Gholamreza Takhti (2019) - full transcript

The story of life of Gholam Reza Takhti from his childhood till adulthood, his matches and finally his death.

In the Name of God

Nobody can claim to know
everything about Qolam Reza Takhti.

Things at hand are nothing
but a bunch of memories.

I've witnessed some stuff within these
years and heard some others...

from his friends and companions,
I've guessed some as well.

I've connected some issues to each
other by means of my imagination.

If someone really wants
to know Qolam Reza Takhti...

...he needs to listen carefully
to every single word of his will.

This is the will for which Takhti went
to the hotel for the last time to make it.

The hotel in which the body of Qolam
Reza Takhti was found the next day. room No. 23
I have a copy of the will.

Hereby I, Qolam Reza Takhti, Rajab's
son, born on August 27 1930... Tehran with the ID number 500,
write this will in good state of mind...

...and declare that I offer the house
of Shemiran to my two sisters... use it as long as they live.

And later transfer it to my son,
Babak, if he'd live after their death.

My medals would belong to my dear
Babak if he was of age, but leave...

...them at Imam Reza's museum for
my dear son as he's only 4 months old.

There's nothing more to say.

My medals would belong to my dear
Babak if he was of age, but leave...

...them at Imam Reza's museum for
my dear son as he's only 4 months old.

There's nothing more to say.
Here is the list of my debts.

Merikh Benz Company, 50000 bucks.
Amir Khan, 2000 bucks.

Parviz Khan Beizaee, 2000 bucks.
Ruhollah Salimi, 500 bucks.

Nikou Salimi, 5000 bucks.
Hajji Hussein Khaleh, 5000 bucks.

Do you approve
the contents of this will?

- Yes.
- Finished.

It's ready.

Hand me the stamp.

Sign below both pages.

Qolam Reza Takhti

Why are you hesitating, girl?
Tell him about your trouble.

It's not a shame to ask for help,
especially from Takhti.

I've got butterflies in my stomach.
My lips get locked when l see him.

Repeat the words you wanna tell him
so you won't panic when you see him.

He is a very humble person.

There's no need to panic.
He's been in this hotel for two nights.

But you hesitate to speak up
whenever you see him.

Do you wanna sort
your life out or not?

- Hello
- Hi, a glass of water for room No. 23.

Room No. 23

- Hello.
- Hi.

- Is Babak doing well?
- He's fine, asleep.

- I won't come home tonight.
- What do you mean?

You knew we were expecting guests.
Where did you go?

- Hello
- Hi.

The license of the flower shop was
revoked because of partnering with you.

I'm not in anymore.

Look after my family
if something would happen.

- What?
- My mother is unwell.

- What on earth are you saying?
- Babak is still fragile.

Don't count on me anymore.
I give up.

- Hi.
- Hello.

Thank you.

Qolam Reza!
Qolam Reza!

My God!

O. Imam Reza!


He threw him in water on purpose.

Hassan witnessed it.
Come say it to mother, Hassan.

Hassan! Hassan!

Leili is right, mother.
Qolam wrestled Asqar to the ground.

So Asqar threw him in
the dirt water to take revenge.

If your uncle hadn't given you that room.
You'd be in a mess with your crazy dad.

- Qolam Reza!
- Mother champ!

Oh, stop beating him!
Let go of him!

Qolam Reza!

Qolam Reza!
Qolam Reza!

Qolam Reza is beating
Asqar in head with a stick, mother.

Qolam Reza!

If someone shoves you.
He aims to provoke you.

You must not hurt anyone,
no matter what!

Go take your dad home
He is in bazaar.

Go ahead, son.

Stop beating each other!
Let go of him.

- I was shivering with cold.
- Seriously

I had a clothing of camel wool that my
father-in-law had taken from Karbala.

- Dad!
- I wore it and go in the glacier.

I was still shivering with cold.
I had an ice-box as big as this.

I got it, you wanna borrow some money.
Just tell me when you'll pay it back.

Say this!

I start to pray. But the cops
raided worse than the earthquake.

They said my glacier was
situated on the way of the railroad.

So I lost my property.
I'm not a beggar.

People are tearing each other
down for a bowl of flour.

You wanna get money without talking
That's not possible.

You just messed with
the glacier of Master Rajab.

I recall he was running a business.
I lent him money the previous time.

Give him some money and stop
interrogating him for information.

It's an immoral act.
The money is given to the Scrooge.

My house was shaking.
Five cops raided my house.

- You said there were three last time.
- The cops are born in his mind.

There were five cops.

They kicked me out
of my glacier and house.

They threw all my
belongings in the alley.

- Did you sleep in the alley?
- Tell them where we slept for 2 nights.

Cat got your tongue, kid?
Say what happened in those 2 nights.

He brings his kid to make people pity
for him and collect money from them.

This is his business.

Take a more credible witness next time.
So that people would believe you.

I won't lend you this time to make
you remember, I won't lend till... pay off your installments.
- Clear the way!

Your dad can't find his house
and you lug him.

Crazy Rajab!

Feteh a bowl of water for your dad.

Look at him!
He is crying.

Don't wet yourself, lazy Qolam!

Kick his leg!


[Masjed Soleyman : 7 years later]


Get up.
No need to do it.

Frapple again.
Fireman's carry.

Go for the double leg.

He can't do a double leg!
Go for the single leg.

Reverse takedown.

No need.
Sit and do a leg scissors.

Leg scissors!

His leg doesn't bend.

His leg doesn't bend!

Reverse chicken wing.

No need, get up.
I give up the techniques.

Run a little.
I wanna see if you could run at all.

Look at him carefully.

He weaves and zigzags.
Look at his posture.

As if he's begging his opponent
to hit him in the head!

In such persons, neither their bodies
nor their mind is useful for wrestling.

His back is in the air and
his head is down while wrestling.

No need to run.

If you wanna do well in wrestling,
look at this person.

Don't do whatever he does.
You'll surely be nice wrestlers then.

What should I do to be corrected?

The first thing to do is
forgetting about sports and living on.

Everybody, come to grapple.

Don't slouch!
Straighten up.

Hold your head up.
See what your opponent is doing.

- Goodbye.
- Bye.

Goddamn you!
You can't even stand on your feet.

Are you lame?
Stand in the right position.

Working in Masjed Soleyman was lifting
heavy weights, pain at night, being...

...defeated on and on, not getting
disappointed, practicing and loneliness.

But being away from the family and
his mother was annoying him the most.

It must be as clean as a new pin.

- Lift it.
- Listen carefully, boy.

Nagging and asking for leave to
go home is what the children do.

Here, I'm your mother, father
and everybody else you've got.

I wanna make real men out of you, so
you could stand on your own two feet.

