Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964) - full transcript

A princess from a small Himalayan country becomes possessed by the spirit of a Venusian (a Martian in the American version) and escapes a plane just as it explodes. As this happens a meteorite falls from the sky containing Ghidorah, the monster responsible for her planet's destruction. At the same time, Godzilla and Rodan emerge from hibernation and not only attack Japan, but each other as well. Mothra, along with its twin priestesses, attempt to convince Godzilla and Rodan to stop their fighting each other and to team up to fight the new monster. At the same time, the princess is being hunted by a group of assassins who want to kill her so that her enemies can take over her homeland.



Produced by

Screenplay by

Cinematography by HAJlME KOlZUMl
Production Design by TAKEO KlTA

Music by

Edited by




EMl lTO and YUMl lTO







Director of Special Effects

Directed by

Sir, 30 minutes past the expected time,
and still no transmission.

We've failed tonight.

They're wary of skeptics.

Are you referring to me?

That's right.
You're the only outsider here.

But -

We shouldn't have let you record
our communications.

Do you believe in UFOs?

Well... l'm interested.

But you don't really believe.

They sensed your mistrust
through your brain waves.

My brain waves?

l'm sorry, but l find that incredible.

You have to admit

that lots of strange things
have been happening lately.

What month is it?

January, of course.

The middle of winter.

Yet feel how hot it is!

The newspapers
are reporting a heat wave.

Doesn't that worry you?

And it's not just here on Earth.

Strange things have been occurring
beyond our galaxy too.

You make it sound like
the whole planet's about to explode.

No, l don't think it will explode,

but l fear something terrible
is going to happen.

We hoped the UFOs could tell us what,
so we could warn the world.

Sir, a UFO!

That's not a UFO. lt's a meteor.

There's another one!

And another!

Hard at work, l see.
Something happen?

lf so, your paper
would be on it before us cops.

Then what's up?

The chief wants to have a talk.

Join us?
- No way!

l'll pass on the stomach-churning lecture.

Lots of sirens again tonight.

What's going on?

You haven't heard
about the encephalitis outbreak?

And you call yourself a reporter.

ln the middle of winter?

The calendar says it's winter,
but everything's gone haywire.

That's for sure.

Hey, there's another one!

Another what?


Meteor showers are being reported
all over the world.

lt's getting strange out there.
The Earth is going mad.



Sorry l'm late, Shindo.
l just now got through to Selgina.


That tiny country
embroiled in domestic dispute.

Princess Maas Doulina Salno

is making an unofficial visit to Japan.

l want you to be her bodyguard.


lt's under the radar,
so they don't want any fuss.

What's she coming for? Sightseeing?

According to our sources,
there's a plot to assassinate her.

As successor to the throne,

she's had to flee Selgina until it's safe.

This is above my pay grade.
When does she arrive?

She's already on her way.


This is her.

- Has the princess left?
- Yes, sir.

- And the bomb?
- Carefully planted.

She'll never make it back alive.

Good work.

What are you looking at,
Your Highness?

l feel as if l could touch the stars.

Will you be retiring now?

Not just yet.

l'd like something to drink.

Right away.



You must get out now.



Your Highness!

Kurobe Dam.

End of the line.

You must be from the technical institute.

Yes. Murai's the name.

- Welcome.
- What's the situation?

We've been seeing lots of meteors.

One last night was enormous.

lt fell at a 60-degree angle
over Mount Kurodake.

Never seen anything so bright.
Lucky it didn't hit the dam.

- Over Mount Kurodake?
- Yeah, around here.

- Near Kasumizawa?
- l believe so.

The air currents there are so violent

that helicopters can't fly into the valley.

That suspension bridge

and the mountain trail
are the only way in.

There it is.

What's the matter?

Kasumizawa should be southeast, right?

Yeah, based on the sun's position.

My compass is pointing north.

You must have bought a cheap one.

Mine's doing the same thing!

What's going on?

Let's go.

Professor, there it is!


Let's make camp here.

Unload your packs.

We can get water over there.

Chief, when does the princess arrive?

- Forget about that.
- Forget about it?

Her plane exploded en route.

Was it her political opponents?

Good question.

Any clues?

