permission.

Thank you.

Thank you so much, Sid.

I shall never forget this favour.

Don’t get too excited.
Hear me out first.

Judge has two conditions.

Go ahead.

Apart from the video cameras

you'll also need to keep
two court approved witnesses with you.

That’s fine.

And, you can get the dead
body from the medical college

but your client will
have to bear its expenses.

Of course.

Good. All the best.

It's done.

This is the room in which
Sonia Mehra killed herself.

Today, we will attempt to bring
her soul back into this cadaver

and prove
that possession does exist.

Oh, my God!



Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!



Take her to the hospital now.

I need to get back
in there to get the proof.

Yes, absolutely.

'This is ridiculous!'

'Someone should have
informed me right away.'

'Was there no one there in the mess?'

'My God!
– Sorry, sir.'

'Have you called the other doctors?
– Yeah.'

'I need an ambulance right now!'

'And get me the OR just in case.
– Sure, sir. Right away.'


'Have you checked on her medicines?'

'Are you sure, she hasn’t taken
something she was not supposed to take?'

'We're sure, sir.'

'Are you doubly sure?
– Yes, sir.'

Yasmine, can you hear me?


This is for confining Sonia here!

You are the only one I needed to kill.

Sonia's spirit will kill all others.

You made a mistake
by giving her the pendant!

That is Sonia's house.
You sent it to her home!


'Please, don’t fight that spirit.'

'Someone who hates me
so unabashedly and intensely'

'can only be defeated by someone'

'who loves me just as
unabashedly and intensely.'

'And you perhaps don't.'

I love you.

"We are meant to be together forever."
- I love you, Karan.

"Even death cannot do us apart."

"I have decided to make you mine."

"I don’t care how to
world punishes me now."

"We are meant to be together forever."

"Even death cannot do us apart."

"I have decided to make you mine."

"I don’t care how to
world punishes me now."

Here we go 'round
the Mulberry bush

the mulberry bush,
the mulberry bush.

Here we go 'round the Mulberry bush

the mulberry bush,
the mulberry bush.

Here we go 'round
the Mulberry bush

'Inmates of Cell B,
C, D who are not engaged in any work'

'are ordered to assemble
in the assembly area.'

Karan! Karan!

'It all began with the locket.'

'Locket is the secret.'

This is extra ordinary!


Mr. Douglas?

We would have to cut a deal

and the public can
never know this kind of truth.

We simply cannot.

Miss Simran?

I agree

as long as the world knows that Mr.
Karan Khanna is innocent.

'Now let's come to the most
controversial story of this year.'

'Mr. Karan Khanna.'

'He was accused of killing
his wife and his girlfriend'

'but the court relieved
him from all charges.'

'This strange case goes down into the
history of law as justice delivered.'

'And now for the election results.'

'Mr. Gerard Murphy from the
Conservative party gets 3000 votes.'

'Ms. Kristine Southern from
the Labor party gets 3200 votes.'

'And on the number
one position we have'

'an independent candidate
who wins with more than 20,000'

Mr. Karan Khanna!

Thank you!

Thank you so much!
Thank you!

You won!

We won!

I saved you from hatred

and you taught me how to love.

Oh, really?

Prove it.

I love you.

Say it again.


Go be an MP!

Well done! Congratulations!
- Thank you!

This is for you.
- Thanks.

Thank you.