I don't wanna train a bunch
of miserable mean individuals.

If you wanna grow high and mighty, the
family is the first hindrance on your way.

You should forget about the family
in the first place and stick to your job.

Don't come to me
to ask for a leave again.

Don't think that
I'll forget your face.

I've got a remarkable memory.
Get going.

In the Name of God
the Compassionate, the Merciful!

The Compassionate!
The Merciful!

I'm so sorry that the Recruitment
Department of Masjed Soleyman...

...Oil Company didn't accept
my request of a leave for a month.

As I hold my mother in high esteem and
she's asked me to pay a visit to her,...

...I have no other choice,
but obeying my mother's command.

And as my request for a leave was not
accepted, please accept my resignation.

Qolam Reza Takhti.

Hajji Feli is the one who's coming down.
Pay attention and be strong.

Everyone he pick's for exercising
will grow high and mighty.

Be strong!
Do your techniques on him.

- Don't be scared.
- Get together!

Whoever I'm gonna call should
do the technique he is master in.

Go ahead.

Don't be feeble!

Hold your head up.

Haven't you had breakfast?

Go ahead.


What's your name?

Qolam Reza Takhti.

Rather than the techniques, he learnt
the meaning of wrestling from Hajji Feli.

Feli was from the last
generation of the coaches...

...for whom the chivalry of wrestling
was prior to its championship.

Soon, Takhti became
the star of Poulad club.

Clap your hands!

Clap your hands.

Any news?

Any news?

Hold on, Qolam Reza.

You practiced day and night and now
that the day has come, you chicken out?

It's the qualifying matches
for the National Team.

You'll join the National Team
if you win this wrestling match.

Look at me.

We wrestle for the enjoyment of those
who come to watch us, not for winning.

Don't think about winning or losing.
Think about the enjoyment of the viewers.

It's better to leave here
as a loser than a coward.

Come on!

Poulad Club lads!
Why are you standing here?

Go in the tent.
Come on!

Big up to you!
You rock!

You were perfect, boy.

[World Championship]
[Helsinki, 1951]

Qolam Reza Takhti, 22 years old, the
unknown figure of the competitions...

...till a few days ago, goes to the
final competition at the sixth weight...

...with his spectacular brilliance
and five successive victories.

He made a breakthrough
in the stadium. Hello?

He's already made to be
the vice champion in the first... competition in Helsinki,
Finland, and Qolam Reza Takhti...

...really deserves to be nicknamed
as the fresh star of the competitions.

Has a new figure joined the
wrestling champions of the world?

The very last sentence is the title.
I'll call you later again, bye.

The 1951 World Championships in
Helsinki, Finland, was my first trip...

...with the National Team to
make the reports of the competitions.

It was the first significant
competition of Qolam Reza Takhti.

- Where's Qolam Reza?
- He left the saloon.

He was with Bolour.
They were heading the locker room.

As far as I recall, all teammates were
happy about Qolam Reza's silver medal.

What I remember about Helsinki are
the smiles, good spirits as well as...

...running on and on in the halls
to record the smiles with my camera.

Take the photos, I need him.
He should treat us for his victory.

- Bravo!
- Be careful not to let him fall.

Please Qolam Reza, have a glass
and drink to our friendship.

Won't you even drink to our friendship?

Alcohol doesn't suit me, dear friend.

Look at us, coming out
to celebrate his silver medal...

...but he wouldn't drink with us.

Well done, cheering your friend!

It's okay, I'll drink
on behalf of both of us... our friendship, that
nothing ever can break it.

If we've got each other's back,
we'll make such a golden days.

The future is ours, Qolam Reza.

You will see!

- I promise.
- Great, have fun.

Don't worry, we're having fun.

Let's go

- Come on, coach.
- I can't dance.

May uncle rest in peace!
He saved us from being displaced.

He brought us to this
house and supported us.

I'll never forget his favors.
Nice halva!

Leili, I was sure that
Qolam Reza had forgotten... as you were gone from the
neighborhood for a couple of years.

To address you I said the little girl who
used to throw stones at everybody.

Throwing stones?

- Didn't you?
- No, I don't remember.

The victims do remember it.

Do you wanna take halva for the crowd
of men and ask Qolam Reza in person?

You're mischievous,
no matter what!

- Here you are.
- God bless his soul!



- Did you tell Qolam Reza?
- What?

My employment will be ok if he talks
about it just once with General.

- The head of the National Team.
- Why don't you tell him?

You're his darling sister.
He won't object you.

Aren't you his brother?
You wouldn't be ashamed to... to Qolam Reza if you hadn't
snitched on your former employer.

- Take this plate of halva too.
- You never did me any good.

In your late uncle's words, you can
live the life of Riley if you're affluent.

Where do I get money to give them?

You did a favor and went
with me to the Municipality.

I've got a letter from the Municipality
to go to God knows what commission.

- Hi, thanks for coming.
- Hello, don't mention it.

Otherwise, I'm gonna
lose my small shop.

If only they realize I'm a friend
of Takhti, the world champion...

...they'll give an inch stamp this letter
and then everything will be over.

- Ok, I'll go with you again.
- Thank you.

- Goodbye.
- Bye.

I hold you in high regard
since your childhood.

Thank you.

You're the pride of Khani Abad
neighborhood, Tehran and Iran.

Did you really remember me?
Your childhood playmate.

Yes, I did.

But you don't even look at me.
How could you remember me?

- I remember you threw stones at kids.
- Is it the only thing you recall of me?


I always thought Asqar was the one to
become a wrestler between you two.

Yeah, Asqar was the strongest.

I sometimes come to your house
to teach Khadijeh and Narges.

Thank you.

- Bye.
- Goodbye.

1953 Iranian coup d'etat was the
experience of failure for people.

The competitions of the National Team
wore suspended and Takhti spent...

his entire time for the people
of the neighborhood those days.

He used to go to different offices
to follow up people's tasks.

People were about to getting
to know this feature of Takhti.

They felt there was someone
who cared for them, especially...

in the situation of still being
depressed for that tremendous failure.

[Takhti: Failure must be forgotten.
Be awake, the country is in danger.]


- Hi Takhti.
- Hello.

- Hi Takhti.
- Hello.

- Hello.
- Hi Jahan.

Have you flavored it
with lemon juice?

You mean I'd forget that my homeboy
eats Faloodeh with lemon juice?

Thank you.

Who's the old man
who visits you every week?

A poor guy who's lost
his job due to his sickness.

- It tastes like our childhood.
- Nothing is like the childhood anymore.

Remember Asqar Alieh choked
you with hands out of anger...

...when he wrestled you
to the ground?

- He had a temper since childhood.
- You recalled Asqar!