None. The Foreign Ministry's
in the dark too.

How awful, a woman like that
falling victim to a power struggle.


You have to admit

that lots of strange things
have been happening lately.

What month is it?


A breaking story!

A prophet has appeared.
- A prophet?

Great stuff for
Mysteries of the 20th Century.

Go cover it.
- Where?

Ueno Park.

Two reels should be enough.

Ladies and gentlemen...

have you ever thought
about the infinitely expanding universe?

The time has come
for all earthlings to awaken

to their responsibilities
as citizens of the universe.

Are you a man or a woman?

How about a strip show?

Poor girl suffers from megalomania.

Maybe it's the heat wave
and the encephalitis outbreak.

The Earth is on the brink of destruction...

yet you refuse to take me seriously.


Please let us through!

Where are you from?

Outer space?
But you're Japanese, aren't you?

l come from Venus.


Venus? ls that in Africa?

ldiot! lt's a planet.

A planet? You're from...?

So we can travel through space now?

We should go!

You spoke of the Earth's destruction.
How will it come about?

First something strange
will happen on Mount Aso.

There's no sign of increased
volcanic activity on Mount Aso.

As you can see,
it's Mount Sakurajima that's more active.

Whether that woman
is from Venus or not,

it's absurd to believe
in such predictions.

Thanks for the ride.

Thank you very much.

- l'm home.
- Welcome back.

Naoko just got home too.

l think she's got a boyfriend.


Just a hunch.

You had me worried!

Hi there. You're home early.

- l saw something very interesting.
- What?

Girl falls for man with nice car.
Who was that guy?

Oh, him!

Don't talk about Mr. Murai like that.

ls this Mr. Murai your boyfriend?

Of course not! He's an associate
professor at the university.

Sounds like a catch.


Professor Murai
was up in the mountains.

He's investigating that meteorite.

He was telling me about it.

lt's very strange.


More Mysteries of the 20th Century?

You're always talking about work.

l have to collect lots of stories
before the program debuts.

Turn on Channel 7.

This is the news!

lt's Mom's favorite show.
lt's kind of entertaining.

Be a good son.

We bring you...
Where Are They Now?

Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Where Are They Now?

The program that gives viewers...

the chance to meet people

who've made the headlines.

- Here to make their request...
- Our first guests.

Two adorable little boys!
Come right this way!

- How old are you?
- Five.

What a cutie!
Just about your height.

Cut it out!

Who is it you boys
would like to meet?


Now that's a surprise!
And a tall order!

We can't meet Mothra?

- l wouldn't say can't, but -
- You lied!

l never lie.

You sound like a politician!

All the way from lnfant lsland,
home of the amazing Mothra...

we bring you...


l believe you all know
that these charming little ladies...

live with Mothra on lnfant lsland.

Good evening, everyone.

Good evening, boys.

Good evening.

Now's your chance to ask about Mothra.

- Miss?
- Yes?

How are the two Mothras?

Thanks for asking,
but l'm afraid one passed away.

What about the other one?

She's doing fine.

She's still a baby,
but she keeps peace on the island.

Would you like to see her?


Then we'll sing her song.

Close your eyes real tight...

and you'll see Mothra.

Let's all close our eyes.

Let us seek happiness

On our dear island

Where the sky meets the sea

We are happy

So why do you cry?

Do not forget to smile

Let us seek happiness

The breeze will carry you to us
on the clouds

Let us seek happiness

This would be great
for my program, huh?

Not my cup of tea.

Lighten up or you'll turn
into a beady-eyed old grump.


He thinks everyone's a crook.


Stop this!

You're not children anymore.
Act your age!


You sent for me, sir?

Look at this.


That paper just arrived from Japan.

Are you sure you blew up
the princess's plane?

l swear there was no mistake.

Then why is she in Tokyo?

This can't be.

Besides, this woman
isn't wearing the royal bracelet.

This picture alone
doesn't prove it's the princess.

Go to Japan immediately
and look into this.

Yes, sir. And if it is the princess?

Kill her, of course.

Fail and you'll pay with your life.


The station has decided

to do a show
about this woman from Venus.

Especially her predictions.

l want to investigate them
from every angle.