When you were not in Iran,
Asqar went to the gym,

pulled your photo off the wall,
and broke it out of jealousy.

He made a fuss and said, ''Who the hell
is Takhti to hang his photo on the wall?"

I wanted to brawl with him,
but found him in terrible conditions.

He's addicted to opium and
hangs on here and there all the time.

Shame on you!

Should others care for your homeboy
as you've forgotten about him?

Where is he now?

We admitted him to quit
a couple of times, but it's useless.

- He won't be corrected.
- I'm gonna admit him again.

Let's pay him a visit tonight.

If I have a booth of my own,
I'll be at ease to save some money...

...for all the poor
homeboys every month.

- What do you wanna sell in your booth?
- Flowers, flowerpots and stuff like that.

Flowers are nice.
The money will be provided.

No worries.
I thought there was enough time...

...after the coup d'etat since
there was no competitions.

I talked to the owner of the burnt
factory to clean up a space of it...

...bring the kids of the neighborhood
together and supervise them.

They might get away from the mess
under the pretext of wrestling.

I'm in, I'll bring some brushes and color
to paint the walls and have it tidied up.

Why do you give
him money to harass me?

Do you have to give money
to anyone who asks you for it?

Hello mother!
What's up?

You don't need
to get out of the car.

Don't you ever give money to
the old man you just gave money to.

He's already spent all the money
you've given to him for me.

He's bought flowers, perfumes, sweets,
clothes and any gifts you could think of!

He isn't ashamed of himself
to be after me at this old age.

You have no idea
what the hell he's done!

He's got a gold tooth
to curry favor with me.

It's a shame!
Don't give him money again.

- He might forget about me then.
- Ok mother.

- Don't give him money again!
- Ok, rest assured.

You've got Faloodeh on your shirt.

He's got a gold tooth
to curry favor with me!

It's a shame!

Hold on to have
the place cleaned up.

Morteza, you need to block his leg
here to wrestle him to the ground.

Look, like this!

Qolam Reza!
You're even worse than them.

Stretch your hand.
Bravo, fine.

Put it under his chest, ok?
Hold him tightly.

Push it with pressure.
Well done, fine.

Grapple with someone
who's the same weight as you are.

What's your name, boy?

- Ahmad.
- Who did you come here with, Ahmad?


Come with Morteza whenever
he's gonna come to the club.

Don't stay alone at home.

- May I whistle?
- Yeah, keep it.

Ahmad is the referee from now on,
Grapple whenever he whistles.

- Will my little bro become a wrestler?
- Yes, if he follows up his exercises.

Coup d'etat was only good
for the kids of the neighborhood.

You travel to the other countries less
and stay more in the neighborhood.

You care for them.

It's said that you'd gone to
Ahmad Abad to visit Mosadeq again.

I wasn't alone.
There were many other people too.

I wanna study and take part
in the university entrance exam.

I thought you might've talked to Narges
and asked what Leili was doing.

I wanted to tell you about it
before she does.

It's so nice to study,
especially for the ladies.

There was a lady doctor in Finland
who managed all the competitions.

I'm gonna study nursing.

It suits you.

Why do you say that it suits me?
How am I like?

You're somehow...
It generally suits you.

Where are you, sis Leili?

You'd asked Narges a couple of times
what Leili was up to do.

She tells me everything.

Do you have feelings for me?

Tell me whatever
you need from now on.

But don't compare me to the
Finnish doctors, as I'd lose my nerve.

I've been working at
a dressmaker's in awhile.

Those who realized I knew you, asked
me to pass these letters to you.

- Goodbye.

The Iranian squad parade has already
started in Melbourne Olympic Stadium.

Qolam Reza Takhti is carrying
and waving the flag of Iran... Iran's first hope
for the freestyle wrestling.

And at the right moment, Melbourne
1956 Olympic Games officially started.

The final match of freestyle wrestling
of Melbourne Olympic Games... 87 kg is gonna start in
XVI Olympiad in a few minutes...

...between the Iranian champion,
Qolam Reza Takhti,...

...and the American wrestler,
Peter Blair.

All the Iranian sports fans have pinned
their hopes on this previous champ...

...who's already defeated the
opponents from Africa, Denmark,

Japan, Australia
and the Soviet Union.

Can Qolam Reza Takhti bestow the
country the most remarkable medal... the history of Iranian wrestling
by winning his last competition?

Don't stick to him!

Don't stick to him!

Reposition yourself!

Free your hand!

Sit tight, Qolam Reza.

Reposition yourself!

Distance from him, Qolam Reza.

Don't stick to him.

Sit tight!

Narrow your guard!


Let me see.
Help him rise.

Hold your head up.

- What's he saying?
- He says we need to cancel it.

His eye is wounded
and he can't carry on with it.

Qolam Reza!
They say you need to give up.

- Your eye is in a bad condition.
- I'm ok.

I'm gonna be all right.

- Can you see?
- I can.

- Huh?
- Tell them I can do it.

Apparently Qolam Reza
is severely wounded in his eye.

The jury and the Iranian
coaches are consulting on...

...whether to stop or continue
the match due to this accident.

Sadly, I can't see our champion's face
clearly from here, but it's been too...

...severe that the official medicine
disagreed with continuing the match.

If the match is canceled,
in addition to losing the possibility of...

...gaining the Olympics
gold medal in this tournament,...

...Qolam Reza Takhti would have to
exercise for next four years with the...

...bitter experience of this accident
which is deafly tough and unbearable.

On the other hand, if his eye injury
gets severer by pursuing the match,

the lranian wrestling champion might
have serious vision problems forever.

We should wait to see if he can beat
the blood that's covering his eye,

Or he prefers not to sacrifice his health
for winning this crucial competition.

[Heroic lyrics]

It's over!
Qolam Reza Takhti...

...gained the gold medal of Melbourne
Olympic Games with closed eyes.

The most remarkable medal in the
history of Iranian freestyle wrestling!



In Melbourne, Australia, an Iranian
champion was ranked higher than...

his opponents from the USA and
the Soviet Union for the first time.

Qolam Reza Takhti had
started his golden days while...

...he'd gained silver medals several
times in the world competitions...

...and Olympics games before
Melbourne Olympic Games.

Gaining the gold medal
of Melbourne Olympic Games.

Gaining the gold medal
of Tokyo 1958 Asian Games.

Earning the championship
of the country for eight times.

Winning the Championship Armlet
for three successive years.

Earning the championship of the world
Cups and international competitions.

All these triumphs had
made people believe that...

...Takhti was never
to rank lower than the first.

He had a smile
on his lips those days.

Each time I went to interview him after
gaining gold medals, he used to say,

"The moment people feel happy by
hearing I gained a gold medal matters!"

"It matters more
than gaining the medal."

"I live on for the
joy of that very moment."

Takhti had turned to the symbol
of victory and pride for people.

You haven't even opened it
to see what was in it.

It's too much money.
It's too much for us.

How's Ahmad doing?
Do you take him to the clinic?

Yes, I take him to
the clinic you told me.

He talks to me when
he is ok and I feel assured.

When you have a competition,
I take him to listen to it on the radio.

He says when Takhti wrestles, he feels
an energy in his hands and legs... he is wrestling on the mat.

When it was announced on the radio
that you'd injured your eyebrow,...

...all said the competition was over,

Ahmad said Takhti wouldn't give it up.

Ahmad says that nobody
could ever beat Takhti after that.

God bless you!
Wish you all the best!

Ok, rest assured.

Dear Takhti, whenever the Iranians
have undertaken to do something...

...that could lead to
their freedom and prosperity,

They've been restricted by a wall of
misunderstanding, betrayal and tyranny.

And the result of their honest struggles
has been nothing but...

...the public depression and committing
themselves to indifference and oblivion.

These pure people deserve the best
joys and usually get the worst sorrows.

It's like this is the inevitable
fate of our noble nation.

The dark fate that has
weakened our national will,

And made the despair
domineer our country.

Now you're the symbol of the nation's
will and their tendency toward victory.

People now make up for their
national and social failures with...

...the sweet taste of your successes
after that ominous coup d'etat.

If I wasn't confined under house arrest,
I would've come to welcome you and...

Kiss the hands of the one that have
cheered the depressed people of Iran.

Dr. Mohammad Mosadeq.

We don't know who comes here.

Wish you'd hung the photo somewhere
that wouldn't be too visible!

- It's gonna be a trouble.
- What trouble?

- Haven't you seen my socks?
- No.

It looks like a joke for you, but it's a
trouble for me who's just been hired.

Don't worry.
Nobody would take it on you.

- Come on.
- Sis!

Everyone is eager to find something
against us and ruin our life.

- Mother!
- She was in the small room.

When you havn a family,
you've got responsibilities.

- How's the baby?
- Her fever just broke.

Do you even care for us
with so many troubles?

You gotta forget some troublesome
beliefs for the future of your family.

Hush, stop talking near the baby.
She just fell asleep.

Tell him your true words
instead of hushing me.

You're not asking
for something unjust.

I would never speak
about it if I didn't need it.

- He's got too many troubles.
- He brings the troubles to himself.

I took my eyes off him
just for a single minute!

I told you to store away
the hammer and nails from him.

He finds them and gets on our nerves.
Damn it!

He'd scared of his shadow the other
night and threw lots of things at it.

Nobody can manage to handle him.
I can't afford to hire a caregiver for him.

Shouldn't I say a word?

- Do you want me to shut up?
- Father!

Stop it, father.
Give it to me.

I told you to put it in the storeroom.
Let go of it!

- Sit back, father.
- He keeps hammering!

- Father!
- He gets on our nerves.

- Off your hands!
- Let go of his hand.

- Off your hands!
- Why don't you just calm down?

What do you want
from Qolam Reza again?

The boy can not work miracles for you.
Should he handle your father too?

- Do you say prayers or eavesdrop?
- Go!

- Enough is enough.
- Am I the bad guy now?

Will he always be an Olympic champion?
We should care about ourselves now.

- Stop it!
- What are you saying?

Shouldn't Khadijeh have a small house
of her own to live at ease...

...instead of living in one of these
rooms with his husband and baby?

You pretend not to have
any expectations from him.

But you're all waiting for
Qolam Reza to work miracles for you.

You just don't speak of it.

Listen to doctors and nurses here.
Bat your meals on time.

In your own words,
don't drink water during the meals.

Let the tea get a little cold
and then drink it.

Don't be embarrassed to let them
know if you need anything at night.

That's be much better
if you don't drink tea at night.

These are fake flowers.
They have no smell.

Give them to me.

Let me put them back in their place.
Give them to me.

Give mother's Misbaha that's from Karbala
as she won't fall asleep without it.

Why do you go to her prayer mat?
Where are you heading?

Do you think that I'm not
strong enough to open your fist?

Give it to me.

Give it to me, father.

Excuse me.

Ok, keep it.
Sit back on your bed.

Sit back on your bed.


Excuse me, Takhti.

- I have a word with you.
- Go ahead.

Excuse me, I know you're admitting
your father and it's not a good time.

But I have no idea
who to talk to except you.

What's up?

My husband has lost his job for a year.
He can do the technical stuff.

We have the reference letter
from his former employer.

Don't worry, write my phone number
and tell your husband to give me a call.

We'll see a few friends of mine
and he'll get a job, rest assured.

- Thank you.
- Goodbye.

I'll come to visit you soon.
Take care.

Bear in mind my advice.


I don't remember any time of Takhti's
life in which he had no financial issues.

He used to donate people
more than he earned.

That was why he was
always trying to provide money.

Everybody had expectations from him.

He's turned to an elder brother for
people who had to be burdened... their problems and never said
a word of the pressure he was under.

You should pay money
with every single move.

You don't just have your family.

There'll be a crowd more miserable
than the disable boy to whom you...

...donated your gold coins without even
counting and you'll be fed up with them.

You'll become the master key of
having everyone's prayers answered.

You'll see!

Are you afraid that I'd be left with
nothing and become a burden to you?

You're my big man.
Everything I have is yours.

I have this flower shop thanks to
the booth you lent me money to get...

...and I've not paid it back yet.
I won't forget it.

Why would I be afraid of destitution?
How much would I need for myself?

Two meals to eat and
a meter of space to sleep at!

Do you eat two meals, Qolam Reza?
You eat twice for each meal!

- Bring the water, Mashallah.
- I just said it.

Last time we talked, we agreed on
being partners in selling the flowers.

I'm looking for a job.

How much do you think selling
the flowers would make? Thanks.

I wanna say that you're the
hope of a nation with this eminence.

You have to care
for the others nonstop.

You have to give back the envelopes
that are sent to you with banknotes.

What's this?

Someone knew here was your
hangout and paid me a visit yesterday.

He's the factory owner of this honey.

He'll pay you 300 grand in cash to
have your photo on the honey jars.

He surely wants to put my
photo instead of the bee's!

Take it seriously, Qolam Reza.

They sent several guys for
a two minute the ad of the razor...

...and for which they'd pay 200 grand,
but you didn't accept it.

You didn't accept the movie offer either.
Please take this one seriously.

Come on, if I put my photo on the
honey jar, the poor kids would think...

...that I've become like this
by eating honey every morning!