That should make an interesting show.

ls all our other material being shelved?

l didn't mean that.

We're just opening the series
with the Venusian.

But no one knows where she is.

Then go find her.

You have eyes and legs, don't you?

Any ideas?

We better sign her
to an exclusive contract.

That's right.

She always appears before a crowd.

Next time she does, don't lose her!

The resemblance is striking,

but the Foreign Ministry says
the princess of Selgina

would always wear
the royal bracelet on her arm.

What if she's concealing it
to throw off her enemies?

Same for all that Venus nonsense.

How about bringing her in?

We have no grounds to.

Spreading rumors isn't a crime.

Chief, let me follow her.
We have to do something.

Okay, but you're on your own.

l'm in Shibuya.

l haven't seen her yet.

No sign of her anywhere else?

Okay, l'll call you later. Bye.

Big brother! Having a slow day?

lt looks like you are.

l'm on a stakeout!

Not very ladylike language.
How about some coffee?


l'm waiting for someone anyway.


- They're not here yet?
- No. You have ten minutes.

Then you can pay and buzz off.

l'm not paying.

Sorry, l was talking to her.

What will you have?
- Blue Mountain.

Two, please.

Who are you staking out?

Can't tell anyone, even you.

You're no fun.

Sorry l'm late.

Sure it's all right?
- Please! This is my brother.

Murai of the Teito Technical lnstitute.

My brother thinks you're my boyfriend.

Hey, can it!

l'm honored.

You look ready for action.

l'm going up to the mountains again.

- To investigate that meteorite?
- Any findings?

We've discovered
that it exerts a strange force,

like magnetism or gravity,
but different.

Perfect for
Mysteries of the 20th Century.

lt's even more shocking
than that woman from Venus.

The self-proclaimed prophet
from Venus appeared yesterday

at the Mount Aso crater

and warned sightseers
to leave immediately.

This is the center of the crater.

Tama-chan, here we go.

l'll put my arm around you.

People, you must leave here immediately.

You don't realize
the great danger you're in.

Please leave now.

ls it going to erupt?

l'm not talking about an eruption.

Volcanic gas beneath the Earth's crust

will reawaken Rodan.


l'm scared. Let's go home.

Don't mind her. She's crazy.

l'll protect you.

My hat!

lt's gone for good.

l gave that to you as a present!

l can't go down there!

l'll get it for you.

Seven hundred yen!

Five hundred!

How about 200?

Two hundred? lt's a deal!


Stop! Come back!

Shut up, crackpot!
You'll put me out of business!

Come back!


lt's Rodan!

Our visit is a secret, right?

Of course.
l've put you in a quiet hotel.

Good. And where's the princess -
l mean... the Venusian?

She's been missing since Rodan reappeared,
but she'll turn up.

Are the police looking for her?

They're too busy to bother with her.

Police have evacuated
the entire Japanese Alps area.

Climbers and sightseers
have been ordered to stay away.

Police are also warning
that the meteorite in Kasumizawa

may explode.

Only the research team
is allowed on the mountain.

All others must stay away.

- l'm going.
- Wait a minute.

Professor, the light's getting brighter.

But it's very odd.
There's no magnetism today.

We shouldn't ignore the signs.

We should get out of here.

This is our only opportunity.

An object from outer space -
doesn't that intrigue you?

Sure, but it scares me too.
lt's fifty-fifty.

Professor, it seems bigger than before.

Meteorites don't swell up like balloons!

Let's investigate.

Anything to say before you leave?

We thank you all.
We're going back to lnfant lsland.

lf we call you again, will you come?

With pleasure.

But we'd prefer less fanfare.

What do you think about Rodan?

Can you use your telepathy

to tell us where he is?

Telepathy is not for prediction.

We can't tell you anything.

But Rodan will appear again soon.

Good-bye, everyone.

This ship must not sail!

lt must not sail.

The woman from Venus!

Captain, the Venusian is on board.

What? l didn't authorize that.

She says not to sail.

l give the orders!
Get rid of that crackpot.

Why will no one listen to me?

This ship mustn't sail.

Come with me.

- Who are you?
- A friend.

Let us through!

Get off this ship!

Please wait.
l'll take full responsibility for her.