They can't afford to buy honey
and this will upset them even more.

Pass me the spoon.

I ate nothing but dust in childhood,
Why would I deceive people?

Nice honey!
Stub the bloody thing out.

What are you doing here?
Get back inside.

Don't stand here.

Como on!
Don't stop.

Don't look.

When I catch a cold just
about a competition's date,

the mixture of ginger, lemon
and honey is the best remedy for it.

I didn't want it to be like this.

My university professors
encouraged me to do it.

I sent an application along with
my credits and it was accepted.

Is it the field of study you like?

Yep. medicine.
It's a good university.

But learning German is so difficult.

Nothing is difficult for you.
You're gonna learn it quickly.

I'd never achieved this
if you hadn't helped me.

I'll pay back my debt
with my first salary.

Germany is so cold.

You should take care of your health
with such physical conditions.

Don't forget to invite your homegirl
if anything would come up.

For example what?

For example,
if you're getting married.

Or when your baby is born.

Would you come from Germany
to attend my wedding party?

- I can't manage to have a wife.
- Why not?

I don't belong to myself.
People have expectations from me.

If I get married, the lady would
complain why I married at all.

I would never say such a thing
if I were the lady.

I won't leave if you tell me not to.

Is that right to leave your
opponent in the middle of...

...the semi final competition
of the World Championships?

His knee made a sound
as soon as I lifted his leg.

To hell with it!

I told you not to be tender to your
opponent in such competitions.

He's wrestled him to the ground and
went for the final match, give an inch!

I would cut you in halves if
you'd lost the match, Qolam Reza.

Congrats Qolam.
You rock!

- Thanks.
- The next final match will be the end.

- Congrats Takhti!
- Thank you.

Sirakov's hit Qolam in the nose during
the match and it started bleeding.

People made a fuss and
complained him for hitting Takhti.

We kept telling them
that he was all right and...

...just bleeding in the nose as a habit,
but they didn't accept it.

People love him anyway.
Big up to you!

They would've loved you too
if you were astute enough.

Astute for what?

Didn't he ask why the meals
of the Americans were different...

...from those of the Pakistanis
an hour ago?

Takhti was the only wrestler
who concerned about...

...the meals of the wrestlers
from the poor countries.

That's why people think
of Takhti as a chivalrous man!

And he claims not to know
anything about being astute.

This issue will turn to
the headlines of magazines.

The headline of Kayhan Varzeshi!

I thought we were the host and must
not differentiate among the guests.

I don't know if you've got problems
with Kayhan Varzeshi or Qolam Reza!

Forget it, Mohammad.
Let's go.

A bunch of papers exaggerate
something and people go after it.

Each of us has gained enough medals
and taken part in various competitions.

But people only
remember one person.

Being a champion no more depends
on doing a leg scissors technique.

You need to comply with the
magazines and he does it nicely.

- You have it in for him!
- Come, forget about him.

Don't you walk away from me!
Even the lockers know I'm talking to you.

Stay and answer me
if you have the guts!

- Come on!
- I don't fight with anyone.

He's right.
What do you mean by that?

- What are you saying?
- Are we fighting with you?

- Listen to him.
- Yup, you don't fight with anyone.

You've just done something for which
people have given us a hell of a time.

You gave back the land of Gorgan
and we were attacked by the papers.

They rebuked us for not giving back our
medals prizes as Takhti had done that.

They'd seized the poor farmer's lands
to give us prize for our medals.

- Is that fair?
- So?

- The guy didn't have proper shoes.
- Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

- There're regulations in the country.
- Let's go, bro.

If I also was always carried on people's
hands, I'd thought I was above the law.

- What's it got to do with that, bro?
- Come on!

I also can't find it in myself to give
back a prize of ten hectares of land.

- Enough, forget about him.
- Understood?

But Qolam Reza had the guts
and gave it back. He rocks!

You also find the guts to admit you
couldn't find it in yourself to give it back.

Why do you attack him?

Could you ever gain an Olympic gold
medal for whose prize you're boasting?

Of course he can't!

If I'd be like you by gaining an Olympic
gold medal, I prefer not to gain it at all.

- Enough!
- Tell me whose side you are?

You receive the Championship Armlet
from Shah, breakfast with...

...Mosadeq and lunch with Taleqani,
give a speech for raging students.

You run with the hare
and hunt with the hounds!

- Easy!
- You know what bothers me?

Communists hired some viewers to
curse Qolam Reza for backing Mosadeq.

Then he's tearing his friend in pieces
thanks to his shoulder boards.

Shame on you!

- Which communists?
- Their leftovers.

Go hear how the
communists are cursing!

- Hush!
- You're someone like the rest of us.

Those who've already lionized you
will someday vilify you.

I have no problem with you.
Conversely, I like your astuteness.

- Like...?
- Like a fish.

- Yeah, you slide.
- Let him speak.

I have problems with people's mentality
who're fooled by a couple of magazines.

He's got problems with people
who carry you on their hands.

- Now he's got problems with people?
- Enough!

If you speak once again, I'll teach you
a lesson to realize how to talk to me!

Yes, you've become a cop and
it makes you seize us by color.

What's with you?
Do I need to tie you before the match?

Qolam Reza!

People have realized you're gonna
have another competition today,

They've gathered together on the mat.

They say Takhti is exhausted
and they won't let you wrestle again.

- Go speak to people and silence them.
- Ok, let's go.

You're gonna have a competition too
and you fight instead of warming up!

Some people warm up
by tearing the other in pieces.

- You spoke again?
- Off your hands, beast!

- What's with you?
- It's ugly, guys.

Let go of me!

- Let go of me.
- Let go of him.

- Let go of him!
- Guys!

- Let go of him.
- Get going.


Takhti won the final match by a
knockout and hung the gold medal...

...of Tehran 1956 World
Championship around his neck.

I interviewed him immediately
after he gained the medal.

I'll never forget that headline.

He said the World Championship
doesn't make him happy at all.

Most of his friends
were jealous of him.

His popularity was
more than they could bear it.

They used to treat him backstab
him with different excuses.

He used to lose some friends
with each championship.

But Takhti never took the
grudges and jealousies seriously.

He never was after fighting
or avenging anyone one despite all,

the troubles they brought to him.
He was after peace.

He went to those he found peace
by talking to them.

When Taleqani was in prison, Takhti
used to look after and help his family.

Yes, we do have some
disagreements as he stated.

I don't deny our disagreements.
But we are a family.

The disagreements must be bound
to the level of those within a family.

If we don't care about
the limits of the freedom,

There'll gradually grow a mood
of revenge, hostility and chaos.

And the emergence of tyrants,

Who keep excommunicating others
is the result of such a mood.

One assumes the other as reactionary
or the other regards him as deviant.

We must raise the
flag of mercy in the first place.

Hence, we should invite our
opposing party to exchange ideas...

...throughout sessions
of the National Front of Iran.

I don't mean some routine and useless
sessions in which people with...

...the same attires and ideas only
play the role of exchanging ideas.

Please come for lunch, sirs.

Put some at the other side too.

Please come for lunch to have a
balance in the congregation, Taleqani.

This corner of the room is sinking for
having two precious figures sitting on.

- Please!
- You go and we'll join you.


Thanks for the ring.
May God accept your pilgrimage!

Don't mention it.
Thank you indeed.

You're welcome.


- Thanks for my husband's job.
- You're welcome.

May your father rest in peace!


Running a business has got manners.
You must be able to compute.

We're rather running up
a debt every month.

Flowers are not possible to
be returned if they're not sold.

- Hi Takhti.
- Hello.

- Hi Hassan.
- Hello.

- I've brought the camera.
- Thank you.

You should look through here, adjust it
with this and press it to take the photo.

- Have you put film in it?
- I have.

These are my problems.

Study these invoices and
count up the numbers once.

Go ahead.

You donate the petty money
which is left in such a mess.

I also have a heart, Qolam Reza.
I do care for people.

But is there an end
to people's poverty at all?

We don't have to help out people
in such bad business conditions.

It's not a big deal to donate
while you've got everything.

It's enjoyable when you need
something and give it to people.

Then say that I'm talking nonsense.
Hand me the invoices.

Takhti, I've borrowed
this camera from my friend.

- May I take a photo of you?
- Why just one?

You may take tens of them.
Where should I stand?

Outside would be better, please.
- Let's go.

- After you.
- Please.

- Hi Takhti.
- Hello.

Stand here, sir.
Right here!

Move away, sir.
I wanna take a photo of Takhti.

Move away, sir.




You've told Izadi you wouldn't attend
the anniversary of the coup d'etat.

All the wrestling champions
are gonna attend it.

Now it's time for you to be visible.
It's a pity to marginalize yourself,

More than now for a few students
and that old man of Qajar dynasty.

No offence, but it was a coup d'etat.
A coup d'etat is not to be celebrated.

If you wish to get more troubles, tell
me not to speak and watch the movie.

- I have nothing to do with the others.
- You don't, but you take your mother... Mashhad when the Prime Minister
calls you in person to invite for dinner.

You rejected the offer
of Tehran Municipality too.

What's wrong with you?
You should've become...

...the mayor of Tehran to serve people
if you're too concerned about them.

There's no merit in a position that's
not given to someone through people.

Besides, would I do something
I have no knowledge of?

Then put your mind at ease
by forgetting about Toledo.

So, I'm not allowed to
participate in the competitions?

You are allowed to participate,
but not to practice.

They're so angry with you
and have intimidated everyone... not dare to practice with you.

You'll soon be out of the competitions
if you participate without practicing.

And if you're out of the competitions,
you'll be disparaged.

- I'm gonna practice on my own.
- You're stubborn, Qolam Reza.

They've tried several times to stop
paying your salary but I didn't let them.

I can't do anything else.

They wanna put you under
pressure to be fed up with life.

- Even more than now?
- Yeah, far more than now!

Listen to me, boy.

After the movie, we're gonna buy some
sweets and go to my friend's tonight.

He's the Chief Secretary and a big shot.
Rest assured, I've made the condition...

...of not having any journalists
and photographers present there.

You'll hang out in there, have a short
talk to him and leave after dining.

Isn't he the one who stabbed his soldiers
for not beating people in the coup d'etat?

You said you had
nothing to do with the others.

Besides, years are past after those
days and even people have forgotten it.

People remember it very well
and won't accept me to do that.

People don't have a good memory
and are not tough, Qolam Reza.

Don't live for the
contentment of these people.

If you gain a gold medal,
they'll like you.

If you don't, they'll ask
you not to wrestle anymore.

They'll shortly hate
and tell you to go to hell.

Would you kill yourself then?

I'll be right back.

Once you become the champion
by saying no and once you'll have...

...your demand fulfilled by saying yes.
It's time to say yes for you.

Be right back.

Excuse me.

The peak of the jealousies
and troubles were exerted...

...before the Toledo World
Wrestling Championships.

It went as far as the point that
if someone practiced with Takhti,

He had the windows
of his house broken at night.

Nobody was allowed to speak
to Takhti during the training camp.

He was totally
separated from the team.

Nobody was even allowed to coach
Takhti or dry his sweats on the mat.

I had a lump in my throat while
making the report of his competitions.

He was exhausted, unpracticed
and short of breath on the mat.

I felt cold to hear Medved's words at the
press conference after the final match.

[World Wrestling Championships]
[US. Toledo. 1962]

Despite his loneliness and not
practicing, Takhti never touched...

...Medved's knee during the match
by realizing he had injured his knee.

Medved was sorry to see
how they were behaving with...

...a splendid and kind hearted
champion like Takhti.

Takhti was supposed the Iran's
flag-bearer, but had to hand it over...

in the very last moments
upon a command from Tehran.

Takhti's closest friend carried the flag
instead of him as the first person of...

...the squad while he was to object his
withdrawal from being the flag-bearer.

He was more disturbed to see that
his close friend had turned his back...

...on him only for the sake
of being the flag-bearer.

I'd never seen Takhti too lonely,
dejected and worn out as those days.

Takhti could never believe
the villainy of the real world.

[The Champ of continents left alone]

The American doctors diagnosed
him with testis cancer that day,

And he had to be operated
as soon as possible.

He accepted to interview
with me before the operation.

I even recall that he asked me
to interview him for the first time.

I don't know, how you do it, sir.

If I were you, I would have
sought refuge somewhere so far.

You're one of a kind, I'd at most be
one like you though it's impossible.

And you're being behaved like this!

Your bestie was made to take the flag
from you and parade instead of you.

This is just one example
They've annoyed you too much.

Our country is full of
betrayals and jealousies, Takhti.

I'm trying to seek refuge in the US or
anywhere else if it won't work for the US.

I know that I'll feel better
if I live anywhere except Iran.

When I was 8-9 years old, a friend
pushed me in the dirt water as...

...I had knocked him out in wrestling.
I would've been six feet under,

...if my mother had come
for me just a few minutes later.

You have your life because of your
parents, no matter if it's good or bad.

Your country is like your parents too.
You can't let go of it.

Even if our country is in bad
conditions, we need to stay and fix it.

Everyone as much as
he can afford.

If you're sick of your country,
leaving it can't make you feel better.

If you seek to feel better...

- May I?
- Go ahead.

I'm with the world champion,
Qolam Reza Takhti.