Naoko, wait!

Chief, l found it!

- Found what? The Venusian?
- She's the princess!

Where'd you get this?

A man tried to sell it
to an antique dealer.

Have a seat.

Now, where did you get this?

l didn't steal it.

l'm an honest fisherman.

l just want to know where you got it.

l got it in exchange
for my cap, jacket, and trousers.


At sea.

At sea?

lt's true!

On my way back from fishing
l found a woman adrift...

and l helped her.

lt's true!
- Didn't that seem odd?

Sure. l meant to take her
to the police in port,

but when l got ashore, she was gone.

You recognize
the woman with the bracelet?

That's my cap!

lt's her! This one too!

We'll need you to stick around.
Take him.

l didn't do anything!

l know you're not a thief.
We just need a statement.

Chief, what do you think?

She was in that plane
that exploded in midair.

How could she alone survive?

You find it odd?

Even a child would.
How about you?

l've asked around,
but no one takes it seriously.

But one person said
something interesting:

the head of the UFO society.

l think she survived

because she fell
into a gap between dimensions.

You may not be aware of this...

but there are other dimensions
besides those we know.

And there's a whole other world therein.

The explosion created a gap
between the two worlds.

She was saved when she fell into it.


l'm with Toyo Broadcasting.
ls the usual room available?

l'm afraid not.
Would the room across the hall do?

Room 384? All right.

Are you doing a story on the homeless?

Something like that. Come on.

Here we are. ln you go.

That's the princess.

- l'm not sure.

But it sure looks like her.

- Let's do it.
- Hold on.

She saw me but didn't react.
lt might not be her.

News department.

ls the chief in?

lt's Naoko.

l'm with the Venusian woman. lt's true!

We're at the usual hotel.

Everything's fine.
Can you do me a favor?

Could you bring her some clothes?

You can stay here tonight.

There's someone else here.

There's no one here but you and me.

Good evening.

You didn't stay onboard?

- That's right.
- Why not?

We understand what she meant.

And that was...?

You mustn't board that ship.

Can you explain why?

ls something wrong with that ship?

lt's too late now.

Professor, that must be
some kind of monster.

lt's grown another 0.8 percent.

Very odd! l've never heard
of a meteorite growing!

Well, this one is.
How's the magnetic force?

No readings. lt's gone dead.

We should get out of here.

There's nothing more we can do.

The magnetic force is back!

Get some readings!

lt fits perfectly!

Where are you going?

My duty is to warn everyone possible

about the danger facing the Earth.


You can tell all of Japan
without leaving this room.

Hello? Speaking.

No, don't send him up!

l'll be right down.

Wait here, okay? Don't go anywhere.

What do you want?

What do you think?
The princess is in your room.

"Princess"? l don't know
what you're talking about.


it's been a while.

l am from Venus.

Don't give me that!
You're the princess of Selgina.

l know no such person.

You must leave here at once.

There's no need to make sure.
Let's just kill her.

Hold on. This isn't Selgina.

lf she's forgotten,
this should jog her memory.


l killed your father with this dagger.

Give me back that key!

How many times do l have to tell you?

That Venusian woman is the princess.

You brought her here from the harbor.
Give me the key!

Stop it or l'll call the police!

ldiot! Have you forgotten l'm a cop?

l could have you arrested.

Let me go!
What are you going to do with her?

Protect her, of course.

And send her back when she recovers.
l've arranged for treatment.

All right. Come on up.

Now, Your Highness...

what did you do with the bracelet?

- Bracelet?
- That's right.

Try to remember.

You wore the royal bracelet
on your right arm.

That's right. You must remember.

l am from Venus, and yet...

And yet?


l may have worn a bracelet.

Why don't you have it now?

Such things are worthless.
You earthlings must open your eyes.

Where is the bracelet?

l gave it to a poor man.

Who's there?

Turn on the lights!

Watch out! Assassins!

Naoko, the fire alarm!

lt's safe now. Turn on the lights.

lt's you two! Thank you.

Your Highness!

Clinical Study of Acute Amnesia
and Delusional Disorders.

You can read in the dark?

l am from Venus.

lt's too dangerous here. Let's go.


l've arranged for a doctor
to examine her. Come on, quick!

lt's Godzilla!

lt's Rodan!