He fulfilled the Toledo
World Wrestling Championships and...

gained a silver medal for Iran
despite sickness and unbearable pain.

Now, he is getting prepared for an
operation in a hospital in Toledo, US.

You went through a lot in this
tournament all of which I witnessed.

What would you like to say to
the Iranians at the right moment?

I feel so exhausted,
both physically and mentally.

Wrestling is over for me
I bid farewell to wrestling forever.

Would you please repeat it again?

I ask people to forgive me.
I wasn't a good offspring to them.

I've been struggling against everything
since I've got to know myself.

I can't afford to do it anymore.
I bid farewell to wrestling forever.

He stood lower off the
first rank after long in Toledo.

People came to the airport to welcome
him more than any other time,

When he was defeated.

They'd got banners which said
"Smile so that Takhti won't cry"

People's welcoming was the
greatest welcoming for a champion,

who is bid farewell to wrestling.

People proved they loved the world
champion not just the color of his medal.

It was proved again in the
course of Buin Zahra earthquake.

There was an earthquake
in a large area in zero hours...

...of September 2, 1962 which took
the lives of 11 thousand compatriots.

Hundreds of villages around Saveh,
Qazvin and Hamadan were...

...completely razed to the ground.

There was nothing left
but the wreckage as well as...

...the smell of death, famine
and bewilderment of the survivors.

Qolam Reza Takhti went on streets to
help the survivors being backed with... advertizing and aid.

People who didn't trust that their
donations would be received by the...

...earthquake victims, donated all their
belongings due to their trust in Takhti.

Their elder brother had asked them
for help this time, but not for himself.

Now that Takhti would gain no more
medals for people, he'd been united...

...with them more and it'd concerned
his enemies more than before.

Takhti forgave those who'd done him
the worst things and held no grudge.

There were many champions these
years who were popular in awhile.

But people's relationship
with Takhti was strange.

People felt his deep simplicity
and purity of heart and soul.

He took people's donations to
Buin Zahra in person and delivered...

...them to the earthquake victims.

He paid regular visits to the place till
the houses and schools were built,

with the donated money.

People saw that Takhti didn't
sell himself out for anything.

Even in the peak of his financial issues
when he was offered to play a role in...

...a movie with the multiple
payment of superstars, he said:

"I won't accept it as people
shouldn't pay money to see me."

"I'm amidst people
whenever they wish to see me."

That was why he was
endeared by people day by day.

I had no idea who to ask
for money for my wedding party.

Whoever I asked for
help made an exeuse.

I just got the idea
of coming at your door.

I asked people for your address.

I thought there was
no shame to ask Trakhti for money.

I'll give back my debt,
as soon as I earn some money.

Ok, eat!
It's gonna get cold.

I ate too much, thanks.
I can't eat more.

It's a keepsake of the Olympic Games.
Have it fitted for your wedding party.

- Thank you, it's enough.
- Take it, don't say anything.

- Thank you so much.
- Congratulations.

- I was embarrassed.
- Don't mention it.

- Goodbye.
- Bye.

May God be with you.

You wrote my phone number.
Give me a call if you need help.


Why are you on your feet?

I'd come to tell you something, but
I was embarrassed when I saw you.

Things were distracted
by coming of that soldier.

What's up?

The letter of your appointment
for the position of coaching...

...the National Team was issued
by the Wrestling Federation.

It was supposed to be announced
to you this week, I saw the letter.

Some guys came by today and
said you'd gone to Tehran University.

You'd taken food and given a speech
for the students who'd been confined.

The students had
shouted bad slogans.

Is taking food for
students considered a crime?

Look, Qolam Reza!

I'm still ashamed to look you
in the eye because of the flag issue.

I just wanted to let you know of the
withdrawal of your coach appointment,

before you'd realize it with a letter.
So you could make a move if possible

The payment for your
Armlet is gonna be cut as well.

- Sorry, I could do nothing.
- Why don't you eat?

I'm sorry.

- Bye.
- Goodbye.

- Your guest left too soon.
- Yeah.

- Thank you.
- Bon appetit.

Mother has not been talking
to nobody since this morning.

She saw the magazine
with the photo of the girl on it.

It said you'd attended
a gathering together.

You have a good taste.
She's got light eyes. Congrats!

But figuree it out to
have mother annoyed less.

I'm sorry, Takhti.
Please forgive me.

It's not in my control.

I talked to them and they said
they had no control over it either.

You're banned from
entering all the stadiums.

Sergeant wanted to come
and tell you, but he was ashamed.

- Didn't you ask why I was banned?
- They say you shouldn't enter.

We've received the
command by the authorities.

I'm so sorry.
I don't know what to say.

- Ok.
- I'm sorry.

- Give me one of them.
- Which one do you want?

- The large or the small one?
- The large one.

- It's the size of the wall
- Thanks.

- Who is he?
- He's come from another city.

His wife is heavily pregnant.
He saw me at the crossroad.

How much does he need?

Give me 50 bucks if you've got.
I'll pay it back to you.

Do you have to listen to one's life history
as he greets you at the crossroad?

- Here.
- Thanks.

Thank you.

- Here you go, sir.
- You're my big man.

- Thank you.
- God bless you.

Go ahead, ma'am.
Be careful.

- God bless you!
- Thanks.

As soon as I get some money...

Is she the lady
you met in the gathering?

- Yeah, she is.
- You'd not mentioned it was serious.

- It says you're gonna get engaged.
- She is a simple girl.

Is that all?
She's a simple girl?

Your payments have been cut.
You have no job and money.

You shouldn't go
for the simple girl now.

Marry a rich girl who
could help you make progress.

The girl has got infamous by magazines
and you tell me to leave her?

Why infamous?
This is what the old ladies say.

The photo of you and this lady
is on the magazine now,

A football player and a
singer will be on it the next day.

Everybody will forget
about the girl the day after.

But I'll remember it.

Was your wedding party
as you wished?

Was everything Ok?
About the meal and guests?

Everything must match up in a wedding
party or the guests will have a bad time.

Everything should be harmonized.

When you were a kid and you were
offended, you used to hide beneath... feet and cover
yourself with my chador.

When your name was
first published in the papers,

I felt like my Qolam Reza
was taken away from me.

Go, it's not fair to keep your wife
waiting at the beginning of your life.

Wish you a happy life!

Go son.


Takhti had many problems
at home with his family.

But he didn't like anyone
to nose into his private life.

That's why I don't reveal many things
that I know about his private life.

His family issues is none
of the business of others.

When the glacier lands of
Takhti's father were seized,

Something broke in him
that was never fixed anymore.

Wrestling was like
a beloved to Takhti's.

A beloved that was
forcibly estranged from him.