Where are we going?

Dr. Tsukamoto's lab.

Dr. Tsukamoto?

He's a brilliant psychiatrist.

The police owe him a lot.

He's helped us solve lots of cases.



All right.

Doctor, will she recover?


There's nothing wrong with her.

She's perfectly normal.

Then why does she say
she's from Venus?

ls she really from Venus?

l doubt it.

l'll get her to tell us who she is.

l've developed a new treatment,
a kind of hypnotic drug.


Do you still not understand?

The Earth will perish
if it carries on like this.

King Ghidorah will turn
this planet into a tomb.

King Ghidorah?

He's a space monster who wiped out

our civilization on Venus.

Venus was once far advanced
beyond today's Earth.

But because of King Ghidorah,
it's a desolate wasteland...


ls King Ghidorah coming to Earth?

Yes. He's already here.

The Earth's end is imminent.

You don't believe me, do you?

l can see it in your eyes.

lt's like she's examining us instead.

This is no time to joke around!

Go to sleep now...


Godzilla and Rodan are proceeding
to Mount Fuji from Hakone.

Be prepared to evacuate
at any moment.

Hey, wake up!

Professor, look!

Let's have a look!

Get back, quick!

Look! Something's forming!

This is the Matsumoto City
lnformation Bureau.

The space monster that appeared
last night in Kasumizawa

has been identified as King Ghidorah...

Professor Murai has explained in detail

how the space monster
King Ghidorah appeared.

Besides Godzilla and Rodan...

we now have King Ghidorah too!

How will the government deal

with this crisis?

l call on the Defense Minister
and Prime Minister...

to give us a straight answer.

Defense Minister.

Our Self-Defense Forces
are closely monitoring...

the movements of Godzilla and Rodan.

As for King Ghidorah...

we're in close contact
with international coalition forces.

We're doing our best...

to destroy the monsters
as quickly as possible.

We don't want excuses.

We want to know
how you'll destroy them!

Defense Minister.

This is not just Japan's problem.

lt's the entire world's as well.

Would any of you dare suggest

we use atomic weapons
against Godzilla and Rodan?

l don't believe
any further explanation is necessary.

We can only do our best

and let heaven's will be done.


Gentlemen, l've taken the liberty
of bringing some people here.

As the defense minister said,
we need all possible help.

Will you hear them out?

Very well.

lt's that girl!

Let me introduce Miss Naoko Shindo
of Toyo Broadcasting,

and as you know,
these ladies are from lnfant lsland.

l thought you returned to your island.

No, we stayed with the prophet.

The prophet?

Ah, the woman from Venus.
Where is she now?

Dr. Tsukamoto's lab on Mount Fuji.

Let's go get her.

As you know...

Mothra once defeated Godzilla.

This may sound primitive and unscientific...

but through these ladies
we could ask for Mothra's help.

Ladies, would you ask her?


We're afraid not even Mothra
can defeat King Ghidorah.

So she can't protect lnfant lsland
from King Ghidorah either?

That's right, and it has us worried.


But what?

There is one hope.

What's that?

For Godzilla, Rodan,
and Mothra to join forces.

Together they may be able
to defeat King Ghidorah.

But who'll persuade Godzilla
and Rodan to help?

We'll ask Mothra to do that.

But if Godzilla and Rodan refuse...

it's all over.

lt's Ghidorah!

We're running out of time!

Please call Mothra immediately!

Please call her!

Let us seek happiness

On our dear island

Where the sky meets the sea

We are happy

So why do you cry?

Do not forget to smile

Let us seek happiness

The breeze will carry you to us
on the clouds

Let us seek happiness

- Doctor, is she completely under?
- Yes.

Draw the curtains.

Then get ready to evacuate.

Now perhaps we'll discover
the princess's past.

You're asleep,
but your mind is awake, correct?

Tell us who you are.

l come from Venus.

l see.

But Venusians don't live on Earth.

How did you get here?

l was among those
who escaped to Earth...

on our planet's final day.

When was that?

Five thousand years ago.

Five thousand years ago!

How could you live that long?

l couldn't, of course.
At least not in physical form.