He was not allowed to practice
or coach the National Team.

He wasn't even allowed
to watch wrestling.

All his payments were cut off.
Such restrictions along with...

...the serious financial issues
gradually unsettled Qolam Reza.

He gained more than 10 kilos in a year.
He spoke less.

His magical look and smile he
always had on his face got cold.

I witnessed that everybody
did his best to devastate Takhti.

It must be at home.
I'm gonna fetch it.

What are you looking at?
Be gone!

- Silence her.
- What do they want?

- What do you think they want?
- All we need is that they ruin our life.

They wanna wreck Qolam Reza,
but they can't afford to do that.

They're disgracing me instead.

Why would they just inspect me
from that bloody office?

- Where is it?
- I searched everywhere you asked.

What's this you've fetched?
I asked for the green suitcase.

- Is that green?
- He is right.

They're taking their anger
of Qolam Reza out on him.

- Take the baby back inside, Zahra.
- I swear that he'd never embezzle.

What's the meaning of embezzling?

He's taken money
from his office stealthily.

- Please don't say that.
- Oh, Imam Reza!

Would the cops let him go
if I don't say that?

Why do you say it while knowing him?
He's set up.

I had been his sister
before you became his wife.

I do know him then!

Don't come to see
what's coming to your brother!

You're afraid to damage your
"World Champion" stance, don't you?

Why do you pick on Qolam Reza?

- Move away from his door.
- He needs to drag all of us...

...down with himself
since he can't wrestle anymore.

You have everything
thanks to Qolam Reza.

Don't expect him to support you
now that you've broken the law.

He's reached to 500 kilos
and is hammering the stool!

Why do you keep sitting in this room
all the day without moving an inch?

Go after your life
and make it up to her.

OK, I'll go now.

Recently I jolt awake in the middle of
the night and it gives me palpitations.

Why would my life be in such
a mess while all you care is that...

...someone who's written
a letter to you is penniless...

...or the other one
in some city is jobless.

There's no problem
if my life is a total mess,

But those who come to you with
letters need to be in safe hands.

I can't do anything for people now.

You see. you heard none of
my words and still care about people.

Why did you get
married, Qolam Reza?

It's not good for
you to sweat it now.

OK, I won't.
Just tell me something.

Did we have to live with your mother
and sisters in a house which is small,

even for them, if we could afford
the rent of the house of Amir Abad?

It's obvious that there'll be resentments
when people nose into each other's life.

You keep dodging for no reason.

You just worry if you accept
the offer of becoming the mayor...

...people would say, "Takhti
changed by becoming the mayor".

Or that, "Takhti isn't the
previous humble person".

Let them say anything.

People won't grant you
medals for not changing at all.

When did I ask people for medals?

It's useless.

Talking to you is useless.

I can do nothing more, Qolam Reza.
You wanted to start the business of...

...flower to make some money, but
it turned to be a no account business.

You donated all you earned from the
garden and the greenhouse to the poor.

You don't accept the offers of big shots
to be able to get a license and cash it.

You have no money,
but go to the university,

And give a speech
for the students in such a mess.

You don't get along with your wife.
It's over my head.

I don't like anyone
to speak about my family.

I'm suggesting something else.

Looks like nosing into people's
lives is so enjoyable in this country!

Qolam let me tell my
last word at the first place.

The heavy weights and light weights
you've got around you, have surely...

...said yes a big shot stealthily
sometime if they're prosperous now.

Nobody has come to know about it,
neither the journalists nor people!

Nobody cares
about the yes that they said.

Everyone only cares
about their current position.

Your life is the result
of saying no to everybody.

You've got no place on the wrestlirig
mat, at home or anywhere else.

What'll be the result of being honored
by people as the "World Champion"?

Will you earn a petty cash from it?

You've got just one choice, Qolam.
The one your friends did.

Am I wrong?

I don't nose into my friend's lives
to see what they've done.

Do you know where your
troubles have their origins?

Above all, you should accept your
current position in life but you don't.

The papers have accused your family
of some nonsense many of which...

...are believed by people, no matter
if you turn a blind eye to them.

You must reconcile with your wife even
if it's faked for the photo of the papers.

Besides, you should make a deal
with a big shot to start a business.

I'll provide the market for it.
I'll have your back with everything.

I'll tell Ashraf to make some
turmeric rice on weekend,

And you come over with your wife.

We'll start with the reconciliation and
evaluate the new business there.

I'll call you.

Hello mother.
Are you fine?

All the financial, mental, political and
family pressures for marginalizing...

Qolam Reza Takhti, changing
his political and social behavior or...

...fading his popularity among his
compatriots had an adverse effect.

Takhti lived the way he believed in
until the last moment.

He said no to all the offers
that didn't fit his beliefs.

Saying no was
the essence of Takhti's life,

In conditions that everybody
was competing for saying yes.

You know what bothers me more
than his debts and unemployment?

People for whom he kept
standing up are rebuking him,

Now that they've realized
he can do nothing anymore.

We've not spoken
a word for two weeks.

Everybody kept busy
to realize how Takhti died.

They forgot that Takhti became Takhti
for the manner of his life not his death.

It seemed those who liked people to
forget Takhti made a big thing of the...

...secret of his death so as to distance
people from the secret of his life.

You and father come over to speak.
I can't do it.

I think there's no secret.
Takhti was killed when he was living.

The regime, his friends, rivals and even
the people who allegedly loved him.

So an unwritten agreement
led him to devastation.

Only because they
were far shorter than Takhti.


Room No. 23.

Luck is on your side.
He asked for some water.


Room No. 23, Mr Takhti.
He asked for a glass of water.

Now tell me how
you're gonna tell him.

That'd be nice
if I knew how to tell him.

Let's do something.
Suppose that I'm Takhti.

Stop laughing.

I just opened the door
and took the glass from you.

What are you gonna tell him?

I'll tell him...

Takhti, I've never seen my parents
and I have no seniors in my life.

Since my fiance's family
realized my relatives were nurses... the orphanage, they've chickened
out to proceed for our wedding.

I want you to do a favor and be
with me and Morteza as a senior,

In the matchmaking.
So that nobody turns us down.

Takhti's solved thousands of problems
more complicated than this for people.

It's not his first time.
Why do you panic?

- Hi.
- Hello.

- Here you are.
- Thank you.

I don't claim to know all the
secrets of Qolam Reza Takhti's life.

If someone claimed so,
do not trust him.

We all just try to connect the pieces
of his life to get a valid sketch in it.

But what is no more a secret is
that Takhti's companions,

Those who yearned for his
devastation gradually got old and died.

But Qolam Reza Takhti remained young
forever as he was only 37 when he died.

"The End"