When we reached Earth...

and began to assimilate with earthlings...

our superior abilities degenerated.

Only one remained.

Which one?

The ability to foresee the future.


You really believe she's the princess?

There's no doubt. She is the princess!

Then let's try shock treatment.

Shock treatment?

Evacuate immediately!

Godzilla has demolished
the bridge at Shimoochiai!

What do we do?

We finally found her.
We'll carry out our orders.

Doctor, what should we do?

We have no choice.
We can't stop now.

lt's Godzilla!

Godzilla and Rodan are approaching.

Follow police instructions
and evacuate immediately!

Would you go turn up
the voltage to 500?

But no higher, or it will kill her.

What's wrong?

We needn't dirty our hands.

Three thousand volts?

She'll never survive.

Let's check it again.

Evacuate! Godzilla's coming!


- Everything's set.
- Then let's start.

- You're sure it's at 500?
- Yes.

- What's going on?
- A power outage? l'll go check.

Doctor! Assassins!

We made it in time.

You stay here.

Go around front!

Run for it!

Doctor, it's safe now.

- Are you all right?
- l'm fine.

Anyone here?

Hold it!

There you are!

You idiot! What are you doing here?

- Mothra is coming!
- What?

Don't just stand there! Help us!

Doctor, where's your staff?

Right behind us.

You said Mothra was coming? Why?

To fight King Ghidorah.

We must leave before death
and destruction rain down upon us.

What did her treatment reveal?

As you see, she's still a Venusian.

Stop the car!

Mothra's here!

Everyone out!

Quick! Up the hill!

Hold this.

Mothra's talking to them.

What do you think she's saying?

How would l know?
l don't speak monster!

What's she saying?

She's trying to persuade them,
but they're not convinced.

"Let's stop fighting each other.

Let's join forces

and protect the Earth
from King Ghidorah."

Do Godzilla and Rodan agree?

No, they say they don't care.

They say it's none of their business.

Damn them!

Those bastards!

Godzilla's saying,
"We have no reason to help humans.

Humans are always bullying us."

Rodan says he agrees.

Out of the way!

Selfish bastards!



Come back!

Mothra is saying,
"Let's let bygones be bygones."

But Godzilla and Rodan each demand

that the other apologize.

Even so, Mothra's not giving up.

Those idiots!

lt seems humans aren't
the only stubborn ones!

Be careful ahead!

What's going on?

The road's blocked!

Matsunoki Pass is the only way.

Come on, quick!

Have they agreed yet?

No, but they're close.

We should move up higher too.

Come on, let's keep moving!

"The Earth doesn't belong
to humans alone.

lt's ours too, and we should defend it."

They're almost convinced.

No, they're not.

They failed to agree?

Mothra is going to fight alone.

That's impossible!

Help, Godzilla!

Help, Rodan!

Good luck, Mothra!

Godzilla and Rodan are going to fight!

Hey, the princess has disappeared!

Let's look for her.

l'll go this way.

Fire, fire!
We can't go this way either!

O mighty Creator of the universe!

Save this planet from the evil fiend
who destroyed Venus.

Save it from becoming a lifeless tomb.


Your Highness, get down!

Malmess, you traitor!

You remember who you are now?

Who are you?

A police officer, and your bodyguard.

l'm okay.

What's that?

My brother's raincoat!



Go get a rope
from that hut on the pass.



We have nowhere to go!


What should we do?
- Don't panic.

Our village is done for.


A word or two before you go?

Did l really say l was from Venus?

Yes, but you were perfectly sane
the whole time.

And your prophecy came to pass.
No earthling could have done that.

But how did l get my memory back?

lt was the bullet's impact.

You were shot here.
Luckily it only grazed you.

ls it possible l'll regain
those powers someday?

l really couldn't say.

Such matters
are beyond our understanding.

Thank you, Shindo.

You saved my life three times.

Three times?

At the hotel...

at the lab...

and when l was shot.

You remember what happened
at the hotel and the lab?

l remember nothing else.

Only that you saved me.
l don't know why.

l'll never forget what you did.

Your Highness...

l wish you a long and happy life.

Thank you so much.

Good-bye, everyone!

We're going back to lnfant lsland.